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Somali Yacht Club - VOWWS - Madeleine & Salomon


Somali Yacht Club - Vero.Background - Dreamtoned trio from Ukraine, Somali Yacht Club, are going to release their sophomore album “The Sea” on Robustfellow Prods. (CDs and limited editions) and Kozmik Artifactz (vinyls).After their first LP “The Sun” - which was highly acclaimed both by critics and listeners worldwide and showed the band’s ability to mix styles, create dreamy vibe and submerge listeners into fantastic sound landscapes - the band is ready to continue their musical journey with their next album “The Sea”. Rich fuzz, blended with atmospheric psychedelia, warm grooves and airy leads show the band’s progression both musically and lyrically and once again prove Somali Yacht Club’s inventiveness in blending styles.Somali Yacht Club is a stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. The band mixes elements of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, shoegazing and post-metal in their music. Formed in 2010, as a jam band, but evolved to a main band for it's members. BANDCAMP, FACEBOOK.'Vero' is the first of six tracks on the bands 'The Sea' album. It's a good indicator of the quality of this album, where the band drift through rock genres whilst retaining a consistent identity. The energy levels and emotional feeling, switch without notice adding a level of anticipation at any given moment. This should appeal to a wide range of rock fans. seamless="" src="" style="border: 0; height: 120px; width: 100%;">The Sea by Somali Yacht Club --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOWWS - Esseff.Background - LA-via-Australia based duo VOWWS share their latest single "Esseff". They explain that "'Esseff' is like James Bond spy music updated for the modern world. We wanted to create a sound that felt like you were being chased by something scary, but enticing". The single is from their forthcoming album Under the World, out 3/2 on Anti-Language Records. VOWWS will also be kicking off their US tour this March, you can find a full list of dates below.With their new album, 'Under the World,’  VOWWS craft their dark pop masterpiece - a cinematic, stylish and menacing statement of intent. Drawing upon influences as diverse as classic western, electronica, surf rock, metal, and film music, the enigmatic duo weave disparate threads of cultural influence together into a tapestry of drama, imagination and surprising warmth - only to deconstruct them again in front of your ears.  Under the World was largely recorded with friend, mentor and engineer Kevin S. McMahon at his New Paltz, NY studio - building upon a symbiotic relationship formed while piecing together their debut, 2015’s The Great Sun - a dirty, grinding and swaying work featuring guest appearances by electronic music legend Gary Numan and Swans’ percussionist Thor Harris. This time around VOWWS took on a more prominent role in producing and mixing the record, but the timeless influence of McMahon and his weatherworn New Paltz studio/barn is still present. Under the World deliberately eschews any obvious Post-Punk and Industrial tropes, instead allowing space for its stylish hooks, direct vocals and rich textures to shine. It will be released on the band's own label, Anti-Language Records on March 2nd, 2018. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.3.19 - 529 - Atlanta, GA3.20 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA3.22 - Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY3.23 - Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ3.24 - Geno's - Portland, ME3.25 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA3.26 - Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT3.27 - O'Brien's - Boston, MA3.28 - Casa Del Popolo - Montreal3.29 - Coalition - Toronto3.30 - Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH *3.31 - Deluxx Fluxx - Detroit, MI *4.1 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL *4.3 - Reverb Lounge - Omaha, NE *4.4 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO *4.5 - Metro Music Hall - Salt Lake City, UT *4.6 - Neurolux - Boise, ID *4.7 - Barboza - Seattle, WA *4.8 - Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR *4.10 -[...]

MARCV5 - Gundelach - Son Little - Blue Rose Code


MARCV5 - Gingerman.Background - MARCV5 on "Gingerman" J.P. Donleavy's "The Ginger Man" was written far before the beat generation movement and we really thought we had to make a song about it as it’s a real masterpiece. For all of us, this is our favourite single from the album. The song came almost naturally to us. For the video, we just set up a camera in front of our actors, put the music on and let them spontaneously do their thing. Following our director, the casting was just perfect, disciplined and well organised. The 8 actors represent very well the diversity of Brussels.MARCV5 (pronounced MARCUS) are Stephane Matten, and brothers Davy and Geert Standaert. They formed over ten years ago and achieved great success in their home country, Belgium, as well as in various European countries. Their first album "God Save The King" was released in 2008, followed by several singles such as "15 Feb." (2011), "Weekendancer" (2012), and "Mystique" (2014). After recording their first album, MARCV5 went on the road playing throughout Europe. On more than one occasion, the band performed 3 gigs in less than 48 hours, traveling over 1500 kilometers by tour bus. They have shared the stage with artists such as Selah Sue, Chromeo, Aeroplane, Vive la fête, and Boys Noize. The band also hosted a radio show for 4 years on Belgian's radio FM Brussels. With influences from the likes of Vitalic, James Holden, Leonard Cohen, Red Zebra, Camper Van Beethoven, and Cocteau Twins, MARCV5’s music is a fusion of post-punk, dance and electronic. You can expect fast BPM's, noisy guitars and distorted voices. The trio focuses strongly on live performances as they purposely build up the atmosphere using heavy synths and thumping beats.“We Can Do More” is MARCV5’s second studio album. It was recorded largely during trips to Brighton, Düsseldorf and their hometown Brussels in the long drawn out days of winter. Capturing the lethargic mood at the time, every song on the album has its own story that intricately links together in some form or another. A hybrid of rock, electronica, and punk influences, “We Can Do More” is held together with an honest look at humanity and the new challenges each of us has to face in the future. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Opening with a swirling synth and soon followed by spoken vocals 'Gingerman' quickly builds into a solid electro piece with some biting edge. Rock without the guitars, or electronic with attitude, you decide. allow="autoplay" frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gundelach - Duck Hunting.Background - Having gained recognition with the release of his debut EP as well as his latest collaboration on ‘Games’ with a fellow Norwegian artist ARY, 2018 is looking very promising for Gundelach. Taken from the forth-coming ‘Baltus’ LP, ‘Duck Hunting’ is just one piece of Gundelach’s sonic buffet which showcases his intricate creativity. Built on a variety of analogue synths, the single reflects on love, relationship and hope as well as depression, fear and numerous insecurities haunting the individual behind the lyrics.Recorded between Oslo and London with Knut Sævik (Mungolian Jetset), John Calvert (Ghostpoet, NAO), and Øyvind Mathisen (Cezinando, Nils Bech) as co-producers, this Nordic-noir analogue-electronic piece is beautifully topped with Gundelach’s effortless Bon Iver-esque falsetto.Kai aka Gundelach says: “The song is about being in a relationship, about being depressed and having someone helping you through it. I was listening to “I’m on fire” by Bruce Springsteen on repeat all summer and wanted to channel the feeling of that song with a song of my own. I sat down with my J[...]

Great Lakes - Glen Hansard - Heligoland


Great Lakes - End Of An Error.Backgroud - Great Lakes emerged from Athens, GA roughly two decades ago, but the band led by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ben Crum has been based in Brooklyn since 2002. Formed in 1996, Great Lakes was initially part of the Elephant 6 Collective. The band's 2000 debut, mixed by Apples in Stereo honcho Robert Schneider, owed much to the psychedelic pop of the '60s, as did the band's second album, The Distance Between. 2006’s Diamond Times for Empyrean Records, however, offered a significant stylistic progression. Drifting away from the psychedelic milieu, the band's sound took on country and folk leanings, with “Farther” reminiscent of both Wilco’s and Teenage Fanclub's more straight-ahead moments. By 2008 Crum had become the sole original member of Great Lakes, and the band's fourth album, Ways of Escape, reflected a further shift into singer-songwriter-oriented country and folk. It also brought with it a change in personnel, as Crum was joined by drummer Kevin Shea, vocalist Suzanne Nienaber, keyboardist Joe McGinty, guitarist Kenny Wachtel, bassist David Lerner, multi-instrumentalist David Gould, and pedal steel player Phil Sterk. This same lineup returned for the band's 5th album, 2016's Wild Vision, which delivered what many reviewers called a creative peak for Crum and Great Lakes. With the band's 6th album, Dreaming Too Close to the Edge, Crum, Shea, Nienaber, McGinty, Sterk, Gould and Wachtel return with a record that feels both like a natural progression from Ways of Escape and Wild Vision and hearkens back a bit to the band's earlier work. Of the album Crum says, "Somehow it feels like the third, and probably last, album in a three album run of thematically-related records, though I didn't consciously plan it like that." Of the album's sound, Crum notes, "I wanted Dreaming to sound like I'd imagine it would have sounded if Television, Big Star or the Velvet Underground had made a record that sorta leaned in a country-rock direction." Opener "End of an Error" starts the record with brash rock and roll, with its cold, reverb-y mood evoking The Jesus and Mary Chain and its wailing guitar calling to mind Nuggets-era '60s garage bands and the extended soloing of J Mascis and Neil Young. Next is "Mixed Blood," which finds Crum and company channeling The Faces and Brinsley Schwarz. "Minor Blues" will appeal to fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna and the '70s solo records of Ian Matthews and Dion. The album's prettiest track,"Bury the Hatchet," is a finger-picked folk number; a darkly comic song in which Crum sings, "I'd like to bury the hatchet… in your back." It's followed by "To Live Is to Lose," featuring a guest vocal by Elf Power's Andrew Rieger and some Dire Straits-inspired guitar work from Kenny Wachtel. Side Two begins with the All Things Must Pass-influenced "Kingdom Came," with its steel guitar, and continues with the Heartbreakers-meets-country-rock sound of "Time Served." After the gentle, folk-y "Gold" and the angular pop/rock of "Awaking Up Together" comes the album's closer, "You Could Have Had Me For a Song." It's a fitting end to an album that, despite its varied styles, is a consistent expression of Crum's ever-evolving songwriting voice, and offers a hint as to the singer's worldview: "seek no one's blessing… there is no lesson." Great Lakes' Dreaming Too Close to the Edge is available April 6 2018, on Loose Trucks. FACEBOOK.The first of ten tracks on Great Lakes 'Dreaming Too Close to the Edge' due in April is 'End Of An Error' a solid alt rocker from the opening moments. The vocals add character and lower the energy with the harmonies giving just a hint of Americana. The band can and do mix up the genres and with a fine core sound, make the whole thing something really good to listen and get into. allow="autoplay" frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="[...]

Dhanya - The Spook School - Refrigerator - The Lost Brothers - System Corporation - A Certain Smile


Dhanya - Lesson.Background - Born and raised in Venezuela, steeped in the ancient traditions of the East, living in the US, and traveling the world, sharing her powerful message, modern-day troubadour Dhanya is the female voice of the global, conscious music scene we’ve been waiting for.Dhanya’s father, two-time Latin Grammy-winner Ilan Chester, had her playing piano and singing harmonies to Beatles songs while she was still in diapers. A self-professed music-nerd, her gift for poetry and singing blossomed in early childhood, and gave her a voracious appetite for music of all kinds. Her parents infused her with the teachings of the Bhakti tradition of the East, opening her ears and heart to the devotional sounds of kirtan, qawwali and other devotional musical styles. As a teen, Dhanya gravitated towards the burgeoning Venezuelan underground electronic music scene, expanding her influences into the electronic and experimental genre. Seeking to deepen her spiritual practice, she spent time living in West Bengal, India where she studied literature and the traditional devotional music of Bhakti; kirtan.Dhanya co-produced her self-titled debut (due out 2/2/18) with acclaimed artists Robin Livingston, Ben Leinbach and Mayapuris, and the album features MC Yogi and renowned lyricist Bali Rico. Her soulful alt-pop aesthetic is counterbalanced with gritty electronic influences and Eastern instrumentation, including the mridanga drum, bansuri flute and esraj. Her sound marries East and West, modern and classical, speaking to her expansive musical range. Complex harmonies and uncommon time signatures are common place and Sanskrit verses intermingle with visceral poetry. “My lungs will sift the soil, filter water through my bones. All my organs like an organ with a hundred sacred tones” she sings over the 7-beat pattern of “Lesson.”It is deeply exploratory album, as if Bjork collaborated with Ibeye and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan yet amidst the collection of mystical soundscapes, there remains a constant focus on Dhanya’s soaring vocals, which exhibit a personalized and exotic emotional range. “As an instrument, the voice is alchemical,” Dhanya asserts. “It has the potential to transform all feelings and experience into sound.” WEBSITE.Musically this is tapestry of sounds intricately woven together to provide a fascinating backdrop for Dhanya to sing beautifully above. 'Lesson' is seven minutes of artistic inspiration. allow="autoplay" frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Spook School - Body. Background - The Spook School shares the third single and video from its eagerly anticipated third album Could It Be Different?, due Jan. 26, 2018 on Slumberland Records and Alcopop! in the UK. If a debut LP is an artist’s introduction to the world and their sophomore release is their now-or-never moment, their third is their most cathartic: they’ve made it out, they’re here. Glasgow, Scotland’s indiepop optimists The Spook School, despite personal and political obstacle, made it out, and their latest full-length Could It Be Different? is here. It’s been a journey of self- discovery and feel-good realism; modern, dance-friendly indiepop fueling the fun. They made a name for themselves for their exultant and empowering pop, and now, they’ve shown real growth in nuance.The Spook School are Nye Todd (guitar/vocals), Anna Cory (bass/vocals), Adam Todd (guitar/vocals) and Niall McCamley (drums). Could It Be Different? is a human release—a record full of the insecurities and anxiety thatarrive after self-awareness, in learning something new and potentially fright[...]

Fine China - Torgeir Waldemar - Haley Heynderickx - Josh Rouse - Blushing - Oh Geronimo - Freevolt


Fine China - Not Thrilled.Background - Fine China was formed in Phoenix in 1997. Soon after, they released their rst 2 EP's and a 7" on So Cal indie label Velvet Blue Music. The band went on to tour extensively and to release 3 additional full length records on various labels until 2005. The most recent release, The Jaws of Life, received wide critical nods, and TV show placements.In December of 2016 Jaws was re-issued on 12" vinyl with a newly recorded bonus track (to coincide with a 10 year reunion show). Fine China has always been a guitar-driven, pop band at heart, and the new track did not disappoint. It was met with lots of applause and the vinyl quickly sold out.Now twelve years after their last album, Fine China is back home with a full length recording for Velvet Blue Music, exactly twenty years after their rst recordings for the same label ! This new batch of songs was recorded in songwriter Rob Withem's studio over the past year, and were mixed by Bob Hoag, the band's longtime producer and engineer, at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, AZ. The new full length, entitled Not Thrilled, is set for release on 2/23/18 and will contain 10 new new tracks, preceded by a 7" single, You Are Not The Future, out January 19th with an additional 2 bonus tracks. LABEL.A refreshing fast flowing and refined rocker where the music and vocals both drive the melody and feeling. 'Not Thrilled' is a high quality piece that bodes very well for next months album. allow="autoplay" frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Torgeir Waldemar - Streets (Electric).Background - Torgeir Waldemar announces new album "Jamais Vu", featuring re-worked versions of his own compositions, released March 9th on Jansen Records. "Old songs played again" someone said, and that’s what Torgeir Waldemar is doing on Jamais Vu, where he pulls apart tracks from his previous two albums and breathes new life into them. songs. Both his self-titled 2014 debut album and the sequel, No Offending Borders, were praised by national and international press, and the songs soon started to live their own life. Especially for Torgeir Waldemar himself, who continuously played different versions of the songs live, in his rehearsal space and finally in the studio.‘Jamais vu’ is a lesser known notion than ‘déjà vu’, and its meaning is quite simply the opposite. Where ‘déjà vu’ is a new experience that feels well-known, ‘jamais vu' means that a well-known situation or experience feels unknown or new. "Songs never stand still, at least not for me. They want to go on. After some years of playing them live, many have moved far away from where their starting point was. That’s why I often experience Jamais Vu and that’s how this release was born." says Waldemar. On Jamais Vu you’ll hear Sylvia (Southern People), Among The Low and Summer In Toulouse from Torgeir’s latest album, No Offending Borders, in acoustic versions, and Streets and Take Me Home from his self-titled 2014 debut album in electric versions with larger arrangements. You’ve heard the songs before, but you have never heard them like this, WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.We featured Torgeir a couple of times just over a year ago and spoke favourably of his varied music on both occasions. 'Streets' is an expansive and natural rock song with something of a timeless feel to it, the emotion and passion is felt both musically and through his classic rock vocals. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> ----------------------[...]

The Golden Age of TV - Juanita Stein - L.A.D - The Dazies


The Golden Age of TV - Beast.Background - Leeds’ art-rock 5-piece The Golden Age of TV make their first move of 2018, unveiling the smart and addictive Beast, a rhythmic stomper, destined for the luminous dancefloors of indie-discos of the future.Whip-smart drums lock in with gloriously fuzzed out glam bass, disconcertingly swirling guitars bounce around your ears whilst vocalist Bea Fletcher sweetly delivers her personal tale of childhood anxiety:  "It’s telling a story from my childhood, during that cross-over period when I had to be more independent. It was little things; facing my fear of the dark or going to the toilet on my own without my mum standing outside the door. The change and stress manifested into dreaming and imagining a monster coming after me. I'd see it everywhere I went. It sounds a bit trippy. But I guess growing up is?"The quintet have had a busy start to their career since forming just over a year ago. With only two tracks released, Dust and Between Each Brick, they grabbed the ear of BBC Radio 1 new music doyen Huw Stephens, as well as airplay from 6 Music and Amazing Radio.The live side too has seen exciting opportunities for the group. Last summer, they sub-headlined the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds festivals, as well as also taking in exciting support slots with Fickle Friends, Toothless and Alex Cameron. They were also able to strut their stuff with coveted slots at some of the UK’s premiere new music festivals, Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City. FACEBOOK.'Beast' opens with a rhythmic synth driven beat and gradually moves into a more flowing song where the vocals are melodic and pleasing. The layers of sound intensify and the power really does build on this very engaging song. allow="autoplay" frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Juanita Stein - I'll Cry (Acoustic).Background - Juanita Stein will release the America Acoustic EP on 16th February 2018. The Howling Bells frontwoman turned solo artist, who released her America album (Nude Records) last July, recorded the EP at home in Brighton in between recent tour dates with The Killers and her own solo shows.Says Stein: “I had been asked to record some acoustic tracks for a radio station in the US and it occurred to me whilst doing so just how intimate and special these recordings could be. Ultimately, that’s how all my songs are born: just my self and a guitar usually in my bedroom. So it feels like a deeply honest representation of the music, without any outside interference at all. I wanted them to remain sparse, just a few harmonies and layering. It’s an exercise in itself, leaving the songs bare as bones. A lot of my favourite music tends to be all encompassing or artfully restrained. I wanted this to be just so.” Made up of the acoustic versions of songs from her acclaimed debut solo album, along with Stein’s cover of Johnny Cash’s A Thing Called Love, a song she often performs at her live shows.Juanita Stein will rejoin The Killers for a string of European dates this February and March, before joining Bryan Ferry for his extensive spring tour, which starts in Cardiff on 9th April and concludes with shows at London’s Palladium (1 May) and Eventim Apollo (3 May).  She has also just been announced for her festival show this year as part of the bill for Black Deer, joining artists including Iron & Wine, Passenger and Jason Isbell at this celebration of Americana and Country music in its debut year, as well as appearing at SxSW in Austin, Texas in March. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Full date[...]

Savoy - Gyasi - Pink Tea


Savoy - January Thaw.Background - Frode Unneland, Lauren Savoy and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy (the main songwriter and guitarist in A-ha) debuted as Savoy in 1996 with the album ‘Mary Is Coming’, and followed it with ‘Lackluster Me’ (1997), ‘Mountains Of Time’ (1999), ‘Reasons To Stay Indoors’ (2001), ’Savoy’ (2004), plus the 2007 compilation album ’Savoy Songbook Vol 1’. They have won two Norwegian Grammy Awards along the way, while their best known song, ‘Velvet’, was covered by A-ha on their 2000 album ‘Minor Earth, Major Sky’.  The group are finally preparing to release their long-awaited sixth studio album, their first in 13 years.’See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown’ has been described by Pål as “one of the least demanding albums to make as the songs found their shape much faster than before.” Some of the recording sessions took place in Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, New York (close to Woodstock), where the drums and various overdubs were laid down. Unlike A-ha, Savoy historically has had a down to earth indie rock approach to its music, although the new album does contain more programming than ever before. All of the group’s songs are composed by Pål and his wife Lauren, who is a film maker by profession, while Frode Unneland is recognised as one of the best drummers on the Bergen, Norway scene. He has also played with Sondre Lerche.The group have achieved great critical success in their home territory and have actually been nominated for 3 Norwegian Grammy Awards. Aside from ‘Velvet’, other well known songs by the band include ‘Rain’, ’Star’, ‘Grind You Down’, ‘If You Won’t Come To The Party’ and ‘Whalebone’ (from the soundtrack of the acclaimed Norwegian film ‘Hawaii Oslo’). The last of these cleverly recycles lyrics from A-ha’s 1993 song ‘Locust’.When asked if he had to choose between A-ha and Savoy, Pål replies : “You’re trying to get me into trouble here! I really just look upon it as different paths to release music that I’m passionate about. I feel the same about the album I made with [US singer] Zoe Gnecco last year. It’s funny - once you start thinking about an album, no matter what the band is, that’s when the songs start to appear."  FACEBOOK. Savoy might be a well established act, entering into their third decade and on the cusp of releasing their sixth album, but they are new to me (holds head down in shame and awaits ridicule). So my feeble excuse is that it was thirteen years ago the bands last original album appeared, and lets move swiftly on to say that 'January Thaw' is one pretty addictive indie rocker, where the dual vocals are seductive and the hooks are many! allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="480" src="" width="853"> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gyasi - All Messed Up.Background - "'All Messed Up' was musically a return to the very first song I ever wrote when I was 6 years old. Same two chords. The lyrics were about some of characters I had met while on the road with another band...At one of the cities on the tour, I think it was Atlanta, we spent the night with this group of rock n rollers that had this beautiful rebellion about them. I found it very inspiring. There was a sexual freedom and gender fluidity about them that felt truly empowering to me. These were outsiders and free thinkers who were incredibly powerful in their individuality. We had several wild nights staying up and challenging each other’s boundaries, talking about philosophy, poetry, life." - GYASI on "All Messed Up" ​In the wild woods of West Virginia, in an isolated hollow, a young boy thought he was a peacock. When he realized, much to his dismay, that he was not a peacock, he[...]

Duran Duran - Hobbyist - Ryan Tennis


Duran Duran - Girls on Film - feat. Andy Wickett (Demo Version).Background - Cleopatra Records has released Duran Duran 'Girls on Film 1979 Demo' EP featuring Andy Wickett on vocals. These are rare debut recordings, which include the original version of the smash hit 'Girls on Film' and 'See Me Repeat Me', which would later be transformed into 'Rio', as well as other songs that the group shopped around to various labels before eventually signing with EMI. Recorded in 1979, these historic previously-unreleased demo recordings by ‘80s new wave icons Duran Duran feature the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett (a.k.a. Fane), alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. They were recorded at Bob Lamb's studio (home of the band UB40) in Moseley, Birmingham. Originally formed in Birmingham by Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy in 1978 as an art school band, Duffy left Duran Duran in early 1979. After TV Eye vocalist Andy Wickett left that band, Stephen Duffy took his place. Soon afterwards, Andy was enlisted by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor to front Duran Duran. According to Andy Taylor's autobiography, Andy Wickett had a major part in the writing of 'Girls on Film' during his tenure with the band. Wicket explains that, unlike the sexy imagery depicted in the video for this song, the lyrics were actually inspired by the lives of the stars of old black and white movies."It is important for people to understand the true origins of the song 'Girls on Film' and to hear the edgy sound that Duran Duran had in the beginning," says Andy Wickett. "This song was inspired by the dark side of the glitz and glamour, where these perfect idols suffered tragedy and addiction. The film 'Sunset Boulevard' was also a big influence with its tale of a fading movie star."Andy Taylor confirms that Wickett co-wrote an early version of the song that eventually came to be known as 'Rio'. Indeed, 'See Me Repeat Me' was taken from 'Stevie's Radio Station', a song written by TV Eye when Wickett was their vocalist. A favourite of Nick and John, it was incorporated into Duran Duran live sets during Wickett's tenure. Duran Duran eventually released 'Girls on Film' in July 1981 and it became a Top 10 breakthrough in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at Number 5 that month. The song 'Rio' was released worldwide in October 1982 and became a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #9 in December 1982. Since these early days in his career, Andy Wickett has come to be known as one of the finest performers and songwriters in the Midlands, having gone on to also front The Xpertz and World Service. Apart from playing arenas and venues around the world, Andy has also produced videos for and co-written albums with world renowned artists such as Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan, Malkit Singh, Stereo Nation, Taz and DCS. Over the years, he's supported The Clash, U2, Culture Club, Burning Spear, Orange Juice, in addition to opening on UK tours with Duran Duran and Gregory Isaacs.Andy Wickett & World Service have also just released a full-length album 'Creatures of Love' digitally via Cleopatra Records, which will be officially released on CD on March 9, 2017 on that same label. The 'Girls on Film 1979 Demo' EP is available digitally and on CD, as well as on stunning red and clear colored vinyl. Duran Duran WEBSITE, Andy Wickett WEBSITE.Well Beehive Candy cut their teeth sharing rarities similar to this, albeit unreleased and unofficial versions. The background above is longer than we usually publish, I just felt the full story is worth repeating without any editing. Anyhow the demo version of 'Girls On Film' along with the other material including the intriguing 'See Me Repeat Me' later morphing into 'Rio' makes for a fascinating listen and raises a few what if questions along the way. For Duran Duran fans this is most likely a collectors item in the making, a[...]

Join The Riot - Velvet Flare - The Lonely Biscuits - No Alarms - Erin Pellnat


Join The Riot - Fantasies.Background - Swedish indie band Join The Riot are celebrating the new year with releasing their brand new five-track EP, “Echo”. The first single, ’Pretenders’, has already been rotating on Swedish radio P3 and picked up by Spotify playlists such as Indie Radar.  "Echo" EP will take you on a voyage deeper into the core soul of the band, immersing in various landscapes, from dreamy arena pop in “Fantasies” and “Bonsoir” to dark epic singer-songwriter ballads like ’Echo’ and ’X My Heart’. The five Stockholmians Henrik Ljungqvist (vocals), Jonas Engdahl (bass), Simon Santunione (drums), Andre Sund (guitar) and Patrik Berg-Almkvith (keys) met in school and started playing together in 2013 with a vision to make great pop and rock music, inspired by childhood heroes Phoenix, early Coldplay and Empire of the Sun to mention a few. In four years Join The Riot has released their debut album, one EP and several singles, including a feature in the Scandinavian Volkswagen commercial. The energetic indie band has often spiced up their releases working with quite unorthodox methods to find their listeners, sending carrot threats to the media, recording albums in a glass-cage and embarking on crazy China tours. When Simon has been touring with Zara Larsson the band has played with the backup drummer Leo Sund, who's also Andre’s twin brother. With the original line up, Leo has taken on the percussions instead, making the riot grow even further.Their infectious sound of sunny melodies has started to build a solid fan base around the world and we think it's just a matter of time before Join The Riot gets the global recognition their music truly deserves. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.The first of five tracks on the new EP is 'Fantasies' a rich and expansive sounding track. Synths and refined vocals alongside a tight rhythm come together to create a high calibre dream pop song. The band can and do explore other directions across the EP, their overall sound however, remains consistent and pleasing. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Velvet Flare - Ms Fox.Background - Following the release of their retro-inspired debut album Worlds Apart last year, Australian rock band Velvet Flare have released the first single from their forthcoming second album. The single is called Ms Fox.The Ms Fox of the title is a personification of the melting Fox Glacierof New Zealand; the song a lament against global warming.Velvet Flare consists of Paul English (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Kennedy (piano, keyboards, backing vocals), Paul ‘Shep’ Shepherd (lead guitar, backing vocals), Graeme Smith (bass) and Plato (drums). They have worked with producer Slade Gibson who has also played various instruments on recorded tracks. FACEBOOK.We featured Velvet Flare back in May of last year and the new song 'Ms Fox' is another very impressive song. Mixing pop and indie rock vibes, the production is distinct and the gentle melody is full of hooks, in what is a top quality piece. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="640"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Lonely Biscuits - Blue Glass.Background - Nashville indie-rock trio The Lonely Biscuits release "Blue Glass", the first single off their debut full-length record The Universe In You, out Ma[...]

Corniglia - TC&I - Walter Martin - Wild Child - Lauren Ruth Ward


Corniglia - Strange Desires.Background - Corniglia is a wonderful, psychedelic infused shoegaze band from Perth, Australia. Their second single from their self-titled debut album, "Strange Desires," both released this week. The songs are ethereal, tinged with a melancholia that somehow coexists with a feeling of transcendence. The gauze-y hooks in the guitar textures blend with Matt and Chloe's voice and bring a feeling of compassion to the bleak themes of the songs. Matt says of the new single, "It's a song written in two parts. Most of the lyrics were written about 4 or 5 years ago. Looking back, it was mostly about a general sense of feeling lonely or not fitting in. It was revisited and finished off recently, where I view it differently now. Most people probably feel like they don't fit in at some point. Everyone is a lot more similar, working through the same problems and insecurities. I feel the song is more about growing up now."There is a dark and somber beauty suffusing all of the art the group produces. It is the layers of sinewy texture overlaying the tracks. It’s in the lyrics that paint abstract portraits of these impressions. It’s in both Chloe and Matt’s voices. Chloe lends her artistic strength, as well as her voice to the band. She was raised to adolescence in Italy, before moving to Australia and continuing her creative studies.Corniglia is a respite from and a reflection on the very peculiar world of Matt and Chloe. The two do not just write and record all of the music but also make all of the art and all of the videos for the project. It is an endeavour that is entirely DIY, with all of the artistic output, naturally with the help of family and friends who help them realise their vision, made by Matt and Chloe at the home they share. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Fourth time around on Beehive Candy for Corniglia, this time with 'Strange Desires' the second single from their debut album. Once again we are treated to some dreamy genre spanning music, the rhythm is faster paced than the vocals and other musical components, providing additional energy and another dimension to the bands sound. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TC&I - Scatter Me.Background - Fans of XTC will be thrilled to know that bandmates Terry Chambers and drummer Colin Moulding, the rhythmic powerhouse behind the Swindon-based legends, have reunited to release new music under the tongue-in-cheek name of TC&I. Their new 'Great Aspirations' EP consists of  four new original recordings that allow us to fully appreciate Colin’s English pop vision. On this debut offering as TC&I, Moulding and Chambers put their XTC history behind them to create some truly original music. Not only is this a new start, but also a thing apart from their musical past. This is also the first new material from Moulding in many years."I thought I’ve got to do something, you can’t just sit around and eat chocolate cake and then you get the inkling that you should start writing again and you start meddling and the next thing you know Terry’s on the door step," says Colin Moulding.Terry Chambers adds, “You’re only here once in your life and this felt a bit like unfinished business. When I left XTC it wasn’t the greatest set of circumstances and you can’t go through your life thinking ‘what if?’ so when Colin offered the opportunity I thought, yes lets do this again."The EP delivers XTC's trademark qualities of melod[...]

Joel James - Will Stewart - Berlev's Rock 'n' Roll Hotel - Winter Wilson - Natalie Shay - Young Galaxy - Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix


Joel James - Adorn Above.Background - Joel James makes a statement in new single Adorn Above telling the industry, he is here to stay. Adorn Above is a battlecry in the form of a rock orchestral sound. Joel James lands his delicate poetry in between the whaling sounds of triumph. The track illustrates rejection being a societal norm but shows the urge to keep fighting, while having an endless desire to come out on top. “‘Been torn apart a thousand times, but now there’s more of me to see’ - When I wrote that line, the song made sense. It’s such a bad ass statement, so much attitude. I believe that anyone who is used to rejection, no matter the industry they are in, will live and breath those lyrics” - Joel JamesAdorn Above is exactly what it sounds like, a battlecry. It’s about a certain breaking point, having a whole industry crush you, losing everything to an unfair advantage. The song highlights the burning desire to bounce back head first and straight into the deep end without hesitation. Rejection becoming the norm, and success becoming our meaning to lifThe song was written, recorded, produced and mastered in Joel’s childhood bedroom by himself. That’s how all his releases are created. In 2016 Joel James released debut EP I’m a Fool opening with hit Still Around, generating buzz on Australia’s Hit Network and creating waves in the Gold Coast reaching number 8 on the 102.9 Hot Tomato Playlist. While Joel is laying the foundations of what looks like a solid career, he continues to raise the bar with every release, always experimenting with new colours of music and building the world he dreams of. FACEBOOK.Powerful and expansive 'Adorn Above' is fully charged right from the very start. Joel James vocals are passionate and implore the listener to take note. Dramatic? just a little... frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Will Stewart - Sipsey.Background - Will Stewart’s County Seat, coming out on Cornelius Chapel Records April 6th, explores the modern South through an interpersonal lens while reaching into it's complicated past, and present. As American Songwriter’s Brittney McKenna says “[County Seat] explores the complicated tangle of Stewart’s Southern roots, blending nostalgia and reverence with a stark awareness of the region’s dark, flawed past.”  On the nostalgic first single from County Seat, “Sipsey”, Stewart longs for the wonder and innocence of young adulthood. “The title references a place in northwest Alabama called Sipsey Wilderness Preserve,” Stewart says. “I wanted to use that as a sort of visual, tangible anchor to otherwise vague, impressionistic lyrics. I also just like the way it sounds. But overall, the song is about trying to recapture the sense of awe, wonder and abandon — and maybe innocence, to a lesser degree — of young adulthood, coming to realize that things that were once inconsequential in youth are now the only things that matter.”County Seat is a guitar-fueled Americana record, caught somewhere between the worlds of country and electrified rock. The songs are roomy and lush,  the result of an inspired band — led by Stewart, who handles singing and guitar-playing duties — whose members recorded all nine tracks in two short days. There are swirls of swooning pedal steel, layers of vocal harmony, and the pastoral punch of a songwriter looking to turn the landscape of his home state int[...]

Lake Jons - Jon Lindsay - Safari Gold - Honeymilk - Sur Back


Lake Jons - Lake Family.Background -  “Lake Family” is the final single that Helsinki’s innovative lo-fi pop trio Lake Jons are sharing ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album (out next Friday, January 19th via AntiFragile Music). “Lake Family” is a euphoric track, masterfully showcasing frontman Jooel Jons’ effortless vocals and the bands’ undeniably assured, anthemic sound.  Lake Jons has been flourishing in their hometown of Helsinki since 2014, utilizing atmospheric samples, simple driving rhythms, delicate guitar progressions and lush, hook-laden vocals as pillars of their forward-thinking songs. The result is an alchemic blend of ambient lo-fi pop, psych, soul and folk… it's the kind of album that could only come from a state of severe isolation and a mystical connection with the natural world. It also explores themes of introspection, existentialism and human relationships, while the lyrics detail a quieter existence. A calm and persistent “life will go on” motif is prevalent throughout, which follows the bands’ previous two EP’s they released in 2016, Explore and Explode, along with their most recent singles from this album, “Call Me” and “Breathe Out The Fumes”. FACEBOOK.Upbeat and refreshing 'Lake Family' also has plenty of heart and soul, the bands lo-fi music is the perfect soundtrack some really appealing vocals. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jon Lindsay - Zebulon (feat. Matt Douglas).Background - Chicago’s File 13 Records has announced they will release 'Zebulon', the compelling yet irresistibly catchy new single from solo artist Jon Lindsay.  Slated for worldwide release on December 22, this track features a ridiculously funky horn arrangement from Matt Douglas of The Mountain Goats and drums by John Howie Junior.'Zebulon' also happens to artfully tackle systemic bigotry—from the bigot’s point of view, no less. A sonic departure from Lindsay’s 2016 modern pop/rock opus 'Cities and Schools' (via File 13 Records), Lindsay describes the “Zebulon” sound as “sort of this psychedelic gospel pop”. While the vibe is indeed reminiscent of late-era George Harrison and Warren Zevon, and the horns, keys, congas and infectious hooks are in step with pop masters of the 1980s like Steve Winwood, something entirely new is happening here.Lindsay (self-described as “way, way left”) wrote the song based on a true story. One night last summer, he accidentally wound up in rural North Carolina, playing music on a farm at the going away party for a farmer’s daughter, who was heading off to a northern college in the fall. Lindsay knew very little about the situation heading into the evening, but there was a lot of narrow-minded language and odd ideas voiced that night, much of it by the farmer himself. Some of this is echoed in the song.“I didn’t want to just skewer a guy like this with some preachy, easy tune," explains Jon Lindsay, "I wanted to put a more three-dimensional character sketch together that got at the undercurrents of why this person felt like his whole world was getting away from him. Maybe it would help me understand how these things happen? I just tried to imagine how somebody could turn out so hateful and seemingly not realize it even a little bit.” WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Bright and engaging from the opening moments 'Zebulon' is a rhythmic and catchy p[...]

Locks - Skin (Video Premiere)


(image) Locks - Skin.

Background - The basis of the song is quite simple, it’s referring to inner demons, everyone’s are different and everyone deals with them in different ways. Some people are consumed by them to the point where their life revolves around them. Others fight them every step of the way. Sometimes they’re gone for good and other times they come back, either creeping slowly or rushing towards us like a juggernaut. The song is also linked to a previous track we did, but dropped unfortunately.

We shot the video on an iPhone again, we do all our videos on phones it seems.

The video started off with a very simple idea of inter cutting shots of each of us showing different expressions. Then had the idea of using coins found in a friends’ attic to coincide with the line ‘place two coins on those eyes before they start sinking’. Then this developed into the idea that we could use certain objects that could represent vices or triggers. We also tried to interweave the phrase ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ which represents both that and the constrictions we can place on ourselves, another nod to our inner demons. 

We had a lot of fun videoing this, there’s quite a lot of outtakes too and we got a huge amount of black paint everywhere. FACEBOOK.

We featured this song last month, then along came the opportunity to premiere the video. Now whilst plenty of music sites appear to love plastering "premiere" and other "first past the post" statements across their home pages, Beehive Candy's shoestring arrangements, usually mean that the caveat of demands that often come with such "opportunities" are just to time consuming.

Then along comes Locks - polite, easy going, if it's not to much hassle and so on, and for such a fine song. So lets just repeat our review, leave it at that, put our feet up & go & watch the TV (OK so we are exaggerating for effect).

Last month we stated "Bluesy and with a stripped back musical opening when the vocals and harmonies kick in this becomes a rich and very catchy song. I'm left looking forward to their debut album, and some."

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John MOuse - INHEAVEN - Phantoms VS Fire - Super Hi Fi


John MOuse - Bunkbeds and Broken.Background -  After a successful fan funding campaign, John MOuse releases his fifth album ‘Replica Figures’ out through Keep Me In Your Heart Records on the 19th of February 2018.   For ‘Replica Figures’  John returns to work with original band member Sweet Baboo. It's been 15 years since the two worked under John's previous moniker JT Mouse and the result is a touching album with glimpses of John's black humour, which has been a signature throughout his career."We had talked about working together but other commitments had taken president. This is the type album I have been wanting to release for some time.” Says John of his decision to work with Steve Baboo “Steve understood straight away what I was trying to achieve and we worked really quickly on just letting the songs breath and be themselves. Nothing was over thought or overworked."‘Replica Figures’ features Steve Black (Sweet Baboo) on piano and bass, former guitarist of early 90's indie band Hopper (who were signed to Tony Wilson’s Factory Too records), Paul Sheppard, and John's daughter Maggie Lola on backing vocals. The album circulates around the concept of memories, different memories, how they are created, the lack of memory, enforced and false memories..."We wanted the album to have restrictions in place, a limited palette of instruments and sounds, and most importantly a vocal performance to capture emotion and the moment.” Says John about recording the album “We are so used to listening to perfect vocals and I wanted to create a snapshot, much like a memory." FACEBOOK.'Replica Figures' is one of those rare albums that starts out well and genuinely just gets better song by song. Somewhere near the mid-point we have 'Bunkbeds and Broken' a track that gives some good flavour of the whole, an anchor point if you like, however I really do urge you to check the other songs out, even if the shared song only registers a little. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INHEAVEN - Sweet Dreams Baby.Background - After a year in which they fulfilled several landmark ambitions, INHEAVEN today share their brand new track ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’ – their first new material since their critically acclaimed debut album was released last summer.‘Sweet Dreams Baby’ is an anthem for those who are hoping for better things to come in 2018. “Ever wish you were someone else? Every wish you were somewhere else?” begins frontman James Taylor, expressing desires that many will identify with. Subsequently joined on vocal harmonies by Chloe Little, the duo’s lyrics remind people not to lose sight of their aspirations.Sonically, ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’ echoes a succession of timeless American influences – from the insistent percussion of the great 60s girl groups to Springsteen’s yearning and the widescreen hooks of Kings of Leon. The track was produced by INHEAVEN’s regular collaborator Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies, The Amazons).After selling-out London’s Scala in the autumn, INHEAVEN return to the road at the end of the month for a UK headline tour. The band will also embarking on their first North American tour alongside fellow British indie darlings Pale Waves. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.January31st – Wedgewood Rooms, PortsmouthFebruary1st – Portland Arms, Cambridge2nd – Esquires, Bedford3rd – Moles, Bath5th – The Boileroom, Guildford6th – The Face Bar, Reading7th – The Forum, Tunbridge Wells9th – Arts Ce[...]

Stav G - Fruition - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Stav G - My Sheltered Room.Background - Stav​ ​G​ ​​is announcing her new single “My​ ​Sheltered​ ​Room​” due out in early January. The recent NYC​ ​​transplant offers a scathing attack on the machinations of war and an open desire for dialogue and coexistence amongst people. All this is delivered with her signature mix of venom and melody.Growing up in a musical environment, Stav ​G​ ​​knew from a young age she wanted to bea voice teacher. She focussed on music during her High School years and continued her education at the Rimon College of Contemporary Music. After studying voice pedagogy and performing in multiple ensembles, Stav​ ​​went on to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, where she graduated as a certified CVT teacher. In the meantime she also became the songwriter and leader of the indie-rock band Malinka​, as well as the indie-pop duo Stav​ ​&​ ​Roni​ ​​both of whom toured widely.The upcoming debut album was produced by Stav​ alongside with Avi​ ​Elbaz​, who also recorded, mixed, and mastered the tracks, as well as recorded some drum, guitar, and keyboard sections. This is STAV’​s first solo album, and features all of her own original lyrics. “My​ ​Sheltered​ ​Room”​ is due out in January 2018. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.There are some refined rock hooks running through 'My Sheltered Room' which mixes refrains and flowing music as a backdrop for Stav G's determined vocals that are reminiscent of Grace Slick circa her Jefferson Airplane days, and if anything even more potent and determined. A highly impressive song! frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fruition - Northern Town. Background - Fruition have just released "Northern Town", the second single off their forthcoming album Watching It All Fall Apart, out February 2nd via LoHi Records. On Watching It All Fall Apart, Fruition transform pain and heartache into something truly glorious. With their songwriting sharper and more nuanced than ever before—and their sonic palette more daringly expansive—the band’s full-hearted intensity ultimately gives the album a transcendent power.Fruition teamed up with producer Tucker Martine, (My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse) to adorn their folk-rooted sound with delicately crafted elements of psychedelia and soul. “Tucker helped us push ourselves to create something that glistens in subtle little ways that you might not even pick up on at first,” says Kellen Asebroek. “We got to play around with all this analog gear and these weird old keyboards we wouldn’t ordinarily use, like a bunch of kids in a toy store where everything is free.”Watching It All Fall Apart finds the three singer-songwriters Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek and Mimi Naja fully embracing their rock-and-roll sensibilities bringing a gritty vitality to each track while still showcasing their sublime harmonies they first discovered during an impromptu busking session in 2008.Fruition has now evolved from a rootsy, string-centric outfit to a full-fledged rock act, having taken the stage at such major festivals as Bonnaroo and Telluride Bluegrass (a set that inspired Rolling Stone to praise their “raucous originals filled with heartfelt lyrics and stadium-worthy energy”).[...]

QWAM - They Might Be Giants - Rosie Carney


QWAM - Dirty Feet / Doggie Door.Background - Brooklyn punk band QWAM will release its debut EP, Feed Me, on January 19th. It's a collection of five high-energy, angst-fueled tracks that feature driving guitars, frenetic drums, and snarling vocals from lead singer Felicia Lobo.The band previously shared a taste of the EP with lead single "Doggie Door," and late last week they released "Dirty Feet," a song about finding yourself and holding on to who you are in a sea of faces. Written during 3am subway rides and perfected in sweaty Brooklyn basements, Feed Me is full of clever lyrics, anthemic choruses, and catchy group vocals. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by Jack Counce at Studio G and is currently available for pre-order on Bandcamp. QWAM will celebrate their debut release at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on January 24th. BANDCAMP, FACEBOOK.Latest song 'Dirty Feet' from the soon to be released debut EP is accompanied by the first single 'Doggie Door' providing a double helping of QWAM and their uncompromising punk fuelled music. The band are smart and allow just enough melody to ensure the hooks keep on rolling through both songs, without compromising their delicious, exuberant energy. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> frameborder="no" height="166" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They Might Be Giants - All Time What.Background - With new track ‘All Time What’ from new album ‘I Like Fun’ out on streaming services now, the return of their Dial-A-Song service, a world tour including UK dates kicking off on January 17 and a contest to create a video for their track ‘I Left My Body’ underway, it is an exciting time for legendary alt-rock veterans, They Might Be Giants.‘All Time What’ is an upbeat fuzzy guitar number about a decidedly un-upbeat subject: the falling apart of a romantic relationship. The album is a remarkable 15-track album, available physically and digitally on January 19, 2018. ‘I Like Fun’ jumps with surprises, vitality, and the startling point of view of these Brooklyn originals.Songwriters and band founders John Linnell and John Flansburgh have drawn on themes of dread, death, and disappointment and set them to their driving, hyper-melodic music. Fresh and sonically adventurous, the band’s command of the studio and the song is in rare form from beginning to end. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.We featured the song 'I Left My Body' back in October and with a band of this calibre, sharing the newly available 'All Time What' was to use the old expression "A No Brainer." It's catchy, vibrant and typically They Might Be Giants, through and through! allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rosie Carney - K.Background - Rosie Carney’s heart-wrenchingly beautiful new cover of Cigarettes After Sex’s stand-out single “K.” which has just had an offi[...]

Jared Saltiel - Lights and Bridges - Gianni Paci - Lisa Hilton


Jared Saltiel - The Fountain.Background - “The Fountain,” the scene-setting new single from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jared Saltiel, begins with a softly strummed guitar and Saltiel’s sweet falsetto, gently ushering the listener into an intoxicating haze of magical storytelling. The ornate arrangement of warm, rich strings, delicate harp, and bittersweet countermelodies give way to a lush trio of female voices, beckoning us toward a beautiful vision. The second single and opening track of Saltiel’s upcoming album Out of Clay (due out February 2), “The Fountain” was recorded at The Bunker Studio, and is available as an approved downloadable mp3. The song unfolds like a chapter in a magical realist novel. Cast in a dreamlike mist, a sailor washes up on the shore of a deserted island. Through the fog he sees an ethereal, silver-y fountain, guarded by three mysterious women; are they spirits, or witches, or distinct manifestations of a Goddess? They show him a beautiful face in the water, his future lover, but warn him not to forget his “Queen.” In the morning sun, all is forgotten but the lovely face in the fountain, and the sailor sets off to find her deep in the hills. “The Fountain” serves as an introduction to Out of Clay’s narrative universe. The archetypes of the perfect-yet-passive love interest and the prophesying triple-Goddess are woven throughout the album’s twelve story-songs of love and loss. Saltiel explains, “Regardless of how you interpret the characters in the story, this song sets the stage for an album that examines the process of falling in love, from the externalized projections that create a sense of desire, to the pitfalls of possession.” “The Fountain” features singers Dawn Cantwell (Wicked, The Last Ship), Kate Steinberg, and Katie Rose Summerfield, as well as jazz harpist Brandee Younger, and members of yMusic, Antony and the Johnsons, and Clare & the Reasons. It was recorded and mixed by John Davis (Jojo Mayer / Nerve), and co-produced by Justin Goldner (Dear Evan Hansen, Grace McLean)Jared Saltiel is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. As lead singer and songwriter of Ann Arbor pop/rock quartet the Dirty Birds, he released his debut album How the Cause Became the Cure in 2009. After moving to New York, Saltiel released a series of EPs, which were expanded into the full-length album The Light Within (2013). As a producer and arranger, he has worked with a variety of musicians, including Bell the Band, Cassidy Andrews, and his brother Jason Saltiel. His upcoming album Out Of Clay was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. It is the second chapter in a four-part concept series called Caught Beneath the Wheel. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Jared Saltiel's falsetto vocals are immediately inviting on 'The Fountain' a song that gently unfolds, before gradually building into a sublime choral arrangement which is itself a prelude to the material developing even further. The arrangement is magnificent, the track, totally lovable. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lights and Bridges - Tears Of Gold.Background -  Composer and instrumentalist Lights & Bridges (Tom Rossi) recently released his new EP comprising of fou[...]

Berry - VanWyck - Rainbow Reservoir


Berry - Fragments.Background - The music of Berry is a strange animal. But writing and recording over 100 songs in their 15 years together has resulted in some dense, delicate, graceful pop songs with a certain Searching for Bobby Fischer mentality.Berry formed in 2002 on Martha’s Vineyard when guitarist/vocalist Joey Lemon and drummer Paul Goodenough connected at an intensive four-month music program. When they returned to the Midwest, the two recruited college friend and keyboardist Matt Aufrecht. Their first LP, Marriage (Right Place Records), was released the following year and was met with critical acclaim, allowing the band to tour extensively throughout the country.After several tours and bass players, Berry moved to Chicago in search of a city that would fit their quirky and idiosyncratic music. There, they began a recording frenzy, releasing a series of six EPs between 2007 and 2008. To promote these releases, the band embarked on a novel idea for a tour. Foregoing the usual cargo van or bus, Berry purchased a 30-day Amtrak pass and booked shows from Chicago to Seattle, relying entirely on the whims of public transport. Carrying a tiny tube amp in a rolling suitcase, a children’s drum set in a single kick drum case, and a full-sized keyboard on rollers, the band took an even more literal approach to their already minimalist styling.Exhausted by their Odyssey, Berry’s productivity hit a lull until close friend and bass player Shane Bordeau joined the band, revitalizing the group with a jolt of positive energy. Their next LP, Blue Sky, Raging Sun, was recorded and released in 2010 on Joyful Noise Recordings. This record took its inspiration from the Amtrak tour, juxtaposing scenes of epic natural beauty with the ennui of endless train rides where micro societies are formed by a handful of strangers riding coach.  Despite a devoted following, Blue Sky, Raging Sun saw limited commercial success, and the members of Berry spread out across the country, each pursuing separate professional opportunities. The next few years bore little fruit for Berry, but in 2014, they decided to record again, this time with few expectations about what might transpire. Gathering in a re-purposed pole barn in rural Kansas, the group picked up as if they had never dropped a beat. After writing and recording the skeletons of 11 songs in four days, the album fell into production limbo for more than two years until producer Paul Klimson (John Legend, Erykah Badu, Kirk Douglas of the Roots) offered his services to help complete the album.The result is a stunning follow-up to Blue Sky, Raging Sun. The new LP, Everything, Compromised, drops in early 2018 on Joyful Noise Recordings. Classic songwriting amidst Rubik's Cube structures -- the music of Berry is a curious hybrid. At once dense and delicate, their blend of forward-thinking indie-pop is as graceful as it is perplexing. In their decade and a half of playing together, Berry has found a way to marry meticulously detailed instrumentation with genuinely alluring pop. FACEBOOK.The wasteland rock hashtag for 'Fragments' had me intrigued, however after my first listen it really does seem a very apt description for the song. There is a loose unorganised feel running through much of the piece, that both charms and engages the listener, whilst a gentle underlying melody gives the track a beautiful vibe. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="[...]

Gasoline Lollipops - Peter Kernel


Gasoline Lollipops - Montreal.Background - Gasoline Lollipops is a Colorado band that combines the sincerity of dirt-floor folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. It's an all-new incarnation of alt-country that’s both high-energy and heartfelt, like the American highway's soundtrack. This year marked the release of the GasPops' debut full-length album, Resurrection, and the band’s first-ever vinyl release Soul Mine.Colorado Daily readers voted Gasoline Lollipops "Best Local Musician/Group" for 2017, and in 2016, Denver Westword named Gasoline Lollipops Color ado's Best Country Artist. 2014 and 2015 brought multiple awards and accolades to the Gasoline Lollipops. These included being selected to play six showcases in Austin during SXSW 2014; getting voted "Best Local Musician/Group" in the Colorado Daily's 2014 and 2015 polls; being selected as one of only six bands across Colorado for the highly coveted SpokesBUZZ Emerging Artists Incubator program; and winning the Oskar Blues Battle of the Bands in 2015. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Having featured Gasoline Lollipops twice towards the end of last year, the recently released single 'Montreal' seems to be a good way to round off matters, in connection with their recent Soul Mine album. The ten song album is a virtual melting pot of Americana styles from alt rock to outlaw country, and with 'Montreal' we have a slower and more gentle folk vibe, all with the natural and very individual Gasoline Lollipops sound. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peter Kernel - There's Nothing Like you.Background - Peter Kernel is a Swiss Canadian post punk band formed in 2006 by graphic designer Aris Bassetti (Swiss) and filmmaker Barbara Lehnhoff (Canadian). The two met in visual communications school in Switzerland and quickly launched the band and their own label On The Camper Records. Throughout the years they have been well noted for their clever and witty humour in communication and DIY approach.In 2008 they were invited by Spencer Krug from the Canadian band Wolf Parade to open their UK and European tour. With the release of their 2nd album 'White Death & Black Heart' in collaboration with French label Africantape the band received a particularly warm welcome in France, launching Peter Kernel straight into the heart of the European musical scene.In the past years Peter Kernel have played over 600 concerts across Europe and Canada, in a variety of different venues and festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, the fashion week in Milan, Paleo Festival, The HMV Forum in London, Les Rockomotives Festival in France, The Great Escape in the UK, and in 2018 will be on stage at Eurosonic in NL.In 2016 they were nominated for the Swiss Music Grand Prix. The same year they scored the music for the film 'Il Nido', by the Swiss Peruvian film director Klaudia Reynicke. The film was world premiered at Locarno International Film Festival 2016. In 2017 they were nominated as Best Live Act at the Swiss Live Talents. The same year they started an orchestral version of the band called Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra, rearranging their songs for piano, harp, cello, harmonium and viola. On March 7th 2018 they will release t[...]

Port Cities - Black Mamba


Port Cities - On the Nights You Stay Home.Background - Port Cities’ music is a perfect balance of Nashville (where much of it was recorded) and Nova Scotia (where the band reside); of the rustic and atmospheric, of indie intimacy and the sort of arena-pop anthems that betray Port Cities’ globe-trotting ambitions; 2018 sees the band embark upon their second cross European tour, including a timely stint here in the UK, where their following is building up nicely off the back of 2017's visit, and the hugely successful #PostcardsFromPortCities series of videos.A port city is a place where cultures and histories collide, where goods and ideas are imported and absorbed into the local bloodstream. Not entirely un-coincidentally, Port Cities the band is the musical equivalent; a melting pot of three of Canada’s most creative individual talents, drawn together to make an entity even more outstanding as a group than as its constituent parts.As with any form of musical collaboration, the magic occurs in the blending of one element with another, but unlike most groups, Port Cities never started out to be a band. Comprised of trio of celebrated Nova Scotian musicians Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Breagh MacKinnon, Port Cities were drawn together through songwriting as independent artists, with every intention of crafting new material, and then going their separate ways. Yet that is not quite how it panned out.The first thing anyone observes when hearing Port Cities is that this band is tight. Seriously tight. Yet it begs the question; How to go about fusing divergent styles and experiences into such a singular rootsy Americana sound? From MacKinnon’s silky jazz-schooled timbre, allied to Guthro’s R&B influenced natural tendencies and Stone’s acoustic troubadour, the space in between the three is delightfully warm and resonant, yet entirely coherent across the course of their self-titled debut album, due for imminent release in 2018. FACEBOOK.UK tour dates:25th March: Manchester Castle – tickets here.26th March: Glasgow King Tuts – tickets here.27th March: London Slaughtered Lamb – tickets here. 29th March: Bath Chapel Arts Centre – tickets here. We featured Port Cities last August and a number of forthcoming UK tour dates seems as good excuse as any to share another song from the band, such as 'On The Nights You Stay At Home'. Filmed on the Brighton waterfront while at The Great Escape last year, it's another refined indie pop song with good old hints of Americana and a fine level of buoyant energy. allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Black Mamba - Loop.Background - Black Mamba is a female fronted Rock trio from Viterbo (Centre of Italy). Coming from different musical backgrounds, the band has developed on stage an high-voltage, extremely technical and eye-catchy show. Black Mamba has over one hundred and fifty performances under her belt and has shared the stage with some international acts, for example, Blaze Bayley (Ex. Iron Maiden Singer), John Macaluso, Carl Palmer, Braido and more. The band: Irma Mirtilla (Guitar and Vocals), Cecilia Nappo (Bass), Federico Maragoni (Drums) is endorsed by Vater Drumsticks, Mezzabarba/Masotti Guitar Heads, ATS Bass Heads, IQS Bass/Guitar strings.Heritage the new album is ten characters, ten songs flowing through the [...]

Libertino Records - ‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1 (Compilation Album)


Libertino Records - ‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1.Background from Wale's Libertino Records - ‘Into Space and Never Back’ Libertino MIX 1. This is a celebration of the first eight months of Libertino's releases. What a gloriously, head-spinning roller coaster journey it has been so far; and this is only the beginning.  Holding steadfastly to our ethos of inclusiveness and community grass roots support for emerging artists, our releases have demonstrated a bravely eclectic streak from indie death disco to psychedelic folk and post punk feminist anthems.  This compilation also includes taster songs from artists with whom the label will be working in 2018. ‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1 is our way of saying thanks for all the support that Libertino's artists have received this year. All songs are free downloads. Turn up loud and lose yourself in the colours and sounds of our world.Until 2018, thank you and diolch. Love from Libertino x‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1Dyma ddathliad o ganeuon a ryddhawyd yn ystod wyth mis cyntaf Libertino.  Mae eleni wedi bod yn siwrnai llawn antur i'r label; a dim ond megis dechrau ydy hyn. Gan ddal yn dynn yn ein ethos gynhwysol a chymorth cymunedol gwerin gwlad ar gyfer artistiaid sy'n ymgodi, mae'n cynnyrch yn arddangos croesdoriad eclectig o indie death disco i ganu gwerin seicedelig ac anthemau ffeministaidd ol pync. Mae'r casgliad hefyd yn cynnwys caneuon blasu gan artistiad y bydd y label yn gweithio gyda hwy yn 2018. Ffordd Libertino o ddweud diolch i bawb a gefnogodd artistiad y label eleni yw ryddhau ‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1. Gellir lawr lwytho'r caneuon yn rhad ac am ddim. Trowch y sain i fyny ac ymgollwch yn lliwiau a seiniau'n byd ni. Tan flwyddyn nesaf, diolch mawr. Cariad o Libertino x WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.1.     Adwaith - Lipstick Coch 2.     Los Blancos - Datgysylltu 3.     Names -  Limb by Limb4.     Flöat - Vapitidty 5.     Hotel Del Salto - Yellow Rose6.     ARGRPH - Llosgi Me7.     Phalcons - Idle Ways8.     Jaffro - Rhyfin Di-Dda9.     Papur Wal - Anghofio Dy Hun (ar Fora Dydd Llun)10.   La Forme - Birds In An Avery11.   The Tates - Water12.   ilu - Mewn Fydd‘I’r Gofod A Byth Yn Ȏl’ Libertino MIX 1' or if like me, your grasp of the Welsh language is somewhat lacking '‘Into Space and Never Back’ Libertino MIX 1' is a compilation album from independent record label Libertino who launched in 2017. Adwaith, ARGRPH and The Tates have already been featured on Beehive Candy and are joined now by another nine fine & promising bands / artists, some of which will hopefully make further appearances here in the year to come. In the meantime dip into and enjoy this exciting and varied collection of songs. frameborder="no" height="400" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[...]

Andrew Reed - Stephen Michael Murphy


Andrew Reed - If All the World Were Right.Background - Auspiciously due on 1.1.2018, with "If All the World Were Right" there is a shot of positivity in the world. There is nothing really being sold here except an atmosphere to "believe in yourself" and "embrace your own greatness" with heavy doses of humility thrown in thanks to our struggles through dense matter. This concept album is of a journey...a journey of a Prodigal, who has to return home after being defeated by life and the world... Humility fills the album.The new album, Andrew says, is "about my journey, but I don't think it is unique to me at all. Most of us go through really tough patches during our lives. So much of it has to do with our thinking and the emotions that result from our thinking. We are constantly thinking about how to interpret or reconcile our lives... but we have a choice in how we experience the world! And all it takes to improve things is to change your thinking or perception of things. Once I got ahold of that idea many years ago, Bam! My life changed! We tend to become what we think about...and it is about that simple. So I started to think positively, about all the options there are...and how I could see others in a more loving way...without judgment or without the need to call them "right or wrong"...but just accept everyone as they are...and trust in Life."Andrew Reed's music is for seekers. He is a reclusive artist and creative figure whose reflective ideas expressed in music, film and spoken/written word platforms. He cannot be bought or sold. Never afraid of challenging popular opinion, detesting celebrity culture and non-value-adding commercialism that preys on the masses, he always seeks to “make better.” He is an outspoken voice for art and ideas.Andrew is a recording artist and Executive Producer/CEO of Artists International Media and Financial Companies (AI) and Multi-View Incorporated (MVI). He is a creative known for different things to different people. As a songwriter, his works have been recorded by artists in the United States and abroad. He is a principal of these artistic/entertainment and healthcare-related entities by virtue of a twist of fate in the music business.The most fitting genre description for Andrew’s music is “Introspective Rock/Acoustic” where the rich inner world of experience is explored. As cited in the liner notes of Search for Significance. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.The title track from the album 'If All the World Were Right' is one of thirteen songs, well make that twelve the final piece is a beautiful poem accompanied by some refined music. The featured song provides a fine impression of this gorgeous collection of material, that conveys a positive vibe throughout, even with the occasionally more sensitive song. What a grand release to greet the new year with! allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stephen Michael Murphy - Root Down Low.Background - "Root Down Low", the title track from the RDL CD featuring Curtis Clark on lead vocals.  The actual recording of the 15 Root Down Low original tunes was accomplished on a worldwide level in a unique manner. Hundreds of tracks were played and recorded by gifted musicians from across the globe. Truly, a project without borders. The music did th[...]

DateMonthYear - Dirty Fences


DateMonthYear - March.Background -  New Zealand outfit DateMonthYear has announced their forthcoming single 'March' on the trail of their well received single 'Numbers', released earlier in 2017. On both of these releases, the band tastefully combines pop melody and rock dynamics with a cinematic atmosphere, calling to mind such artists as Low, Cat Power, and Sharon Van Etten.Based in Hamilton, DateMonthYear is a five-piece comprised of Trevor Faville, Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker, Hayely Schwass and Tyler Leet. 'March' eludes to the process of grief and loss, delivering a strong message with hard-hitting lyrics, music and video. The band worked with local production team Bad George in Hamilton to produce and film their new music video.Bad George production team were award nominees at the HP 48 Hour Film Festival, with production crew member and also band member Brooke Baker nominated as best director and best female director, and Jay Baker nominated as best scriptwriter. Although March is Bad George’s first foray into making music videos, the video has received accolades at local and national film competitions."The lyrics in 'March' reflect the the transition from grief to hope when you lose someone suddenly. The shock when someone passes, and the questioning of your own identity and purpose, and then the point when you start to look forward again - whether it be in the sense of a traditional faith, or just about reconciliation with how life is. I think its quite a positive song, ending on an uplifting note," says Trevor Faville. “The song itself is quite different to our last one, musically. It’s a lot more dramatic and has dynamic changes involved. It’s something more of a big rock song. It is a completely different topic lyrically but probably just as intense.” This release follows up their most recent single 'Numbers', which reflects on today’s society and how people’s lives revolve around numbers – those of your mortgage or rent, income, supermarket shopping and simply hoping that you have enough to pay for groceries and bills each week. Shunning traditional band formats, DateMonthYear’s structure means that “commitment is defined by contribution”, allowing for new ideas and influences. The fluidity of the line-up ensures a smorgasbord of musical flavours. The band is already working towards their debut album release, focusing on songs addressing issues that need to be spoken about, rather than being a distraction from what is actually going on in the world. FACEBOOK, WEBSITE.An expansive rock music landscape ebbs and flows with power and restraint on 'March.' The song has some beautiful duel vocals adding feeling and melody to this formidable and compelling track. allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dirty Fences - One More Step (ft. Christina Halladay).Background - NYC's Dirty Fences rolls out US tour in support of "Goodbye Love". Grab a thirty rack of Pabst, a liter of cheap whisky, and call up the boys because “New York City's favorite hard-workin' rock n' roll band” Dirty Fences is back on the road in the USA and ready to party down in your town in 2018! The band will kick off a thirty-two city long haul tour in support of "Goodbye Love" via NYC’s own Green[...]

Candy Ambulance - Modesta


Candy Ambulance - Weekday.Background - Candy Ambulance are a high-energy band from upstate NY. They're gearing up to release their new EP Spray scheduled for release on February 18, 2018. The trio self-released their first single "Weekday" earlier this fall. Described as alternative grunge rock, the band pulls plenty of pop hooks and punk energy into their sound.Formed in the summer of 2014, grunge-influenced Candy Ambulance of upstate NY are Caitlin Barker, Jesse Bolduc & Jon Cantiello. Lifelong friends and musical mates, Bolduc & Cantiello rescued Barker from a wealthy engagement prospect and whisked her away to the land of DIY punk. Poppy melodies, dynamic vocal changes and half naked live shows have solidified this rock trio as always entertaining, unabashed fun.Boasting a healthy and frequent tour schedule the band has played with notable acts such as Screaming Females, Speedy Ortiz, Daddy Issues, and Dorothy. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.The second of six tracks on the forthcoming EP 'Spray' is 'Weekday' an often grungy Alt rock collection of material. The band do however vary their styles both in terms of mood, energy and the sheer amount of differing hooks along the way. The featured song is therefore more a glimpse of the band, and definitely not the only trick they know, if this song appeals, then the EP will delight. frameborder="no" height="172" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Modesta - VHS.Background - On January 12, 2018, the indie duo Modesta ​will release their highly anticipated debut studio endeavor, a self-produced four track EP entitled ‘VHS​.’ The eclectic set of songs masterfully walks the line between contemporary indie influence, electronic stylings, and organic, retro sonic flavors. Today, Modesta’s single, ‘VHS,’ has been made available prior to the full album release.Fronted by Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos, Modesta is a retro R&B-infused indie rock duo with an electronic charm, thus offering a wholly unique and genuine sound unlike anything else in the independent music scene. Calling upon influences the likes of Roosevelt, The Shins, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Modesta’s style is rooted in musical diversity and experimentation.Modesta, founded in the Boston area, has accrued almost half a million spins on Spotify, with over 15,000 monthly listeners. Over the last year, Viswanathan and Papadopoulos have built a home recording studio from the ground up, learning new ways to improve their craft and achieve a high level of creative control and artistic integrity with their work. FACEBOOK.'VHS' opens with a layered synthy sound above gentle beats. The falsetto vocals add another dimension to this melodic and flowing song, the EP is awaited with both intrigue and anticipation! allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[...]

Delta Deep - Late Sea


Delta Deep - Bless These Blues.Background - Blues-Rock-n-Soul supergroup Delta Deep is thrilled to announce the release of their live CD/DVD East Coast Live on January 26, 2018 through Frontiers Music Srl which as an added plus will also be availble on vinyl. The East Coast Live CD is a full show performance filmed at legendary Daryl’s House in Pawling, NY while the DVD showcases select songs and highlights from that night. The label will also be re-releasing Delta Deep's debut album. The group, which made their chart topping debut in 2015, featuresPhil Collen, lead guitarist of Def Leppard,  Debbi Blackwell-Cook (back-up vocalist for such artists as Michael Buble & Gregory Hines), Robert DeLeo (bassist for Stone Temple Pilots) and Forrest Robinson (drummer for Joe Sample & The Crusaders, India.Arie & TLC).Delta Deep’s self-titled debut was released in June 2015 entering iTunes Blues charts at #2. The band immediately hit the road performing at festivals and concert venues across the country. Critics lauded the band, with Elmore Magazine declaring, “Delta Deep is a rocking force due to bring down any house– historical or modern.”  While San Francisco’s BAM Magazine said, “the live experience for Delta Deep is one not to be missed…Debbi Blackwell-Cook is mesmerizing!”The group originally came together when Collen was jamming at home with his wife's godmother, Debbi Blackwell-Cook. What started as a casual pairing, singing Motown favorites and classic blues when Debbi visited, quickly turned into much more.  Along with Collen's wife Helen, the three began writing original music together. Eventually Collen and Blackwell-Cook began laying down demos and the rest is Delta Deep history.Collen, widely known to millions of rock ‘n roll fans for his iconic albums with Def Leppard, recently explained why they decided to put out this live album and DVD. "We recorded every night of our 2016 tours, east and west coast, expecting to pull out the best performances from different cities. But we managed to capture one of those special, magical nights where all the stars fall into place in Pawling, NY at Daryl's House. This whole album was recorded that night. It was so relaxed but we were so on fire at the same."  The musicians of Delta Deep bring their varying experiences from all corners of the music spectrum together to make a unique stew of blues-rock-n-soul.  Collen also adds, "The intention was never to have a DVD addition to the CD but seeing the performances live and the fact that Daryl's House also video records its shows was an added bonus for us." WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.Blues, Rock and Soul are all rolled up together and performed live with total enthusiasm and style, on the East Coast Live album due in late January. From the opening salvo of Led Zeppelin classic 'Black Dog' the band take the audience through some fabulous songs including the new piece 'Bless These Blues' featured below. This is as you would expect from a band of this calibre, one very fine album. allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" height="315" src="" width="560"> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Late Sea - The Writers Trilogy (EP).Background - Late Sea are not afraid to create music that chall[...]