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Innovative Technologies Used In HP C7973a LTO3 Tape

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Construction Crews Prepare Nationwide for Summer of Safety

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 07:12:00 +0000

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, many states are having their construction workers take extra precautions, trainings, or revisiting standards of safety for construction teams. Historically, the summer months between June and August are the most dangerous times for construction workers, due to several factors.

Construction sites across Tennessee shut down for 45-60 minutes Monday morning in order to conduct safety training through a partnership with the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration(TOSHA) and several construction trade associations. Other states are taking additional precautionary measures similar to TOSHA.

The summer months typically see an increase in home and building construction. One-third of all construction site accidents that result in fatal injuries are due to falling from great heights and the majority of the accidents occur on job sites of home and building construction.

The typically clear and sunny weather during the summer encourages people to take vacations and many families travel via car. Road construction during these times can be especially hazardous, not only for the drivers but also for the construction workers. Many construction accident injuries sustained by highway crews could be life-threatening, considering the factors involved.

The number of injuries sustained on the job for workers in the construction field continues to rise, both on the number of fatalities and serious debilitating injuries. According to the latest data released by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction site accidents accounted for the highest number of fatal occupational injuries, that is, deadly accident while on a construction work site. In 2007, 1,204 fatalities were reported.

Oftentimes, workman's compensation insurance is not enough to cover medical expenses, living expenses, and outstanding debt that might have accrued during the recovery time. To that end, it is paramount that workers who have been injured on the job seek compensation through the proper channels, such as contacting a construction accident lawyer when they have settled on legal recourse.

Many victims of a construction accident injury find themselves either unable to find work befitting their skill set or faced with insurmountable debt as well as intimidating amounts of paperwork, insurance claims, and a fair amount of heartache. Workers who have been injured on the job should consider contacting an experienced construction accident lawyer in the interest of protecting their financial and legal rights. Developing a lawsuit soon after suffering an injury is advisable, as there may be the possibility of being awarded monetary compensation for physical and mental suffering, lost wages, or permanent disability.

For more information on construction accidents, visit for access to a wide range of resources including a construction accident attorney and a construction accident lawsuit.

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Innovative Technologies Used In HP C7973a LTO3 Tape

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 07:12:00 +0000

LTO ultrium format was founded in 1997. It was developed to provide an open format for data backup. Performance and capacity of HP LTO-3 tape format is double from the LTO 2 tape technology. HP LTO3 tape C7973a offers twice the capacity & speed than LTO-2 tape specification. The transfer speed of LTO 3 ultrium tape format is 80 MB/seconds while its recording capacity is 400GB. The specification of LTO-3 ultrium is also known as super ?? inch tape technology. The HP LTO-3 ultrium format is also backward compatible and it can read data form first three generations of LTO tape media. Tape storage market is being invigorated by the LTO ultrium tape format.

LTO Program organization issues the license for LTO-3 tape technology. IBM, Certance and HP control the LTO program. The LTO specification has helped in keeping down the media prices. Capacity has been raised in the LTO-3 tape format with 2:1 compression ratio. Order now high quality LTO data tapes at lowest prices, contact Tape4backup dot com.

The LTO3 tape drives can transfer data at speed of 576 GB/hour or 160MB/s. LTO 3 tape drive can record complete 400GB data on LTO-3 tape cartridge within 83 minutes. The HP LTO-3 ultrium format is also backward compatible and it can read data form first three generations of LTO tape media. LTO-3 ultrium can record information on LTO-3 & LTO 2 tape medias.

There are several vendors of tape cartridge including Maxell, TDK, Dell, Sony, Fujifilm and Imation that have met the compliance testing for the third generation LTO ultrium3 tape. HP LTO3 tape media technology also supports the WORM technique that is required by the new federal regulation for the US companies. Tape storage market is being invigorated by the LTO ultrium tape format. The LTO tape products are efficient and ideal for mid-size companies and departments. LTO tape drives are highly effective and efficient in the automated backups. HP LTO-3 tape C7973a is very advantageous as it can read data from LTO-1 tape and reads and writes information to the LTO 2 tape media. Therefore, lesser replacements of backup tapes will be required by the data managers. Visit Tape4backup dot com for low priced HP LTO tape, Sony LTO tape, LTO cleaning tape and IBM LTO ultrium tapes.

The road map calls for native capacity of 400GB and native speed of 80 MB per second in the LTO-3 tape format, and 800GB and native speed of 160 MB per second in the LTO-4 tape format. Innovative technologies have been added to the HP LTO 3 tape C7973a format which has boosted its transfer speed and recording capacity as well. The new mechanism in HP LTO 3 media format reduces the stress on tape, which improves the reliability and ensures error free recording. HP LTO tape products offer the highest level of data integrity and performance at overall reduced operational cost. HP LTO3 tapes are very cost efficient, versatile and have numerous features including hardware data compression, outstanding performance, multi-channeling, error correction code, increased capacity and enhanced track layouts. These technologies improve the efficiency and elevate the output level of HP LTO 3 tape technology.

HP LTO-3 tape, TDK LTO-2 tape, Sony LTO cleaning cartridge, SDLT tape, IBM LTO1 tape, VXA tape and DDS-4 data tapes are available at extremely low prices at Tape4backup dot com, call now at (1-888-491-4949).

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