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Occupy The World -1%


VATICAN CITY—The Vatican on Wednesday said it was preparing a series of proposals for reforming the global financial system that would include the creation of a “public authority with universal competence.”......
Vatican to call for global financial authority

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Melvins & Lustmord
Pigs Of The Roman Empire 2004
1. Ill
2. The Bloated Pope
3. Toadi Acceleratio
4. Pigs Of The Roman Empire
5. Pink Bat
6. Zzzz Best
7. Safety Third
8. Idolatrous Apostate
9. Untitled + Hidden Track

Keiser Report
January 28, 2012

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Public Enemy #1


READ THIS BOOKS!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The woman who built financial 'weapon of mass destruction' * David Teather * The Guardian, Saturday 20 September 2008 This article was amended on Monday September 29 2008 In the article below we said that Blythe Masters of JP Morgan developed the credit derivatives which were at the heart of the current financial crisis. We apologise for unfairly failing to give her an adequate opportunity to respond and for making inaccurate personal references about her. The guide to which we referred was a general guide to credit derivatives and not just about those she created; she was 34, rather than 35, when she became chief financial officer of JP Morgan; and she was not working in hospital before having her baby, but viewing financial data to pass the time. If Warren Buffett is to be believed in his verdict that derivatives are "financial weapons of mass destruction" then Blythe Masters is one of the destroyers of worlds. British-born Masters is one of the most powerful women on Wall Street and is widely recognised as one of an elite group dubbed the "JP Morgan mafia" that fostered the creation of the complex credit derivatives at the heart of the current crisis ripping through Wall Street. Many of the highly qualified mathematicians and academics who worked on the credit derivatives market in the early days have gone on to run hedge funds and into high-powered jobs at other investment banks, but most of them started out at JP Morgan. Masters sees things slightly differently. In a brief email exchange with the Guardian, she said: "I do believe CDSs [credit default swaps] have been miscast, much as poor workmen tend to blame their tools." In 1997, she and a team developed many of the credit derivatives that were intended to remove risk from companies' balance sheets. The idea was to separate the default risk on loans from the loans themselves. The risk would be moved into an off-balance sheet vehicle. The product was called Bistro, otherwise known as broad index secured trust offering. In a guide to understanding the instruments she had created, Masters sung their praises: "In bypassing barriers between different classes, maturities, rating categories, debt seniority levels and so on, credit derivatives are creating enormous opportunities to exploit and profit from associated discontinuities in the pricing of credit risk." Masters was raised in south-east England, where she attended the exclusive King's public school in Canterbury on a scholarship. She got a economics degree from Cambridge, and from the beginning had been attracted to the esoteric world of derivatives. In her spare time, she is a keen horsewoman. She joined the JP Morgan commodities desk and worked her way up the organisation. At the age of 35 she was appointed chief financial officer of the investment bank, but for the past two years has been head of currencies and commodities. Her focus on the job reached almost comic levels when she famously took her wireless device into the hospital to get quotes on commodity derivatives as she was having a baby. The banks argued that by trading credit derivatives of the kind pioneered by Masters, they had spread their risk elsewhere and therefore needed lower reserves to protect against loan defaults. Regulators rolled over and the banks loaned ever more. It was a huge success and the market for credit derivatives grew rapidly. But the instruments might not have much longer. One of the fall-outs from the current crisis is the call that banks should carry their own risk. James Clarke Vampyres OST 1974 01. Main Titles 02. Questions and Answers 03. The Great Coupling 04. The Legend of the House 05. The Big Woodland 06. Stalking 07. Unexpected Arrival 08. In the Shadows 09. Blood and Guts 10. Waiting for Death 11. The Vampires’ Lair @320kbps [...]




Under The Jasmin Influence

Then Helen, Zeus' daughter, thought of something else.
She quickly dropped into the wine they were enjoying
"NEPENTHES" which eased men's pains and irritations,
making them forget their troubles. A drink of this (NEPENTHES),
once mixed in with wine, would guarantee no man
would let a tear fall on his cheek for one whole day,
not even if his mother and his father died,
or if, in his own presence, men armed with swords
hacked down his brother or his son, as he looked on.
Odyssey Book 4

Propaganda I





DJ Freedéfendu
No to the NWO reggae-dancehall mix!download|958|456385030||443978.177
@1411 kbps AIFF


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Attuned to the vibrations of the Outer Cosmic Worlds



Sun Ra
And His Astro-Intergalactic-Infinity-Arkestra
"Nature´s God"
Thoth KH-1272

A1 Discipline 27
(Interview With Ra)
A2 Solar-Ship Voyage
(Interview With Ra concluded)
A3 Cosmo-Darkness
A4 The Light Thereof
B1 Friendly Galaxy No.2
B2 To Nature´s God
B3 Why Go To The Moon?

Side A Egyptian TV Broadcast, Cairo, 12.16.1971
Side B at Hartmut Geerken´s house, Heliopolis, Egypt, 12.12.1971
Entry:75 dollars

Ripped from my original LP at 1411kbps AIFF

Mother Of The Future



Electro Keyboard Orchestra
Electro Keyboard Orchestra

01 The Fire Dance
02 Mother Of The Future
03 Mayflower
04 Ironside
05 The Heated Point
06 The Soaring Sea Gull
07 Farewell Onoda
08 The African Dawn




Black Gestapo

01. Main Theme
02. The Rally
03. Patrol
04. Trouble
05. Double Cross
06. Payback
07. Love Theme
08. Get Some
09. The Set Up
10. In Deep
11. Vengeance
12. Love Theme (Reprise)
13. Get Together
14. Collection
15. Big Battle
16. Recognise
17. Just Fine
18. Battle (Reprise)
19. My Way
20. Pay Up
21. End Theme
22. Dialogue

Me And The Devil Blues


Robert JohnsonSteady Rollin´ Man"The Complete Recorded Works"1936-37DISC ONE01 - Walking Blues02 - Me And The Devil03 - Honeymoon Blues04 - Crossroad Blues05 - Stones In My Passway06 - Kindhearted Woman07 - They're Red Hot08 - Phonograph Blues09 - Milkcow Calf's Blues10 - Ramblin' On My Mind11 - Terraplane Blues12 - Drunken Hearted Man13 - 32-20 Blues14 - Come On In My Kitchen15 - Travelling Riverside Blues16 - Love In Vain17 - Dead Shrimp Blues18 - Stop Breaking Down19 - Little Queen Of Spades20 - When You Got A Good Friend21 - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day TWO22 - Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)23 - Me And The Devil (Alternate Version)24 - Steady Rollin' Man25 - Crossroad Blues (Alternate Version)26 - From Four Till Late27 - Kindhearted Woman (Alternate Version)28 - I Believe I'll Dust My Broom 29 - Phonograph Blues (Alternate Version)30 - Milkcow's Calf Blues (Alternate Version)31 - Ramblin On My Mind (Alternate Version)32 - Malted Milk33 - Drunken Hearted Man (Alternate Version)34 - Hellbound On My Trail 35 - Come On In My Kitchen (Alternate Version)36 - Traveling Riverside Blues (Alternate Version)37 - Love In Vain (Alternate Version)38 - Last Fair Deal Gone Down39 - Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Version)40 - Little Queen Of Spades (Alternate Version)41 - When You Got A Good Friend (Alternate Version)42 - Sweet Home Chicago issues in extant recordingsThe accuracy of the pitch and speed of the extant recordings has been questioned. In The Guardian's music blog from May 2010, Jon Wilde states that "the common consensus among musicologists is that we've been listening to Robert Johnson at least 20% too fast;" i.e., that "the recordings were accidentally speeded up when first committed to 78 rpm records, or else were deliberately speeded up to make them sound more exciting." He does not give a source for this statement. Former Sony music executive Lawrence Cohn, who won a Grammy for the label's 1991 reissue of Johnson's works, "acknowledges there's a possibility Johnson's 1936-37 recordings were sped up, since the OKeh/Vocalion family of labels, which originally issued the material, was 'notorious' for altering the speed of its releases. 'Sometimes it was 78 rpms, sometimes it was 81 rpms,' he says. It's impossible to check the original sources, since the metal stampers used to duplicate the original 78 discs disappeared years ago."Source: Hendrixfeat.Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, Buddy MilesWoke Up This Morning and Found Myself DeadLive in New York City19681.Red House 10:572.Wake Up This Morning and Find Yourself Dead 8:053.Bleeding Heart (Elmore James) 12:294.Morrison's Lament (Jim Morrison) 3:305.Tomorrow Never Knows (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) 5:116.Uranus Rock 3:117.Outside Woman Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds) 8:038.Sunshine of Your Love (Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, Pete Brown) 2:16Personnel:Jimi Hendrix – electric guitar, vocalsJim Morrison – vocals, screaming, harmonicaUnknown (possibly Randy Hobbs) – bass guitarBuddy Miles – drums[...]




analyze the operation (2010)
unfortunately only at 160kbps

DJ PC, surly one of my fav in Luxemburg with naturally the one and only


DJ BLUeprint aka Thisistomorrow
Check his great Sun Ra remixes here
@we don´t care

the Bringer of Light



Jimmy Page
Lucifer Rising

01. Side A
02. Side B

Unofficial Soundtrack
Get Info:

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Connected via Africa II



and his African Percussion Safari
Jungle Echoes
Omega Records OSL 7

a1 The Jungle Chase
a2 Torture of the Mau Mau
a3 Co-Gona Voodoo
a4 The Feast Dance
a5 The Limbo
b1 Jungle Drum Variations
b2 Cum-Ba-See
b3 The Spear Dance
b4 Safari Jungle Maze
Ripped from my original LP
@1411kbps AIFF, shrinked to 320kbps MP3

Desiring Machines



Folds And Rhizomes
For Gilles Deleuze
Sub Rosa

Mouse On Mars - Subnubus

Main - Occlusion

Oval - SD II Audio Template

Scanner - Control: Phantom
Signals With active Band With

Hazan + Shea - Rhizome:
No Beginning
No End

Foxy Lady



And Now...Katyna Ranieri
Musical Direction by Riz Ortolani
MGM E/SE-3880

A1 Anema E Core
A2 Ciao Ciao Bambino
A3 Little Child
A4 Torch
A5 Amor Amor
B1 Jealousy
B2 Vicino 'O Mare
B3 Telephonez Moi
B4 C'est Magnifique
B5 Deep Purple
B6 Canaglia
B7 Buona Notte
Ripped from my original LP
@1411kbps AIFF, shrinked to 320kbps MP3

Soul-Force Music



Sun Ra
Out There A Minute
Blast First 1989

01. Love In Outer Space
02. Somewhere In Space
03. Dark Clouds With Silver Linings
04. Jazz And Romantic Sounds
05. When Angels Speak Of Love
06. Cosmo Enticement
07. Song Of Tree And Forest
08. Other Worlds
09. Journey Outward
10. Lights Of A Satellite
11. Starships And Solar Boats
12. Out There A Minute
13. Next Stop Mars

Sun Ra´s personal selection of rare Arkestra recordings from the late 60´s made in and around 42nd Street, New York City.

Sower of Seeds



Funky L.A.
Lost Funk & Rare Grooves From The
Los Angeles Underground 1970-1975

A1. Wardell Howard - Down On My Luck
A2. Charles Miller - Black Nursery
A3. Marie Adams - Get Up And Do It
A4. Bill Spencer - The Jacksons Pt. 1&2
B1. Blockbusters - Moody
B2. Soul Primers - Can't Resist Pt. 1
B3. Soul Primers - Can't Resist Pt. 2
B4. Caprells - Close Your Eyes
B5. Baraka - Sower Of Seeds
Vinyl Rip @320kbps




Warp 1991

01 Intro
02 LFO
03 Simon From Sydney
04 Nurture
05 Freeze
06 We Are Back
07 Tan Ta Ra
08 You Have To Understand
09 El Ef Oh!
10 Love Is The Message
11 Mentok 1
12 Think A Moment
13 Groovy Distortion
14 Track 14

Trust me, it´s good for you



DJ Freedéfendu
Lunatic In The Tropics

01. Mad Professor - Não Pode Fazer Barulho (Samb-A-Dub Mix)
02. OHM - Put Me On
03. Dub Pistols - World Gone Crazy
04. Sizzla - Why Does The World Cry
05. The Bug vs. Warrior Queen - Insane
06. Ekstrak - Mass Dampers
07. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - Under Me Sensi Remixed
08. Twilight Circus - K2500
09. Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss
10. Augustus Pablo - Satan Side
11. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Disco Devil
12. Edward Rupie All Stars - Doctor Seaton In the Echo Chamber
13. Don Drummond - Confucious
14. The Skatalites - Crabwalking
15. Dennis Alcapone - Funky Thang
16. The Sharks - Music Answer
17. Glen Adams - You Can´t Hide Love
18. Johnny Osbourne - Ready Or Not
19. Bongo Les and Bunny - Feel Nice
20. Rapper Robert & Jim Brown - Minister For Ganja
21. Supersoul - Version




Vincent Gémignani
Modern Pop Percussion

01 Promethée
02 Ophis le serpentaire
03 l´Oiseau sans pieds
04 Titania
05 Condylura
06 "Le grand mouille"
07 Silences
08 Insidieusement les elfes
09 Megalopolis 1000´ avenue
10 Liberalia
11 Alice




Sun Ra
- Sun Ra 171
- The Black Man in the Cosmos

Sun Ra lectures at UC Berkeley 1971

Film Jazz



01 Walter Murphy - Hocus Pokus
02 Mario Nascimbene - Hot Buns
03 Walter Murphy - Creepy Street
04 Nicolas Flagello - Wailing Wail
05 Johnny Hawksworth - Rhythm & Rock
06 Fernando Antonio Pearson - Mellow Dancer
07 Walter Murphy - Dancin'
08 Michael Coliccio - Ebony Tower
09 Edward Simon - Harvey Wallbanger
10 Mario Nascimbene - Hot Asphalt
11 Mario Nascimbene - Shake & Bake
12 Tom Manoff - Mr. Max
13 Michael Colina - Man Through The Day
14 Fernando Antonio Pearson - Street Corner Talk
15 Emmanuel Vardi&Lenny Hambro - Hot Line
16 Richard C. Sanders - Afrocat
17 Richard C. Sanders - Electro Soul
18 Earl Salisbury - Lunar Module

collection of cinematic vintage grooves

the mind...the emotions



Yusef Lateef
Impulse 1965

1 Psychicemotus
2 Bamboo Flute Blues
3 Semiocto
4 Why Do I Love You?
5 First Gymnopedie
6 Medula Sonata
7 I´ll Always Be In Love With You
8 Ain´t Misbehavin´

One Day We'll Limit Forever



Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides
Bataille de Battle
Singing Knives Records
Japanese Classic Music / Screamo / Progressive

1 Fully Pierced
2 Full Left Hand Cocoon
3 Grapes Engraved
4 One Day We'll Limit Forever
Check their dates!!! Buy this!!!
This link will be deleted on 1st october 2009
Buy this on:

walls have ears



Sonic Youth
The Sonic Youth Sound Experience (walls have ears)
01 Green Love
02 Brother James
03 Kill Yr. Idols
04 Mad Groove
05 I Love Her All The Time
06 Expressway To Your Skull
07 Spahn Ranch Dance
08 The Burning Spear
09 Death Valley '69
10 Speed Jamc
11 Ghost Bitch
12 World Looks Red
13 The World Flower (Evol)
14 Brother Jam-2
15 Killed/Kicked Off

Election Day



Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Authority Stealing
Originally released 1980

1 Authority Stealing (Part 1&2)




Max Romeo & The Upsetters
Chase the Devil 7"
A Chase the Devil
B Riddim

Henley Benton
Jockey Voodoo 7"
A Jockey Voodoo
B oodooV
Vinyl rip @1411kbps 16 bit AIFF