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Recognition from Zoho Creator Team – Thank you!


Let me thank my stars! Things cannot get any better than this.

Following oDesk's provider spotlight, Zoho Creator has extended their regards and best wishes. Here is a short transcript of my interview with the zoho creator team.
Why did you choose to use Zoho Creator?
The drag and drop interface at form-design and at Deluge script won me hands-down. Additionally, the logic command blocks at Deluge Script , along with the help documents were very helpful in the initial stages. I sort of kicked-the-tires by developing some applications for personal use. ....
How do you pitch Zoho Creator to your customers? Has it been an easy sell?
In fact, I didn’t have to pitch it at all. Zoho Creator already did it for me! Anyone who has spent at least 30 minutes with Zoho Creator forms & the basic 'Send Mail ' script will be able to comprehend what this could do to their business. So I was fortunate to have well informed clients who had tested Zoho Creator hands on. It has been my observation that, out of every 10 casual signups, at least 8 are willing to harness the developer pool for a decent remuneration. That's 80% conversion rate, guys!
For Full transcript - See here

oDesk Provider Spotlight - April 2010


Yup, Thats me at the top of the list.For the online version of this oDesk Newsletter-- Click here -- This month: Jump-start your career. Plus: your new user Home, and a chance to tell your story! Having trouble viewing this email? Click Here Have you changed your life by becoming an oDesk provider? Share your challenges and triumphs here! April 2010 Improve Your Freelance FortunesWhat's NewProvider Spotlight Top Posts Affiliate Referral Program Improve Your Freelance Fortunes When your luck runs out, try a few new tricks. There are thousands of jobs posted on oDesk, and hiring remote providers is more popular than ever — yet you've hit a dry spell. You're not finding the jobs that are right for you, or you're not getting the ones you go after. Are your stars out of alignment? Did someone put a curse on you? Before consulting a psychic, you should read our recent blog post, "10 Reasons You Aren't Getting Work." It has a lot of links to good resources, but here are some highlights: Your profile picture is working against you. Face up to your shortcomings: If your picture is blurry, grainy, too sour-faced or too "sexy," you're driving away prospective employers.Your language skills hold you back. Whether you're communicating in your first language or your third, you need to make sure that your grammar and spelling are solid. Use spell-check, and read our full post for a helpful link to common grammar mistakes.Your rates are wrong. If you're charging too much, you're driving clients away. If you charge too little, they won't have faith in your skills. We'll show you information that will help you set your rate right.You're seeking the wrong jobs. Do you have a portfolio and resume that show you can handle the jobs you're seeking? Are you translating your skills into the right job opportunities, and do your profiles and cover letters tell that story? You already know that making it as a freelance provider is more than just putting yourself out there, but sometimes you can lose track of some key details. Read our blog post to give a fresh look to your freelance career... and skip the fortune tellers. What's New Your New Home on oDesk We've been tweaking our new user Home, your easy-to-use, all-purpose dashboard—next time you log in, take a look around. You'll get an overview of your oDesk life, including modules for Notifications, My Teams, Payments and My Job Applications. From there, you can dig deeper for more information. Check it out today, and let us know how you like it! Site Navigation Update The new user Home is only part of our continuing evolution. We streamlined our site navigation so that you can click "home" from any page on the site (once you've logged in, of course). We've made the username dropdown menu more focused and retooled the Message Center. Account Alerts and Updates are now integrated into the Notifications section, and the indicator next to Messages tells you how many unread messages you've got. Provider Spotlight Deepa G (Affiliated with Deepa's) Blog Consultant - Zoho Creator Apps developer- Science post grad-eComAsst Total oDesk Hours: 448 Overall Feedback: 4.97 (Based on 16 feedbacks) Comments: Deepa has done an excellent job and has proved to be an outstanding professional... excellent communication skills, very detailed in explaining what she had done, why and what she was about to do. Alexander G Python, C, JavaScript, Web, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Linux, FreeBSD Total oDesk Hours: 1,541 Overall Feedback: 4.85 (Based on 2 feedbacks) Comments: Sasha is quite simply one of the most talented programmers and thinkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I consider him one of the smartest people I know[...]

Client Testimonials


src="" height="483" width="600" name="Client Testimonials" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" style="border:1px solid #aabbcc">Jan JohnsonBusiness card Design (Aug 03 2008 / 03:56:27) have continued to use Deepa for a variety of small projects including the design of Business cards for my website. I will probably use her again to help me design further promotional material for my website. I have recommended Deepa's work to some of my clients.Online tutoring :- Spoken english through BuddySchoolThe student is a Native Tamil Speaker from SriLanka, and was very keen on improving the spoken skills. His job profile demands that he converse freely with the company staff outside his country.Direct Feedback:-enku remba pidita teacher deepa . deepa mikavu pakumana ponnu. nan eppolutum matipuhodukinrenCopy pasted from BuddySchool Review. Please use this link to see the actual Scriptlance pageshe is good teacher and she is very anxious, I will learn english. I am very happy for sheScriptlance BuyerBlogspot Customisation (March 3, 2008)Copy pasted from Sriptlance Review. Please use the above link to see the actual Scriptlance pageReview: In my opinion, Deepa did a great job understanding what I wanted from a fairly complicated project and always addressed my questions, both with answers and results. It was a pretty collaborative effort, and I'm confident I would use Deepa again in the future.Jan JohnsonLogo_Banner Design (Jan 23 2008 / 03:56:27) first contacted Deepa in early January 2008 to design a banner and logo for my new website. After discussing various options Deepa then provided a selection of designs from which I chose one which was then refined to meet my requirements. The transaction was completed very quickly and to my exact specifications. I found Deepa to be very approachable and friendly and the work was completed well within the required deadline. Communication was mainly via email and Skype. I have recommended Deepa's work to my husband's clients.Scott J. maginMarket Research (Jan 31 2008 / 10:02:26)Deepa is prompt capable and efficient. I used the service for basic contact datamining in select areas for marketing purposes. The work is a good value. I can recommend.--S. J. Magin, boston MA.oDesk Buyer Blogspot customisation (Jan 2008)Copy pasted from oDesk Review. Please use the above link to see the actual reviewGreat experience. Would love to work with Deepa again.oDesk Buyer Online Tutoring (October 2007)Copy pasted from oDesk Review. Please use the above link to see the actual reviewDeepa is an excellent teacher and was very well prepared for the lessons.My mum is now much more confident about her trip to India.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Do a Nano This Recession - Yes you can !


All of us have been tracking the Nasdaq & BSE for the past several months. For some, it could be for investment / book profit-loss & for some, this could be just to keep oneself abreast with the economic situation at large. Few months back, when the wall street collapsed, every other market was anticipating a butterfly effect & it did happen too... to some extent. The Mumbai terror attacks & Satyam fiasco scared most of our investors away, Uncertainty looms over our NRI friends , People are being asked take either a "huge salary cut" or resign with dignity . Those who still hold a job can feel the Damocles sword. It is not just the corporate environment; this recession has hit homes too. Those who would not bat an eyelid to take an auto, now patiently wait for the BMTC bus to come by. Students have discovered that carbon papers work out cheaper than Xerox. The Bhelpuri and Panipuri stalls gain crowd while the Pizza-Huts and McDonalds give a deserted look. Suddenly water seems to be tastier than Pepsi and Coke. Your local cable-guy seems to have better collection of movies than the neighborhood multiplex. Malls are for free AC & parks are for public interaction seem to be the new mantra.When things were good, we did not mind spending few extra bucks, and when things are not so good, no one is shy to admit that they have to put certain luxuries on hold. This "Face it head on – Attitude" is something that I admire in the present generation. Once we are able to relate to the reality around us on a more personal level, then it's easy to weigh our options and take the best route. Loosing ones job is bad (-- this is reality). If the person continues to sulk about it, he is disconnected from his life (--- how long can one afford sulking , figuratively and literally). Instead, if he can find the courage to at least make and attempt to lookup & look ahead, then that would be the best thing to do, given the circumstances.I agree, it's easier said than done. But, today, we have someone in flesh and blood to draw inspiration from. The story of Nano – the small car is no small feat. Keep your Mechanical & Automotive engineering degrees aside and take a look at Nano –the big concept. When Mr.Ratan Tata proposed this idea, he faced ridicule & scorn which was more than enough to send anyone's confidence to the dumps. Yet, with persistence and perseverance he delivered the first Nano in Jan 2008. The "others" were not done yet with Mr.Tata. They forgot that Mr.Tata has converted a concept to reality. Instead they got busy speculating the financial – impossibilities. Exactly 14 months later, he put all those speculations to rest. The Standard Model still costs 1.Lakh – Dealer's price.My point is, there is no better time than now to take stock of your endurance and perseverance. Boldly hope against all hopes towards a better tomorrow. Don't just sit and sulk, get up and face your (to)day ahead with conviction, tomorrow will take care of itself. If you are apprehensive about your family, friends and "relatives", Have Some Faith. You will be pleasantly surprised. PS:- I don’t know Mr.Ratan Tata on a personal level.PS2:- I am not a Nano- DealerPS3:- Image Source Pic1 & Pic 2Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Freelancing & Tax Laws in India


Freelancing in India is highly untapped market. With the advent of affordable broadband services, working from home is close to becoming a reality. Sites like oDesk, Get A Freelancer, Scriptlance & scores of other sites offer more than enough opportunities one can handle. Today, I have reason to believe, freelancing does pay. All it takes is a little bit of patience and lots of perseverance.With all the dictionary definitions on one side, the term freelancing is normally associated with extra income. More fondly known as “parallel income”, something that you would do during your “non-office”hours and get paid for it too. If you are the type who would still do the same thing, even if no one pays you, then you just got yourself a hobby.If you have had the experience of being associated with a startup, then I am sure you will be able to relate to the following scenario. First you burn your eyes out by making the right contacts & clinching the right kind of deals. Then you work your butt out at keeping the deadlines, and finally you wait with bated breath for the payment to get credited. Then its the same cycle all over again. Amidst all this frenzy you need to keep track of all administrative work, do the accounts, pay the salaries and last but not the least, file your taxes as well.Things tend to approach this frenzy in freelancing once your clientele begin to grow. But, as freelancers we tend to forget that “we earn”, albeit marginally, it is still an income. Tell me, how many of us knew that “Any income derived by way of freelancing job is taxable under the provisions of Income Tax Act. 1961.” ( -- there, now you know)I tired searching for over 8 months all over the internet for some pointers in tax laws that might provide some insight from a freelancer's point of view ( note :- freelancer from India). did not give me any relevant results & threw some case references at me. Not to be surprised, everything bounced off my head even before I knew it. Then I did what I knew best I could do. I began looking for lawyers in the blogosphere. And that did it for me.I came across Mr.Ranjith Xavier's blog at, where he blogs about various legal topics. He is an Independent Legal Services Professional, and practicing in the High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam. All I had to do was ask and after few emails, Ranjith was hard at work compiling this extensive information about the various tax laws and the terminologies involved. He can be contacted at ranjithxavier(AT) & has agreed to help to the best of his knowledge. Thanks! Ranjith.He puts things under perspective as Tax Laws & FOREX laws ( i.e. Foreign exchange laws) Please click on the image to download the pdf document If your annual income derived out of freelancing job alone; or if added to your other income(s), adds up to exceed the annual limit mentioned in the Income TaxAct, you are duty bound to apply for and obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN).Under the provisions of the THE FOREIGN TRADE (DEVELOPMENT AND REGULATION) ACT,1992, anyone doing import or export is expected to apply for and obtain an Importer-Exporter Code Number (IEC Number). Strangely though, he also put forth this query to us, before answering it for us"Import” and "export" means respectively bringing into, or taking out of, India any goods by land, sea or air;” In common parlance, “Goods” means merchandise or movable property in physical form.Now the question to be considered is whether a person who transmits digital files over internet is exporting “goods” from India to abroad.Once “services” too are brought into the ambit (ie scope) of the said Section 7 of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992,every freelancer who performs services to a foreign client would be exporting it and thus attracting the provisions of the said [...]

Document to PDF conversion – Compromise on inaccessible links & annoying watermarks or use open source.


As any virtual assistant will tell you, in the nature of our work ( which is truly online in every sense), document exchange is a big hassle. With public documents such as portfolio items we would definitely not prefer to use documents in their original formats, doc, xls, etc. So, the available alternative is to take up screenshots and convert it into jpegs. Again, its very tedious, cumbersome and unprofessional to present to prospective clients. Then it was a chance discovery at I had to do was to prepare my document, check for typos and grammar, fill in the details and upload it at PdfOnline, along with my email address. ( You can use any free email service for this. ) After your document is converted, you will receive it as an attachment in your inbox. Cool!... isn’t it. So far, So good, especially if you have only static text content. On the other hand, lets assume that you have written MyWebsite ( as a hyperlinked text), instead of actually typing the url In such case, the URL text within the pdf document will be accessible, while the hyperlinked text will not be. Now, this is okay for small urls like web url, blog url etc. Let us assume that you want to include few links to express a point, give refrences, provide credits etc The length of the url is fairly long & there are several intercepting links. Providing the Url text will tarnish the presentation completely, and it is impossible to eliminate the url completely. In such case you are forced to use a hyperlinked text. But what use are there links, if these are not accessible in the pdf. PdfOnline's solution to this problem is their BCL-Easy PDFThe trail version of BCL – Easy pdf is free to download and you can convert as many documents you want to pdf without any expiry data. Plus this also retains the hyperlinked texts & all of them are accessible from the pdf page.Great ! Isnt it.. Too Good To Be True, isnt it... Yes, it is too good to be true. There is a catch, which is..they have their BCL-Easy pdf stamp appearing in the bottom right corner of all the pages in the pdf file. If you are okay with it, then there is nothing else to think about.On the other hand, if you are somewhat like me, not afraid to try open source, then I would recommend to go in for ( personal recommendation - close replacement for MS office ~145MB, worth the effort). In addition to the regular docs, spreadsheet, paint and other stuff in their suite, OpenOffice allows you to export you documents into pdf, where in the hyperlinks are retained , there is no watermark & there is no expiry as well.Please click on the image to download the pdf file. I tried embedding pdf within this post. But that disallows the follow-hyperlink by default.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Wish You a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2009



Happy Holidays - Holidays does not mean you have to be incommunicado.


Its holiday season and I believe an extended break is a welcome change. But many of my friends are wary of going in for a break for the fear of loosing out on new clients, or not being able to provide timely response during this break. We all have a schedule to follow and deadlines to meet. Holiday season is definitely not an excuse to extend the deadline. But, this also does not mean you have to put in a double shift.It is at times such as these, I get to hear, "it is good to work at an office, coz you clearly know when the work stops, and when your response is expected. With the work from home scenario, the dividing line tends to get blurred over time." Some often remark, " when I am not doing chores , or helping my kids with their study", I instinctively reach out for the pending tasks at my project desk". In all this, we are constantly "at work", completely forgetting the fact that we need some "ME-Time" too, eventually all this translates into the double shift that I had mentioned earlier. Going on holidays or taking a break does not necessarily mean that you are incommunicado, or you "have to be" incommunicado. However, if you choose to be completely cut-off, then set up an auto responder with a message as to when the sender can expect your response. So, what can you do ( or not do) to avoid coming across as inaccessible during holidays?Spend only 1 hr to check & respond to mails. For mails that require more than "this or that", provide a quick reply that you will get back with a detailed response after [date].DONOT get tempted to "let me do one little thing" with your project. This is like quick sand, you never know when you will get sucked into your work-mode.Try not to connect to the internet via your palmtop, mobile etc. Learn to disconnect at least during this holiday season.If there is nothing else to do, stretch yourself, don't reach out to your laptop.Have a wallpaper that says you are on vacation if that helps.Of late, I have been busy hectic with a Custom Application at Zoho Creator, writing tutorial posts and helping my parents in law to "learn computer". Christmas holidays have begun and new year is not that far. So, eventually I have decided to take the long awaited vacation along with my family. Though we haven’t decided what to do this holiday season, I guess discussing this over dinner is where the mood of holiday really sets in. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Work From Home – Booby Traps That Kill Your Time


"Work From Home" has somehow become associated with women who are unable to attend office for personal reasons (child care tops the list). When this idea is pitched into our actual corporate environment, it gets highlighted as "telecommuting". Well.. it all means the same eventually, work from home!Tell me, how many times you have come across classifieds that say "Work from Home" in print & over internet. Very tempting isn’t it? Especially, when fuel prices, traffic woes & road rage, flash across our minds. But is it really all that sugar and honey? Does "work from home" truly translate into bliss and feeling of gratification? The fact that we work from home, on one hand saves up on office setup & installation costs, drastically cuts down our fuel bills, & for some wardrobe bills too. While on the other hand, we fail to consider the frequent interruptions & distractions that arise purely based on the fact that we are at home. This could be a unannounced guests, neighbour who shows no sign of leaving, unsolicited sales representatives etc. Not to mention the temptation to succumb to "I will do it later" –syndrome. The greatest strength and also the greatest drawback of working from home is that, "there is no one watching over you". Sometimes, we do need someone over our shoulders to tell us when we are drifting away. Working at home is not a wonder therapy and one-size-does-not-fit-all. It requires some amount of grit and determination to get it work for you, just right. Watch out for the Booby traps listed below. Discover what works for you best.Booby Trap 1 : - Time Factor Have strict timings to "attend work" & allocate time to "do other things" in your computer. Need I say more???If it is neither your "working time" nor your "other time", stay away from your system. At the end of the day, it is still a machine.Booby Trap 2 : - Space FactorSeparate physical space will trigger the "serious mood" required to work.Eventually, this will tune the family "not to interrupt while at work".Booby Trap 3:- Phone calls & Visitors.Make a note of phone calls & visitors.Return the calls when you are "not at work" & gently explain your routine.After a couple of similar calls, they too will begin to respect your time.Booby Trap 4- Emails & Social NetworkingThese are the silent time stealers. Unless you lock them up completely it is impossible to "be at work".I respond to official mails before I begin work & after I complete work. (any mails that arrive later is responded the next day). Perhaps you can come up with your own routine.Booby Trap 5- Commit things to writingOur memory is not a dumping yard & there is no overload indicator.I use a 200 page notebook with separators to write down tasks associated with my ongoing projects. May be you can try and get to know what works for you.I also use sticky notes for meetings & project delivery, a new set every week.Booby Trap 6: - Family time is truly for familyChurning codes in your head while helping your kids with homework is something I would not recommend.Isn't it for the sake for family you decided to work from home? So what is the point if you are mentally glued to work even while with family.Booby Trap 7: - Take a walkWorking from home could lead to isolation in your neighbourhood.You mind & body needs sunshine and human interaction for a healthy well-being. Walk the dog, or take a stroll… what is important is to "stay disconnected".Wile working from home, it is indeed a challenge to draw the line between work & non work hours. It is even a greater challenge to get this message across to friends and family. You work from home does not mean that you are at everybody else's disposal, and, you time cannot be taken for granted. But before you can explain this to someone else, YOU need to respect YOUR TIME and not stray from your routin[...]

Custom Branding – The soft nudge


Every business-idea is the seed of a concept. It is only after careful deliberation by the founder(s), does this germinate into a business venture. So, it is only understandable that they put their heart and soul into this venture to make this a success. Successful ventures already have a "Brand identity" in place , while the upcoming ventures strive to achieve the a certain level of excellence with their "Brand identity". So, what's with custom branding and success of a business venture? Well, it is so much and so less.As a business owner, I would guess that you want that your organization be remembered amongst your clientele and most definitely, your business process would be steering towards excellence in the chosen field. But, if you ( or your business) is just a "Name", then it is only wishful thinking that the client remembers you when a similar project comes along. The fact is, you are one of the many business associates from the client's perspective. He (the client ) is most likely to remember the details of those with whom he has a project in progress, or those who have made a remarkable difference to his (client's) business.There is nothing to loose heart about here. Face it! ..that’s just how the human mind works. But like everything else, there is a work around. There are subtle ways of reminding the client, that you are well in business, grown wiser over the years, and have acquired new levels of competency without having to shout from rooftops. Make good use of "Custom Branding Solutions", both online and offline. It is likely that you are already familiar with this, but just didn't realise the term up until now.What is Custom Branding?Ever noticed those "Company Mails", that land in your mail box both in paper & paperless offices?. Even before you take a second look, you are able to recognise the sender, from the unique stationary that is being used. Such correspondences usually have a water mark with their company logo, accompanied by their contact address and the actual message printed over this stationery. Well, simply put, it is the company's "Letter Head". See!, you already knew it.Why Custom Branding?The company could have printed ( or emailed) the actual content in a plain sheet of paper ( or a word / pdf document). Instead they have chosen to "Customise" for the fact that , this customisation is expected to trigger an offshoot of thought reflecting your association with the said company. Well, it worked .. didn't it ?, Hence Custom Branding.Corporate Identity – A Pre-requisite.In order to begin with Custom Branding, it is essential that you ( your company) have a "Corporate Identity" to customise. By "Corporate Identity, I am referring to your Company Name, Company Logo & Unique Marketing Tagline , if applicable. Your company ceases to be "just another Name ", once you have these three entities in place. Rest is just a matter of affordability in time and money.You might already have your "Company Name" registered. Perhaps you already have your tagline in place, just did not realise it. Go ahead! call a General Body meeting and conceptualise on the look and feel of the logo, rest the Graphic Designer will do it for you. An experienced Graphic designer should be able to provide you with a Logo (Graphic) that looks great in Print , Web , Colour , Greyscale ,and Completely Scalable Vectorised format.Best Practices in Custom Branding.As I mentioned at the start of the post, the idea is to provide that little nudge to jog the memory, not push him (client) overboard. So, subtle the better.Office Documents :-The header should include company logo, address, phone & email of the executive in charge , and url to company website.The footer should include things like "Private , confidential , page numbers " etc.An unobtrusive [...]

oDesk and Me


A Couple of years ago, I would have brushed off any thought on freelancing if anyone had mentioned this as a career choice. I was happy with my 9 – 5 job, and life was going on (as it should be , with acceptable highs and lows.) Later, when the "wakeup call" hit me, it hit me hard. I decided to take a sabbatical from work, and turned to blogging to keep myself busy. Oh! Boy, I am hooked to blogging. I came across interests that I never knew existed in me. I could get in touch with few long lost friends, and make some new friends along the way. I was an 8 year old when I actually met my Blog-friend.( call it the new age pen-pal / blog-pal).I was tired of getting typecast into Cooking – family-childcare-type of posts that were expected from a female blogger. I wanted to offer something different in my own special kind of way. It was during these times, I was searching for information on freelancing to make a blog post. So, in an attempt to gain first hand knowledge of the freelancing industry, I signed up at all major freelancing sites, oDesk , Va4U , Elance and several others (that’s from a spectrum of 10 -15 sites). I was awed at the kind of talent pool just waiting to be harnessed at all these sites, and now I was one of them.You might be familiar with the phrase "Performance Based Incentives". Well, I got a first hand experience of this at oDesk , one of THE BEST freelancing site ( from my own spectrum), I have come across so far for the same aforementioned reason. To prevent overbidding by service providers ( and flooding the buyer's inbox), every oDesk user starts off with 5 bids per week. However, he can increase his / her quota of bids by taking skill tests with oDesk , ie at the end of 5 skill tests; you have about 20 bids per week.Moreover, These skill tests also put the provider on the buyer's radar when a matching job is posted.Although, seasoned providers don't actually use more than 20 bids in an entire month, this matters a lot to newcomers, especially when they have to "apply for as many jobs as possible", to get their foothold. But this is just one of the many aspects at oDesk that impressed me. Providers who stay and Buyers who come back at oDesk are professional in every sense. Others signup on a whim and expect a plum job to be handled over in a platter. It has more to do with lack of conviction and the rest is meaningless noise.All of this started with a quest to make a single blog post on freelancing at my personal blog. I admit, I never made that post in my personal blog. Instead I now have a blog completely dedicated to freelancing and an Orkut Community to this effect. Now, who would have imagined that.... ? ... ? ... ?.I no longer hold my 9- 5job, and the pay-packet is certainly not as regular as it used to be. Yet it makes me happy about the work minus the burnt out feeling coupled with the guilt of not being able to attend to family at short notice. But, Let me remind you, before my first VA-Project , I too had interview calls, that never saw the light of the day… but hey!.. don't these things happen in the non-freelancing/ Virtual genre as well ???Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

P2W2 – Freelancing portal with a diffrence


As a freelancer, I make it a point to visit and get acclimatized to the various freelancing portals on the WWW. This helps me to see the "skills in demand", and also gives me an insight to hone my existing skills in accordance with this dynamic market place. There is no doubt that VA's are self motivated individuals who are willing to go "the extra mile" for a project, being well within the reasonable limit, But the work of the virtual assistant scales up tremendously if the buyer is unable to communicate his requirementAttention Service Buyers – Is your Project Worth Bidding for ?Freelance marketplaces bring Service Buyers and Service Providers together so that both can mutually benefit . But in order to get the best result from the Virtual Assistant , it is of foremost importance that the Service Buyer has a well defined goal and understanding of his project requirement and communicate it as well. Just as a good project description can bring the best out of a mediocre Virtual Assistant, an equally bad project description is undoubtedly suicidal for an expert VA. It is hard reality that some Service Buyers don't have the faintest idea of putting forth their project requirement, and "good" VAs do not bother to bid for such projects.Project Description plays an integral part of getting the VAs to bid for your projectI understand that not all are capable of putting their requirements into words. Some times I have observed that Service Buyers whose project description is bad (to) worse, communicate much effectively over a voice conference session and are able to articulate their requirement in a more effective manner. But most freelancers do not give a second chance to such buyers. A Freelancer's mind set says " If his project description is so lousy, how is he going to understand / appreciate the work I will be doing. I don't have time to sit through tutorial and walk-through session". P2W2 – Freelancing Marketplace with a differenceVoice Based Project Description.Imagine my surprise, when I came across a freelance portal, which does exactly the same without having to schedule a voice conference between the Bidder and the Buyer. P2W2 – People To Work With is one such freelance market place.What makes P2W2 really stand out is their facility to add "Voice Based Project Description" for the buyers. This does not mean "text" is out. The buyer can record his requirement and also point out the most important aspect of the project as text while posting a project. I was awed during my discussion with Chaitanya , CEO of P2w2 while taking a look at this feature..By far, I believe this is the only portal that allows "Voice based Project description". Now, this is what I call "Thinking out of the Box". Not Stopping at "Voice Project Description", P2W2 allows Voice recording for feedback and issue tracking. This is a busy world, and shows no sign of abatement. Thanks to technology. So instead of hurriedly typing some "not so meaningful" descriptions, buyers can now speak things out out. It is also noticed that, one tends to give more information while speaking, when compared to writing the same thoughts. As a bidder, I relish this feature. Once this feature kicks off with the freelancing community I am sure P2W2 is going to give other sites a run for their money.P2w2 BlogIt was a lazy afternoon I was browsing through all my visitors who left me a comment.P2W2 blog is something I started off with an intention of a casual glance. But before I realised, I was reading away from their archives.Most corporate blog tend to fall into the trap of "frequent updates" and do not give much needed attention to the quality of their content. But same could not be said for P2W2-blog. With an average of 4 posts per month, e[...]

Home Work - Wisdom behind the monster


Is home work really such a bad thing, a monster to be feared, an act to be condemned? I don't think so, for the fact that it is the "home work", that really teaches one "to be there - in that instant", for our ever wandering aimless mind. Teachers / Lecturers / professors ( call what you may !) who religiously gave home work were never in the good-books of students and parents alike. He/ She was always scorned for "passing the buck" , and washing his / her hands off the responsibility of "teaching". Little does the parents ( past , present and most likely the future too) realise that "Home work is also a part of the learning process". Now, Isn't that supposed to be a teacher's final objective.?. How can he / she be blamed for "doing the job"?Few things happened in the past week, that triggered these thoughts in my mind.Basically, I am not surprised by emails, especially those who request information and guidelines to be an independent freelancer. I am only too willing to help them.For this i have set up an Orkut Community, for open sharing of concerns. Yet many prefer to be anonymous.Please be assured,all the freelancers can 'grab' an average of 5 projects a month, and still there will be projects waiting in queue to be awarded. Freelancing is a huge sector, where every skill has a market, and there is a client for every market.Normally, when I receive a request form a reader (read aspiring freelancer), I try to provide relevant links and referrals so that he / she knows where to start. I also make a point to tell them that it is important they do an extensive google search on the industry they are familiar with / have expertise on. Being a Virtual Assistant, I am able to share the "aspects" in being a freelance VA , but i may not be the right person to answer industry specific technical queries with respect to Virtual Assistance.After the initial pleasantries , mail requests takes a turn saying , "I have done [Edu.Qualif], I am working in [ This industry] for the [n] years and I also know [Some application / etc]. Can you help me with what kind of jobs I can do online as a freelancer. Then I can also become a freelancer like you."Now, correct me if I am wrong, isn't this sender asking me to send job profiles along his / way ? ( oh! By the way… you can recruit a VA to do just exactly this for you.)This is where the 'concept' of Homework kicks in. Having the desire to do something off the beaten track is good. But unless this desire is fuelled by the inherent urge to seek answers.( ie without waiting for the answers to drop on your lap), there is no room for development. Freelancing ( virtual / real) is a tough job. It not like the regular office work, where you slog from 9 – 5, and then forget all about it.The first and foremost attribute of a freelancer is to be a self-motivator. If you are not motivated enough to search for answers, then how would you convince your client about your problem solving abilities?As a virtual assistant, I am more than glad to give you some pointers on what to look for, and how to interpret your results. But this does not mean that I will do it for you (unless ofcourse, you are willing to pay me for this ). As I said earlier "Home Work" is a part of the learning experience. So, don't harbour the tendency to shy from homework. Google throws more than what we ask for. Now how hard it is to sit through the rubble and sift for something that could be an answer to your question. I am willing to help, but I will not do your homework for you.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Visual CV - Take your resume to a new level


Finding a job was never an easy task, and the Resume / CV which is practically the jobseeker's gate pass to connect to an organisation has undergone a great deal of change since the concept came into being. From word of mouth – to – hand written –to Neatly Typed –to printed format, the show-it-all resume is still undergoing changes to suit the new age trends.With the penetration of internet, and Virtual Assistance gaining foray into the job-posting sites, many recruiters are finding it hard to keep track of submitted resumes and evaluating them. Moreover, for those who are keen on taking up virtual assistance as a career option (part time to begin with…), sending mails after mails with word / pdf attachments is a tedious process especially when you update a resume after it has been mailed to a prospective employer.. It is also a very pressing concern especially for those who want to work with Logos and banners and other graphic elements to send their creative files as attachments, for the fear of their graphic's unauthorised usage ( People always find a way to work around © & Watermarks… isn’t exactly foolproof)It was during one of my google-wanderings I came across Visual CV , the much needed resume – format for the virtual age. It doesn’t really matter if you aspire to be a virtual assistant or not. If you are planning to apply for a job, over the internet, then I would suggest that this is the best way to post / create your resume for your employers. Personally I would recommend this for the following reasonsIt is online and its your resume. So you own the content , files, and other stuff in your portfolioNo more attachments, just a link in the mail.You can update this as your career path progresses. So there is no more older versionsAllows a video resume upload. Make it more interactive, as compared to the b /w word documentsYou can have option to have a certain public resume ( general info) , & a private resume (more detailed info) which can be shared with discretion.Virtual Assistant or not, Visual CV is a great thing to have the resume put up. I am sure this will come across as a "Unique feature" among the hoards of resume a company gets for their job postings. Humand mind is a curious thing. The HR is no different, so cash on it, and make your resume truly stand out.Oh!, I too have my Visual CV in place. Brief me on why you need my CV , I shall share it with you pronto!Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Email ettiquette and Body Language


Often I come across projects where I have to scout for talent depending on my client’s project requirements. This would require me to initiate a contact via email and gauge the candidate. The resume mostly holds information on their academic and work related credentials. This is indeed useful to filter out those who are not “qualified” for the project (but then, I would never initiate a contact with someone who does not have requested skill set)The actual test of professionalism comes after I see their very first response to my mail requesting their participation in a certain project. There is not much to say about those who dot care to reply. But, for those who reply back, the way in which they present themselves in the emails is a major determining aspect towards their participation in the said project.As a virtual assistant myself, I completely understand that we never have a face-to-face session with the candidate. Emails are the only means of communication for official correspondences and online chat are scheduled after the short listed VA and the project are put in place.We would not dare to attend a formal interview in pyjamas and slippers. Yet, not many consider that one need to maintain an air of dignity and decorum while communicating via email with clients and business associates. Here are some basic email etiquettes that come handy for your business correspondences, If done right, they take very less time, but guarantee more profits in the long run.Respond within 24 hrs of receiving an email ( even if it says, ‘I will look into this, and let you know later.)Don’t use SMS-type texts in emails ( such as ur , c dat 2mrw etc). This is highly unprofessionalDon’t write in CAPITALS , It appears to be screaming at the top of your voiceDon’t overuse “Bold”, When used aptly, the message is conveyed in a more effective manner.If you have a series of queries, use the Numbered bullets / List. This will show how articulate you are with the matter being discussed. Don’t colour code the email message – unless “absolutely” necessary. Undue emphasis will only reflect badly on your perception of things.After composing a mail – “Read them again for spell check and grammer”. It may sound unimportant to you, but take it from someone who handles several emails a day, it is an important aspect when it comes to gauge how professional you are. This is almost seen akin to “body language” in a face-to-face interviewCheck for attachments if any. Shooting a second mail telling , “Oops, I forgot the attachment”, may go fine for the first time or so, but repetition is indeed a unprofessional behaviourUse an apt subject line and avoid “URGENT”, “IMPORTANT” for every mail you send. These are strong words and use them wisely.Be sure that Cc is used with complete understanding of who-needs-to-know-about-this. Else, this could backfire and it might be difficult to get out of a tough situation. Don’t leave someone out of the Cc thread deliberately just because you don’t like the person. Use BCc with discretion.Your emails are seen as something similar to your body language in a facet-to-face interview, and remember, If you goof up with emails, you don’t have the excuse of “Lost in mail”. What has been done cannot be undone. Emails might be short and apt, but it is necessary that they address the issue in an equally apt manner.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Every Skill has a market , & there is a client for every market


As, a virtual assistant, I come across all kind of projects and enthusiastic candidates who wish to work as a virtual assistant from the comfort of their home. However, the reason to do so may vary from person to person. But I do notice something common in almost all of those in the initial phase attempting to make a foray into the virtual assistance industry, which is reluctance.

Many newcomers are reluctant to express their skill in a genuine manner. Or, rather, they have a misguided notion “requisite skills” for a Virtual Assistant. This is how it goes. Hours of painstaking googling and watching freelance sites, newbies arrive at a conclusion that , I can only do data entry work because,

  1. I don’t know Photoshop, flash and web designing
  2. I don’t know accounting and statistics

I must agree that graphics, web designing and accounts management are coveted and most placed projects in the job board along with copious data entry jobs. But this is not all.

You could be a graduate, post graduate or perhaps even a retired professional. Don’t fear to mention that you have a degree in aquatic biology, or did some thesis on a certain chemical assay, or were actively involved in the astrophysics workshop. Remember, every skill has a market, and there is a client looking for the very same skill in the market. Unless you make it clear that you have the experience, the client will not know.

Data entry and web designing seen at the corners … in the Virtual Assistance job spectrum. Perhaps your skills fit better in the middle. Revamp your VA Profile and express your core area , the one you are best at. This little tweak in your VA-Resume should give you an added edge when the right client passes by.

There is no steadfast rule on “requisite skill of VA”. A Virtual Assistant is hired for the skill he / she performs best.You may not be rocking as a data entry specialist, but you could be a great content generator for scientific journals. The trick is to identify what you do best, and tap that market as a virtual assistant. Remeber, Every skill has a market, and every market has a client.

If you wish to discuss this further focussing on your area of expertise, here is the orkut community where you can share your apprehensions.

Vista's Security concerns - For a common Man


Today,I happen to read a news-item which says " Windows Vista security 'rendered useless' by researchers" which greatly reminded me of how this would affect the outlook of a common man who "just want to get a new PC". To cite my concern, I would like to introduce you to Alex, whom I consider to be a typical average computer user. He is not tech-savy, but just wants things to done via his computer. More simply said, I would say he has traded ' His Notepad' for 'Notepad.exe'Alex Finkelstein is a senior citizen who blogs his way happily about real-estate and related news content, after retirement. Unlike many senior members of our community who start out late with "computers", he too had his share of roadblocks. His enthusiasm is infectious, and I get to see a regular stream of mails from Alex asking how to "make this work", or "why this is not working" etc and I would respond accordingly. Slowly but steadily he gained more control over "things being done on a computer", and now has fewer queries to clarify. This is the time, he was just about getting things right in XP. But as providence would have it, he too faced a hard-disk crash and had to go for a new desktop.Eventually he did end up buying a Vista (as XP is no longer available). Lets bear in mind that he is a senior citizen, and has reached a certain comfort level with XP. Now forced to use Vista, he feels completely lost and the increasing delay in understanding how to go about folders and icons only added to his frustration. His requirements are minimal and, is certainly not interested in the frills and fireworks of vista.Now, back to the article, " Windows Vista security 'rendered useless' by researchers" . You can read the technical mumbo-jumbo in the original article, while I quote,"The genius of this is that it's completely reusable," said Dino Dai Zovi, a well-known security researcher and author. "They have attacks that let them load chosen content to a chosen location with chosen permissions. That's completely game over.A common man like Alex may not have "sensitive information pertaining to national interest" on his desktop. Nevertheless, this piece of information cannot be ignored Going by the details, I presume, anyone with the appropriate knowledge can use an unsuspecting commoner's PC/Laptop as a virtual command center for sensitive and perhaps malicious actions. All that is needed is to find an open Wifi-spot , with lot of unsuspecting commoners who are unwittingly taken for a ride.Wonder what Microsoft has to say about this ?. Maybe I will just go in for Mac.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

PPH just became 'UN friendly' – for independent providers


I visit PeoplePerHour few times a week to check if any projects matching my profile are available. Personally, I would say that PPH projects are more professional than other freelancing sites, where you see more of 'Clone a website' or 'Criaglist postings' or 'Post our links where ever you can' kind of projects.You don’t need any special expertise for that. A little bit of common sense, an internet connection, lots of time, and the willingness to 'underbid' other bidders will land you these projects.Given the class nature of PPH projects, and an excellent support system ( they respond within 24hrs after placing a ticket and donot leave any issue unresolved), I never felt bad for loosing to a fellow bidder. The winning bidder sure must have something more to offer.But their recent update is shocking, disturbing and depressing for independent freelancers. We don’t stand a chance again all those Affiliates and Virtual Staffing agencies who bid with "We have the people who match the skills required for your projects".It makes me sad to say, I shall not be recommending PPH at any more independent providers. PPH has come up with a perfect strategy to chase their independent providers to other sites such as scriptlance, oDesk, and Get a Freelancer. Sure, they too have their restrictions on bids and other things, ( For instance oDesk gives you more bids, if you take up more skills tests). But they are more than enough for an independent provider.Here is why I would drastically cut down on my PPH visits.Monthly Membership fees (7.95£ - 14.95£):Affiliates and VA staffing agencies:-Appears affordable to me given the fact that they have 'n' number of freelancers ( Virtual Assistants) already in their database, all they have to do is win bids and subcontract those projects to specific VA's in their listIndependent Providers:-Cannot afford, unless they are already established, and have a steady income from this, and / or other bidding sites.If you are one of those listed VA's with these staffing agencies, then chances are you will get a project. Else, start looking elsewhere if you want to operate independently.Service CategoriesThis is I guess means, you are expected to be an 'expert' in just one field. Lets say, you are good at writing articles, and also good at logos and banners. You also have a portfolio that support this. Yet, PPH will allow you under standard membership to place bids in EITHER copywriting projects OR Graphic projects. You cannot bid on both.Affiliates and VA staffing agencies:- Gold members get 2 categories to bid on and Platinum members don’t have this restriction (Lucky !). Is it just me, or do i see more Platinum members at PPH from the staffing agencies in future. After all, they need to cater to the skills of all VA's in their database. …. Independent Providers:-Think, how many projects will be posted per month on 'your' category. Btw, did I mention that you can 'purchase categories at 5.95£ / month'. Well, you might as well go for a gold membership. It seems to work out cheaper.Monthly Credit allowanceAffiliates and VA staffing agencies:- These guys get whopping 20 – 80 bids per month. Remember platinum members don't have the service category restriction. ( who ..independent provider !)Independent Providers:-Not worth the time, skimming through posted projects. Did I mention you can 'buy' more credits at 5.95£ ( per bundle of 10). Well, if you can !.If you are still an independent provider, you must seriously start considering finding one of these guys and get affiliated. There is no way you can win indepen[...]

Delegate when you are overwhelmed.


Small business owners in their zeal to expand their business, tend to bite off more than they can chew. I am not saying that is wrong or unacceptable. It completely gets them by surprise when more than 5 marketing leads display symptoms of maturing into business deals, all during the same time. The business owner is indeed overwhelmed at the good news of a new business deal, or, should I say "few" new business deals. This is indeed a happy moment for the team.

It is normal to see the in house activities take a backseat during these times. Most times, it is the last minute scramble for getting things done for ourselves when we are overwhelmed at work. I have witnessed that the same goes true for small business owners as well. The fact of the matter is, existing staff is already working on the newest deal and it is difficult to get a new recruit and train him / her within a short time.

I would recommend that you seek virtual assistants who have prior experience in the kind of tasks that is causing a backlog in your business. This does not completely eliminate the training period, at least you now have some one who speaks the same business language. My bet is, with just a couple of mails, outlining , 'What need to be done' – ' When it has to be done' – 'Any particular way in which you want it to be done'. With these, the induction programme is complete.

Think about this, you can be overwhelmed about your new deals without having the nagging thought about in-house backlogs. Now, isn’t that a better way to be overwhelmed?

Cloud computing – from the ground


I have been following cloud computing for quite some time, I read about it, or watch Cloud Computing conferences on you-tube in an attempt to gain some insight into it from the common man's point of view. Numerous google search, (and now Cuil search) lead me to detailed documentations and presentations on the architecture of Cloud computing. Ok, now that I have searched, and researched, do I feel any wiser now ? I guess not, these searches and documents took me deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of cloud computing principles and continued to emphasis on being the "next big thing" in all its technical mumbo-jumbo. I don’t claim to be an expert in PHP, JS, or XML. ( hey !... don’t even think about HTML, every kid out of a computer crash course is an HTML expert). But nevertheless, I do understand the logistics involved in client-server applications. From what I gather, simply put Cloud computing is about requesting "x=2" from a data center in Timbuktu, presenting this data to a server in order to compute "x+5 = 2+5" located in Barcelona and I may be placing this request from Uganda. All the HTML – PHP-SQL –XML- HTML talk happens in the cloud, and I finally get to see the result in my browser. I agree it is unfair to oversimplify a technology such as Cloud Computing, but, the point is, it is enough if your device ( It is no longer PC, or laptop, or iPhone ) has a browser and allows you to connect to the internet. But isn't this something similar to web-based applications such as Google Docs , Zoho Suite , ClientSpot, QuickBooksOnline etc?. The application is stored online. There is no need for us to download or install. The data is also stored online. All one needs is a browser, internet connection and of course, the key-pad in order to call these apps and generate data. But doesn’t this sound like SaaS (Software as a Service). May be there is some difference in their architecture.The whole idea seems to be built around the principle that every electronic device will stay connected to the internet at all times. But will the future see this connectivity as a matter of choice or as a pre-requisite to use the device? This scenario reminds me of vista. Microsoft has stopped XP , pre-loaded Vista in all new computers and vista sucks. So, is there a choice for those like us on the ground?Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

Reflection of Success – A Virtual Assistant's perspective


Most small business owners look out for assistance on their niche area of business. But they are wary of using skilled professionals as their virtual assistants for the fear that , they might have to engage them for a fairly large duration of time ( 100 – 200 hrs ). However, this may be true for some virtual staffing agencies, it definitely does not hold true for most of the independent service providers, aka independent virtual assistants.

Being independent providers, virtual assistants are flexible with their time. Depending on the need of the project, a genuine virtual assistant would provide you an estimate of number of hours required to complete the said project, and also provide you with the projection of "pay per project" cost. Given the choices, it should not be difficult for you to decide the method that suits best for the project , and the urgency of its completion.

Unlike any other business, this too has a catch. This is. . . you need to be completely upfront with the requirements of the project. Make a complete list of requirement and the projected results that you wish to attain from a virtual assistant. Include maximum details that will allow the virtual assistant to work on the project without having to get back to you every other day during the course of its execution. And last but not the least, try to avoid last minute inclusions to the task list by saying, "Can you do this one more thing, and this, and this". While most Virtual Assistants would comply, it is still a bad business practice.

As a small business owner, I understand how much your business means to you. You have invested more than just money to see it thrive and flourish. Similarly virtual assistants are skilled people who have invested in their time and skill so as to provide services over the internet. Unlike other professionals, Virtual Assistants also have working and non-working hours. We do take our weekends off but we also take our work more seriously, because, the success of your project reflects our success in executing them for you.

Being a Virtual Assistant.


A simple search in google for the term "Virtual Assistant" might lead to a conclusion that anyone with a computer , internet connection and a decent knowledge of MSOffice can be a virtual assistant. However this is the popular notion, this is far from truth. Unlike other profession, this too requires careful deliberation and in-depth research and information gathering – sharing – and eventually learning.Being a Virtual Assistant almost happened to me by accident. My educational background and academic credentials, did give me a fair chance to involve in the corporate environment. But , for various multiple factors on a personal level, I could not progress with my corporate dream. I was bombarded with advice from self proclaimed know-it-all on do-at-home, data entry jobs. I knew my skills were worth more than that.A casual glance at this article on Virtual Assistants kindled the spark and I rolled up my sleeves and got into research. I had to separate the chaff from wheat from what Google has placed before me. It was about 2 weeks of rigorous search and cross references, and more googling, when I finally came to a conclusion on what virtual assistance is all about. Having a computer, internet and MSOffice skills does not even begin to define virtual assistance.MSOffice suite caters to those virtual assistants who are inclined towards publishing articles and e-books. For these Virtual Assistants, MSOffice is indeed the most needed tool for their business. But for the rest, MSword , and MSexcel will allow us to keep track of events for a certain project and compile reports. So you see… there is more to virtual assistance than just MSOffice skills.Most Virtual Assistants show case their resume which reflects "I – can – do – anything – that – can – be – done - online ".This gives the impression that "They have lot of time – but nothing to do ". I really feel sorry for them, because , either they have been badly advised, or they are less-informed. Friend, take this from one VA to another. Start by being your own virtual assistant, before becoming someone else's VA. I am sure that you must be have at least three strong marketable skills as a virtual assistant. Tap into those skills and showcase a demo in your profile. You are not begging for job, neither are you a distraught employee. Express confidence in your resume by being self assertive. By deciding to be a virtual assistant, you are stepping into the path of entrepreneurship. Virtual Assistants are self motivated individuals who have decided to provide services (over the interent )for a decent remuneration. Virtual Assistants, in addition to their respective skills, also have to manage finance, PRO , marketing all by themselves. A Startup company employs at least 5 -10 people to take care of these activities separately. But with virtual assistants, this is a one man / woman show. This should only emphasize the fact that Virtual Assistants are not just "on call or a stand by temp" who is always at your disposal. Virtual Assistants command more respect than that.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]

About Me


V A – ProfileYou might be expecting carefully drafted profile content here. I have to admit, there is nothing of that sort. I am going to tell you about my skills, just as they are, and if you find them suited to your needs, I am just a click away.Best case scenario: - We become business associatesLess best case scenario: - We can be good pals ( like the one we bump into every morning at the local coffee shop.)Either case, it makes me happy to know about you.My Academics:-I hold a Life science post graduate degree from the MS University at Baroda, Gujarat, India. APTECH introduced me to computers & software through their Higher Diploma in Software Engineering programme.I am Good at:-Blogging I am an avid blogger, Blogging since June 2006. Take at look at some of my personal blogs while you are sipping coffee. Note that none of my blogs have Google ads, and my blogs donot generate any revenue. I try to update them as an when I get a break from my Virtual Assistance Routine. These are for light reading only.Horizon within usAppreciating poetryDocumenting InspirationsSome Template Tipsதொடுவானம் நம் உள்ளத்தில் ,Tamil Blog (Tamil is the language spoken in the Tamil-Nadu state of southern India.). . . and of courseDeepa's ( This blog)Blogspot Templates:Having seen blogger go from classic to beta and now at their current version, I have been experimenting continuously with blogger templates. The designs of blogs mentioned above have been custom built to suit my whacky idea of design. Some Template Tipsoutlines some basic How – To – Do 's along these lines.So perhaps, I can help you with customizing the look and feel of your blog to match that of your website. Did you know that you can purchase your blogspot blog from Google to have a custom domain (without the "blogspot" in the url ) ?.Graphics DesignI have Photoshop CS2 installed and that’s probably where you will find me when I am invisible online. Well, I do come up with some pretty good designs while I am fiddling around with Photoshop. This includes logos, banners, business cards, favicons among other stuff. Go ahead ! Take a Look and tell me what you think.I publish the designs after obtaining approvals from my clients.Just One More Thing :- I can create custom web applications in Zoho-Creator that allows you collect and process data tailor made to suit your needs . Let me know you requirement, I shall have a demo for you ( No, I do not charge for the demo.) . However the completed zoho product will include user manual and a how to kit , and this one is not free (Hey ! Zoho is indeed a free product, but my services come for a fair price). I know I can do it for you, because , I use zoho myself to keep track of projects and other things with my clients. So, Feel free to tell me whats on your mind.Deepa's Virtual Assistance [...]



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