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The Middle of the End

Ruminations on the inevitability of the collapse of civilization.

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Always Cry Wolf by Destroy Everything


At last... Destroy Everything's video for "Always Cry Wolf."

Attention All FoxSuckers, Randroids, and Romneysiacs


Lucas Gray doing some good work here:

BTW, Mitt Romney...


BTW, Mitt Romney hates your children, faggot.

Always Cry Wolf


His Own Petard


Okay, Raw Story has posted an article about tea baggers planning a protest at a southern California mosque. In that article Raw Story quotes part of an email from the protest planner:One of the emails, obtained by CAIR, declared: "Islam is not a religion. It is a worldwide political movement meant [sic] on domination of the world. And it is meant to subjugate all people under Islamic law...."

Beck's CPAC Innuendo


Okay, so Brad at Sadly, No! quotes this from Dana Milbank's WaPo article about Glenn Beck at CPAC:In an apparent reference to John McCain, Beck condemned a "guy in the Republican Party who says his favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt." He then read disapprovingly the Roosevelt quote that "we grudge no man a fortune in civil life if it is honorably obtained and well used . . . so long as the

How Joe Stack Has Served The Republicans


Homeland security says that when Joe Stack flew a plane into the IRS offices in Austin, TX it was not an act of terrorism. First, let's look at the merits of that assertion.This is how the DOD defines terrorism:The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are

Little Brother Will Be Watching


More bad news:"This plan won't stop copyright infringement and with a simple accusation could see you and your family disconnected from the internet - unable to engage in everyday activities like shopping and socialising," it [Lobby organisation The Open Rights Group] said.Not to mention working, banking, studying, job searching, etc.If you can

Dear Mr. President


Congratulations on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps now would be a good time to try and fucking earn it!PS - And I mean that in the most optimistic and hopeful way possible, sir. Please don't let this prize be one for empty rhetoric with no follow through. As much as I hate to resort to Rik Emmett quotes: "Fight the good fight every moment."PPS - Sorry about the cheezy 80s pop-metal, but

More Fodder for Nutjobbery


Qaddafi's not doing Obama any favors with this (from the NY Times):Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Libyan leader, took the lectern at the United Nations on Wednesday morning for his first address at the General Assembly, and delivered a long and rambling diatribe — far exceeding the 15-minute limit on speeches — against the United Nations Security Council and a host of other perceived enemies, while

Free Speech, But Only To Those That Can Afford It


This doesn't sound encouraging:...Citizens United is arguing that the McCain-Feingold law is unconstitutional.But the court has already ruled otherwise. In 2003, In McConnell v. FEC, the court ruled on a challenge to the McCain-Feingold Act brought by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), among others. The justices voted 5-4 to uphold the law. Normally, that would answer the question and put an end to

Moronic Racist is Moronic (and Racist)


For example:

Quack Quack Quack


I keep thinking that people are going to see through the absurd rumors floating around about Obama, but then I guess it's all to easy to overestimate the intelligence of my fellow Americans:

Why Sarah Palin is an Asshole....


(Well, at least one reason why)This is from From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger on MSNBC's First Read:“I’ve been warned that Flyers fans, they get so enthused, that they boo everybody at the drop of the puck,” she said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Saturday afternoon. “But what I thought I’d do is I’d put Piper in a Flyers jersey, bring her out with me. How dare they boo Piper!”She uses her daughter

Change Is Coming


Haven't these people ever read any Sinclair Lewis? I know, ask a stupid question about stupid people...



Ahh, The Good Old Days...


...of feudal society. The GOP is trying to move us back to that happier time: all, it doesn't really make sense to allow those who don't actually own a piece of this country to have any say in it's goverment. Oh, perhaps for now we can give 3/5 of a vote to those who merely rent their little piece of

Read This...


...but instead of weeping, do everything you can to make sure it doesn't come true:



DESTROY EVERYTHING IS ON TOUR NOW and gas prices are brutal!We could use some help with the remaining leg of our summer tour. Please help us out and get a good deal on a T-shirt for yourself while doing us a solid favor.Now though Noon on Wednesday the Destroy Everything T-shirts shown above are only $9 Bucks! All shirts are in stock in all sizes and will ship Wednesday at 3PM for a fast



Now, can someone please pry that flintlock from his cold, dead hands?

There's Something Wrong With The Kids In My Neighborhood


I'm all for making fun of emo kids. They set themselves up for it, and it makes for an easy cheap shot and a quick laugh. But when it comes to hunting them down and beating the crap out of them, I have to take a moment and ask: Come on... really? Isn't that ultimately self-defeating, guys?Here's a chart to reference (click to enlarge):Note that guys who beat up emo kids are actually worse than

New, at


Hello sailor...


This from the BBC News website: speedboats, believed to belong to Iran's Revolutionary Guards, came within about 200m of the US vessels, Pentagon officials said."I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes," the Iranians said in a radio transmission, according to US officials.That's a very provocative transmission, to be sure,

Iowa Post Mortems, etc...


Swopa has a post up at commenting on a recent NYT op-ed by Gail Collins. In reference to the youth appeal of Obama described by Kevin Drum in this post, Swopa writes:"...if you lived through the 1990s and saw how Bill Clinton campaigned on hope and ending partisan divisions, only to be dragged through the mud in epic fashion, it's hard to view Obama's rise without a tinge of dread.

Of God, UFOs, and Witches


This can't be right:, of course it's not right. But I mean, can it be accurate? I've never heard of Harris Online polls. I wonder what their survey methods are who does their statistical analysis. Then again, look who's president. Perhaps these numbers are correct and George Bush did actually win the 2000 election. Heckuva' job, American people.