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Understanding Plane Accidents

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 07:19:00 +0000

An average of 1,000 to 2,000 people die and around 5,000 have been injured as a result of plane accidents in the US since the 1930???s. Los Angeles plane accidents account for some of these deaths and injuries with LAX being one of the busiest airports in the world.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) works hand in hand with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in keeping air travels as safe as possible.

The FAA acts as the main regulatory body for enforcing safety standards to all aspects including manufacturing, navigation and air travel safety research.

The NTSB on the other hand investigates plane accidents to know the cause and comes up with proposals to increase safety in air travel.

The NTSB also acts as an avenue for pilots and other aviation workers to appeal their case.

Causes of Plane Accidents

Surprising information about plane accidents is that pilots and flight crew errors account for about 60% of most commercial plane disasters and that 90% of accidents happen during take-off and landing.

Here are some of the most common causes of plane accidents:

??? Pilot and flight crew error

??? Faulty and poorly maintained equipment

??? FAA regulations violation

??? Defects in structure and design of aircraft

??? Insufficient fuel

??? Traffic Control error

In case the plane accident was not caused by human error, then these factors will be considered as well:

??? Strict liability ??" According to the law, particularly in the state of California if a user or buyer, in this case a passenger dies or sustains injuries as a result of a plane accident due to a defect in the product (plane) then the manufacturer would be liable for the injuries or for the wrongful death.

Even if the manufacturer was not negligent in the production of the product, strict liability still holds him liable for the injuries sustained by the victim caused by the product.

??? Product Liability ??" Investigates if the plane accident was a result of a defect in a part of the plane, an error of the pilot or even both. It is focused on who is responsible for the accident.

??? 1994 General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) ??" This law protects manufacturers of non commercial planes like business aircrafts with a maximum seating of less than 20 and is older than 18 years from liability cases stemming from plane accidents.

Getting Help

If you are injured or an immediate family dies as a result of a plane accident then you may need legal help in pursuing a personal injury or a wrongful death case.

A Los Angeles plane accident lawyer will be very helpful in establishing your case. Your lawyer can help you in the following:

??? Solving jurisdictional issues

??? Evidence preservation

??? Finding and Interviewing witnesses

??? Preserving traffic control recordings

??? Getting radar information

??? Establishing liable parties

Laws surrounding Los Angeles plane accidents can be very complicated and without a lawyer to help you it will be near impossible to win a case.

To pursue claims for Los Angeles plane accidents, get help from our expert personal injury lawyers. Log on to our website and avail of our free case analysis.

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Steps in Corporate Establishment

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 07:19:00 +0000

Corporate Establishment simply refers to the creation of a new corporation. It could be a completely new entity or a reincorporation of an existing entity in which the personality was terminated voluntary or involuntary.Voluntary termination refers to the cessation of a corporation as a voluntary act or a majority decision of the stockholders.Involuntary termination is the opposite. If the termination of the corporation was caused by other reasons than the decision of the majority of the stockholders then it is involuntary.Either way, they have to go through the process of corporate establishment again. Corporate establishment is pretty complicated. A number of things have to be considered before you can start doing business and performing transactions.A Los Angeles attorney who is an expert in corporate laws of California will be very helpful in the processes of corporate establishment. Here are some steps where your lawyer can help you in establishing your corporation.??? Pick a name for your business and check for its availability - Make sure that the name you choose is unique and appealing to your market and that you are not violating anyone???s rights to a name. The Trademark Law prevents businesses from using names that can be confused with another business name.??? Register the Corporate Name ??" Your business name is automatically registered when you file your articles of incorporation and it will ensure no other business entity can use the same name. However, if you plan on selling products or services under a different name, you must also file for a fictitious name statement with the Secretary of State or Department of corporations.??? Picking a place to incorporate ??" If you plan to do business only on your home state then you can register your business there. But if you plan to do business with other states as well, you may need to register as a foreign corporation on the other state you will be doing business in.??? Choose Directors ??" Depending on the size of the corporation, the board of directors can have a number of members. Directors are usually indicated on the articles of incorporation.??? Create Articles of Incorporation ??" Articles of Incorporation acts as charter that proves the existence of your corporation. Included n the articles of incorporation are business name and address, purpose, registered agent and stock information.??? Create corporate by laws ??" This will usually include the following:o Identifying informationo Directors and corporate officerso Shares and stock classeso Corporate record keepingo Amending articles??? Create a shareholder???s agreement ??" Create a buy-out and buy-sell agreement so that the company will be prepared in case an owner opts out. Buy-sell agreements control how shares in the corporation can be bought and sold.??? File Articles of Incorporation ??" File these with the state???s Secretary of State Office and pay related fees.??? Open an account for corporation ??" Corporate accounts should be separate from personal accounts and corporate accounts should be exclusive for business use only.??? Create a minute book ??" Start a minute book to monitor the corporation???s meetings.??? Permits and licenses ??" Before doing transactions, obtain necessary permits and licenses from the federal, state and local government.A good Los Angeles lawyer can help you follow these steps for a smooth corporate establishment.Visit our website to help you understand corporate establishment and other related concerns. Call us toll free for immediate legal assistance. government funded grants:government funded grantsfederal government grants[...]