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Preview: A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons

A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons

Just a little blog for posting various creations for the BECMI / Rules Cyclopedia edition of Dungeons and Dragons. All hail the Red Box! Updated whenever possible with a little something, whether a monster or spell or item or just a little list of whate

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More Little Treasures


Well.  My tentative plans to actually post this year were well and truly derailed over the last few months by everything from surprise renovations (ongoing) to bouts of mental duress to household medical emergencies (also ongoing) to Blogspot deciding I couldn't actually log in for a month-plus. Damnit. But I made a promise that I'd revisit Little Treasures, and by all the gods lifting here it

Testing ...


I haven't been able to log into Blogspot for ages; although my account dashboard thinks I'm logged in, no blog does including my own. I wonder if this will go through ...

Monster: Changer, Wych


Changer, Wych (Witchwolf) Armour Class:  6 Hit Dice:  3+3**** Move:  180' (60') Attacks:  1 [1 bite] Damage:  as weapon or spell [2-7, bite, or spell] + special No. Appearing: 1-3 (2-8) Save As:  M4 Morale:  10 Treasure Type:  Q + T (F) Alignment:  Any XP Value:  175 The wych -- better known as witchwolves -- like all changers, possess two forms; they may appear to be lean humanoids with

Magic Item: Contradiction


Contradiction: This sabre-like sword -- with its narrow, slightly curved blade and almost nonexistent hand-guard, its dark steel inlaid with a mosaic of unpolished jet chips and raw rock crystal -- dates from the time of the Philosophic Warlords. To that purpose, Contradiction chooses its enemies both broadly and specifically.  It was last seen in the hands of a wandering minstrel-knight, the

Monster: Changer, Corvus


Changer, Corvus Armour Class: 7 Hit Dice: 1+4*** Move:  120' (40') [Fly 150' (50')] Attacks: 1 [1 beak] Damage:  1-2 or as weapon [1-5, beak] + special No. Appearing:  1-8 (2-20) Save As:  T2 Morale:  6 Treasure Type:  Q + S (B) Alignment:  Neutral XP Value:  50 These creatures slip between two forms, switching between them freely; they may appear to be slight humanoids of pale skin, clawlike

Working on a thing


I have / had a few new spells and critters to actually post but then I misplaced the scribbler I wrote them in.  Am working on that.  *facepalming* That said, since Xmas I've also put together a beta outline for and am roughing out a few of the parts of a fantastical-Egypt setting.  (Yes, this again.)  Right now I'm trying to decide whether I should keep my chosen city names as they are (the

Some format and content musings, nothing to panic about


If I were going to bundle up and format my spell or magic item entires here, would normal-sized or digest-sized work better or would it matter? If one were tinkering with a world setting and might format the incoherent madness results into something downloadable or purchaseable or both, would it be useful to go whole hog and include the/a 'core' ruleset or just the setting-related material? 

Magic Item: Ring of the Winter Beast


Ring of the Winter Beast:  No sage has divined the origin of these slim, pale rings; a wan silver-gold frosted over with some indefinable, glittering dust, smoothed as if by long wear, rings of the winter beast seem as likely to be unearthed pristine from within nexi of air and water channels as they are to be claimed from unattended and pilfered hoards.  Others care less for the rings' origins

Monster: Chromatic Ooze


Chromatic oozeArmour Class: 7 Hit Dice: 1-1** Move: 90' (30'), Cl 90' (30')Attacks:  1 Damage: 1-6 No. Appearing: 2-20 Save As: M-U1 Morale: 12 Treasure Type:  Special Alignment:  Neutral XP Value:  7  Flowing along like syrupy, opalescent clots of ever-shifting, multicoloured paints, chromatic oozes create a riotous swarm of flesh-devouring colour wherever they happen to be found -- and they

Monster: Nightshatter


NightshatterArmour Class: 4 Hit Dice: 2+2***Move: 90' (30')Attacks: 2 claws or special Damage: 1-6/1-6 + special No. Appearing: 2-8 Save As: C3 Morale: 10 Treasure Type: G Alignment: Chaotic XP Value: 55 Creatures formed of a slick and brittle darkness, nightshatters (kurtae) hail from a plane lying in parallel with the ordinary world.  Though they resemble smoky, barbed skeletons fossilized

Musing of Posting


I've been contemplating a wee little setting writeup for the Red Box as of late, a village or town or two and a few minidungeons with some broad-brush wider setting hints, and those contemplations have been spawning a few creations.  So I'm working on clawing past the posting paralysis for a little. (no, seriously, it's taken me nigh onto three weeks just to brass up and get this far.) I'm not

Monster: Mask


MaskArmour Class: 4 Hit Dice: 1+2**Move: 90' (30')Attacks: 2 Damage: 1-6/1-6 No. Appearing: 1-4 (2-20) Save As: MU3 Morale: 7 Treasure Type: G Alignment: Chaotic XP Value: 23  A mask (called vek in the creature's native tongue) a small, gangly-limbed humanoid roughly the size and shape of a goblin, its flaky-scaled rust body concealed under all-enveloping robes of bruise-purple, ash grey or

Magic Item: Corpselife Ring


Corpselife Ring:  Known in some circles as Daviane's Ring for the minor magister that -- supposedly -- crafted the first known example, corpselife rings vary widely in size, design and ornamentation.  The only trait which any given rings have in common is their composition: a corpselife ring is made up of filaments of bone and black iron of various thicknesses, twisted together in a strange

Ten Dragon Traits


Sometimes you just have to mix things up a bit. Maybe the PCs are bloody effective at what they do, or maybe they just know all the stats ... whatever the reason, a little variety is always good ;3Being honest, I could probably better call these "critter traits"; they were written up for dragons but -- with a merest smidge of tweaking, and maybe some thematics -- could be applied to almost any

Some Random Potion Tables


... so much for posting more regularly. *facepalms*Here's a little something I was tinkering around with at work last night, a handful of little tables for generating unusual and/or more detailed potion descriptions.Potion ...Colour1. pomegranate2. amber3. colourless4. inky5. rosy6. emerald7. prismatic8. roll twiceAppearance1. opaque2. pearly3. swirling4. quivering5. translucent6.

Magic Item: Earth's Ending


The sun was swallowed whole, and Jie Chue swept swiftly towards his forge as the sun's darkness touched the earth beneath his feet, only to pause as a shadow fell across his own.Dust-worn and weary the traveller stood, his trials plain and his oaths plainer still; bled dry to his core, betrayer and betrayed against his knowledge. Jie Chue nodded once.The stranger he gifted with the earth's own

Well, might as well make it official.


After once again having not only no interest in posting for months but in fact a visceral aversion to the very idea of posting, I have concluded it is time to officially hang up the hat.I may be back again; perhaps an official clean break is what I need to feel remotely interested -- or comfortable, for that matter -- with resuming activity once again. But if I'm honest about it, I've been less

Z: The path of the sun ...


So.Magical disciplines or schools based on the houses of the zodiac Y/N?Perhaps with Ophiuchus being the necromantic -- or otherwise unsavoury -- dark horse of the lot?

Y: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Yes, another post so short it's barely a blip on the radar -- awkward letters + awkward time of the work schedule makes for short posts ~Yesterday I was digging through Anima again and anxiously waiting for the Dominus Exxet book to finally crawl into my FLGS next month. Anima is definitely a happy place for me these days.Today I was shuffling through my collection of Planescape material while

X: Xenogears: A Rope Of Robots


I can only hope my games are half so awesome.No, seriously."I did not betray you on purpose! I just decided to ally myself with a group bent on the destruction of everything you have spent your life trying to build! Sometimes people just grow apart!"

W: Watery realms ...


One of these days, I will run an aquatic/undersea/marine-based campaign. Whether the main action is on a scatter of islands with some submarine facets, or primarily under the waves with a bit of activity on the surface -- or, hell, just plunk a campaign in the Plane of Water and be done with it -- it shall be done.I have an abiding fascination with watery realms and aquatic adventuring, all the

V: Bloody Vampires ...


Vampires are one of those fictional critters that I've never, ever liked. Not in fiction (especially not in this day and age *twitch*), and not particularly in my roleplaying games either. I'm quite bloodsuckered out, thank you, and I have no desire to change this fact.(which isn't to say that I don't like tossing around various sorts of blooddrinking, soul-sucking beasties. but they aren't

U: Undermountain and megadungeons


Some years back I owned the Undermountain boxed set (as well as the second boxed set, but that one sucked so we won't speak of it). It wound up getting sold in a certain situation we shall not talk about and I have a line on acquiring a replacement copy. The thing is, I mostly want it for the reading and the occasional odd inspiration borrowed from a room description, or maybe to crib a cluster

T: The trees, the trees


In Dragon #125, Ed Greenwood had an article on the trees of the Forgotten Realms; lovingly describing the physical forms, colours, preferred climates, types of wood, and purposes of a swathe of fantastical greenery. This article's contents would subsequently be republished in a few FR products -- one off the top of my head is Volo's Guide To All Things Magical -- and one could take that as a

S: Spelljammer


Aah, my other beloved campaign setting -- though, ironically enough, one I have never managed to actually run though I tinker with the setting all the bloody time. (reasons for this are varied and in some cases withheld to spare someone who crops up on this blog from time to time ~)Spelljammer was by and large already on the way out by the time I seriously dug into 2e, but that didn't stop me