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Keeping in Step with the Sassanos

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Brandon's First Tackle Football Game


(image) Brandon has played flag football for the last two years. However, he was going to play soccer this year because he did not want to play another year of flag football. However, they started a Mighty Mights tackle team and Brandon chose that over soccer.
(image) It has been a lot of fun watching him.

(image) Brandon is number 6. He plays wide receiver, but he wishes he could get the ball a little more. At this age, they have not mastered throwing plays.

(image) Brandon and Wyatt at the end of the game. . the black war paint is all over his face. He was working hard.

Michael's first soccer game this season


Michael decided to play soccer again this year. We all know I love soccer, so I was excited. He is having a great time playing forward. During the seating tournament they won two games and lost one game. They are off to a great start. Michael is number 7.

(image) Michael is surrounded by blue players . . . help we need a few Madera players in here.

At the end of the games, Michael's friends hair was standing straight up so they decided to all make their hair look crazy. What great friends.



We had a weekend with no football or soccer so we headed to Monterey. It was 104 in Fresno and it was 63 in Monterey. We enjoyed having to put on sweatshirts. We did a lot of walking, feeding the squirrels and playing in the tide pools.


Santa Cruz Family Vacation


Allstar Baseball has finally come to an end! It was a great season, but it is nice to have a little down time. We were finally able to get away for a family vacation. We headed to the Santa Cruz mountains and camped with my mom and dad, my sister, her husband and their children and our friend Linda. Santa Cruz was nice and cool a big difference from the 110 degree weather we were experiencing in Fresno.The first day we relaxed at the pool, did a little hiking, hung out around the fire and just visited.Brandon making a raft out of all the fun noodles.Mackenzie, Michael and Brandon are done swimming.Everone enjoyed a great game of pool basketball.The second day was spent all day enjoying the rides on the boardwalk. It was nice that the boys could finally ride almost every ride. We actually got Michael to ride the Double Shot. I am not sure that I have ever heard Michael speachless before. Not a peep came out of his mouth until the ride was complete and he was sure he was alive. Amazingly he agreed to ride the roller coasters afterward. He almost did not ride the Giant Dipper after dad told him to hold on real tight because five people died when they were ejected from the ride last year. I reassured him that dad was pulling his leg, but boy were the pictures they take funny. Nice going dad.This was one of Brandon's favorite rides. It was a hangliding ride. He rode it six or seven times. It flew around and around in a circle. Not my type of ride.Here everyone is riding the little kids version of Double Shot. Me, Brandon, Michael, Lisa an Ron.The other days we went hiking, played on the beach and just relaxed! Here is the group photo. Daryn, me, dad, Ron Joshua, Lisa, Brandong, Mom, Michael, Cody and Mackenzie. Linda is missing because she is behind the camera.Michael, Brandon and Mackenzie were climbing trees around the campsites. [...]

Hiking in Yosemite


Saturday a group of us from church went hiking in Yosemite up to Vernal Falls. The day was beautiful and I have never been up there when the falls were so full. However, Misty trails was more like a rain storm. We knew we were in trouble when everyone started putting on their ponchos and we did not have one. We all got wet, but it was well worth it. I was very proud of Brandon. He hiked the whole way carrying his own pack and never complained. Daryn and Michael did not get to go because at the last minute they scheduled Allstar tryouts for Saturday. It was worth it. Michael made Allstars.The kids are at the beginning of the trailhead for Vernal Falls. Brandon, Wyatt, Kaleb, Joshua and Makenna. Kaleb, Brandon, Wyatt and EmilyWe reached the bridge and everyone wanted a little snack. The teenagers hung out waiting for us old folks. Joe, Emily, Sean and his girlfriend.This is Kaleb, Wyatt and Brandon getting wet from the falls. I did not take my camera out most of the time because I did not want it ruined.Emily and Brandon hiking. Brandon and Emily. This was Brandon's hiking bud. He stayed with her almost the entire time - no matter how fast she went. He wanted to share lunch with her, sit next to her and just hang out. He at least has good taste in his women.We all made it to the top of Vernal Falls. This is the view looking down.Brandon, Wyatt and Kaleb. You can see that the water is really moving in the background.Brandon and mommy.This is the group of all the little kids that went with us. We have Joshua and Makenna Avakian, Scott, Craig, Grant, Grace and Grady McCoy, Joshua and Elijia Debay, Brandon Sassano, and Kaleb and Wyatt Roth. [...]

Hearst Castle Fieldtrip


On Thursday at 6:15 a.m., I got to go on a field trip with Michael to Hearst Castle. The kids rode on the bus with three to a seat. The moms rode together in the SUV and stopped at Starbucks. We arrived at Hearst Castle around 10:00 a.m. The kids got to eat lunch, shop and watch a movie about Mr. Hearst. Afterwards we all loaded up the bus and headed up to take the tour. The house is beautiful and the pools are amazing. Our guide made me a little nervous. One of the first things she asked was if all the kids knew what the word nudity meant. Michael of course raised his hand and said no. So the kids made sure he understood that it meant the same thing as naked or no clothes. The guide then discussed Greek mythology, pointed out all the nude statues and discussed how the men wrestled in the nude. There were definitely a few giggles. Good thing the kids didn't put much thought into the different stories. I guess the school's tour needs to be related to a curriculum standard and the 6th graders study Greek mythology. All in all it was a great day and I had a fun time hanging out with my boy.

(image) Michael hanging out in the amazing gardens that surround Hearst Castle

Michael, Triston, Makenna and Craig posing by the outside pool. They were just getting ready to hear the nudity speech.
What an amazing pool. You can invite just a few friends over.

We have almost completed the tour of the outdoor pool and gardens.
It is time to go inside the beautiful Hearst Castle.

(image) This statue at least has clothes.

Makenna, Sydney, Michael, Taylor and Kylie

Brandon's 8th Birthday


Brandon celebrated his 8th birthday on March 28th. He invited a few friends to go miniature golfing at Boomers and then to pizza at the Pizza Factory. Brandon had a really great time. He even got a hole in one on his first try.

(image) Brandon blowing out the candles!


Brandon and all of his friends after miniature golf was over.

Brandon concentraing on getting another hole in one.

Our Life During March and April


During the months of April and May, our lives consists of baseball. We have baseball anywhere from four to five days a week. Michael loves baseball and is having a great season. His team is currently in first place. He steals home almost everytime he gets on base. This season he plays second base. However, sometimes he does play shortstop or pitcher.

Michael excited tht he just stole home base. He is getting very good at stealing!!

(image) This is Michael playing second base..


Michael just hit a double and he was happy . .

Brandon is enjoying baseball and growing as a player every week. His coaches have allowed him to learn different positions. He even got to pitch once this year. He has decided that he really does like baseball. Brandon's team is also in first place.

Brandon is ready to catch the ball.

Brandon got to pitch a little during one game and he really loved it!!