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Preview: Silkie Sue

Silkie Sue

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Rest in Peace Sweet Silkiesue


With a heavy heart, I must write to say that my loved pussy cat Silkie Sue went over the
rainbow bridge today. Rob and I (Hubby) are heart broken, but her little body couldn't carry on.

I haven't blogged in a long time, work, life and stuff just got in the way, I didn't feel like I had anything else to say, and because Silkie and I really came up with this blog, its time to officially sign off.

I have a beautiful painting that a lovely blogger called Lynn painting for me hanging in our bedroom, she captured Silkie perfectly, so thank you again. Thats what was so amazing about blogging, chatting with people on line, and receiving things so beautiful, that mean so much.

Sweet dreams Boo, be safe,  we will see you again.

All our love..

Sam and Rob xx

July 25th 2014

Happy Belated New Year Bloggers xx


Yes I'm a big of a bloggy slacker these days!..Christmas was nicer than I expected, hectic but not toooo stressful (Well a lil bit..but ok!)

Back to work with a bump, all my chums got the dreaded fluey thing, and there was me bragging about my robust health..then I got the sneezes too!

I wanted to show you a picture of the cute little teddy bear sat next to a Vintage Magpie version of Miss Silkie Sue. He had been sat in the best charity shop in Devizes for weeks..rather expensive (Sorry Ted) but I couldn't justify the cost...But as luck would have it on Sat after running in in my 'frightful running gear' I spotted him still there ..down to half price..well that I could I grabbed him quick. He seems rather happy sat on my stairs now!

oo I loves a good charity shop.. don't you bloggers?

Anyhoo..must dash at work now got to start my day.

Take care..I will be back soon xx

Love Sam and Sue (Whose probably in bed now..zzzzz)

War of the Worlds...NEW GENERATION


OMG..I have always loved WOTW's, I must admit I love the original, I love Richard Burton. I've had better days, and I was greeted at home with a new CD from my husband..

All I can say..GARY BARLOW+ WOTW's = SWOON

Go buy the Cd..go on!


S xx

PS Liam Neeson..Ooo lala too!

A Wizard of Oz themed Toilet..


Thought I'd share this..the photo doesn't really do it justice..its such a cute little toilet, It had to be made a bit special, rather than just somewhere where you kick your shoes off. Basically I LOVE the Wizard of Oz..and this little room where you can 'spend a penny' is a little at least you can have something to look at..even if its the Wicked Witch of the West.. painted my my husband..he's a bit good at painting..

Any hoo..2 posts in a day..whats come over me..right..I'm off to do a fitness dvd..


PS and if you are wondering..yes the broom works...its real!

Heres to cozy Saturdays dear Bloggers..


I really must move and so far I have been sitting in my cozy living room today..trying to resist looking at pretty things on the internet..

Right I am moving now..wheres my Strictly Come Dancing fitness DVD...

Stay Cozy bloggers!


PS just one other thing...OMG just how excited am I about this???
(Poster care of google..thankyou!)

!!!!...Seriously......go check out the NEW trailer..go on.....

Still Here Bloggers!


Still here bloggers!
Boys its been a couple of months I think since I've stopped by. I've been a bit lazy with blogging, struggling for inspiration about what to write, and pictures to post. Work is busy, moments are stressful, and there just are not enough hours in the day sometimes!

But I'm back again..and why not since its my favourite holiday tomorrow!

I found this lovely picture on google randomly..just type in halloween cat!..another favourite of mine is vampire kitton..seriously you will die of cute overload!

So heres to blogging a bit more again..

Love Sam

PS I really don't think Miss Silkie Sue will be up for wearing any Witches Hats!


The Silent Owl..


A little picture book I worked on a while back seems to have been entered into a competition..

you can see it here..Peoples Book if you have time or have read it and liked it you can vote for us here!

Happy hump day bloggers..

Sam xx

Magic Margin..


Well here I go on another ebay hunt for my Murder she Wrote typewriter..fingers crossed xxHappy Monday!

Image care of Google, thankyou!

Today I'm lovin...


my new digital tablet...I've been trying it out on some fashion illustrations..this one is loosely based on Lily van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl..AKA Kelly Rutherford..

I can't stop watching Murder she Wrote...
I would love to live in Cabots Cove...

and live here in Jessica's house..

and I would love to get my hands on this

this is the actual typewriter...(Thanks google image search)

and I absolutely love this..

Wicked Witch Barbie....where am I gonna get her from?

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

S x

Lost and Found


Did I ever mention that I'm sentimental? I loved my childhood....(my senior school was a whole lot of rubbish) ..but up until the age of was great.

I kept all of my favourite best as I could. Ginger my bear used to sit on my bed..or in my bed, I loved him as I thought we were a similar colour...he was soft and felt nice..and had a sweet face.

Then as a 16 year old, we were asked to bring in old childhood toys for an art project at college..and Ginger came along..I painted a big A3 picture of him..then I forgot about him.

I don't know what happened..I can't remember. I think he probably ended up in a box, a cupboard..I can't remember..distracted by other things..boys and parties, dear old Ginger got lost at college.

Then..about 4 or 5 days ago, as I was meandering about ebay..I was looking at old toys, I wasn't looking for anything especially..then I spotted a little face from long ago..

I thought he looked liked Ginger..maybe he would be a different colour..or size..but I took a chance and popped a £10 bid on.....and I won!

Today I came home from work, and as soon as I saw the size of the parcel I was hopeful..not too big..just about the right I unwrapped the parcel...

Dear sweet old Ginger had found his way home...22 years later.....


Phew what a week..


Hey Dear Bloggers hows you? Well I've had better weeks I can tell lets move on to some random woffle about me..

1. I love animals, especially cats..I would have an ark if I could. If I had a magic power it would be to make animal cruelty vanish forever.

2. I'm a handbag addict..and I would love a real Hermes Handbag.

3. I love Gossip Girl, and all things New York.

4. I would love to live in Carmel California..and be a hippy cat in a house on stilts by the ocean, and I would be friends with Kim Novak.

5. I think Kelly Rutherford from GG, is one of the most stylist lovely ladies walking the planet. Hello Kelly if you ever read this!

6. I love the supernatural, all things Halloween.

7. I have a shrine to the Wizard of Oz in my downstairs loo..(Cloakrooms can be sooo boring don't you think?)

8. I hate bullying, in any I'd use my magic powers to get rid of that too..its a shame when you encounter it when you are grown up too, and it can be worse sadly.

9. I love old vintage movies..all kinds but have a soft spot for disaster movies from the 1970s.

10. I love my husband..he helps me tremendously..and always encourages me with my 'colouring in'

Happy Friday dear Bloggers..hope you are safe and well where ever you are.x



Firstly thankyou for your lovely comments!..xxAnd as promised here I am again, now picture the scene, yes I am still in my pjs at dinner time on a Saturday lunch, glued to my mac, as I'm working on a couple of children's books..whilst trying not to get distracted by ebay, and random news about old and new celebrities..When I'm working I HAVE to have some kind of old movie on..I'm addicted. So today I have on Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. Its a supernatural tale of Love and Loss...fabulous, just my cup of t!Todays crush is James Mason...and did you know that he LOVED animals...especially CATS!!He even wrote and illustrated a book about them! What I would give to get hold of this book..but I have searched and I think it is long out of print....I will keep hunting!Isn't he adorable!Now I can't forget the most BEAUTIFUL Ava she is with one of her corgis. (This picture comes from the Ava Gardner Museum..thankyou, hope you don't mind me popping this picture on here)They had apparently an exhibition about her and her dogs, did you know Frank Sinatra (Who was madly in love with her) bought her, her first Corgi.And here is Ava and James they should have been a real couple!Do not hesitate and rent, buy or borrow this will NOT be disappointed!Now I have to get back to it..must not stress , must not stress!Happy Saturday Bloggers!s xx[...]

Coooeee..still here!


 Hey Bloggers..long time no speak!..Sorry about that, if there is anyone out there, apologies for the lack of posts, life and work just gets in the way sometimes. I'm finding my days and weeks just end up in a blur (feeling stressed)..and then I don't have much of anything interesting to write about. Since I started blogged 5 years ago, I have watched in the wings as other small cute blogs have turned into more of a platform for people to promote themselves and start businesses. The photography looks more and more professional as they change. I must be honest, I still like the cute little blogs the best, where other bloggers like me just write down the occasional waffle, about what they have found in a charity shop, or what their cat or dog has done in the day to make them smile. So if that's the kind of blog you like then you have come to the right place!
Image care of Google search...thankyou
 So back to the business of waffle..OMG how excited am I about this film???? If like me you love anything Wizard of Oz.. seek out the trailer. Its looks the leading man is easy on the eye I can tell you..I'm so intrigued...who is the wicked witch?? I'm thinking I MUST have that poster..did I ever tell you my down stairs cloakroom is a wizard of shrine of sorts..:0) On to another old movie I watched this week called The Uninvited. Its a typical haunted house set up, but I love it as its based in Devon/Cornwall..and is filmed (Although a set) in my dream house.
I think a remastered film is coming that will be worth a watch ...
Anyway bloggers..thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland..I will try to be back soon.
Love Sam and Silkiesuexx

I've bin Womblin..


Bloggers..I have had THE BEST time charity/thrift shopping today..I think the BEST EVER.Now I must explain, The Wombles were very popular in the 1970s, they were little bear..well Womble type creatures who made use of things other people left behind. I have ALWAYS loved Charity shopping...So I think thats what I am ..a bit of a Womble!(Image care of Google search!)Heres my stash I wanted to share with you!A big box of vintage beer mats. There are so many I don't know what to do with them!Two more cream little terriers to go with my collection.. woof woof..A vintage leather Kelly Style Bag...This photo doesn't do it justice.The most adorable original and very old framed pencil studies of baby birds..A lady actually came up to me in another shop, and she really wanted it too! Mr M has already 'tarted' up the frame for me with our trusty Annie Sloan paint.Nice pile of clothes... (AKA Womble Chic!) including a TM Lewin shirt which I love, especially as I'm trying to dress like I live in The Hamptons...LOLSo I'm WELL chuffed..also because last night my dear chums Mum...gave me....aMULBERRY BAGOh yeah!I mean this doesn't happen normally..Its the cutest leather bag, such a pretty colour..I think I can take the handle off as well so I can carry it like a kind of clutch bag too..So..Mary...THANKYOU VERY MUCH!! if you are reading ...;0) xxxxHope you are enjoying the sunshine..Miss Silkiesue has taken to her bed..well I mean 'her' double bed in her I mean our spare bedroom..she actually puts herself to bed under the covers!!Happy Saturday!!Love Sam xx[...]

Too hot for Silkiesues...


Bless my dear sweet old pussy cat Miss her to bits.. hard to believe she will be 17 years old this year....Don't forget to wear suncream bloggers xx

Phewy..where has the last month gone?


Fear not dear Bloggers..if any of you are still popping over..I'm still here!Goodness me, where are the days wizzing to?I know in the past some other bloggers have disappeared for a bit, and then appeared again. To be honest sometimes, life just gets too darn busy, and my brain gets all wooly at the best of times, so please forgive me for my absences :0)Here is a random house purchase, from a lovely shop down in Devon that sells recycled bits and bobs..We have used them as tie backs..they worked really well! The Shop is called Sea Green of AppledoreI absolutely love it, and can't wait to go back again..Appledore is one of my favorite places.Now I must mention the Eurovision Song Contest...Looki at lovely Englebert Humperdinck..(I had to be very careful writing that ..!!) Fingers and toes crossed for this Saturday. I have to say I would have loved a bit more of an up tempo song, but his voice is amazing considering he is in his 70's..GO GO ENGLEBERT..!! I still like to score the songs myself..I know its cheesy !!So hopefully this time it won't be nearly another month before I blog again!Roll on the summer and sunshine!Love Sam xx[...]

Noffin like a Puffin..


Hey Bloggers!Hows u today?Sorry I haven't been in blogland, I've had a bit of a break from Bloggin as I have been trying to get fit!..But I will get onto that in a minute..Mr M the husband bought me a lovely gift last week, a box of vintage puffin book jacket postcards, and he had the brain wave to frame them..So that was a little project today.. I was just the assistant to be honest..I think it looks great...the postcards are amazing, but the frame was a pain to get up..but we did it.Thanks Mr M xx (Can you see my little spectacle wearing kitton bookends too?)So on to the keep fit routine. Between me and you and blogland, I'm nearer 40 than 30, and although I have always been used to comments mainly from my mum, about always being slim, I realised that I had been taking that for granted and, realised that I needed to get a bit healthier and fitter. I used to love dancing, and I wanted to get more flexible again.So thanks to some amazing Ballet DVD's and Dance workout DVD's for the last 7 weeks I have been 'working out' for up to an hour almost everyday, plus I can touch my toes again, whilst keeping a healthy way of eating. I feel so much better, oddly though I feel the cold more..not sure what that is all about though!Love it, love the music too!Oh and another thing...I have a new obsession.2 words..GOSSIP GIRLI ..just...can't stop watching...I LOVE it...its pure fantasy, with great clothes, and is based in New u can normally find me here..after I have been jumping about like a mad woman...Hope you are happy and well..I will be back soon xxLove Sam xx[...]

Ebay Stash..


£5.00 box of 44 vintage Agatha Christie Books..seems criminal really..
I am trying to turn my house into a library :0)
Sam xx

I got it!!


Check it out...the cutest little desk!I just had to have it!! Its so cute and well made!...It fits in a cute nook in my kitchen, and all my bits and bobs fit in nicely.wowzers its hot today, I just had to rush out to fill the car up with fuel, apparently there is going to be a strike here in the UK any time now, as seeing as my commute is a 2 hr drive every day, thought it best to stock up :0)Image care of google search and Dancing with the StarsI have also been trying to watch the american 'Strictly come Dancing' Melissa Gilbert is competing this time, and she is a favorite lady of mine. I grew up watching her in Little House on the Prairie, and she looks amazing at the age of 47. I'm 9 years younger and just hope to look as well as she does..(Even a little finger!) when I'm that age.Image care of of Google SearchOoo look at her here..shes so cute!! I have just ordered her Biography, by all accounts she talks about everything so I'm looking forward to that.My garden is coming to life too. Thanks to husband, who has literally become Alan Titchmarsh overnight..hes worked really hard on the garden, plus he's more or less working 7 days a week at the thanks Mr M xxI have also taken up a new healthly food and exercise routine..its been 2 weeks and I have been doing an hours exercise a night..its really good, and did kill my legs to start with, plus I have a little friend to keep me company..Hello Miss Silkiesue..she must be laughing at me flaying about :0)Happy hump day dear bloggers...byeee!!s x[...]

Desk Obsession..


Well I blame watching Miss remember the old black and white versions with Margaret Rutherford?  I absolutely love her cottage (I know its a set on the inside) but some films sets are nicer than the real thing!
Now I have got it into my head that somehow I want a little writing desk in my living room..not that I write much or anything..but you know just incase!
Then whilst perusing ebay I came across these cute little sloping desks..they were all the rage some years ago..Oh I do love a bit of vintage stationary! I do have a really lovely old writing bureau..but its kinda being used already in my kitchen with my TV on it...(I know not really using it for what it was for, but it works really well....)
Ooo just what to do dear bloggers????
S xx

PS and...I have got a real thing about old books too...
Isn't this a lovely room? (Image care of google..thankyou!)

Back again..


Hey bloggers...hows u today? Sorry for the lack of posts..I have to admit that I am struggling a bit about what to waffle on about..I think I'm having a bit of a blogging blip..When I first starting blogging..4 or 5 years ago I was blown away with these new websites that I had come across..Yves Town..Posy...Tales from Pixie Wood (Which is now an ooober blog) and I wanted a bit of it. If I hadn't discovered blogging, I wouldn't have learnt to crochet a bit, and to make bears either..but at the moment I'm in a bit of a creative slump.....I think that I threw myself into all this creativity that I have run out of gas at the mo!
Anyway, I'm trying to dig myself out of my hole at the I will keep you I'm now a Downton Abbey Addict..and I can't wait for the Titantic TV series to hit ITV in the next week or so..keep you eyes peeled for it I think its gonna be good!!
Happy weekend!!
Sam xx

I got a record player!!!!


I've got a date with Duran Duran and Ultravox tonight!!...Byeeee!!
S xx

I'm 14 and in love again!


Hey Bloggers...just had to share this..I'm sat blubbing watching Beauty and the Beast again...Oh Vincent!! I watched this TV series back in 1988 religiously.

I didn't realise it would have such an effect on me!!

Gotta go......

Oh my gosh the music makes me well up!!

S xx

Yummy Friday nights..


Theres just something special about Friday evenings when you have been at work all week. My days are quite long now, we live an hours drive away from our jobs (Our choice, we wanted to be in the countryside near our chums!), so leave at 7am most days..and are back in the evenings at 7pm..Its starting to get a bit lighter for us driving, for ages we were going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.
I must admit that I do find it quite relaxing sometimes, I can snooze anywhere, plus I love a good audio book, generally spooky things, but at the moment I'm listening to Rebecca read by the late Anna Massey, and its brilliant!

So I'm thinking of having a good mooch about the internet (I have just finished all the housework...where does all the dust come from?) and I'll fit in an old movie I'm sure today, my PJ's will probably stay on till we go out for a walk later, then off for supper at our friends.

I did have a little itch to maybe start sewing a new bear, I haven't done any sewing for ages...I had a little flurry of orders a year or so ago...but that was the last, they are expensive to make, and not the cheapest of items to sell...and these days with everyones purse strings tightening...teddy bears might not be at the top of everyones list!

Ooo I'm sure I mentioned that I really want a record player...well I'm gonna get one prob in a weeks time..waiting for payday! I've already bought a couple of old 80s records I had..and a few tape cassettes...why did I ever get rid of them?

I really am a child of the 70s and 80's... :0)
Hope you have some fun this weekend where ever you are!

Sam xx

Happy Valentine's Day


I'm afraid I must confess...I have fallen in love with another man..his name is Uggie.
Happy Valentine's go on...go watch The Artist!!