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Ilm Fruits » Salaah

The Sweetness of Faith Lies in the Fruits of Knowledge

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To Do List After Ramadan

Fri, 07 Aug 2015 20:35:35 +0000

We graduated from the school of Ramadan. Stick to your good deeds and improve yourself. Start slow, and be consistent, which is the most beloved of deeds. Salah, siyaam, and sadaqah are great candidates to start out.

Pray as if This is your Last Prayer

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 18:26:09 +0000

Pray as if this is your last prayer -- but what does it mean? It means, as one of the righteous people of the past said: pray as if Heaven is on your right, Hell is on your left, the siraat is under you, the angel of death is behind you, your sins are above you, and this is the deed that determines if you go to jannah or naar.

New Project Unveiled: Salah Support

Wed, 19 Aug 2009 16:59:01 +0000

Ilm Fruits has launched a new project! Take our poll and find out--where do you stand? Then, check out the project--Salah Support, a new forum initiative to help people support each other in salah, as well as to call each other to good and to compile resources about salah. Link and poll are in the full post.

3 Shields of Protection From Supernatural Forces

Mon, 06 Jul 2009 18:55:03 +0000

Eeven the newest Muslim is often quickly equipped with powerful shields of protection against supernatural forces. Yet most of us are woefully ignorant of the power of Allah in our hands, neglecting it out of laziness or lack of conviction. We are like those who wander randomly on the highway, with zooming death inches away on either side. Don't get hit--learn these great shields of protection, very small and easy, and implement them TODAY!

Say: O You Kafiroon …

Thu, 18 Jun 2009 20:58:54 +0000

The mushrikeen tried many techniques to stop the spread of Islam. Including compromise--worship our gods, and we'll worship yours. Ok, fine, just speak highly of our gods, and we'll do the same for yours. And the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) stood in front of EVERYBODY in the ka'bah, and he said: ...

Those Who Show Off in Their Salah

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 19:19:10 +0000

In Surah Ma'oon, Allah says: woe to those who pray. Then he says: those who show off in their salah. And in Surah Nisaa, he comments on those who show off--the munafiqeen. So what about those who do even worse then this? And we discuss Al-Ma'oon, the small favours, the things that wouldn't even hurt you if you did them.

Ask the Readers: Questions about Salah?

Fri, 13 Mar 2009 15:59:41 +0000

Maybe you've been Muslim a day. A year. Maybe 10, 20, 50 years. Everyone has nagging questions about salaah--things they always wanted to know, but never had the chance to find out. Things they "heard," but never got to verify. Or just things they wanted to ask but didn't know where to look. This is your chance to get YOUR questions answered. What questions do YOU have about salah?

What is a Mursal Hadith?

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 18:47:29 +0000

In the sciences of hadith, there's something called a mursal hadith. What exactly is a mursal hadith? What is it's status? What are the fiqh rulings on mursal ahadith? And why does it matter? This comes into play in the issue of: does laughing in salaah break your wudoo?

Creative Qiyaam-ul-Layl Alarms

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 16:21:59 +0000

Praying Qiyam-ul-Layl, aka Tahajjud, is well established in Islam as something amazing to do. But it's hard to wake up. What are some creative, unusual, and effective ways to wake up for Qiyam? We mention three--crying babies, water, and Shaytan. How can you leverage these so that you consistently wake up for Qiyam, night after night?

The Reasons Behind Seasons

Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:03:25 +0000

Why did Allah create seasons? All of this--snow, leaves changing, hot summer days and freezing winter nights. In some countries--like Canada, and the US--you have places where Isha time starts around 11pm, or 12am (midnight), and Fajr starts arond 2-3am! You also have days where Isha starts at 6pm, and Fajr starts around 7am. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) gave us a clue in one hadith.