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Goddy: A Fighting Spirit


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(I got an email from a reader, a United States Navy retired serviceman.  I am publishing it verbatim on this blog as well as my reply to same.)Hello GoddyMay 25Goddy, I just saw your blog entries for Olongapo and I have to say those pictures caused a flood of memories...... all quite pleasant.  I have to say that from my first visit to your beautiful country, as a sailor, and throughout my Naval career thereafter, I considered the Philippines to be my second home.  I was lucky to have spent considerable time there....... Since I spent so much time in the Aviation side of the Navy, Gordon Avenue was my favorite haunt.  The old places I used to visit for a beer (every time I got to spend time out in town) were VP Alley and the UA Club across the street. For sure, I spent alot of time up and down Magsaysay, enjoying the food, the people and the fabulous music.  Thanks for the few pix of Gordon. Those are rare, to say the least.  But they sure do bring back memories of my younger days and the great time I had meeting some really fine people.  Yes, I visited many other cities in the Philippines and especially enjoyed the time I was able to spend on Samar Is.  LOVED that place!  All I can say is that the people of the PI are forever friends with me....... You folks are the best!I could go on and on..... obviously..... again, I just wanted to say thanks for posting those pix, especially those of Gordon Ave...... If you have any more, especially if they are of the old VP Alley or the UA Club locations, I would sure appreciate seeing them.  Of course, you may not even be able to locate those anymore.  But if you have any pix of that area, I would love to see them.  THANKS AGAIN and God Bless!Mike Armstrong (USN Retired)MY REPLY allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='400' height='340' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Intersection of Magsaysay Drive and Gordon Avenue, Olongapo CityOctober 29, 2014Hi, Mike!Thank you for your email and for the kind words and pleasant things you said about my blog as well as our country—the Philippines—and its people!I got your email about an hour just after you sent it and I’m sorry for not replying right away.  I was thinking it would make you a lot happier if I could grant your request; that is, posting more pictures of Gordon Avenue, your favorite haunt, particularly the area where VP Alley and UA Club were located.I was quite familiar with both establishments that you mentioned not only because I used to pass by the area but also because I worked with the Military Police, Office of the Provost Marshal, U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay and we had a list of all clubs, hotels and restaurants (about a thousand of them collectively—if I recall it correctly) as well as their addresses in Olongapo City and nearby Subic town.  But twenty-two years have passed since the U.S. Bases’ pullout and I can no longer remember their exact location.  I made an effort to ask an elderly person out there but he, too, could not recall even the buildings that housed them.You probably were attached to Patrol Squadron 47 in Cubi Point when you were stationed here.  I remember VP stands for Patrol Squadron.  And VP Alley must be for VP personnel.  But that's just my guess.Anyway, I am sending you on separate email recently-taken photographs of Gordon Avenue and other areas of Olongapo and the former U.S. Naval Base and look forward to sending you pictures of the area or the new business establishments where VP Alley and UA Club were located.Thank you again for your email and God bless!Goddy[...]



The Nativity Scene.  Photograph taken at Holy Land in Subic last December 8, 2012 during SBMA Prayer Ministry's Advent Recollection.



Goddy's self-portrait sketch I'm home (Gapan City) for the Holy Week--not just to reflect but also to unwind. It’s Good Friday today and I am actually thinking of how I should spend the Day. I thought it would be okay to deviate from the usual way I have spent past Good Fridays as I have always carried my cross ever since. I have suffered long enough and have already sacrificed so many things in my life--my ambition... my personal happiness... and some other things that I value so much—not just for the sake of those who mean much to me but, more importantly, to please the Lord. I have oftentimes been betrayed and stripped naked of my dignity as human. In atonement for my sins, I have mortified and offered sacrifices. I have practiced self-emptying and self-denial. In fact, I have already experienced crucifixion and death on the cross—if only metaphorically. On 28 June 2009, I posted on this blog an entry titled “Deja Vu” where I wrote partly about the pains I had gone through. Please click and read the aforementioned link.Have a blessed Holy Week![...]



When I was temporarily reassigned to another office--the Total Quality Management (TQM) Office--we had our "cascading session" (whatever that means) at All Hands Beach. We picked up our foods and everything we needed in a quonset hut somewhere in the former U.S. Naval Magazine area some ten or more kilometers from the main gate of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

On our way, I decided to make a video of the road. I really loved the sight! If one's lucky, he'd see a barangay of monkeys (conducting traffic stop--JOKE ONLY) as well as other wild animals and birds like labuyo wandering along the road. But feeding them is strictly prohibited.

The video I made had a defective audio. So, I decided to remove the sound and replaced it with another one. Hope my readers will like it.

Please click the video to watch Subic's verdant highway and enjoy the sight of its lush vegetation. Music (instrumental): theme from the Korean soap opera "Full House"--my favorite love story.

(This one's for Lerma de Jesus of Hayward City, California, a well-meaning friend and my favorite high school classmate, who appreciated and liked photos of Subic that I posted on my Facebook account.)

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="340" src="" width="400">



I once heard a female co-employee arrogantly exclaim, "Rule No. 1: The boss is always right. Rule No. 2: If he commits a mistake, refer to Rule No. 1."Although to me what she said did not make any sense, it was obvious that she was trying to stress the arrogance of power.The above incident stemmed from a work situation where another co-employee was silently complaining about an unfair move made by his supervisor that negatively affected him. In an attempt to resolve the problem, that distorted guideline was given.In the mid-70s, during my employment as clerical assistant with the now defunct United States Naval Base in Subic Bay, the duty Officer of the Day (OOD), a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, asked me to type a personal letter for him, which I did. When I was done with the letter, I gave it back to him together with the sheet of yellow pad paper where it was drafted.After proofreading the letter in his office, he went back to the Admin Office, confronted me, and the following dialog between us ensued:OOD: Why did you change my spelling?(I changed "laxidaisical" to "lackadaisical". He was referring to the "lackadaisical response" to the letter he sent earlier.)Goddy: Aaah... that's the correct spelling, sir.OOD: Did you go to college?Goddy: No, sir.OOD: Don't change my spelling!Goddy: But that's the correct spelling, sir.OOD: Did you go to college?Goddy: No, sir.OOD: Don't change my spelling!Goddy: What do you mean by "laxidaisical", sir? Do you mean cold? Nonchalant?OOD: Yeah!Goddy: Then, that's the correct spelling, sir.OOD: Did you go to college?Goddy: No, sir.OOD: (Very demanding this time) DON'T CHANGE MY SPELLING!!!Goddy: Umm... do you want a dictionary, sir?OOD: Yeah, give me a dictionary!After I handed him an English dictionary, he went back to his office and, after some ten or fifteen minutes, returned the dictionary back to me. Although his silence implied he was convinced, I could sense he was not pleased.Honestly, at times, thinking that that incident might have shattered the OOD's ego, I regretted having insisted what was right.In an another instance, when all clerical assistants of our division were transferred to another division in our department, I encountered an incident similar to the one above.After I was through typing an investigative report, one Filipino supervisor who edited reports confronted me. He was very much upset about my changing "double locks" to "double lock" (referring to handcuffs).The Filipino supervisor demanded not to change "double locks" as, according to him, that was correct. Not wanting to be in an argument with the supervisor, I did as instructed by him--although against my will.The other clerk on duty who was beside me and who witnessed what was going on, secretly looked up the phrase in question in the dictionary then showed the dictionary entry to me. Then I asked her, "So, who is right?" She said, "You!"Although the abovementioned incidents dealt only with the communication skills of office superiors, similar situations occurring in work organizations will prove that bosses may not at all times be right.It is unfortunate that some people at the helm of their organizations, especially in government offices, believe that everything they do is right. Still, even more unfortunate, they believe that running their offices depends solely on their whims, without regard for the laws or regulations and policies by which the organization and its men are covered and protected.Back to that lady co-employee I mentioned above, let us try to analyze the rules she stated.Rule No. 1: The boss is always right.Rule No. 2: If he commits a mistake, refer to Rule No. 1.Now, aren't these rules ridiculous and illogical?First, she stated that the boss is always right. Then, she said, if he commits a mistake...Isn't it that when one commits a mistake, he is not right? How come, therefore, that he is always right?Rule No. 1 is not compatible with Rule No. 2. They do not jibe with one another.Of cour[...]



I was surfing the Internet sometime last week when I came across a video about Gapan, my hometown. It made me yearn for home. I am embedding said video uploaded by nuevaecijabiz on and sharing it with you, dear readers.

src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="340" width="400">



Young Marcelito in a scene from MMK's Balot episode(Photo from the Internet)Bago ko narinig ang tungkol sa kakaiba at nakamamanghang talento ni Marcelito Pomoy, ang madalas kong pinapanood sa youtube ay si Lani Misalucha kung saan ginagaya niya ang boses at pagkanta ng ating mga local divas. Aliw na aliw ako sa pag-i-impersonate ni Lani at manghang-mangha ako kung papaano niya iyon nagagawa. /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">Lani Misalucha in her Diva's Medley(Video uploaded by mo94572 on minsang dinala ko sa office ang aking laptop at pinanood ko si Lani sa kanyang pag-i-impersonate, nakita ako ni Myrna, isang ka-opisina, at binanggit niya sa akin ang tungkol sa kakaibang galing ni Marcelito. Pati raw boses-matanda kuhang-kuha niya. Nang mapanood ko nga si Marcelito sa KrisTV, labis akong na-impress sa performance niya na siyang naging dahilan kung bakit palagian ko na siyang hinahanap sa Maliban kay Vincent Bueno na labis ko ring hinahangaan at kinalulugdan, wala pa akong pinanood nang ganoon katagal sa youtube. My God! Twenty-four long hours non-stop watching of Marcelito’s videos—paulit-ulit! Nakaka-addict talaga! src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">Vincent Bueno sings I'm Yours(Video uploaded by KemiKatt22 on what really affected me most was Marcelito’s own life story. Sa totoo lang, masakit sa dibdib! Parang gustong maghimagsik ng aking kalooban sa bahagi ng Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Balot”) kung saan ipinakita ang batang Marcelito na natutulog sa madilim na bangketa habang malakas na bumubuhos ang ulan. Lumaki siyang hindi kilala ang tunay na pamilya. Hindi ba siya nagkasakit o nilagnat man lamang noong panahong iyon ng kanyang kabataan? Kangino kaya siya naglalambing kapag masakit ang kanyang ulo o masama ang kanyang pakiramdam? Kung araw ng Pasko, ano’ng nadarama niya? Kangino siya nakikipagsalu-salo tuwing noche buena? O alam kaya niya kung ano ito? At kung alam man niya, nagkaroon kaya ng kahulugan o kabuluhan sa kanya ang mga salitang ito? Kung siya’y inaapi ng kalaro o kapuwa-bata niya, kangino siya tumatakbo para magsumbong? Sino kaya ang nagtatanggol sa kanya? O naranasan pa kaya niya ang paglalaro gayong walang sumusuporta sa kanya at kinakailangan nang magtrabaho para kumita? I have great compassion for Marcelito—if only because his life story almost runs parallel to mine. Parang nakita ko ang isang bahagi ng aking buhay at pagkatao sa kuwento ng kanyang buhay. Naging pin boy si Marcelito sa Estrella Bowling Alley sa Bislig City. Naging pin boy rin ako sa Torres Bowling and Billiard Hall sa amin sa Gapan City [...]



allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='400' height='340' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Vincent Bueno's performance of "Singin' in the Rain"(Video downloaded from Bueno uploaded a video of "Singin' in the Rain" by Jamie Cullum on his Facebook account. I posted a comment on that video where I mentioned I am uploading his (Vincent's) version of the song on this blog as soon as I am certain there will be no legal implication in doing so.I downloaded the video from just couples of weeks after Vincent's win in Austria's Musical: Die Show as Grand Winner and just as I was trying to learn the technical aspect of blogging--including the downloading of videos from the Internet.The said video is no longer available on Although I was able to download it, I failed to get the name of the person who uploaded it so I can properly give credit in case I use said video for blogging purposes."Singin' in the Rain", Vincent's version, is my most-watched video. I am quite certain I have watched this video perhaps a thousand times or more. No exaggeration at that. I remember I watched it for the whole year--except on Good Friday to respect the holiness of the day.I watched it just after saying my morning prayer upon rising, watched it again during break time at work, and before I went to sleep. This is, of course, aside from watching other Vincent's videos like Hair, I Wanna Be Like You, Grease Lightning, and Music of the Night that I all likewise loved so much. All these videos were Vincent's actual performances in the reality TV talent search which were responded with thundering applause and some by standing ovation by the audience.It is my belief that had Vincent's reality-TV-talent-search experience happened here in the Philippines, he would have been more popular and better recognized here for his excellent performances. But then, maybe he would not be that popular in Austria where the cash prize he won was more than what he would have won in the local counterpart of the contest. Anyway, I love "Singin' in the Rain". It is my most favorite of all Vincent's performances. It has both beautiful and happy melody. It really makes my heart sing. Also, the video was where I first saw Vincent sing and dance. And I was very much impressed with his performance.During the time I fell in love with the song, my life was laden with problems and sorrows. There were problems in all areas of my life, and everywhere--at home, in the workplace, everywhere!It was also during that time when a doctor in the Subic Dispensary and a cardiologist in the Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital in Cabanatuan City told me there was finding in my ECG results. It was during this time when I was feeling very, very weak and very much afraid."Singin' in the Rain" became a sort of self-affirmation to me. I AM HAPPY--despite the rain. I AM SINGING AND DANCING--despite life's insurmountable problems. I am not negatively affected by problems that have enveloped me.I sang this song when I jogged or took a brisk walk at Olongapo's Tapinac Oval--everyday.I sang this song while walking and as I headed for work.I sang or hummed this song when I walked on the hallway of the building where our office is housed. And everyone who heard me sing or hum could not help but sing or hum this song, too. Even Aling Helen, our janitress, was also singing this song. Ask her.After a year or a little more than a year, when I had my annual physical examination again, the nurse who conducted my ECG told me, "It's okay, sir. It's normal." Praise the Lord! To where shall I attribute the healing aside from jog[...]



Marcelito with Kris - No trace of unhappy childhood(Photo from got Ms. Gina Montoya's message on Facebook (fb) requesting me to cover the event of Marcelito Pomoy's grand fans day on October 1st and make a blog post out of it.How I would love to go and be counted! But unfortunately, I wasn't able to do so for some good (or should I say bad?) reasons.First, there was another typhoon ("Quiel") and many areas I will have to pass to get to the venue of the celebration were under flood waters.Second, we've just cleared our area of trash left by "Pedring" and have just cleaned the mess on the ground floor of the house where I live after the thigh-deep flood waters subsided. And it was good my room is on the second floor so my personal belongings were spared from being damaged.Third, I was ill-prepared. That is, I have yet to purchase a new digital camera to record the event as the one I was using was stolen sometime last year.Fourth, I really am NOT a professional writer and am afraid I might fall short of Ms. Gina's expectations.And some other minor reasons.Ms. Gina who lives in Madrid, Spain and who works in Switzerland or Belgium (as her fb profile indicated) is a new friend of mine on fb and apparently is another die-hard Marcelito Pomoy fan. She (as well as other Marsianz and Marcenatics) was able to access my blog and read its entries because John Pel Fajura (Marsianz founder) linked my blog to Marcelito Pomoy's fanpages.At times I could not help but smile seeing that Goddy: A Fighting Spirit is turning out to be a virtual Marcelito Pomoy's fanpage. Well, I don't mind! After all, I'm an avid fan of Marcelito, too. Just like them.I didn't mean to disappoint Ms. Gina. But I just couldn't help it. In lieu of her request, however, and since she's a fan of the K-Mars tandem, maybe I'll just have to invent or create a short dialog between Mars and Kris with the same title - A Special Request - and is written in Filipino to sort of appease her feeling of disappointment. I just hope she'll find it "cute" and not "corny".A SPECIAL REQUEST(Kris called up Mars on his cell phone.)Kriiiing!Mars: Hello po!Kris: Kumusta, my love? Kumain ka na ba?Mars: Opo. OK lang po.Kris: Bakit OK lang? Dapat masayang-masaya ka na dahil yumayaman ka na!Mars: (In his usual humble self) Hindi naman po.Kris: Kumusta'ng mga kapatid mo?Mars: OK lang po sila.Kris: How about your Mama? Nagkakausap ba kayo?Mars: OK naman po siya. Nagkakausap naman po kami.Kris: O, sige. Kinumusta lang kita. Tatawagan na lang uli kita. I love you!Mars: (Boses-babae, a la Regine) I love you, too!Kris: (Not too pleased) Mars... special request naman... puede ba, boses-lalaki na lang?Mars: (Boses-lalaki) I love you, too, Kris![...]



Lily Sabas, an avid Marcelito Pomoy fan, who visited this blog requested me thru Facebook to embed the video of the song Hanggang Ngayon recorded by Marcelito Pomoy (from his debut album Duet Yourself) and the one recorded by Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez claiming Marcelito's male and female voices are no different from Ogie's and Regine's.

Well, I'm not a fan of Ogie and Regine and really don't listen to their songs. But it takes someone with an amazingly great talent to make me appreciate not only their meaningful love songs but their beautiful voices as well.

Anyway, Lily Sabas, whoever you are, this special blog post is for you.

Please click the videos below and have a wonderful time listening to this great love song.

src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="340" width="400">
Hanggang Ngayon (uploaded by MarcelitoPoMoy)

src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="340" width="400">
Hanggang Ngayon (uploaded by Loiso718)



src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">
Marcelito belting out On The Wings of Love during PGT2 semi-finals
(video uploaded by ocirneose on

I enjoy watching Marcelito Pomoy doing his thing. His unique singing style is so amusing and has always left me craving for more such that whenever I start watching him perform on videos, I always wind up searching for more of his performances on youtube.

I particularly liked his remarkable performance in the semi-finals of PGT Season 2 where he belted out "On The Wings Of Love". In one of my searches for this particular song on, I came across a video clip uploaded by spiderdivanez1 where Marcelito is pitted against four other male divas. (See video below)

src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">

I find it interesting to compare Marcelito's rendition of "On The Wings Of Love" with others who belted out the same song.

I have also embedded Regine Velasquez's version in a video uploaded by RegineVelasquezTV to complete the list. (See video below)

src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">

Whose performance is the best?

Click the comment section to see my choice.



src="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">

Marcelito Pomoy has fast become very, very popular since his win in Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 2 as grand champion, not only on television but also on the Internet especially on youtube.

Along with his popularity comes his very amusing and very unique style of singing. He performs a duet, supposed to be done by a man and a woman, all by himself.

This act he does or performs is one that defies definition in that a "duet", as the dictionary defines it, is a musical composition for two performers or voices; an action or activity performs by a pair of closely connected individuals.

But he does it all by himself! Thus, a "duet" now may mean "do it" yourself when referring to Marcelito Pomoy's performance.

I embedded two video clips of the song "Hanggang Ngayon". The first one (please see video above) was performed by Marcelito Pomoy and uploaded by antasheekyra on and the other (please see video below) was performed by Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez and uploaded by regineisbetter, also on

Please click to play and watch said videos.

src="" allowfullscreen="" width="400" frameborder="0" height="340">



Marcelito Pomoy(Photo from ANC Headstart interview by Karen Davila)For the past several weeks now, I've been preoccupied with things about Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 2 grand winner Marcelito Pomoy--that is, watching his video clips on youtube, reading news articles about him on the Net, and watching his guest appearances on TV. Apparently, I am greatly magnetized by this instant celebrity whom one blogger referred to as "darling of television".Marcelito's life story--with all its loneliness, deprivations, and hardships is one for the movies. His eventual success via PGT Season 2 where he emerged as champion will surely inspire anyone who has come to know about the difficult life he has had and clearly see the hands of God lifting him from the sufferings he had gone through.His is not just a Cinderella-like story but a poignant story of longing and love for his own family he never grew up with and one of forgiveness.His story not only gives hope to those who are weighed down but also strengthens their faith in God and renews their belief that God sees all their sufferings and that sooner or later, He will liberate them from their woes.To start with his lonely yet inspiring life story and basing on his TV interviews and information from various Internet sources, Marcelito Pomoy first saw the light of day in Mangagoy, Bislig City in Surigao del Sur. He is third in a brood of four. When he was about two years old, his father, on false accusation, got imprisoned. His mother, together with his eldest sibling who was then about seven years old, left him and his two other siblings to somebody else's care to look for a job elsewhere.When someone reported to the authority that nobody was attending to them, they were brought to his father in prison where they were fed on foods shared with them by other prisoners. When their father got sick, however, and could no longer take care of them, he was forced to have them adopted by a local policeman in the person of Ali Macawili. Marcelito stayed with the Macawilis until he was eight years old. When he experienced maltreatment from Macawili's mother, he asked his foster parents who his real parents are. After disclosing to him the truth that his father was jailed that eventually led to his adoption by Macawili, Marcelito left home the following day to look for his father in prison but miserably failed to find the latter there.Marcelito, in subsequent turn of events and despite his tender age, found himself engaged in various economic activities in order to survive. He worked as pin boy in a bowling alley, sold balut and ice cream, and performed other odd jobs.When he was sixteen years old--eight years after he left his adoptive parents--and while selling balut, a suki (regular customer) recognized him and told him he knew what happened to his family and that he also knew of his father's whereabouts. The man brought the excited Marcelito to his father. His father cried when they met and upon telling him of the story behind his mother's leaving them, Marcelito harbored ill-feelings against his mother.Marcelito stayed with his father who then has a new family but only briefly as he decided to leave him because he could not get along well with his stepmother.Through an illegal recruiter, he later moved to Manila to seek employment. He worked in a furniture shop, washed empty Emperador Brandy bottles, worked in a poultry farm and in a piggery, and also worked in a construction outfit.It was during his employment in a poultry farm when he started singing using his female voice. He would sing as he sprayed the chicken house.When Marcelito turned 24, he went back to his father in Surigao. His father then informed him that his mother was in Manila. He didn't know that [...]



The amazing Bruno Mars In his Manila concert at the Araneta Coliseum last April 8, 2011, Bruno Mars stated, “Guys, I want you to know one thing: I’m very, very proud to say that I’m a Filipino.” That declaration stirred national pride among Filipinos as the audience responded with approval and wild cheers. Shortly after that live performance, I read somewhere on the Net about someone’s comment regarding Bruno Mars’ statement. He said Bruno Mars said that in a crowd comprising mostly of Filipinos and asked in a sort of discussion that he started on that web page if there was a video or written interview done outside of the Philippines where Bruno Mars made the same declaration. He, however, added that he likes Bruno Mars’ songs. Joining that sort of discussion, a reader stated Bruno Mars is both of Filipino and Boricua (Puerto Rican) descent and is inclined to say or claim both depending on where the concert is being held (implying, perhaps, that Bruno Mars said that to please the audience). Bruno Mars, Peter Gene Hernandez in real life, is the son of Bernadette Bayot, a Filipina, and Peter Hernandez, a Puerto Rican. Objectively, Bruno Mars won’t be his person if he will be seen only as a Filipino. Neither would he be himself if he is seen only as a Puerto Rican. We should all realistically embrace the truth that Bruno Mars is a product of the blending of two beautiful races or nationalities—Filipino and Puerto Rican. Born and raised in Hawaii, Bruno Mars is a native Hawaiian. And since Hawaii is a state of the U.S.A., he is also an American. With his songs Just The Way You Are, Grenade, Billionaire, Nothin’ On You, Count On Me, The Lazy Song, etc. being sung by almost everyone and almost everywhere in the planet, Bruno Mars now belongs to the whole world. Just as how we all love his beautiful voice and music, let us all love and be proud of Bruno Mars for what he is made—just the way he is! And most importantly, as what he has claimed, for being one of us—FILIPINO! src="" frameborder="0" height="340" width="400">[...]



(Note: This blog entry was my particular assignment in a group report in a Management class when I was still studying at the University of the Philippines Extension Program in Olongapo. I am publishing it in this blog believing it makes sense.)A. Critique.Performance evaluation system as a management tool in appraising employees’ work performance can have some negative repercussions not only on employees rated below the outstanding mark but also on the organization as a whole. While it is true superior performance must be recognized, it cannot be denied that such rating cannot come about without taking into consideration other employees’ performance, comparison being a basis for or a method of performance appraisal. Thus, when one or more employees are given a rating of outstanding, surely, others are rated below that rating. The implication can be that other employees are inferior or low performers, and that can be shattering to their ego. Worse, if the employees don’t agree with the rating, and such disagreement isn’t settled, they might feel resentful, and animosities and intrigue among employees might ensue.As a consequence, they might not be motivated to work resulting in the deterioration of their work performance thereby defeating the very purpose for which performance appraisal is being done.There is also a tendency for performance evaluation to be used (or be misused, for that matter) as an instrument for personal vengeance by those in power and authority, especially so that one Poor rating or two successive Unsatisfactory ratings for an employee can be a ground for separation from the service.During the time of the now defunct United States Facility in Subic Bay, performance evaluation was associated with grand incentives—not only certificates of recognition or plaques of appreciation and the accompanying cash awards but even the chance to work and live in the “land overflowing with milk and honey”. Employees who rendered service with the U.S. Government (outside of the U.S.) for 15 or more years were given the privilege to apply for special immigrant in the United States. But the Special Immigrant Program is not merely a reward for length of service. Employees should be able to present a number of certificates of awards to the U.S. Embassy as proof of their outstanding performance. This privilege can easily be lost as a result of actions of vindictive supervisors who unjustly rate their subordinates due to ill feelings they harbor against them.There might also be instances when the rater does not know the mechanics of making an evaluation and the rating he gives may not reflect the actual performance of the employees, thus, resulting in erroneous and unjust appraisal.B. Recommendation Performance evaluation should be accurate and credible if it is to serve its intended purpose.Since the rater plays a major role in performance appraisal and is the key personnel influencing its outcome, accuracy and credibility of the report depend much on him. It is, therefore, imperative that placement and selection of personnel be based on the merit and fitness system of the Civil Service Commission to ensure public organizations of personnel highly capable of carrying out organizational functions and program activities geared towards attaining organizational goals and objectives. [...]



Ms. Leony C. de la Llana, Senior Vice President and Head, Customer Retail Services of the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), was invited by the Total Quality Management (TQM) Office of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) to be the Resource Speaker at the Subic Quality Forum held at the Board Room of Building 229 (SBMA’s Administration building) last June 11, 2010.The Forum was attended by SBMA’s high ranking officials that included Atty. Joy Alvarado, Senior Deputy Administrator and Head, Regulatory Group; Atty. Robert S. Martinez, Deputy Administrator (DA) for Administration; Ms. Knette Fernando, DA for Corporate Communications; Mr. Joel Ea, Manager, Internal Audit Service Department; Ms. Paulita Yee, Manager, Treasury Department; Ms. Amy Canonizado, Manager, Accounting Department; Ms. Amethya de la Llana-Koval, Department Manager, Ecology Center; Ms. Marietta Fe Dumlao, Officer in Charge, Transportation and Communications Department; Mr. Joey Lacanlale, Officer in Charge, Management Information System (MIS) Office; and other SBMA and locators’ officials or their representatives.Ms. De la Llana’s presentation was titled “The Theory and Practice of TQM” and cited MERALCO’s experience relevant to the topics she discussed.In her very lively discussion, Ms. De la Llana cited her experiences when she was TQM head of MERALCO, and strongly stressed the importance of the head of the organization to believe in the concept of Total Quality Management pointing out that, without it, nothing will happen. She added that, “even if you give me the best TQM expert… the best TQM consultant, if the leader is not a TQM champion and not ready to do it with me, no deal!”Ms. De la Llana also reminded her audience that TQM is a way of life directed towards the satisfaction of the internal and external customers of the organization. She emphasized that “it is not something I will do because the boss is here… it is a way of life that we should embrace,” and that “it is applicable both to your personal life as well as your official life.” She likened 5S of TQM to the way “how you organize your life... your kitchen... your cabinet...”According to Ms. De la Llana, another process essential to TQM is "transformation". She pointed out that “we cannot go into TQM unless we go into restructuring process; not unless we reinvent the way we do things; not unless we reengineer some of our processes and empower our people”. She quickly added, however, that “we can only empower people if they have the skills and competence”.Ms. Leonisa Cuayo-de la Llana has a Master’s degree in Economics from the Utah State University, U.S.A. and earned her BS degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. She was a College Scholar at the U.P. School of Economics and recipient of the Dean’s Medal for Excellence.In her 28 years of service in MERALCO, the country’s leading power distribution company, Ms. Leony de la Llana has held top positions and became the first woman ever in that company to get to the position of Vice President.Ms. Leony de la Llana has had various speaking engagements in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and in the Philippines and has delivered various papers on many subjects and topics which included Human Resource Management Update, Harnessing Executive Talent & Potentials, HR and Corporate Planning, Leadership and Organization Transformation, Business Excellence and ISO Certification, and Women in the Workplace, among others.A high level speaker, Ms. De la Llana did her thing with passion and articulateness fascinating what seemed li[...]



Goddy with Loraine (Taken in front of San Pablo City Cathedral)Affirmations are positive statements or basic ideas about ourselves that we want to happen or take place in our lives. They lift us up when we're down and help increase our self-esteem. It is a sort of mind-setting or conditioning ourselves to thinking what we may actually are not at the moment but what we desire to be or what we really want to experience at some future time. I listed some self-affirmations which I silently say to myself whenever some ill-intentioned people try to put me down. Whenever I jog or take a brisk walk at the Tapinac Oval, I say them aloud. I am sharing them with you...I am happy.I am healthy.I forgive and release all those who have wronged and hurt me.I like myself.I am proud of myself.I am at peace with myself.I am at peace with God.I love God.I receive God's forgiveness and blessings.I feel God's love.[...]



Here's another video clip of Vincent Bueno that I enjoyed watching and am sharing with you dear readers.

The video was uploaded by musicalswien on YouTube.

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Listen to another great song from Vincent Bueno - his version of Bleeding Love.

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For the sake of those who have not seen it yet and for those who want to see it again, I am PROUDLY featuring the video clip where Vincent Bueno performed Hair.

's performance of Hair was his first television appearance in the Musical! Die Show, a reality talent competition in Vienna, Austria that started sometime in the last quarter of 2007 and wound up in January of 2008. Vincent Bueno was declared winner in the said contest.

Vincent's performance was characterized by passionate singing, strong stage presence, powerful as well as beautiful voice, and very graceful body movements.

The audience responded to his superb performance with cheers and wild applause and easily made him the favorite of the crowd as well as the judges. In fact, he was reportedly dubbed as the "darling of the jury".

Hair is one of Vincent Bueno's great performances in the reality talent show.

The above video clip was uploaded by
MSTLuna on YouTube.



I joined Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic organization intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life and which highlights fellowship among its members. My membership in the said organization was made possible when I learned about the holding of its Christian Life Program (CLP) Seminar from our former Administrative Officer, Nida Arganoza, who encouraged and invited me to join the said seminar. I’d like to think that that was a pleasant coincidence since I was really looking for a religious group where I could meet my need to belong. I’ve been all alone for so long in Olongapo and that was a pretty boring situation. Besides, solitary living has made me vulnerable to stress as well as depression. There was just no one to turn to during trying times. Anyway, I attended CLP and finished the seminar last May, 2009. That officially made me a member of the CFC – Servants of the Lord (SOLD) ministry. In the SOLD ministry, we hold our household meeting every Thursday under the able leadership of our very pleasant Team Leader, Ronald Rondez, of the SBMA Labor Department. Although our household meeting isn’t carried out regularly at present, every SOLD member looks forward to holding said meeting regularly in the coming Thursdays or any day of every week it will be scheduled. The CFC, being a Catholic organization has, somehow, helped put my Christian values in place. I have found new friends and acquaintances who made me feel wanted… who made me feel I belong. I honestly believe and feel that my membership in the CFC is instrumental in my mapping out of plans and personal programs for improvement for 2010. The CFC has become a godly and lively community for me. It is my support group. Some of the activities at the CFC that made me socially active were the CLP Seminar held at the San Roque Parish Church (Subic Chapel) and which wound up on December 3, 2009; the CFC-Zambales 20th Anniversary celebration held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC) on December 5, 2009; and the CFC Family Day held at the covered court just opposite the Lyceum of Subic on December 12, 2009. I am uploading some pictures I personally took during said events. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE PROGRAM (CLP) The Subic Chapel (San Roque Church) The Christian Life Program (CLP) class The CLP graduatesCFC-ZAMBALES 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONCFC-Zambales 20th Anniversary banner Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center - the venueA joyful anniversary celebration Anniversary Raffle Prizes Attentive AudienceBro. Ronald Rondez, SOLD Team LeaderHappy until end of programMark Cruz, Youth for Christ Leader YFC Leader Mark CruzCOUPLES FOR CHRIST FAMILY DAY Family Day breaktimeCovered court opposite Lyceum of Subic CFC Family Day[...]



Photo from vincentbueno.comAdvent is the season in the Catholic calendar when the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world.I remember it was during this season when I solemnly prayed to the Lord to set me free from my sort of bondage—my slavery from fears and anxieties.My Life Before I Knew About Vincent BuenoMany do not know it but I had my nervous breakdown three decades ago. And many just don’t know the great sufferings and excruciating pains I had gone through.Nervous breakdown can be life's most painful ordeal. Experience-wise, it wasn’t just like having a flu that can be cured for a week. Neither was it like a serious sickness that takes a month or even a year before one recuperates from it. It was like a lingering illness that knows no time when it will be healed. It was like a strange and mysterious malady that has no cure but love, hope, and faith.I am speaking, of course, of what I had gone through.It was one hell of an experience. It was like a curse. It was like a consolidation of all negative thoughts and emotions that made me tremble in fear almost everyday.I became psychosomatic. I thought I was sick. There were nights I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep. Or if I could, I would find myself awakened in the middle of the night almost screaming and sweating profusely.I was disturbed as well as disorganized. I exhibited a strange and vacillating behavior. I had ambivalent feelings.Life seemed to have lost its meaning. For a time, I felt I didn’t want to live anymore. The trouble is, I was afraid to die. And I realized I have no suicidal tendency. Despite emotional disturbance and mental torment, though, it was a great wonder how I could still decide rationally.I had a hopeless, helpless feeling. I sought God but couldn’t find Him. I could not, because my faith was shaken.Then I sought professional help. I was prescribed five kinds of tranquilizers. But calming down doesn't mean getting well. Until I found myself heavily dependent on them. I couldn’t do without them. Somehow, though, they helped stabilize my nervous system.During that time, I was friendless and very much alone. My doctor, a psychiatrist, was my only friend. I had depended so much on him that when he passed away seven years ago, I felt so insecure. I didn’t know what to do.“How did you get into such life situation?” someone may ask me.Well, that’s another story and would probably be the topic of a future post on this blog.Feeling so very tired, I again turned to God determined to surrender myself to Him.There is a biblical passage, one of my most favorite, that I quoted and posted on top of my altar in my office. (Yes, I had an altar in the Budget and Supply Office—then my office—of the Department I am attached to.)The biblical passage, taken from the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, reads: “And Yahweh says, ‘When you call on me, I will listen. You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.’” (Jeremiah 29:12-13)In the Gospel of the Lord according to Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ also said, “Whatever you ask in prayer full of faith you will receive.” (Matthew 21:22)The above biblical passages are promises of God. And the Lord God is always faithful to His promises. Finding great hope in the above passages and believing in God’s promises, I knelt and prayed with all my heart and full of faith. I implored the Most Loving and Merciful Father to release me from the grip of enslaving fears and anxieties. As I ended my very sole[...]



Olongapo, the lone city in Zambales, is a highly urbanized city. Having stayed in this locality longer than I have stayed in my hometown, I consider the place my second home.Olongapo was dubbed “sin city” in the past especially during the time of the giant U.S. Naval Base. It has a nightlife even until now although not as active as when the U.S. Facility was here and when Magsaysay Drive and portions of Gordon and Rizal Avenues could be observed teeming with U.S. service members on liberty.Many Olongapo residents, natives and transients alike, have left the City especially after the Mount Pinatubo eruption and the American Bases pullout. Many of them, I believe, would like to see images of the City again. This blog post is for them. The Victory Liner Terminal near the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda The Ulo ng Apo Rotunda The Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center The Olongapo City Public Market in East Bajac-Bajac The Olongapo City Hall The Olongapo City Convention Center The Olongapo Citi Mall at dusk The Olongapo Citi Mall The compound where I reside Tapinac Oval - a place for joggers and sports events Tapinac Oval St. Columban Parish Church Rizal Ave. viewed from the 4th floor of Crystal Lanes Bldg. Rizal Ave. fronting Olongapo City Public Market Prime Theater on Rizal AvenueRizal Ave. fronting Rizal Triangle Gordon Ave. fronting Olongapo Citi MallPag-asa Public Market aka J. L. Gordon Memorial Mall Magsaysay Drive Magsaysay Drive leading to SBMA main gate Magsaysay Drive fronting Olongapo Citi MallMagsaysay Drive at night Magsaysay DriveIntersection of Gordon Ave. and Magsaysay Drive Houses on a hillside Gordon AvenueGordon Avenue at duskE.T. Tower at the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda Downtown Olongapo (Rizal Avenue) Concrete benches at Marikit ParkBurgos St. - the street where I liveAn unfinished building on 10th corner Kessing StreetsA portion of Magsaysay Drive at night A dance group rehearsing on stage at Marikit ParkI look forward to adding more pictures of Olongapo City on this blog post at a later date. I believe pictures of a beach, the grotto in Mabayuan, a waterfall in Gordon Heights, a school campus, and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) viewed from an elevated place would make this blog entry a lot more interesting. So, until then.[...]



Photo from Charmaine Clamor's page on MySpace.comNearly a decade ago, Ms. Eve Clamor, the Administrative Officer of the Facility Security Department of the now defunct U.S. Facility in Subic Bay, and whom we fondly called “Mother”, arrived from the U.S. for a brief visit and dropped by our office. A very warm and accommodating person, Mother gave me her address and telephone number and even offered her residence in Los Angeles to me in case I decide to avail of the Special Immigrant Program, a privilege given to Filipino civilian U.S. Government employees who have rendered 15 or more years of service outside of the U.S.Mother was accompanied by her daughter who was then wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Having graduated Valedictorian both from Columban College in Olongapo and from the school she attended in Los Angeles, I knew Mother’s daughter to be very intelligent. But I never realized she could sing amazingly well.Her name is Charmaine Clamor, another Filipina who has made a name for herself and found a place in the international music scene.Charmaine coined the term “Jazzipino”, a newly-developed musical genre that results from melding traditional Filipino melodies, languages, and instruments with the soul and swing of American jazz.She has recorded several songs and released a number of albums. Her song “My Funny Brown Pinay” is one I appreciated much because it takes pride in the unique attributes of an indigenous Filipino woman who has flat nose, black hair, and dark skin. It conveys the message that the Filipino is not inferior to any race.Charmaine has received awards and recognition for her extraordinary talent and has evidently joined the likes of Charice. Lea Salonga, and Vincent Bueno (of course!) in giving honor to her native country, the Philippines, and its people.Among the awards Charmaine reportedly received were the 6th Annual Asian Heritage Award in the Performing Arts in July 2009 in San Diego, California, and the 12th Annual FILIPINAS Magazine Achievement Award in Entertainment, in October 2009. She was also honored with a special FAMAS Award for her "cultural trailblazing".Lately, I learned from her Facebook page that she was having concerts for the benefit of Filipinos who were victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.I embedded one of her video clips uploaded by abegabe on YouTube. Watch her sing Lahat ng Araw, a Filipino kundiman, in the said video below.[...]



Our department had its team building on October 15 and 16, 2009 at Megan's Paradisio Beach Resort in Brgy. Pundakit, San Antonio, Zambales, which offers a panoramic view of the very beautiful Capones and Camara Islands.I took several photographs of the place as well as the various activities, mostly parlor games, eating and drinking, and videoke singing, that our department's personnel carried out. Group 1 competing with Group 2 Enjoying every minute of it Ying and Jeen joyfully playing with the wavesSinging all night long I also captured on video the stupendous scenery as well as the roaring sound created by the waves as they crashed on the shore. Please watch the video below. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='400' height='340' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />[...]