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Preview: Alice Rabbit

Alice Rabbit

nurse with wound coil psychic TV throbbing gristle cabaret voltaire Sunn o))) whitehouse wolf eyes Sunburned kraftwerk CTI Chris Cosey KTL sounds electronica noise doom drone avant-garde o'malley experimental freak weird italo-disco godard deleuze straub

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JET FM Fundraising Marathon


Jet FM is a local independant radio in Nantes, France, which hosts my Cosmogol999 Radioshow and close friends Hashtag & Tête de bois's broadcast.This radio survives with less and less subs for more and more quality and missions. Now, it cannot continue without your help. So, please DONATE ![...]

L'HARPISTE, SA MUSE... (e.g.t.n.v...09m - cassette, 1983)


Very rare cassette from french collective artists living in Châtearoux, little city lost in Berry, the center of France, related with La Sonorité Jaune.
Experimental and synthetics stuff, with some flavour of hermeticism and mysticism and some puns in a Duchamp way.

Industrial music for Berry People. Ripped by Rainier Lericolais who curates the Le Berrython exhibition in Art College of Châteauroux, 6 October-2 December 2017.

Get it here :

and don't forget : the 4 volumes of Le Berrython are still available in this blog
volume 1 :
volume 2 :
volume 3 :
volume 4 :

volume 5 is available on the blog Nostalgie de la boue
and volume 6 (fanzine + CD) during the exhibition in Châteauroux

CASSINI CRASH SPACE PARTY 15.09.2015 20:00 - 23:59


Alice Rabbit will play at a special DJ set with some friends (Karim Gabou, The Brain & Maïorov Simpleton) at Pôle Étudiant in Nantes, to celebrate the end of the Cassini-Huyghens mission around Saturn.

Org. Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique.

link : LPG cassini crash

facebook : Fb event

RIP MIKA VAINIO (1963-2017)


Pan(a)sonic (Mika Vainio, lpo Väisänen) Live at Garage, BÜRO, Paris, 1998 (photo :
Sylvie Astii)

 Great Mika Vainio passed away. This is a small tribute.
Recorded live at :
- The Knitting Factory, New York,  19 & 20 01 1995 (Ilpo Väisänen, Mika Vainio, Sami Salo)
- Disobey in The Garage, London (First set recorded as a duo)
- Le Garage, Büro, Paris, 26 06 1998
- Nouveau Casino, Paris, 22 09 2007

fragments d'un underground berrichon [video]


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" mozallowfullscreen="" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="500">
Fragments d'un Underground berrichon (1965-2013) from chateauroux underground on Vimeo.

45 minutes movie, from the underground/experimental/artistic scene of Châteauroux (centre of France).

NWW - Space Music 2 CD-R (2011)


Hey Hey

Available at the NWW gig at the KoKo in London on the 15th of May 2011.

available here .wav file/ZIP




•HelloRe-ups on Mediaf***Please, leave a comment. You can also visiting the cosmogol999 radioshow's blog and liking the facebook page of the show.• Musica Popular Revolucionaria vol 1• Coil's Remixes Anthology vol.1 and 2• 50 ans de Musique concrete 26 min• Musique concrète 1959 n°2• Eliane Radigue Biogenesis• Robert Horton Tapemusic 1979/2009• Meredith Monk Recent Ruins Bootleg• Kelday Odznsdoz• Genesis P'Orridge and Thee Majesty Mary Never Wanted Jesus LP+CD• Jean Schwartz Anticycle II• Test Dept Live '83• Tuxedomoon Soma• Kingdom Scum Golden Asshole Legacy + Thee Digital as Drug• Lericolais/Aubry/Legrand DJ• Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Châteauroux MEC• Revue Pratiques de la cassette K7.1 vol. 1[...]



Musica Popular Revolucionaria vol 1 (first upload april 2009)
(MF - by request feb. 2015)
01 Canta Camarada - Zeca Afonso
02 Maria Faia - Zeca Afonso
03 EH! Companheiro - José Mário Branco
04 A Deusa Do Amor - Sérgio Godinho
05 A Minha Cidade - Paco Bandeira
06 Canção do Desterro (Emigrantes) - Zeca Afonso
07 Farto de Voar - Sérgio Godinho
08 O Meu Compadre - Sérgio Godinho
09 Canção de Embalar - Zeca Afonso
10 Descansa a cabeça na Estalajadeira - Sérgio Godinho
11 Cantiga do Fogo e da Guerra - José Mário Branco
12 Independência - Sérgio Godinho
13 O Ás da Negação - Sérgio Godinho
14 A Cigana e o Pastor - Paco Bandeira
15 Moda do Entrudo - Zeca Afonso
16 Os Bravos - Zeca Afonso
17 Os Indios da Meia Praia - Dulce Pontes
18 Grândola Vila Morena (Ao Vivo) - Zeca Afonso

ROBERT HORTON - TAPE MUSIC 1979-2009 (new link feb. 2015)


Gold Soundz - GS#90 - Cassette Robert Horton (aka Egghatcher) plays experimental music since 1979, even most of his productions (drone, field recordings, tape manipulations, guitar solo) was released since 2005. He runs the Hoal Records label. It's great, you have to listen to !interview here in frenchtracklistA1 Mantra A2 Tape Peace, 4/13/09 5:35 A3 Absenses, 1989 2:22 A4 Breath, 4/12/09 4:30 A5 Clang Pressure Of Time, 1980 2:28 A6 Fun With Django, 4/13-15/09 3:48 A7 Sugar Sugar, 1979 2:08 A8 Earth Carnival, 1988 For Frith 2:17 A9 Groundwater 7:17 B1 Poem, 1980-1991 2:07 B2 Evolution #9, 5/12/09 For Mike Shannon 9:12 B3 Only A Niche, 1985 8:20 B4 Tape Space Inside, 4/7/09 2:43 B5 Tape Yr World Together For A While, 2006-09 3:04 B6 Mr Nakamura, 4/15/09 2:24 B7 Spin For Ives, 1991 1:26 B8 End With A Theme, 4/14/09 1:25 B9 Mantra ripp by Rain (1 track by side): 320/ZIP/MFImportant records said : Founded the Appliances, part of San Francisco’s first wave of punk bands in 1979. Played at the inaugural mayoral ball for Jello Biafra. ISM also in 79 was one of the first SF noise bands playing a series of house shows.Robert formed Plateau Ensemble in 1983, a tribal noise drone group who played in the Bay Area until 1987 drawing members from the Jon Hassell Group, ROVA, KU KU KU, Glorious Din, Eternal Glands of Secretion, Gamelan Seka Jaya, etc. Through out the 80’s and 90’s Robert participated in the cassette revolution releasing tapes in Japan, Italy, Belgium, Britain, and the USA. During the mid 90s to 2004 Robert’s time was mostly in doing Anti- Racism Educational groups called the UNtraining. He continued to record but hoarded it all for himself. Lately the dam has broken with releases on Foxglove, JYRK, 267-lattajjaa, Celebrate Psi Phenomena, New American Folk Hero, Barl Fire, Spanish Magic and Outa.Robert records under his own name, Egghatcher, and Future Ears. He is currently a member of Kyrgyz, Beautiful Friend, Infinite Article, Broken Mask, and the duo with Tom Carter.[...]

Le Berrython vol. 4 "D'Ouest en Est"


Hello Folks ! Alice is back for a special event : the 4th volume of the Berrython series by Rainier Lericolais, mixed for the Cosmogol999 Radioshow (Jet FM 91.2, Nantes, France).90 minutes of the fine fleur of the Châteauroux Underground mixed with sound archives. Enjoy !available here >> volume 4 :  ZIP/MFthe others here : volume 1 - volume 2 - volume 31- Rainier Lericolais - introduction à Cosmogol 999 (2014)2- David Legrand - Viens danser le russoberry (2003)3- Michel Aubry - Extrait du "Rendez-vous" sur France Culture (05 12 2013)4- Pierre Henrique et la galerie du cartable - Extrait du "Concerto pour Piscine et Barbecue"  (Live at Arènes de Captieux, août 2012) 5- Le Collège expérimental - Feedback Percussions (2012)6- Marie-Jeanne Hoffner - ‪"Miroir Noir" au Frac Alsace (02 05 2013‬)7- TAak_tak - Extrait de "HashTAak_tak mix#4" (2014)8- IF - Extrait de la Bande Originale du Dialogue fictif n°6 de la galerie du cartable : "Oscar Kokoschka & Günter Brus : une leçon de peinture" (2011)9- Belkhodja / Lericolais / Sandrin / Sanson - Extrait de "Le dépays de Chris Marker" (Les Bernardins, Paris, 2014)10- That Summer - The Hues of you (Live at Villa Medicis, Rome, 2014)11- Rainier Lericolais - Extrait de la bande originale du filme de Fabrice Cotinat et Alain Doré "On/Off"  (2013)12- La Sonorité Jaune - Extrait de "Eosia" (2014)13- Gregory Weiss - Vuelta de paseo (2012)14- Philippe Charigot - Bande-annonce de "Châteauroux district" (1987)15- Chuck Berry - TV show Maybellene (1955)16- Roger Cochini - Chaste Fleur mon capitaine… chaste fleur ! (1993)17- David Legrand - Arrière voix (remix RL) (2014)18- Extrait de "Electrain de nuit" sur France Musique (2010)19- Rainier Lericolais / Stephan Eicher - Unanstasbar (2010)20- Patrick Raynal - Du Berry à Paris (196?)21- Opera Multi Steel - Jardin Botanique (1989)22- Journal télévisé TF1 - Châteauroux Capitale de la danse (2010)23- Vanessa Paradis - Extrait du concert au Tarmac, Châteauroux (2007)24- jingle cosmogol 999[...]



Alicerabbit's friends & followers, here comes the last volume of the Berrython serie ! More non-sense, more sound art, more freaky covers and experimental lost recordings.In this edition, you will heard early works of That Summer and Rainier Lericolais, fragments of Marine Radiophique (a local radioshow active in the middle of the 1980's), extracts from french TV & radio broadcasts, some experimental electronic records, many recent stuff and a few historical recordings.Tracks are selected, compiled and mixed in a joyful mess by Rainier Lericolais, ripped in a glorious 320 and provided here with Hi-Res definition covers. le berrython vol. 3 (ZIP/MF)01- Pierre Dac et Francis Blanche - Le Sar Rabindranath du Val (1971)02- Michel Louet (?) - Purcell (enregistrement église Saint-André par Grégory Weiss, 2011)03- Extrait de l'émission "Midi 2" 16/07/1998 (France 2, 1998)04- Cosmogol999 - ouverture de l'émission n°18 "à l'ataak-tak" + Jazz d'arc (Jet FM, 2012)05- Les Forestins - enchaînements musicaux pour le Berry d'hier (1984)06- Richard Fauguet - Sur Max Ernst ("le rendez-vous", France Culture, 2010)07- Rainier Lericolais - Sans titre (1994)08- Marine Fait le Trottoir - Beaubourg (L'urbaniste alchimiste, 1986)09- Michel Aubry et François Giraudon - Parcours I (ed. La Box, Bourges, 1997)10- Jean-Louis Boncoeur - Le Village S'en Va (Le Berry d'hier vol.1, 1984)11- David Legrand et les Mégaphones - Crawfish, Elvis Presley Cover (La Galerie du cartable, Dialogue fictif Marie-Madelein/Elvis, 2010)12- En direct du TerTerre : Châteauroux (Youtube, 2010)13- Le Club des Chats feat. Miho-Line - Je veux un chat (2011)14- Minizza - extrait de "Hôtel Monterrey" (ed. Brocoli, 2011)15- Marine Radiophonique : Le génial chercheur de pommes - "Une brèche dans l'intelligence" (198?)16- Dominique Marchès - Sur Châteauroux (France Culture, 2010)17- Entre-Rose - Chansons Révolutionnaires (La Condition lockiste, Belial Tapes, 1988)18- Les Ch'nassons - présentation (198?)19- Rainier Lericolais et Richard Fauguet - Turntable (2011)20- Gérard Patrigeon - Bonsoiroubins (France Inter, 198?)21- Kop - Sans Titre (198?)22- Michel Aubry, David Legrand, Rainier Lericolais - Après l'Eden (2008)23- Marine Radiophonique : Bibou - sans titre (198?)24- Rainier Lericolais et Geoffroy Montel - Live au Centre Culturel Suisse (2011)25- France 3 - informations régionales (2010)26- Baudrite D et Charles Irenos - Quelques instants présents (projet Orange compilation SJ. Org, 1986)27- Le Collège expérimentale (David Legrand et Grégory Weiss) - Russian Song, RL Remix (2011)28- That Summer - Mimir (Live à Mons, 2011)29- Zozo l'explorateur... (EGTNV 011M, 198?)30- France 3 - La Berrichonne de Châteauroux/Paris Saint-Germain (actualités régionales, 2004)31- Ev Institut - sans titre (199?)32- Jean-Jacques Lericolais - Le petit Jésus berrichon (G. Patrigeon, Radio France Berry Sud, 1986)33- That Summer - untitled (199?)first up-load may 2012[...]



Did you like the first edition ? so you should LOOOOOVE the second edition : More Châteauroux Underground ! More experimental releases from the center of France ! More exquisite "berrichon touch".Electronica, noise, drone, industrial, piano works, dark folk, synth-wave, post-punk and broadcast recordings from the castelroussine scene, artworked by Richard Fauguet, and designed by Rainier Lericolais with rare or exclusive tracks. Click on the links for more information and click here to downloading 80 minutes of pure pleasure : BERRYTHON 2 (ZIP/MF) new link oct. 2014BERRYTHON - 2nd editionmore fragments of the Châteauroux Underground (1983-2009)THT disques / Châteauroux_Underground1- Unknown (Radio Commercial) - Introduction : Agglomération Castelroussine (excerpt) /20072- S. M. Sophie - Lapin bleu (Live 1986) /La Condition lockiste (Belial Tapes, 1988)3- Unknown (Private recording) - Démolition des tours de la ZUP (2008/10/13)4- Michel Aubry - Wall Street, pyramide du dollar - 1988 /18 Sonates pour bakélite et canne de Sardaigne (FRAC Poitou Charentes, 1990)5- Staples + Chapeau malade - “Manon portrait” /Manon portrait (egtnv 014m, 198X)6- Marie-Jeanne Hoffner - Building Backyards (fragment) /Building Backyards Soundtrack, 20087- That Summer - Untitled (Laleuf demo) /unreleased, 19938- Emmanuelle Huynh - Pocahontas (extract) /Pocahontas' soundtrack, 20089- R.A.F - Sans Titre pour boîte à musique /unreleased, 198X 10- Entre Rose - Horse Power - 1985 /La Condition lockiste (Belial Tapes, 1988)11- La Galerie du Cartable - Tous les chemins passent par Othon (Trailer soundtrack) /200412- La Sonorité Jaune - Aidna chant /Heliae (SJ Org, 1987) 13- Unknown - Football : Châteauroux vs. Lens (2009/01/30 - RCL TV)14- Ev Institut - Untitled (excerpt) /Previously Unreleased Demo, 199X15- Rainier Lericolais - Demo /Previously Unreleased Demo, 199716- Richard Fauguet - Interview @ France Culture "Le Rendez-vous" (2009/07/06)17- That Summer - P.L.D.V. (Laleuf demo) /unreleased, 1988 18- Zozo - L’explorateur... (extract) /L’explorateur (egtnv 011m, 198?)19- Various - La Marche des coquillards (cover version) /previously unreleased, 200720- Entre Rose + Staples - Ouverture (fragment) /Tu as les yeux bleus, ceci te concerne Lucy (lucy05, 198X)21- Entre Rose - Entre Rose (excerpt) /Agir 13 (egtnv 015m, 1985)22- Various - Just Drifting (PTV cover) /previously unreleased, 199623- Unknown (TV News) - 35e Festival de trompes 1982 (excerpt)24- Baudrite D. & Charles Irenos - Stridulation /Emergence du refus vol 3 (Emergence du refus, 1986)25- Emmanuelle Huynh - About "Monster Project" (excerpt) /Interview at Angers 7 TV, 200926- Emmanuel Causat aka Imaurf Emmanuel-Paul - Les diamants de l'île maudite (hypnothétique mix) /previously unreleased, 200927- Ev Institut - 5 (excerpt) - 1988 /La Condition lockiste (Belial Tapes, 1988)28- Institut Freiberg - L11121 /isjubr publications, 2009 29- That Summer + Rainier Lericolais - Interview @ RIAM04 Marseille, 200730- La Sonorité Jaune - Xeao (excerpt) /je ne veux plus voir le ciel (actéon, 1988)31- Rainier Lericolais - Pour Richard Fauguet /previously unreleased, 2009music or/and words composed, written, spoken or/and played by Michel Aubry (4, 19), Baudrite D (2, 24), Emmanuel Causat (26), Pascal Dauzier (2, 12, 24,30), Jorge Duarte (2), Richard Fauguet (16), Vincent-Emmanuel Guitter (2, 5, 10, 14, 18, 20, 21, 27, 28) , Marie-Jeanne Hoffner (6), Emmanuelle Huynh (8, 25), David Legrand (11, 19) Rainier Lericolais (9, 15, 22, 29, 31), Henrique Martins-Duarte (11), David Samson (7, 17, 29) , Imer M Tezip (20, 21), and much more !first upload sept. 2009[...]



A taste of the Châteauroux Underground : influenced by TG, Psychic TV, Nurse With Wound, Robert Haigh, Berry Traditional Instruments, Concrete Music, Poetry, German Electronica and a touch of NonsenseRainier Lericolais compiled this for your pleasure. It's look like the TOUCH Compilations : some experimental stuff between broadcast recordings and some traditional music. But it's not Java or Bali, it's Berry, Center of France, and more precisely the Châteauroux scene which grew in the 80s around Pascal Dauzier (aka La Sonorité Jaune and SJ organisation) and V.-E. Guitter. More info hereIf you love me, you'll love it ! Download and enjoy : it's highly recommended ! (and for the fans : I'm involved in some tracks!)download it here : BERRYTHON (ZIP/MF) - new link oct. 2014Music composed, written and played by Michel Aubry (15, 17), Baudrite D (20, 21, 25), Pascal Dauzier (2, 20), Davy et Yoann Bernagoult (22), Bruno Douet (6), Jorge Duarte (20), Richard Fauguet (24), Vincent-Emmanuel Guitter (1, 5, 10, 11, 13, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26), Philippe & Cécile Gushing (12), David Legrand (3, 6, 22), Rainier Lericolais (4, 9, 14, 19, 27), Henrique Martins-Duarte (6, 22), Miho-Line (27), David Sanson (4, 8, 19), Imer M Tezip (11, 13, 26), Maxime Touratier (6), Philippe Zunino (3).Artwork by Richard Fauguettracklist01 Zozo - «L’explorateur...» (early 80's)02 La sonorité jaune - «Le Souffle Coupé»(1987)03 David Legrand & Philippe Zunino - « ni queue ni tête» (2005)04 Par les douceurs du verger - “Interlude” (1988)05 The paranoiac scientists... - «Jazz d’arc» (1983)06 Pulse - extract of the Concert at "Couvent des Cordeliers" (1990)07 Les Américains du Berry / ORTF broadcasting (1966)08 That Summer - “Sadness Of Beauty” (1994)09 Rainier Lericolais - «Interludes» (early 90's)10 The paranoiac scientists... - «j’eanne d’arc» (1983)11 Imer M. Tezip's interview (1984)12 Camping sing Janek Shaeffer - «Karaoke French Camping» (2001).13 Entre rose - «tentation 13» (1985)14 Rainier Lericolais - «Auga du Berry» (2000).15 Various - «La Marche des coquillards» (2007)16 TV news October 11th 1983.17 Michel Aubry - “Siège de musique pour deux sonneurs de launeddas et madonna Ciccone” (1991).18 Staples + Chapeau malade - “Manon portrait” (early 80s)19 Balula Lericolais Sanson - “Live at RIAM04, Marseille” (2007)20 S.M. Sophie «Trois cerceaux» (1986)21 Ev Institut - “ev bamby” (1990)22 La galerie du cartable - «Trailer of Dialogue fictif 7 "Barthes/Duras"» (2008)23 L’harpiste sa muse... - «Le Matin des magiciens» (1983)24 Richard Fauguet - «Antisocial (Trust cover)» (2008)25 Ev institut - «baptism (de) pictura» (1990).26 Entre rose - “le pianiste mort” (1985)27 Miho-Line - «improvisation» (2009)first upload april 2009[...]

Pratiques de la cassette Magazine 1 & 2 new links


For the cassette store day, new links for the acclaimed "Pratiques de la cassette" magazine (2010-2011)

[video] Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Live @ Nantes


Festival Câble#6 (7-9th may 2013)
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (Guido Huebner solo)
Musique concrete with electrified, sonorized and amplified junk constructions.
Five minutes extracted of the middle of the set.
allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420">

Bilan 2012


JANDecade (Carsten Nicolai, Anne-James Chaton, Andy Moore) @ Lieu Unique (Nantes) [abrev. LU]Masami Takeushi & the Mable Ensemble (I Love Theremin) @ LUFEBFestival Câble @ Bitche : Mike Cooper (exotic steel guitar) - David Watson (cornemuse) - Arno Bruil (noise platinisme) - Pied Gauche (rock mecanique) - Christian Prigent (performance lecture) - Martial Bécheau (cinematic soundscape) - Bohman Brothers (nonsense) - Mohammad (Veliotis, Ilios, Coti) - Agnes Hvizdalek & Harald Fetveit (improv noise vocal) - Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen Love/Fred Lomberg-Holm (free jazz) - Keith Fullerton Whitman (modular improv)@ médiathèque Hermeland : Immensity Of The Territory (Antony Taillard & co) - Marcus Schmickler@ Chapelle de l'oratoire : Sophie Durand et Manu Holterbach (verres enharmoniques)MAR soirée curieuse Tak Taak @ LU : France Sauvage (rock expé), DiscodéineAPRWeek-end singulier@ LU : Daniel Johnston - Jad Fair - Ghédalia Tazartès - Kim Fowley@ Cathédrale : Charlemagne Palestine - Stefan Lakatos & Paul Jordan (Tribute to Moondog)MAYFestival [SONOR] @ LU : Josef Van Wissem - Sir Richard Bishop - Rainier LericolaisFestival Less Playboy is More Cowboy @ Confort Moderne, PoitiersSusan Stenger & F.M. Einheit - Laetitia Sadier - Rhys Chatham - John Duncan - Martin RevJUL Steve Reich @ Cité des congrès, NantesSEPExpo'70 - Ancient Ocean @ LUOCT Jason Lescaleet @ Câble Mille feuillesNOVRobet Henke/Monolake @ LUEach Other - Lumerians - Colin Stetson @ Pôle étudiant, NantesKas Product @ Stereolux, NantesTaluk Todolo - Stephen O'Malley @ LUDECEtienne Jaumet & Cabaret Contemporain plays John Cage @ LUTOP 11 live (in order of appearance): Keith Fullerton Whitman, Manu Holterbach, France Sauvage, Jad Fair, Ghédalia Tazartès, Charlemagne Palestine, Rhys Chatham, Martin Rev, Jason Lescaleet, Colin Stetson, Stephen O'Malley.Pros : the first year of my daughter, the first year of my radioshow, interviewing Charlemagne Palestine and Ghédalia Tazartès together, playing live with "la galerie du cartable" a concerto for swimming pool & BBQ in the arenas of a little town near Bordeaux, finishing the (almost) last film by "la galerie du cartable" (Kokoschka teaching Gunter Brus how to paint), publishing the first DVD of "la galerie du cartable (Robert Filiou teaching fluxus martial arts in a Lao fine arts school), speaking with Robert Henke about his laser installation, discovering the music of Jason Lescaleet and Ilhan Mimiraglu, sharing ideas and music with friends (Olivier, Rainier, Thorsten, Karim, Christophe, Amaury), Art Biennal of Rennes with my (almost) wife.Cons : no time for visiting my old friends in Paris (Sophie, Clémentine, Olivier, I hope to see you soon !), alice rabbit near death experience, rapidshare politics, "Bitche" closing its doors to good music, too much music and no time to listening to it, no time for seeing movies, the death of Chris Marker, Sylvia Kristel and Ilhan Mimaroglu.[...]

[deleted dmca request] LES 50 ANS DE LA MUSIQUE CONCRETE (1997)


(image) INA-GRM
"UNE HISTOIRE DE 50 ANS" is a 26 minutes free CD given at the celebration of the GRM's fiftieth anniversary. Fragments of sonic works and documents compiled by Christian Zanesi.




Some re-ups before relaunching (or digging) Alice in the rabbit hole.

Click the link, read the post, download the file on the rapidsh* or mediaf* servers and leave a comment.

You can also visiting the cosmogol999 radioshow's blog or liking the facebook page of the show.

If you have some desires of re-ups, leave a comment. If I'm in the good mood, it will be fix before 2013.

So, here there are :
• King Of Luxembourg - Sir/Royal Bastard
• Paul Kelday - One Dimensional and Odznsdoz
• Compilation - Impulse 7
• Compilation - Musique Expérimentale Castelroussine
• Revue K7.2 - Pratiques de la cassette
• Riccardo Sinigaglia - Watertube Ringspiel
• Novy Svet - Todas Las Primeras Cosas
• Ed Herrmann - Electronic Music
• Coil - Remixes 1 et 2



recording some cassette ripps, earlier in this blog, rapidsh*** links.
• Feature Mist (1982 T1)
• Meridians (1983 T2)
• Meridians 2 (1983 T3)
• Ritual : Magnetic North (1985 T5)
• Ritual : Lands End (1985 T33.4)
• Narodna (1988 T33.7)
• Glas (1989 T33.8)

 more info about touch30
 more about Touch's early cassette culture



Sound Art & Music by artists, another selection by Rainier Lericolais (THT discs) for AliceRabbit.

Side A
Keith Sonnier (USA) - Air to air (ext), 1975
Gabriel Orozco & Manuel Rocha (MEX) - Ligne d'abandon (ext), 1993 (review french/spanish)
Robert Barry (USA) - Sky Land Sea (ext), 1996
Lothar Hempel (GER) - Untitled, 1995
Martin Kippenberger & Albert Œhlen (GER) - The Alma Song, 1990
Jeremy Deller (GB) - Trona Summer (Feat. William Whitmore & Jennie Olsen), 2002
Martin Creed (GB) - I Don't Know What I want, 2004

Side B
Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Oswald Wiener (GER) - November Symphonie, 1973 [NWW list]
Dorothy Iannone (USA/GER) - Lieber Uecker, 1972
Peter Roehr (GER) - Bodensee, 1966
Christian Marclay (USA) - Untitled, 1996
Pipilotti Rist (CH) - I Like TV (Feat. Wolfgang Capellari), 1984/1998
Pierre Bismuth (F) - Humming (ext), 1995
Xavier Veilhan & David Artaud (F) - Dourdan (edit), 2003

VOLUME 2 (One side = one track)  320/RAR/RS [new link 06/2012]
Get here the volume 1  here (alicerabbit) and at Ubuweb.



the world of electro-acoustic sound and music 1 (J-Tone, J1250)Naughty people ! I don't think you deserve it, but, at last, it's here, in exclusivity for the reader and followers of alicerabbit, an extraordinary focus on the experimental/concrete music from Japan, ripped by Rain.Tracklisting1- Toshirou Mayuzumi - “Mandara with source of voice and electronic sound” (1969) 2- Yuji Takahashi + Masahiko Sato - Taklamakan (1974) [Piano, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Prepared Piano]3- Jōji Yuasa - "My Blue Sky #1" (1975) "In this work only clicks, pulses and the various kinds of beats induced from them, varying piches, width and their frequency of pulse are adopted. For example, I controlled successively occurring pulses of low frequency sine wave by means of triggering with the frequency of the square wave."4- Matsuo Ohno - “Electronic Sound - Astro Boy’s b.g.m. d” (1963-66)5- Yuji Takahashi - Time (1963)320/RAR/RS (thanks Rain !)1- Toshiro Mayuzumi 黛敏郎 (1929 - 1997), initially enthusiastic about avant-garde Western music, especially Varèse, but beginning in 1957 he turned to pan-Asianism for new sonorous material. Like the novelist Mishima Yukio, whose novel The Temple of the Golden Pavilion he set as an opera ("Kinkakuji", 1976), Mayuzumi opposed the westernization of Japan and tried to emphasize his native cultural identity in his work.MANDARA for electronic sounds and voices is borrowed from the vocabulary of Buddhism, evokes the idea of the uncertainty of things here on earth. The work is divided into two sections. The first is composed basically of brief, shrill electronic impulses; toneless sounds gradually impose the sensation of deep breathing, which effects a transition to the second section of the work. This is made up of complex vocal polyphony, in which murmurs, cries, and ordinary speaking are blended with typically Japanese melodic inflections. (wikipedia + analogartsensemble)2- Yūji Takahashi 高橋 悠治 is a composer, performer, pianist and author, who worked with Iannis Xenakis (he gave the first performance of Xenakis' Herma and Eonta). Masahiko Satoh 佐藤允彦 is a Japanese jazz pianist and composer, born in 1941. (wikipedia, discogs)3- Jōji Yuasa 湯浅譲二 (1929- ) In 1951, he founded with the composer Tōru Takemitsu and other contemporary artists and musiciansJikken Kōbō (Experimental Workshop), an organization dedicated to the exploration of new directions in the arts, including multimedia. He worked at Boulez's IRCAM. "My Blue Sky No.1," made at NHK electronic music studio, is his final electronic music piece. (wikipedia, jazzloft)4- Matsuo Ohno 大野松雄 (born 1930), perhaps best known for his incredibly prescient sound-design work on the “atom” (better known as “astro boy”) cartoons made between 1963 & 1966. Before the era of synthesizer, he used mainly transmitters and tape recorders, echo and various tape editing technology freely. He used marimba sound recorded on an open reel tape to generate astro boy's footsteps. He rubbed the tape against heads of open reel deck, moved it back and forth manually, then put some echoes and other effects onto the sound came out by doing 'open reel scratch'. creating just a few second of the sound required an immense amount of time and effort. (mimaroglu)5- Yuji Takahashi'sTime is a sound-collage piece intended to portray 24-hour cycle in the life of a “salaried worker”. Using what appear to be field recordings of both industrial and natural origins, he combines them with [...]



[NPH 006]tracklist1. Le Horla (8 : 24)2. When cherished nightmares come true (6 : 55)Another collaboration between AliceRabbit & L'Art Pénultième Éditions (after the Dead Mauriacs's Suite and Carnet de Notes 25 compilation - not available since the megaupload crash, but soon, I promise, it will be on the net again !), I only can thanking HOP for his beautiful works.As he said : "This music was created for a silent short movie realised by kids in a high school using singing bowls, metal springs, fishing reels, strings, tape manipulation, everything played and assembled on a computer in two days.The black and white movie is adapted from a short novel by Guy de Maupassant, Le Horla".If you like Andrew Liles, you would like these short exquisite pieces.ZIP/WAV/RS or MedFire  [...]

[video] PULSE - Music for A Fallen Astronaut, novembre 1990


November 1990, seven students of College Marcel Duchamp (Châteauroux Fine Arts School) conceived and performed a 13 minutes experimental/electronic improvisation piece during the opening of the exhibition of "Fallen Astronaut" artist Paul Van Hoeydonck in the Galerie des Cordeliers, Châteauroux.

The College Marcel Duchamp, from 1990 to 1995, was an experimental school where the students used to work together in collaborative multimedia projects, very influenced by post-punk, industrial music, experimental cinema, dada performances and body art.

School's Director V-E. Guitter, important protagonist of the early industrial scene in Châteauroux (see Berrython 1 & 2),  artist Richard Fauguet and close friend Rainier Lericolais advised the young students to create this piece of music and video :
camera : Christophe Alaphilippe & Stéphane Landry
guitars : Bruno Douet & Maxime Touratier
tascam : David Legrand
sound board : Henrique Martins Duarte & Rainier Lericolais
Some of them become artists, some don't. Never mind. At this time, everyone was.
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Pulse, Music for A Fallen Astronaut, novembre 1990 from chateauroux underground on Vimeo.



Bootleg of the concert done in 1999, April 20th at La Locomotive, Paris by the english/dutch experimental/psych-rock band Legendary Pink Dots. 

Sound isn't very clear but the quality is good.
If anyone got the tracklist of the gig, you're welcome.

Live à la Locomotive, 20 avril 1999, 110 minutes, ripped by Rain : 320/ZIP/RS



Art magazine "4 Taxis In Berlin" (#6/7, octobre 1980) 

French artists duo 4 Taxis (Michel Aphesbero and Danielle Colomine) conceived an art magazine about travelling and living in foreign countries : Berlin, Barcelone, Los Angeles, Madrid, Sao Paulo... In the Berlin edition, the mag comes with a flexidisc by Tangerin Dream's occasionnal drummer Klaus Krüger.

More info in the Florence Loewy Bookshop website
"4 Taxis in Berlin, Tirage: 1000 exemplaires. (avec disque souple)
4 Taxis s’invente un style de vie: habiter dans une ville étrangère, y concevoir un travail plastique dont le sujet est la ville et la forme une revue. Ce premier numéro, dirigé par Danielle Colomine, est le fruit d’un séjour d’un an à Berlin. Au sommaire: On Kawara, Oswald Wiener, Einsturzende Neubauten, Kippenberger, Albert Oelhen, Michael Krebber, K. H. Hoedicke, Ulrike Ottinger, Tabea Blumenschein, Mania D, Thomas Wachweger, Rainer Berson, Andreas Seltzer, Thomas Kapielski, Ina Barfus, Klaus Kruger, Jen Jensen, Hans Zischler, Anne & Patrick Poirier, Roy Orbison, Don Everly, Jean-Luc Hennig, Guy Hocquengheim"

rip by Rain : RAR/192/RS