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where would I go?


I would go to Europe. It has a lot of old Roman sites, including the Colosseum and Pompeii. These sites a of interest to me because I have learned about them from Mrs. Fugate (Latin teacher.) I am also part Italian, Hungarian, English, and other European countries (not sure which others.) Studying Latin also prepared me because Latin is the root of 5 European languages (Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian.) Europe has a rich history that is very fascinating.

My last 2 weeks have been very interesting. I went to see Star Trek. It was so incredibly awesome that I can't describe it. I am glad that I will have to see it again. I saw it at my friend Christina's birthday (May 8th). She had a sleep over and I was the only guy there. On the next day, we went to Six Flags. The people there were Leah, Mariana, Anna, Christopher (her brother), Christina and I.



There are many forms of population control. Some are natural, such as diseases and lack of resources. Some are unnatural, such as war, genocide, and forced sterilization. Some of the natural types of population control are caused by humans, like China's Big Step Forward. It caused a massive famine that killed millions of people. China currently has a one child policy to control its population through economic means. India had a mass sterilization program. My personal method of population control is a lot like China's but also includes benefits for not having children to reduce the population to a more reasonable level.

My last two weeks have been very uneventful. One of my parents' friends got engaged and came back to Austin to plan her wedding. She used to be my brother and my babysitter and left Austin for Phoenix and San Fransisco. I am very happy with my grades for last six weeks. I was surprised that my lowest grade was not in geometry.



I believe that we should stop what is happening in Darfur. But in the socratic seminar, I have to defend it because I am from the Sudanese government. This our chance to make up for Rwanda and we are screwing it up. We need to intervene. It is our duty to stop this massecre. We must act. If we don't, we are desecrating their memories. We are, in essence, dishonoring them. They will have died for nothing.

My last couple weeks have been very uneventful. I've had a couple tests. Big whoop. I had to suffer through a socratic seminar. I had one of the hardest positions to defend as the government. I went to a neighbor's ranch for an Easter Saturday thing.



I don't have a favorite music group. I don't have a favorite type of music. I will pretty much listen to anything that is on the radio. I hate country music. I also hate "Womanizer" by Brittney Spears, it was okay at first, but progressively got worse and worse as they kept replaying it. I hate "Crack a Bottle" by Enimen. If it is just not my kind of music. I dislike, but will suffer through, most incredibly perverted songs.

For spring break, I went to Colorado. We left the first Saturday at 6:30 AM and got back the Sunday before school at 1 AM. The drive to Breckenridge was divided into two stages. The first stage was a 14 hour drive to Colorado Springs.We stayed with my dad's friend Phil in C. Springs for Saturday and Sunday night. The second stage was 2 more hours to Breckenridge on Monday. We rented a house with 2 of my brother's friends families until Saturday. We all skied from Tuesday-Friday (except for my parents). We left on Saturday at 7 AM and drove the 16 hour drive back.

free topic- interests


My interests are wide and varied. I used to be very interested in Legos, and they still fill my room (which was a problem while we were painting my room). I am very interested in videogames like Halo 3 and Spore. I am invested in school, but not always interested. My favorite Lego sets currently are Supernova, my AT-AT, and my X-wing. My favorite video games are Ace Combat 6, Halo 3, Full Auto, and Spore. Ace Combat 6, Halo 3, and Full Auto are for Xbox 360 and Spore is for PC.

Tomorrow will really suck!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to do my science project and more homework. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! But other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.

loving or learning (R&J)


It is better to love in the first place than to learn to love another person. If you learn to love someone, then you must start before the marriage. If you start when you marry them, then it will take a long uncomfortable time to get used to them. Who knows what could happen before then. You could kill each other. You could fight and break up after he made you pregnant (and then you kill him). There is one advantage to learning to love, if he is abusive, then you don't have any reason to hesitate to leave him, file for divorce, and take all of his money.

My last couple of weeks have been reasonably uneventful. The first main event was getting Friday and Monday off of school. The second main event was a Boy Scout rifle and shotgun shooting campout. It lasted for 2 nights, though Friday night and Sunday morning were reasonably short. The last main event was the Merit Badge University today at UT.

Global Warming


I really don't know what most of Austin is doing to save the environment. I know that pretty much everyone got huge recycling bins from the city. My family usually ends up filling up the whole can, which is larger than our regular garbage can. From what I've read on a couple of other blogs, some neighborhoods have community gardens. Some people buy all natural foods so that pesticides don't get into the water supply. Some people don't own a car and take the bus everywhere. Some people buy stuff that is made from recycled materials. Some other eco-extremists even install motion sensors in there rooms so that the lights turn off when no one is in the room.

My last couple weeks have been relatively uneventful. I have become obsessed with the Sims games without buying any. I have had my hopes crushed when EA moved the Sims 3 release back to June 2 from Feb 20. I have done well on all of my tests. The Latin test was incredibly easy. My brother is having a bunch of his friends over at 3. I have a party to go to at 5. I hope anyone who reads this has a happy day.



There are many types of technology in use today. My favorites include gaming platforms and computers. My favorite gaming system is my Xbox 360. It has incredibly good graphics and has a lot of fun games. My second favorite gaming system is the Wii. The graphics are nowhere close to as good as 360 graphics, but are better than the Gamecube's graphics. Its games are very addicting, and others are alot of fun. The computer is an all around favorite because it can do almost anything. But computers are also the root of all (or at least 50% of) evil because you can lose yourself in your computer, do bad things with your computer, or your teachers can make you do everything on the computer (ehh!).

My life has been pretty good since after the break started and got worse after the break ended. My dad is pressuring to start my science project that is due in March. I had a homework overload the night before the Europe maps were due in class. (If anyone has paid attention to the posting date of these posts, than you might have figured out that I am a major procrastinator.) I went on a Boy Scout orienteering campout last weekend (relative to post date) with my best friend from my old school and his demon brother that hates me. It was cold, but relatively warm compared to the last orienteering campout. I have recently reconnected with one of my old 360 games and found out that downloading things off of Xbox Live is really awesome and helpful, and that I am really good at it.



I'm sorry this entry is late Ms. Hollrah, I had a lot happening on the 6th. America has incredibly diverse populations. We probably have people from every country and some future countries (if that can happen anymore). We're the stereotypical stew pot, everything goes in, one thing comes out. The U.S. doesn't have to promote cultural understanding because it automatically happens anyway. Some shows make fun of it (the Simpsons) and other shows embrace it, and others do both at the same time.

favorite places


this post is earlier than my others because I'm camping this weekend. WOOT!!! (I'm such a nerd). my favorite cities/towns in the US are Austin and Port Aransas, Texas and Monroe Township, New Jersey. I like Austin because it is where I live, and where my friends live. Some of my family also lives in Austin. Port Aransas is the site of the annual Williams family reunion. M.T. (Monroe Township) is my other favorite town because all of my family on my mom's side live there (running the family business). One of my other favorite places is Garner State Park. My family, my uncle, and some of my brother's friends' families go with us. I also like Colorado because my family goes there to ski every year at spring break.

terrorist attacks


Yes, we have terrorist attacks in the US. The most famous one is September 11th, 2001. Some other attacks were school shootings(very angry students or people) and bombings(disgruntled people). Some of these attacks don't have a real motive, it may be that the "terrorist(in this case the person harming others)" is in emotional turmoil and is trying to solve their problems by killing other people and then themselves. Other attacks may be out of anger at someone or something and this is their revenge. And still other attacks are the actually defined terrorist attacks are caused by people who want to kill us all, burn our country to the ground, and throw the ashes into the sea. The US prevents terrorist attacks by not allowing any sharp objects onto planes(knitting needles are the only exception), not allowing more than 4 ounces of any liquid onto planes, not allowing guns, ammo, or fireworks(combustibles) onto planes, and everything is scanned before going onto planes. Some attacks can't be prevented by these means, but only with careful observation(psychiatric) or by learning about them before it is going to happen.



Anderson is a very interesting school. Currently, the Latin teacher, Mrs Fugate, is out with a herniated disk and Mr Gonzales, the best sub ever, is taking her place. But anyways, Anderson is 3 stories tall, has 6 wings in the main building, 2 gyms, and a whole lot of other stuff. Trust me, after two weeks, I still got lost when I looked for my locker (4 banks of lockers). In my geometry class, a sophomore is late sometimes(once a week) because he goes up another floor and gets "lost". I actually have a couple second cousins at Anderson with me, but I only know one of them. The teachers are really nice, some of them are insane, and still others are both (or mostly insane). I really wish freshmen were allowed to take chemistry, because I tried it at my old school, and I really liked it.

immingrants in the US


In the United States, there are many many immigrants. Most of them are legal, but some of them are illegal. Most of the illegal immigrants in Texas come from Mexico. In other parts of the United States, like Florida, some may be from Cuba, escaping the dictatorship there. People leave Mexico for many reasons. Some leave because they're poor and think they'll have a better life in the US. Others may not like the government and want to escape that. The dollar is stronger than the Peso and some other currencies, so people come here to get a job and send money back to help their families. Some people sneak in from Mexico by crossing the Rio Grande. The people coming from Cuba make rafts and sail the 90 miles to Florida. Immigration is very strict because the US is starting to fill up. The US views illegal immigration as a very large problem. The government set up border patrols and a set of immigration officials, some of whom deal with illegal immigrant problems. There are raids on businesses who are believed to hire illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration casts a very bad light on immigration in general, because if people say that they are immigrants, some people may ask legal or illegal. And in the illegal immigrant raids, some immigrants may be taken because they look like illegal immigrants.

my summer


This is for Kathy: Matthew's last name is Trisnadi and Christina's last name is Blackburn. I doudt you would know them, because we came from a private school. To Chad: No, Matthew doesn't play basketball, he doesn't like it(he's not that good either). You may have seen Ryan Legitt(unsure of spelling), because he's really good at basketball. And no, I don't have Mario Kart, i want it but don't have it.
But back to the assigned topic(barfing sounds), my summer was pretty boring, I don't really have a life over the summer. Basically it is a camp every week except the first and last. On the first and last weeks I pretty much played Super Smash Bros Brawl everyday. I went to Boy Scout camp for a week, it was fun but it was so large that my troop would walk a mile uphill to dinner. Most of my time at camps was at the Westover Swim Club. They have two camps, a general sports camp in June, and a tennis/sports camp in July/August. the high point of my summer was visiting New Jersey to visit family. I have 4 cousins that live in New Jersey. They are Andrew and Brian, and Melissa and Megan. On the second to last full day we were there, we went to the Middlesex county fair.

about me


Hello, my name is Spencer Williams. The email address is my mom's, my parents don't want me to have my own. My best friend's name is Matthew, he goes to Westwood High School. My almost-girlfriend's name is Christina. She also goes to Westwood. Almost girlfriend means we're not dating but we like each other. In both Matthew's and Christina's story series there is a character based off of me. My favorite computer game is Spore, a game where you evolve a species from their origins. I have an Xbox, an Xbox 360(which is having graphics card problems), a Wii, and a Nintendo Gamecube. I share these with my brother Sam. He is a seventh grader at my old school, St. Theresa's. 13 people came to Anderson High School from the St. Theresa's graduating eigth grade. There were 34 people in that class(my World Geography class was that big). My favorite food is pasta and my least favorite food is spinach. I have a dog named Nicco, we got him when I was in third grade. My dad's name is Thomas, and my mom's name is Kimball.