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Sounds and stuff from the Norwegian avant-garde, noise, & underground. Scenes, releases, labels, etc

Updated: 2017-09-05T19:36:40.118-07:00


Upcoming gigs


Woken up from the winter hibernation, I am preparing for some upcoming gigs. Here the confirmed so far. More later.

Tuesday 28 may - solo sett @ Dama Di, Bodø, Norway

Tuesday 04 June - solo sett & Origami Kaførrnokka @ Brugata, Oslo, Norway

Friday 21 June - Boreas y Gogledd @ Avantgardefestival Schiphorst, Germany

Saturday 22 June - annexe collaborations @ Avantgardefestival Schiphorst, Germany

Sunday 23 June - Ufo Kollektiv Schiphorst @ Avantgardefestival Schiphorst, Germany

NXP – Notes From the Field of Guilt (review)



Cat no: XP 12
Release date: 15.02.13
Bandcamp link

NXP is a solo noise project from Norway, focusing on ambient noise, sometimes rythmic, sometimes just dirty noise. He collects samples, field recordings and various sounds and instruments to create his world of darkness.

I see this album in two parts. The first three tracks are quiet dirty ambient noise. So quiet from the start that you have to go and check whether you have turned the volume way to much down. But ultimately this makes you listen even more, and I notice the murky darkness of a future sound of a barren landscape. The second half is also three tracks, and they come out much more apparent, and easier to relate to. Not that this is easy listening, though. Far from it. Again it is darkness, but rhythms and even piano chords makes the tracks less abstract. The moods are slow, melancholic, and the label claims this album is not for people afraid of the dark, or not for people with suicidal thoughts. So if you think the world or you life is a dark gloomy place, with no positivity, have a listen to this album and get everything confirmed. But still, it can be shared with yourself on a dark rainy night with your own thoughts, a glass of wine, lighted fireplace, and scare yourself with what lurks outside the windows or in a not too distant future. Or if you think the daylight is just too bright, and the sun always shines on your life, get deep into tracks as “A Crash Course to Final Destruction” or” Snapshots of Reality” and get your mind in the just direction. Or you might say; my life is not that bad, anyway. Have a try.

Review published on Freq webzine

Nødutgangfestivalen 2012


25 - 28 oktober
Dama Di / Sinus / Kunstforeningen / Galleri Bodøgaard

Torsdag på Dama di (20:00 Gratis, 18 År)
Psykisk Tortur
Tore H. Bøe (Spania)

Fredag på Bodø Kunstforening (19:00)
Linn Halvorsrød (Står til 11 November 2012)

Fredag på Sinus (20:00 150,- 18 År)
The Sweetest Thrill
Void Ov Voices (Ungarn)
Maja SK Ratkje
Zeni Geva (Japan)

Lørdag på Sinus (12:00 Gratis, fri alder)
Lørdagskafe m/artister fra programmet

Lørdag på Sinus (20:00 150,- 18 År)
NXP + Dead Player
Stadtfisch (Tyskland) & The Flexible Orcestra
Jennifer Torrence (USA)
Tangle Edge

Søndag på Galleri Bodegård (18:00 Gratis)
Traum Mas
Film: Orfeus
Simply Me
Peter Nicholson (Sco)

New Espron album out


It's been a while since Esprons last album Ka Nu? was out, but the waiting is over, and Lunheim Sessions is just released as free download by EggStatic Records. The work for this album started in 2008, and progressed over some sessions at the wonderful cabin in Lunheim following years. Get it HERE

Personal Best #2 releaseparty


New issue of Marhaugs Personal Best fanzine is out now. Releaseparty in Brugata, Oslo, tomorrow, Saturday 11th August, with performances by Maja Ratkje and FNS, also interviewed in this issue. Articles in the fanzine also includes interviews of Attila Csihar (Sunn O)))/Mayhem), Damage Digital, Incapacitants, Don Dietrich (Borbetomagus), Earth, Phil Blankenship, Vanhala and Katsura Mouri. Check out Marhaug Forlag for more info.

PSYKISK TORTUR - Nightrider vinyl out soon


Edition: 100 copies
Release date: TBA August 2012

Lars Nicolaysen: Drums, Metal & Stuff

Ronny Wærnes: Electronics, Effects, Voice, Metal & Stuff

Avantgardefestival Schiphorst


Psykisk Tortur will do a gig in Germany for the first time, at the Avantgardefestival Schiphorst. A very special place. A place where interactions and collaborations are not only welcome, but encouraged and made very much possible. A place where artists don't have backstage, vip treatment or special catering. All have to line up in the same lines as the audience to get breakfast, or have a drink or whatever. All have to socialise in the same areas as the audience. It makes for a wonderful place to meet people with the same attitude as yourselves (being in this group), and do something spontaneous, or networking for future contact.It takes place in Schiphorst, in the north of Germany, at Jean-Hervé Perons farm, and only two weeks from now.  Planned sets, and ad-hoc collaborations. Anyone in relatively closeness to the area should consider going. You'll never regret it, and you will remember it. Forever. More at the festival siteLine Up:Aerosol Light  GermanyAmpersand  UKAvantgarde FM  FinlandBrandstifter  GermanyCatherine Barche  GermanyCathy Heyden  FranceCharlemagne Palestine  USACinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 1  USACinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 2  France/ UK/ GermanyCoppernicus Gym  GermanyDoubleganger  ItalyEmerge & Don Vomp  GermanyErland Malmberg  FranceFahrenheit 2006°  FrancefaUSt  DMZGeoff Leigh  UKHarald & Ale  GermanyHax  FinlandProf. Dr. Lutz Hieber  GermanyIan Land  UK incite/ Kera & André  GermanyJulien Perrin  FranceKakawaka  GermanyKommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer  GermanyMaria and the Mirrors  UKMitch Esparza  USANathalie Forget  FranceNeopostdadasurrealpunkshow  GermanyNicolas Boone  FranceNurse With Wound  IrelandOrganic Milk Baby  Germany::OT::  GermanyPAS  UK/ USAPsykisk Tortur  NorwayRockin Yaset  FranceRoland Graeter  GermanySascha Demand  GermanySnare Drum Solo  JapanSpelbo II  GermanyStadtfischflex feat. Taikotribe and Toys´r´Noise  GermanyTellavision  GermanyThe Ape  GermanyThe Noise Flowers  HungaryThee VHS CvLT  GermanyThomas Zunk  GermanyTonia Reeh  GermanyTumorchester  GermanyUmuligt Instrument  DenmarkUnicaZürn  UKVultures Quartet  UKWat Sun  FranceWckr Spgt  USAWetterläuten  GermanyXabec  GermanyZan Bodycocktail starring Lars Skjit  USA/ N[...]

Mats Gustafsson, Paal Nilssen-Love, Mesele Asmemew – Baro 101 (review)


The Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love has made a fast and hard-hitting impact on many recordings in the national and international scene of free-jazz and improv these last years. Whether as a band member of Peter Brötzmann's Chicago Tentet, the assembly of some of the leading musicians of today’s free-jazz, or in the powerful Hairy Bones also including the said German. Also worth mentioning are the remarkable recordings with Lasse Marhaug, either in the jazz-strangeness Fire Room, also including Ken Wandermark, or their duo collaboration release Stalk of the more sound-noise-improv-less-jazz style. No surprise then, that he was invited to Ethiopia by the Dutch-weird-punks from The Ex, to do the ‘Free the Jazz’ Saxophone project, alongside other acclaimed musicians such as Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson. The Ex has been going to the Horn of Africa for many years, starting back in 2002, and the idea is to do collaborative works with different Ethiopian musicians. So, at the end of this trip, Paal, Mats and the Krar-player Mesele Asmamaw, decided that they wanted to record (A Krar is a five- or six-stringed bowl-shaped lyre, btw…and yes, I had to look it up!). They joined forces in room 101 of the Baro Hotel in Addis Abeba, and did this free improvised recording.Baro 101 was an album I had great expectations to. Mainly because I know and enjoy a lot of the projects Nilssen-Love has been a part of. I did not know much of what Gustafsson has been doing other than the Tentet, and Asmamaw I had never even heard of. But excited as I was, the first listen made me unusually aware of the conversation between the musicians. Not that I understood what they were ‘talking’ about, anyway. But most times new music makes me feel something, either good or bad. Not this one at first. How strange. I was intrigued how they responded to each other’s outbursts or repetitiveness or how they moved together in wilder more unpredictable ways. It made me wonder more about what was happening in the room. But then it started getting to me. I started getting the chills. Wonderful chills created by the sounds being shoved into my mind. The diversity of the conversation creating shapes and structures of sounds, and suddenly I saw the African animals of the safari I went to many years ago. Elephants moving slowly towards the water, spiced with the musician’s conversation about the fun they had during the Ethiopian adventurous project. Or the traffic jam in the streets outside the hotel one busy afternoon. All of which is probably my own crap in my own head anyway, but still, they play well together, making wonderful sound-landscape. The saxophone is very evident, almost a major focal point during the entire album. Followed by the drums and spiced by the Krar and occasionally wonderful singing by Asmamaw.The overall impression is very much live in the room, as it is. Often times improvised recordings, being unedited as this is, can have ups and downs. Some periods of genial music, others of not that fantastic or even quite crappy. So not with this album. It goes in many directions. Sometimes they loop, or a nice melody comes together. It is massive, subtle, has beats, rhythm, no rhythm, its minimal, chaotic, or sometimes concentrated on a point, or goes in every direction possible. And the conversation! No elephant talk here! It made me wanting more, going to a concert, or wishing I was in the room. For me, Barolo 101 is one musical highlight of this year. This review is also available in Freq Music Magazine[...]

NXP / Wærnes live collaborative release


Recording from last years gig @ Dama Di, the first time ever NXP and myself did a duo concert together. Out as free download from Black Circle Records.

Get it here

Compilations Mayhem Year


For almost a year, my creative inspiration has mostly been on producing tracks for various compilations, mostly online. Below are a few examples, the link is to the downloadpage of the entire comp, in which you will find tracks by me. I will try an make a list of all my contributions to compilations later. Meanwhile, a good list of my appearances on compilations can be found at discogs hereMonotronous compilationan international compilation featuring the sounds of the Korg Monotron, Monotron Duo, Monotron Delay, and Monotribe synthesizers. Produced by Hal McGee and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. Get it hereCoupe Of Negation Theorem As Contact Trickeryan exploration of the possibilities of the contact microphone, a device based around a piezoelectric disk that acts as a transducer, transforming sound vibrations into voltage that can be used as an audio signal. Curated by Walter LapchinskyGet it hereCell Your Soul Cell Your Soul is compilation consisting of tracks by 37 international audio artists. Artist made recordings with the voice recorder function of their cellular telephones. This compilation was produced by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Hal McGee. Get it hereI Heart FeedbackThis compilation focuses on Feedback, Harsh Noise, HNW & just plain extreme chaos. So with that said, BE WARNED that due to the nature of this release, artists and recording styles, volume levels WILL vary from track to track. Enjoy your tinnitus! Get it hereEmancipating The Outer Valenceall software to be informationally free (with exceptions made for operating systems and embedded firmwares), using informationally free formats, and distributed through Bandcamp, which at least has a public API.  bonus points were provided for full free software, free (open source) hardware, and using freedom as a theme. curated by Walter Lapchynski.Get it hereContact compilation 160 one-minute tracks of homemade experimental electronic music and noise by 60 international artists, all members of the Facebook Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music and Noise: This is the first of nine Contact Compilation Project volumes.Get it here[...]

Anders Hana - Dead Clubbing (review)


I’m on a train a foggy winter afternoon, beats rocking me away into an unfamiliar yet known landscape. The steady beat accompanied by bass-noisy distorted guitar rhythms feeds to the familiarity of the sounds. Suddenly strange background screeching brakes hits, but without any effect on the speed, like the change of mood when entering a tunnel, but still continues when coming out of it, swirling through the narrow valley of winterly mountainous landscape. The feelings created by the first tracks on Dead Clubbing matches perfectly the dual sides of the experience of listening to the music, combined with the train ride I am on writing this. Almost like they were made for each other. Anders Hana has made some hard impressions on the Norwegian scene of avant-rock, by his involvement with the heavy sides of Noxagt, or the free-rock combo Mo-Ha! and others. With his uncompromising attitude to his guitar, he makes for a challenging listen for the faint-hearted, or a welcoming experience for the open-minded in the mood for a path of what? This would be very much the same with this one-sided vinyl LP, although here he does all the instruments himself on this album. The six tracks are all on the one side, and a screen print directly on side 2 of the record. I can’t say anything at all about the appearance, as my cd-promo with accompanying words give no credit to it, but it seems like a nice gem for us vinyl enthusiasts anyway. The beats continue to rock’n’roll me into a rhythm that possibly could make me want to dance, but as it is here and now; music perfect for travelling or driving, or sitting in a cart behind an old diesel engine on rails, looking out the window at the wintery snow-filled murky forest of pines, expecting trolls to appear any minute. Soundscapes filled with mysteries, moving left and right in my ears, back and forth of my head, but still with that hectic rhythmic beat. The music is sparsely, almost minimal with little focus on the melodies. Experimenting with a few layers of sounds and distorted or string-like soundscapes seems more important, held all together by repetitive heavy rhythms by drums. It still makes for creating interesting catchy tunes and moods, all in a strange way somewhere between rock’n’roll and dreamy hypnotic meditative eastern feelings. Rooted in a combination of ancient prog of early King Crimson and some of the sounds and feelings of Grinderman, it is strikingly structured and free at the same time. All that said, it has something of its own, first of all it is also a very heavy album. Heavy on the drums, riff-based tracks, all instrumental. It’s a slightly uneven album, the first three tracks definitely being the strongest and fit right in my mind immediately. The three last seem less heavy on the beats, probably needing more time to get them under my skin, although the ending of the last track makes my head spin perfectly. All of them, however, still adds to the impression of a well-made album that will continue to run on my stereo. Only downside: it ends all too quickly, so repeat again! This review is also available in Freq Music Magazine[...]

All Ears 2012


New track - Contact Compilation 1


Hal McGee has set up yet another project, this time it will be 60 one-minute tracks of homemade experimental electronic music and noise by 60 international artists, all members of the Facebook Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music and Noise

My track is on the first of nine Contact Compilation Project volumes.

allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="100" src="" style="display: block; height: 100px; position: relative; text-align: left; width: 400px;" width="400"><p>&amp;amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;How Can I Sleep When You Starve? by Ronny Wærnes (Norway)&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;gt;</p>

Marhaug Forlag


Great news for us noise addicts out there, finally a book publisher dedicated to noise. Marhaug Forlag is run by Norwegian artist Lasse Marhaug, and the first book out is about Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz), a remerkable and fantastic personality, and an artist with many depths, both in music and his performances and body art. His album - Psychotic Einzelkind - has been a favourite of mine for some time, now. More details about the book here

Terje Berg + Ronny Wærnes + Kjetil Møster @ Dama Di on Wednesday 21st of Sept


Another gig coming up ion Wednesday the 21st of September @ Dama Di. Kjetil Møster is coming ro town with his sax, well known from his works with Ultralyd and Datarock, but this time on his own. All his work influences himself, and expect everything. Terje Berg concludes the line-up along wit yours truly. Terje normaly sings his songs, but has promised an all instrumental set this time, so expect to be surprised!

Classwar karaoke


Classwar Karaoke is a collective and netlabel operated by Adrian Beetjes, Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson. Formed in 2008, it releases quarterly surveys of music, soundart and short-films by artists from all over the world.

Classwar Karaoke 0015 - 53 soundsubmissions is online. Here is the text to the submissions, and it is also 12 videos in the survey.

(image) My submission:

(object) (embed)

Ronny Wærnes: Albion Road (Tranquility). Recorded by Ronny Wærnes at Salamanda Studios, Stoke Newington, London, UK, 2010. Edited and mixed by Ronny Wærnes at Råsaft Studio, Bodø, Norway, 2011. All electronics and effects by Ronny Wærnes. A tribute to the peace and love of my friends in UK and London, and especially to those who housed me in Albion Road in June 2010.

We will not lack the will to love.
We must take the streets back.
Democracy will win
the cowardice of the violent
will lose to the brave heroes of the roses

Blaakraft + DimHunGer tonight



Free gig @ Dama Di, Bodø tonight if you are in town. Expect Industrial Blues-noise-rock from Blaakraft and Progressive space-punk from DimHunGer with members from HumdinGer. Doors open at 2000, concert starts at 2130-ish.

The Fluxus Reader available as free digital edition


(image) Edited by Ken Friedman, this book from 1998 has been long out of print. It is now made available as digital free download. You can choose full download or individual chapters. Get it here

About the book:
Fluxus began in the 1950s as a loose, international community of artists, architects, composers and designers. By the 1960s, Fluxus has become a laboratory of ideas and an arena for artistic exprmentation in Europe, Asia and the United States. Described as 'the most radical and experimental art movement of the 1960s', Fluxus challenged conventional thinking on art and culture for over four decades. It had a central role in the birth of such key contemporary art forms as concept art, installation, performance art, intermedia and video. Despite this influence, the scope and scale of this unique phenomenon have made it difficult to explain Fluxus in normative historical and critical terms. The Fluxus Reader offers the first comprehensive overview on this challenging and controversial group. The Fluxus Reader is written by leading scholars and experts from Europe and the United States.

Dumitrescu/Avram and Stephen O'Malley join forces


Romanian classical composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram will team up with Stephen O'Malley from noise/metal/doom act Sunn o))), for a couple of concerts in Israel this coming week. Dumitrescu and Avram are well known for pushing the boundaries or making a classical ensemble use the instruments in very untraditional manners. O'Malley is certainly well established within the experimental parts of rock, so this meeting can be very exciting for anyone around those parts.

O'Malley solo performance, Jerusalem Uganda (17 January) Dumitrescu/Avram with separate performance from O'Malley, Jaffa Hateiva (19) Dumitrescu/Avram collaborating with O'Malley, Tel Aviv Levontin 7 (22).


Releases and tracks


It's been a while since I have promoted myself here, so i figured it was about time. Last summer the Split LP (above) with me and Jo the Gardener was released on Pure Pop For Now People. It was released only 100 copies, and very few still available from the label. Image by Ian Land. Tape Rape Records has recently released a few good tapes. One compilation called Think Before You Act!, with a wide range of noise artists from Norway. One track by me here. Another gem is the debut of the trio Origami Kaførnåkka, the new combo with me, Kjetil Hanssen and Petter Flaten Eilertsen. The self-titled tape (below) is from a session that was recorded in Brugata in Oslo, November 9th, 2009 on a beautiful day. The trio decided to sit inside fumbling with trash and electronics to make some noise. The tape comes in a zipper bag with an info card. The tape is white with yellow hubs and it's sprayed spotty yellow, so all copies looks unique. More than a year ago I was in Oslo and teamed up with Kjetil Hanssen (actually the day after we recorded with Origami Kaførnåkka) for a live gig at Sound of MU. The gig was recorded and a CDr (below) was released just after the gig. Handpainted covers and a limited edition of 30 copies. All releases mentioned here is available from Looop.More about tracks: Gould Soundz released a CDr compilation called "With friends like these", consisting of 99 short tracks. Four tracks from me there. I also entered the International Email Audio Art Project, curated by Hal McGee, who proposed an international EMAIL audio art project in which contributors will send to him a one-minute miniature audio work. I submitted one track that entered Volum 1, and my alter ego, Origami Emergencyka submitted one track for Volume 6. All free download, and still possible to submit as the project will terminate on April 1, 2011.[...]

All Ears festival starts today


Another festival year is upon us. As usual one of the first to notice is All Ears Festival for improvised music in Oslo. This tenth festival in a row marks this year as something to celebrate. With names as Kevin Drumm, Maja Ratkje, Peter Brötzmann and Zeena Parkins amongst many, anyone near should pay the festival a visit during this weekend. More info at the website.

Jazkamer - Metal Music Machine 2 CD (review)


Label: Pica DiskCatalog#: PICA026Format: CD, AlbumCountry: NorwayReleased: November 2010I've had a small brake from reviewing the Jazkamer monthly 2010, but this is not me quitting the promise of reviewing every monthly. No, I have been busy running a festival, and was planning on picking up where I left with submitting the August release. But what happens? During the festival I was, as the first person in the world, given by Lasse Marhaug himself this brand new Jazkamer release, and being taken by surprise by the title, I knew I couldn’t help myself doing this one first. So the rest would have to wait, but it will come of course. This release is due out November 2010.When Metal Music Machine was released in 2006, Jazkamer was hailed over the world with this new metal direction, even by their old noise fans who obviously thought nothing lesser of this metal – noise combo. Metal and noise is in many ways related, and Jazkamer founder Lasse Marhaug has numerous times acclaimed his fondness of various metal acts, and his solo work is sometimes heavy and dirty as trash can be, so no surprise when his and John Hegres Jazzkammer turned into Jazkamer, the Metal act (this spelling is used most of the times from then on, even with pure noise releases). More surprisingly at that time though, was the introduction of members from the Norwegian Death and Black Metal, and that they wanted to join such an underground unpredictable movement as the noise scene. But in retrospect it is understandable, as the trashy, dark, scary parts of Jazkamer and the rest of the noise world has these things in common, as also with the moods they create and the loudness and attitude combined with it. Various metal bands has also been closing the gap between genres, as also has been the case with many hardcore punk bands. Incorporating noise in metal would of course be a natural developement using metal effects pedals to the extreme, and bands probably want to take back some of the loud noisy distorted sound from the noise performers.Anyway, Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and Manngard drummer Iver Sandøy teams up with multi-instrumentalist Jørgen Træen (aka Sir Duperman) for this new release in the Jazkamer Metal Music saga, only with small contributions (!) from the founders Marhaug and Hegre, and also from Trond Myklebust. Digesting this makes for an understanding that Metal Music Machine 2 would be less noisy than the first one and more of a metal record. And so it is.First track, The Metal, is a fast and furious speed trash metal guitar based track of 4+ minutes. It’s a bit pompous without losing energy, but speed varies a bit. The guitar and speed of drums gets me going like a duracell rabbit, this is a fun start. Second track, Bestial Desolation, is just over three minutes. This is more oldschool trash metal from the 80s. heavy drumming, hypnotizing riffs, rhythm changes, faster, more furious. It is almost as it is made in the old days of the 80s when trash was invented. I wouldn’t say as progressive as Metallicas …and justice for all, but it was certainly the very first thing that came to my mind. Not a bad mark, as that was my first introduction to trash, and still is a favourite of mine to this day. I wish it was longer, though.Noisy distorted really slow guitar riff to start off the third track No Lamb For The Lazy Wolf. It’s 8+ minutes, and other sounds are slowly introduced. No drums during the entire track. It’s dirty, and creates a[...]

Nødutgangfestivalen next week!


It's time again for the great avant-garde happening, here in Bodø, Norway, Nødutgangfestivalen. Free or very cheap concerts as you can see below, and a very exciting line-up, ranging from legendary krautrockers Faust via electronics from NWW master Colin Potter to noise master John Wiese. Spiced up with free-jazz trio Hosho and classical improv together with concrete mixer, not to mention all the exiting Norwegian and local acts, such as noise-rockers DEL, vocal improviser Lisa Dillan and improv-punks in DimHunGer. No surprises left? I can asure you it will be an event of many new and even surprising happenings you cannot possibly have seen before!Concerts @ Sinus, Dama Di and KulturhusetTorsdag 21 oktober på SinusDører åpner kl 20:00 – Konsertstart kl 21:00. Bilettpris; 100,- NOK.DimHunGerJohn Wiese (USA)Scared DogGreg Malcolm (NZ)Fredag 22 oktober på Dama DiKl 16:00. Gratis.Brakka SoundsystemChild of Klang + Linn HalvorsrødFredag 22 oktober på SinusDører åpner kl 20:00 – Konsertstart kl 21:00. Bilettpris; 100,- NOK.Lisa DillanDELBendikFaust (GER/UK)Lørdag 23 oktober Lørdagskafe på SinusKl 12:00-15:00. Gratis.Artister fra ProgrammetLørdag 23 oktober på SinusDører åpner kl 20:00 – Konsertstart kl 21:00. Bilettpris; 100,- NOK.Petter O HannaHosho (GER)Bad Servant (UK)Capt CredibleBlaakraftSøndag 24 oktober på Kulturhuset lille sal /foajeenKl 15:00. Gratis.jhp/art-Errorist - Impromptu pour Bétonnière et EnsembleRalph & Ralph & Ronny - Improv for pauker, elektronikk og tilbehør.Søndag 24 oktober på Dama DiKl 20:00 Gratis.Camilla Barratt-DueUN: Colin Potter & Paul Bradley(UK)[...]

Puma – Half Nelson Courtship CD (review)


Label: Rune GrammofonCatalog#: RCD2098Format: CD, Album (Available on vinyl)Country: NorwayReleased: May 2010What is Puma? This young Norwegian trio started out as a jazz trio, and they all studied at jazz conservatories. They also fit in numerous other projects, such as Jaga Jazzist, Bushman’s Revenge and Westerhus recently joined Nils Petter Molværs‘ new trio. As Intro winners (Norwegian award for young jazz muzicians) in 2006 they where also given oppportunities to go on tour with noise artist Lasse Marhaug. In recent years they have been regarded as leading talents of the Norwegian improvisional scene.Although Half Nelson Courtship is divided into 10 tracks, the album works as a whole, almost a suite that moves into various aspects of the sonic palette Puma wishes to explore. There is a highly experimental feel to it, but in many senses also inspired by 70s progressive bands of the more experimental kind. King Crimson around ’73 is mentioned in the press release, and is not much off the mark; Earthbound comes to my mind on some occasions. But they are of course more freeform, almost at times as free as the most intricate Frith could be. But they also explore and varies a lot between…Fast.Easy.Slow.Siren.Kraut.Jingle.Glitch.Organ.Guitar.Heavy.Drums.Sacred.Naked.Reverb.Virtous.Panned.Looped.Organic.Harbour.Difficult.Screech.Ambient.Freeform.Feedback.Industrial.Incredible.Symphonic.Power tools.Minor moods.Wailing guitars.Gilmour stretch.KC but no Fripp.Rhythm. N. Soul.Symphonic guitar.Plinkety-plonkety.Birds, but no birds.Growls, but no animals.Sonic fantastic universe.Subtle noisy strangeness.Drums structured.Loud high pitch and waves of wind.Will I play it again? Yes, I will play it again!Whoutcha!This review is also available in Freq Music Magazine[...]