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The More You Think About It...

... the more you think about it and keep thinking about it more.

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Simon Fisher Turner - "The Epic Of Everest"


Simon Fisher Turner is an indelibly cool individual, having partied with Bowie at Haddon Hall, befriended Salvador Dali and scored Derek Jarman's films. He released a new score for "The Epic Of Everest", the official film record of an ill-fated Everest expedition in 1924.

The score features Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle) on cornet ("she sounds fantastically Tibetan", Fisher says) and Andrew Blick (Gyratory System) on trumpet and, among others, the Thapa family, a Napalese family he found through the embassy in London.

On it's own merits, "The Epic of Everest" is a remarkable exercise in ambient aurora, a gloriously slow awakening of an electronic dawn.

Get it here: Simon Fisher Turner - "The Epic Of Everest"(320Kbps)

And enjoy!

Kiss My Jazz - "In The Lost Souls Convention" (1997)


Music from Belgium. I just rediscovered the early dEUS albums and here is one of their side-projects.

They began with a kind of lo-fi combination of jazz and rock with punky intentions, sometimes described as “inaccessible” and “bizarre”. At it’s peak there were 17 members. 

Kiss My Jazz is a combination of ignorance and jazz. We are a mix of good and less good musicians. That’s even necessary, because without good musicians you wouldn’t be able to play jazz, and without the bad ones you wouldn’t be able to play punk”. - Rudy Trouvé

To prevent oblivion and spread their beautiful approach:
Kiss My Jazz - "In The Lost Souls Convention"(320Kbps)


SchnAAk - "Wake Up Colossus" (2011)


I just discovered SchnAAk - an absolutely stunning duo from Berlin!

"Here in this bizarre world of “Wake up Colossus” the experimental development that happened in contemporary electronic and instrumental music, folds together perfectly embedding infantile sounds, modern composition, electronica, noise, soul, avantrock, worldjazz and oddly funky R’n’B."

SchnAAk walk in new territory and they make it completely their own. 100% recommended!

Get it here:  SchnAAk - "Wake Up Colossus"(320Kbps)


PS: Track #3 was corrupted. I exchanged the link!

Jandek - "Tribute I & II"



In celebration of Jandek's new album called "Songs of Morgan", here are the 2 tribute albums, featuring the following:

Naked in the Afternoon: Peter Weiss & Brian Charles, Thurston Moore's Dapper, Retsin, Low, Kid Icarus, Gary Young, Goblins, Bright Eyes, etc. VA - Naked in the Afternoon - A Jandek Tribute (2000) 

Down in a Mirror: Jeff Tweedy, Okkervil River, Six Organs of Admittance, Mountain Goats, Kawabato Makoto, Dirty Projectors, etc. VA - Down in a Mirror - A Jandek Tribute II (2005)


Normal Love - "Survival Tricks" (2012)


Normal Love creates bracingly intense modern music of shrewd density and unique imagination orchestrated for processed voices, guitars, violin, drums and various electronics. Everything about the band displays a cultivated air of alien logic, from their densely detailed sonic conception to their surreal, blacklit live presentation.

“Normal Love don’t simply fuse noise, skronk, live electronics, fire-breathing and new music for the sake of genre-killing or academic posturing, but aim to build majestic, well fortified sound-castles for the post-nihilist movement of emerging experimentalists to dwell.” -Philadelphia Weekly

Get it here: Normal Love - "Survival Tricks"(Vbr)

And enjoy! 

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Black Axis (1989)


"Recorded at the FMP studios and sporting a cover design by his father, one might have been forgiven for expecting guitarist Caspar Brötzmann's first album to owe more to Derek Bailey than to Jimi Hendrix. Instead, Brötzmann fils leads a remarkable power trio that manages to resuscitate all that was good about fuzz-heavy bands like Blue Cheer while adding impassioned playing out of Hendrix and allowing himself an expansive space to develop his unique approach."

Just saw him with Pliakas and Wertmüller at Moers. It reminded me of his early stuff. I bought it back then - and it's still so good.... so here it is:

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Black Axis (192Kbps)


Swell - "...Well?" (1991)


Alternating influences from neo-psychedelia, noise pop, and Ennio Morricone film scores, Swell formed in San Francisco in 1989 when vocalist/guitarist David Freel and drummer Sean Kirkpatrick decided to record an album.

There’s something smoky, sassy, warm and backwoods about "…Well?" - and something a little doomy about the linear, propulsive, crawling basslines that drive the songs along. - Fabulous drumming! You can stare at the wall to it - but you will tap your feet!

I still love it! Get it here: Swell - "...Well?"(320Kbps)

And enjoy!

Cyclobe - "Luminous Darkness" (1999)


Cyclobe is the project of Stephen Thrower, a member of Coil , and Simon Norris, whose work with Death in June is well respected. Drawing on both instrumental and sampled sounds run through a surfeit of processors, their first album "Luminous Darkness" creates a new genre of music that one might dub "psychedelic-industrial." Another way to describe it would be as an album DJ Screw and Acid Mothers Temple would collaborate on.

Get it here:  Cyclobe - "Luminous Darkness"(Vbr)

And enjoy!

Mary Halvorson Quintet - "Bending Bridges" (2012)


Ms. Halvorson s work with her quintet has inspired critics to call her "extraordinary" (John Fordham), "hugely inventive" (John Corbett), "daringly unpredictable" (The New Yorker), "a distinct voice of her own" (Carl Wilson), "the most original jazz guitarist in a generation" (Michael J. West), "a multi-faceted artist whose writing is as impressive as her improvising" (Troy Collins) and "one of today s most formidable bandleaders" (Francis Davis).

Whatever - this album is just beautiful. Get it here:
Mary Halvorson Quintet - "Bending Bridges"(320Kbps)


The Hand to Man Band - "You Are Always On Our Minds" (2012)


The Hand To Man Band is  an all-star-band consisting of Mr. Mike Watt, Deerhoof guitarist John Dietrich, Silver Jews drummer Tim Barnes, and Tsigoti pianist Thollem McDonas. They met in 2010 and almost everything came from improvisations - no pre-conceptions - they just quite simply wanted something to evolve naturally.

Wonderful stuff - Get it here:
The Hand to Man Band - You Are Always On Our Minds(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Colin Stetson - "New History Warfare Vol. 1 & 2"


Colin Stetson is polarising. Is this jazz ? Is this for real ? Is he overdubbing ? Is he cheating ?

What sounds like studio trickery is actually sheer virtuosity. So adept is he at manipulating the keys on his bass saxophone, that he can generate multiple effects in real time, which in their grainy intimacy occupy a similar world of echo to Arthur Russell's cello recordings.

Highly recommended! Get it here:
More drone: Colin Stetson - "New History Warfare Vol. 1"
More song: Colin Stetson - "New History Warfare Vol. 2 - Judges"

And enjoy!

Guardian Alien - "See The World Given To A One Love Entity" (2012)


Guardian Alien is led by exceptional drummer Greg Fox of Teeth Mountain, Dan Deacon, and Liturgy. This album is a 40 minute psychic/psychedelic meditation that is driven by an intensity that is at once expansive, focused, and heavy on multiple levels. It belongs in a lineage of tribal guitar rock bands meant to shake loose titanic emotions: Oneida, Boredoms, Grails, Swans and Om.

If you are not afraid of some lyserg-driven esoteric moments, get it here: Guardian Alien - "See The World Given To A One Love Entity"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Noxagt - "Noxagt" (2006)


The coolest thing about the bludgeoning noise-rock instrumentals by Norwegian trio Noxagt is that they were made without a guitar. Erga's hard-sawing viola could certainly sound like a guitar, and sometimes like an actual viola, but mostly it spewed an unidentifiable mix of winding screech and stubbly drone over Brandsdal's earth-digging bass and Kyvik's precision drum pummel. They also play with MoHa, Ultralyd and Hellfire. Recommended !

Get them here: Noxagt - "Noxagt"(192Kbps)

And enjoy !

Key of Shame - "Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus" (2012)


Atmospheric radical electronics at their highest peak. Key of Shame is the creature born from the collaboration of Mark Morgan (Sightings) and Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Decimus, Malkuth, K. Salvatore) revealing the black side of psychedelics.

A journey through industrial minimalism evolving from bubbling metal drones into indecipherable structures of subliminal details.

Highly recommended ! Get it here:
Key of Shame - "Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Fripp & Eno - "Olympia, Paris, France May 28, 1975"


This historic recording documents an extremely rare and classic performance of a mysterious collaborative tour from two of the most creative and fascinating figures in rock. For any fan of ‘No Pussyfooting’ or ‘Evening Star’, this live recording is of epic significance.

Essential listenig ! Get it here:
Fripp & Eno - "Olympia, Paris, France May 28, 1975"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

STAER - "STAER" (2012)


Raw, brutal and dissonant heavy instrumental rock from Norway. Those genuises could be compared to Noxagt... Although executed in precise, deafening and in slow-motion-like telluric movements, STAER reveal a harsh seething frenzy.

Get them here: STAER - "STAER"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

NoMeansNo - " 0+2=1" (1991)


"Nonsense is better than no sense at all." 

Their earlier albums "Small Parts Isolated..." and "Wrong" are absolutely recommended for further research - and everybody should know them anyway - but this is the 1st album I saw them perform live. People argued about it - it is too long - it makes no sense - it is not harsh enough - it is WHATEVER ! It is an outstanding avantgarde-hardcore-punk album anyway.

Get it here: NoMeansNo -"0+2=1" (320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Tortoise - "Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters" (1995)


Tortoise invited several friends (including Steve Albini, Jim O'Rourke and John McEntire) to dissect several tracks. The result is a 30-minute continuous mix, ranging from A Tribe Called Quest and Minnie Riperton samples - to environment-sound driftings. Get it here: Tortoise - "Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters" (320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Prong - "Force Fed" (1988)


Prong emerged from the New York City underground of the late 80's, quickly setting themselves apart from the conformist culture of the city's hardcore and metal scenes. Prong was founded by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor who was a sound man for the famous club CBGB and bassist Mike Kirkland. Ex-Swans drummer Ted Parsons joined a few months later.

Force Fed is suitably primal, with one of the best 'raw' mixes in thrashistory. When I bought it in 1988 it blew my mind - it still does the job. And it is different from what they became later...

Get it here: Prong - "Force Fed"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Evan Caminiti - "Psychic Mud Shrine" (2009)


You'll probably know Evan Caminiti as one half of the brilliant Barn Owl, but here he's forging a path as a solo artist for Digitalis, devising four towering guitar pieces that move beyond the pursuit of drone and sludge and take on a more slippery, mystical quality.

The outro even features a spot of acoustic guitar arpeggiation, lightening the tone up a little before the deep echo-blues of 'Midnight's Road' kicks in like a duet between Stephen O'Malley and Loren Connors.

Get it here: Evan Caminiti - "Psychic Mud Shrine" (320Kbps)

And enjoy !

George & Martha - "Another Head" (1987)


"Aus dem Zentrum eines giftspritzenden Alien geht der Blick nur über Feindesland."

 Damn great noise-rock album and side project of the legendary Slime from Hamburg ! Somebody called it "future core" back then... Needless to say that "George and Martha" is a reference to one of the most loveable married couples in literature and movie history...

Get it here: George & Martha - "Another Head" (320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Ikara Colt - "Chat And Business" (2002)


Ok, I won't back down. Let them come !

Chat and Business is a mélange of stripped-down noise led by sharp guitars, socially conscious lyrics and a lot of attitude.The energy the band packs into their songs is unbelievable. Ikara Colt creates an edgy, electronic/punk-inspired sound with this album, and the end result is impressively slick.

Get it here:  Ikara Colt - "Chat And Business"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

HUAH! - "Scheiß Kapitalismus" (1992)


Ok, this might be my final statement on this blog. 5 years, 222 posts and even more albums... I love every single one. And I hope some stay up - from Nihilist Spasm Band to Huah! - it's been quite a journey. I appreciate that some artists and many listeners supported the work. I'd like to mention Weasel Walter and Wechsel Garland. If you want a re-up of something just let me know. Maybe there will be an opportunity here or somewhere else. And let the title of my last post and one of the best german albums from the early 90s sink in:


Get it here: HUAH! - "Scheiß Kapitalismus" (320Kbps)

And enjoy, ffs !!!

Scarcity of Tanks - "Fear is not Conscience" (2012)


Matthew Wascovich, the Clevo skater/sporto/wordsmith/punk dude, is touting two new LPs (via his own Total Life Society imprint) that bustle with his crud-bathed white-noise blues.

Oneida/Man Forever drums master Kid Millions, punk-jazz provocateur Weasel Walter, saxman Jim Sauter (of avant-jazz noisemakers Borbetomagus) and Necking's Nick Lesley descended on keysman Don Godwin's Gowanus studio with SOT regular and Electric Eels guitarist John Morton, armed with Wascovich's cerebral-cum-bombastic wordage and sticky guitar-anthem hugeness.

Great guitar skronk poetry! Get it here:
 Scarcity of Tanks - "Fear is not Conscience"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !

Alex Chilton - "Like Flies On Sherbert" (1979)


To say that Like Flies on Sherbert is a masterpiece of lo-fi punk would be a misnomer. Chilton wasn’t a punk rocker, even if he wanted to be.What he found so exciting about punk was its engagement of the audience. Like Flies is G.G. Allin tossing excrement on his crowds; it’s Iggy Pop rolling around in broken glass and peanut butter; it’s Elvis Costello cutting the band off mid-song on SNL and launching into “Radio Radio” instead.  

Like Flies is the sound of a musician railing against the indifference he felt his career had endured. It certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s absolutely real. 500 copies of no-compromise attitude, DIY grit, and triumphant artistic expression.

Get it here: Alex Chilton - "Like Flies On Sherbert"(320Kbps)

And enjoy !