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Face Of Oblivion [Death Metal]


Pais: Estados Unidos ,(Mankato,Minnesota)Tiempo: 2009-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Apocalipsis,muerte,tortura y la guerraWeb: MySpace2001 - The Embres Of Man1. Dead to Me 03:00 2. Drowned in Blood 02:30 3. The Breaking Wheel 02:31 4. Panacea 02:26 5. Lecherous Indignities 03:59 6. Perpetuity 02:14 7. Undesigned 03:16 8. The Dissection 03:05 9. Torture Harvest 02:22 10. The Embers of Man 04:47 30:10 PASS:[...]

MOB RULES [Power Metal Melodico]


Pais: Alemania , (Wihelmshaven)Tiempo: 1994-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Vida y FantasiaFormación Actual:Matthias Mineur Guitars (1994-present) Klaus Dirks Vocals (1994-present) Markus Brinkmann Bass (2005-present) Sven Lüdke Guitars (2005-present) See also: ex-Murder One Nikolas Fritz Drums (2008-present) See also: Savallion Dawn Jan Christian Halfbrodt Keyboards (2010-present) See also: Experience X2009 - Radical Peace1. Children Of The Flames 07:27 2. Trial By Fire 05:23 3. Warchild 05:53 4. Astral Hand 05:48 5. The Oswald File (Ethnolution Part II - A Matter Of Unnecessary Doubt) 18:10 6. Waiting For The Sun 04:29 7. The Glance Of Fame 05:23 52:33 2009 - Astral Hand (EP)1. Astral Hand 05:47 2. Astral Hand (Radio Edit) 03:31 3. Astral Hand (Instrumental) 05:47 4. Man On The Run 03:45 5. Hold On 2009 (Unplugged Version) 02:37 21:27 2006 - Ethnolution A.D. -Part 1 - 2 y 31. Prologue 00:32 2. Unholy War 05:18 3. Ashes to Ashes 06:56 4. Fuel to the Fire 03:47 5. Veil of Death 01:49 6. The Last Farewell 05:31 7. Day And A Lifetime 04:07 8. River of Pain 03:49 9. Ain't the One 04:53 10. New Horizon 04:32 11. With Sparrows 05:38 12. Better Morning 04:19 51:11 2004 - Among The Gods1. Black Rain 05:41 2. Hydrophobia 03:32 3. Invitation Time 03:40 4. The Miracle Dancer 05:34 5. Among the Gods 07:32 6. New World Symphony 03:46 7. Ship of Fools 04:29 8. Seven Seas 04:28 9. M[...]

ZORA [Brutal Death Metal]


(image) Pais: Italia , (Vibo Valentia [Calabria])

Tiempo: 2003-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: La cólera,el odio,rebelion y el gore
Discográfica: Lost Soul P.
Web: ZoraWeb

Formación Actual:
Peppe Pascale: vocals & guitars
Tato: bass
Ale Di Meco: drums


(image) 2007 - Gore

4.Sign Your Body02:48
6.Hate Me02:49
7.Kill Who Kill You02:53
8.Enslaved By The Pigs02:33
Total playing time30:22


IDEAS [Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal]


Pais: Hungria (Tatabánya)Tiempo: 1994-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: N/ADiscografica: Hammers RecordsFormacion Actual:Tibor Preil Guitars (1996-2003, 2007-present) See also: ex-The Stone, ex-Agregator Anita Kun Vocals (2005-present) Tamás Takács Drums (2006-present) See also: ex-The Stone, ex-Astrodust, ex-Scaffold Lajos Gallay Keyboards (2008-present) Attila "Csiki" Schlick Bass (2009-present) See also: Astrodust, Infection, ex-Scaffold2008 - PhoenixDisc 1 1. Azt Mondom Nem 04:27 2. Kardok Királya 03:50 3. Fõnix 04:01 4. Csak Emlékezz Rá 05:26 5. Égjen Még 04:32 6. Szerelem 04:33 7. Soha Ne Hidd El 04:14 8. Te Döntöd El 05:27 9. Ébressz Fel 04:59 10. Csendes Esõ 08:04 11. Hazám, Hazám 02:20 51:53 Disc 2 1. I Say No 04:30 2. King of Swords 03:53 3. Phoenix 04:04 4. Just Remember 05:28 5. Burn on 04:35 6. Love 04:36 7. Never Belive 04:17 8. You Decide 05:31 9. Wake Me Up 05:02 10. Silent Rain 08:08 50:04 2006 - Revival1. Kegyetlen idők 05:03 2. Új nap 05:36 3. A völgy 08:02 4. Béke 03:44 5. Az operaház fantomja 05:06 6. Ébredés 03:33 7. Túl az élet hajnalán 04:45 8. Angyal 04:24 9. Újra élni 13:07 10. Drastic Times 05:03 11. New Day 05:36 12. [...]

PUTA REALIDAD [Thrash/Groove Metal with Hardcore influences]


Pais: Argentina, (Buenos Aires)Tiempo: 2005-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: N/ADiscografica: IndependienteFormacion Actual:Fritten Bass Ben Drums Alex Guitar Snoopy Guitar Cristian Vocals 2008 - Conciencia o MuerteoMirrorPASS: Albanil 03:16 2. Texas 02:43 3. Muerte a Dios 00:47 4. Kopf Abhacken 02:03 5. From Hell 01:47 6. Silencio 02:55 7. Suicidio 03:08 8. Jamás Cheto 02:41 9. Rocho 02:38 10. Blue Shit 02:01 11. Puta Punk 03:10 12. Silencio (Rocho-Mix) 03:15 30:24 [...]

NILE [Brutal/Technical Death Metal]


Pais: Estados Unidos, (Green Ville,Carolina Del Sur)Tiempo: 1993-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Mitologia egipcia,Lovecraft,muerte y torturaDiscografica: Nuclear Blast R.WebFormacion Actual:Karl Sanders - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards (1993-) (Morriah)Dallas Toler-Wade - Guitar, bass, vocals (2000-) (Lecherous Nocturne)George Kollias - Drums (2004-) (Sickening Horror, Nightfall (Grc), The Circle of Zaphyan, System Shock, Extremity Obsession, Cerebrum (Grc))Chris Lollis - Live bass (2007-) (Lecherous Nocturne)2009 - Those Whom The Gods Detest Part 1 & Part 2PASS: Dung Incantation3.Utterances Of The Crawling Dead4.Those Whom The Gods Detest5.4th Arra Of Dagon6.Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld7.Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual In The Abandoned Towers Of Silence8.Kem Khefa Kheshef9.The Eye Of Ra10.Iskander Dhul KharnonTotal playing time56:402007 - Ithyphallic1.What Can Be Safely Written08:152.As He Creates So He Destroys04:363.Ithyphallic04:404.Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is in the Water02:575.Eat of the Dead06:296.Laying Fire Upon Apep03:257.The Essential Salts03:518.The Infinity of Stone02:049.The Language of the Shadows03:3010.Even the Gods Must Die10:01Total playing time49:482007 - Legacy of the Catacombs (Best Of*)Pass: www.mediaportal.ru1.Cast Down the Heretic05:452.Sacrifice Unto Sebek03:033.Lashed to the Slave Stick04:184.Execration Text02:475.Sarcophagus05:106.Unas, Slayer of the Gods11:437.Masturbating the War God05:418.Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake02:269.Black Seeds of Vengeance03:3610.The Howling of the Jinn02:2111.Barra Edinazza02:4712.Smashing the Antiu02:18Total playing time52:08 2005 - Annihilation of the WickedPass: Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise00:512.Cast Down the Heretic05:453.Sacrifice Unto Sebek03:034.User-Maat-Re09:155.The Burning Pits of the Duat03:536.Chapter of Obeisance Before Giving Breath to the Inert One in the Presence of the Crescent Shaped Horns05:217.Lashed to the Slave Stick04:188.Spawn of Uamenti01:149.Annihilation of the Wicked08:3710.Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten09:47Total playing time52:04 2002 - In Their Darkened Shrines 1.The Blessed Dead04:532.Execration Text02:473.Sarcophagus05:104.Kheftiu Asar Butchiu03:525.Unas Slayer of the Gods11:436.Churning the Maelstrom03:077.I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead05:108.Wind of Horus03:479.In Their Darkened Shrines, Part I: Hall of Saurian Entombment05:0910.In Their Darkened Shrines, Part II: Invocation to Seditious Heresy03:5111.In Their Darkened Shrines, Part III: Destruction of the Temple of the Enemies of Ra03:1212.In Their Darkened Shrines, Part IV: Ruins06:02Total playing time58:432000 - Black Seeds of Vengeance1.Invocation of the Gate of Aat-Ankh-Es-En-Amenti00:432.Black Seeds of Vengeance03:363.Defiling the Gates of Ishtar03:384.The Black Flame03:225.Libation Unto the Shades Who Lurk in the Shadows of the Temple of Anhur01:326.Masturbating the War God05:417.Multitude of Foes02:108.Chapter for Transforming Into a Snake02:269.Nas Akhu Khan She En Asbiu04:1610.To Dream of Ur09:0711.The Nameless City of the Accursed02:5112.Khetti Satha Shemsu03:33Total playing time42:551999 - In The Beginning (Best Of*)PASS: www.chilewarez.org1.Divine Intent06:262.The Black Hand of Set02:223.Wrought08:454.Immortality Through Art / Godless05:155.Extinct09:356.The Howling of the Jinn (demo)02:227.Ramses Bringer of War (demo)04:568.Der Rache Krieg Lied der Assyriche (demo)02:45Total playing time42:261998 - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka pass:adictos.cl1.Smashing the Antiu02:182.Barra Edinazzu02:473.Kudurru Maqlu (Instrumental)01:064.Serpent Headed Mask02:185.Ramses, Bringer of War04:466.Stones of Sorrow04:177.Die Rache Krieg Lied der Assyriche03:138.The Howling of the Jinn02:359.Pestilence and Iniquity01:5410.Opening of the Mouth03:4011.Ben[...]

KARL SANDERS [Middle Eastern/Egyptian Ambient]


Pais: Estados Unidos, (Green Ville,Carolina Del Sur)Tiempo: 2004-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Mitologia antiguaDiscografica: The End R.WebFormacion Actual:Karl Sanders - Baglama Saz, Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitar, E. Bow, Guitar Synth, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion (Nile, Morriah)Mike Breazeale - Vocals2009 - Saurian Exorcisms PASS: Purification Before the Calling of Inanna2.Rapture of the Empty Spaces3.Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe4.A Most Effective Excorcism Against Azagthoth and His Emissaries5.Slavery Unto Nitokris6.Shira Gula Pazu7.Kali Ma8.Curse the Sun9.Impalement And Cruxifiction Of The Last Remnants Of The Pre-Human Serpent Volk10.Dying Embers of the Aga Mass SSSratuTotal playing time2004 - Saurian MeditationPass: valkan 1.Awaiting the Vultures03:522.Of the Sleep of Ishtar09:353.Luring the Doom Serpent04:004.Contemplations of the Endless Abyss03:435.The Elder God Shrine07:336.Temple of Lunar Ascension03:517.Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents06:168.Whence No Traveller Returns05:369.The Forbidden Path Across the Chasm of Self Realisation05:5310.Beckon the Sick Winds of Pestilence06:04Total playing time56:30[...]










Pais: Polonia, (Szczecin)Tiempo: 1987-1993Liricas Sobre: Satanismo,maldad y oscuridadDiscografica: Trashing MadnessWebUltima Formacion:Jaros³aw Marcinkowski - DrumsMarek "Żaku" ¯ak - Bass (Egzekuthor)Mariusz Zdrodowski - GuitarSylwester Mys³ek - Guitar (R.I.P.)Norbert Sobolewski - Vocals1993 - Sick Sanctities1.The Sanctuary03:462.The Victim04:133.Power of Destiny03:454.River of Blood03:455.No Mercy03:156.Mirror of Inferno03:507.Ritual of the Black Host 203:368.Sick Sanctities07:31Total playing time33:41 1992 - Holocaust (Demo)1.The Last Hour05:552.Confounded04:163.Suicides03:204.Bloodthirstiness04:175.Everything for Glory03:376.The Curse of Pharaohs04:07Total playing time25:32Descarga Aki Los 2[...]

EGZEKUTHOR [Thrash Metal]


(image) Pais: Polonia, (Szczecin)

Tiempo: 1996-2009
Liricas Sobre: Muerte,fantasia,dolor y guerra
Discografica: Time Before Time Rec.

Formacion Actual:
Jaroslaw "Morda" Połaski - vocal (1987-89, 2003-2008)
Grzegorz "Siwy" Styp-Rekowski - guitar (1986-89, 2003-2008)
Krzysztof "Iron" Janiuk - bass (1986-89, 2003-2008)
Jozef "Cygan" Kuśmierek - drums (2003-2008) (Merciless Death (Pol), Nediam)

(image) 2008 - Badz Jak Metal

1.Widmo Wojny05:36
4.Cień Orła06:38
8.Bądź Jak Metal04:58
Total playing time39:01



Pais: Estados Unidos, (Maumee Ohio)Tiempo: 1992-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: SatanismoDiscografica: ?WebFormacion Actual:Dana Duffey (Satania) - Guitar, Vocals (Mythic, Godless (Pri) (Session)) 1999 - Demonic Battle Metal (Best Of*)pass : thelatinhorde1.We Have Risen03:382.Church of Profane Masturbation04:163.Deceiving the Heavens03:184.Nocturnal Empire05:285.Passing of the Storms03:536.Witches Fall06:007.Blut Und Ehre06:09Total playing time32:461995 - Punishment for Ignorance Pass: Cidar1.Mendacious Messiah05:062.We Have Risen03:203.Concubine of the Gods06:244.Slaughter The Sheeple04:075.I Am Lord04:576.Veins of Frost07:577.Eve's Descent (Outro)01:55Total playing time33:46[...]

DARKMOON [Black Metal]


Pais: Estados Unidos, (Charlotte,Carolina Del Norte)Tiempo: 1997-2001Liricas Sobre: Batallas,anticristianismo y fantasiaDiscografica: Tribunal R.WebUltima Formacion:Jon Vesano - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard (Nile, Demonic Christ)Chuck Brummond - Guitar (Wehrwolfe, Invid)Devon - Bass, Vocals (Wehrwolfe, Demonic Christ)Scott Pletcher - Drums (Demonic Christ, ChainGunn, Wehrwolfe)1999 - Seas Of Unrest 1.From The Moon's Mist We Arise07:042.Writhing Glory05:193.Immaculate Bloodline08:364.Wolf Cry02:055.Spirits In My Eyes06:296.Tear Soaked Ground06:017.Vengeance For Withered Hearts05:038.XUL00:399.Kings Enthroned Upon Ashes07:3610.March Of The Ancients02:13Total playing time51:051998 - Vengeance For Withered Hearts1.King Enthroned Upon Ashes09:192.Vengeance For Withered Hearts05:293.From The Moons Mist We Arise07:024.Wolf Cry02:235.Writhing Glory06:156.Ceremonies Of Flesh Divine07:197.Spirits In My Eyes06:32Total playing time44:19[...]

MYSTERIARCH [Symphonic Black Metal]


Pais: Estados Unidos, (Charlotte,Carolina Del Norte)Tiempo: 2001-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Cosmologia,ocultismo y antiguos misteriosDiscografica: Ophiucus P.WebFormacion Actual:Lord Mysterion (Mike Clevenger) - Vocals/Guitar (Epic of Empyrea, Carcinogenic, Vesterian)Cyric (Tod) - Guitar (Apotheosys)Atramentous - BassSargothus - Keyboards (Vesterian)Melkrath (Doug Spears) - Drums (Astaroth (US), Cernunnos (US), Envenom thy Winds, Dreamscapes of the Perverse, Deviant)2006 - The Majestic Fall 1.The Majestic Fall07:082.Beneath the Emerald Clouds of Niburu06:413.Blood of Vanquished Heroes (Part I)02:204.Aeons of Ascendancy06:315.Empyreal Legion06:106.Enigma of Sorrows02:277.Sovereignty of the Ancient Lineage05:008.Proclaiming the Throne of Wisdom05:519.Blood of Vanquished Heroes (Part II)03:26Total playing time45:342004 - Renaissance Of The Maelstrom (Demo)1.Towards The Apex Of Time04:202.Renaissance of the Maelstrom04:543.Proclaiming the Throne of Wisdom05:43Total playing time13:18[...]

NEHEMAH [Black Metal]


Pais: Francia, (Chambery-Rhone-Alpes)Tiempo: 1992-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: OcultismoDiscografica: Avantgarde M.WebFormacion Actual:Corven - Vocals, Bass (Himinbjørg)Sorghal - Guitar (Nahar, Hate Supremacy, Caïnan Dawn)Dargon - DrumsArawn - Session guitarBaar' Hython - Session keyboards2006 - In November Live... (Live)1.Intro01:112.Light of a Dead Star05:193.Across the Landscape07:564.In October Nightshades07:525.Nehëmah in Vulva Infenum08:086.Misty Swamps11:11Total playing time41:372004 - Requiem Tenebrae1.Creeping Chaos01:302.The Great Old Ones06:593.Dead But Dreaming in the Eternal Icy Waste02:514.The Elder Gods Awakening07:305.In the Mists of Orion's Sword07:396.Taken Away by the Torn Blackshroud11:397.Conscience in Evil09:348.Through the Dark Nebula07:24Total playing time55:062003 - Shadows From the Past... 1.Black Winds Over the Walls of Csejthe06:422.Sonner Av Den Fimbulvetr05:493.The Thousand Tongues of Medusa08:194.Warlock06:595.Siguilum Sanctum Lycantropia07:516.Shadows From the Past...03:467.Selvmord08:588.Drawn in Darkness00:489.Call From the Grave (Bathory cover)04:53Total playing time57:272002 - Light of a Dead Star1.The Witch Burns...02:522.Light Of A Dead Star05:423.Across The Landscape07:244.In October Nightshades07:535.Nehëmah In Vulva Infernum08:156.I Will Sleep With The Dragon07:107.Misty Swamps12:108....In The Heat Of The Flames02:42Total playing time54:08[...]

ATROPHY [Jazz/Brutal Death Metal]


Pais: Francia, (Chambery,Rhone-Alpes)Tiempo: 1998-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Investigacion de nuestro espiritu,vida y feDiscografica: Mogict Art E.WebFormacion Actual:Stef - VocalsJulian - GuitarsMatthieu - GuitarsGludo - Drums (Evohé, Nehëmah, Malmort)Geoffrey - Bass2007 - Labyrinths1.Dysfuntion03:402.Septicemie03:483.Mythe05:234.Du Cyanure Pour L' Humanité03:165.Dedales03:466.Sentence04:047.Lerah03:578.Sabaudia04:259.Batard03:1710.Infection Subite02:48Total playing time38:242004 - Dédales (Demo)1.Dysfonction03:402.Septicémie03:483.Mythe05:234.Du Cyanure Pour L'Humanité03:165.Dédales03:46Total playing time19:55[...]

ASCOCULTO [Death Metal/Grindcore]


Pais: Chile, (Viña Del Mar, Valparaiso)Tiempo: 2003-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Gore,horror y canibalismoDiscografica: LHDLB R.WebFormacion Actual:Alvaro - Vocals, bassFrancisco - DrumsCristian - GuitarsRodrigo - Vocals 2007 - El Comegente 1.El Comegente02:062.Adulterio Zoofilico03:003.Ascoculto01:294.Canibal Esquizofrenia01:415.Coprofilia01:576.Cubertio de Moscas02:027.Gusanos es mi Cuerpo01:288.Infecciosa Entrepierna01:059.Infectado Por el Pus de la Gangrena02:0210.Infierno en Carne Viva01:5911.Moco Jugoso01:4012.Prolapso Anal01:5713.Putrefaccion en los Pasillos de la Morgue01:5814.Purulencia Mucosa01:46Total playing time26:10Promo 2007 (EP)1.El Comegente02:062.Canibal Esquizofrenia01:413.Infectado por el pus de la Gangrena02:024.Putrefacción en los Pasillos de la Morgue01:585.Purulencia Mucosa01:46Total playing time09:33[...]

SERAPHIM [Power Metal]


Pais: Taiwan, (Taipei)Tiempo: 2001-ActualidadLiricas Sobre: Vida y fantasiaDiscografica: MagnumWebFormacion Actual:Quinn Weng - VocalsKessier Hsu - Guitar, Vocals (Assassin (Twn))Thiago Trinsi - GuitarMars Liu - BassVan Shaw - Drums2008 - Rising1.Betray / ÇéÓû·´ÅÑ06:402.Hope / ŸoÑĵÄÏ£Íû05:463.Permanence / ÓÀ05:224.Beautiful New World / ÃÀûÐÂÊÀ½ç06:435.Spring Wind / ÆðÎèµÄ´ºïL06:346.Century / è­è²ÊÀ¼o06:067.Destiny / ÉúÃüÓ¡ÐÅ05:078.Rising / ÈÕ³ö–|·½09:249.No More / ÔV²»±M06:3810.Time / •r¿Õµ¹Ó°08:32Total playing time01:06:522004 - AlPass: white_warrior1.Intro / Ðò01:212.Tears / œIµÎ05:233.Resurrect / Í»î06:294.Implementation / ŒÛ`05:295.Desperate / ·Öëx06:096.Can't Take / ²»ÄÜÊÜ04:577.My / ÎÒµÄ07:258.In The Air / ïLÖÐ05:419.Gone / ×ßÁË03:4410.Before / ֮ǰ06:3411.Is That? / Êdž᣿05:1512.Instantaneous / ÞD˲ég09:3713.The End / ½K01:24Total playing time01:09:282002 - The Equal Spirit1.Deep / Éò06:002.Think This World / ˼ÊÀég05:553.The Pride of Twilight / Êï¹âµÄòœ°Á06:394.Song of Death / ËÀÖ®¸è05:435.My Heart is Dying / ÎÒÐÄÒÑËÀ05:206.Vanishing Destruction / »Ãœç?ÆÆœç?05:577.Last Memory / ×î½KµÄ»Ø‘›08:298.Song of Farewell / óP¸è05:269.Occupied / ×“þ05:5210.To Leave / ßhëx06:1211.The Equal Spirit / ƽµÈ¾«ì`09:3312.Finale / ½KÇú01:30Total playing time01:12:482001 - The Soul That Never Die1.Prelude / ÐòÇú00:592.Love Hate / Û»ÚºÞ05:253.Emptiness / Ðé¿Õ05:454.Immortal Silence / ÓÀºãµÄ³ÁĬ05:265.The Soul That Never Dies / ²»ËÀ»ê06:036.Samsara / Ô컯ÂÖ»Ø05:347.Mind's Sky / ÐÄÁéÌì¿Õ09:168.Forever / ÓÀÔ¶05:359.Canticle / Ë̸è04:5110.Light of the Setting Sun / ÂäÈÕâÅêÍ05:0311.Majestic Farewell / ׯÑϾ÷±ð10:18Total playing time01:04:32[...]

DISPERSIA [gothic/doom metal]


(image) Pais: Rumania, (Cluj-Napoca)

Tiempo: 2005-2007
Liricas Sobre: Amor y melancolia
Discografica: Independiente

Ultima Formacion:
Anamaria - vocals
Tudor - bass
Mircea - guitars
Ovidiu - drums
Jojo - keyboards

(image) 2007 - Memento

1.Oblivio Vivi01:28
5.Crystal Queen04:01
6.Far Away05:23
9.Ecou De Romanta02:45
10.Pentru Ei06:08
11.Atata Pustiu04:47
12.Memento Mori04:18
Total playing time51:32

PERRO NEGRO [Heavy Metal/Hard Rock]


(image) Pais: Peru, (Arequipa)

Tiempo: 2001-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Perros y vida
Discografica: Independiente*

Formacion Actual:
Raffo (aka perro negro) - guitars, vocals
Aaron - guitars
Elmer - drums
Jesusitor - bass

2003 - El Jinete del Poder

1.Guerrera hasta la muerte03:08
2.Perro negro06:12
3.Con este signo vencera/carga pesada06:18
4.Jinete del poder04:57
5.Herencia del metal04:35
6.Mr rock n roll04:38
8.Imagen en la penuria del olvido03:53
9.Profecia de media noche05:12
10.Siempre vivo por ti04:05
11.Heavy & rock04:10
12.Destino liberado04:39
13.Apocalipsis Letal (La Batalla Final)03:46
Total playing time01:00:27



(image) Pais: Italia, (Rovereto)

Tiempo: 2005-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Guerra y sociedad
Discografica: My Graveyard P.

Formacion Actual:
Stefano Mini - Vocals
Roberto "Bob" Condini - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Eclipse, Sign of the Jackal)
Ivan "Saxon" Andreolli - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tiziano - Guitar
Zeta - Drums

(image) 2009 - The Old Family is Still Alive

1.National Suicide03:54
2.Nu Posers Don't Scare Anyone04:55
3.The Old Family Is Still Alive04:58
4.Let Me See Your Pogo03:39
6.Into The Clubhouse04:52
7.Please Welcome ... My Friends!04:24
8.Sucks n' Artillery03:20
9.This Is A Raid04:13
Total playing time37:08

HARDWARE [Traditional Heavy Metal]


(image) Pais: Holanda, (Bladel)

Tiempo: ?-1989
Liricas Sobre: ?
Discografica: Polypoepka R.

Ultima Formacion:
Wim Landers - vocals
Hans Heeregrave - guitar
Rob Van Lierop - guitar
Erwin Van Turnhout - bass
Rob Hendriks - drums

(image) 1988 - Heavy Nights

1.Halley's Arrival05:33
2.Hard and Loud04:03
3.Stage Warrior06:05
4.Foreign Skies07:01
5.Coming Out04:07
6.Queen of Visions03:46
Total playing time30:35

POTOP [Drone/Doom Metal]


(image) Pais: Macedonia, (Skopje)

Tiempo: 2006-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: ?
Discografica: Fuck Yoga/Iron Pig

Formacion Actual:

(image) 2008 - Channels

Total playing time31:23

SOLARIS [Sludge/Drone Doom Metal]


(image) Pais: Letonia

Tiempo: 2006-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Instrumental*
Discografica: OSK R.

Formacion Actual:
Kristians Rezņikovs
Toms Putniņš
Zintis Roznieks
Dāvis Kleikalīdis
Sandis Liass

(image) 2007 - Portraits Noires

2.A Monotone Epilogue to a Soulless Maid06:29
3.Es zinu visu sākumu beigas05:03
4.Everything about You Is New04:18
5.Kā iet?04:46
6.Smeldzīga laimes priekðnojauta02:52
8.Mark Frost (Mon ami)10:14
Total playing time38:25

INVOCATION WAR [Black/Thrash Metal]


(image) Pais: USA, (California)

Tiempo: 2006-Actualidad
Liricas Sobre: Muerte,guerra,misantropia y homicidio
Discografica: Onslaught R.

Formacion Actual:
Alejandro "Warlust" Carrillo - Vocals, Guitar (Ignis Occultus)
Pio "Slut Seducer" Jimenez - Bass (Dissolution)
Ernie "Blasphemic Assaulter" - Drums(Immolated Seraphim)

(image) 2008 - Demonic Onslaught (EP)

1.Demon Attack

2.Infinite Power

3.Soul Incinerator

4.A Passage Through Fire

Total playing time19:13