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Dirty Music. For Dirty People.

Last Build Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 09:45:39 PST


Indefinite Leave Of Absence For Trash Radio Manila

Sat, 07 May 2011 03:46:35 PDT

My dear friends,

This is one announcement that I have always dreaded to make. Trash Radio Manila is almost like a child to me. You guys know that Trash Radio Manila is a brain child of Je Bautista and myself, and every moment spent in updating this blog is memorable. I have taken care of this precious child for more than 3 years, and I have nothing but gratitude for the times you have spent with our precocious child.

Sometimes, however, the odds are just seemingly too insurmountable. The last straw has got to do with the internet connection being practically denied of me. (I need not explain further, except that I am in a place 3 hours from Manila where I "borrow" internet connection and where certain people have a penchant for insulting a person's personal and professional status. However, this is one different story, sorry, the discussion stops right here.)

What does this mean? It means that I am forced to put Trash Radio Manila into hibernation. That Trash Radio Manila will enter an indefinite leave of absence. Typing this statement alone is already giving me chest pain, to say to the least. Sorry that I have to make this grave announcement.

Trash Radio Manila will be back, that much I can assure you. I just do not know when. There are just too many things that limit me. I tried very hard to keep this site running, but the last of the strings that bind me to my obligation to maintain Trash Radio Manila has snapped. I ask for your understanding. Je would not exactly agree with this, but I know Je better for me to say that he has always trusted my judgment.

My support for the local scene will never waver, in spite of some events and issues that have kept me down at times. I have always loved the people who have kept the scene going. My contribution to the local music scene was not much, really, as far as I am concerned, when I think about all the other people that have made gargantuan contributions and have defined the kind of sound that we have always wanted to patronize. Trash Radio Manila has always been geared towards breaking all these musical barriers into only two classifications that we can all be definite about: MUSIC THAT WE LIKE, MUSIC THAT WE DON'T LIKE.

Thus, with a heavy heart, I put this blog site to a temporary reprieve.

The playlists are still accessible, and you can still enjoy listening to them while Trash Radio Manila is in hibernation.

Peace and love.


Muli, Ang Paggunita

Thu, 21 Apr 2011 04:30:50 PDT

Isang pag-alala.
(Larawan mula rito.)


Still On The Subject Of Anime Opening Theme: Cowboy Bebop, Hell Yeah!

Sat, 09 Apr 2011 10:37:10 PDT

Before I complete my long-overdue Pinkcow playlist, lemme just share another video, this time from the classic anime Cowboy Bebop. What can I say? Is funky and groovy, too cool. My fascination for anime theme song continues.

How about you guys? Do you have a list of your favorite anime themes? Come share. ^^

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" src="" title="YouTube video player" width="450">

Je's Second Death Anniversary

Sat, 02 Apr 2011 23:54:20 PDT

Je A. Bautista (Jan 1, 1966 - April 4, 2009)

Tu me manque. Take care forever.
(Photo taken in Shatin, Hong Kong, May 2007, lifted from

What's This Bleach Opening Theme Doing In Here?!

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 00:41:40 PST

I have a confession to make. Lately I get to see Bleach Season 3 and a few other animes (that's what you get when you stay in a place with near non-existent nightlife :( ) and re-appreciating those cool Japanese theme songs. Heck, the Japanese can even make the so-called "new metal" genre sound sonically palatable. I have always loved the Japanese's propensity for excellently produced recordings.

[No, no, this has nothing to do with April Fool's Day either ^^]

At any rate, I just feel like putting up this video. Enjoy y'all and see you all laters.

(object) (embed) (image)

Oh? And Along Comes Issue 4? :D :D :D

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 22:31:46 PDT

It only goes to show that I am way out of radar coverage. In photo is the ad to Issue 4 of Konspirazine. Thanks again to Jep. Check it out, and support the zines!

Who Does Not Know Konspirazine?!

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 06:25:20 PDT

Of course I do! Jep Peligro is one of the most enduring figures in the zine arena in recent times. I just want to say this. The third album of Konspirazine is now out! The contents look very enticing. So. You know what to do next, yes? Grab!^^

Ah, For The Love Of Blogging (...and, sige na nga, for the love of Pinkcow :P)

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 06:17:38 PDT

Moi, Marika, harassed author of Trash Radio Manila is NOT in Manila. I am in a semi-secret place north of my Makati crib. Which means...less internet time (since my laptop has long been down and out)...less chance to do blog updates...and still no new playlist, contrary to what I promised you guys.I need not explain that I am presently working on a borrowed computer, borrowed internet connection, without any Adobe Photoshop, Audacity program, without my portable hard drives. So, bear with this folks.[Seriously, being away from the internet is actually...nice...:) This is something that internet addicts should really try....there's life way beyond the pixels.^^] Paulo singing for The Strayguns The StraygunsThe GoSignals The tracks of my teeeaaaarrsss ...:) And yes...can you all just wait a little more for that Pinkcow playlist? Just, wait for me to get back home in Manila. I promise to make it nice enough to entice you guys to buy their album. Seriously, this is a cool body of work from the boys. Double disc pa.To make up for my faults (and to profess my affection for the Pinkcow crew, heehee), I am putting up some photos from their March 19 gig over at Hades Bar courtesy of Bisikleta Productions. Sigh, that was fun...though I was low-batt for the most part of the gig. Must be the herbs. :PThe New Trend was there, they were the first band to play, followed by The Strayguns. The subsequent sequence seems like a blur to me now, but I sure remember that The Exenadors, The Sneekers, Steady Movin' Beat, Umble Uno, Crooked Beat, and The GoSignals played.Steady Movin' BeatCrooked BeatCapping the night was the piece de resistance, Pinkcow. Unfortunately I lost consciousness after a couple of songs and found myself lying on MY bed, the sun up and shining bright on my streaked face. Arrgh.Francis of PinkcowThe horny back-upsSome things to watch out for. The GoSignals, I feel, are nearing the completion of their much-awaited album. Try to catch them as frequently as you can to get to here their originals. Really good! Also watch out for Crooked Beat. The kids from Batangas sound truly promising. I am looking forward to see this band in the gigs to come.How to get hold of a Pinkcow album? Simple. Go to the gigs. Or check them out at Facebook. It will be worth your bucks. See you all at the gigs. ^^ And as for me...I will be back to my homebase soon as well. [...]

...and yes, I Think About and Pray For Japan, Too (and try to do my miniscule share...)

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 02:14:42 PDT

The Philippines and Japan have a long, arduous, and enduring friendship. I know of many friends, Filipino or non-Filipino, who have held the Japanese people in high respect and admiration.

The recent Japan tragedy is yet another testament to the resilience, calm, and honor that this race is showing the whole world.

Off-topic? I just have to write this, even if it does seem to be off the theme. I have a good number of Japanese friends and I think of them so often, now more than ever.

My thoughts and prayers to the race that I admire so much.


Holy Cow, It's Pinkcow!

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 01:58:22 PDT

Finally! Finally for me who (finally) managed to put up this long-overdue post....and finally for the fun boys of Pinkcow for releasing their new album!

(Photo from the Cubao X gig last Feb 2011)

The boys started their album promotion last February 4 at Cubao X and since then made their rounds in bars. Tomorrow marks the last day of their album tour.It will be at Hades Bar tomorrow, and the band will be supported by fellow rollicking friends like The GoSignals, Steady Movin' Beat, The Sneekers, Crooked Beat, The Strayguns, and The Exenadors. A Boy Named Hil and The Soundblasters Crew will do the DJ chores.

Wow. Can't wait. And check out how the boys have physically evolved through the years, hehe :P (photo from their Facebook account).

Playlist from the album should be up in tonight. Do wait up for it. :) (Thank you boys for the copy^^)

This Show Went Off, Indeed! T.S.A. At Hades Bar, February 12, 2011

Sun, 13 Feb 2011 17:30:01 PST

Back in February of 2010 T.S.A. was in town to play a one-off gig and launch their CD called Back To Kindergarten. As most of you may have already known, this is generally an album of covers, mostly well-loved Pinoy punk and hardcore tunes circa Twisted Red Cross and beyond. T.S.A. paid homage to their punk idols with this outing, and personally I think theirs is one of the best local cover albums in recent history.Fast forward to 2011.The Singapore-based T.S.A. had returned for a brief visit, as it is becoming to be their habit every Chinese New Year. The Bulakenyo lads played to a smoldering filled-up venue aptly called Hades Bar at Quezon City (yes yes I know what you guys are thinking, and the answer is yes), supported by some of the very people that they have paid homage to in their recent album.It is a night replete with booze, ghost scares (LOL!), memorable songs, body slams, and the all-too-familiar old school vibe. I missed the gig last time and so I made sure I attended this one, even enlisting my minute help to Bisikleta Productions' Hilboy just so I will not have any reason to miss out on this event.Al Dimalanta to a frenzied crowd: you were here, yes? Yes?!So the story and insights.Mean mean Jun IdiotWith Hard KJun Idiot had two sets, one with  The Imbeciles (hahah :P), the other with Hard K. I have to say that Jun has always been an acquired taste, but for me, and for many people who grew up listening to George Imbecile and The Idiots, and later on, Hard K, Jun Idiot will always be Jun Idiot: brash, loud, can rip the flesh off your bones in his meanest, and yet with a heart. Age may have added to his frame, but the attitude remains, and for that he will always be one of the prominent figures of Pinoy Punk.Against man negotiates with the punksAgainst Man are younger than the rest of the bands that supported T.S.A., but their collective mindset belies their age. I have always liked them for their low-key easy-going nature and their musicality. Will an album be ever out?Always awesome: Tame The TikbalangOrgasm donor^^Russell!!!!!!Tame The Tikbalang has always been fierce, and the wild response from the audience reaction is always to be expected. Russell Eustaquio has been and will always be cool in my book (goes way back in the university), and this may sound biased and such, but well, the heck. Forever shall be, Russ. ^^Al and his "men" :P"Putang-ina, tatlong lalaki na ang humahalik sa akin ngayong gabi!" (Ugh, hahah am not gonna translate this :P)That's Al Dimalanta shouting over the microphone after one overjoyed punk after another went up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. The performance of Al Dimalanta, backed up by the boys of T.S.A.and referred to in jest as Al D and the Architects, has got to be one of the highest points of the night. Seems like Al has yet some tricks up his sleeves for us to marvel at this year. You can never put an angrily creative - or creatively angry? - man down, really.Buddy and Betrayed: Good to see you againYes, Betrayed also played. Yes it is so good to see Buddy Trinidad play after all these years. Yes the set is so familiar, having listened to it so many times. Much as I try not to wax sentimental about Betrayed (because I am, more often than not, UNsentimental), some pangs of stinging memories hit me occasionally during their set. How many times did I see them play, practice in recent times? Originals like Ain't Gonna Fight For You, Betrayed By You, Never Meant To Be This Way, and covers like Babylon's Burning, New Rose and Big Deal are the very tunes that I hear being practiced on a bass guitar within hearing distance in the house where I live in, up until now, not so long ago. [And yet it feels like a lightyear away....]Pleasant surprise: The GoSignalsAnd, woooh, The GoSignals came over for a s[...]

This Show Must Go Off! And A Playlist To Match! Woohoo!

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 20:49:39 PST

Eto na! Pardon the use of the quintessential Al Dimalanta quote, but this is what my sentiment exactly is, right now. Eto naaaaaaa!

By now you must have known that T.S.A. is doing a one-night off at Hades Bar on February 12. If you don't, then check out this poster, yea? This is brought to you by your reliable friendly neighbourhood Bisikleta Productions, as well as this blog Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks Productions.

This is also the perfect opportunity to update my (heehee) sleeping playlist. All-Pinoy, as usual, with the songs coming from the bands who have a lot to do with the guest artists and the main attraction on February 12.

NOTE: Mixpod Player is fucked up, so I am using the BOX Player temporarily. Just Click play. I will try to remedy the situation asap so that you get your music playing the moment you load the Trash Radio Manila blog site.

1. T.S.A. - "Hoy!"
2. Betrayed - "Ain't Gonna Fight For You"
3. Tame The Tikbalang - "Forever Shall Be"
4. G.I. and The Idiots - "The Flag"
5. Throw - "Walang Hustisya"
6. T.S.A. - "Violent Dispersal"

See you all on Saturday!

Up next: Pinkcow did it!


The G-Spot Garage Sale

Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:36:35 PST

By the way, I have also started The G-Spot Marketplace, and the first Garage Sale is happening this weekend at my place in Makati, January 29 and 30, 11 am to 6 pm. Aside from the usual clothes, books and other household items and gadgets, I am selling CDs, vinyls and cassette tapes too.

Check out this link.

More updates to come.

TSA is back again!!!

Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:30:07 PST

Hey guys, no no I am not dead, I am not relocating (yet, heheh), I have not gone crazy or what (as far as I am concerned that is, so by me this statement is not to be disputed :P), nothing much to account for my absence except the usual grind. But, I (meaning, in my capacity as one of the whipping kids behind Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks) have been getting a bit involved lately. I will give you some updates in the days to come.

For now, I've got to tell you this. T.S.A., the hard-working, hard-hitting, hard-playing, and just simply, hard (yay!) Bulakenyos consisting of Bimboi, Pedro, and Ojie, are coming back! They will be doing a one night off gig over at Hades Bar in Quezon City on February 12. The support bands are awesome. Bisikleta Productions is producing, and Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks are helping out in their miniscule way.

This by far is your best option for your Valentines date and Year of the Metal Rabbit celebration. This one, I am sure, will be a lot of fun! ^^


Sat, 01 Jan 2011 18:04:18 PST

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!I have made the resolution of keeping this blog updated. So here I am, off to another fresh start. I know I promised you a list, didn't I? Well here it is.My Top 5 Albums of 2010.The truth is, I wrote this post in early December. Before posting this article, I just had to make sure that this did not appear elsewhere. Having confirmed this yesterday, I now post where I think this article should be most appropriate: HERE. JUST HERE.Please read on, and tell me what you think.My Top 5 Albums for 2010Selecting my Top 5 for this year has been trickier than difficult. I can easily spew out titles of albums whose songs stuck to memory and made an impression, but the process is trying, to say to the least. One of the things that I loathe doing is to leave out equally deserving works. There are clearly many bands worth a listen whose works remain lurking in blog sites, unearthed only by a few persistent music lovers who are on a constant quest for novel stuff.My choice is definitely reflective of the year that has been. But shouldn’t music serve to be reflective of the times? My list is made up entirely of Pinoy artists: all have been around for quite sometime (the youngest of them being Goodleaf). Their albums contain songs that bespeak of the political and economic times: the turn-over of political power, the society’s persistent ills, and such. It is almost like reading the editorial section of the newspaper.So here is my list.“Believe” – ThrowThrow, as every self-respecting punk and underground music scenester may have known by now, is a powerhouse band made up of Al Dimalanta, Dennis Maniego, and son Spyk. This album came out in January, paying tribute to late hardcore luminaries Jay Dimalanta (Dead Ends), Luis Guiang (G.I. and the Idiots, Put3Ska), and Je Bautista (Betrayed, Music Front, Beatdown Boombox). Albert Ascona of The Beauty of Doubt and Bad Omen played guitars on this one. This album is definitely a group effort and not an Al Dimalanta show at all, which I feel is what Al had been quite conscious about throughout Throw’s existence. The title track and “Choose” (which happens to be my favorite), for instance, are written by Spyk and Al: both songs are riveting melodic paeans of hope and of deciding wisely. This one is probably Throw’s more melodic outputs.“’Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay” – ThrowSadly, Throw disbanded last month after ten years in the hardcore scene. While Al has assured that he will continue with the acoustic gigs, I will certainly miss Throw. The band left us with this effort, “’Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay”, dedicated to the memory of Al’s parents Ernesto and Ophelia (who both passed away this year) and his brother Jay. For this album, Against Man guitarist Alan Roldan plays for the band.“’Wag Kalimutan…” is clearly angrier than its predecessor, a reaction to the recent political changes. My favorite track will have to be “Karapatan”, which is part spoken word and all aggression that has always been Al’s trademark.“ No Hero” – Coffee Break IslandCoffee Break Island is one of the most hardworking bands around. “No Hero” is their long-overdue sophomore album. While there is no clear stand-out song in the mold of their very popular song “Party Song”, the tracks are more cohesive. CBI is just as politicized in their own way, if you manage to get past the strong groove of their songs and give the lyrics a listen. I like “No Hero” and “Walang Hanggan”“Dubpilipinas” – GoodleafTheir gigs do not come all too often, leaving a good number of people wondering what exactly these guys play, except for the genre [...]

Holiday Gigs, Plus, What Are Your TOP 5 Albums Of The Year?

Fri, 17 Dec 2010 00:15:44 PST

The holidays are upon us. Time flies, really. Suddenly I find myself attending one holiday party after another. It is great to see friends, though it can get tiring.I was recently asked for a list of my TOP 5 Albums of the Year. It was a little hard to decide on this, honestly. Do you have a list in mind? I do, after thinking about it for quite a while.Will be posting my TOP 5 Albums of the watch out for it.For today, I mean tonight...and tomorrow, check out these great gigs. Chickoy Pura and The Jerks celebrate their 31st anniversary tonight over at 70's Bistro and to celebrate this is a launch of a book that documents the band's evolution. This book is titled "Any Given Friday", obviously derived from the band's regular play day at 70s Bistro. Coinciding with the launch is Bisikleta Productions' rollicking gig titled kapow...I guiess you know by now how a Bisikleta gig goes. Pure fun. ^^Tomorrow should be great as well. Juan Isip will be launching a new EP (wow!!!!). This also coincides with the gig called An Acoustic Christmas Featuring Al Dimalanta, Arnold Morales, Mae Ilagan, Albert Ascona, Johnny Tender of Pusakals, and Francis of Pinkcow. Grab a load of these potentially fun times. More details on the posters.See you guys. :) [...]

My Return ... And Things To Do On A Friday Night

Fri, 19 Nov 2010 00:06:19 PST

 I have finally returned. It has been a while. I am sorry if the blog has been inactive, but there are so many important things for me to attend to. Things that are important in the grand scheme of things.

Please give me time to assimilate my act once again. Let me start by giving you three options on where to go tonight. Today is a Friday...must I remind you?^^

Then maybe you can attend all three, yes? ^^

You have the Skrewheds gig, the launch of Coffeebreak Island's new album, and Bing Austria's regular Manila Soul gig. Any of them should be good. :)

I am looking forward to putting more posts. Please, welcome me back to my blogging life, LOL! Glad to be back again.(image)

Oh Mon Dieu, Il S'agit Spécifiquement Pour Alain...

Sun, 19 Sep 2010 02:34:39 PDT

...because I miss this funny and sweet (waaaaaa!) person so much. I thought of putting up this video from Youtube while I still work on the Andy Deported post. (Ugh, sorry Andy :() You guys surely know this? No? Remember Judge Dread's parody? No? Aw. Then watch.
(object) (embed)
Venir, Alain! ASAP, ok? You are missed by many (like JR and Mae and January, I am sure.) [Question pour vouz: Pensez-vous que Serge a entendu parler de la fin bruts de l'ananas? Duh...](image)

Tell All Youth To Skank! Mixkaela Villalon's Take On The Recently Concluded Manila Ska Festival

Wed, 15 Sep 2010 00:39:00 PDT

(Blog owner's notes: This is my first of the numerous backlog posts that I owe you people. The largely successful 2nd Manila Ska Festival took place last September 4 at Cubao X...and like I said a while back unfortunate circumstances (a.k.a. fatigue, tight sched) kept me from attending and joining in the melee. But hey. Look what I have here. Fresh point-of-views are always welcome, ain't it? In this case, the post is written from Mixkaela Villalon's perspective. if you want to know more about Mix, let these links speak for her. Suffice to say, I enjoy reading her writings. She posts her musings here and here (this one being her erstwhile blog), and a sample of one of her award-winning works can be found here.As for me, I wish to congratulate the people who made the 2nd Manila Ska Fest a howling success. Remember Piliskapinas, the same guys responsible for the Ska City United album compilation that is very very hard to come by these days? Piliskapinas is back after years of hiatus. Maybe an article about it should count as my backlog, too, hahah. Give yourselves a pat on the back as well: without you, none of these would have been possible. Oh, enough talk. Read on, kiddies.)Tell all youth to skank!Skinheads, Rudes, and Mods mob Cubao X! RIOT, RIOT at the 2nd Manila Ska Fest! (Text and photos by Mixkaela Villalon)I’ll admit, we were late to the party. The 2nd Manila Ska Fest was due to start at 6pm on September 4, 2010, and I spent the first two hours in SM North EDSA, doing some last-minute jedi mind tricks on a couple of friends who had no idea what ska is and were dubious of the Philippine ska scene. Don’t know what ska is? I outta slap you in the mouth. Crash course: ska is a musical fusion of Carribean mento and American Jazz. It predates rocksteady and was the harbinger of Jamaican reggae and English two-toned. Ska history can be classified into three periods— Jamaican reggae also known as First Wave, English two-toned which was Second Wave, and the punk-infused Third Wave. Ska is characterized by the staccato rhythm played on the guitar that sounds like ska, ska, ska. Ska is the theme music to the lives of every steady-rocking, moonstomping, porkpie-hat-wearing, vespa-driving cool cat motherfucker to ever don the boots and braces. Seriously, educate yourself. I’m so embarrassed for you. Finally, after much convincing and beer-bribing, we were on our way to Cubao X. The organizers at the entrance flattered me by asking if I was above the age of majority, to which I sweetly responded by flashing him my nearly-expired drivers’ license. A heads up, rude boys and girls: ska may be for everyone but ska gigs are no place for kids. “This is the first time my cherry-red Doc Martens boots felt at home,” my friend told me. She’s been rocking them boots for some time, albeit tying the laces loose like a retard, but it was endearing all the same. And right here, right now, in the smoky night at the heart of Cubao was a sea of traditional black Doc Martens, laced up tight by the bovver boys, ready for aggro. But there was no aggro to be had here, my droogies. Just some sweet, sweet ska. I believe Umble Uno, a Quezon City ska band, was playing. We had already missed the ladies of Cavite’s Fingertrapp, as well as Go for the Goat, and Bulacan’s finest Pulikats. What a shame. We braved the sea of mods, rudes, and skinheads to grab some beer from the bar. My other friend, a long-haired dude who tagged along to experience this music he has never heard of, was suddenly thinking of getting a hair cut. He wasn’t the only one[...]

The Events Past, Present And Future [Andy Deported! Manila Ska! T.S.A.! DIYPinoyHCpunk Anniversary! And More!]

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 06:24:40 PDT

Oh snap. Where do I start?Let me just give you a rundown of what to expect in the coming days. Full details in the posts to come, okies?You will be reading about an account of Andy Deported's last gig before he left for the US. It will be remembered that he did a series of shows here backed by Bad Omen. I sure regret having seen Andy perform only once, his set was very engaging and a lot of fun, but luckily I got introduced to this affable guy by Albert Ascona.Also on queue is the recently concluded highly successful Manila Ska at Cubao X which I attended ... in spirit. (Dum de dom, I sure hate it when, after I have planned to attend a gig many weeks beforehand, something - fatigue, appointment, accident, whatever - suddenly comes up and I end up missing the affair.) I am excited about this upcoming post by a guest writer. That she writes well (of course I can say this in all honesty, having read her works online) is somewhat of an understatement - the link to one of her sites is on the siderail. Make a guess.Also have to mention that The Resurrection Issue of Konspirazine is now out! I got to thank Jep Peligro for his generosity. You guys try to get hold of an ish. The zine is a treasure trove of information, yhough for me what is best about this issue is that it features an interview on ... Biofeedback! I need not say more. Just grab a copy.Guess who's representing the Philippines in Denmark right now?These Bulakenyos have really gone a long way. The ÅRETS STØRSTE INTERNATIONALE KUNSTFESTIVAL in Denmark started last August 26 and will be until September 12. One of the features of the Contemporary Arts Festival is a music fest that includes T.S.A. (Hård-høj-hurtig og agressiv old-school-punk! Yay!) So who says only the likes of Lea Salonga, Cecile Licad and Charice Pempengco can represent the Philippines in the international cultural map? (And why do I find myself snickering right now? Hahahaha!) I daresay, the local music scene owes a lot to T.S.A.The DIYPinoyHCpunk, Bisikleta Productions (via Rude Maynila), and the people behind Manila Soul have some gigs for you in the days to come. I should be coming up with a new playlist as well. Hold on to your hats, keep yourselves updated, and zoom in the gigs when you can. Show your love to the music that speaks to you and the artists that sing the songs of your life. [...]

The Andy Deported Gig Series

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 22:29:40 PDT

If you are one of those who missed out on the matinee show at Ten02 last Sunday (like I did, heehee), there are many more dates to catch Andy Deported and The Outsourced. Tonight is one of those dates.

(image) They will be at B-Side The Collective located at Malugay St. in Makati. Was talking to someone about this, the place not fully registering in my head until I finally remember that this is the warehouse type place akin to Cubao X. Exact address is 7274 Malugay St. Makati City. Malugay St. is parallel to Buendia. If you are taking public transportation, you can probably get off at Mayapis St. (the street nearest to the railroad tracks if you are coming from EDSA) then walk until you hit Malugay. If you are driving, turn right to Pasong Tamo, then to Yakal, then to Mayapis, then finally to Malugay St.

Entrance is free, people, if free gig is your incentive. See you guys laters. Hai!^^

Get to know Andy Deported and The Outsourced here.

Aaaaaaah! Stay tuned for more updates, including...T.S.A.'s Danish campaign this September! Woohoo!(image)

Life Is Good, Yes! As Long As You Give It A Relentless Punch On The Kisser, Life Will Eagerly Lick Your Ass Like A Dog Would

Sun, 15 Aug 2010 04:07:58 PDT

Oh, that was a trifle long title, wasn't it? Heheh.Heya people, hello again. So many things racing in my mind these past days that I actually forgot to bring batteries for my camera last night. Isn't that stupid? A good number of gigs took place last night, and I was at Sazi's Bar for the regular Rude Maynila Sessions. (The photos here are old ones, har har)Everybody happy?Here are some discoveries, nuggets of thoughts, and situations answerable by "yes definitely", yes, maybe", or "yes, hindi ko naintindihan":1. It was the last performance of Tolonguez Death Squad ... and a new punk group is to rise from the ashes.Must be true. Towards the last song, the ever-energetic Odel announced, "Last song na namin, last gig (or something to the effect)". I really enjoy watching Tolonguez and their frenzied style. Will be watching for the new band to arise.2. Hilboy of Bisikleta Productions will be out of the country for 2 years.It's true. He will be in Vietnam for an employment gig. But Bisikleta activities will go on, according to him, which is good news because this is proof that the scene, just like life, is a series of young blood taking over while the the more senior members of the society move on to higher endeavours.3. Pink Cow will be having an album soon.Can't wait. These boys have the chops and the attitude. And they do deserve a write-up. Really soon. Just give me time. :)4. The Outcome is from the ashes of T.R.A.The Outcome performed, doing originals and, hm, The Ramones. Great going, lads.5. I was given a free copy of SMB EP.Salamat ng marami sa SMB. I am proud of you guys. For those who have not gotten a copy of the EP yet, it's as simple as attending any Rude Maynila event or pestering one of the SMB guys. A copy is worth a measly PHP120.SMB: Happiness in black and whitePlus, meetings with great friends, a little chit-chat here and there. Which then brings me to the 6th item.6. Trash Radio Manila's future ... remains unwritten......but doesn't everyone's future remain unwritten? I think I owe it to my readers to explain that, much as really want to update the blog on a regular basis (and I really try my darn best), sometimes I could not really make it. In these instances, I ask for your patience and understanding.It's been more than 2 1/2 years since Je and I started Trash Radio Manila, and it amazes me to this very day how the blog somehow manages to gain regular readership and patronage. Writing "Thank You" is not enough, and I always have this in mind. Just the same, "Thank You", friends, and keep the passion burning.We dance to the death. [...]

The Asian Take on Oi

Sat, 07 Aug 2010 17:09:19 PDT

Some months ago, Jan (Shuffle Union vox, certified Pauline Black fan, certified doting momma) gave me a copy of "Skinhead! It's An Asian League", a compilation of Oi compositions of bands from various countries in Asia. This collection is a recent release of Japan's Bronze Fist Records which has been in existence since the mid-90s and is still going strong. Included in the album is The Mighty Contras, the lone band to represent the Philippines.I would not really want to delve into the technicalities of the definition of Oi in this post. I am quite sure some quarters will be asking, what is real oi anyway? Corollary questions, mostly unpleasant, are bound to ensue. So, no, I would rather that you guys do your own research. Suffice to say that as far as the sound is concerned, I am aware that Japan produces great Oi tunes this side of the world. Apparently, Bronze Fist would like to show us something else: that the rest of the Asian nations can do Oi as well.The guys may be right, after all. Which is why I decided to mix some cuts from the compi for your consumption. The playlist is as follows:1. BOOTED COCKS (Osaka, Japan) - The Age2. THE END (Jakarta, Indonesia) - Skinhead Pride3. THE MIGHTY CONTRAS (Manila, Philippines) - Skinheads On A Rampage4. HAIRCUTS (Bandung, Indonesia) - Merdika5. THE RUCTION (Singapore) - Rage & Anger(Intro is snatched from The Chronicles Of Sarnia off Final Fantasy)Where can you guys get a copy of the album? You can probably get in touch with the boys of The Mighty Contras in their MySpace site here. better yet, go get in touch with Bronze Fist Records. I must say, commendable effort. ^^ Go get your copies and find out for yourselves.*****Has the erratic weather rubbed on you? You people take care of yourselves and of your health. Be happy, be safe. See you around, folkies. [...]

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Exploring New Blog Features, Making A New Playlist, Updates Galore

Mon, 02 Aug 2010 03:59:57 PDT

Time to make some changes, explore the features of Blogger, and essentially update. Kumusta na kayong lahat?

(image) At sino ang mga ito at ano ang ginagawa nila rito sa post na ito?! (Peace out! ;) )

New playlist coming up real soon. Stay tuned.

Missing Out On A Lot!

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 09:05:35 PDT

I am back. I am in the "back" phase of my "back and forth" sched swings, that is. Seriously, it has been busy.

As a result, I missed out on a good number of events.

I missed Steady Movin' Beat's EP launch.

I missed MAIM's gig in Parañaque.

And, ugh, I missed Carburetor Dung's gig.

So, let me just post this video courtesy of underground fixture Jep Peligro. Thank you in advance, sir, for this one.

(object) (embed)

So many gigs this month. Check the siderail for the posters. See you around.

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