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Preview: Tantra Lhasa Apso

Tantra Lhasa Apso

I am a dedicated breeder of quality Lhasa Apso. All my dogs live in the house as my pets first and foremost. Puppies are sometimes available to approved homes only. You can contact me on 01354 659 838 or email at apso AT tantra-apso DOT com If you email,

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New At Tantra



The litter of six is out of my wonderful black BISS Ch Polielins Whitney with Tantra JW and by Ch Kutani Secret Agent.

Tantra's Waldo(the gold brindle) and Tantra's Winston are by our Terendak Supa Luque for Polielin ex Dimara Aunt Edna. Winston is staying and Waldo is for sale.


EDNA'S BOYS 15th day






It is announced today that the nuptials of BISS Ch Polielin’s Whitney with Tantra JW(image) and Kutani Secret Agent (James) (image)

has been successful. The issue of this exciting pairing are due on January 12th, 2011.




NECHUNG 06/12/1997 - 11/10.2010


NECHUNG DE KOEMPFER WITH TANTRA (IMPORTED FRANCE) Nechung came to live with us in December of 2003. She had been used to living in kennels but she settled into living in our house from the first day. She did pee on the floor and I yelled no at her which she clearly did not like, and she ran outside into the garden. She never did anything in the house again. She produced me to puppies that I kept to show, Tantra’s Moonlight Serenade and her brother Tantra’s Micah. Both did very well in the show ring although neither were quite up to the champion mark. Micah was the father of Shameless who in turn is the mother of Carly and Mary Grace. Carly may be pregnant. She produced champions on the continent, at least one of which is a multi-best in show champion male. Nechung spent each night sleeping on our bed. I had to start wearing earplugs because she snored very loudly. In typical Apso fashion she was highly independent and although she was pleased to see me when I came home from being out she was not a very demonstrative dog. Except with John. She decided that he was hers and when he wasn’t at home she slept on his armchair until it was time to go up to bed where she slept on his side of the bed. If she knew that I was going to groom her or bathe her and John was home she would immediately go and lay behind his legs or jump on his lap! Last December I took her to the vet because I was concerned about her health. Firstly she had a lump on her shoulder and secondly I wondered if dogs got Alzheimer’s disease because she certainly had started to behave as if she wasn’t quite all there. I knew that she was not blind or deaf. She also got it into her head that we ought to go to bed at 10 o’clock every night. When 10 o’clock came she would go to the foot of the stairs and do a sort of more moaning sound. She would then come back into the lounge look at us and moan again and then she would go back to the foot of the stairs. She would do this until we went to bed. If we opened the stair gate she would go off up to bed on her own but if we didn’t follow soon afterwards she would come back down and moan. I kept telling her I did not need another mother! My vet confirmed that indeed dogs do go senile and that the lump on her shoulder was a tumour and that she could feel smaller ones in her mammaries. The ones in her mammaries never did grow but the tumour on her shoulder did. Recently it got very much bigger. Yesterday I decided was the day that I needed to bathe her and clip her coat off again. I was not looking forward to doing this as the last time I had done it she was not very cooperative. This time it was a pretty awful experience for us both. She clearly was distressed by it but I had no choice but continue what she was wet. It was one she was wet that I noticed that not only was her tumour very much bigger but that it was now black and purple with some scabbing and as I bathed her I noticed some fresh blood. I spoke with our vets last evening and I took so long this morning knowing that I would not be bringing home. My vet confirmed my fear that the tumour, a vascular tumour, was likely to burst and this would be extremely painful for Nechung and she would likely bleed to death. I could not allow this to happen and so we did what I knew we would do. I found it a difficult decision to make not because I wanted to keep her with me but because of wondering whether I was doing the right thing or not. I was very worried that I might be acting too soon and that she still had a good life left in her. However, I do know that I have made the right decision now. I could not have borne her suffering had the tumour burst. Right up until this weekend she seemed a perfectly happy dog and certainly never appeared to be in pain. She got very excited at mealtimes when she would run to her bed and if I hadn’t followed her w[...]



our new addition: Ada(image)

Puppies at 14 days





(image) This is Nechung. She was 12 years old on the 6th of this month, 10 days before me, though I won't be 12.
She is the mother of Micah and grandmother of Shameless and great grandmother to Carly, Bridget and James.

I have sensed that something is not right with her so I took her to the vet. My fears were confirmed. She has cancer. She has two tumours in her breasts and possibly one on her shoulder and possibly higher up inside her ribcage. Surgery could remove the small ones in her breasts. I have elected not to operate. I think it is far kinder to leave her be and judge the right time to let her go. She is fine now. She still gets excited about food time. She doesn't cry or yelp when touched. She is happy within herself. I am sure it will become obvious when she is no longer fine.

Nechung is John's favourite. She sleeps on the bed every night though that is becoming a problem because she isn't so good at getting down the stairs and whilst I carry her, it is dangerous for me as I can't manage the stairs that well either, especially when I have first woken. I can't bring myself to leave her downstairs though. John doesn't know this news yet.

Nechung came to me from France, 6 years ago, to introduce fresh genes into the Lhasa Apso population here. Her children were bred with the children of our other import form Denmark and all those genes are in Bridget and Carly and James.



Ellis Hulme G3
Andrew Brace G4
Steve Hall Puppy G 4

Final 7 in all Groups so far( to november 09)

Sally Pointon CC BOB
Ken Warrington CC BOB
Stuart Keaye CC BOB
Albert Wight CC RBIS
Mark James CC
Pauline Torrance CC BOB
Jan McIntyre BOB

Jane Lilley RCC
Jack Bispham RCC
Roger Bayliss RCC
Derek Dungate RCC
Geoff Luscott RCC

David Mathias RCC

Paul Harding BPIB
Glynnis Dolphin BPIB
Tim Minton BPIB
Sue Bird RBB
Beryl Bradford RBB

Barry Croft 1
Bruce Watson 1
Beverley Drake 1
Chris Blaber 1
Hazel Gaye 1

Sue Roberts 2
Diana Spavin 2
Margaret Jennings 2

Jaquie Chalmers 3

Geoff Corish 4
Jaqui Waghorn 4
Janet Brown 4

Sue Swatkins 4

Bob Gaye 5
Graham Holmes 5
Peter diment 5

Ida Watts 0
Jim Outerside 0
Ann Arch 0
Keith Nathan 0
John Carter 0

Edna - the new girl at Tantra


(image) This is DIMARA AUNT EDNA, the new arrival at Tantra. Thanks to John and Mandy (Dimara). Her dad is Dimara Gorgeous George (2cc's) and her mum is Ch Dimara Misstical. She is 10 weeks on August 1st.



(image) Whitney became a champion at Leeds. Her 3 CC's have all been with Best of Breed and she also went on the final 7 in the group the first time, g4 the second time and g3 the third time. Her cc's and BOB have all been from breed specialists.

Whitney BOB AT WELKS 24/04/09


JB (8,1) 1 Andersson’s Polielins Whitney with Tantra, shapely 17 months black, exudes true Tibetan type from head to toe, pleasing head of correct shape and proportions, arrogant yet soft expression, lovely arch neck, well laid shoulders, good rib shape and length, well set and carried tail, free sound jaunty mover without exaggeration, all topped off with a gleaming well presented coat, could not take my eyes off her. BCC and BOB, and delighted to see her short listed in the strong group



Carly: What's that thing you are pointing at me?
Little Dorrit caught mid stretch as she wakes up.
Little Dorrit knows how to turn it on.

puppies 8 weeks


MR AND MR WEST (legally married) the new carers of Phoebe.CLAIRE - the new carer of Dexy.CARLYLITTLE DORRITDUDLEY-waiting for a new homeJAMESLET US IN!Yes, Daniel has also gone, and is now called Paddy. I am not keeping Dudley so he is not James any more and Peter is now James and Bridget is now Little Dorrit.[...]

36 Days


Whitney wanted to join in.Boy-to keepBoyBoy to keep.BoyFemale-sold to the first legally married gay men we have met.Female - to keep.Female - to keep.One of the other boys is also sold, but do not know which one.[...]

27 Days (Shameless x William)


Female 1
Female 2
Female 3
Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4

25 days


(image) They are just beginning to be interested in food and Mum is beginning to get the hump with them. I think these will eating well in another couple of days and Mum will start to stay away from them for long periods. Fortunately she eats really well so is not skinny and only her swinging tits give away that she has puppies.



Whitney has won the Our Dogs Top Puppy in Breed competition for 2008.
(image) (image)

12 Days


Not a care in the world.

Dinner Time


Feeding time at the trough.
Shameless looking like the most patient mother in the world.

Shameless/Chip n Pin Litter


(image) Born 29th December, 4 boys and 3 girls.

Two of the Girls




7 weeks


LUI at 9 mths approx.