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Resonant Words...

My tune for my lyrics

Updated: 2016-09-08T09:58:46.407+05:30




Words all alonemy only comfort zonea safe haven I seekbecause I feel meek.....Why is it me?Why is it that others can't see?I do tread on the lonely pathbut I have words to make me last...

The Bliss


Let me be free from this mirage of life Let me escape  without any blight Remove my shackles bound so tight Let me flee.... .....into the light This bliss of silence is all I seek and forever unto that I want to cleave.

The Conundrum


A child I am.....a child within with the beads threaded on thin Because everyone but me- I am still yearning to see anyone but me- is still a mystery....

Fantasy Of Life


My sister in Mangalore asked for a poem to be written on the topic Fantasy of Life. It is based on my earlier poems on 'Perspective of Life' but this is what I came up with: Poet: The azure blue sky with white cottony clouds  sea kissing the beach’s mouth  miniature rainbows illuminating through dew drops the sound of a horse-clippety clop, clippety clop! “Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy....”



http://oldidiotbox.blogspot.comI was surfing the internet and stumbled on this link. You have to go and see it! This blog is a treasure...Hey, by the way, its nice to be back! I missed all of you..Mithe

Back Again?


Hello Everyone! Am back again after such a long hiatus. I am really sorry I have not been able to blog-hop for such a long time now. My exams are almost over and I will definitely be a regular fixature from now on.I am facing a problem today-it's a first for this blog-what do I write about? Its been so many things to write about that I am quite confused where to begin...Wait..on second

Chicken feed


Feeding usclothesfood homesjust as a butcherfattens a hen, a goatbefore killing it in one stroke....Tall promises!Chicken feed!Uninterrupted electricityrecarpeted roadsfixed traffic lightssolved 'fast track' casesbecausethey need us....they require our approval....It's our bloodstamped acrossyet another assent for them to fill their coffers another five years.Why should we vote?For whom should we

Cute blogger that I am..


Thanks Preeti for this wonderful award! It made me feel so special....The rule states-I have to mention 7 cute things about myself to claim the award.So, here goes...1. Preeti said so (Thank You very much gal!)2.I have this annoying habit of going away from the blog world for a long time and then cutely materialising back (lolzz-sorry everyone)3. I have cute friends like Preeti, Usha,Yamini, 'A',

The Glass Doors(1984)


Flimsy on it's hingeschinks appeared on the glassa discernable webbed pattern destructed the transluecenceand the strong foundation cracked under the forcethe force of hatredthe force of castethe force of religionthe force of creed.There was a timewhen a pure drop of sunlight bound it togetherpassing through the very heart of glassand illuminating the floor with it's blinding sheenthe sheen of

Yamini, Anil and Ryn tag me


Hello Everyone! Sorry for my absence over such a prolonged period of time...You would better get used to it because my exams are coming on soon and I won't be on the blogworld very frequently for these two months(lolzz). By the way, I have started a new blog on wordpress-Mampi's idea of course! She suggested that I start a new blog for my stories as I was not able to post the stories

Thank You!


So finally! My hiatus from this blogworld is just about over and I promise to be regular from now on...During my prolonged absence, I was really fortunate to have received awards from some of the most talented bloggers around -Phoenix, Usha and River Soul. I just wanted to say-Thank You! Thanks for being the support system that spurs me on to write more! The awards have all gone up on my wall and

First completed tag


Hey people! Its my first officially completed tag (Phoenix-that wonder of wonders has tagged me!)Sorry 'A', still have to complete yours-will do it a soon as possible[its rather time consuming :-)]1)What is your occupation? Student but I am blogging right now ,so 'blogger'2)What colour are your socks now? White and black(in that order)3)What are you listening to now? the constant tick-tock of the

All things beautiful


Often in our humdrum busy routinewe forget to give a glance...a glance at everything deara glance at many things neara glance for some things commona glance at few things rareOften in our fast paced liveswe forget to peek...a peek at how our neighbours are doinga peek at the gushy river flowinga peek at a simple dewdropa peek at the fallen logOften in the rush of our everyday liveswe forget to

I am not a puppet


Scrubbing the marble floors till their sheen mirrors youcleaning the windows to make them gleam with sunshinecooking in haste so that you are 'on time'ironing the clothes better than any foreign laundaryI gave it my allbut did anybody understand me?I am a servant-a person like youI am not a puppet....Growing up, I was forced to listen to my familystudying hard, I was given reassurances of

The Christmas Spirit....


Love, Peace, Joy are tightly intertwined together in this very very special post for all my blogger friends...Hey hey hey....I know I am at fault!!! My disappearing act from this parallel (but oh so beautiful-*sigh*) world for the past few days is unpardonable and should not go unpunished…. However, I am sure my blogger friends would find it in their hearts to forgive me for this offence-I AM

A matter of perspective-III


JAPANThe first rays of the sunkiss the soilengulfing it in their warm embraceYesterday has given wayto a new today....INDIAThe sky becomesa riot of coloursthe darkness slowly turningto a purplish dawnYesterday is about to give wayto a new today...SAHARAStars illuminate the skytheir sheen mirroredon a mere dot of oasisamidst the vast sandy expanseYesterday anticipates giving wayto a new today....

The first glitter


Giving this award to Mampi, I never imagined that I myself would become a recipient one day! Thank you 'A' for bestowing the award on me :) Her award is the first glitter enlightening my blog and shall always remain etched here for times to come....The rule states that I spread the sunshine further by nominating some more bloggers for the award. Here are my nominees:Fiducia for the striking

A matter of perspective-II


Blue water Green phytoplankton Orange fish Brown sand Grey rocks Yellow sunlight the ocean in its entirety- how heavenly! Big mountain, small hill vast plain, medium plateau the land in its entirety- what variety! Gaseous components water droplets pollen grains dust particles the air in its entirety- much capacity! Many cultures myriad traditions various religions different appearance

A Signal from God?


The event :Reading about this very rare astronomical event in THE TRIBUNE brought a smile on my face. A warm glow began spreading through my entire being as I learned further that India was the only country of the world to have witnessed this beautiful site in its full glow yesterday night. A curious sense of protection; of being watched over; of giant hands encircling and shielding us stole



Q:Citizen- who? me?NO NO NOa 'comman man' merely...A dispensible commodityreduced to shouting anguishlyIndia replies:Anguish tears my heart toothe unfathomable helplessness crying 'what can I do'?but hope is not lost yeteven in the gore of death...We ARE resilient, we WILL come through!Q:It's all very well to saythat a new dayis not far behind,But when will WEunderstand our own kind?A:When YOU

For Mampi...


To thee Mampi for the most beautiful blog I have yet come acrossI give this...

Understanding Alice


One of my first books as a child was the Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales that were gifted to me by Mama. I grew up with 'Cinderella', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Thumbelina', 'The Emperor's new clothes', 'Goldilocks' as everyone else. 'Alice in wonderland' was surprisingly one of the last books I read as I entered into teens(before shifting to Enid Blytons). As is usually

A matter of perspective


Looked at the morning sky so blue so vast felt rejuvenated. Heard the first chirp of the birds so sweet so melodious felt happy . Experienced the first rays of the sun so caressing so warm felt nurtured. Saw the clouds looming ahead so dark so forbidding felt apprehensive. Heard the rain lashing against the glass so hard so fast felt lonely. Watched the rainbow arch across the sky so bright so

The child within...


Childrens Day (November 14) just passed by. Here is a poem that I couldnot post for the past few days... Hope you like it :)Wish I could be a child againto seek mama's lap with all my tearsWish I could be a child againto explain papa all my minisicule fears.Wish I could be a child againto expostulate on every single thing in front of mamaWish I could be a child againto get what I want with a

Mute Witnesses


Standing tall as mute witnesses to years of forgotton timewishing to speak, but they cannot....Inanimate God has made thembut they are alive-alive and brimming with memories.......They saw HER enter as a young bridethey gleaned the glow on her face when the first sparkling star made earth his homethey heard the once empty house filled with a brighter cacaphony of soundsthey watched HIM bring best