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my first ever blog. set up for mrs.Hallrah's 8th period world geogrophy class

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what have societies done for population issues.


Many countries have or had overpopulation. It's a very difficult problem because people don't want to stop having kids. China started a one child policy, but the people protested so much that they had to revoke it. What I would do, if I ran a country that became overpopulated, would be to place incentives not to have more that two children. Having less than two children would be a tax deduction and you'd have to pay a yearly fee to have more than 2 children. If that didn't work I would have to place a law against having too many children and hope that the people accept it.
The last two weeks have been pretty cool. Choir, Band and Orchestra went on a trip to Colorado to ski or snowboard and compete in a music festival. Every choir in the school Got a 1 (superior) and best in class, except for one choir that still got a 1 but didn't get best in class because there is another choir at the school in the same class.

My favorite band


My favorite band has to be The Beatles. Since I was little I always liked soft and classic rock and when I heard The Beatles I decided they were the best thing I ever heard. I do admit that I don't know much about their history or anything; I just listen to alot of their music. I got into thier music about four years ago when I started listening to my parents' cds. They had the beatles anthology and I was hooked. My favorite songs of theirs are probably Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Hey Jude (before across the universe, now it's everybodies favorite song. posers.), and maxwells silver hammer.
Two weeks ago was spring break. I didn't really do much but it was nice to hang out and not have school. but this last week I had alot of homework and project stuff so It was a little hard getting  back

Free post


Today I'm going to talk about baisically the only thing I do besides school. Gymnastics. I 3 hours 5 days a week at the gym and I usually go to 5 or 6 competitions around winter and spring. I've been doing it scince I was little and I can't think of any other sport that I would want to do. It's always fun to learn new skills, sometimes it takes awile to get them, and sometimes they come pretty naturally, now that were coming out of the competition season I'm going to be learning new skills instead of just doing routines.

time capsule


If I could put one thing from this time in a time capsule it would probably be the newspaper comics. In the future it would show what we, today, think of as funny and show what kind of things were going on that we think are important. If you think about it you can tell whats going on in a society pretty well by looking at what satyrists are joking about. Im sure that if we looked at some commedy material from around 1929 we would see jokes about the economic situation and how people are dealing with it.
The last 2 weeks have been pretty relaxed actually. It's the begging of a six weeks so I didn't have any projects due and the homework load is pretty light. My science fair project is due next week but I'm all done so I don't need to worry about it.

Romeo and Julet assignment


In Romeo and Juliet I belive that it's better to fall in love than to learn to love. If you get set up with someone that you don't like you may never like them and you'll be miserable because since it was arranged you won't be able to get out of it. If you get to choose who you want to be with and fall in love theres no pressure if it doesn't work out and you'll be happier from the beggining.
The last two weeks were the last two weeks of a six weeks so teachers were trying to get a few extra quiz grades or a project in to help kids with low grades. Our science projects are due next six weeks so everybody is scrambling to finnish up. Other than that, not much different is happening.

Global warmin


Global warming is a big issue here, and all over the world. Some people don't believe that it is man made but i think that even if it's not man made there are plenty of other reasons not to pump toxic chemicals into our air. Sadly my current school is not doing anything to help stop global warming, but my elementary school put up solar panels to help generate electricity a couple of years ago. I live in Austin Texas which is a very environmentally conscious city. I have seen many other solar panels and Austin energy, our local power plant company uses wind energy for a large part of its out put. Austinites also mostly drive fuel efficient vehicles. You'll see many more sedans, motorcycles and mopeds than SUVs.
The last two weeks have been pretty uneventful. I had a couple of projects due, and I've been working on my science project due in march. Only recently has anything happened, I've gotten sick, this is Friday and I was first sick Thursday morning. I hope I don't have the flu. I was supposed to go to Ft. Worth tomorrow but I don't know if I'll be able to.

use of technology


I use technology for entertainment more than everything else. I I.M. I play video games I email I watch T.V. etc. I don't text though, I escaped that fad. I also almost only use the computer for school projects. I would rather do a Google search on a famous person or a science topic than look through a library for a book that may or may not have what I'm looking for. Technology is and probably will be a big part of my entertainment and research.
In the last few weeks I've been settling down from my winter break and am starting to get back into the swing of things. I had and have several projects that I'm working on, but I don't seem to have as much daily homework as I usually have. The first semester always goes quick and the second one usually drags along. But I think I can make it.



America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. We have people from almost every country living here. Most of these people get along o.k. but there are incidents. To help people who have immigrated here recently and are not very good at English we have a pretty universal set of symbols to help people get around, from hospitals, to airports, to bathrooms. One thing that seems to happen with many different cultures and races living in one country is that they seem to stick together, it is sad, but true that some people don't trust people of different cultures than their own. This is a world wide problem as well, and it would do the human race good if we could be a little more friendly to each other, (cliched but true.) Diversity can really help in many fields because people from different backgrounds think a bit differently and can come up with ideas that other people didn't think of.

My favorite places


My two favorite places in the united states have to be Florida and New York City. Florida is awesome because its a pennensula and therefore has lots of beaches. My favorite cousins also live there and I can get fresh keylime pie. I also love the drive from here, Texas, to there because we stop all along the way. New york is cool because of all of the things you can do, from china town to the statue of liberty, see my post about my summer vacation for more info on both of these places. Another one of my favorite places, which is closer to home, is south padre island. Its four-ish hours away and is connected to the mainland with a bridge. Its fun because i get to deep-sea fish which is more fun that fishing in freshwater because you catch more and more often.

Terrorists in the U.S.


we have had several terrorist attacks in the U.S. in and around the last decade. The most prominent ones were on the world trade centers in New York City. four commercial airliners were hijacked and two were crashed into the twin towers as well as one plane was crashed into the pentagon, and one landed in a field in Pennsylvania because the passengers and flight attendants attempted to gain control of the airliner. Nearly 3,000 people died in this attack. The attack was linked to the Al-Qaeda organisation and Osama Bin Laden. Al-Qaeda was waging a holy war against the us because a passage in the Koran stated "slay the pagans wherever ye find them." They belive that they should kill us because we "are the nation who, rather than ruling by the Shariah of Allah in its Constitution and Laws, choose to invent your own laws as you will and desire."
In responce to these attacks overall security went way up in America especially in Airports. Only people boarding flights could go through the security checkpoints and restrictions were put on what you could put in your bags, especially liquids. A law was also passed that allowed the government to evesdrop on phone calls and emails from the U.S. to overseas without a warrant.

Anderson High School


As i said in my introduction, I go to Anderson High. Its a good school, with lots of classes, after school activities, clubs, sports, and events. We have at least 5 foreign languages we can take including, Latin, German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. we also have a good fine arts program with art, choir, band, and orchestra. Our sports include football (like rugby), basketball, soccer (futball), baseball, wrestling, and tennis. The school its self is 3 stories tall, which is kind of bad because my first three classes are 1st floor, 3rd flood, 1st floor. An event thats coming up is the homecoming dance. Its going to be held at the Hyatt hotel right beside Lake Austin. So, as you can see, Anderson High is a great school with alot of choices.



Here in Texas we have a problem with illegal immigrants coming over the border from Mexico. There are several reasons for this. One is that they can make more money over here. However they usually get undesireable jobs. Another is that we have better communities and housing. Illegal immigration angers people because it takes away jobs from Americans. The government tries to deal with this by deporting illegal immigrants that they discover. They also built a fence all along the southern border. They also have checkpoints and guards all along it. This has somewhat decreased the problem not gotten rid of it.

Another problem having to do with immigrants is when they come over have children who are American citizens and then get deported. The children are stuck in America until the parents can arrange for them to get to Mexico.

My summer


This summer was probably one of my favorite ones. I went on a road trip to Florida with my family. We wen't to an alligator farm, rode on an air boat, ate a bunch of seafood, bodysurfed, hung out at the beach went to an aquarium, and went to an estuarium. Try saying that all in one breath. I also went to a few summer camps where i got to swim in natural bodies of water and water parks. Other than that i just saw a few movies with my friends and hung out.

korean blogs


Im having trouble replying to comments on the korean blogs so i may not reply. I'll ask my teacher if she can help.

Me and my town


My name is Colin Dotson. I live in the U.S. I have several hobbies, but the most prominent is probably gymnastics. I work out there 15 hours a week, and go to several competitions every season which is from December to April. I also enjoy bicycling, video games, and reading.
I live with my mom, my dad, and my dog, a terrier, Lucy in Austin Texas. Its very hot down here and we have been in a big drought. Austin is the capital of Texas and has a large city with the city centers being the capital building and the university campus. Our town motto is Keep Austin Weird, because Austin is full of original shops and businesses. So, thats about it i'll post again at least by next weekend.



i'm sorry but i cannot upload a picture of myself to to technical difficulties