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New subforum for ReMarkable ereader?

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 12:02:51 GMT

Hello, As you may be aware there is a newcomer to the ereader family called ReMarkable ( Fortunately it has finally materialised, a rare event in the world of ereaders, and sold quite a few units ( to the early supporters and now sells to the general public. I think this is enough to create a subforum specifically for this device in the More E-Book Readers ( section, since it is still a fledgling and may not yet be fit for the E-Book Readers ( parent category that is for the more established devices. There has been a lot of buzz around the device on the interwebs and now that it has been finally released a lot of talk about the features, missing features, bugs, improvements, general feelings, etc. Unfortunately this is scattered all over the place, with lots of talking happening on Facebook, which in my opinion is a platform that is ill fit for this purpose (I call it 'write-only' or 'write-and-forget', good luck if you are trying to find a specific post there) as well as random blogs, mini-forums, groups and so on. There are also some posts scattered all over this forum in different categories with redirects to one mega post ( about the device, that doesn't serve well in handling multiple discussions happening simultaneously. I feel it is time for mobiread to solve it once and for all and create a ReMarkable hub in the same way as they did for other devices :) What do you think? :thanks: