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Black Metal,Dark Ambient, Psych Guitar, and Shimmering Noise from the edge of nowhere

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:29:52.679-07:00


Rose Hips!


Here are some (inaccurately tagged) Rose Hips tracks.  Fahey/Basho worship.  Hey, sue me, I live in a cabin with no running water, and it can't all be Cascadian Style Black Metal.

Whoops! Just kidding.  Inspired by the influx of dried morels to New Hampshire, here's some older music, recorded as Coreopsis.

Black Fungi

New Arha Coming Soon


I've been inactive for some time now, and I apologize for that.  There are some new Arha tracks, as well as acoustic American Primitive Rose Hips stuff on the way.  My internet connection is damnably slow at the moment, but when I can, I'll upload the Arha, which is funeral doom/hard psych, and the all finger-picking raga-drone shenanigans of Rose Hips.



J nd I hav  recorded a nw testament.

First song from new Arha album


 i could see the ocean

After attending All Tomorrow's Parties in Asbury Park last weekend, seeing Colin Stetson, Swans, and Earth, and while mourning the loss of Bert Jansch, I recorded this.

Black Metal Ambient Psychedelic Horror Scape Noise Drone Doom from Arha


0 Degrees Centigrade

This is the album that I recorded for the 2011 RPM music challenge. The title line really captures the sound of the music. There's some black metal guitar buzzing, some treated guitar, some ambient shimmer and murk, and even a stab at a mix of black metal, Einsturzende Neubaten, and krautrock a la Aluk Todolo (on the last track).

Black Metal for Fall!


Spring Mix!



This is a mix of my recent recordings, along with tracks by: Sika Redem, Corrupted, Hotogisu, Ufoammut, and Sunburned Hand of the Man

Frozen Woods of Farmington



The new, "proper" album from Arha. Frozen Woods of Farmington is 11 tracks of mostly orthodox black metal, with one Esoteric-influenced ambient drone doom track "Glass Skeletal Fingers Against Lugh", played on slide guitar. The vocals are more adequately mixed this time out, and the overall atmosphere is one of solitary walks in the cemetery and woods by the river in mid-winter in the Northeast, very evocative of both time and place.
Arha-Frozen Woods of Farmington

Space Juju



Here's another bit of doom/noise, courtesy of Arha. The idea with these two pieces was to record an extended "song", with distinct movements. Inspirations were: Sleep, Chrome, Bunkur, Moss, and Skullflower. Also, look out for a Kevin Drumm blizzard at around the 17 min. mark. Funeral Drums is where Chrome meets Esoteric. Sci-fi funeral doom with improv processing.

Arha-Space Juju

Cosmic Electronic Drone (ic)



Bleeps. Blips. Bloops. Like Colin Potter/Cologne School 70's/80's stuff, or, if you will, Flying Saucer Attack without drums. Or Circle. Maybe it just sounds like Arha.

Heavy Space Psych Doom Band


So, I'm trying to put together a live/recording unit in the style of Nebula, Sleep, Hawkwind, Comets on Fire, etc. Basically a heavy jammin', fun lovin' Funhouse-era Stooges/Heads/Hypnos 69 kind of creature.

Here's a comp. of the kinds of bands with a similar vibe:
Space Doom Project Idea Bands

(Un) Orthodox Black Metal


Buzzing Guitars. Check. Growled Depths-of Hell vocals. Check. Lyrics about pre-Christian deities. Check.
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No blastbeats, cause I don't have a drummer and didn't get around to programming 'em. I loves me some delay and reverb, too. Lousy production values, on account of I only use Audacity (128 bitrate for mp3's) and I'm not great at mixing yet.

Space Rock Sample!


I included this piece with a post a while ago. It's from Arha- A Tear In The Void.
Hawkwind/Nebula meets Sonic Youth (circa '86-'87) and Bardo Pond/SubArachnid Space.

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Nylon Smotherin' Body Coverin'


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Some of my most recent recordings. I'm still under the spell of AMM, MEV, Expo '70, Burning Star Core, Terry Riley, Kraftwerk, and Neu!, but hopefully some of my own style and personality are still peeking through the swirling haze of fuzz and Gottsching-esque echo madness.....
Fields of Dandelion
Kosmicher Zombi
Kraut Sunrise
Phosphorescent Haze

Brain Melt?



Some heavy Hawk-flange-Wind inspired space rock.

Arha-A Tear In The Void

Black Dice Meets Bunkur, or More Insectoid Blackened Noise Doom!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been messing around a lot with vocals. Sludge Chorus is composed entirely of processed vocals, and Molasses Vibrato is a tremolo picked thing-a-ma-bobber with bleaughhhhgrrrrr vocals.
Molasses Vibrato
Sludge Chorus

A little bit o' Blackened Funeral Noise


I've been messing around with vocals a lot lately. Outrospection/Outrospective is the result. The tracks include some blackened noise (Black Fungi) and ambient soundscape stuff, along with a tribute to the late J.G. Ballard.

Hilarious Cartoon


I grabbed this commentary on tagging from

New Music Posts coming soon!

Deep Dark Doom


Obsidian Sphere

Ambient Rain Musick



Two pieces sourced from material from the recent Green Man Wakes release. Ambient, atmospheric, musick to sit by the window and watch the rain.

Pagan Ritual Doom Noise Extravaganza!


Green Man Wakes is a new Arha recording. There's a little psych/freak folk, a little ritual black doom, a little "set the phasers on kill" Beme Seed/Sun Dial/Bevis Frond geetar, and a whiff of dancing around the maypole.....