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Video Trashcan v.01

Lost videos from the memory of the times

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Official VHS Tape, 20 Minutes, Excellent

Allgrena is a dark post-industrial project working with iron or steel percussion, pianos, flutes, drums or water noises in specific places for sound research (percussion at the walls of a bunker, playing flutes and violine in the canalisation of Vienna, etc). Mixing ethnic approaches with sambre parts Franz's project gives a concrete and strong accent to it's ritual and transcending soundscapes.



Official VHS, 1988, Island, 01:10:31

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London 16-11-1987: I Just Can´t Turn You Loose / Among The Living / Caught In a Mosh / Metal Thrashing Mad / I Am The Law / Madhouse / Indians / Medusa / NFL / Armed and Dangerous / Air / I'm The Man / Air / Gung Ho



Official DVD, 2003, Jeepster, 02:16:00

Dog On Wheels / I Could Be Dreaming / A Century Of Fakers / Like Dylan In The Movies / Lazy Line Painter Jane / Dirty Dream #2 / Is It Wicked Not To Care / The Boy With The Arab Strap / Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son / This Is Just A Modern Love Song / Legal Man / The Wrong Girl / Wandering Alone / Jonathan David / I'm Waking Up to Us / The State I Am In



Official VHS, 1983, Target, 00:28:44

TV Party (Promo) / Rise Above (Live) / Thirsty and Miserable (Live) / Depression / American Waste / Thirsty and Miserable (Bologna, Italy 1979) / Damaged / Revenge / Jealous Again / TV Party Interview / Rise Above
Official VHS, 1885, Jettisoundz, 00:56:34

Live at Bier Keller, Bradford 1984: Instrumntal Intro / Nervous Breakdown / Can't Decide / Slip It In / Black Coffee / Forevertime / Six Pack / My War / Jealous Again / I Love You / The Swinging Man / Three Nights / Fix Me / Would Up / Rat's Eyes



Official DVD, 2002, Chrysalis, 01:00:00

In The Flesh / X Offender / Denis / Detroit 442 / (I'm Always Touched By Your)Presence, Dear / Picture This / Hanging On The Telephone / Heart Of Glass / Dreaming / Union City Blue / Atomic / The Tide Is High / Rapture / The Hardest Part / Island Of Lost Souls / Maria



Official DVD, 2000, Columbia, 01:30:00

She's So High / There's No Other Way / Bang / Popscene / For Tomorrow / Chemical World / Sunday Sunday / Girls And Boys / To The End / Parklife / End Of A Century / Country House / The Universal / Stereotypes / Charmless Man / Beetlebum / Song 2 / On Your Own / M.O.R. / Tender / Coffee And TV / No Distance Left To Run

Official DVD, 2004, Parlophone, 02:15:00

Intermission / Can't Explain / There's No Other Way / Luminous / She's So High / Colin Zeal / Pop Scene / When Will We be Married / Sunday Sunday / Wassailing Song / Coping / Day Upon Day / For Tomorrow / Chemical World / Advert / Commercial Break
Live in Kilburn: Pop Scene / Fool / High Cool / Bad Day / Oily Water / Slow Down / There's No Other Way / Turn It Up / She's So High / Wear Me Down / Come Together / Day Upon Day / Sing / Explain / Outro
Live at The Princess Charlotte (15 minute excerpt from videocam footage of an early gig): Won't do It / There's No Other Way / High Cool / Wear Me Down



Official DVd, 1983, Palm Beach, 01:35:00

Jamaica / Dennis Brow / The Prophet / Trenchtown Rock / Stand Up / Inspiration / Jacob Miller / Unity
The late Bob Marley is the star of this unique concert film which was shot entirely on location in Jamaica in 1977-1978. The film captures Marley and the other reggae superstars Jacob Miller and Peter Tosh at the height of their careers and is considered to be the definitive reggae film.

Official DVD, 2003, Universal, 01:30:00

Want More / Is The Love / Jamming / Could You Be Loved / No Woman No Cry / Stirt It Up / Get Up Ustand Up / Satusfy My Soul / I Shot The Sheriff / Buffalo Soldier / Exodos / Redemption Song / One Love / People Get Ready / Time Will Tell (Documentary)

Official DVD, 2003, Eagle Vision, 02:55:00



Bootleg, Compilation of TV Appearances

Promos: I Dig You / Hustler
Action Box Commercials (Broadcast TV)
Jabberjaw, Los Angeles, CA 15-07-1993
Aaron Records, Los Angeles, CA 30-11-1995 (Bootleg)
Live & Interview 1995 (Broadcast TV)



Official VHS, Castle, 00:49:28

Live at CTV, Nottingham 14-12-1989: Nothing Left / Autonomy / Moving Away from the Pulsebeat / Noise Annoys / You Say You Don´t Love Me / E.S.P. / Walking Distance / Why Can't I Touch It / Everybody's Happy Nowadays / Harmony in My Head / Fast Cars / Ever Fallen In Love? / I Believe
ZDF ROCK 31-03-1979 [00:03:43]
Everybody's Happy Nowadays
TRANSMISSION TV 20-12-1989 [00:06:17]
Interview With Steve Diggley & Pete Shelley / What do I Get? (Promo)

Official VHS, 1985, Ikon, 00:57:21

Live at Hamburg Markthalle 01-1981: Why She's a Girl from the Chainstore / What do I Get? / Fast Cars / Fiction Romance / Harmony in My Head / Everybody's Happy Nowadays / Lipstick / Ever Fallen In Love? / Something's Wrong Again / Airwaves Dream / Strange Thing / Noise Annoys / What do You Know? / I Believe / Love Battery / Time's Up / Boredom



Official VHS, 1983, Doublevision, 01:29:21

Diskono / Obession / Trash Part 1 / Badge of Evil / Nag Nag Nag / Eddie's Out / Landslide / Photophobia / Trash Part 2 / Seconds to Late / Extract from Johnny Yesno / Walls of Jericho / This is Entertainment / Moscow

Official VHS, 1985, Virgin, 01:21:10

Introduction / Crackdown / Diffusion / Sleepwalking / Slow Boat To Thassos / Sensoria / Automotivation / Big Funk / Kino / Ghostalk / Fadeout

Official DVD, 2004, Mute Records, 01:25:00

Diskono / Obession / Trash Part 1 / Badge of Evil / Nag Nag Nag / Eddie's Out / Landslide / Photophobia / Trash Part 2 / Seconds to Late / Extract from Johnny Yesno / Walls of Jericho / This is Entertainment / Moscow

Official DVD, 2002, Cherry Red, 02:00:00

Live at Manchester Hacienda 11-08-1983: Intro / 24:24 / In The Shadows / Gut Level (Version) / Over and Over / Talking Time / Animation / Product Patrol / Crackdown / Dream Ticket
Live at Manchester Hacienda 19-02-1986: Trouble / Hell's Home / Just Fascination / We Got Heart / Piledriver / Kino / Hey Hey / I Want You / Sex Money Freaks / Shakedown (The Whole Thing)
PROMOS: No Escape / Yashar / Sluggin Fer Jesus



Official VHS, 1983, Jettisoundz, 00:56:49

Sick Boy / Maniac / Time Bomb / Macrophilia / Hellhole / I Am The Hunted / Generals / Catch 23 / Give Me Fire / City Baby / No Survivors / Alcohol
Of early GBH, from when they had only released two LPs and a string of strong singles. Main feature is an hour long gig, filmed with one frontal camera, a very good filming job. Unfortunately the VHS tape from which this has been taken was not in good shape, so there's all kind of dropouts and other video artifacts. It's incredible to watch Colin on stage, how little has this man changed. The atmosphere of the gig is superbly captured, audience on stage, stage-diving and pogoing, spitting and taking turns at the mike in true UKHC82 fashion. The sound is bad but not beyonf help. Voice and guitar are loud and clear and if you crank your bass control to the max you get a relatively decent drums sound without upper treble.



Live at Los Angeles's Patriot Hall 1993
Official DVD, 2001, Cleopatra, 00:50:00
Excommunicamus / Cavity 1st Communion / Figurative Theatre / Cry Baby / Dream For Mother / Deathwish / Some Men The Other / Mysterium Iniquitatis / Stairs / Spiritual Cramp / Resurrection 6th Communion / Sleepwalk / Romeo's Distress / Dogs
The resurrection of Christian Death's original line-up for one gothic show at Los Angeles's Patriotic Hall is captured here. The band recreates their first album, Only Theatre of Pain, in its entirety.

Live at Los Angeles's Patriot Hall 1993
Official VHS, 1995, Cleopatra, 00:46:49

Excommunicamus / Cavity 1st Communion / Figurative Theatre / Cry Baby / Dream For Mother / Deathwish / Some Men The Other / Mysterium Iniquitatis / Stairs / Spiritual Cramp / Resurrection 6th Communion / Sleepwalk / Romeo's Distress / Dogs
The resurrection of Christian Death's original line-up for one gothic show at Los Angeles's Patriotic Hall is captured here. The band recreates their first album, Only Theatre of Pain, in its entirety.

Live at London Marquee 10-06-1991 [01:25:32]

Prologue: Introduction with Interview / Prelude: The Concert / This Is Heresy / Wretched Mankind / Sick Of Love / The Nascent Virion / Golden Age / Erection / Chime're De-Si De-La / Four Horsemen / Church Of No Return
VELVET ROCK, GIAIS D'AVIANO, ITALY 10-10-1992 [01:26:489

Cavity: First Communion / Romeo's Distres / Interview



Muscoviet Mosquito / Stranger / A Day / Michelle / Obsession / Obsession Club Mix / Imagination / Phoenix of My Heart / Spiritual High / Reaching Out / Amsterdam 2001 Interview / Jasmine and Rose (Live) / Backdoor (Live) / Craving (Live) / There's No Tomorrow (Live) The Bitter Sweet (Live) / Louise (Live)

FAN CLUB VIDEO 1985-1993 [00:44:43]
Stranger / Michelle (Belgium TV) / Muscoviet Mosquito / Jasmine and Rose / A Day / Obsession / Imagination / Phoenix of My Heart / Reaching Out / Spiritual High / Obsession (Club Mix) / Craving (Live) / Imagination (French TV)

AGRAHALLE, LEIPZIG 31-05-1998 [00:36:36]
Stranger / Cry In The Wind / Muscoviet Mosquito / This World / Out Of The Rain / Louise

PATRONAAT HAARLEM 22-03-2002 [00:57:04]
No Tomorrow / Jasmine and Rose / The Bitter Sweet / A Day / I Want You Now / This World / Innocent / Number One / Backdoor / Craving

WILLEM II, DEN BOSCH 28-12-2002 [00:48:54]
No Tomorrow / Doubts / Liberty / The Bitter Sweet / Louise / Out of The Rain / Backdoor / Muscoviet Mosquito



SIGN, PAUL, ZAGREB 20-10-1993 [01:15:51]
VALENZA, PO PALOMAR 12-05-1994 [01:05:00]

Clock DVA has been described simply as one of a batch of groups forming the so-called Industrial scene of Sheffield. From its beginning in 1978 to the present, the band has constantly experimented with its own sound and employed a shifting roster of musicians. This doesn't make it a simple band to describe.
Clock DVA's earliest recordings were electronic ambient music pieces created to provide audio therapy. By 1982 the band desired to extend its scope beyond its Industrial beginnings, adding several horn instruments and creating a "kind of avant-garde jazz funk new wave electro fusion" with gothic overtones. However, in 1985, the group moved away from live sound, frontman Adi Newton stating. The band continued with this computer-processed sound through its remaining albums.
Clock DVA's music is definitely on the dark side. It is not meant to be played too loudly, and it will never pump through your speakers, although you can dance to many of the pieces. Instead, the dire music seeps in, sometimes like a warped strobe light, other times casting a filter on your world like the sun receding in an eclipse. Adi Newton's vocals, although not unpleasant, still tend to grate against the psyche - exactly what the band intends.



100 CLUB, LONDON 23-04-1985Fields of Rape / KillykillkillyCurrent 93 played "the soundtrack to the film Happy Birthday Pigface Christus" (according to a Sounds blurb) this night along with Annie Anxiety and D&V. The set was very short (less than 15 minutes), due to Steve Ignorant flipping out at the end, throwing himself into the other band's drum kit and having to be dragged offstage. David Tibet and John Balance both recalled being quite startled at this. No official recordings exist of this show, but a bootleg video does exist.NEU KONSERVATIV FESTIVAL, ISRAEL HALL, HAMBURG 06-06-1985St. Peters Keys All Bloody / Falling Back in Fields of Rape / Great Black TimeThe show lasted approximately 30 minutes, and was part of the two day Neu Konservativ festival. Other groups playing the festival included Laibach. Two large banners, one of the picture from "Nature Unveiled" and one black with red unicursal hexagram, were hung behind the stage. No official recordings of this show have been released, but one track has shown up on the bootleg Dogs Blood Order 10". HOTEL ISLAND, REYKJAVIK, ICELAND 11-02-1988Falling / A Song for Douglas After He's Dead / Fields of Rape (Sightless Return) / Anyway, People DieWith Annie Anxiety, S.H.Draumur, Megas and Johamar. No further information is available for this show yet, but Rose McDowall also did vocals along with Bjork during Megas' performance.FRENCH TV, PASSAGE DE NORD-OUEST, PARIS 21-11-1991THE SOUND OF PROGRESS, 1988Produced in Netherlands. Première: 04-02-1988. Director: Alexanader Oey. Production: Marc Van der Bijl. Video film with interviews and insert live footage by Current 93, Coil, Test Department and Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel.SINCE YESTERDAY: A PEAK INTO THE PEAKOfficial VHS, 1995, Durtro, 00:21:41Since Yesterday / Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow (Excerpt) / Happy Birthday Pigface Christus / (This Ain't) The Summer of Love / Messages from GodThis was the first ever official video for Current 93. Much of the footage is from two live concerts in Tokyo, Japan, in 1988. Also, there are some stills from a Current 93 show in Paris, 1993. "Since Yesterday" is a film by Hänzel & Gretzel.LIVE IN OSAKA, JAPANPro Bootleg, Live at Muse, Osaka 03-07-1989, 1992, 00:52:48Horse / Panzer Ruin / Tree / Happy Birthday / Black Flowers Please / Oh Coal Black Smith / Hourglass / Rome 7 The Death of the Corn (for Suzuki Konori) / Earth Covers EarthThis concert in Japan was special in that it featured many of the key players in this intertwined family of musicians. The songs played were in many cases quite different from their recorded versions. Though this material has not been released officially, a rather decent tripod camera video was made of the event, and copies of the video are in existence. Boyd Rice/NON also played this night.[...]



Official DVD, 1999, Daft Life, 01:30:00

Da Funk / Around The World / Burnin / Revolution 909 / Fresh / Rollin' & Scratchin'



THE EARLY YEARS LIVEOfficial DVD, 2001, Wienerworld, 00:30:00California Uber Alles / Kill The Poor / Drug Me / The Man With The Dogs / Insight / Let's Lynch The Landlord / Bleed For Me / Holiday In Cambodia / Viva Las VegasLed by the radical and charismatic punk poet Jello Biafra, the Dead Kennedys are one of America's seminal punk bands. One of the most influential political punk bands, DK took a stance against the American government, capitalism, and of course, corporate rock. The early Years Live brings the viewer back to the band's beginnings, compiling live footage from 1978 to 1981. Filmed at various locations, including Berkeley's Sproul Plaza and Target Studios, these performances feature much of the material off of the 1978 Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables record. In addition, news clips tracking Jello Biafra's legendary attempt at San Francisco mayorhood is included.DMPO's ON BROADWAYOfficial DVD, 2000, MVD, 01:00:00Police Truck / Hop with the Jet Set / A Child & His Lawnmower / Religious Vomit / Do the Slag / Moral Majority / MTV Get Off the Air / Life Sentence / Jock O Rama / Goons of Hazzard / Riot / Bleed for Me / Nazi Punks / We've Got a Bigger Problem NowRecorded June 16, 1984 at San Francisco's On Broadway, this exciting performance demonstrates why the Dead Kennedys were America's most popular hardcore band as they whip the audience into a maniacal frenzy. The performance, fronted by the always spectacular Jello Biafra, was the final show ever at on Broadway, a revolutionary avant-garde venue.IN GOD WE TRUST, INC. - THE LOST TAPESOfficial DVD, 2003, MVD, 00:55:00Religious Vomit / Moral Majority / Hyperactive Child / Kepone Factory / Dog Bite / Nazi Punks Fuck Off / We've Got A Bigger Problem Now / RawhideWell to start this is basically a different version of the "In God We Trust" mini album that was recorded three months before the one that was released. These tapes were originaly damaged so they recorded the album again. So, with some modern technology, they fix the problem and now we end up here twenty years later are fresher versions of the songs. Along with the audio clips you get to see them play the songs live how could you get any better than that. These guys were in there prime and really showing you there punk craft as one of the best bands at the time. Also as a bonus there are some really wild concert performances from all the MLP songs spanning a 7 year period.CALIFORNIA UBER ALLES - A LIVE RETROPECTIVE 1978-1984Olympic Auditorium, L.A. 06-01-1984 (Flipside) 00:23:25Earth Tavern, Oregon, Portland 19-11-1979 (Bootleg) 00:51:34Part One (Live 1978 to 1981), 1987 (Target Video) 00:29:36The Island, Houston, Texas 1984 (Bootleg) 00:42:14 [...]



LIVE IN ITALY 1999, TPO, BOLOGNA 29-05-1999Official DVD, 2002, NER, 01:44:00Smashed to Bits (In The Peace of The Night) / Bring in The Night / Despair / Only Europa Knows / The Bunker / Little Blue Butterfly / Frost Flowers / Little Black Angel / Death of The West / Kameradschaft / Giddy Giddy Carousel / Ku Ku Ku / Runes and Men / Rose Clouds of Holocaust / Hullo Angel / Fall Apart / Fields of Rape / Heaven Street / C'est Un Rêve / Death of a Man / Future Shock 2001 Team, CroatiaLE GOLF, AMIENS 09-11-1991, 00:38:20Fall Apart / Death of a Man / Heaven Street / Torture by Roses / Break The Black Ice / Come before Christ and Murder Love / To Drown a Rose / Bring in The Night / Unknown / Fall Apart / Coal Black SmithFOREST CLUB, BRUSSELS 01-02-2001, 00:15:58Smashed to Bits (In The Piece of The Night) / All Pigs Must Die / Kameradschaft / Wolf Angel / No Pig Day / Disappear in Every Way / Tick TockPOWERHAUS, ISLINGTON, LONDON 02-07-1992, 01:08:54Freya Aswynn Intro / Death is the Martyr of Beauty / He’s Disabled / Rocking Horse Night / Hullo Angel / Runes and Men / The Mourner’s Bench / She Said Destroy / Giddy Giddy Carousel / Leper Lord / Daedalus Rising / Torture by Roses / Break The Black Ice / But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? / Heaven Street / Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape) / Bring in The Night / C’est Un Rêve / Freya Aswynn OntroDIE INSEL, BERLIN 30-12-1992, 01:06:30Death of a Man / Hollows of Devotion / Behind The Rose (Fields of Rape) / Rocking Horse Night / Giddy Giddy Carousel / Fall Apart / Daedalus Rising / To Drown a Rose / He’s Disabled / Break The Black Ice / The Golden Wedding of Sorrow / Torture by Roses / Little Black Angel / But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? / Bring in The Night / C’est un Rêve / Runes and Men / Heaven StreetTREFFER, PLAUEN, GERMANY 10-05-1997, 01:28:53Headhunter / Death of a Man / Bring in the Night / Lullaby to a Ghetto / Only Europa Knows / Symbols of the Sun / Ku Ku Ku / Omen filled Season / Rose Clouds of Holocaust / Death of the West / Fall Apart / Leper Lord / Leopard Flowers / Little Black Angel / Runes and Men / Luther's Army / Fields of Rape / Heaven's Street / C'est un Reve / Total WarLEGA DEI FURIOSI, DRACAM, TORINO 31-05-1997, 01:07:12Headhunter / Death of a Man / Bring in The Night / Lullaby to a Ghetto / Only Europa Knows / Symbols of The Sun / Ku Ku Ku / Omen Filled Season / Rose Clouds of Holocaust / Death of The West / Fall Apart / Leper Lord / Leopard Flowers / Little Black Angel / Runes and Men / Luther’s Army / Fiels of Rape / Heaven’s Street / C’est un Reve / [Scorpion Wind]: Some Colossus / The Cruelty of Heavens / Never / Non Track / Total WarSPIDER CLUB, KLADNO, PRAGUE 14-11-1998, 00:36:41Little Blue Butterfly / The Honour of Silence / Frost Flowers / Lullaby to a Ghetto / State Laughter / C’est Un Rêve / Despair / Smashed to Bits / The Bunker EmptyORLAMUNDE, GERMANY 17-06-2000, 01:02:17Ku Ku Ku / To Drown a Rose / Cathedral of Tears / Luther’s Army / Giddy Giddy Carousel / Kameradschaft / She Said Destroy / Honour of Silence / The Bunker Empty / Heaven Street / Golden Wedding of Sorrow / Runes and Men / Fall Apart / The Enemy Within / We Said Destroy / Wolf Angel / Little Blue Butterfly / Break The Black Ice / Tick Tock / Torture by Roses / Behind The Rose (Fields of Rape) / Hail! The White GrainFOREST CLUB, BRUSSELS 01-02-2001, 00:15:58Smashed to Bits (In The Piece of The Night) / All Pigs Must Die / Kameradschaft / Wolf Angel / No Pig Day / Disappear in Every Way / Tick TockLE CAFE BELGE, BREST 10-04-2002, 01:03:08Till the Living Flesh is Burned / Death of a Man / C[...]



GOLD GAB FUR EISEN, 1999, WKN [00:25:49]FOREST CLUB, BRUSSELS 01-12-2001 [00:05:39]SIDDHARTA CLUB, PRATO 10-03-2001 [00:14:19]SIDDHARTA CLUB, PRATO 10-03-2001 [00:14:19]L'ARAPAHO CLUB, PARIS 21-11-1998 [00:27:04]ROME, ITALY 1998 [00:29:19]STAR CLUB, MARBACH 30-03-2002 [00:44:57]A selection of marching music, and clouds of smoke set the mood for Der Blutharsch. By the time they take the stage it's fair to say the venue appeared to be like a warzone, with dry ice hindering vision. Resplendent in her finest fascist chic Marthyana, Der Blutharsch's pretty but stern looking female co-vocalist, reads from a prepared scroll declaring God is Punishing Us, backed by Der Blutharsch's chief protagonist Albin Julius and David (from Novo Homo) on furious timpani accompaniment. Flanked by two torches that would continue to burn for the duration of the set it was a powerful and provocative opening. Classical sampling strained from the speakers as Albin decked out in leather boots, peaked cap and sporting a newly grown goatee looking rather like an overweight Anton LaVey took the role of confident front man. 'I Have No Fear' he would declare, or raged about the 'Pleasures Received in Pain'. Reminders of Albin's time in the Moon Lay Hidden Behind A Cloud become confined to the past as Albin now appears more comfortable utilising classical sampling, and martial music from the war years, accompanied by live percussion and live vocals. His collaborative efforts with Death In June and NON both live and in the studio has proved a fertile ground for Albin Julius as Der Blutharsch deliver a commanding performance. It becomes evident that he is a master tactician who knows the effectiveness of drama and excitement, - and the power of highly collectable limited editions. Witness the chaos created when postcards are thrown into the front rows as crowd members scramble to snap up yet another Der Blutharsch collectable. The other evident thing is Albin Julius's grasp of aesthetics; he's taken sweeping orchestrations and military marches and imbued them with spirit and vitality that's able to stir the hearts of today's Iron Youth. I'm reminded of interviews where Albin has professed his admiration for Robbie Williams. So to the uninitiated the fascist overtones may appear to be in bad taste but first and foremost a Der Blutharsch live show is about entertainment. The crowd shout and stomp their feet on the wooden floor for more. There is no encore. There's nothing more to be said. Tonight is another victory and a strong step onwards for Albin's contemporary Vienesse Aktionists.[...]



Official DVD, 2002, Island, 01:00:00

Suds & Soda / Via / Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me) / Theme From Turnpike / Little Arithmetics / Roses / Feel Of The Floor, Man / Instant Street / Sister Dew / The Ideal Crash



Official DVD, Rhino, 01:30:00
Devo Corporate Anthem / In The Beginning Was The End: The Truth About de-Evolution / Satisfaction / Come Back Jonee / The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise / Worried Man / Whip It / Girl U Want / Freedom of Choice / Through Being Cool / Love Without Anger / Beautiful World / Time Out For Fun / Peek-A-Boo / That's Good / Mongoloid / Disco Dancer / Post Post-Modern Man / Post Post-Modern Man (Rocky Schenk Remix)

LIVE 1980
Official DVD, 2005, MVD, 01:15:00

Live at Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma 17-08-1980: Whip It / Snowball / It´s Not Right / Girl U Want / Planet Earth / S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) / Secret Agent Man / Pink Pussycat / Blockhead / (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction / Uncontrollable Urge / Mongoloid / Be Stiff / Gates of Steel / Freedom of Choice / Jocko Homo / Smart Patrol / Mr.DNA / Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy / Come Back Jonee / Tunnel of Life / Devo Corporate Anthem
Live at The M-80 Concert 1980: Dove the Band of Love Permorming / Praying Hands / Shrivel Up

Official VHS, 1979, WEA, 00:49:27

Official VHS, 1983, Rhino, 00:43:35

3-DEVO - HOLLYWOOD CA 30-10-1982 [01:04:24]



Official DVD, 2001, Eagle Vision, 02:10:00

I Love Being Here With You / All Or Nothing / Let is Fall In Love / The Look Of Love / Maybe You´ll be There / Deed I Do / Devil May Care / Cry Me A River / Under My Skin / East Of The Sun / I Get Alonde / Pick Your Self Up / S´Wonderful / Love Letters / I Don´t Know Enough About You / Do It Again / A Case Of You
Canadian torch singer and pianist Diana Krall is in perfect form in this two-hour Paris concert, recorded in December 2001 shortly after the release of her CD The Look of Love. In her band, guitarist Anthony Wilson and bassist John Clayton get the lion's share of attention, but the entire ensemble provides flawless support for Krall, whose skill on a Steinway is as impressive as her smoky interpretations of vintage standards and ballads. Inspired by guest conductor-arranger Claus Ogerman, Krall can surprise with subtleties (like a delicious hint of the Beatles' Day Tripper in her closing of All or Nothing), or glide into solos with a master's flair. Matching the music beat for beat, the camera coverage and editing are intimate without being obtrusive, making this a bit of jazz heaven here on earth.



Official VHS, 1988, A/I/I/P Entertainment, 00:59:25

Live at Zick Zack, Wiesbaden 07-05-1988
Official VHS, 1995, Bain Total, 00:10:49

LIVE ACTION 1990 [00:47:18]
Poupée Mécanique [00:03:22]

Official VHS, 1998, Trisol/Bain Total, 01:05:25

Live Parts: Molecular Heart Agitation / Bite of Dog / Sleeping Body Under water / Invisible World / Spiral / The Missing Beauty / Masochist 2
Clips and Films: Martyrium 2 / Duality / Anode Current / Phenomena of Visitation 3 / Mechano Fraktur / The Hidden Cage / The Visionary Garden (Book Demo) / Transvisions (Titles Credits)



Official VHS, 1993, Triple X, 01:06:20

Live at Tempodrom, Berlin 20-08-1992: Victory / P.S.Y.C.H.O. / (You Seen) Angel Jesus? / In The Heat Of The Night / Jenseits Von Eden / Doggin` / Johnny Guitar / SHC / Subterranean World / How Long? / Sad Dark Eyes / Pleasure Is The Boss / Cisco Sunset / Truck Love / Little Doll



Official VHS, 1995, Discordia, 00:45:07

Dunes Of Rust / Grinding Walls Part 1 / The Infinite Shades Of Disgust / Blood Feast / On Small Foetuses Black Souls Dance And Cry Their Triumph / And The Power Weaves Its Death Curtain With Our Dribbles Thread / Inside My Spine Stones Of Death Are Threading Like Pearls / Flesh Extreme Leap / Small Paper Man / Grinding Walls Part 2 / Blue Waters / On The Future Path Is Now Leading The Cripple Mark
A Film by Koma. Music by Dive assisted by Sigillum S