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Dark Millenium [2]


Doom/Death Metal from Germany

(image) Dark Millenium - Ashore The Celestial Burden [1992]


1. Below The Holy Fatherlands
2. Spiritual
3. Black Literature
4. Inside The Sunburnt Thoughts Of Frost

5. Father Legatus: Of Symbols, Nature And Birth

6. Beyond The Dragon's Eye
7. Wizardry Assemblage

8. Medina's Spell

9. Disillution

10. The Atmosphere



(image) Dark Millenium - Diana Read Peace [1993]

1. Mission
2. Dead In Love
3. Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be
4. Brotherhood Sleep... Back To Treasureland
5. Mechanismeffects
6. Fatehistory
7. Peace In My Hands
8. My Repertory Of Grey
9. The Mindartist
10. In And For Nothing
11. Pandemonium
12. Myth

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Embodying The End [1]


Melodic Death Metal from Germany

(image) Embodying The End - Demo [2009]

1. Live In Sin
2. Blessed In Blood
3. Profane Ideals
4. Blinding Fear
5. This Is Killing You

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Immortal [7]


Black Metal from NorwayImmortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism [1992]†Tracklist†1. Intro2. The Call Of The Wintermoon3. Unholy Forces Of Evil 4. Cryptic Winterstorms 5. Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust6. Blacker Than Darkness7. A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - Pure Holocaust [1993] †Tracklist†1. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss 2. A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride 3. The Sun No Longer Rises 4. Frozen By Icewinds 5. Storming Through Red Clouds And Holocaustwinds 6. Eternal Years On The Path To The Cemetary Gates7. As The Eternity Opens 8. Pure Holocaust Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - Battles In The North [1995]†Tracklist†1.Battles In The North 2. Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms3. Descent Into Eminent Silence 4. Throned By Blackstorms 5. Moonrise Fields Of Sorrow 6. Cursed Realms Of The Winterdemons 7. At The Stormy Gates Of Mist 8. Through The Halls Of Eternity 9. Circling Above In Time Before Time10. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - Blizzard Beasts [1997] †Tracklist†1. Intro2. Blizzard Beasts 3. Nebular Ravens Winter 4. Suns That Sank Below5. Battlefields 6. Mountains Of Might 7. Noctambulant 8. Winter Of The Ages 9. Frostdemonstorm Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - At The Heart Of Winter [1999] †Tracklist†1. Withstand The Fall Of Time 2. Solarfall 3. Tragedies Blows At Horizon 4. Where Dark And Light Don't Differ 5. At The Heart Of Winter 6. Years Of Silent Sorrow Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - Damned In Black [2000] †Tracklist†1. Triumph 2. Wrath From Above 3. Against The Tide (In The Arctic World) 4. My Dimension 5. The Darkness That Embrace Me 6. In Our Mystic Visions Blest7. Damned In Black Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toImmortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness [2002]†Tracklist†1. One By One2. Sons Of Northern Darkness3. Tyrants4. Demonium5. Within The Dark Mind6. In My Kingdom Cold7. Antarctica8. Beyond The North WavesMirrors:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactory[...]

War-Head [1]


Thrash / Death Metal from Croatia

(image) War-Head - No Signs Of Armageddon [2008]

1. Prelude To Extinction Of Mankind
2. War-Head
3. Terrorizer
4. Circle
5. 1000 Eyes
6. Who Dares Wins
7. Son Of God
8. Away
9. Free

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Bloodbath [4]


Death Metal from SwedenBloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage [2002]†Tracklist†1. Ways To The Grave 2. So You Die 3. Mass Strangulation 4. Death Delirium 5. Buried By The Dead 6. The Soulcollector 7. Bathe In Blood8. Trail Of Insects 9. Like Fire 10. Cry My Name Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toBloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh [2004] †Tracklist†1. Cancer Of The Soul 2. Brave New Hell 3. Soul Evisceration 4. Outnumbering The Day5. Feeding The Undead 6. Eaten7. Bastard Son Of God8. Year Of The Cadaver Race 9. The Ascension 10. Draped In Disease 11. Stillborn Saviour 12. Blood Vortex Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toBloodbath - Unblessing The Purity [EP 2008]†Tracklist†1. Blasting The Virginborn2. Weak Aside3. Sick Salvation4. Mouth Of Empty PraiseMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toBloodbath - The Fathomless Mastery [2008]†Tracklist†1. At The Behest Of Their Death2. Process Of Disillumination3. Slaughtering The Will To Live4. Mock The Cross5. Treasonous6. Iesous7. Drink From The Cup Of Heresy8. Devouring The Feeble9. Earthrot10. Hades Rising11. Wretched Human MirrorMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Hate Fusion [1]


Melodic Death / Thrash Metal from Argentina

(image) Hate Fusion - Blinded By Hate [EP 2008]

1. Melted In The Darkness
2. The Kiss Of The Vampire
3. Soul Ripper
4. Circles Of Fire

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Ensiferum [4]


Viking / Folk Metal from FinnlandEnsiferum - Ensiferum [2001]†Tracklist†1. Intro 2. Hero In A Dream3. Token Of Time4. Guardians Of Fate5. Old Man (Väinämöinen)6. Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen Part II)7. Abandoned8. Windrider 9. Treacherous Gods 10. Eternal Wait11. Battle Song 12. Goblins' Dance [Bonus Track]Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toEnsiferum - Iron [2004] †Tracklist†1. Ferrum Aeternum2. Iron 3. Sword Chant 4. Mourning Heart - Interlude 5. Tale Of Revenge 6. Lost In Despair 7. Slayer Of Light 8. Into Battle 9. LAI LAI HEI10. Tears Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toEnsiferum - Dragonheads [EP 2006] †Tracklist†1. Dragonheads 2. Warrior's Quest 3. Kalevala Melody 4. White Storm5. Into Hiding 6. Finnish Medley Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toEnsiferum - Victory Songs [2007]†Tracklist†1. Ad Victoriam2. Blood Is The Price Of Glory3. Deathbringer From The Sky4. Ahti5. One More Magic Potion6. Wanderer7. Raised By The Sword8. The New Dawn9. Victory SongMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Abandoned [2]


Thrash Metal from Germany

(image) Abandoned - Thrash Notes [2006]


1. The Oncoming Storm
2. Return To One

3. Take The Spell

4. Holy Terror

5. Breed Machine

6. Phoenix Rise

7. Pay The Dues

8. Demonic

9. Hell Is Home

10. You're Going Down
11. Nightmares



(image) Abandoned - Thrash You! [2007]

1. Incantation
2. Visions Of Death
3. We Are Hell
4. Disorder
5. Die In Dignity
6. Sands Of Time
7. Feel The FIre
8. Damned For All Time
9. This Is The End
10. Repentance
11. Too Blind To See
12. In Search Of Sanity
13. Trapped
14. V.O.D. Reprise

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Graveworm [6]


Melodic Black Metal / Gothic Metal from ItalyGraveworm - When Daylight's Gone [1997]†Tracklist†1. Awake 2. Lost Yourself 3. Far Away 4. Eternal Winds 5. Dark Silence 6. Tears From My Eyes 7. When The Sky Turns Black8. Another Season 9. Aeons Of Desolation Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toGraveworm - Underneath The Crescent Moon [EP 1998] †Tracklist†1. Awaiting The Shinning 2. Awake... Thy Angels Of Sorrow 3. By The Grace Of God4. How Many Tears (Helloween Cover) Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toGraveworm - As The Angels Reach The Beauty [1999]†Tracklist†1. A Dreaming Beauty2. Portrait Of A Deadly Nightshade 3. Ceremonial Requiem (Instrumental) 4. Nocturnal Hymns 5. Behind The Curtain Of Darkness 6. Pandemonium (Instrumental) 7. Prophecies In Blood 8. Into The Dust Of Eden 9. Graveyard Of Angels (Instrumental)Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toGraveworm - Scourge Of Malice [2001]†Tracklist†1. Dreaded Time2. Unhallowed By The Infernal One 3. Abandoned By Heaven 4. Descending Into Ethereal Mist 5. Threnody6. Demonic Dreams 7. Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover)8. In Vengeance Of Our Wrath 9. Ars Diaboli 10. Sanctity Within Darkness Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toGraveworm - Engraved In Black [2004]†Tracklist†1. Dreaming Into Reality 2. Legions Unleashed 3. Renaissance In Blood 4. Thorns Of Desolation 5. Abhorrence 6. Drowned In Fear7. Beauty Of Malice 8. Apparition Of Sorrow 9. It's A Sin [Bonus]Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toGraveworm - (N)Utopia [2005]†Tracklist†1. I - The Machine2. (N)Utopia3. Hateful Design4. Never Enough5. Timeless6. Which Way7. Deep Inside8. Outside Down9. MCMXCII10. Losing My Religion [Bonus] (REM Cover)Mirros:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Katatonia [7]


Doom Metal/Death Metal, later Depressive Rock from SwedenKatatonia - Dance Of December Souls [1993] †Tracklist†1. Seven Dreaming Souls (Intro) 2. Gateways Of Bereavement 3. In Silence Enshrined 4. Without God 5. Elohim Meth 6. Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl) 7. Tomb Of Insomnia8. Dancing DecemberMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toKatatonia - Brave Murder Day [1996]†Tracklist†1. Brave 2. Murder 3. Day 4. Rainroom 5. 12 6. Endtime Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &Uploaded.toKatatonia - Discouraged Ones [1998] †Tracklist†1. I Break 2. Stalemate 3. Deadhouse 4. Relention 5. Cold Ways6. Gone 7. Last Resort 8. Nerve 9. Saw You Drown 10. Instrumental11. Distrust Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toKatatonia - Tonight's Decision [1999] †Tracklist†1. For My Demons 2. I Am Nothing 3. In Death, A Song 4. Had To (Leave) 5. This Punishment 6. Right Into The Bliss 7. No Good Can Come Of This8. Strained 9. A Darkness Coming10. Nightmares By The Sea (Jeff Buckley Cover) 11. Black SessionMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toKatatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down [2001]†Tracklist†1. Dispossession 2. Chrome 3. We Must Bury You 4. Teargas5. I Transpire 6. Tonight's Music 7. Clean Today 8. The Future Of Speech9. Passing Bird10. Sweet Nurse 11. Don't Tell A SoulMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toKatatonia - Viva Emptiness [2003] †Tracklist†1. Ghost Of The Sun 2. Sleeper 3. Criminals 4. A Premonition 5. Will I Arrive6. Burn The Remembrance 7. Wealth 8. One Year From Now 9. Walking By A Wire 10. Complicity 11. Evidence 12. Omerta 13. Inside The City Of Glass Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toKatatonia - The Great Cold Distance [2006]†Tracklist†1. Leaders2. Deliberation3. Soil's Song4. My Twin5. Consternation6. Follower7. Rusted8. Increase9. July10. In The White11. The Itch12. Journey Through PressureMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Menosgada [1]


Folk Metal from Germany

(image) Menosgada - Mittsommer [demo 2007]

1. Lindisfarne
2. Mittsommer
3. Vinland
4. Mondtanz
5. Das Horn
6. Das Opfer

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Dark Age [4]


Melodic Death Metal from GermanyDark Age - The Fall [1999]†Tracklist† 1. Dark Age2. Tears Of Rancour3. The Awakening4. Nighttime Heroes5. Storm6. Black Evergate7. The FallMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toDark Age - Insurrection [2000]†Tracklist†1. Trial By Fire 2. Killing Crisis3. Fearing Tommorow 4. Terror To The Masses 5. Heartfall 6. Chaos Of The Gods 7. Break Of The Elements 8. Eden Calling 9. For Whom The Bell Tolls [Bonus] Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toDark Age - The Silent Republic [2002] †Tracklist† 1. Introduction 2. The Silent Republic 3. Daily Combat 4. Know Me Strong 5. Suicide Crew 6. Cut The Flesh 7. Return 8. Last Words 9. Now Or Never 10. We Who SufferMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toDark Age - Dark Age [2004]†Tracklist†1. Fix The Focus2. Zero3. Dare To Collapse4. Pulse Of Minority5. Neokillers6. Nikita7. My Own Darkness8. Neurosis 4049. The Elegy Of A Forgotten Science10. Suicide Solution (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Black Sun Aeon [1]


Dark / Doom / Death Metal from Finnland

(image) Black Sun Aeon - Darkness Walks Beside Me [2009]

01. Chapter 1: A Song For The Introduction
02. Chapter 2: A Song For My Wrath
03. Chapter 3: A Song For My Demise
04. Chapter 4: A Song For My Sorrow
05. Chapter 5: A Song For My Weakness
06. Chapter 6: A Song For This Winter
07. Chapter 7: A Song For My Illness
08. Chapter 8: A Song For My Funeral
09. Chapter 9: A Song For The One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008 [bonus]

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Vital Remains [5]


Death Metal from USAVital Remains - Let Us Pray [1992]†Tracklist†1. War In Paradise 2. Of Pure Unholiness 3. Ceremony Of The Seventh Circle 4. Uncultivated Grave 5. Malevolent Invocation 6. Isolated Magick 7. Cult Of The Dead8. Frozen Terror Mirros:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactoryVital Remains - Into Cold Darkness [1995]†Tracklist†1. Immortal Crusade 2. Under The Moon's Fog3. Crown Of The Black Hearts 4. Scrolls Of A Millennium Past 5. Into Cold Darkness 6. Descent Into Hell 7. Angels Of Blasphemy8. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover) 9. Countess Bathory (Venom Cover)Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toVital Remains - Forever Underground [1997] †Tracklist†1. Forever Underground 2. Battle Ground3. I Am God 4. Farewell To The Messiah (Instrumental) 5. Eastern Journey6. Divine In Fire Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toVital Remains - Dawn Of The Apocalypse [2000]†Tracklist†1. Intro 2. Black Magick Curse 3. Dawn Of The Apocalypse 4. Sanctity In Blasphemous Ruin5. Came No Ray Of Light (Instrumental) 6. Flag Of Victory 7. Behold The Throne Of Chaos 8. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes9. Société Des Luciferiens Mirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare & Uploaded.toVital Remains - Dechristianize [2003]†Tracklist†1. Let The Killing Begin2. Dechristianize3. Infidel4. Devoured Elysium5. Savior To None... Failure For All...6. Unleashed Hell7. Rush Of Deliverance8. At War With God9. Entwined By VengeanceMirrors:Megaupload, Rapidshare &[...]

Myrkgrav [1]


Blackened Folk Metal from Norway

(image) Myrkgrav - Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning [2006]

1. Gygra & St. Olav
2. Fela Etter'n Far
3. Om Å Danse Bekhette
4. Oppbrennerbønn
5. Olav Tryggvason
6. Mellomspell (Instrumental)
7. Tre Skygger Tel Kølabrennern Kom
8. Tjernet
9. De To Spellemenn
10. Finnkjerringa
11. Endetoner (Instrumental)

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Nagelfar [4]


Black Metal from GermanyNagelfar - Jagd [demo 1996] †Tracklist†1. Skölls Jagd2. Nacht Der Rache3. Srontgorrth - Kapitel II: Die Existenz Jenseits Der ToreMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toNagelfar - Hünengrab Im Herbst [1997] †Tracklist†1. Intro 2. Seelenland 3. Schwanengesang 4. Hünengrab Im Herbst 5. Bildnis Der Apokalypse 6. Srontgorrth (Das Dritte Kapitel) 7. Der Flug Des Raben - Ein Jammerschrei In Traurig' NächtenMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toNagelfar - Srontgorrth [1998] †Tracklist†1. Kapitel I: Der Frühling (Als Die Tore Sich öffnen) 2. Kapitel II: Der Sommer (Die Existenz Jenseits Der Tore) 3. Kapitel III: Der Herbst (Endzeit)4. Kapitel IV: Der Winter (Trümmer) 5. Kapitel V: Willkommen Zu Haus'Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toNagelfar - Virus West [2001]†Tracklist†1. Hellebarn2. Sturm Der Katharsis3. Hetzjagd In Palästina4. Westwall5. Fäden Des Schicksals6. Protokoll Einer Folter7. MeutereiMirrors:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactory[...]

Vader [9]


Death/Thrash Metal from PolandVader - The Ultimate Incantation [1993] †Tracklist†1. Creation (Intro)2. Dark Age 3. Vicious Circle4. The Crucified Ones 5. The Final Massacre6. Testimony 7. Reign-Carrion 8. Chaos 9. One Step To Salvation 10. Demon's Wind 11. Decapitated Saints 12. Breath Of CenturiesMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - De Profundis [1995] †Tracklist†1. Silent Empire 2. An Act Of Darkness 3. Blood Of Kingu 4. Incarnation 5. Sothis 6. Revolt7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream and Me 8. Vision And The Voice 9. Reborn In FlamesMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - Future Of The Past [1996] †Tracklist†1. Outbreak Of Evil (Sodom Cover) 2. Flag Of Hate (Kreator Cover) 3. Storm Of Stress (Terrorizer Cover) 4. Death Metal (Possessed Cover) 5. Fear Of Napalm (Terrorizer Cover) 6. Merciless Death (Dark Angel Cover) 7. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover) 8. Silent Scream (Slayer Cover)9. We Are The League (Anti-Nowhere League Cover) 10. I.F.Y. (I Feel You) (Depeche Mode Cover) 11. Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover) Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - Black To The Blind [1997]†Tracklist† 1. Heading For Internal Darkness2. The Innermost Ambience3. Carnal4. Fractal Light5. True Names6. Beast Raping7. Foetus God8. The Red Passage9. Distant Dream10. Black To The BlindMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - Litany [2000] †Tracklist†1. Wings 2. The One Made Of Dreams 3. Xeper 4. Litany 5. Cold Demons 6. The Calling7. North 8. Forwards To Die!!! 9. A World Of Hurt 10. The World Made Flesh 11. The Final Massacre Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - Revelations [2002]†Tracklist†1. Epitaph 2. The Nomad3. Wolftribe 4. Whisper5. When Darkness Calls 6. Torch Of War 7. The Code 8. Lukewarm Race 9. Revelation Of Black MosesMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - The Beast [2004]†Tracklist†1. Intro 2. Out Of The Deep 3. Dark Transmission 4. Firebringer 5. The Sea Came In At Last6. I Shall Prevail 7. The Zone8. Insomnia 9. Apopheniac 10. Choices Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - The Art Of War [EP 2005]†Tracklist†1. Para Bellum 2. This Is The War3. Lead Us!!!4. Banners On The Wind5. What Colour Is Your Blood?6. Death In Silence7. Die! (Giñ Psie) [Japan Bonus]Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toVader - Impressions In Blood [2006]†Tracklist†1. Between Day And Night 2. ShadowFear3. As Heavens Collide...4. Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)5. Field Of Heads6. Predator7. Warlords8. Red Code9. Amongst The Ruins10. They Live!!!11. The BookMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]

Demigod [2]


Death Metal from FinnlandDemigod - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes [1992]†Tracklist†1. Apocryphal (Intro)2. As I Behold I Despise3. Dead Soul4. The Forlorn5. Tears Of God6. Slumber Of Sullen Eyes7. Embrace The Darkness/Blood Of The Perished8. Fear Obscures From Within9. Transmigration Beyond Eternities10. Towards The Shrouded Infinity11. Perpetual Ascent12. DarkenedMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Demigod - Shadow Mechanics [2002]†Tracklist†1. My Blood Your Blood2. In The Mirrors3. Lost Within4. Where The Shadows Clash5. Trial Of Guilt6. Gates Of Lamentation7. Silent With Earth8. Derailed9. Crimson Tears10. Drifting11. BurningMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]

Zyklon [2]


Black / Death Metal from Norway

(image) Zyklon - World Ov Worms [2001]

1. Hammer Revelation
2. Deduced To Overkill
3. Chaos Deathcult
4. Storm Detonation
5. Zycloned
6. Terrordrome
7. Worm World
8. Transcendental War: Battle Between Gods

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(image) Zyklon - Aeon [2003]

1. Psyklon Aeon
2. Core Solution
3. Subtle Manipulation
4. Two Thousand Years
5. No Names Above The Names
6. The Prophetic Method
7. Specimen Eruption
8. Electric Current
9. An Eclectic Manner

Hate Eternal [3]


Death Metal from USA Hate Eternal - Conquering The Throne [1999]†Tracklist†1. Praise Of The Almighty2. Dogma Condemned3. Catacombs4. Nailed To Obscurity5. By His Own Decree6. The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity7. Dethroned8. Sacrilege Of Hate9. Spiritual Holocaust10. Darkness By Oath11. Saturated In DejectionMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toHate Eternal - King Of All Kings [2002]†Tracklist†1. Our Beckoning2. King Of All Kings3. The Obscure Terror4. Servants Of The Gods5. Beyond Redemption6. Born By Fire7. Chants In Declaration8. Rising Legions Of Black9. In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)10. Powers That BeMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toHate Eternal - I, Monarch [2005]†Tracklist†1. Two Demons2. Behold Judas3. The Victorious Reign4. To Know Our Enemies5. I, Monarch6. Path To The Eternal Gods7. The Plague Of Humanity8. It Is Our Will9. Sons Of Darkness10. Faceless OneMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]

Hagalaz' Runedance [1]


Neofolk from Norway

(image) Hagalaz' Runedance - Frigga’s Web [2002]

1. The Crossing
2. Hel - Goddess Of The Underworld
3. Frigga's Web
4. Where The Lonely Souls Go
5. Little Light
6. Albion Autumn
7. The Soul Of A Hound
8. The Home That I Will Never See
9. Raven Night
10. Labyrinth

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Fjoergyn [2]


Epic Folk Metal from GermanyFjoergyn - Ernte Im Herbst [2005]†Tracklist†1. Monolog Der Natur2. Vom Tod Der Träume3. Fjoergyn4. Der Tag Der Wölfe5. Des Winters Schmach6. Wenn Stürme Ruhen7. Abendwache8. Veritas Dolet9. Ernte Im Herbst10. RequiemMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toFjoergyn - Sade Et Masoch [2007]†Tracklist†1. Prolog2. Das Leid Des Einhorn3. Die Hierarchie Der Engel4. Ach Sprich Doch...5. Masoch6. Katharsis7. Ich Sah Den Himmel Weinen8. Narziss(t)9. SadeMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]

Firewind [5]


Power/Speed Metal from USA / now GreeceFirewind - Between Heaven And Hell [2002]†Tracklist†1. Between Heaven And Hell2. Warrior3. World Of Conflict4. Destination Forever5. Oceans6. Tomorrow Can Wait7. Pictured Life8. Firewind Raging9. I Will Fight Alone10. Northern Sky11. Fire12. Who Am I?Mirrors:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactoryFirewind - Burning Earth [2003]†Tracklist†1. Steal Them Blind2. I Am The Anger3. Immortal Lives Young4. Burning Earth5. The Fire & the Fury6. You Have Survived7. Brother's Keeper8. Waiting Still9. The Longest DayMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toFirewind - Forged By Fire [2005]†Tracklist†1. Kill To Live 2. Beware The Beast3. Tyranny4. The Forgotten Memory5. Hateworld Hero6. Escape From Tomorrow7. Feast Of The Savages8. Burn In Hell9. Perished in Flames10. The Land Of Eternity11. I Confide [Bonus Track]Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toFirewind - Allegiance [2006]†Tracklist†1. Allegiance2. Insanity3. Falling To Pieces4. Ready To Strike5. Breaking The Silence6. Deliverance7. Till The End Of Time8. Dreamchaser9. Before The Storm10. The Essence11. Where Do We Go From Here?Mirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toFirewind - The Premontion [2008]†Tracklist†1. Into the Fire2. Head Up High3. Mercenary Man4. Angels Forgive Me5. Remembered6. My Loneliness7. Circle of Life8. The Silent Code9. Maniac (Michael Sembello cover)10. Life ForeclosedMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]

Folkearth [3]


Interntional Epic Folk MetalFolkearth - A Nordic Poem [2004]†Tracklist†1. (Intro) The Pipes Are Calling2. Wolfsong In Moonlight3. Horned Trolls And Mystical Folk4. Rhyming With Thunder5. Eldritch Sorcery And Faery Runes6. In Odin's Court7. Storm Ravens Come8. Gryningssång9. Gaelic Valor10. OutroMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toFolkearth - By The Sword Of My Father [2006]†Tracklist†1. Introduction2. The Lady's Gift3. By the Sword Of My Father4. Naglfar Sets Sail5. The Death Of Beowulf6. Instrumental7. Skaldic Art8. Domain of Darksome Ravens9. Returne To Waelhalle10. Heathenpride (Falkenbach cover)11. Elves12. Invictus13. Wisdom Of Wolves14. Sailing A'Viking15. Tribute To Viking Gods16. Journey Ends (Outro)Mirrors:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactoryFolkearth - Drakkars In The Mist [2007]†Tracklist†1. Before Battle I Embrace2. Hoplites Awaiting Command3. Hugin & Munin4. Grimnismol (The Ballad of Grimnir)5. Högtid6. Sworn To The Raven7. Great God Pan8. Drakkars In The Mist9. Midgard Farewell10. De Tause Fjell11. If I Should Fall12. When Long Ships Arrive13. On Wings Divine14. Thunders of War15. The Bane Of Giants (Bonus)16. Kingdom Of The Shades (Bonus)17. The Riding Of The Queen Boudiccea (Bonus)Mirrors:MegauploadUploaded.toFileFactory[...]

Satyricon [3]


Black Metal from NorwaySatyricon - Dark Medieval Times [1993]†Tracklist†1. Walk The Path Of Sorrow2. Dark Medieval Times3. Skyggedans4. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland5. Into The Mighty Forest6. The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest7. TaakeslottetMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toSatyricon - The Shadowthrone [1994]†Tracklist†1. Hvite Krists Død2. In The Mist By The Hills3. Woods To Eternity4. Vikingland5. Dominions Of Satyricon6. The King Of The Shadowthrone7. I En Svart KisteMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare & Uploaded.toSatyricon - Nemesis Divina [1996]†Tracklist†1. The Dawn Of A New Age2. Forhekset3. Mother North4. Du Som Hater Gud5. Immortality Passion6. Nemesis Divina7. Transcendental Requiem Of SlavMirrors:Megaupload, RapidShare &[...]