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Come armaggedon come.

Updated: 2018-01-15T00:19:36.624-08:00


Random Violence Demo Review from MRR!


(image) Got this one in the mail today. Cool review of the RV Demo from MRR. Would have posted this in the Still Ill webiste but the damned thing's not up yet (technical difficulties and sht..). Also, check out the VALUE LASTS demo! For those interested, retail and wholseale, shoot me an email at:



As you may have heard, STILL ILL, in collaboration with DELUSION OF TERROR and LOVE FROM HATE will be releasing a compilation of upcoming hardcore punk bands from our local community. The thing is we need pics for the cover, back cover, layout etc. as we want the comp. to look like the classic comps such as The Way It Is up to the Generations comp. and we need your help! Send in pics of the following bands or crowd shots while they are playing: RANDOM VIOLENCE, THE BOXERS, OF WOLVES AND SWINES, FORCED MARCH, ARMAS NG LIAS, NEVERDIE, VALUE LASTS, THE VICTIMS, THE SKELETON YEARS, TRES LUCE, TIGER PUSSY, SACRIFIX, FRONTAL, EMBRACE THE ABSURD and HOLY COW. Anyone whose photo will be used will be properly credited and given a copy of the CD. We’re almost done with the recordings and the layout should be done in a month’s time. Don’t send the pics at FB. E-mail it to me: Thanks! Kindly share to your friends who can probably help out!



It has been over a month since I last posted on this blog. Don't get me wrong. It's not because there has been a lack of activities or happenings in our local scene. Truth be told, people at Still Ill had been terribly busy with upcoming projects. Announcements will be made this weekend. Also, this will be my last post here as we will launch the new still ill website, most probably this weekend. Go head over to sometime this weekend for some news!

Thank you to everyone who has read, bookmarked, left a comment or just checked out this site for updates ad whatever stories I had to tell. I had so much fun doing this and it's time to move on. You can e-mail me at: or you can visit the new site next week:

See ya at da pit!



Not really sure of the timeline of this 108 shirt but feels pretty old already (though I'm not sure it is 90's old). Can't argue with the fact that 108 released essential records in the 90s. Even their reunion release 'A new beat...' was awesome.

Currently listening to: 108 'Songs of Separation'

Punk rawk show at QC, Feb. 3, 2013.


Dead Scene presents their second show happenin at Black King's Bar at West Avenue this Sunday. Diverse line-up. I'n gonna go see bang my head to Surrogate Prey.

Currently listening to: Bane 'Give Blood'

Benefit show at IDB this Saturday.


Those guys from the South are organizing a benefit show for Dennis 'Motmot' Matibag (Isvarah, Bulldozed, etc. frontman) who was diagnosed with a heart condition. Time to show the rest of the world that our community looks out for its own. Come out and support this show. There will be merch and a lot of stuff to be sold at this benefit. Throw in sone extra dough if you can.

Currently listening to: Reign Supreme 'American Violence'

Sauna shirt.


This is an old Sauna shirr, probably around after the BS/Sauna split CD. One of the most ferocious bands to hit our local scene. Too bad Felix is not playing in bands anymore. He should start a new one.

See y'all tomorrow at Ten02. RV will be playing early!

Currently listening to: Staid Demos.

Still Ill 2013.


Here's a flyer to update you on what's happenin with the Still Ill camp early this year. Sht's gonna hit the fan when the new CD comp 'Movin up, Movin on!' is released. A lot of new cool bands will surprise you. Stay tuned. E-mail me for orders/inquiries/wholesale rates:

Hc show this Saturday!


Random Violence and Bystorm will be playing with a ton of great bands this Saturdat at Ten02. Check out some new bands hitting this show from Baguio City, Pampanga and all over.

Currently listening to: Rival Mob, Out Crowd

Being grown up..


Finally got a chance to watch The Ataris this weekend and had an awesome time. They played all the good stuff and the best was that its for free. Ha. Guess the boys at Ovation were not able to fill the Skydome with inflated prices. Kris Roe's sportin a classic Bad Brains shirt too. Nuff said.

Currently watching: The Pickers

The Ataris!


I had already set my mind that I won't be able to watch The Ataris play in Manila then we got this special promo thing goin. Will try and watch them later at Eastwood. Anyone else going?

Queen City Crew!


Queen City Crew from Cebu City will be doing a weekend tour of Mindanao, hitting up some spots other than Davao City. This will be awesome. So if you're somewhere in Mindanao, you better be at these shows as this will be a short engagement for QCC. We should probably hit these areas also. We've been planning it for a long time but other sht always come in the way. Sorry for the lack of updates recently as life as they say it tends to get in the way. I'll try and update this site more regularly. Good sht: Patriots beating Houston to qualify for the AFC Title game. Brady was a beast and despite the absence of manpower was able to prove that he is the best QB in the game. Bar none. Bad sht. Rain or Shine down 3-0 against the powerful TNT. Chance for history here (remember 04 Red Sox).

Palibhasa Paranaque!


One of the best flyers I've seen in a while. Just because Joey 'Chong' Marquez is there. Classic. Punk rawk show happenin at IDB in Paranaque City. Good way to start the year.

Happy new year to y'all and there are good things to come in 2013!

Currently watching: Cars 2.

Happy Holidays everyone!


It's been a good year for Bystorm, Random Violence, Still Ill and the local punk rock community. We managed to release some new records, saw some great bands, and of course, Moz came to town! Hopefully, the momentum continues and we have a better 2013!

Thanks to everyone who supported the shows, the records and wverything else we did this year. See you soon. Enjoy rhe holidays!

Currently watching: Title Fight at Boston. One of the most amazing current bands playing today!

Cruel partee!


The 'end of the world' claim by the Mayans was a fluke. Cruel Hand and Nine Eleven destroyed Ten02 the other night. The locals were as equally awesome. Thanks to everyone who partied with us to prevent the end of the world. See you at the next show! Happy Holidays everyobe!

Pics by Mel Dolorico.

CRUEL HAND this Friday!

2012-12-17T17:37:33.168-08:00 The Mayan calendar says it’s the end of the world on December 21, 2012. If so, let’s go out with a BANG! Here’s the official line-up for the CRUEL HAND show happening at Ten02, Sct. Ybardaloza cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Doors open at 7:00 PM while the hostilities start at 8:00 PM. Tell your friends! RANDOM VIOLENCE – 8:01 – 8:20 WEST – 8:25 – 8:45 PRAYER OF ENDURANCE 8:50 – 9:20 BYSTORM – 9:25 – 9:45 EMPTY – 9:50 – 10:10 ARMAS NG LIAS – 10:15 – 10:35 NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT – 10:40 – 11:00 NINE ELEVEN – 11:05 – 11:40 CRUEL HAND – 11:50 – ARMAGGEDON! See you all at the pit!

Review: The Boxers 'Round One' Demo CD-R


One of the newer breeds of Laguna Hardcore, The Boxers definitely impress on this demo. 4 songs of melodic hardcore in the vein of h20 and a little tinge of Gorilla Biscuits including a cover of 'Malas Ko' by Good for Nothing (punk rock band from the 90''s, their song was previously released on a Middle Finger Productions tape comp) and their instant classic 'Step No' (mag two step para pagpawisan, awesome sht!). Hoping to hear more from them in the near future.

If they released this demo today, they could have entitled the demo round 6 in reference to the round 6 knockdown of pacman yesterday. Just sayin.

Contact: Hardtimes Merch or United One Blood. No contact info provided.

Geekmas partee!


The holiday season is upon us and the geeks are setting up a party just around Quezon City. So instead of sitting round in your house on a lonely Saturday night. Come partee!

Currently listening to: Quicksand 'Slip' and have you watched the season ender to Boardwalk Empire? You should. Feels like there's no season 4 coming up. We'll see.

Random Violence Demo out now!


Last night was the first show of Still Ill's latest project - Random Violence! The release of this Demo CD-R coincided with the first show and we had a blast! Thanks to everyone who bought a copy last night. Got some copies left over. Php 50.00 a pop. Distributors, get in touch and I'll make you a sweet deal.

Currently listening to: Dumptruck!

Istukas Over Disneyland 'Ritwal' shirt.


IOD has been one of the most active bands in the local scene the last five years or so. They've been pumping out released faster than anyone I've known and all of which are pretty awesone. Check out this fine IOD shirt from NT.. Awesome band with awesome peopke. I dig it.

On other news, Still Ill and Major Malfunction will be releasing the demo of Random Violence tomorrow. Limited to 30 copies for tomorrow's show. Get one at their first show tomorrow at BKB, West Ave., along with other cool bands.

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FC Five.


FC Five is one of my fave bands and being good dudes help a lot. We played with then in Malaysia about 4 years ago. Awesome times.

I know at least two other people who have this shirt. Yeah.

See you this Saturday for the first RANDOM VIOLENCE show. Rumor ha it that the demo will be available on the same day. Get psyched.

Currently listening to: The Cure 'Acoustic'

December 1, 2012@BKB, West Ave., Quezon City.


Upcoming show at Black King's Bar at West Ave., featuring some new hc bands for your appreciation. Several demos will be available at the show including The Boxers and those guys from Random Violence. See y'all!

Currently watching: The final episode of Chuck.

More Backtrack.


More awesome Backtrack merch. This is a classic colorway and the live pic at the back is a staple in hc band merch.
And the pocket print does not hurt either.

Random Violence hit the studio today for the release of their upcoming demo which will be available on their first show on December 1. Get pumped.

Currently watching: Chuck Season 5.

Review: Unforce 'Time for Change' CD


This is the debut CD from Pagbilao, Quezon's homegrown straightedge band. They have been around for quite some time and its cool to see that they have finally released this CD with the help of MYO label/distro and a Malaysian label. The music is fast, melodic youth crew comparable to In My Eyes except the vocals which to me seems kinda lazy because if you're gonna play youth crew hc, then the energy must be there man! The lyrics are pretty straightforward (Fight For Change, 'we can work together, we can be better, we're better united, together we stand) which are pretty cool.

They have this 'militant' song called 'Beatdown' which I just can't get behind. The words go like these: 'throw those sticks, dispose those drinks, you better change your way if you don't wanna get hurt by my hard fist'. C'mon man, can't change anyone by threatening them with your 'hard' fist (if anyone takes it seriously). They also have a cover song from Feud (i know those guys) and a write-up about that show who had an epileptic attack the first time we played Pagbilao. Awesome times.


Cruel Hand flyer up now!


Wassup?! Finally got this flyer online. Tell all your friends even those not involved in the core and introduce them in this wonderful thing of ours!

Currently watching: Big Bang Theory rerun