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My Tropical Wife

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Invitation to connect on LinkedIn



I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Janice

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Shanghai, China


I have been in Shanghai for less than a year, and to some extend have got used to it. My question is could China really be a place foreigners could live permanently?
Probably the answer depends on the settlers. I have seen a lot of westerners living and working here, mostly getting married to local girls.
One more thing is that ironically Chinese people speak better English than Japanese.

I really don't know what to write. Maybe I should not start this post at all.


C ya

US Auto Bail-Out


I thought they know how to make themselves rich, and they know they need to be united if they want to remain rich.
Apparently they are very divided.

Iran: the nation of big noses


Everybody in Iran has a big nose, therefore people with small noses are more handsome and more beautiful. On the other hand, in east Asian countries like Japan, and China, every body's nose is very flat, so they dream of having the opposite. Japanese' could not believe that in Iran, people spend big moneys on cosmetic surgeries.
I have a good idea to help both nations with what they lack: Iran and Japan union!
all Iranian guys get married to Japanese girls, and ViceVersa. This must be a win-win deal. See? I am the best adviser on international policies.

This is J


This is your yourtropicalwife dropping by on your blog. When we are writing this, we are just sitting next to each other with our laptops on our noses. You are lying on the green sofa and I'm on the floor. You are typing for my blog. 
Love u! (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)





I believe she loves me so much, and I love her so much. There is nothing that matters to us but each other.I try not to think how much I love her, because I can not stop my tears. To a very high extend, we have already gotten out of our ways for this. But it's not important.
What amazes me most, is when she stares at my eyes. I can see more than her face. I look at her eyes too. Then we communicate. I can feel her feelings for me, completely. She says so does she. There is a blessing I never forget to thank God for, my eyes.When I gaze at her eyes, I thank god for giving me eyes, so I could look at her. Most the time, we human beings don't appreciate things we have, like health, etc. , and take them for granted. Me too. I forget to thank God for giving me everything I have but my eyes.
I really feel lucky. No, I am lucky. She is life, martyrdom, bravery, hope, strength, dedication .... . She is strong because she is love. I am strong because I know I have her. I am changed a lot after I united with her. Most the time things don't go well in my professional life, but its not important. I have her, she is with me. what else I can want. One thing that makes me feel changed is that before, I used to envy people who have things I don't, now, I never. Thanks to her, It's a long time I haven't been jealous of anybody. We may look like an ordinary couple in the world, but we have things that most people don't. I believe I was just like any other guy in the globe ( how many ? 3 billion?), but she was special, only one in the world. She gave me love, She introduced it to me. She gave me a new life I was looking for. I find her solved in love. I know this post may look like any other millions of love letters, but THIS IS DIFFERENT, BELIEVE ME ...

LOVE or What



Have you ever felt crazy?
I think I have.
Have you ever been in love?
I think I have.
Have you ever been very happy?
Have you ever regret something so much, that you begged the time to go back and let you fix what you did wrong?
Have you ever been racially discriminated?
Have you ever been lonely?
Have you ever made a person feel lonely?
Have you ever hurt a person?
Have you ever found yourself lost in the world?
Have you ever hated yourself?
Have you ever been so down?
have you ever decided you dedicate yourself to sth or sb?
Are you filled with love or hatred? or just empty?
Have you ever found yourself in love?

Do I make sense?

Unemployment rate in US, at 14-year high


The economy is melting down, even here in China. every where. What will happen to us?! What has happened to  people who are poorer than us?! After the food crisis, a lot of people in the world could not eat any more. The world is in chaos. It looks like every body is losing and losing day to day.
What will happen to us? Aren't you afraid?

Proposition 8


I read something in New York Times about gay marriage in California. They say that the Gay marriage and Gay uni0n help the economy of the state. and some even have estimated that in 3 years, the states' revenue of such ceremonies will  be around $63.8 million. That is why they claim proposition 8 is a threat to the economy. However I don't really agree that we could help the economy by legalizing the gay marriage, since the same-sex union has been legal for a very short period of time, and for thousands of years there were not such a thing and nothing went wrong. The market may change. Specially at first, a lot of people would like to get married, but once it becomes just an ordinary custom, then the economy would go back to what is was before. 






Tomorrow, I will move to Chngzhou, and spend a week there, with my beautipul tropical wife. I have been there twice, and dont know alot about it. Its a company assingment and I just want it be done as soon as possible.
Today I had to go to Shanghai railroad station. Shanghai railroad station is really dirty. At least for me it is a very dirty place, but maybe in some other countries there are some dirtier places.
One of the spots in Shanghai I like  is Shanghai Pudong airport which is absoulutely beautiful  and one of the  projects the Chinese government conducted to show the world their unnoticed abilities.

Anyway, I hope someday I can have a successful Business in somewhere maybe Shanghai, China.

Today mytropicalwife and I were talking about how many cities we have been to. She said she has been to 100 cities, and she said she is sure I have been to more than 100 cities too.
I dont really beleived her, but let me count:
  1. Tehran
  2. Shemiran
  3. Mashhad
  4. Qom
  5. Jamkaran
  6. Tabriz
  7. Chaloos
  8. Noor
  9. Babol
  10. Mahmoodabad
  11. Astara
  12. Kashan
  13. Dezful
  14. Dubai
  15. Mename
  16. Tokyo
  17. Nagoya
  18. Suzuka
  19. Tsu
  20. Nara
  21. Kyoto
  22. Osaka
  23. Yokohama
  24. Hiroshima
  25. Kure
  26. Kurume
  27. Fukuoka
  28. yanagawa
  29. Kagoshima
  30. Saitama
  31. Johetsu
  32. Yamagata
  33. Atami
  34. Kobe
  35. Nagaoka
  36. Chiba
  37. Gunma
  38. Kanazawa
  39. Sasebo
  40. Hirosaki
  41. Gifu
  42. Tsuyama
  43. Ueki
  44. Myajima
  45. Yokosuka
  46. Quezon city
  47. Manila
  48. Makati
  49. Paranaque
  50. Pasay
  51. Boracay
  52. Beijing
  53. Shanghai
  54. Changzhou
  55. Hangzhou
  56. Suzhou
  57. Istanbul
  58. Kumamoto
  59. Kitakyushu
  60. Karkhe

Ok, maybe later I remember more. Or I visit more.

I love gmail


Gmail, and its mother, Google, are really great.
I would still use it if it was not free.

Did you know...


Did you know there are two cities called Tripoli?
One in Lebanon, the other in Libya.
(let me know if there are more )

something about this blog


I am glad if many people read this blog, but I dont really write to  friends or relatives. 
I simply write when I feel writing something, or when I am alone and I  feel talking to somebody.
So just take it easy. My english is not good. So please ignore my english mistakes or I appriciate it, if you correct them for me.




From now, I write  this blog.
Hope you like it.