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Preview: all noises swell together in landscapes

all noises swell together in landscapes

an absurd story unfolded

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genital grinder # 2 'graves are opened' december 1990


in between gg1, genital necrosis & gg3 this little baby was out. a time balancing between the death / grind scene of that time and the experimental musics world i was entering. just a few words on hands to, brighter death now, the greek death / grind zine lobotomy, news, reviews. on scribd.... genital grinder # 2

tasos stamou 'maria - nefeli' (unpublished 10")


here's one of my favest recordings of the greek scene of the 00's. sadly didn't make it to vinyl due to a small technical problem and was postponed and remained shelved. what we have here? recordings of maria-nefeli's birthday party at her home in nea triglia, halkidiki. faithful to our 'tradition' of children's parties where we invite friends to come and perform and mix their sounds with the sounds produced by the kids either as field recordings or kids playing with instruments this kind of children workshop turned out to a gorgeous 'free folk' (or call it whatever)obscure soundscape. hope you share the enthusiasm! maria-nefeli (you can check more works of tasos or his excellent work with his kukuruku recordings here)

alan bishop


(image) (image)

afroditi psarra & al margolis / if,bwana


(image) Πέμπτη 28/02, 21.30 Afroditi Psarra Al Margolis/ if,bwana @ Frown Tails, Athens Η Afroditi Psarra είναι εικαστικός και ασχολείται με την τέχνη των Νέων Μέσων μέσα από τεχνικές hacking και tinkering. Έχει παρουσιάσει τη δουλειά της σε πολυάριθμες εκθέσεις σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό, όπως το Piksel Festival στη Νορβηγία και το CTM στο Βερολίνο, μεταξύ άλλων. Το ηχητικό της έργο Lilytronica, μέσα από τον αυτοσχεδιασμό με τρία κεντητά synthesizers, εξερευνά τη χρήση των ηλεκτρονικών υφάσματων και των ψηφιακά ηλεκτρονικών σαν μέσο για να δημιουργήσει μια δυνατή ηχητική εμπειρία με drone και noise διάθεση και μια ρετροφουτουριστική αισθητική προσέγγιση. O Al Margolis/ If,Bwana δραστήριος απο τις αρχές των 80ς είτε ως παραγωγός κυκλοφοριών μέσω της κασσετοεταιρείας του sound of pig music (δραστηριότητα για την οποία συχνά αναφέρεται και ως ‘νονός του κασσετοκυκλώματος’) ή ως μουσικός μέσω του προσωπικού ηχητικού του οχήματος if,bwana που απο το 1984 εώς σήμερα μας έχει χαρίσει πληθώρα ηχογραφήσεων και κυκλοφοριών που φλερτάρουν με το ευρύτατο φάσμα της λεγόμενης ηλεκτροακουστικής μουσικής. Ήχοι δημιουργημένοι στο προσωπικό του στούντιο ή ζωντανά, σόλο ή σε συνεργασία με διάφορους άλλους ηχητικούς συνοδοιπόρους όπως οι pauline oliveros, adam bohman, fred lonberg-holm, κ.α. Παράλληλα απο τα τέλη των 80ς εώς σήμερα διαχειρίζεται την εταιρεία pogus εκδίδοντας κυκλοφορίες που στρέφονται περισσότερο γύρω απο τον κόσμο της ηλεκτρονικής / ηλεκτροακουστικής και σύγχρονης μουσικής. - Frown Tails Αγ. Ελεούσης 14 & Πρωτογένους Μοναστηράκι , Αθήνα

the trilogy


extremely long since any update.... guess the vast majority is uploaded though still lots to upload i guess. below lie 3 posts of 3 vital for absurd's history releases. the michael prime / max eastley, if,bwana and the werner durand. each one specifically meaning something to me. the first (no matter issued later than gruntle) dropped as an idea during the time of absurd's mark ii, a difficult (still lovely time to be honest) period. took sometime for the master to be ready and longer to see daylight. gruntle somehow was issued 'faster' than the other 2. and finally 'remnants from paradise' discussed during an intense trip in 2006 took almost 2 years to materialize as lots of things were happening. dropped exactly during absurd's mark iii heyday or the ultimate freak out time as said, issued by the time the dream was over. couldn't describe that almost 5 year period that starts when mprime asked me for the hydrophony cd and ends with werner's cd better than those releases sounds. part all three of the research center for the definition of happiness series, whose design was handled by maya lavda (as almost the greatest part of absurd releases). enjoy nicolas

max eastley & michael prime 'hydrophony for dagon' (absurd #58 - 2006)


the release that marks the outbreak of absurd's mark iii. it was 2003 or was it early 2004 that did michael asked me whether i was interested this recording with max eastley. well upon hearing the name max eastley got shocked. must admit that. for long being one of my heroes together with luminaries like hugh davies, voicecrack to name but only a few... for me was sounding like a follow up to the negative entropy cd i had issued earlier but also included this time were hydrophonies, a genre i was interested for looong ever since i chanced upon asmus tietchens's seuchengebiete 2 cd on musica maxima magnetica's syrenia sublabel. won't beat more around the bush still a beloved recording bringing in mind lovely memories each time i listen to it... oups artwork taken from a book of max eastley's father, photos and designs of which max really admired... hydrophony for dagon

if,bwana 'gruntle' (absurd #48 - 2005)


i was always fond / fan of al margolis / if,bwana work. guess cuz his work was one of the first 'experimental' sounds i got acquaint with back in early 90s thanks to the rhythm and passion compilation tape of the greek, neo rok zine. won't mumble more about the 'cassette network godfather'. wanted for long to do an if,bwana release so it was sometime in 2004 if i am not mistaken that asked al whether interested or not in it. proposed a couple of releases, we changed our minds in between and finally ended on 'gruntle' issued in 2005 or fall 2005 if i recall well now with the artwork of socrates martinis aka nixilx.nijilx or a host of other nicknames. sounds that can describe the moods and insanity of absurd's mark iii.... gruntle al margolis / if,bwana pogus productions

werner durand 'remnants from paradise' (absurd #69 - 2008)


since i heard 'the art of buzzing' i fell in love with werner durand's sound. it had the intensity of freakish organum or robert rutman. back then didn't know much of his previous work either with 13th tribe or as a member in recordings of projects like gilbert artman's urban sax or his participation in arnold dreyblatt's 'orchestras'. it wasn't until 2006 that we met in berlin, at gelbe musik and robert zank's office as well that did the idea for this release was born. 'calmer' than the art of buzzing but rich in textures, sounds, etc. the release that no matter delayed for almost 2 years saw daylight in 2008 and somehow was the point that i can say marked the end of absurd's mark iii. the kinda 'the title says it all thing' i'd say today. including artwork of karlheinz bux. remnants from paradise

2 live dates


download problems / re-ups, etc



just re-uped merzbow's magnesia nova new links on div share. shoulda re-up more stuff too especially the ones that were on megaupload. will take sometime so be patient. plus gotta post more stuff sooner or later.
in the meantime any broken links, etc pls report.
noise in warm milk

aux 12/02 live at small music theatre (imvated cdr)



i met leonidas panourgias back during mid / late 90s via mail. he had sent me a tape with shortwave sounds actually. we lost touch for a couple of years until we met again in early 00s at small music theatre. spending time talking about mutual sound interests and more we said why dont' we give it a try for a duet? the chance for it was given when anastasis (or was stylianos tziritas) started the 'attempts' series at small music theatre. every monday night there was a freak out thing happening.
so we did ours. still love it. w/ all the fun that was around in the air as we were playing for an audience for some 5 max 10 friends including of course marios the guy who that day helped as sound technician for the place, get a guy whose most extreme listen in music could be perhaps say 'faith no more' or 'red hot chilli peppers' and ask him to handle sound in a place for experimental musics, you get dozens of funny stories. like us seting up and having a guy asking us for soundcheck as he was listening a noise somewhere, a sound that ended being a shortwave frequency coming out of leonidas's radio / walkman tape but he spent nearly an hour to discover.
we started doing our tapes / live elecs / toys show of pure retarded and ridiculous foustanella noie and of course in the end of the thing anastasis grivas who run the place and stylianos tziritas wanted to make their 'a capella' tribute to aux... you get in the end as bonus what happens or what usually happened when friends we were playing with or for friends...

also still grateful to lieven martens of imvated (now dolphins into the future) who kindly offered to issue it.
front covers were made out of transparent xeroxes leonidas found accidentally thrown near a garbage can somewhere downtown all dealing w/ traditional greek dances, costumes, etc fiting to aux's 'foustanella noise' sound.

imvated cdr


2 dates




v/a 'research center for the definition of happiness' cdr (2003)



long since a new post... so here we are the 'research center for the definition of happiness' compilation. below's the press release / site text

v/a : research center for the definition of happiness

cdr, limited to 199
or how the series started. a documentation of a series of events that took part in 4 random days in 4 random places around the province of phokis. events out of which the idea around the research center was expanded and for which you can learn more here. including recordings of sons of god, cm von hausswolff, ilios, costis drygianakis, chondros/katsiani, rlw, nicolas malevitsis, illusionist.

track listing / event dates here

12/7/98(somewhere in an abandoned warehouse at the mount gion)

costis drygianakis 'the marriage'
nicolas malevitsis 'infinite static worlds (laughing at anaximandros)'
tiina aste / sons of god 'the cabinet song'


somewhere on a hill between the mounts gion & parnassos


21/7/98 (somewhere between the villages of galaxidi and eratini)

chondros / katsiani : na!
ilios : afternoon at the lounge

30/7/98 (somewhere near the village of delphi)

illusionist : camberdean
cm von hausswolff : airport data log test
rlw : even weber knows when it's not schmidt

regarding further info on the 4 random days event no further info survived between various hard disc crashes, etc. so it's still a mystery if it ever happened, when happened, how happened, etc etc etc

initially for release in '98 shelved for a few years to be finally issued in 2003.


pascal battus alfredo costa monteiro 'ductile' organized music from thessaloniki #3 / a question of re_entry #8



ok i know someone will say why not 'noise-below' well it was a matter of disguise for each of us (kostis & i) i'd say.

for long 've been fond of alfredo's sounds pascal's as well so when they proposed this one to kostis we got hooked w/ a 2 label split as well.
so was out to 160 copies on both organized music ... and a question of re_entry scratchy noisy soundscapes whatelse do you need?

the sound of love

flac version

jeff gburek 'virtuous circles' (a question of re_entry #7)



this is sound that finds connections and establishes connections.

guess press release info says it all, a 'walk' in the kreuzberg district and the connections between various cultures, at least that's how the recording started and jeff mixed his own sounds too to the field recordings he did. a release of jeff's that i fancied a lot together with his cdr on triple bath (as both were issued around the same time) hope you'll do the same


dimosio ipalliliko retire cd re-up


hi just a line to say that re-uped the dim. retire 'ianos' cd.

new link here

negative entropy m.s. stubnitz - stockholm 9.7.1998 CD (absurd #46 / utan titel #3)



negative entropy was a short lived project of the late, gert feytons (of noise-maker's fifes) & michael prime (of morphogenesis / mycophile records) whose debut cd 'city open to the nomad' came out on beta lactam ring records in early 00's. back then i had asked for a possible release on absurd and a couple of years ago having in mind their performance at m.s stubnitz back in 98 i was surprised to receive a cdr of the recording with the proposal to issue it.
without second thoughts i accepted the idea (of course) no matter the rather ambiguous feeling of the sound. however that ambiguity slowly with the passing of years has become a great love for this recording. listen and listen and listen again at infrequent times and let yourself flow with the sounds...

m.s stubnitz - stockholm 9.7.1998

matt weston 'for alexandros grigoropoulos' (a question of re_entry 10)



matt weston got in touch a couple of years ago sending promos of his recordings to review in my infrequent 'multiple personality disorder' column. got nuts with his work as i still do love it A LOT! percussion improvisations in musique concrete / electroacoustic moods.
so sometime i think fall 08 or early 09 asked for a cdr release, got the master in mid 09 surprised from the title but sounded cool. and is totally stunning music too!

tasos stamou did the cover, including in the inner a photo of the brass band of the greek national bank's orphanage kids in the city of ioannina, photo is shot sometime in fall 19th century or early 20th not sure unfortunately notably from their 'notoriously infamous' supervisor / conductor mr. lalakos!

check more matt's releases here

more for december 08 & alexandros grigoropoulos here

pay your tribute to alexandros here


absurd #3/4



issued some 3 1/2 years before #5 during a bizarre time. problems that today sound nothing back then sounded almost unsolved. anyway early / mid 20's back then and in total love for harsh noise / jap noise and lotsa other things. back then perverse series was happening or almost happening as it was bankrupt and absurd was just unleashing its very first releases.

it also has a supplement with reviews (as absurd #5 had a 2 page ad as supplement of the ant-zen toy bizarre cd and ant-zen in general) which can't track down in the archive but as soon as i do i'll upload.


absurd #3/4

absurd #5 (an issue of absolute nothingness)



happy new (y)ear! it's almost a decade since this baby was published. a product of a turbulent period of a few months time since a great depression and sadness between 96-00. still one of my favest absurds certainly compared to any other publication i've been involved the last 20 years this one's closest to perceive language as sound and vice versa. the first part of the 'zero 'trilogy that somehow was completed during the decade or almost completed you can say.

could be considered either as an mp3 release in a written form or a text that could turn to an audio format.

anyway... read aloud or listen loud and enjoy!!!


emil beaulieau / jason lescaleet (absurd 33) 7"



one of my favest absurds & 2 of my all time faves!

initially due for release in 2004 to celebrate the 50 years of rock 'n' roll. hence the music is pure 'rock n roll' (or you can say so...) housed in artwork taken from 60's and early 1910's issues of the greek mag 'i diaplasi twn paidon' (the inlays are taken from early 1910's issues the front cover is taken from a late 60's one) being one of my earliest memories of my mother's mag / record collection (the other being a compilation LP including trax of black sabbath, demis roussos, aphrodite's child & also beatles, aphrodite's child 7"s) and the 7"s sleeve a replica of the rolling stones 'through the past darkly (big hits vol. 2)' octagonal cover LP being a record i bought while searching sometime when 13 or 14, record stores in (then my home town) the city of kallithea, athens and suddenly picked up this great rolling stones compilation housed in this 'mysterious'sleeve!!!

no matter that due various delays saw daylight in 2007 but it was worth the wait... and definitely one of maya lavda's best works for absurd (not that the rest are less important) needless to say about emil & jason for me are both sides as two of their outmost devastating moments as they were (& still are) like maniacs into it when i first dropped the idea sometime in 2003 or so...

emil beaulieau - rock 'n' roll (pts 1 & 2)

jason lescaleet - toys in the attic

rock 'n' roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

je t aime! (absurd #74) cdr



happened as usual, while exchanging packs w/ michel he droped a cdr of the recording, suggested whether i was interested in it or not and of course i couldn't say no.

so here's some great 'rock n roll'!

junko : voice
mattin : guitar
michel henritzi : lapsteel, harmonica

as recorded live at the densites fest in october 2008

je t aime!

bye bye butterfly (slight reprise)


here are the posters for the final absurd thing.

the dj set designed by thalia raftopoulou

& for the actual fest designed by mikes adamis (a.k.a. adam_is)

infos here

program here

sokrates martinis & ilektra papathanasopoulou (gr)

blood stereo (uk)

balinese beast (gr)
[ilan manouach : sax, electronics / george axiotis : electronics]

sudden infant (ch / berlin)

jerome noetinger (fr)

leif elggren (swe) & bill kouligas (gr / berlin)
[leif elggren as leif elggren & bill kouligas (electronics)]

(+ ends with 2 mystery guests on a farewell thing)

all the above @ spiti politismou – fex


an installation by
danai stefanou (gr) : prepared piano
dimitra lazaridou-chatzigoga (gr) : prepared zither

@ bar ‘alhimeion’

xanthi, greece

4.12.2010 – 20.00 hr
admission 10 euros


larry gus

performance at plateia antika (almost in front of the rock n rolla bar) not sure yet for the time be it 00.00 or later

dj set by

dj bwana

Staub und Kreide

starting @ 00.00 hr



al margolis & dan burke (absurd #76)



is thanks to yiorgis sakellariou (aka mecha / orga) that this release materialized.
serving the same bill with al margolis & dan burke on april 5, 2008 at le bonheur @ brussels (belgium) besides the great time they had he brought me upon return the raw version of it.
it was like a dream of a lifetime getting materialized. for long i dreamed of an if,bwana / illusion of safety release since the early harsh dept dates but was always delaying the proposal or had the idea shelved for sometime later, etc but that was a great chance and i grabbed it.

so no need to say more

le bonheur


varathron 'genesis of apocryphal desire' (demo 1991)



early 1991, varathron already have their first demo out since 89 but also have a different line up and fotis is to issue their debut 7" on his black vomit recs.

knowing already jim (aka mutilator ex bassist of rotting christ) & stephan (aka necroabyssious) as we were part of the local grind scene as at times we were playing together in offshoot bands but also having worked together for the 'genital necrosis' zine (genital grinder zine & rotting christ's meganecrosi zine collab) i asked them if i could issue the 2nd varathron demo they were to issue, also in a limited edition version on chrome tape. they didn't object however even this version didn't include the complete 'journey beyond' track which originally lasts for some 8 or 9 minutes. initially is a 'necrocannibalistic of necrocannibalismo' tapes release, supposed in 100 copies though less were spread.

you can get the demo here (sorry @192)

or check the later comp cd here

varathron info here