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paper wings 'ash field' cd (pseudoarcana / black petal)


one of my lovliest almost fall 00s collab between anthony milton & anthony guerra. pseudoarcana black petal get ash field

lars gunar bodin / bengt emil johnson 'semikolon' LP



the same friend that suggested the michael vetter LP/7" remind me of the bodin / johnson 'semikolon' LP. to tell you the truth i wasn't a fan of bodin's works. with only but a couple of exceptions his works never attracted me. on the other hand i always liked johnson's works. not perhaps as much as of other text sound artists but a lot.

when i received this 1965 LP recorded of a radio play in the swedish radio i admit i had the shit out of me. not as freaked as someone might believe but it's a gorgeous amazingly structured work that nails you down while listening. ever since i bought it became one of my most beloved and favest text sound classics of my collection. hope it works the same for you!

record infos here (wav upload side per side rip)
LP infos here


michael vetter 'gespraeche ohne worte' LP + 7"



till the moment i learned from a friend about this record i was aware only of michael vetter's contributions to various stockhausen projects most notable the aus den sieben tagen boxset and the scarce info i had tracked down here and there. i can't say i was much into his later 80's / 90's work as they didn't work for me.

so when i tracked down this one thanks to that friend i was foxed of whether to get it or not. risked and the risk blew me off with this curiosity!

on this record michael vetter experiments with children who improvise with a language without words and the result is outstanding and totally outsider if you wanna use this word.

listen yourself to get what i mean!

michael johnsen


i hadn't paid much attention earlier to michael johnsen's work and it wasn't until last year (or i think so) that did i purchased those 2 3"cdrs from metamkine which turned to an instant love.


michael works with surfaces, acoustics and electronics making a stunning atmosphere. more musique concrete feeling on 1 cdr and more improvised electronics on the other. dating from 2007. sadly not so much music of his around...


trully rocks!

michael johnsen 2 3"cdrs

hafler trio 'redintegrate' CD (staaltape stcd 014)



a short and great fave. h3o has been a extreme fave in mid 90's that 've discovered their records and started listening to them maniacally. still is, mostly the chris watson era before his departure in fall 80's though 'kill the king' too and the sub rosa peter greenaway cd belong to faves as well.

redintegrate is a tape reissue on cd here's the info of the tape taken from touch's site


Since 1953, The Hafler Trio has continued to implement the disuputed findings of the acoustic researcher Robert Spridgeon. 'Redintegrate' is a compendium of details taken from recordings made since that time, many of which are included more extensively than on [the above releases]. Each bears out Spridgeon's deposition: 'Until man can learn to set himself from himself, what he is from what he does, there can be no real hope of creation'.

Redintegrate was sponsored by EDGAR RODGERS and The Bureaux Clothing Group, established in 1982. The cassette, which was packaged in a Magnam Products Microcase, contained a folded card [see above] and, separately, with 3 postcards by Panni Charrington. Design: Jon Wozencroft

cd had different cover of course / booklet.

is actually a different mix of classic h30 sounds from 'bang!', etc... a game usually done by h3o for various releases e.g. the 'play the hafler trio' cd on anckarstrom.



ilios 'encyclopedia' cd antifrost afro 001 1996



i uploaded earlier the catalogue of the experimental musics fest in 97 and totally loved the idea of ripping (though knowing that dimitris will skin me alive) the what i consider today as one of the best experimental records to emerge from greece in the 90's (well 'ermai' is the other and #3 in my list is the 1st side of optical musics still unpublished promo tape of'abbe olympios' - the 2nd side needs editing to be as freaked improv as the 1st) and definitely one of the best of the last 20 years at least regarding our local network.

issued in 96 after an LP on elfish and the pharmacodynamics cd on eflish too which had as bonus the 2nd side of the LP. till then and at least for the great part of the 90s ilios was using mostly samples and was this a la residents (allow me this comparison) kind of sound. i still recall the day i met dimitris downtown for a beer (well i must have drunk a hell of vodka for sure then)and get my copy plus distro copies. remember that a couple of hours later i crushed in l.a. bar in exarhia to hang out with spyros of sound pollution / vomit for a couple of drinks (aka more vodka w/ lemon), out of couriosity lakis who run the bar (today runs bar 'oasis' in bangok, thailand so if you chance there say hi from his ol pals) wanted to listen to it so we gave a first listen there, gave it a couple more back home. can't say i liked it on the contrary i loved a lot the naked woman on the booklet's inlay but not so much the cd then. put it in the library and it was a few years later that did i listen to it again and loved it totally loved it, so much that still consider myself an idiot why i never asked for an LP issue or even better why didn't bootleg it and just pop up one day and hang dimitris his copies or better mail them w/ no sender's address on the pack or so.

a strong, well crafted work that each time you listen to it more and more sounds unfold in your mind lotsa styles to remind you but overall is a unique piece of experimental musics that comes highly recommended.

grab it here while you can, listen to it and drop a line to buy for almost nothing you real cd copy at antifrost

cecil taylor unit 'dark to themselves' enja / ward cd



a free jazz mayhem!!!!

guess what i also love in the cd version is the 61+ full version compared to the some 49+ of the LP. notably of course for the 'james' instead of jimmy lyons on the back. the kinda ebay buy for some $6 or less.

total earslaughter in 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 parts

experimental musics fest in volos 21-23 / 2 / 1997 catalogue



another catalogue this time from a 3 day fest that took place in the city of volos back in late feb 1997. back then costis drygianakis (one of the founding members of the greek experimental band 'optical musics' in mid 80's) was an extremely active figure of the greek experimental musics scene being a member of optical musics, the key figure behind the legendary & sadly defunct 'edo'(here) records but also for a period of some 4 years (more or less) got involved in various activities in cultural organisations of the city notable for some trully memorable performances, theatre pieces he helped to set up. a story which sooner or later someone should sing for his behalf but to the point right now...

fall 96 chondros / katsiani and ilios perform in thessaloniki at the basement of the record store 'lotus' (home also of the also defunct poeta negra label)a live set that for thessaloniki networkers of the time will remain as the live set where someone was having a haircut and pieces of his hair were used to saw a buton on his shirt, someothers were trying to vomit on stage but couldn't manage to do so, etc etc etc. a few months later in feb 97 they are invited to set up a 3 day fest in volos in the form of experimental mixed media kinda music, theatre, performance, etc. so this one was set up.

regarding the condros / katsiani photos. a series of photos of the kiss w/ the measuring tape have been used back then in lotsa mags and catalogues. notably also the gallery x in exarhia, athens 97 or 98 chondros / katsiani exhibition that started w/ the kiss that led to the unfolded measure out of their mouths.
the page photo w/ thanasis having the lights taped on him is taken from the 51 weekends events that was held in alli poli gallery (konst melenikou, thess/niki) in 96 is the one that during the performance due to a short circuit problem luckily he wasn't burned alive. due to a fuse problem he started getting burned, electricity was cut and the performance as far as i recall stopped.

i have scanned and uploaded the catalogue of the event (sorry in greek), is the catalogue in its entity as long as people who might seek also infos on the town can found ads of sponsors including shops that might have closed or might have transformed into something else. sadly cannot track down in the archive the video tape of the event in order to rip and upload but hope one day in the future i'll manage to find it. till then enjoy!


wolf eyes & anthony braxton 'black vomit' (victo) cd



must admit that was never fond of the wolvies recordings in general. i chanced upon two live shows of them in 2006 for the atp thing and liked them A LOT but was never for the recorded material. however 'black vomit' belongs to the recordings that i didn't pay attention back then but kicks my ass now. strong and adventurous music and hope you'll share the enthusiasm for it too!

black vomit

aaron dilloway c spencer yeh 'the squid' cd (hanson)



a great love! puchased it from RRRon a few years ago under an enthusiasm for dillo's works and to this day stands as perhaps one of my favest yeh & dillo recorded works! bizarre, sci-fi, noise, electroacoustic call it whatever you want.. simply awesome music!

cd version includes the same titled LP on hanson and as a 4th track you get bonus the tape they did.

kick yr ass man!

diamantis sotiropoulos 'mole' / andreas kasapis 'numb'



i lost this exhibition that took place a few years ago at the gazonrouge gallery but was lucky enough back then to get a copy of the catalogue thanks to tasos & marina of the stunning ommu bookstore.
as you can guess the catalogue was stuffed somewhere in a pile of books, cds, records, etc and rediscovered it today so did a shit scan of it and here it is.


mole / numb


you are playing like a fuckin' pub band


this is a great monster. 6 split tapes issued by 7.17 From West Wittering on ocassion of the record store day which were available from second layer record store .the countdown was to feature a uk artist on the first side and a guest on the other. here are the championsYOU ARE PLAYIN' LIKE A FUCKIN' PUB BANDone. cheapmachines / concrete violintwo. bbblood / emil beaulieauthree. dieter muh / balinese beastfour. onomatopoeia / sudden infantfive. smell & quim / family battle snakesix. dylan nyoukis / ryan jewellidwal fisher has also a nice overview hereand here's the monster! enjoy!!!!you are playing like a fuckin' pub band todos[...]

spk / voigt 465 'live at garibaldi's 21/4/1979'


gotta thanks phil turnbull of voigt 465 an avid tape/cdr trader for this baby. you can get an idea of phil's stunning 'no nights sweat' site here, check his record collection and perhaps trade or even his compilation of early australian post punk.

the tape eventually was tapes and handled to friends mostly though slowly the legacy around it outbreaked...



voigt 465

a welcome mystery
red lcok on the sea steal
voices a drama
remake remodel
is new is
4 hours


john cage 'cage's train' (grafis edizioni / fylkingen records)



a project that materialized after an idea ot tito gotti to john cage, crazy and intense!

you can get an idea here seems that was also reissued on a 3ple cd too (check infos here)

all booklet scanned. don't freak w/ numbering of images had to improvise in the beginnign of how to scan it as sleeve and tape caused some problems.

ride on cage's train!


χονδρος / κατσιανη 'ποταμια'



while diggin' up archive stuff came across those 2 memorable early 90's trips / limited editions of chondros / katsiani based on rivers.

#1 of september 2002 dealing with a trip from rhine to thermaikos evoking questions about the river and its significance in human history and perception


#2 issued in may 2003 from axios to vardaris and evokes same questions as well.

rivers I&II


larry ochs : the secret magritte (black saint cd (1995))



lately i've benn listening maniacally to the rova saxophone quartet and check also their solo or side projects. one of those being larry ochs's 'the secret magritte' cd on black saint issued sometime in mid 90's with a great line-up including people like chris brown, marilyn crispell plus rova themselves too.

no more words let the music speak for itself...

the secret magritte (in flac)

various 'voices of birds in the nature' 5 x 10" (melodya)



here's a quite recent fave. discovered it accidentally, purchased it and since then often played so many times that i handed it to a friend to transfer it on a cdr in order to take care of the vinyl so here it is documented and uploaded as well.

recorded between 59-65 this 5 x 10" includes some stunning recordings of birds of siberia, far east and the european part of russia. one of my fave ones regarding bird recordings. included as well is the booklet scanned featuring infos on each of the 10" plus which birds are documented in it.



musicworks 52 : john cage



issued back in early 90's in musicworks 52 that was dedicated to john cage. sadly i havent' scanned the mag but as soon as i set up a scanner i'll do and upload w/ more printed matter.

however here's this gem which i like and gotta admit that has the 'all star' line - up in the still unpublished atlas eclipticalis with winter music version from 1964.

john cage

p16.d4 'acRID acME of...' CD (selektion stc 02 1989)



a flabbergasting farewell or almost farewell back then. the rid me of p16.d4 (disguised as acrid acme of) is a form of compilation showing nearly all of the project's faces. definitely THE collection (ok is 'tionchor' too mostly assembled from compilation tracks) of the project that gave to industrial its musique concrete approach and vice versa...

Section 1: 1981
1 P16.D4 - Maba 4. 12. 2:05
2 P16.D4 - Kriemhilds Rache 3:59
3 P16.D4 - Rotting Outscratched 5:41
Section 2: 1987
4 P16.D4 - 4 10 Up / 3 Down 3:11
5 P16.D4 - Sabine Mit Helmut ... 1:46
6 P16.D4 - ... Their Coffin-Shaped Clock 1:32
7 P16.D4 - Das Lamm, Der Dolch 3:37
8 P16.D4 - Acrid Addled Adze 2:26
Section 3: Musique Concrète Improvisée
9 P16.D4 - Half Cut Crows 10:14
10 P16.D4 - Interfaces 5:35
Section 4: P16.D4 & Merzbow
11 P16.D4 & Merzbow - Zur Genese Der Halbbildung 19:49

Performer - Ewald Weber , Roger Schönauer , Stefan E. Schmidt
Section 1: All tracks of this section are based on material recorded in 1981
wich was treted and recomposed in 1987. The idea was to work with early
rock-recordings in a non-nostalgic way analysing the relations between
actual and early-80 approaches.

Section 2 consits of compositions featured on the Captured Music Festival,
february 1987. Since the performance was denominated by confrontation and
combination of acoustic and optic elements, the tracks were rearranged as
"pure acoustic" features.

Section 3: Whilst the tracks of the other 3 section are composed with
studio-techniques these are improvised direct-to-tape.

Acrid Acme (Of) P16.D4
It's anti-social to play this record in public.

rid me of

bobby and betty go to the moon LP



the funny thing with this record is when i first learned about it. it was a usual keymap ebay auction and suddenly saw it buy it now at a rather high price and got curious to hear what this might be as it sounded like a children record but not the ones i was expecting to be. luckily i downloaded it from a children's record blog (& i reupload here). side a is the usual effects, children's of the 60s b side is the more 60's funky dj stuff. pretty funny.

you can get more infos too on discogs here and here

go to the moon


v/a 'rhythm & passion' (neo rok fanzine july 1989)


summer of 89 at a crossroads as the grind thing was coming to its end at least in the way i (& too many others) we lived it even for that short period of time. earache has launched the morbid angel 'altars of madness' LP and w/out doubt a death metal fashion was coming ripping but already for lots of us the world of obscure musics had been opened via groups we were discovering back then like spk, throbbing gristle, nww, amm, etc etc. thanks to the tape trading scene of the grind/metal scene wasn't too difficult to keep on doing the same w/ the more 'indie' (allow me use this word) scene's net. 'zines were the easiest way to learn 'bout various tape labels, proejcts, mail orders of the time great help back then 'vromia' (aka 'the filth), to ktinos, skies tou b-23 but me speaking it was the 'neo rok'zine of giorgos priniotakis that introduced me to harsh and obscure sounds on one hand but on the other helped to launch my first tape label dedicated to experimental musics 'harsh dept'. guess nothing would have happened if it werent' this compilation tape. launched in july 89 but got acquaint with it almost a year afterwards or less. i was introduced to the sounds of some of my all time favest projects like hands to, city of worms and if,bwana. thanks to this compilation i came in contact with gianfranco santoro (today of the sin org / nailed fame) who back then used to do rattlesnake arena fanzine and run a devastating mail order who introduced me to frans de waard and kapotte muziek / korm plastics, blah blah blah but let's stop it here as i can talk for hours and hours about this can check related material at the 'no longer forgotten music' blog has nostalgie eternelle (the splt w/ maeror tri), la sonorite jaune and much much much more... it has also the other compilation that changed my life completely too (after xenakis's 'electroacoustic music') the first dry lungs comp LP on placebo. a motherfuckin oddball!ENJOY!scans (well slayed scans should be the appropriate description)side aside b new links (08/2013) side a side b [...]

violent onsen geisha (pt 1)


first post of stuff of one of my all time favest projects. it's the 'excrete music' cd that i took the name for this blog and sooner or later more posts are vog works will be uploaded.PLAY LOUD!!!shocks! shocks! shocks! (this is the vanilla 93 remix not the tape)RRR Records 1989TracklistA1 Violent Onsen Geisha - Ultra Psychotic Piss Drunk Bunny Girl !A2 Violent Onsen Geisha - Cock Guillotine 1965A3 Violent Onsen Geisha - Madness Fullchin IdolA4 Violent Onsen Geisha - Torture In Romper Room (Live At Izu Onsen 86.7.3)A5 Violent Onsen Geisha - Tyrolean HatA6 Violent Onsen Geisha - Snuff Home DramaA7 Violent Onsen Geisha - Thalidomidal TendenciesAnal OnanieB1 Masonna - Vo.saddfreB2 Masonna - B.htkjoiilmB3 Masonna - G.zxzxxxcvdbB4 Masonna - D.mhmkkljuuoyoorB5 Masonna - Key.asasggkjkieeeeB6 Masonna - Sax.asqqqrtefdhkgjriukhvjbmosfjiejpNotesThis release is limited to 300 copies. It comes in a white sleeve with two stickers on it. Included is a 15x15 cm Masonna stickermasonna / vogexcrete musicblack loversviolent onsen geisha[...]

rowenta / khan 'stereo extrem' CD (Dom Elchklang DOM EK 006)



that was my first encounter with the frank rowenta / achim p. li khan work and still my favest. bought upon release and dare to say i love it more than their debut 'tiefpunkte moderner tonkompositionen' on dradomel which is also fantastic but this one since the first time i listened to it to this day reminds me of lotsa bizarre a la nurse with wound of the glorious days outfits if you get what i mean.
no more comments PLAY LOUD!!!

stereo extrem

entre vifs ' l'ordre par le bruit'



entre vifs have always been a fae le syndicat oufit. more noisy or better say more 'futuristic noisy' in terms or call it whatever.
tags anyhow fail to describe their atmosphere. this is their 1st cd on artware limited to 500 copies issued in early 90's. a coupl of years later staalplaat also issued thir 2nd cd 'a scent of strength' which sooner or later will be uploaded too.
play loud!

le ordere par le bruit

v/a : acid dreams LP (or 'the return of acid dreams')



i always thank phil todd (of ashtray navigations fame) for discovering this amazing psych / acid punk comp LP. it was a few years ago when in a discussion for LPs in the jewelled antler list did phil drop a line about some fave LPs of his, 'the return of acid dreams' was one of them. without hesitation i asked him to tape it for me and upon receivign the tape i was totally blown into it (having as b-side caetano veloso's 'araca azul' masterpiece too which made the insanity even greater!)

since then i've heard lots of rumours about this compilation, one of which says that a guy who run a record store in berlin issued it in the 80's and so on. since this one a sequel appeared there's also the acid dreams testament (clocks some 75 min as cd), a triple foldout LP too however this one stands as the blow out for me. 've had the 3ple LP (testament cd) but i always feeled they miss the whole intensity of this one, every piece is a little diamond itself making overall a brilliant atmosphere, check it for yourself & enjoy!

acid dreams