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A few days ago, a person was charging his cell phone at home.

Just at that time a call Came in and he answered it with the
Instrument still connected to the outlet.

After a few seconds electricity flowed into the cell phone unrestrained and the young man was thrown to the ground with a heavy thud.

His parents rushed to the room only to find him unconscious, with a weak heartbeat and burnt fingers.
He was rushed to the nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Cell phones are a very useful modern invention.

However, we must be aware that it can also be an instrument of death.

Never use the cell phone while it is hooked to the electrical outlet!

The depiction of music at various moods____art by RAMESH




Art not only gives us pleasure ,but the

conveyance of message too.Here I am

extremely proud to present the art

work of my close friend Ramesh.He is

a great artist . You can learn a lot

from him ,either it be fashion or

art.Now i will show one of his art

work .This is a pot

painting .This was one of the art for

which he was awarded winner in pot

painting in NIT festember(a national

level cultural feast).The First

painting depicts a calm and humble

mood of music and the second one

depicts the mood of tribalism and the

third one the mood of rocking.



Atomic Energy Central School (AECS) is a central school meant especially for children of the employees belonging to the Nuclear Power Corporation and Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research .This is situated exactly 70 kms from chennai.I studied there right from my 1 std till my 12 th and really had good time learning lots of experiences .The school actually was at poor state when i joined it in the year 1992 ,but later after the arrival of new principal sharma the school began seeing improvements in all aspects .I can never forget my days when i got bullied by my hindi teacher for not finishing the workbook homework.I had a great interst for maths right from my 1 std all because of my maths teacher Ratnam .She used to be very friendly and supportive.
The school is exactly situated in shores of Bay of Bengal ,so we find great time going to beach after our school hours.The annual day of the school will be celeberated grandly and i always used to be a part of my school choir team.The school has produced lots of disciplined citizens and will provide in future too.Hats off to AECS

AIRTEL SUPER SINGER-------all for fame and name


Hi people you would have heard about AIRTEL SUPER SINGER TV-show in Star Vijay.It recently conducted auditions for talented singers all round tamilnadu.They arranged 3 audition zones in tamilnadu namely Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai . We all know Star Vijay has been doing wonderful job these days conducting innovative and creative TV-shows.It was really a tough competition to get into auditions .Though i failed to clear my first round itself , I m really happy to have been one of the participant of the show.It was a 2 -day audition , the crowd rushed up like hell thinking that at least they can show their face on TV.I had to board a bus from my town to the city early morning and had to stand in queue to just get the registration card.The day-long stand helped me getting the registration card but the no was 1561 so i had to wait till all these people finish.At last the day was over .They asked me to come next day at 9 am.I was really frustrated standing in long queue for hours . I came home back and slept and next day i boarded the bus and went hours before the specified time.Again i had to wait in the queue.Once i entered the reception hall i experienced a sigh of relief and had my seat.The crowd was alluring and confident. Chinmayee the famous playback singer was the one who compered the show and she conducted antakshari so that she could entertain the crowd .The happiest moment came when i got the chance to sing before Vinaya a playback singer. I made a blunder choosing a wrong and a tough song which was not all required for preliminary auditions .She didn't like my song and she rejected me.I was a bit annoyed and angry on myself to have chosen the wrong song .But the experience i learnt from it was great.All people will have desires to earn name and fame.Hence do keep in mind opportunity knocks the door only once!!!! Grab it once it knocks

Thanks 2 payperpost


I first and foremost thank PPP for approving my blog.I had a passion for earning online.I learned from my friends that we can earn from our blogs.So the first thing i prepared to do was to enhance my blog so presentable that most of the advertisers would prefer to peep in and present an offer.I heard about PPP through two of my friends Harish Varman and Sathish who are two bloggers having decent page ranks.He narrated to me the benefits of registering my blog with PPP .I am new to PPP .The first thing for people who read this post is to register as quick as possible with PPP because you have wonderful opportunities of being paid online.All that u need to do is to click this link .Then fill in the details asked in it .I assure you that it takes only small amount of your time.Before u register be sure that you have a Paypal ID because you will be paid for your valuable posts and all the money will be credited to your Paypal account.Please do visit this site payperpost .My friends have earned their dollars through payperpost. It has made them get more enthusiastic to be more active online.The thing I like about PPP is its absolutely reliable and genuine.I have many friends in my blog list most of them are registered to payperpost.I have decided to save my dollars which earn from PPP and use it appropriately for profit and noble causes.



are women safe workin in BPO???????


We get to see headlines in newspapers like "women employee raped by cab driver" ,"sexual harassment of BPO girl".This leads to fear in the minds of parents sending their daughters to this kind of profession .Safe transport has been the main focus for all the girls and women during nights.Most of the cab drivers do harsh driving,sometimes they are heavily drunk and they don't bother driving in intoxication.
The death of Pratibha Srikantamurthy, a HP Globalsoft employee in banglore will always be a nightmare in all parents and daughters life.Hence the company rules goes this way that women must travel in the presence of another male employee.A separate transport department,nternal hotlines and SMS services were introduced to monitor commuting employees. Still, there has been no visible drop in the number of BPO cab drivers involved in crimes.
Women cannot quit the job for these kind of threats because its her livelyhood.According toNASSCOM survey, women constitute 38 per cent of the IT/BPO industry, the largest ratio in any country.Banning the involvement of womens in night shift has snatched away the job opportunities of many .

We see the articles and headlines in newspapers about these issues feel for it and forget it.But think of it if this situation happens to your daughter ,wife or mother???????

its high time people to be precautions and proactive to prevent these crimes occur!!!!!!!!

aamir------he is the versatile khan--------




The best thing about aamir is that he is really a cool person
second thing is that he never accepts certain kinds of awards .I definitely go with aamir because the audiences are the first and foremost people whom the movie must reach.When that happens not only aamir any actor would feel that he has got the accolades from OSCAR.Aamir always takes lot of time choosing a subject and he doesn't give unnecessary heroism.For example Rang de basanti was really a team work,similarly Tare zameen par is also another example.The versatility of the actor is near match to Amitabh.He is a gift to bollywood industry.....................keep rokin aamir

FUEL SAVING techniques ----in vehicles


  • Drive slow and steady-sudden starts and 'stop- and- go' driving waste fuel .For fuel economy the recommended speeds are:
scooters and auto-rickshaws : 40km/h
motorcycles : 50km/h
Mopeds : 20 -30km/h
  • Keep engine healthy
tests have proven that you can save 6% by regular tuning.

  • Use the brakes sparingly
a good driver anticipates stops.When you slam on the brakes, you waste a lot of useful energy.
Anticipate corners-you will be able to take them without braking.

  • Let go off your clutch
unnecessary use of clutch leads to loss of power ,
replace liners immediately when cluth is worn out.

  • Clean air filter regularly
Dust causes rapid wear of engine components and increase fuel consumption .

  • Watch tyre pressure
Under-inflated tyres increase rolling resistance and petrol consumption

  • Stop fuel leaks
Check your fuel tanks, carburetor and fuel liners daily for signs of leaking fuel.Al leak of fuel just one drop for second costs you 500 litres of precious petrol a year.

  • Stop the engine if the stoppage is for more than 2 mins
idling can cost money and fuel.stop your engine at long waits(say railway crossing)

  • Switch off lights in the day time
  • Use light lubrication

THERMAL ANALYSIS of the reactor vault



I carried out this project in IGCAR.As a part of this project we have developed a Computational Fluid Dynamic model comprising of main vessel, safety vessel and reactor vault of PFBR.Steady and transient thermal hydraulic analysis of the system have been performed considering natural convection of nitrogen, surface radiation among the main vessel , safety vessel, and the reactor vault and heat conduction through the support shell .The focus of the study has been to estimate the temperature evolution in the vault during the loss of cooling.It has been established that 4 hours after the loss of cooling, the vault attains a temperature of only 96 degree , which is much less than the limiting value of 177 degree On restoration of cooling , the vault temperature is brought down to the nominal value in 1 hour.These data are very important in deciding the safety action to be taken.The Design of the layout of reactor vault was done using GAMBIT and the analysis was carried out using STAR_CD aCFD code software.The validation of the code was done considering a parallel plate flow.

NASA- a new spacesuit for the Constellation program


(image) Image Credit: NASA.
Engineers working to design a new spacesuit for the Constellation program have come up with a suit system that consists of two basic designs, or configurations, that will be used for different tasks. The orange suit in the illustration is Configuration One, which will be worn during launch, landing and -- if necessary -- sudden cabin depressurization events. It will also be used if a spacewalk must be performed in microgravity. Configuration Two, the white suit, would be used during moonwalks for lunar exploration. Since Configuration One will be used in and around the vehicle only, it does not need the life support backpack that Configuration Two uses -- instead it will connect to the vehicle by umbilical for oxygen, cooling water, power and communications links. Configuration Two, meanwhile, will include more hard metal elements in joint areas, which will provide the mobility necessary for surface exploration.



When 13-yr old Natasha tried telling her parents that she was being ' inappropriately touched and fondled ' by her uncle they didn't believe her. Gradually she started getting aggressive and developed an aversion towards people in general an boys in particular. She became so difficult that she had to drop school for some time.
In yet another incident six-yr old Preity was sexually abused by her tuition teacher.Being too young to realize what was happening, she did not inform anyone.After repeated assaults, she lost interests in tuitions and than studies .Finally she dropped school altogether.
These are not one- off cases. It's just one of the cases we know of.Most incidents are locked up like skeletons in the cupboards. Just because it's secret, the horrific reality of sexual abuse does not stop being true. Do u know that India has the dubious distinction of having the world's largest number of sexually abused children!!!!!!
sexual abuse can take place in various forms - verbal, visual, tactile, exhibitionist and pornographic offenses and fondling to anything that stimulates a person sexually. The victims could be a boy or a girl in any age group. Majority of sexual offenders are family members or are known to the child. Often sexually abused children feel ashamed and may go into a shell.
Parents can definitely play a major role in preventing and dealing with abused children, It has to be noted that the abused child needs a lot of moral and emotional support.There should never be any justification of abuse by saying that he/she must have done something to provoke it.Children are often told to give kisses or hug to their relatives .This is not always good.Let them express their affection on their own way.


  • Parents should teach their children the age- appropriate names of all body parts(do not refer any body part as "shame -shame".So then only the child can recognize the unsafe touches .
  • Children should be taught the difference between safe and unsafe touches.
  • They should be taught that their body belongs to them and they have a right to say NO.
  • Create a non-judgmental atmosphere at home so that children will feel free to report untoward incidents.
  • Chapters on reproduction in biology books should be amply descriptive and teachers should explain the concept of sexual intercourse .
  • Start peer education programmes schools and colleges. Remember most of the victim just need someone to talk to,

Ideal diet for 6-pack abs.......................



remember, the secret of showing off six pack abs is all about burning more calories than you consume and reducing the body's fat percentage. In order to accomplish this, your workouts should be challenging as well as stimulating. It should increase your metabolic rate as well as get you interested in moving further with your repetitions.

There's so much confusion due to information explosion in relation to diet and gaining six pack abs. We are bombarded from all sides with lots of conflicting messages about what is healthy and what is harmful for the body. It is inevitable that the average consumer becomes confused and not sure where to start.

For example, stop intake of refined grains, when you can eat whole grains. Cut down on the intake of refined sugar, when you can eat fruits or add honey. Avoid all highly processed, refined, as well as hydrogenated vegetable oils. Utilize natural sources of healthy fats. This includes fish, nuts, avocados, coconut milk, and much more.

The point is not to be trapped into fancy diet combinations because all macronutrients are necessary for your body to secure its supply of vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants.
Modify your existing diet so that you eat healthier food. Eat foods that are good for your body such as more veggies and salads cooked in less oil and salt. You do not have to suffer you just need to educate yourself on food.

Reduce Calories.

The best diet to get six pack abs is one that will burn more calories than what you eat. If you do not burn enough calories, it becomes stored in your body as fat. Minimize the intake of excess calories.

Protein/Meal replacement drinks.

The use of home made fruit shakes or milk shakes would definitely be effective to reduce your calories as these curb appetite yet taste very good and remain nutrient rich as well.

Monitor your sodium levels.

Another beneficial tip for getting six pack abs is directly relative to sodium intake. You should not try to eliminate sodium completely from your diet. However, you should try to avoid adding salt to food as much as possible. Reduction in sodium will definitely make a difference to how your abs look.

CORPORAL punishments in school--------are they required??????


Corporal punishment has been an age old debate, even having a age old proverb to its credit- "spare the rod and spoil the child". Managing a class full of fractious children is difficult, especially with the pressures of an overload of corrections and heavy syllabus. Whatever be the rot causes, corporal punishment is not at all justifiable. schools adapt different strategies to maintain discipline and order. Some schools routinely rely on corporal punishment while some others prohibit this practice.The question is does corporal punishment serve any purpose????? A nine year old girl was made to stand with her back facing the class, her skirt was lifted and her bottom was smacked because she had not done her homework , the teacher did not bother to enquire why she had not done her homework and tackle the specific problem. The result was utter humiliation coupled with intense fear of the teacher. Instilling such fear can have long term effects in the affected children's attitude to life. Even a punishment like making children write a sentence 100 or 200 times serves no purpose.Regarding physical punishments likes making children stand for whole day outside the class or near principals make naughty children more adamant and naughtier. Some children will have the ability to learn but their family problems may lead him\her to get into wrong paths . So its responsibility of a teacher to look upon each and every child s body language and his problems . corporal punishments even lead to fatal problems like death.Some of the cases areArpit Kavadia was a class 12 student at the Alok Sansthana School in Udaipur,India. He was severely beaten up by Indra Samar, a Sanskrit teacher of the school on 26th July, 2007 for having kept his legs on a table. He succumbed to his injuries and died on 2nd August, 2007 in General Hospital, Udaipur. The police registered a case against Indra Samar under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Ramu Abhinav, was a 16 year old class 10 student at Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School,in Chennai, India. He had committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan of his room on 12th July,2003 because he was stripped and severely beaten up by his mathematics teacher Kannappan in full view of his class mates. In his suicide note he said that "he was afraid of going to school and that he would do anything to avoid going to school". The teacher Kannappan was later arrested by the police. Jagroop Singh was a 15 year old class 10 student at the Senior Secondary School(Pakhowal) in Ludhiana,Punjab,India. He was severely beaten up by his teacher Jatinder Kaur on 12th July,2002.He later succumbed to his injuries and died. The police had registered an FIR and booked the teacher Jatinder Kaur for murder.The teacher was later arrested on 20th July,2002. The teacher Jatinder Kaur was later granted bail and transferred to Lehal Secondary School in Khanna, Punjab, India. The case is still pending in Indian Courts. A mother of a girl was arrested by the police for having beaten and hanged her 12 year old daughter in a village in Jodhpur,India. The girl had reportedly demanded to go to school. Her mother had gotten enraged at this and beat her with a rolling pin. When she saw that her daughter had become unconscious, she hanged her from the ceiling with a rope to make it appear like a suicide. Private Frederick John White, who was flogged to death at Cavalry Barracks, Houns[...]

series of events____Pearl Harbour attack


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />0342 Minesweeper CONDOR sights periscope off Honolulu Harbour ...notifies patrol destroyer WARD to investigate. 0458 Minesweeper CROSSBILL and CONDOR enter Pearl Harbor... defective submarine net remains open. 0600 - 200 miles south of Oahu carrier ENTERPRISE launches 18 aircraft to scout ahead...then to land at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor...ETA 0800. 0610 - 220 miles north of Oahu Admiral Nagumo orders launching of 1st wave of 183 aircraft off three carriers...2 are lost during takeoff. 0630 Destroyer WARD again notified of submarine sighting this time by supply ship ANTARES off Pearl Harbor entrance...Navy patrol plane (PBY) dispatched to the scene. 0645 WARD opens fire on target hitting conning she closes in drops depth charges..air attack by PBY follows. 0653 WARD'S commander Captain Outerbridge sends message to Commandant 14th Naval District: "We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area". 0700 Commander Fuchida flying towards Oahu directs his pilots to home in on local radio station. 0702 Private's Lockhard and Elliott of Opana Radar Station pick up what appears to be a flight of unidentified aircraft bearing in 132 miles north of Oahu...discussion follows. 0706 Private Elliott phones switchboard operator Joseph McDonald at Information Center, Ft. Shafter, telling of a large formation of aircraft approaching the Island. 0715 Capt. Outerbridge's attack message, delayed in decoding is delivered to duty officer, 14th Naval District, and to Admiral Kimmel's duty officer...Japanese launch 2nd wave of 168 assault aircraft... 0720 Joseph McDonald finding Lt. Tyler in Information Center, calls Opana and patches Lt. Tyler thru to Private Lockard who describes the large flight picked up on radar and is told, "Well don't worry about it." ( see Pvt.Joseph McDonald's account under the Survivor Rememberances "An Army Private is one of the 1st to know of the coming attack)" 0733 Important message from Gen Marshall from Washington to Short received via RCA in Honolulu...cablegram has no indication of priority...messenger Tadao Fuchikami proceeds on normal route... 0735 Reconnaissance plane from cruiser CHIKUMA reports main fleet in Pearl Harbor... 0739 Opana Station loses aircraft on radar 20 miles off coast of Oahu due to "dead zone" caused by surrounding hills... 0740 1st wave sights North Shore of Oahu...deployment for attack begins... 0749 Commander Fuchida orders attack...all pilots to begin assault on military bases on Oahu... 0753 Fuchida radios code to entire Japanese Navy "TORA TORA TORA" indicating success...maximum strategic surprise...Pearl Harbor caught unaware... 0755 Island wide attack begins...Japanese dive bombers [...]

CORRS--Andrea's Live in London mistake


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

trans FAT-free restaurants in NY


Artificial trans fats will be off the menu in NewYork's restaurants from tuesday , as city authorities seek to remove a major cause of heart disease from their resident's diets.Restaurants were banned from using frying oil and spreads containing trans fats last year, but as of tuesday the prohibition will apply to all types of food , including the fat used by bakers and pastry chefs."All foods served including baked goods , oils, shortenings and margarines used for baking, and pre-prepared items that contain artificial trans fat, must have less than 0.5 gms of trans fat per serving," said the health department."Foods served in the manufacturer's orginal, sealed packaging , such as candy and crackers , are still exepmt.

a lot 2 know about DYSLEXIA


Dyslexia, is a learning disability , is a neurobiological condition. It is not the same as being a slow learner.Readind spelling and sometimes, mathematics are challenge areas for children with this disability. They tend to swap similar-looking letters such as b and d, and p and q. Some of them reverse numbers too.
However , alearning disability is no way connected to lack of intelligence.With appropriate intervention, such children can do as well as and, perhaps, even better than their peers.Most of them are highly creative and excel in their area of interest ,special educators insist.

Several students with learning disabilities are being penalised for no fault of theirs.And penalty could range from being made to stand outside class to tedious impositions .

Many school teachers are still not awre of learning disabilities and often tend to mistake them for laziness.Very few private schools have cells dedicated to help such children .The plight of children going to government schools is still worse

a sigh of relief 4 the chennaites........Chennai fuel crisis eases



Shortage of petrol and diesel in the city's outlets seemed to ease a bit towards the evening after started the day on a grim note.

Sources in the oil retail business said while the situation in south Chennai eased a bit, the condition in the northern part continued to pose challenges for the oil marketing companies like the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL).

Fuel retailers also noted that police had to be deployed outside city limits to avoid possible law and order problems.

Supply of petrol and diesel to the city fell drastically on Sunday evening when oil tankers meant for BPCL did not arrive on time, said the state-level coordinator for oil industry in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Chennai Port officials said that the berth for the expected tankers were kept free for the last two days and the shortage of fuel in the city was due to non-arrival of the tankers.

No spokesperson from BPCL could be reached for comments.

The crisis was managed to some extent on Monday and early Tuesday morning with IOC and HPCL outlets taking some of the demand load off BPCL outlets.

When similar shortage was experienced last week in many outlets across the city and its suburbs, the state-level coordinator of oil industry had denied any shortfall in fuel supply.

Large manufacturing and information technology companies in and around Chennai, where a majority of workers and staff commute using public and private transport, remained unaffected today despite many fuel outlets in the city trying to ration the little stock left with them.

Major employers like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Cybernet-SlashSupport, Hyundai Motor India, Ford India and Nokia, who spoke to Business Standard, said the fuel shortage is yet to hit their operations.

However, they were not sure for how long they can hold on. These companies use transport contractors to ferry their workers in and out of their facilities. These companies together employ nearly 44,000 people.

A Gopalrathnam, director, Cybernet-SlashSupport(CSS) that employs around 5,000 people, said: "We are hopeful that things will improve soon; otherwise our business economics will go for a toss. There is a very insignificant percentage drop among the employees who come on their own."

Hyundai Motor India that employs nearly 3,000 people in each of its three shifts at its plant at Sriperumbudur factory said that work has been progressing without any disruption so far.

Pakistan _____waitin 4 a miracle


The way things are going, it would take a miracle for Pakistan to make the final of the Asia Cup. And right now, that miracle seems very, very unlikely. Sri Lanka has looked extremely competent so far, and is already in the final, while India continues its good form and looks on course for a clash with Sri Lanka on the weekend.

In the Pakistan-Sri Lanka clash, it was surprised to see Shoaib Malik opting to chase. While all the other captains try to protect their players from toiling in the hot sun, Malik took the rather inexplicable decision of chasing.

Hopefully, Shoaib Malik will bat first if he wins the toss on Wednesday, especially since his batting has looked stronger while setting a total and fragile while chasing.

Misbah-ul-Haq should be batting in the first four because in nearly every game he comes in when it is too late.

Finally, I would still play Kamran Akmal, his keeping lapses not withstanding, in a one-day team. His keeping might be too erratic for a Test match, but in a one-day game, he fits in well as an allrounder.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s young team has put up a couple of impressive performances in the tournament so far. Clearly, they have benefited from the experience gained by their players in the Indian Premier League. It has always been felt that Indian and Pakistani cricket would benefit if the domestic structure had fewer teams. The IPL has only six teams when compared to the 20-plus teams in the Ranji Trophy.

Competitive structure

This creates a more competitive structure, and with the top foreign players involved, the exposure for the next level of players in India has been invaluable. The Indians have looked the best side in the competition so far, and their batting looks invincible on these flat tracks.

Pakistan’s bowling has also been looking really thin, particularly after the controversy surrounding Mohammed Asif and the injury to Umar Gul.

Sohail Tanvir has been toiling manfully, but clearly he lacks support at the other end. In these times, it’s unfortunate that we cannot call on a bowler like Shoaib Akhtar thanks to the inordinately harsh punishment meted out to him.

I am not saying that he has not had his share of disciplinary problems, but that was something any strong assertive captain should have been able to handle.

what is CDMA


Short for Code-Division Multiple Access, a digital cellular technology that uses spread-spectrum techniques. Unlike competing systems, such as GSM, that use TDMA, CDMA does not assign a specific frequency to each user. Instead, every channel uses the full available spectrum. Individual conversations are encoded with a pseudo-random digital sequence. CDMA consistently provides better capacity for voice and data communications than other commercial mobile technologies, allowing more subscribers to connect at any given time, and it is the common platform on which 3G technologies are built.

CDMA is a military technology first used during World War II by English allies to foil German attempts at jamming transmissions. The allies decided to transmit over several frequencies, instead of one, making it difficult for the Germans to pick up the complete signal. Because Qualcomm created communications chips for CDMA technology, it was privy to the classified information. Once the information became public, Qualcomm claimed patents on the technology and became the first to commercialize it.