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music for the head ballet

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55. 14-06-2013 Paradox, Tilburg


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54. 10-12-2012 Shamrock, Nijmegen


Beequeen played this night at local Irish pub called The Shamrock as part of the Sciencecafe event, people talking about depression. Not the best of equipment resulted in a so-so concert, but also in a recording that isn't much worth. Very soft, but if you normalize it it's all distorted. So nothing here to download. A pity since we played Oliver Lover for the first time live. New song!

53. 18-10-2012 Bibliotheek, Nijmegen


In quite an unlikely surrounding we played the local library of Nijmegen, perfect opportunity to test two new songs from our next CD 'Around Midnight' and some classic tunes. Picture by Hans van Wijk - Thanks.
I know many of the links below are dead, send me an e-mail if you want any of this.

Line recording

52. 16-10-2011 Dom, Moscow, Russia


And then we came to the final concert of our short tour. How time flies! The second show in Moscow (as Beequeen with Olga singing) was quite an experience: neither the audience nor we were quite sure what to expect. We played third on a bill with 3 other bands, none of which sounded anything like Beequeen. But like magic, the audience became more and more enthusiastic with each song – as did we. The playing was smooth and good, the singing went great. A couple started dancing in the isle. People clapped along and laughed at our tiny jokes. The show ended before we all wanted it to end. To me the Dom concert was probably the most fun one to do. We made friends for life that evening and sold quite a few CD’s.After the show, we went out to celebrate with cocktails and were almost refused entrance at a posh cocktail bar. If the bouncer had known we were Beequeen, he would have offered us Mick Jagger’s seat. A great end to a great evening and tour. (FK)

microphone recording!

51. 14-10-2011 Art Workshop, Yaroslavl, Russia


We left St Petersburg in high spirits and relocated to Yaroslavl, some 300+ kilometers up north from Moscow. Originally scheduled to play at Dom Muz, we were diverted to what I can only describe as Artist Residence as it had no official name. The rescheduling was necessary because there was no electricity at Dom Muz. Beequeen unplugged – a nice thought! With Olga staying a day longer in St Petersburg, the show in Yaroslavl featured me on vocals. As a nice addition, and since we were the only band playing, we decided to do our own support act: as Wander we played a condensed version of our set (20 minutes), a short break and then we magically re-emerged as Beequeen for the second half of the show. Since I had to sing all the songs as well as play guitar (this time a six stringed one) and remember all the breaks in the songs, this was an evening I anticipated with some nerves, but it all worked wonderfully; both the Wander as the Beequeen set went really well. The concert was filmed with professional cameras. As a result, the full Wander show and the “after party” can both be found on YouTube. The after party in fact consisted of delicious home-made food and alcohol. With one in each hand we enjoyed the gorgeous night view of Yaroslavl from the 14th floor where the venue was based. (FK)
Line recording.

50. 13-10-2011 Ges 21, St. Petersburg, Russia


The second concert of the tour in St Petersburg and the first one as Beequeen with Olga on vocals. GES is a gorgeous club, hidden from its street entrance. You have to cross a few squares, walk up a few steps and then; lo and behold: there is a bar, a Beatle museum and some very friendly people. The supporting act Badoseneticcube featured a girl with a lovely voice singing traditional Russian songs stretched out into long soundscapes. The club had a grand piano on stage, which we used to great, if not exactly loud effect, on The Lord Is My Shepherd. Olga turned a few heads in her golden lamé dress. The concert went really well, probably the best one as the Beequeen threesome so far. All those rehearsals did paid off. The response from the audience was great; we sold CD’s and even had to sign a few of them. A really lovely evening! (FK)

Line recording.

49. 18-05-2011 Lux Theatre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Great recording, great concert, great evening. Excellent concerts by all involved. Almost like being in a wonderland. (FdW)

recording: harddisc recorder. Soundman: Raymond Steeg.  High 5 to all his efforts

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48. 12-11-2010 Industrial Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland


We played rather early evening, following a harsh set by Theme, and an even louder DJ. The sweet songs we did fell in good earth for the early onlookers. We played a new song and some classics. Made some mistakes and had fun. (FdW)

The recording is a curious mixture of microphones and P.A. and sounds rather 'thin'. Don't know why.

recording: harddisc recorder


47. 10-08-2010 Geluidwerkplaats Extrapool, Nijmegen


Local TV will do a feature on me, and there will be various filmed bits by Kapotte Muziek. Not to scare the man in the street away, Beequeen taped three songs in the Geluidwerkplaats Extrapool in front of two camera's. Full item on youtube soon. These songs are 'Breathe', 'Fine Day' and 'The Honeythief'. Three sets were done but this version here will be used for the programm. (FdW)

recording source: hard disc recorder


46. 23-05-2010 Kunstencentrum Roepaen, Ottersum


A show that has various pieces of our forthcoming CD 'Portout Starbord Home'. Held on the stage where Freek and I saw Jonathan Richman a few years ago. A busy weekend with also a concert by Kapotte Muziek the day before. I think it went well, even when not all was flawless. A nice afternoon. (FdW)

recording source: hard disc recorder


45. 18-10-2008 Worm, Rotterdam


Some slight technical problems in the first few pieces, but once the record is set straight, things worked out better. Second gig with Olga. Soundguy was Grrrt-Jan, whom I didn't recognize at first, but then I knew. One of the good guys from the bad old days. Oh well. (FdW)

Not quite sure what to make of this performance. It wasn’t the location; Worm is great – nice, very laid-back people, good food, free drinks, a fine sound technician. It wasn’t the film presentation of Barbara Meter before our performance. That was, in fact, good fun. Five semi-abstract films with the first-ever scientific proof of UFO’s thrown in for free. Great exhibition by Dutch artist extraordinaire Wim T. Schippers too. People travelled from Nijmegen to Rotterdam just to see us. No, it must have been the fact that we had very strange technical problems in the first three songs, which almost ruined the performance for me. Without going too much into technical details, it had to do with tempo problems, which were luckily solved after 3 songs. I doubt the audience really noticed this. It frustrated the hell out of me though. Still, the second part of the set went very good. Probably the last time we played the set as it has been for some performances now. Good. (FK).

recording source: hard disc recorder

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44. 15-08-2008 Zomeravonden festival, Maastricht, The Netherlands


Beequeen played at a summer festival organized in the ENCI concrete factory near the city center of Maastricht. The factory is partly abandoned and its large halls were temporarily given over to the festival organization for cultural events. Lots of people visited the festival and enjoyed the bands, theatre and dance events. The food was wonderful. Beequeen played in the silo-hall. Due to program delays, we started 45 minutes late. At the start of the concert the electronic iron blinds, which separated the audience from the band, were closed. During the introduction music (from the Mulholland Drive movie), the blinds were opened to reveal the band. A very dramatic and successful start of the show. We played a good show and premiered The Honeythief to the audience, which even caused some hesitating clapping along of the audience. Will we ever turn into a monolithic stadium band like U2? Let's hope not. One U2 is quite enough. After the show, we stayed the night in a hostel. In all, a lovely day. (FK)

picture by Sietse van Erve. More pictures here
recording source: hard disc recorder

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43. 18-12-2007 UMC Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


During the festive season, the hospital where I work organized a series of live shows by employees. Beequeen was duly invited. To remain in the true spirit of Christmas, we decided to perform a live Christmasstory embellished with songs. For the story we invited Frank Anthonie van Alphen, a semi-professional storyteller and writer from Nijmegen, who reworked the William Burroughs story A Junkie Xmas for the performance. We were slightly dubious if a hospital of a Christian signature would appreciate Burrough's tale of a junkie trying to get a his junk (literally) and finally giving his last shot to a young boy who dies as a consequence, but once we got the foulest words out, it all sounded fine. During the story telling, we played a couple of songs from our regular set. Quite a large crowd showed up at the performance, which went really well. We even received flowers after the show. A first. (FK)
recording source: hard disc recorder

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42. 17-03-2007 Goudvishal, Arnhem, The Netherlands


I think this was supposed to a double bill for Edward Ka-spel and Savage Republic, but the latter didn't show, or where double booked, or whatever, so it became The Legendary Pink Dots and Beequeen. Goudvishal is a typical Dutch rock venue, with people talking through what whatever is happening on stage, but Beequeen, this time without Olga, was in fine form. I think, but what do I know? (FdW)

recording source: hard disc recorder

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41. 09-12-2006 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden


The Nursey Foundation organised for many years great concerts in Stockholm - vivid memories of zoviet&france & shifts together in 1998 - but they called it a day with this three day event with all sorts of drone music - from Eliane Radigue, Charlemagne Palestine, to Ronnie Sundin, The Idealist, Sheriff, BJ Nilsen (always nice to see him), Moljebka Pvlse and others. Beequeen played their long version of 'Long Stones' and showed a video to it, which someone said 'that looked like an Apple screen saver'; you can't please 'm all. Freek and his wife did sightseeing Stockholm, whereas I worked for 2 full days at the EMS studio four to record some great Bucla sounds, one day together with Joachim Nordwall, for a future work together. Never loose a day's work. (FDW)
recording source: computer (but the spoken word parts were hardly recorded)

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40. 14-01-2006 Goudvishal, Arnhem, The Netherlands


For many reasons this was an important show for Beequeen. First and foremost, Beequeen was joined on stage by Olga Wallis, who sang on two tracks. Her presence gave the Beequeen performance that night an extra intimate atmosphere. Secondly, a number of songs from the latest CD The Body Shop made their live debut. And last but not least, Beequeen played as support to The Legendary Pink Dots, which is always fun. The show went really well and everyone was well-pleased. A video recording as well as a recording straight from the mixing board was made that evening. The show was on a special gothic evening and much fun was had observing the audience, who had clearly dressed up specially for the event. Separate mention has to be made for the Professor Snape lookalike. He was amazing. (FK)

recording source: DAT

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39. 04-11-2004 Club Cuba, Munster, Germany


Beequeen was invited to perform a new version of Long Stones And Circles. The Hören/Sagen - erzählende Musik festival (Hear/Say - narrative music) featured such artists as Jaap Blonk, Kontakte der Junglinge and Robert Ashley. Beequeen performed with Biosphere on the 4th of November. The festival was well-organised. The audience comprised around 60 people (sold out) who were very attentative. Beequeen played well that night, despite problems with the microphones. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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38. 29-04-2004 Dobbelmanfabriek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


For the second time, Beequeen was invited to perform at the "Wintergarden" poetry festival. For this performance we were specifically asked to perform Long Stones And Circles, which had been played at the previous "Wintergarden" festival in December 2003. This time the location was the Dobbelmanfabriek; a former soap factory. Even though the location was brilliant, the performance was pretty much ruined by the very talkative audience. During the quietest passages of the music, it was hard to hear ourselves play. A frustrating evening for us and for those who came to listen to the music. (FK)

recording source: mini disc. note that the glitch like sound is part of the recording, not the music.

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37. 28-12-2003 Café Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


After our previous show in Merleyn we discussed the possibility of Beequeen participating in the Wintergarden poetry festival. However, we heard nothing from the Merleyn crew after that and basically forgot about the whole thing. Much to our horror we noticed one week before the performance in the programme that we were appearing. Somehow, everybody had forgotten to mention this to us! This left us only a couple of days in a very hectic period for the both of us to come up with 20 minutes of new music based upon poetry. In the end we used the structure and the "Finding the first water into the canyon" poem by Richard Long, which we had previously used on our 3 inch CD Long Stones and Circles and changed this into a completely new track. The live performance went really well. In fact so well, that we decided to re-record the music in a studio setting and consider it for possible future release. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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36. 05-11-2003 Café Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


We played as a support act to The Legendary Pink Dots. The set consisted mainly of the US set with some slight changes. Black Eyed Dog was played live for the second time and went really well. The performance went fine (despite the graining bum note I played on the keyboard), but the audience was very talkative. Still, lots of people came to see us, which was really nice. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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35. 16-07-2003 Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


During the world-famous "4-days walks" in Nijmegen, Beequeen played in the medieval chapel of the Barbarossa ruins in the Valkhof park in Nijmegen. A beautiful location. However, that night 3 other bands also played in the open air nearby. Our PA-system was a total disgrace: of the 5 speakers, only the 2 monitor speakers worked. As a result we played very quiet and at times the sounds of the other band (who all seemed to have 1-million watt speaker systems) washed over our heads, making it hard to actually hear what we were playing. Nevertheless, a great number of people came to see us and stayed during the whole performance, which was mostly based upon the US-tour setlist. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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34. 19-04-2003 Living Arts Musuem, Reykjavik, Iceland


Upon arriving in Reykjavik we went to sleep almost immediately at Hilmar's house. After a couple of hours we drove into town and enjoyed the scenery. Iceland is a very impressive country! Dinner that evening was easily the best one we had during the tour; Hilmar treated us to a very posh fishrestaurant where I enjoyed catfish with crab and Frans had the reindeercarpachio and even whale - thank you Hilmar! The show was in an artgallery and was a real pleasure to do. Frans played a really good soloset as Freiband. The sound was great and there were quite a number of people present. Remarkable was the fact that there were many girls in the audience (in America we would normally draw a 99,9% male audience) and that they were a lot prettier than most US girls we saw. After the show we went into the city centre for a drink. And what a drink that was. We had a really great evening. We got back at 03.00 hours at Hilmar's house. (FK)
Also performing: Curver, Freiband and featuring artwork by Elin Hansdottir.

recording source: mini disc

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33. 17-04-2003 Free103.9, Brooklyn, NYC, USA


Question: what is it like to get lost in Brooklyn when it is dark outside? Answer: interesting enough to lock the doors of the car you're in. After a very very long drive from Cleveland (was it really close to 10 hours?) we arrived in the Big Apple. Brooklyn Free103.9 is an independent radio station, which is located in a squat-like building. Once passed the impressive entrée, the space itself is very friendly and features discolights, which light up to the beat of the music. The show went really well - one of the best of the tour. I met up with Mark and Moira at Brooklyn Free103.9, which was really nice. Mark and I have been corresponding for ages and he drove a long time just in order to see us play. After the show we drove to Seth Nehil's place where I spent a most uncomfortable night on the floor. Jason Bryant drove back to Ohio again straight after the show. He is a maniac really. Dinner that day consisted of fast food on the way. (FK)
Also performing: Andrew Liles, Seth Nehil, Stelzer and Talbot.

recording source: mini disc

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32. 16-04-2003 Doubting Thomas, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


A last-minute booked show for the Beequeen. When we finally arrived in Cleveland we found that Doubting Thomas was a really really small art gallery. They did have the largest PA-system anywhere on the tour though. After setting up and soundchecking we played an OK show. It was really hard to concentrate on the music as the owner of the gallery was clearly more interested in the sound of her own voices than the music. A frustrating evening for us and the small audience that was genuinely interested in what we were doing. For dinner we had intended to visit the notorious 'Hooters' restaurant, but unfortunately that was closed down. We had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant near the harbour instead. After the show we drove back to Massillon. (FK)
Also performing: Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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31. 15-04-2003 Garfield Art Works, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


A long drive to Pittsburgh. When we arrived at the gallery, there was no-one present so we waited outside in the sun. After a while, we were able to set up and do our soundcheck. The show went really well, up until the computer crashed for the second time. Despite that we were well pleased with the show. We also sold quite a few CD's in Pittsburgh. Dinner was a typical US food place: large steaks and greasy pizza. At the restaurant I also witnessed a 'Lobster Machine'; a fun fair like machine with a mechanical arm. Put a Dollar in the slot and see if you can grab one of the life lobsters inside - oh, and remember; don't hurt their eyes. Disgusting! We stayed in Massillon again, which was really nice even though I was not allowed to swim in the lake. Alas. (FK)
Also performing: Pancreatic Aardvarks, Impercept, Andrew Liles.

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