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Sir Psych: Hello Echo (2013)


A year ago yesterday I released my album:”The Popsike World of Sir Psych”. A lot has happened the past year, and I plan to expand musically as much as possible, and experiment with various sounds and instruments to create new sounds.
This album is called “Hello Echo”,

This isn’t the album that I set out to do, but I stopped recording songs for this album at the end of 2012, and started working on other releases. “Hello Echo” is actually one song recorded and broken off into 15 parts. I only included two parts from the original album, that may see the light of day in the future. But for now, I took two parts from Hello Echo and included 10 other songs recorded during the “Hello Echo Sessions’ throughout 2012. This album was recorded in raw form in house, and will be heard for the first time by anyone except my ears. This is my ode to the art of experimenting with echo and reverb. This album is for free, so please feel free to download it and share it.

Sir Psych
Download Album here: (image)



With the UK release of The Smoking Trees: Acetates being made available on May 6 with a wider reach with Ample Play Records, The Smoking Trees have not stopped. We've been in the studio finishing the final touches for our self titled sophomore release. Not sure who's releasing it or when it's coming out, yet it will soon be finished and then released by a label with the best interest in exposing our sound. Give me a few months to let things settle down. They've been happening so fast and then I'll start sharing my opinions on future releases.

I did pick up White Fence: Cyclops Reap LP today and it is absolutely a gem.

Sir Psych(image)

Elephant Stone: S/T (2013)


 I got up this morning and remembered that an album I wanted was being released today.  So I thought I'd hop on the computer and write about getting up to pick up this release. Now I went to bed super early yesterday. I'm talking 5:00 PM early! I have to admit that I walk amongst the night and drift under shadows as the daylight awakes, so a good overnight rest is always enjoyed. Anyways, I am not known to get caught into 30 second audio samples on itunes for a first listen, but about 10 minutes ago I did. I shouldn't have but unfortunately I had to hear the new Elephant Stone album. I don't do album reviews, but if I did I could wrap up a spectacular album's review with flying colors with my honest opinion on what I briefly just heard. But what I will do is express my admiration for their first album several moons back. The sitar on the title track "The Seven Seas" still ripples into my mind throughout the years since it's release. Elephant Stone back then was probably one of the strongest sounding psychedelic bands out with the "indie" tag along with their name. A well respected group of Canadian musicians make up this quartet and put together a masterpiece of a pop album 4 years ago. With their new album, same line up, and still same powerful polished sound with their first single on last years "Heavy Moon", I suspect magic was mixed into the mix of their new self titled LP. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="480" src="" width="853">As I strong suggestion from Sir Psych, it should be put in consideration that that you fork out some cash to the nice people who put this project out for us to love and own. It's available through Austin Psych Fest's The Reverberation Appreciation Society and Canada's Hidden Pony Records. This album is also being put out on cassette from my good friends at Burger Records. Good things are happening!Sir PsychCheck out their social media sites:Facebook: Elephant StoneTwitter: @ElephantStoneHQWebsite: [...]

Jacco Gardner: Cabinet Of Curiosities (2013)


Alright, so....who isn't ready for this album? If you were still stuck in 2011 and missed out on 2012, then you surely missed the rapid growth of one particular artist last year. Jacco Gardner made a warm entrance into our ears, hearts, and minds early last year with his debut solo single  "Clear the air"/"A house on the moon" on Action Weekend Records. Brilliantly played and produced debut to state the obvious. His second release wasn't a giant leap away from the sound of his debut single, yet it did what it was set out to do. Which was to make the listener curious to what more magical sounds that this young man can create. That leads us to tomorrow. Tomorrow meaning February 12, 2013, when the Cabinet Of Curiosities will be opened, and our gentle quest through delicate baroque pop arrangements will be heard upon opening this curious little cabinet.Trouble in Mind Records were quick to trek across the globe from Chicago to add this man to there ever growing roster of talent. Their quick judgment to sign Jacco will definitely be noticed at the end of the year on the Best of 2013 Album lists. I'm even going the length into 2014 to expect great expansion in his sound with a full on orchestra. Imagine that album. Imaging...Imaging....Imagining....Splendid!But seriously folks. I'm really sure on this young man's potential to be a force to reckon with for years to come. You better grab a copy of this album on the quick fast, because this LP will sell out. I'm gonna type in the email address to purchase this album, so on the 12th of February you will be prepared to get a couple copies of it. Here's the link...----> PsychCheck out his social media sites: Facebook: Jacco Gardner MusicTwitter: @JaccoGardnerSoundcloud: bordercolor="#000000" frameborder="0" height="150" hspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src=";sz=180x150;ord=[timestamp]?;lid=41000613802464056;pid=FRM%2B01%2B01PSY;usg=AFHzDLuUR5p3C52m1jnVcadvqlMHoO9t8Q;;pubid=584665;price=%2430.00;title=Freedom+Artists+Psyche...;;;width=81;height=85" vspace="0" width="180">Freedom Artists Psychedelic Short Sleeve Tee (Google Affiliate Ad) [...]



For two weeks, between February 24-March 12 in 2012, I sat a piano, organ, and harpsichord and started writing the album The Popsike World of Sir Psych. At the time it was just me recording demos at the lab during a short winter break from recording with The Smoking Trees, and a solo album was not in the plans. During this so called "break from recording", I had the urge to start writing songs for the new album. the songs came one after the other, and within a week, i already had an album worth of material.  Now a typical song from The Smoking Trees would have guitars on the songs, but I felt that this was to be released in the form that it was created, instead of taking these songs and reconstructing them again as a release from The Smoking Trees. The only song from The Smoking Trees that was recorded during these sessions was Merry go Maggie. From that song, it started the rebirth in The Smoking Trees signature sound, and also the creation of a solo playing field as well.  I recorded well over 40 different songs and several different versions and have many different takes and outtakes in these sessions. Rather than vault them all, Ii would like to share with you a few of these songs and outtakes. These songs were left off the album mainly because they were not complete, just and idea, or I made a better version. I wouldn't change anything about the album the way I originally released it, but when I sold out of the 500 cd's I pressed up in just over a month, I pulled it off line and vaulted it.  In the 8 months that it has been vaulted, The Smoking Trees released our album, and Colour Tree Records was created. so in 2013, our first release for the year is my first release from last year.  Ladies and Gentlemen  The Popsike World of Sir PsychThis is the re-release of last year's debut from Sir Psych, The Popsike World of Sir Psych. It includes the original 19 songs as well as 15 bonus tracks.Get it here: allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="410" src="" style="display: block; height: 410px; position: relative; width: 300px;" width="300">The Popsike World of Sir Psych by Sir Psych[...]

Maston: Shadows (2013)


If by chance when December 21st rolls through next week and destruction of Earth upon us. My disappearance from this planet will be unfulfilled without listening to this album. One of the handful of new upcoming releases I am looking forward to hearing in 2013. Once again, it is another release coming out on Chicago's own Trouble in Mind Records yet the sounds are coming from my side of the coast, and even in the same city. Los Angeles. The melting pot of giddy colourful images of people that mock each others style, sound, and uprooted existence. Well not everybody is mocking each other, although it may seem that way. There are those certain artists that come through the cracks of the concrete and through the mends of the soil to hit your mind with a one-two punch of creativeness.In 2013, Maston releases Shadows, and with his first single Young Hearts out in the open, he definitely has done his homework in the creative process of 60's songs construction. While listening, I hear Harry Nilsson, Van Dyke Parks, wrapped up in an eclectic dosage of electronic baroque arrangements, but with a favorable blend of pop. If your not familiar with Maston's sound or name, don't feel bad. I too just discovered his music recently. A couple of EP's were released and I really grasped his element of the way he soundscapes his music. His baroque arrangements fit well coming out of Los Angeles, but his sounds fits in well in regards to sounding if it was released 45 years ago.This is not a 60's mockery artist at all. The sound, though familiar in distant years is heard, but yet the final product is authentic. Frank Maston is a multi instrumental with a vision that's to be heard, and yet his music can be seen with eyes closed. This album should shake up the creative tree early in the year, and bring the name Maston in the forefront to match his music with him .Sir PsychCheck out his social media sites: Facebook: Maston Music Twitter: @frankmastonSoundcloud: frameborder="no" height="450" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">Check of his social media sites: frameborder="no" height="450" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">ddasddd[...]

The Smoking Trees: Acetates (NOW AVAILABLE)


Well November 27th, 2012 has finally arrived and The Smoking Trees "Acetates" has finally been released. We have received numerous reviews, kind words, and feedback from several sources that we thank immensely for their support and graciousness. Acetates is a long time coming for us. Since the days in the early millennium when I was making drums out of a shoe box, a plastic Q-tip holder, a tambourine, and a pair of chopsticks, while Al was playing electric rhythms on his Gibson with no high E string. This album and our beginnings of Colour Tree Records is a move we should have made years ago when we first developed our signature sound back in 2004. 2004 was the year that it became just Al and myself as The Smoking Trees. The other elements that made up The Smoking Trees as a 5 man unit, disintegrated with the departed members falling back into their own comfortable musical genre's. However it left just two members. Myself and L.A AL. For Al, this was also a switch of musical genre's. He was a credible musician in the East Los Angeles Punk Rock scene. I somehow help make his melodic punk songs dwindle down a few registers into echoing, harmonious, pop psych songs.Colour Tree Records is just a small part of what makes up The Smoking Trees. We will only release limited run Cd's, Records, and Digital Releases. Once they are all gone, or links are taken down, that will be it. All projects in the recording process are all being produced by myself, and are all no short of masterpiece's. Just because we are releasing material under Colour Tree Records doesn't mean that we don't want to record music with other labels. Matter of fact, we have worked and are currently working and recording music for a few other labels, and many other labels are welcome to approach. We want to grow and share our love of words & music with everyone amongst all reaches. We don't want to stand short to no one or nothing. Colour Tree is just a home base for ourselves to release anything we want, and at any time.So for now, before I get ahead of myself. I just want you to concentrate on the now. The now being Acetates. Just let the album resonate in your ears, and seep into your mind. I recommend you break out your headphones and settle yourself down in a quiet place to dedicate a full hour and change to digest this album. There are several hidden and backwards songs and messages, so if you are hip on the latest technology and can reverse songs, I suggest you do so to dive even deeper into the album. Matter of fact, the last 4 minutes of the album is reversed. At the 6:15 minute of the last song you can reverse it for a full alternate mix of a song. What I'm trying to say that give this album a try. If you enjoy it, please support our psychedelic movement. Purchase a CD, download a digital track or album, and please feel free to comment or contact us. We record our music especially for the eyes that read the fine print your are currently reading. Lastly.....we love you, and we share our love of you with our music.Sir Psych Listen, Stream, Buy allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="410" src="" style="display: block; height: 410px; position: relative; width: 300px;" width="300">Acetates by The Smoking Trees[...]

Sky Picnic: Paint me a Dream (2012)


About 5 months ago, Chris Sherman of Sky Picnic emailed me a zip file of a rough draft to what was to be "Paint me a Dream". Being a fan of their previous album, "Farther in this Fairy Tale", I was intrigued to listen. I remember sending him an email saying that I enjoyed and was very interested in his music. This was just as I was birthing Colour Tree Records, and if I could've at that time, I would've put out a record of theirs. I've been sent music from bands all over the world, and few had a real lasting effect on me. Sky Picnic did.To be honest, I actually like "Paint me a Dream" a tad better than "Farther in this Fairy Tale". Is it just fresh in my head again or is it just better? I never thought I'd be saying that and I won't be, but I will say........that they've truly out done themselves and took great advantage of their studio time for the recording of this album. I found myself tuned in throughout this entire venture. "Lost in found" is a great opening track, and the eight songs that follow take you deeper into the ever changing image of the dream that they are painting. "Freak Out Ethel" is reminiscent, in theory, to a band I will name nameless, but with one listen you will hear, feel, and even taste their inspiration. As the album continues, the songs distance themselves from hard to smooth to soft and delicate like "Kaleidoscopic Cadence". I love the mellotron fade out at the end. It absolutely speaks to me. Speaking of the end, the last track "Aurora" begins backwards but quickly becomes an on forward onslaught of psychedelic shredding that ends in a sudden quick fade that made me ponder.If I had to describe "Paint me a Dream" into, let's say, 5 words. I'd have to say, "I really love this album." Simply put! If you haven't checked them out yet, please check out their past discography and support them on the social networks below. frameborder="no" height="450" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">Facebook: Sky Picnic Twitter: @SkyPicnicWebsite: www.skypicnicmusic.comBandcamp: www.skypicnic.bandcamp.comContact:[...]

Jessica Pratt: Jessica Pratt (2012)


Birth Records has birthed a true treasure for it's debut release. A record label started by one of my favorite artists these days, Tim Presley,who invested his hard earned White Fence money to get this voice on wax, and onto record players everywhere. The voice belongs to Jessica Pratt, and her album just melted my ears straight into my heart.Armed with a voice and a guitar, this album from start to finish takes the simplicity of a melody and moves mountains in doing so. Jessica can do no wrong with her warm, embracing, and welcoming voice. I have to admit upon listening to this album, many moments of tingling goose bumps rushed through my arms as soon as certain notes of echoed whispers exited her mouth.She has a voice that is comparable to an incomparable 60's folk artist that has yet to be discovered. This record has the feeling of many late 60's/early 70's folk recordings in the vein of Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell, complete with a finely finger picked guitar, a capo, and a set a lungs.The beginning of "Night Faces" has a reminiscent essence to the Michael Lloyd produced track "Amblin" in 1969, from the first Steven Spielberg film. But as soon as Jessica start singing, all resemblance fades into her own melodic creation. As each track is heard, you know that you've discovered something special as each song on this long player continues to send shivers, as the candlelight flickers, and the last drop of wine is poured in the glass. There is not one bad song on this album, and I have already discovered that I need more songs to be released. I can already picture a light string quartet as her backing would melt right into her next release. You can check out 3 choice cuts from her release at Birth Records's soundcloud page below, but why listen to those three songs when I know you will just be purchasing the record after listening.Sir Psych Facebook: Jessica PrattLabel: Birth Records FacebookWebsite and Order info: frameborder="no" height="450" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">[...]

Prince Rupert's Drops: Run Slow (2012)


I've been hearing whispers of psychedelic sounds coming out of New York, and had my first listen a few weeks back of the debut release from Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. "Almond Man" first entered my eardrums and created a contagious listen from this Brooklyn band's debut available NOVEMBER 13th. The band is called Prince Rupert's Drops, and the album is called Run Slow.I'm not going to delve into the history and they mystery of the band, but concentrate on the music on their 8 song lay out. The album is full of creative guitar leads, as well as out there sing a long hooks. With the accompany of male and female lead vocals, each song bends through the album to create universal choir of diverse mixtures. The mystic middle eastern inspired tune "Plague Ride" starts right off with steady back beat and a driving bass line, that then carries the song through blended vocals that rides the rhythm well the first minute and a half. The following five minutes lends seldom vocal appearances in between scorching guitar leads, which then leads to continuation of the vocals, then winds down to a slowing fade out."This Evening's Arm" has a 60's British mirror image sound which continues the format structure of the songs. Basically hook filled verses and chorus's that lead to a guitar driven endings. The best example of this is on the album's title track, and closer, "Runs Slow". Possibly my favorite track on this album. Pure riff rock with light guitar leads played throughout the verses under the vocals. A slight pause in the groove, then the snare filled rolls stretch the song into a psychedelic droning guitar lead that infectiously gets stuck in your head. Weaving through phasing to a fading orgasmic completion in this nine minute opus.The 8 songs on this album are filling, but have left plenty room for dessert. I don't like to rate or critique albums, I leave that to the listener. On a personal level though, this release gets big thumbs up and strong support from Sir Psych. The closing of the year is leading to a strong delivery of bands delivering their best efforts to end the year. MMOSS, The Resonars, and my band, The Smoking Trees still have heady offerings full of psychedelic insight to release this year, and Prince Rupert's Drops just got added to the list of prime must have purchases. Sir PsychStream, purchase & pre-order album here: allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="410" src="" style="display: block; height: 410px; position: relative; width: 300px;" width="300">Prince Rupert's Drops - Run Slow by Prince Rupert's Drops[...]

Birmingham Sunday: Prevalent Visionaries (2012)


There have been so many documented, and undocumented stories on the short lives of a 60's rock band. The Birmingham Sunday are no exception to this story telling method. They released on LP, on the All American label, their only release to date. They were from Nevada, and this release was more of a local hit, than an international success. It was not even successful to say the least.Again, like most stories told today about the 60's bands of old, a band's short lifeline gets extended through research and vinyl archeology. Their only album entitled, A Message from Birmingham Sunday, was reissued on vinyl by Lilith Records/Akarma in 2009, and record collectors' got a taste of the record for the first time in 40 years. It is one of the rarest records that are available to get an original copy of. I only know of one person who owns it, and he bought it in Nevada, where they are from. Their sound carries everything from a bluesy, heavy guitar and Hammond organ sound to radio friendly Mama's and Papa's pop songs. There's also plenty of ear friendly AM cuts and psychedelic fixtures on this album. My standout track is "Mr. Waters", which is one of those traditional 60's songs being told of a tale of person who growing up before the time of mind expansion. "Egocentric Solitude"/"Prevalent Visionaries" was the only single released in mid 1969 to push the LP release. It placed on the local charts and scattered cities throughout the states, but really didn't move minds, as far into creating record sales. After touring prior, during, and just after the record release, the band had reached it's peak and shortly disbanded. A few of the members kept trying to further their careers in music, and others returned to punching a clock and choosing other career paths.So a reissue comes out in 2009, and you think that's the end of the band's story? Well usually that would be the case, but instead the story continues, and even takes us to a year previous in 1968. A two disc compilation is being released by Crossfire Publications, that takes the original 10 songs from their 1969 album release, along with recently recorded tracks from all the surviving members. Also included are pre and post recording from the band that were intended for a second Birmingham Sunday release. Plus early mixes, outtakes, Mono & Stereo mixes, single released versions, and other pre Birmingham Sunday releases. This compilation is going to be the definitive release with almost 50 tracks on this set. For a band that had a life span of 10 songs in 1969, to a new birth of the Birmingham Sunday in 2012, with an additional 36 songs to further their discography. This release will add on to a story that supposedly ended over 40 years ago, and will create a new life and a new ending to the tale of the Birmingham Sunday.Sir PsychCheck out their social media sites: Facebook: Crossfire PublicationsWebsite: Crossfire Publications Site Track listing:Disc One A MESSAGE FROM BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY (Tracks 1-10):1.Egocentric Solitude (LP Mix) (3:18)  2.Wondering What To Feel (2:36) 3.Prevalent Visionaries (LP Mix) (2:50) 4.You’re Out Of Line (LP Mix) (2:53) 5.Medieval Journeys (2:35) 6.Mr. Waters (The Judge) (LP Mix) (2:54) 7.Fate And The Magician (1:56) 8.Peter Pan Revisited (2:14) 9.Time To Land (3:01) 10.Don’t Turn Around (2:41) IT IS WHAT IT WAS (Tracks 11-23):11.It’s A Good Day (4:39) 12.C’est La Vie Blues (3:29) 13.Summer Dream (3:54) 14.Put It In Gear (5:43) 15.The Early Side Of Morning (3:55) 16.Mortuary Blues (3:27) 17.Franktown Road (2:47) 18.Ward Creek (3:49) 19.The Traveler (3:26) 20.In The Eye Of A Storm (3:30) 21.Haunting Me (3:58) 22.The Raven (4:46) 23.Raw Rhythm (3:52)DISC 2  PRE- AND POST-ALBUM DEMOS, ALTERNATE MIXES AND RARITIES1.Who’s To Blame (Demo) (3:21) [...]

Ian Skelly: Cut from a Star (2012)


If you have been following Ian Skelly on Facebook, then you have given the privilege to hear snippets throughout the last half of 2012 of his album that he has been recording, Cut from a Star. He would post a link on his Facebook page to a song that he just posted on Soundcloud. If you were lucky enough to look at your page and see his post, then you were lucky enough to hear the song. It would normally be up for a day or so, and then it was gone. You'd just have playback what you just heard in your mind as soon as it was taken off his page. Like a fiend, I have search though the internet to find links or clips to the songs that he posted, but it was like they never even existed.I remember the hype coming across the pond to the states in 2002, from Mojo and NME articles, about this 6 piece of youths from England, called The Coral, that were breeding catchy 60's inspired melodies. Eventually, I got a hold of some imports of their first EP's (The perks of working at a record store) and I really enjoyed what I heard. Definitely had an original sound, and I anticipated hearing the full together package on their debut. It was a stellar release, and one of my favorite LP's of 2002. I saw them play their first US tour at Doug Weston's Troubadour, and the live effort melted well against their studio effort.   Since their debut release, I have purchased all their albums, and seen them play a number of times upon returned trips to the states. Their last release in 2010, Butterfly House, left a long waited gap from their previous album, Roots & Echoes in 2007. At last, the final product that was 3 years in the making was a finely produced album by John Leckie. It was the first album released without guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, who departed in 2008. Again, one of my top albums from 2010.Recently, they've been recording their seventh studio album, but not much has happened publicly with The Coral since their current hiatus. What better thing to do on a band's hiatus from the public then to work on your own material. It has been reported that James Skelly has been recording his own project. Lee Southall has been recording with Molly Jones, and that's exactly what drummer Ian Skelly has been doing. Cut from a Star, from what I have heard so far, is a gentle psychedelic approach to music. It holds a simplistic balance with The Coral's music, but yet departs from their regular formula of sound. For starters it was recorded on a Tascam cassette recorder, with multi instrumentation's performed by Mr. Skelly. It's not just a solo performance on this album. His first single is the title release "Cut from a Star", which includes James Skelly on bass, with additional features from Paul Duffy, Nick Power, Lee Southall throughout the album. The Sundowners also lay down some background vocals and instrumentation on another choice cut, "I See You", which was one of the sample clips that he previously posted. "Firebird" was my favorite of the soundcloud releases that I can't wait to revisit again. A few others that I wonder are on the final track listing are "Its Only Love", "Into The Red Room", "Nickel and Dime", "Caterpillar", "Paper Skies", and "D.N.A". Check out his latest video for  "Cut from a Star" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="640">  With the likes of these being released, as well as other songs that he hasn't smuggled into our minds' yet, this should be a superior release to wind down the year. Look for it available on DECEMBER 10th. Available on LP,CD, and digital release.Sir PsychCheck out Ian Skelly's social media sites:Facebook: Ian Skelly MusicTwitter: @IanSkelly1Website: www.ianskellymusic.comBlog: www.ianskelly.wordpr[...]

Down Under Nuggets (2012)


As far as psychedelic/garage compilations are concerned, Nuggets is the true original. 40 years ago, the first Nuggets double LP was released on Elektra Records, and has been possibly one of the most influential series that caters to psychedelic music. Since the release of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, it has been reissued a few times, sold on TV infomercials in the 80's & 90's, and expanded and released by Rhino Records in 1998 in a 4 CD box set. The double LP and single CD are being re-released NOVEMBER13th.4 years later in 2001, Rhino released Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond, 1964–1969, which continued the series in a respected box set, and dug a little deeper to bring out choice nuggets from around the world. This worldly collection, molds well with the liked collection of Rubble, Fading Yellow, and Pebbles. I connected a bit more the the song selection on this collection than with the first Nuggets box set. More for the fact that I could hear songs from the first Nuggets collection on oldies radio, and Nuggets II I really couldn't.  In 2004, Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults was released in a single disc collection on Rhino Handmade. It was a limited release of 7,500 discs, and were all songs from the library of associated Warner Brothers music groups. The same year, Come to the Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults continued the series with more songs from the Warner Brothers library.  Although these four collections covered psychedelic music from the 60's, psychedelic music continued to be recorded through the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Rhino Records was well aware of that at compiled another 4 disc box set appropriately titled Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era, 1976–1995. Most of the music on this set were taken from the paisley rock scene in the 80's, where the term neo psychedelic was derived. Comparing this collection to that of the music of the 1960's is impossible to compare, yet I feel this continued series of Nuggets was a genuine collection of great artifacts. I feel it's main purpose was to display the creative energy that carried the tag of psychedelic music of 60's with a new breed of 80's technology and sound. The Nuggets story doesn't quite end there. When I think of psychedelic music that was being made in the US in the 60's, I would think of California. More specifically I would think of San Francisco. That's where the Nuggets story continues with Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 released in 2007. This is a solid 4 disc collection which does a good job on focusing on the San Francisco scene. Of course the typically known bands make there appearance on this set, but quite a few lesser known moments appear throughout this set. In 2009, Rhino ventures south of Frisco to focus on the Los Angeles scene in Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965–1968. Being from Los Angeles, this set hit a home run with me. It featured key songs from the Sunset Strip and the sounds from the neighboring communities.Now where would Nuggets want to focus on next? New York? Mid West? Down South perhaps? Not those areas quite yet. How about down under in Australia? Yes Australia, and why not? Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-1967 continues the Nuggets series on NOVEMBER 16th. The set list of this new collection has not been released yet, but with the name Nuggets on it, how could you lose. Along with this collection being released, it will be accompanied with yet another collection of Australian bands paying tribute with cov[...]

Hand: Everybody's Own (2012 Reissue)


 All I can say abut this album is.....It's about time. I have a CD-R rip of this album that I got in the early part of the millennium, and I have been trying to track this album down since. This is one of those album's that I bring up in conversations with vinyl heads, and question marks appear upon their faces once the question is asked if they've heard the album "Everybody's Own" by Hand.  Earlier this year, I posted a song on youtube of my favorite track from this album, "Shifting leads", which starts off with a jazzy beat, worked with the blending of a somewhat take on Dave Brubeck's "Take Five's" main piano riff. It all comes together with guitars and vocals in 22 seconds, and the hook slows things down with an echoed, reverb vocal. Then it gets back on cue with a contagious piano solo. It's a beautifully crafted piece of music, and come to find out, it was created in most part by teenagers. allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">An album worth of material was written, performed, and recorded by Marc Osborne and Tony Angier in Switzerland in 1972. It was only available in limited release and within limited reach of music collectors outside of Europe. Thanks to the people at Golden Pavilion Records, and with distribution through Light in the Attic Records, another limited release of 600 copies of this record will be available on DECEMBER 5th. This is one of those records that you shouldn't let slip pass your radar. With a touch of psych, folk, rock, pop, and jazz, Hand's "Everybody's Own" has a little bit of everything for everybody.Order the album here: Hand "Everybody's Own" limited LPEmail Golden Pavilion Records:    Distribution: Light in the Attic Records[...]

The Velvet Underground: The Verve & MGM Albums Box Set (2012)


What can be said about The Velvet Underground's music? For starters, I have never heard a band that sounded like them. I still remember my first listen to them, and not quite getting it. I almost pushed them aside and took their music for granted. Within in several forwarded listens of their "hits", I broke down and bought an album, after being reassured my a friend that this is up my alley. Actually it was a tape of The Velvet Underground & Nico that I purchased my sophomore year in high school. I remember pushing play on my Sony Sportsman Walkmen to the delicate sounds of "Sunday Morning". At that point my ears woke up, my senses became numb, and the birth of a new part of my mind was being awoken. Throughout the years of collecting, I've added all of The Velvet Underground studio albums, bootlegs, originals, and reissues which have expanded the "V" section on my record shelves. I'm the type of person who if I like something, I dig my way through the discography of band and add the LP's till they are all found. That's one of the characteristics of me that I felt was my weakness. Being a completest that is. Though I have realized, many years later, that it's not a weakness, and that I would've missed out on several fine recordings if I didn't dig deep, or deep enough, into the catalog. The Velvet Underground is no exception.Picking the order of my favorite of their studio albums is like having to pick the order of my children from favorite to least favorite. And taking my favorite songs from each record, and assembling the perfect release would be like birthing a new child, which I don't have room for. Rather than critiquing their music, and I have a better bond with just listening to it. Each album shows not just growth, but a band that didn't change with time, but changed time. Yes, members left, and new one entered, producer's changed and the band's sound changes. The Doug Yule years had as much impact as the John Cale years in my opinion. Take the LP Loaded for instance. I can listen to that album, and it find it to be a better album than White Light/White Heat one day. Then the next day it's switched around. I gather up so many different emotions from The Velvet Underground's music. That's a good thing because there's so much music out there that doesn't do anything for me or what the band or artist set out for it to do.I have to agree that this box set is essential rock & roll history. For a band to leave such a mark in music and not have the radio hits to show for it says so much. Now I own all of these albums already, and I will be purchasing these when they are available OCTOBER 30th. That's a no brainer! It's been just about 20 years since my first purchase of this band, and I don't see anything stopping me from buying their music 20 years later.Sir PsychPre-Order the release here: The Velvet Underground Box SetFacebook: The Velvet UndergroundWebsites:                       bordercolor="#000000" frameborder="0" height="150" hspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src=";sz=180x150;ord=[timestamp]?;lid=41000000028007181;pid=UBM9780847830848;usg=AFHzDLslhw6GGHEuC6lmEWbL6DU6AbLf2g;;pubid=584665;price=%2437.50;title=The+Velvet+Underground...;merc=CDS+Books+and+DVDS;;[...]

Daughters of Albion: Now Sounds Reissue (2012)


Now Sounds, the associated label of Cherry Red Records, is releasing a long over due CD reissue of the lone 1968 self titled LP by Greg Dempsey and Kathy Yesse, known simply as Daughters of Albion. Leon Russell produced and arranged this album, which are full of songs that are each more different than the next one you hear. The connection of Leon Russell, Greg Dempsey, and Kathy Yesse, later known as Kathy Dalton, doesn't start in 1968 with the release of this album. Leon and Greg were buddies from previous years back in Oklahoma prior to migrating west to Los Angeles. Once Greg arrived in Los Angeles, he teamed up with Kathy Yesse to form The Gas Co. and release their first Jack Nitche produced single for the Mirwood label in 1965 called "Your time's up"/"Blow your Mind". Jack Nitche went on to produce two more singles on the Reprise label in 1966 and 1967, for the now newly named Gas Company. Four singles in all were released by Greg and Kathy between 1965-67.It was a transitional stage for Leon Russell in the fall of 1967. He previously recorded music in Texas, but made a name for himself as a top notch session musician in Los Angeles. He, Marc Benno, and Jerry Riopelle of The Parade, released the one off single "Land of Oz"/ I'll be thinking of you" under the name Le Cirque, on the Buddah Label. Between working with the likes of Harper's Bizarre, Gary Lewis, and Gene Clark, he and Marc Benno recorded and released the well diverse LP Look inside the Asylum Choir in 1968.What Leon Russell was doing with the Asylum Choir, carried well into the production of his next project with his old friend Greg Dempsey. The Daughter of Albion LP sparkles with pop orchestrations, rocking grooves, over the top instrumentation, and well crafted male/female harmony blends. "John Flip Lockup", easily could have been 4 separate songs on the album, but  instead is made up into a well cut up, and quite humorous medley to close out the album. With additional songs that take aim towards hippie angst, realizations of life, both tragic and heartfelt, along with slow ballads of candle holding & celebrations of love between two people. There really isn't a bad song on this album, and the production and incorporation of several types of music and sounds (including farting) really makes this album a highlight of 1968. But of course like many great albums, Daughters of Albion fell into obscurity, and never rose to it's recorded potential as far as sales go.Years later, it has resurfaced into many record collectors collections, including mine. This is an album I can put on anytime, and first time listener's ears raise like a dogs does when it hears something striking. Thanks to Now Sounds, they are reissuing this album for it's first legitimate release on compact disc, mastered from the original master tapes. Also included is the original mono mix from their only 7" release "Well Wired"/"Story of Sad", a 16 page booklet with rare photos, and liner notes from original band members involved. They are already taking pre-orders, and it will be available OCTOBER 29, 2012. This release is well beyond a stocking stuffer for the Christmas season. It should be listened to through Halloween and Thanksgiving as well.Sir PsychCheck out Now Sounds at their social media sites:Facebook: Now SoundsTwitter: @nowsoundsWebsite:  bordercolor="#000000" frameborder="0" height="150" hspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src=";sz=180x150;ord=[timestamp]?;lid=41000000028007181;pid=UBM724352539024;usg=AFHzDLubiHzFaRtEIjgF7H6zN5gQAxWdbg;adurl=http%[...]

Fading Yellow Volume 14


The Fading Yellow Volume 14 was in the works for quite some time, and has finally made it's official release last month. If your familiar with Jörgen Johansson's Fading Yellow Series, then you know what sounds your are in for. The series tends to lean towards the soft harmony laden tunes of yesteryear & the obscure whimsical pop tunes of the mid 60's to early 70's. A majority of 60's compilations that are made available today, and in the past, seem to combine a roster of already widely made available songs on their track listings. The Fading Yellow brand contain songs that are more sought out, and more collector oriented, yet pleasing for a listen if your ears are leaning towards something with a less aggressive 60's psychedelic rock sound.Volume 14 focus's on the Spanish popsike sounds of Spain between the years 1967-1973. You're still getting the same sound of previous volumes, but just with songs sung in another tongue. I am familiar with most of the artists on this collection, but having them played together blends beautifully, and the track selections from each artist could not have been any better. There are a few selections in English, but the majority are in Spanish. If you don't speak the language, that shouldn't stop you from picking up this limited release. The music and harmonies are to be heard and felt universally. Before you know it you'll be humming a chorus, which will then lead to you singing in full blown Spanish.This volume is available with a limited pressing of 500 copies. It is a little pricey at just under $30 US dollars, but these Fading Yellow compilations are seldom on being released, and especially on vinyl. If you're more of a CD listener, you can also pick up the limited CD version of Fading Yellow Volume 14, with 3 extra bonus tracks not available on the LP. I'm already looking forward to Volume 15!Sir PsychSide A 1.Los Iberos: Fantastic girl 2.Los Mustang: Suspira la niña 3.Modulos: Ya no me quieres 4.Amores: Ana 5.Los Pasos: Yo fuí el mejor 6.Mocedades: Esta noche ha Llovido 7.Los 5 Musicales: Feria de Scarborough Side B1.Pic-Nic: You heard my voice 2.Nuevos Horizontes: tio vivo 3.Isasi: Cantándole al viento 4.Los Cuatro Monedas: Mira de frente 5.Los Sirex: Eva 6.Los Mitos: Cuando vuelvas 7.Albert Band: En sueñosCD Bonus Tracks1.Los Iberos: Back in time2.Pic-Nic: Hush little baby3.Los Iberos: Nighttime  Order LP: Fading Yellow 14 LPOrder CD: Fading Yellow 14 CD[...]

Sir Psych: Recollections


Those who know me, and to those who have followed me through the psychedelic cosmos, know my love for psychedelic music. Twice a month I host the show Recollections where I share music from my collection. You will definitely hear the pops and hisses in this show which runs a little over an hour. I have had two episodes posted so far and I wrapping up my third this week.

What you hear in this program are songs that hold a special place in my heart, a touch of the weird or odd, and exposure to upcoming artists I feel are dear and true in the psychedelic music scene. Along with records found in the deepest part of the crates in my collection. I go on in full detail describing various stories on the releases I play. Words on where and when I picked it up, the first time I heard it, and so forth.

Episode 3 will focus on psychedelic 45's from my collections. As I type these words you are reading I am listening to the show in the background, and it is setting the scene perfectly for a thorough listen. So if you an hour of time to gaze into nothing and daze into something, Recollections is a good place to start.

Mixcloud: Recollections
Facebook: Sir Psych
Twitter: @Sir_Psych

The Resonars: Crummy Desert Sound (2012)


It seems like for the past year I've been caught listening, waiting for, and buying music from the same circle of record labels. Although that's a good thing, I would love to see some of these other indie and major labels step up their game, and release something that has some staying power. As the circle continues it's cycle, it stops again at another upcoming Burger Records release.The Resonars have released some of the most catchy garage pop tunes that has surfaced in the past decade. Every couple of years, Matt Rendon emerges from an oasis in the Arizona desert, and releases some heat in the form of sound. I lived in Tucson from 1990-1999, from age 13 to 23. I would say I grew from a boy to a man, and took in most elements, experiments, and experience from that "Crummy Desert". I can only say I miss a few things about Tucson. 1.PDQ Records: A long closed record store where I would be digging 5 days a week.2.Mexican Food: I can't name them all, but some of the best Sonoran style cooking north of the border.3.Mexico: Being able to jump to Nogales for a day, party, and come back home lead to many great memories. Even in high school.Besides that the music scene always seemed out of touch, except in certain circuits, and you really had to look hard or travel to see a good band. The Resonars are a band I wish was around back then with a bigger word of mouth that could debate my opinion. Roots of The Resonars goes back to the early 90's, with other reincarnations of members throughout the 90's. With a cassette only release in 1995, and other home recordings seeing some light, it wasn't till 1997 when The Resonars, now a one man Rendon, recorded and released his first LP only self titled release on Star Time Records. A year later, still with no band, released Bright and Dark on Get Hip Records, then retired The Resonars all together.He returned in 2002 with another release, Lunar Kit, and again in 2007 with Nonetheless Blue, both on Get Hip Records. It wasn't till 2008, when Burger Records emerged, and wanted to release one of their favorite bands music from their trips to Tucson as Thee Makeout Party!. That's what lead to 2008's That Evil Drone, released on Burger Records. The Resonars past releases were also reissued by Burger to expose these great songs to a wider and new audience. Like most limited releases from Burger, these have long since sold out.Which leads us to 2012, and the next release "Crummy Desert Sound" is about to emerge to pick up where That Evil Drone left off 3 years ago. A few months back, Trouble in Mind Records released a 4 song EP of recordings that still keeps the same format of The Hollies meet The Who recording style. The inside information that I have received on this new record are quoted as being perhaps "the best Burger release to date." I can't argue with that being that That Evil Drone is one of my favorite Burger releases. We shall see soon enough in the next coming months of waiting for the crummy desert to heat us up this winter.Sir PsychCheck out The Resonars social media sites.Facebook: The ResonarsMyspace: The Resonars MyspaceTrouble in Mind: T.I.MBurger: Discography[...]

Burger Records


It just seems like yesterday, that I was told from by buddy Dr. Frederick Phases, from the She Comes in Colours radio show, that I needed to head to Fullerton to check out this new record store that just opened up. He said I needed to head out there fast because they had a fresh stock of psychedelic records for the taking. The following week I made sure that I paid a visit to this store, for I love finding a fresh new place to do some digging.I remember walking into a large open rectangular room with a fresh coat of fluorescent green paint on the wall. It was mid day and I was the only person in the store, which gave me a sense of finding a fresh new place to explore. When I walk into a record store for the first time, I usually head to the first rack I see and start browsing. As soon as I walked in I headed to the first row of record racks placed in the front of the store, which was luckily the "A" section in rock/pop. With my fingertips meandering through the vinyl, the sense of browsing left me, and I started pulling out records and creating an impressive stack. Still with nobody seen in the store, not even someone that worked there, I kept making my way through the rock/pop section. About 10 minutes into my dig a young man came out from the white door in the back of the store. He came up to and welcomed me to the store, and introduced himself to me as Sean, co-owner of Burger Records. I then congratulated him on the opening of his new store, and showed him some choice cuts I had found to add to the collection. I told him that my friend told me I needed to get down here, for he had an impressive psychedelic collection. That's when he lead me to a section devoted to only psychedelic records. Needless to say, it lead to adding more records to the already over grown stack I built.We kept a steady conversation, talking about records, music, and the change from being a journalist to record store owner. The more we talked the more I noticed the familiar looking grin on his face, which led to him asking if I was Sir Psych. "Why yes I am!" I told him. The acknowledgement of being noticed is a compliment itself, but he proceeded in thanking me for the numerous volumes that he has downloaded from me throughout the years. Even telling me that he has used my compilations as references in buying vinyl. The conversation then went from talking about records to talking about cassette tapes. He then told me that Burger Records is also a record label, and that they released both cassette and vinyl releases. He then gave me the first 3 Burger Records tapes that I still own today.1.Devon Williams: Carefree2.King Tuff: Is dead3.The Go: Howl on the Haunted Beat you RideI have to admit that I hadn't heard of any of those bands, but now they are known thoroughly all around the world. Sean told me that King Tuff's "Sun Medallion" has my name written all over it. Not just the song was good, but the whole album was fresh and full of great tunes. The Go blew my mind, and since then I have picked up all of their other related projects. Through the past three years of visiting Burger Records, I have watched them grow from a record store selling new and used vinyl to an ever growing independent record label, releasing 100's of limited released cassettes, and original vinyl releases. What other label out there would release the music of an unknown garage band or a bedroom recorded project, and sell out of the cassette in doing so? That's what makes Burger Records an original one of a kind label. They took a dying form of[...]

Beaulieu Porch: In Touch with the Infinite (2012)


I'm still digesting the popsike delicacies of Beaulieu Porch's self titled digital release from earlier this year. Since it's May release on Out of the Box Records, it has since been released in physical form compact disc, and is soon to be released on limited edition vinyl. While the buzz is still building from this strong debut, the next chapter of Beaulieu Porch is set to drop in a few weeks.  "In touch with the Infinite" is the title of the sophomore release from the talented Simon Berry, who is the one man, multi instrumentalist that makes up Beaulieu Porch. Simon Barry writes, records, and composes some of the most magnificent sounding popsike songs that has surfaces in recent years. His music is draped in vintage 60's British fashion, tapered in an orchestral setting, wrapped up within intertwining guitar leads, driving bass lines, and a voice that melts magically over the already impressive score of music. The first song released was an acoustic version of "Laminations are loaded" which was the opening track from his debut release. It was only available exclusively through Beaulieu Porch's website. You can still join his mailing list to receive the free download, which also includes "Navy Blue the first", which will not be available on the new album. Equally impressive as his other works, "Navy blue the first" is a slow 6 minute ballad, and like most of Simon Berry's material, builds up with increasing sounds to complete it's evolution. He has since released 5 songs from the new album in video form, which are available on his website here.I don't want to sell this one short ladies and gentlemen. His past work should illustrate to you, the listener, that Beaulieu Porch's music is more than just a song, or just an album. It's a journey through a lysergic sound-scape with a scene set by one man. One man who is named Simon Berry, but is heard as Beaulieu Porch.Sir PsychTRACK LISTING:IN TOUCH WITH THE INFINITE (2012)1.Anno Domini2.Amen3.Number 73 to Knowhere4.Virgil Part One (Hello, World!)5.Scene One, Raspberry Babies6.Laminations are Loaded (Acoustic)7.Devolution8.It's good to be bad9.Virgil Part Two (Goodbye, World!)10.Jerusalem 11.Excerpt from "The Ornamental Cage"All songs Written, Produced, and Recorded by: Simon Berry ©2012Check out Beaulieu Porch at their social media sites:Facebook: Beaulieu ProchWebsite: Youtube: Video's  [...]

MMOSS: Only Children (2012)


A few years back I was given a CD-R copy of an album that was being passed around in small places. There are very few albums in life that I have listened to where I never used the forward button. After the first listen of MMOSS: "i" (2010) album, I found one more album to add to the list of albums I don't have to forward through to find a great song. This CD-R copy I had was originally released as a "name your price" download on Bandcamp, which eventually found a tape and LP release on Burger Records. I am proud to be an owner of both versions.I was intrigued by the sense of psychedelia that they were writing and recording, and I searched through youtube, like most people do, to see some footage of them. At that time there were perhaps only 6 or 8 live performances that gave me a look into the structure of their band set up. The first visuals I saw were that of flutist and keeper of the keys, Rachel Neveu, center stage, playing the keys with one hand, and wailing on the flute with the other. Such colourful  sounds appeared over a droning back beat, intertwined with the deafening feedback of Doug Tuttle's swirling guitar sounds. My eye's and ears were defeated over this brief, yet candid, amateur handy cam footage. Since then, MMOSS has found a musical place in my heart and mind. With the end of the year coming soon, there is an open window of time left for the last releases of the year to wake upon us. The ever growing Chicago label, Trouble in Mind Records, is releasing their sophomore effort "Only Children" (TIM043) later this year, and MMOSS should be picking up where they last left off. They released a 5 and a half minute teaser in April this year called "Spoiled Sun", which is still available on their bandcamp page. I'm not sure if that track is going to be on their LP, but if it is, we will be in for a psychedelic treat of excellence. So as I check off the last days to the end of the year, or Earth (?), I also check off the days till NOVEMBER 13TH, when this long player will be circling on my 1200's. Until then, here's a taste of the first release from "Only Children. frameborder="no" height="166" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">Sir PsychCheck out MMOSS at their social media sites:Facebook: MMOSS Twitter: mmossbandBandcamp: MMOSS Music  [...]

The Smoking Trees: Acetates (2012)


The Smoking Trees have been recording songs for this album for about a year now, and are ready to drop their debut album "Acetates" at the tail end of 2012. This year has been good as far as psychedelic music is concerned. With 3 months left in the year, there is more than enough time for more classic material to be released. "Acetates" is a collection of 21 songs, that clock in just over 70 minutes, and cover all sub genre's of psychedelic music. Everything from popsike, rock, baroque, droning sitars to bubblegum pop. It's all here for your listening pleasure, and I am sure you will be able to grasp a portion of this album, if not the whole thing.The album is set up to listen from start to finish. Each song is connected with backwards interludes and hidden tracks in between songs that leave no dead space at all on the album. I suggest you listen to each song all the way through, because you might miss something that will catch your ear, make you smile, or make you push the rewind button. A few of the songs have been released previously, but prepare yourself for different mixes and alternate versions to be released on "Acetates". The strong point for The Smoking Trees music is the knack for putting together a catchy hook, and being able to connect that with sing along verses. It might be hard to tell who is singing lead vocals on each song, because both voices intertwine together to create an entirely different type of lead vocal. The harmony blend mixed with The Smoking Trees style of instrumentation, I feel, creates a sound that is hard to compare to another artist or band. The Smoking Trees are not trying to change the world with progressive riffs, and over the top calculus compositions. The Smoking Trees put together a fun album, full of catchy songs that will stick to your mind, and have you humming and singing them uncontrollably.TRACK LISTING:1.Entrance2.See3.Merry Go Maggie4.Close your eyes5.Changes in Perception6.Return to the Morning7.Real8.Calling9.In another Land10.The things that you don't see11.Eyes Closed12.On an Afternoon13.Go14.Every little thing15.Nowhere land16.Persuaded Rendezvous17.Stay for the night18.Here she comes19.To the End20.Fly without wings21.Acetates width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="">[...]