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Preview: I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby

I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby

If You like the music, Buy the music. I did.

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Give The People What They Want! Right On!


The James Chance “BUY” post has proven to be the most popular down lode on this blog, followed by a two-way tie between the "Giants Of The Organ In Concert" & Beefheart's "Spotlight Kid" outtakes. Here is the ROIR (ReachOut International Records) Cassette “James Chance & the Contortions: Live In New York 1981”. I really like track #4, “King Heroin”.



(image) Link #1 will get you "Chuncked and Muddled"
Link #2 will get you "What We Do"
Happy blues everyone!

Son of "Holy Shit! A New Post!!!"



I live in a predominantly Asian neighborhood. And by Asian, I don't mean like a “Chinatown”, or a “Little Korea” or a “Japanvill” or a “New Saigon” or any of the other singular Asian communitys formed by the ex patriots of one particular country. I live in a melting pot of multi-Asian culture. A block and ½ from my home one can find: A Chinese bakery, A Vietnamese sandwich shop, a Filipino newspaper office, a Taiwanese video rental shop, a Korean run auto shop, & a Japanese massage parlor. This neighborhood is so hardcore Asian that many of the store front signs are not in English. Now, Asians a whole have a quiet dignity than transcends into a peaceful environment. No Kung Fu battles. No Tong wars. No Yakuza Miso raids. It's nice & quiet in my neighborhood.
BUT, on Saturday night, It's time to kick out the jams motherflucker. The only stereotype of Asians that is sure as shit true is that they all got big damn karaoke machines and they love to use them. On Saturday night you can here the top Asian pop hits of today & yesterday being warbled in a reverb-drenched hideousness by countless families enjoying their happy fun leisure time. The bad thing about Asian pop music is that it's AS CRAPPY AS WESTERN POP MUSIC & it's NOT IN ENGLISH!
Now, after an evening of these hellish sounds wafting through the streets like some bad ear stink. I need to reverse the spell of evil Asian pop karaoke shit & spin some true Asian rock 'n' roll greatness. Outside of Japan, nothing in Asia rocked as hard than the Cambodian “Circle Dance Music” Rock scene of the 1960's & 70's. I like to put this recording on and forget about all the squares with their Happy Fun Karaoke family sing-along Holocaust pop nightmare bullshit & take a trip down false memory lane, where I'm transported back to Cambodia's most happening 60's freakbeat disco. Fuck, I think I'll open my own 60's themed Asian disco down the block. I'll call it “Mr. Flank's”

Fuck Dancing, Let's STOMP!


From 1963 comes one of the best instro surf albums of all time!

More rock n' roll trash to ruin young minds


(image) Rare live & studio cuts including a nice version of the Red Krayola's "Hurricane Fighter Plane"

I usually dream with my right hand


Here is a 1981 gem by Riuichi Sakamoto entitled “Left Handed Dream”. Also performing on the album are Adrian Belew (Zappa, Talking Heads, King Crimson) & Robin Scott (Uhhh... 1979 hit “Pop Muzik”). Nice blend of pop & ambient on this one. Good Listening on a warm summer's night.



(image) I am currently dealing with a computer virus (FUCK NORTON!) that is keeping me from making any fresh posts. Don’t worry, I will be back soon & better than ever! Until then, Here's a Blues Explosion live set recorded from the mixing desk at the “Club Vera” in Groningen, Holland on the 18th of September in 1994.

Can Y'all Dig This? I Knew You Could!



Black Snake Moan was released on DVD today. The description on the box calls it a “Tale of love, loss and faith” where Samuel L. Jackson & Christina Ricci “Seek redemption Down South through the power of the blues and the transcendence of an unlikely friendship”. This description is in conflict with the film’s trailer, which makes it look like a throwback to the 1970’s Blaxploitation Era. I hope it is because Blaxploitation KICKS ASS!
SUPER BAD SUPER BLACK is an ass kicking collection of 54 original Full-Length Radio Spots from the Blaxploitation Era. All the classics are here, including SHAFT, HUMAN TORNADO, THE MACK, BLACULA, DARK TOWN STRUTTERS, HELL UP IN HARLEM, & everybody’s favorite Graydon Clark Joint “BLACK SHAMPOO”. So give all power to the people, kill whitey, & enjoy!

Hammond-B3 Grooves That’ll Move Your Ass


(image) The Beastie Boys are releasing their new instrumental album “The Mix-Up” today, so I thought I would post one of their major influences. “Giants Of The Organ In Concert” by Jimmy Mcgriff & Groove Holmes is a live set of Hammond B3 based funky jazz workouts recorded in 1973 at Paul’s Mall nightclub in Boston. If your familiar with the song “Groove Holmes” off the Beastie’s 1992 album “Check Your Head” then that will give you an idea what to expect from this set. This Double LP was released on the Groove Merchant label. The label was started in 1971 by Sonny Lester. He was the creator of 1963’s classic album “How To Strip For Your Husband”. If you are ever out thriftin’ & see a Groove Merchant LP, Buy It!

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band are the greatest group of all time, AND I HAVE PROOF!



Here are 3 hours of outtakes from the studio recording sessions for Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band’s 1972 album “The Spotlight Kid”. Anything else I say about these files will seem like deranged fanboy gushing, so I’ll just tell you that I plan on posting lots more CB&TMB rarities in the future.

Q: Do You Love Devo? A: Yes You Do!



The “Devotees Album” is a collection of Devo cover songs that various bands sent in to L.A. radio station KROQ during the summers of 1978 & 79. Most of the songs are awful, but if you peel back the awfulness, You'll find some interesting things. You have to admit that each of the bands had conviction. This was back in the day before any Knucklehead pink boy with a computer & pro tools could poot out a crappy cover song between bong hits.
This comp was put out by Rhino Records when they were still a novelty record company, and not the mega-reissue powerhouse that they are today.

Maybe He Should Be Called Genius P-Orridge!



Man, I love me some Psychic TV! I always have. Being a Throbbing Gristle freak, I was anxious to hear what Gen, Sleazy & friends had cooked up with PTV. When I heard their first album “Force the Hand of Chance” I fucking laughed my ass off. I still think one of the many things People don’t get about PTV was the humor that was a part of their multifaceted approach to music and art and live shows.
In 1986 PTV started a series of 23 live albums. The plan was to release one album each month. They actually ended up in the Guinness book of world records for putting out 18 albums in 12 months.
“Temporary Temple” is the 9th album in the series. Each of the first 9 albums included a voucher that when sent in as a set to the record company would allow the sender to receive the 10th album in the series for free. Redemption of the vouchers was the only way to get the album. Guess what? I collected all the vouchers & got the free album (it only cost me $15.00 for postage & handling from the UK, but that’s another story).
At some point I will post the 10th album. It has a great song featuring samples of John Lennon & Mark David Chapman.
“Temporary Temple” was recorded at a derelict building in Drayton Park, London on July 28 1984. The music is a long one-song jam. PTV live were kind of like the Grateful Dead. They played for hours and no 2 shows were the same. After having seen both bands several times each (2 for the Dead & 6 for PTV), I’ve got to say that I liked PTV’s music much better, but I must admit that Dead shows had better acid.

Thank You Dad



Just in time for Father’s day, we have everyone's favorite big daddy, the right reverend Jim Jones. This recording was made during the mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana on November 17 & 18 1978, of members of the “Peoples Temple Of The Disciples Of Christ”. The audio quality is, needless to say, not so much hi-fi as lo-fi. It does remain however a unique document of the audible and inaudible words spoken by the Rev. Jim Jones and the participants of this action as it took place.
This record was put out as a joint project of the World Satanic Network System (W.S.N.S.) and The Temple Of Psychic Youth (T.O.P.Y.) in conjunction with Monte Cazazza. One may ask where they got the tapes? Well, they could have ordered them from an Ad in the New York Times that offered the tapes years before this record came out.
Get Your cult on......

A Band That Needs No Introduction


This is the original British white label test pressing featuring a totally different mix & track list of 1980’s “Songs The Lord Taught Us”. The song “Drug Train” was replaced on the official release by the track “TV Set” because producer Alex Chilton didn't want the Cramps to cultivate a druggie image. HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA ...
That's rich!

Like A Fine Wine



Like allot of punks, I bought the “NO NEW YORK” No Wave comp when it was released in 1978. This Brian Eno produced LP featured MARS, DNA, TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS, & JAMES CHANCE & CONTORTIONS. I liked the first two bands and hated the last two. But now, 30 years later on, I realize that James Chance is the SHIT!!! The 1979 LP “BUY” is great post punk avant soul jazz. The whole thing is like James Brown on angel dust. Oh wait, James Brown was on angel dust. OK, it’s like a bunch of crazy kids on angel dust doing James Brown covers in a really swanky level of Hell.
Mr. Chance is still doing music, and according to some recent footage I saw, He is still blowing Sax with the best of them. Interestingly enough, James Chance was an U.S. diplomat during the Clinton Administration. He was ambassador to Iceland. During His tenure He cut a Great album with Bjork. It’s definitely time for a James Chance / White / Black revival.

All that’s missing is the blood & peanut butter


Here are 4 vinyl-only tracks left off of the STOOGES recent CD “THE WEIRDNESS”.

Saginaw Rock City



If all you know of Question Mark and The Mysterians is their 1966 #1 hit “96 TEARS”, then you are in for a treat. The two albums (96 Tears & Action) are everything that made 60’s garage rock great. Pounding melody, teen angst vocals & farfisa organ. Of the two albums, I think “ACTION” is the stronger one however both are great throughout, even the ballads & I fucking HATE ballads. The LP’s were released by Cameo Parkway records (which were shut down by the government for stock fraud in 1968) in 1966 & 1967 respectively. Both were produced by Neil Bogart who later on was wanted by the government for crimes against humanity, crimes that included promoting the rise of Disco, Casablanca records, & the much-hated KISS.
The zip download contains both albums. It’s a big file but you need them both. Enjoy!

What Stinks?



Tone Set was a monophonic synth pop duo from Phoenix Arizona. Formed by Galen Herod and Greg Horn in 1981, they released their CALIBRATE EP in 1983. It contained key tracks from their earlier cassette “CAL’S RANCH” (which I will post when I start converting My Cassettes) & newer material. The song “Out Out” was a regional hit in both Phoenix & L.A. It is a funky riff with vocal samples taken from an old “GOMER PYLE” episode where SGT. Carter is bitching out Gomer for smelling like a fag or something. When I lived in Scottsdale, the band had a weekly residency at a bar (Anderson’s 5th Estate) a few blocks from my house. I would walk down & check them out almost every week. They had a novel stage show for the time. As they would play, a video backdrop would show cut-up found footage that was in sync to the music. Both Galen & Greg worked at local TV stations & had access to pro video editing equipment that gave their show a tight look. After they broke up, they both released some good solo cassettes that I will also post at some time in the future.

The Bong & The Damage Done


I am a sucker for garage rock bands with a gimmick. I LOVE crap bands like ‘The Mummies” (Dressed like mummies), “Man Or Astroman” (Dressed like spacemen), “The Astronauts” (Dressed Like spacemen), “Supernova” (dressed like spacemen), “The Phantom Surfers” (Dressed like gents in tuxedos & phantom masks), “Demolition Doll Rods” (dressed like stripers, even the guy), “The Vulcaneers” (Dressed like 60’s Star Trek dudes - I guess that makes them spacemen), “The Monks” (dressed like, uh, Monks), The Count-backwurds” (Dressed like Paul Revere & the Radars on speed), “The Von Zippers” (Dressed like Eric Von Zipper), “Doo-Rag” (Dressed like gas station attendants), & “The Dukes Of Hamburg” (Dressed like, oh fuck, I don’t know, but it’s a gimmick!), the list goes on!!! I will be posting junk from all the aforementioned bands later, but now let us take a look at the band “The Invisible Men“. They dressed like Dr. Jack Griffin, Claude Rains character in Universal’s classic 1933 horror film “The Invisible Man. That means Gauze bandages, sunglasses & smoking jackets. Their live show consisted of Instro surf with sometimes-gonzo vocals. At Some point during the show an Elvis impersonator like character called “The Boss Man” would come on stage & Karate battle the band. How could you not love that? Now the interesting thing is that by the time of “Come Get Some”, their 2nd album, the band had dropped the gauze, sunglasses & smoking jacket image for a new one: Fuckin’ fowl mouthed angry stoner punk rock! That’s rights, songs about THE MAN trying to keep them down & stop them from smoking the SWEET LEAF. It’s a hilarious album that’s kind of like “Black Sabbath” with Farfisa organ. Enjoy.

The 7th funniest name in punk rock


In 1980 Jah Wobble, PIL’s original tub-thumping bass player made his first solo foray with “BETRAYAL”. It’s a glorious mess of an album that combines PIL outtakes, punky reggae fusion & Wobble’s goofy sense of humor. Download it at:

Now I gotta figure out how add pictures to this blog so you can see the covers. Oh, and candy, lots of candy poring out of your computer screen . Jaw breakers with a pure gold center. Oh man, that would make this the best web blog ever.

This Is A Test


Use this link below to download the original version of Laurie Anderson's "Let X = X". This was an Eva-Tone Flexi disc that came with the Feb 1982 issue of Artforum magazine. I stold this copy from the scottsdale community collage library. Good thing I did, because now I can share it with YOU! Please keep in mind that this is a 25 year old Flexi that has had the hell played out of it, so the sound quality is not the greatest.
I will be posting more rare, unusual & stupid vinyl rips soon.

Watch This Space


Check back with this blog. The fun will start in 30 to 60 days, or less, or more, or not. But check back soon!!!