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Making Time For Thoughtcrime

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Dead Beat Back Bone: Snapperhead (1992)


It's been a while, I know, but I am starting to get stuff turned around, because I got a turntable (pun     totally intended) that converts records to mp3 files. Yay! In the meantime, enjoy some early nineties college rock when college rock was actually meant cool tuneage.
Image is from here:

Download it now! Dead Beat Back Bone

Skin Barn Reupped


For your listening pleasure, here is the complete "Love Snack" (I included the last song this time) by Skin Barn.

Gutwrench Reupped


For your listening pleasure:

Comp Reups


For your listening please the "Bobbing for Pavement" and "Who Cares?" comps have been reupped.Bobbing for Pavement: Cares?[...]

Discount Reupped



Saigon Dumped, Belching Penguins Reupped


So the Saigon link has been abolished by 4shared.  
Apparently someone complained, but whatever. I mean, it's 
not as if it's been re-released , but again, whatever. I reupped Belching 
Penguins though, so I hope that makes someone happy. Here it is:

Trusty: The Paul Years (1989-1991)


Whoa, time flies. I can’t offer any excuses for neglecting this blog, won’t even try. Instead, I will just say sorry and get to it.

Trusty were the first band not from Washington, D.C. to release a record for Dischord in 1995, having hailed from Arkansas. Their early stuff, featured on this post, is pretty decent hardcore. It’s surprising, as the only exposure I had of them was their Dischord stuff, which was on the poppier side of things (“Goodbye, Dr. Fate” is cool, but do not expect tuneage like this).

This disc is well out of print and I hope it brightens up your downloading day.

1. Totally Blind
2. Mister Know-It-All
3. Soulmate
4. We Know
5. Trusty
6. Crack the Whip
7. String
8. Bitter
9. Stopwatch
10. Unhappy Jack
11. I Should Have Lied
13. Sweet n' Low
14. Never Leave My Dreams
15. R.S.V.P.
16. White Lies
17. S.T.P. / Wrong
18. Letter
19. Hey Santa
20. World We Live In
21. Home
22. Mean Mr. Mustard
23. Find Bircho
Download it now! Trusty

Ministry of Truth: Significant Others (1985)


I cannot say I knew much about the band when I bought the record, but I figured any punk band cool enough to reference George Orwell and 1984 would be alright by me. And they are alright; just not awesome. The songs themselves are good, but the production does them no favours. Too bad, because it could’ve could’ve been so beautiful, could’ve been so right. Still it is well worth a download.Image is from Kill From The Heart1. She's My Heroin2. Killer Machine3. Bound To Fall4. Deep Inside5. Peace Song6. Time Is Gone7. Scene Diego8. Spinning Out9. Magazine10. Dim View11. Wrong Place12. Mininstry of Truth13. T.B.C. Download it now! Ministry of Truth[...]

Entirely Distorted - What Gives?


(image) I'm so happy to finally have this demo! It's been many a year, but it's finally come into my possession. It's rad and well worth a download. Thank you, my fellow transplanted North American who also now lives in Africa.

Get it at Punkanda. Entirely Distorted

Alphabet Swill: Rotation / Barbie's Dream Townhouse (1989)


(image) Featuring future members of Seaweed, Alphabet Swill play some decent late eighties punkage and is definitely worth a listen.

Image is from Discogs

1. Rotation
2. Barbie's Dream Townhouse

Download it now! Alphabet Swill

D.C. Beggars: You’re So Pretty (1991)


I wish I could blame my lack of blog related activity on the hot season that has inflicted so much discomfort on the denizens of my humble Zambian metropolis, but that would be a lie. Naw, I’m just not that committed to Thought Crime. No biggie though; a post once or twice or month suits me fine.I saw D.C. beggars when they toured with The Detonators. Good show. A whole wack of years later, I bought their seven inch. Better late than never, I suppose; kind of like this blog in a way.Image is from Discogs1.You're So Pretty/Taken For A Fool2. Too Look Alike/Die GedankenDownlaod it now! D.C. Beggars[...]

Assault: Race To Destruction (1990)


1990 was a magical time for me. Lots of things were good. My punk rock band just started, I skipped school all of the time, and punk was still mostly underground. Long gone are those days. If only I could skip stuff all the time now. Alas, ‘tis not to be, what with responsibility and all. Anyhow, in honour of 1990, here is a record released that very year by Assault, who were, I think, from California. The second side of this record just rips, while the other is a bit, I don’t know, contemplative. So if you like contrasting styles, then this just might be for you. I’m going to dream about skipping stuff now. Image is from the Lockjaw blog. Since I couldn’t find any images for this record, I decided to use the Dutch metal band Assault for this post. If you want to hear their demos, go Lockjaw 1. Friendship Lost In Time/Gone But Not Lost 2. No Morals/Race To Destruction/502 Driving Download it now! Assault[...]

Aversion Therapy: Aversion Therapy (1991)


(image) I don’t know much about this band except they were from Australia. All I can say for sure is that I really dig the singer’s voice and the music is snappy punk stuff. Enjoy!

Image from Rate Your Music

1. Blurred Visions
2. No Change Of Innocence / Don't Touch Me

Download it now! Aversion Therapy

Rat Pack: Ice Cream, Acid & Cigarettes (1989)


Oops, it’s been a while. I’d like to say I was doing something cool, like hunting giraffes, but that would be a lie. I did see many an elephant though in the Lower Zambezi. Next up for your listening pleasure is Rat Pack. I bought this record solely because of its title. It really is such a rad one. Enjoy. Image is from Discogs 1. Do me / Ice Cream, Acid & Cigarettes 2. When You Say Goodbye / Kids on the Edge Download it now! Ice Cream, Cigarettes & Acid [...]



Funeral Oration has been re-upped. Here is the new link: Funeral Oration(image)

Fair Warning: You Are The Scene discography


(image) This, as far as I know, is the complete discography of Montreal’s Fair Warning. Again, as far as I know, it is tragically out of print. I think I was one of the first to buy this. I’m not bragging or anything; I just really wanted it badly and began harassing Sonik Chicken Shrimp Records to do a mail order as soon as it was released. They were more than cool to deal with.

The first 13 songs are from the record “You Are The Scene!” released in 1985 and the rest are tracks from comps and whatnot. Enjoy.

Image is from Discogs

1. Time and Place
2. Second Chance
3. Blood On The Bumber
4. Skating
5. Do You Know What You Do?
6. Frayed Nerves
7. 6 O’clock Blues (Part 2)
8. Caught In A Trap
9. Wake Me Up
10. Problems
11. Could Be Worse
12. Bag Ladies
13. You Are The Scene
14. Six O’clock Blues (Part 1)
15. Open Your Eyes
16. a Man And His World
17. Say No More
18. Pain In My Brain
19. Remember The Days
20. I Will
21. Am I Guilty?
22. Consequences
23. Search For...
24. U.T.T. (United Thrashers Of Canada)
25. Days Of Loneliness
26. Problems
27. Death By Injection
28. Skating
29. Time For A Change
30. Bad Ladies
31. Video Victims
32. Fight As One

Download it now! Fair Warning

Gutwrench: New Blocks On The Kids (1990)


It’s hard to believe now that in 1990 the New Kids were as ubiquitous as Keisha is now, but it’s true. Yep, the pre-packaged pretty boys from Boston who lip synched their shitty saccharine lyrics to even shittier pop music as they carefully followed their choreographer’s commands were everywhere. My friends and I hated them with the passion one should only reserve for root canals or corrupt politicians. So, when I saw the title of this record, I had to get it for the title alone. It’s also hard to believe that there was a time that pop punk was just one of the many subgenres of punk, like emo. When I hear either of those terms to describe a band now, I cringe as aural sounds of bland pap overwhelm my brain. Gutwrench would’ve been considered pop punk when this was released. They might be even considered what pop punk is now if the sound was cleaned up, but thankfully it wasn’t. Flex thinks the recording sucks, but if it was better the tunes might be a little too radio friendly, especially ‘She Hates My Guts’. Image is from 1. She Hates My Guts / Around Here 2. Spaceman / Your Problem Download it now! Gutwrench[...]

Intent : Away (1991)


(image) Continuing with my string of posts which contain early nineties punk rockage, I bring you ‘Away’ by Intent. There were two Intents from the late eighties, early nineties period. One was an excellent band from Texas who released two great records. This Intent was from Albany, New York, and they rocked pretty hard as well.

Like a lot of groups back then, Intent’s bass player was sometimes slap happy. Like I’ve said before on this blog, it makes me think that you had to play a bit like Flea to be in a punk band at that time. Even your truly, who really couldn’t play that well, at least tried to get my funk on and slap like Bootsy Collins. Note the key word there: tried. My fingers were as supple as concrete and I just never could get it right. I’d hit the wrong strings and get all twisted pretzel like trying to play fast; so instead of sounding like Flea, I’d sound as funky as a flat tire rolling down an empty street.

But it was the thought that counts and a funky thought at that.

Image is from Discogs

1. Figure It Out / Identity
2. Opener / Away

Download it now! Intent

Rednecks In Pain: The Tribal Dance Sequence Of The Yippin' Moo (1990)


(image) Not only did they have a cool name, Nashville’s Rednecks In Pain played decent punk. It’s funny, but being in Zambia had me missing rednecks (their racism, intolerance and narrow minded ways)... for about a second.

Hee-fucking-haw, I’m funny!

You can get the Rednecks In Pain discography here:

Image is from Flickr

1. The Good Life/Dancin' With Manson/AK-47
2. Uptight/Painted A Pretty Picture

Download it now! Rednecks In Pain

Rabid Fetus: Cajun Justice (1989)


I know that it’s totally taken me ages since my last blog. My apologies for that; I’ve had internet issues along with Mediafire trouble. It’s been slightly infuriating, but whatever, it’s a new year full of fun possibilities, so let’s rock. My first post of 2011 is courtesy Rabid Fetus and their release, ‘Cajun Justice’. Each song is a testament to how hardcore was alive and well at the end of 1980s, contrary to what has been argued by many. For example, in the book American Hardcore, Steven Blush arrogantly proclaims hardcore to have died in 1986. Oh, the clinical finality if it all. Incidentally, he also says that the few girls involved in the scene were mostly 'hags' and apart from D.O.A., bands from Canada made little impact on the American scene (can anyone open their mouth and say SNFU?). At least the book has a decent discography. It’s a good thing my friends and I didn’t know that, along with countless others. We would’ve felt silly being punk rock anachronisms. I really dislike it when people do and say what Blush does. In the movie of the same name, the sentiment is repeated by various folks who condescendingly act if they own the title, basically saying, ‘If you weren’t there, you can never be like us.’ How very inclusive and punk. Regardless, records by bands like Rabid Fetus demonstrate that punk was alive and well then and from what I can see, it still is thriving. Right on and keep it up is I what I say to that. ‘Cajun Justice’, as far as I know, was Rabid Fetus’ only release and one of Mystic Record’s last releases to boot. It’s also out of print. For those interested, there is a Facebook group as well. Image from Music Stack 1. Common Sense/Not The Same/Careful On Those Stairs 2. Toe The Line/Don't You Care?/Some Silly Name Download it now! Rabid Fetus [...]

Riot .303: Thrasher Skate Rock tunes (1983)/Crowd Control (1982)


(image) Yes, I know there are a few blogs out there with the great 7" by Riot .303, but how many have their four Thrasher Skate Rock tunes to go with it? Riot .303 were from Calgary and had enough prestige to be included on Thrasher's first skate rock tape. Not bad for a band from there. All eight songs here rad punk rock ditties, with the first track being my favourite. Sadly, it's subject matter is still apt. All you have to do is change the name of the man in power and you've updated this classic song.

Tracks 1 to 4 are from Thrasher Skate Rock, vol. 1, while Crowd Control finishes it.

(image) 1. Murder The Prime Minister
2. Skate Punx
3. Depression Session
4. Nightmares Of Another Kind
5. Drugs
6. There's Something Living Under My Bed
7. Organized Religion
8. Guerilla Warfare Man

Download it now! Riot .303



(image) I haven't been around for a while and I apologize, but there is a reason for my absence: I've moved."Big deal," you say? Well, normally I would agree, but I haven't just moved across the street or whatnot. Nope. I've moved to Lusaka, Zambia for and well be here for a while. I'm still trying to figure out things here, like how to get the internet set up in my house. Until I do, I won't post much. In the meantime, I hope to post some rocking tuneage in the next week or so. Until then, have fun.

Pariah: Youths of Age (1983)


(image) I love early Californian punk and hardcore. There’s something so tuneful, yet angry about it that makes me smile. Timeless tunes, for sure. One of the great labels that supplied a lot of these tunes was Posh Boy. From what I understand, the label itself was shady in its business dealings, but lucky for us (not the bands so much), what it lacked in integrity Posh Boy more than made up for with a roster of killer bands, such as Agent Orange, TSOL, Channel 3 and the band I’m posting today, Pariah.

Pariah were from San Francisco, which could’ve fooled me, as this album has a southern California beach punk feel to it. They never seemed to have received the accolades that other bands from Posh Boy did, but make no mistake, this is record is rad. Like lots of the good punk from that time, it is melodic, but angry; the perfect combination for the likes of me.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Youths of Age
2. Inside Looking Out
3. Blind Resistance
4. Faith In Mercy
5. White Line
6. All the King's Men
7. Passion and Pride
8. Running For Cover
9. Striking Back

Download it now! Pariah

Discount: Crash Diagnostic (2000)


(image) I checked out Rolling Stone’s top 100 albums of this past decade. There’s nothing surprising there, just the usual collection of hip, overrated bands that the magazine indulges in like the proverbial pigs at the trough. Needless to say, you won’t find fantastic records by Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere or even one time Rolling Stone darling, At The Drive-In. I guess they weren’t sophisticated enough for the purveyors of cooldom.

I know it’s a waste of words to mention this, but this fantastic record by Discount would never be mentioned in the same breath as such musical luminaries as Radiohead or Wilco, but does the magazine have to be so blind to what is going on under their noses? Just like their lists for the eighties and nineties, they completely miss the mark. Again.

Image is from Discogs

1. Broken To Blue
2. Age Of Spitting
3. Math Won't Miss You
4. Harder To Tell
5. Untitled
6. Aerial
7. Behind Curtain #
8. TV Kiss
9. Sleeping Motor Boy
10. Apostrophe
11. Black And White
12. Hit
13. Untitled
14. Medical
15. The Kill Fix

Download it now! Crash Diagnostic