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superboi is an inherent-omniscience

nagmamarunong. nagmamagaling. all-knowing. superboi is a girl and she owns the universe.

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Tue, 04 Jun 2013 07:43:00 +0000

Alam ko sawang sawang sawa na ikaw sa lahat ng pagsasabi kong I will try to be more patient and to lessen how I react. Sabi mo nga, I did try but I just couldn't do it on a regular basis.

I will keep trying to be better, Babu, for me and for you. I want to be better. I'm just really sorry. No excuses. I know I am wrong and I admit that ang sama sama kong tao. As in. Ang sama sama ko sayo. Kahit ako nahihiya ako sa mga pinaggagagawa ko sayo. Gusto kong bawiin lahat ng masama kong sinabi pero too late na nga ako. Palagi na lang ako too late. You love... loved me with everything that you have and yet, I always asked that I be treated more "special" when all along you did the best that you can and I hurled those hurtful words.

Alam ko sawang sawa ka na sa lahat ng sinasabi ko and di mo na ako pinaniniwalaan. I just wish that the break/rest would give us both the opportunity to better ourselves. Like I told you, I will better myself and prepare myself for the lifetime relationship with you even if I know that you are no longer thinking of such things with me -- as of now or or for good. But I will keep hoping and wishing that we'll be back together and I will really prove to you that I have changed kung dumating man ang panahon na yun. Sana dumating. :(

I know back in January I said I was learning to let go na. But you know what, I really wasn't now that I try to recall. I was still hopeful kasi everyday wala akong bukang bibig sa mga tao kundi tulungan ako. I know this time you think that kaya ko na this time na ituluy-tuloy na mag let go completely sayo. I know I can't let go of you, Babu. As in. Because I swear, and I know you won't believe it, I really do look forward to growing old with you. As in sabi ko sa sarili ko and I prayed hard na hinding hindi ako magfalter again because I don't want another G in our lives and because napatunayan kong ikaw talaga yung mahal ko, masama lang talaga ako.

Sorry, Babu. Gusto ko lang magsorry sayo ng magsorry kasi ang sama ng ugali ko. Sana mapatawad mo muli ako at kahit na malabo, sana kahit konti i-consider mo ulit tayong dalawa kapag nakapagpahinga ka na. Magbabago ako. Pursigido ako. Sobrang sorry talaga. :(

I am hoping that we'll be back together someday. Please consider me again.

Thank you for all the love. You gave me the best. I know it's too late like you mentioned to know and realize that you gave me the best love you could ever offer. I have always been thankful for you. Everyday I am. I am sorry I wasn't good with words particularly with good words... I could do it. And I will do it. Because I will keep hoping I will get that chance again to prove to you I can. Pero yun lang, sana dumating pa ung panahon na yun na mukhang malabo na.

Thank you for your time, Babu. I love you. For your consideration still.


The Unfortunate Fortunate Me

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 02:12:00 +0000


Pakwento lang. Madaldal ako kasi ng normal and the person I usually talk to about my mishaps and (non)mishaps is well, still the bestest person for me, but one way na lang. :))

So anywaysss, this morning, so funny, I had an epiphany, in the middle of the street -- If the world indeed was about to come to its end this Friday, I'm one of those who wouldn't mind...

...only because I think I'm not meant to die.

So let me recount the 'series of unfortunate events' that happened to me and how funny each, at least for me.
There was that instance where I was already holding on to an extension cord already in flames, waiting to blow up and I thought I was going to get burned or something, yet nada. Not even a scratch.

Then I think since the month started I've only consumed 1 plate of longganisa with rice, 2 1/2 plates of pasta, 1 sundae, and around 15 sticks of isaw -- in total. Divide that into 18 days, you get the drift, and yet I'm not even a teeny weeny bit hungry. Partida, I've met up with friends already and shiz, walang gutom or anything, ni sakit ng tyan. :))

And this morning, ayun nga while crossing, I slipped in the middle of the street and couldn't stand up coz inaatake ata ako ng CS ko or something. Then nag go na yung traffic light, pwede pala yun parang nagslow mo yung lahat ng sasakyan (or baka talagang nagbagal sila kasi asa gitna ako literal and di makatayo hahaha) tapos I thought my gosh, talagang sa gitna pa ako ng kalsada nadulas and mamamatay, di ako handa, so I just sat there and looked at the approaching cars from both sides (kasi nga nagslowmo yun world and mukhang tanga lang pala nung ginawa ko no hahaha) and then boom, epiphany. I think I'm not going to die if the 'end of the world' will indeed happen this 21st of Dec. Just like how cockroaches will also not perish at the end of the world or masasamang damo ganyan.

Maybe I am that bad no? Matagal bago madeads. Hahahah! Ang incoherent ko hahaha! anyway bow. :)

Kaya ko 'to. :)(image)

We are not a reheated cabbage, Dd. We are not.

Wed, 05 Dec 2012 08:01:00 +0000

Here I am, removing all pride and arrogance and just so sorry for all the wrong things that I have done (no buts or ifs or anything at all), I am humbly and whole-heartedly telling you that I am really really sorry. I know we have equally pained each other -- you, dismissing me and all of my concerns, and me, cheating on you and still not doing 'enough' for both of us. I really am sorry.

I know it's too late. You've told me that face to face, with no batting of an eyelash and aftewards proceeded with how you do stuff on a normal day. And it hurts coz all along I thought we were more than okay before you left for your birthday. And then you come back with an epiphany that I no longer make you happy.

I'm really really sorry.

I just wanted you to know I really am sincerely with no buts and ifs sorry for what I have done. It was all my mistake and I should have given more than a 100% for you and you alone. That even if you tell me everyday I was stupid and wrong and you hate me and you want to punch me in the face everytime you'll remember, I will take it, it's all okay with me basta we would take it slowly and surely. We should have lived on with how we were before -- one day at a time. It was one of our best formulas ever before. :(

I just wanted you to know that I miss you so much. That I need you so much. That I really can't live without you, Dd.

I will always pray and wish and cry and hope and hold on to you and will always tell you even if it's already impossible that I need and love you.

I really do love you.


Money talk (Not really)

Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:13:00 +0000

I don't like money talk. Money for me is like errrr (o_o) ... if you know what I mean.

And as I am not one to earn a gazillion bucks a month, and given the change of net profit for the past year, the change in the pattern in my purchases and acquisitions has drastically moved from your simple: food, transportation, and self indulgences, to life investments and more appealing acquisitions.

Sample items below. Not so grown up for some of you, but kinda grown up for me. -_-

  • Money for the Globe bill, which amounts to I still don't know.
  • Money for the laptop, which should have been settled two years ago had SC been diligent enough to notice the problem.
  • Money for the bill of the cable, which I rarely use.
  • Money for the health insurance of my dad. Coz brother moved to SG, my father's wonderful and complete health insurance has been terminated as well. So now, it's under my care.
  • Money for the groceries, which I don't really eat.
  • Money for a car, which I have no idea how to drive.
  • Money for a condo, well, not really coz this is Babu's purchase. But nonetheless, if I can contribute, then so be it. Yuuuh, Babu's rich like that. Purchasing a not so midrange condo by the Ortigases, good job!
  • Money for another laptop, which is a graduation gift by Babu to ze brother. 
  • Money for the gym membership, which is somewhat costly compared to the others.
  • Money for bonds/stocks because because.
  • Money for other personal expenses. (i.e. Food, Clothes, Experience) Mind you, I usually purchase something within 3 days. Eat out everyday. Go from one place to another via cab and gives tips not lower than 40php because my house is relatively far from civilization, and I feel bad for the cabs who do not get passengers on their way out of our village. Yuuuh.

So, how do I manage again to fit everything with the not so little but not so big salary that I have? I have no idea. But I manage -- sometimes with a little extra on the side for gifts and treats for friends and family...

And that's always good right? :)(image)

I am NOT a fashion blogger

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 04:17:00 +0000

So, it's very rare that you will find anything that has to do with fashion here in my blog. In fact, this will probably my first post about clothes! Hahaha!

Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of online ads about Zalora. Though I am into following trends in fashion, I found myself exploring the website to see the different brands (and clothes) that I might want to buy in the future -- given that I rarely go to malls.

So, found below are the stuff I most certainly would like to have -- if only they were not THAT pricey. The items below may not be as fashion forward as you'd expect from some of those fashion bloggers, but because they're going to complement my fat ass, then me likey! :)

Because pencil skirts are perfect for me -- HAHAHA!
Love love!
I want this!

House M.D. marathon

Sun, 11 Mar 2012 07:38:00 +0000

I've been doing a marathon of House M.D. (Season 1 - 8) and I just can't help but fall in love once again with Hugh Laurie. Look at him, hmmm... intelligent and so cool:


Elbi Fair Year Three

Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:53:00 +0000

Babu and I went to Elbi for their annual FebFair. Though this time we weren't able to go to IRRI nor enjoy a roadtrip to Tagaytay, we still had fun by doing a photowalk of the school Babu adored so much.

The trip was fun! I got to explore the part that's almost near the Mt. Makiling pahingahan, and enjoyed fresh pasteurized and homogenized chocolate milk from the cow's dodo.

DTRI, UPLB's most precious!

See? Talo ang Choc-O and all the other chocolate drinks in the market. For only 82php, you get a one liter of this yummy drink. If you come at the right time, you might get to see cows and carabaos walking with holes in their bodies (because the students do some experimenting/studying of them cows and carabaos hahaha).

On the other hand, the febfair was okay except for the mud, which literally covered my feet. I do enjoy going out of town with babu whether it's near or far.

I can't wait to spend another trip with babu! :)(image)

When my hair is up

Sat, 28 Jan 2012 10:38:00 +0000

That means shit just got real. Hahaha! I usually do this when I want to concentrate -- the bun helps stretch my brain cells, whuuuuttt?!? Hahaha!

Photo credits:


Our new favorite thing to do

Sat, 28 Jan 2012 10:34:00 +0000

Pore strips.(image)

[Short Film] The Long Distance Relationship

Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:49:00 +0000

A friend of mine (Cess Perez) shared over Twitter and Facebook this short film she saw in Chico Garcia's blog. It's a rather moving story by The Grim Film, especially if you're in a relationship and truly deeply and sagad to the bones in love with your partner... It doesn't help that I watched this at 1:30 in the morning, after a fight with Babu.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Not to be emo or something (or even to alarm my dear readers), but I often wonder (and that's on a daily basis, mind you) and think about how people who never really appreciated me in real life or took me for granted will react if I passed away... Will they wallow in sorrow for a short or a long time, or will they just forget me in an instant. For most of the time, and to spare me the over thinking shit, I always tell myself that they'll just forget about me in an instant -- not that I will feel anything anymore in the after life (should there be one)... But I know you get the point.

My current partner is someone I see myself with forever (and that I continuously wish/pray/hope for everyday), and at times when we fight and I fall into this massive pit of sadness / depression, I always wish that I disappear just so I can feel again the pain of not having the person around -- and the pain of seeing the person sad because I'm gone. And when I recall the imagery and the emotions that goes with it, I freak out and just want to be okay with the person. Because I know I can't bear the pain of seeing them in despair (if they will ever be sad when they lose me -- I hope so!). That's why I can't sleep when we're not okay. I go really sad and think and think...

Today, I thank papa God coz I have Babu. And I don't have to leave Babu with CDs to remember me. See between the two of us, though I'm supposed to have the stronger personality, I have the weaker body so there. And I'm hoping that no one in this world, or atleast from my friends / relatives / work / acquaintances experience that one.

I thank the Universe for Babu. For the patience and for the love I am given with unconditionally.

I am quite sabaw right now. But yeah...

Still hurting from the fight, but now trying to heal myself,
(image) (image)

Random: When you don't count, it multiplies.

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 05:45:00 +0000

I was never a lover of money. My personal philosophy about bank notes is that it has to be spent to give value to it. Plus, add to the fact that I've worked my ass off to earn it, so it must be spent.Thank, God, I was never the materialistic one AND I never had to worry so much about having to borrow money from other people despite my humble paying jobs back then. (No offense meant.)See? (And this is me talking -- modesty aside and all.) I wasn't paid generously back in college (when I was doing part time and stuff). Although everyone had this gargantuan idea of me receiving lumps of money, I was paid just right...Through the years, the following reflects my monthly expenses which is kind of a template already for me. Boring stuff.OJT Allowance = Php 3,000 something...> This was spent on a t-shirt or two and two Yellow Cab treats for our meetings in AA.First company #1 = Php 10,000 tax free for 80-100 hrs per month> Spent on materials needed for the AA meetings, and as start up money.> Sicillian treat with friends> Yellow Cab treat again with AA (2x)> Thesis materials (aka apology cake for our adviser, transportation and paper costs)> Bag> Food> Pizza Hut treat with family First company #2 = Php 15,000 - 18,000 taxable> Food, food, food> Polo shirts for my two brothers and my father> Bags for my mother> Lucky Chinese charms/plants for my mother> Cabinet> House expenses (aka share in the Electricity bill)Second company = Php 15,000 tax free + allowances> Food> Clothes> Food> House expenses> Date money> Transportation expenses> Celebrations with CA1, STC friends Third company = Php 13,000 - Php 15,000 taxable> Clothes> Transportation expenses> House expenses> Date money> Food> Food> My cellphone (Nokia E63)> Pagudpud> Palawan> Globe Postpaid bill> Celebrations with CA1, GM, STC friends> Tagaytay> Massage> FacialNow: x 2> I pay the electricity bill, and cable.> I pay for my iTouch> I pay for that effing laptop which should have been paid way way back. (F Standard Chartered)> Food, Food, Food (almost everyday dining in some restaurant bilang matakaw si Babu)> Clothes (bazaar and department store only)> Celebrations with GM friends, and sometimes CA1 friends> Massage> Transportation But, looking back, I kind of still feel amused how I was able to budget what I was getting and still manage to fulfill all of my desires of eating in this restaurant or treating other people out (which is kind of my thing, if you really know me) and paying the bills and buying stuff for the house, my parents/siblings and friends and at times for myself. Mind you, I don't own pa a credit card.I guess, when you don't count what you give away, it comes back to you in some mysterious ways, no? Truly, the Universe conspires me to have what I want if they feel that I desire it with passion...Today's sweldo day, the usual 'it's the 15th day of the month; challenge is for me to expand the salary so I can get the things I want since I want to buy stuff for myself before I go and focus on my Christmas List (which I will be blogging about next). See the 7K I withdrawed above? That's just for the bills. -_-How about you? How do you manage your expenses? Or are you like me who doesn't really count but manages to still fit everything despite and in spite of? :)<3 S[...]

Because I felt pretty last Saturday

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 16:32:00 +0000

After almost 6 months of no vanity photos, I once again took some shots of myself because the long weekend and the occasion (PFW) called for it.

This is such a nonsensical post, but for content purposes, here you go.

And to further my feeding of the ego, if you have time, let me know what's right and wrong about the pictures. HAHAHAHAHA! I kid, of course.

*Photos taken by the iTouch; added some noise though, to hide my eyebags.

(image) (image)

Training begins!

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 12:07:00 +0000

Being in the industry where I now belong has its perks. Apart from meeting people from all walks of life, I get to enjoy special perks from the brands we handle such as joining the adidas King of the Road!

Nah, I'm no runner but why would I pass the opportunity to be fit and fab. Right? Soooo... In preparation for the activity on October 23, I bought myself a pair of running shoes (from the competition. So much for lovin the brand, right? Hahah!) and got some apps from iTunes. ^_^

So wish me goodluck and ere's to hoping I turn this fascination into an actual lifestyle.


Today, I shall start blogging again.

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 05:14:00 +0000

Given that iPod has now an app for Blogger, I say there's not much reason for me to delay posting my everyday shittey. :)

Let's see how religious I'll be about posting updates about my life. Hmm...


Hindi ako masamang tao. Pero hindi rin ako kasingbuti ng iniisip mo.

Thu, 04 Aug 2011 04:45:00 +0000

Hindi ako perpekto. Mayabang ako. Masungit. Mataray. Prangka ako at wala akong pakialam kung minsan nakaka-offend ko ng mga tao sa pagiging prangka ko. Maikli ang pasensya. Naninigaw pag wala ako sa mood. Wala akong respeto sa mga tao pag sa tingin ko di siya dapat irespeto. Papalayasin kita sa harap ko at sa harap ng ibang tao pag ayaw talaga kitang makita. Nananampal at nagpapahiya ako ng tao pag galit nag alit ako. Ang kung siguro kasingsama ng ugali ko dati ang kasalukuyang ako, kaya kitang gantihan nang mas higit pa sa sampung milyong beses pag ako ang unang mong sinaktan. Nakapagpaalis na ako ng tao sa trabaho. Nanumpa na rin ako ng buhay ng may buhay sa sobrang galit noon.Pero lahat ng yan ay reaksyon ko sa mga taong ako ang unang sinasaktan.Pero sa lahat ng 'yan, ako ang unang iiyak. Ako ang unang bibigay. Ako ang unang magso-sorry. Ako ang makokonsensya. Ako ang unang gagawa ng paraan para maayos ang lahat. Ako ang makikipagbati. Ako. Ako. Ako. Dahil sa lahat-lahat ng 'yan, ayaw na ayaw ko na makakasakit ako ng ibang tao. Dahil sa lahat-lahat ng 'yan, reaksyon ko lang sa gagawin mo sa akin bilang tao. Reaksyon sa sakit at disappointment.

Dahil hindi ko naiintindihan kung bakit may mga taong kaya akong saktan. Hindi ako kahit kailan naging madamot. Binibigay ko kung ano ang kaya kong ibigay. Kung kaya ko gagawin ko ang lahat maging masaya lang ang mga tao sa paligid ko. Di mo man sabihin, ipagtatanggol kita kung alam kong may maling nangyayari. Kung pinaniniwalaan kita, hanggang sa dulo, ikaw ang paniniwalaan ko (unless malaman ko kung ano ang totoo). Kung kailangan ako ang mawalan, hahayaan ko. Walang tanung-tanong, ibibigay ko, dahil kuntento na ako na masaya ang mga tao sa paligid ko.

Hindi ko sinasabing unconditional ako magbigay, pero hindi ko hinihingi kahit kailan ang langit at lupang kapalit. Hindi ko sinasabing ibigay pabalik sa akin ang lahat ng ibinibigay ko. Ang akin lang, maging masaya ang mga tao, magiging masaya ako. Wag akong babastusin, okay na ako. Wag akong sasaktan sa kahit anong paraan, pwede na. Igalang lang ako bilang tao na may emosyon, tatahimik na ako.

Kaya hindi ko maiintindihan kahit kailan kung malalaman ko na sinasaktan ako ng mga tao sa paligid ko. At pag dumating man ang araw na yan, ang tanging hiling ko lang ay sana, sana, sana, mangibabaw ang matinong pag-iisip ko kesa sa reaksyo ko sa sakit. Sana lang talaga.

Hindi ako masamang tao. Pero hindi rin ako kasingbuti ng iniisip mo.[...]

Some realizations of the past week(s)

Sun, 05 Jun 2011 07:17:00 +0000

1. I met up with V and her new friend Z at Pier One the other day. As usual, and given that I'm the natural welcoming committee of all of my cliques, I shared with Z the weird stories of how V and I met and what domino effect happened after. Z, was just too amazed at how talkative I was, she was just laughing the whole time. Haha! Anyway, I realized, and thanks to Valine for comfirming, that I was super to the nth level nice back then. My niceness resulted to Valine working for PMI, I got to meet a whole bunch of people I am now friends with and who are willing to always help me out in whatever way they can, and an experience, I would never exchange for anything else.2. I may not be the best account manager in the world, but I'm glad that even if I moved out already of GM, I can say that former bosses, suppliers and Clients became good friends of mine. :)3. I am very uncomfortable seeing other people bored or uncomfortable... it's too natural for me to make other people feel as much as possible welcomed. It bothers me a lot when I see someone not enjoying whatever. T_T Haaaayayay. But because I love my friends more than acquaintances, then yes, reconsider it is. :)4. I may be too nice again, I am being abused... again. Haaay...5. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step to "freedom".6. Learning to ask for forgiveness from yourself is the second step. 7. Asking for forgiveness from other people is the third.8. Sharing your experience with your chosen few is the next step and deciding to move on and be happy is the second to the last step.9. Making sure that you won't go back to the problem is the final and lifelong step one has to take. :)10. I miss YOU. Where have you gone? Be back soon please please please...11. I love Nicole Manlulo so much, and I'm too happy she went out of her house na and met up with us, I was just quiet the whole time she was sharing with us her stories.12. Barbara Romero is such a tita with her advises, I don't even remember why I had a crush on her back in college. HAHAHAHA (no offense, ate barbs! labyooo!)13. My college barkada is love and they may not be the sweetest of the bunch of friends that I have, but if I need them, they're there so yes, I'm sorry about Friday, I was a bit disappointed and sad, but I love them so much, I can't even say I was angry at them.14. The FCK are not as spontaneous as they were back then. We're getting old. But here's to a future beach camping escapade. Soon please? :)15. I don't understand but I'm always willing to work around whatever to keep things as happy and as light as they should be. Because that's what you do when you like whatever... I know you get me. Hahah!16. I was stuck in my 20s, I don't even know how old I am - 24. 24, yes. :)17. I still do not like celebrations, but I appreciate people who remember.18. I just want things back in order.19. I still love walking, esp if I'm with great company. Yes, Nicole Manlulo, nothing beats Dapitan to Commonwealth days!20. I need to go back to Quiapo Church. Thanks for reminding me, F and B.[...]

Day Twelve: A photo of when you were happy

Fri, 03 Jun 2011 15:40:00 +0000

GMCI Days.

I know A LOT OF PEOPLE will contest -- friends, family, probably even my ex-officemates -- but let's admit that even if I cried buckets of tears, literally shouted at almost everyone, and raised points quite a number of times about how much some things needed to be upgraded / adjusted / refined (not to be taken literally of course), I did enjoy my stay here. I loved what I did and I found purpose in what I do (even if most people will say that it's still, at the end of the day, for my brands to sell... I know that. But will you just please allow me to look at things at another perspective? Tinkyaw!).

Plus, the people there made the stay great and wonderful. :)


Day Eleven: A photo of a night you loved

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 15:23:00 +0000

I suppose, given that today is my birthday, I should post a photo that is connected to this special day. But nah. So here is a photo of the nightS I loved. Why?

Graduation. Because it was love, come on!

It was the start of something new. :)

... Because after a great Friday night, Saturday mornings are the bomb! Nothing beats a great Saturday morning. :)


[I know, parang hindi connected sa Day 11 pero kasi ang di naman ako nagpipicture ng gabi so yan na lang hahaha atleast na-connect ko hihi]


Day Nine: A photo of yourself when you were a baby

Tue, 31 May 2011 03:04:00 +0000

In order for me to have extra space for my files, I sadly had to delete scanned photos of myself when I was younger/a baby. So to make up for that, I am posting a NAKAKAHIYANG picture of myself back in highschool. Gosh, I was so fat and chinky-eyed and boyish. T_T Oh well, whatever, I'm so pretty now. Wahahah! Feel ko! :)



Twenty Four

Mon, 30 May 2011 08:26:00 +0000

When I turned 18, I enrolled myself in school, went to the mall, ate pizza and won a weird Scooby Doo. I came home past 12mn, it was already June 03.

When I turned 19, I enrolled myself in school again, locked myself in my room and watched Rent for the nth time.

When I turned 20, I enrolled myself again in school, went to an org meeting and went home past 12mn. The food of the day was McDonalds.

When I turned 21, I went to work at Publicis Manila, ate together with the model unit team, went home around 9pm, while enduring all the pang-aasar if i was still a virgin. Hahah! Went home and spoke to Irvin the whole night.

When I turned 22, I went to work at GMCI, had to stay till around 10/11pm for Miko (Sandbox event preparation). Cried coz for the first time, I wanted to go out and celebrate (just to relax).

When I turned 23, I went to work at GMCI. But day before that I had to go to ABS-CBN and ended up staying there until around 3AM of June 02. Went to work around 9am. Was immersed the whole time with work, ended work around 8/9pm, waited for the heavens to make a miracle, nothing came. Kirei.

Now that I am turning 24, I will go to work, stay until 530PM, and go home to watch cartoons after. :)

I am growing old, and as you can see, I really am not fond of celebrations. It may not be so apparent with what I just shared, but I only love celebrating birthdays if it's the special day of people I care so much about. :)

P.S. Don't worry, I know I'm not a loner. Hahah! I just have either of the following friends:
 - corny friends whose schedules are in conflict with mine.
 - corny friends who have flights scheduled the following day and I cannot make them stay up that late
 - corny friends who had plans waaaay waaay before of going out of the country
 - corny friends who are in "retreat" right now and I completely understand
 - corny friends who will make habol if I ever make plans for my birthday (na I'm too tamad to even plan)
 - corny friends who are on a tight budget (just like me!)
 - corny friends who are now out of the country :(

We're getting old. We prioritize time and money more than friends and relationships. HAHAHAH JOKE! CHOS lang. Kirei if I don't celebrate. I'm just really moody right now and I'm just typing whatever I feel like typing. Hahah!!!

(image) (image)

If I were a material girl...

Mon, 30 May 2011 07:13:00 +0000

here are some things I'd like to get my hands on. :)So even if I could acquire most of these items (since the others are intangible things already...), I still have second thoughts in getting them coz it's not really something I'd die without....well, except if Coldplay, for some reason, decides to suddenly make a detour to the Philippines for a concert. I'd spend every penny I have just to watch them. For the rest of those tangible shittey, I can live without them for now. :)(all photos are from the inarnets, kei?)Atlantis Productions' AIDA from June 24 to July 10 at RCBC PlazaTicket price/s: 1700, 1600, 1100, 800, 700I love theater and I miss every single thing about it. So as much as possible, if I have the opportunity to watch, I do. Unfortunately, due to my unforgiving schedule back then, watching was near impossible. But since I have all the time in the world right now, I want to. Too bad, I don't want to shell out monies for it since I'm saving up. T_T Hate this life. Hrrr.My iPod Touch Gen. 4 needs some serious case coz the matte shit cover doesn't want to do its job and I hate having to worry if I'm getting the surface scratched or something. Belkin, one of the awesome cases in the country though, costs an arm and a leg just for a #^*&@*&@ case. Hate it. T_TColdplay Concert in Manila. Which is NON EXISTENT in their 2011-2012 Tour Sched. If they do decide to have a concert here in Manila, this is probably the only thing I'll shell out monies for. :) But for now, the only thing I can do is wish that they actually come to Manila.July 28. Incubus Concert in Manila. I also want to watch, but nobody wants to go with me coz the tix are  expensive. Haaaaay life. T_TSleep. Hihihi. I am not deprived. But I just want to sleep, somewhere far from everyone else. Wishful thinking.Seinnheiser's adidas earphones. I just want one. :)A figurine of me. Figured I want to see how I will look like as a mini statue. Haha! This costs around 1000++ I think, depends on what kind of costume you'd like to be in. Mine's a super girl!Big bear hug for that wonderful feeling and confirmation that yes, I am loved.Kiss. Sweet peck on the cheeks would do coz I'm a sucker for cute childlike kisses. Hahaha!THE getaway. I just want to relax, listen to the sea and capture that beautiful sunrise / sunset somewhere accessible to Metro Manila since I am not that brave yet to venture in the northern / southern part of the country. Hahaha :)) No buddy to go with me. :(A walk in Intramuros or back in UST to eat footlong rice with gravy is already fun for me. I'm cheap like that. :)[...]

Day Eight: A photo of something you enjoy doing

Mon, 30 May 2011 06:04:00 +0000

August 02, 2010. Manila Bulletin. Being a communicologist.

Figured that even if I'm pretty much enjoying my life as a publicist right now, I still want to be called an advertising specialist, hence the use of the term 'communicologist.' I know it sounds a bit pilit?

Luckily for me, the word is actually the real and professional term for those people who graduated in the arts and sciences of communication arts. Hah! Learned something new? :)

Forgive the photo. I don't know how I can subliminate the profession/industry without having to rummage through the thousands of internet comics about the PR industry, all of which are mostly negative shiznits. :P

Did you see me?


Day Seven: A photo of something you stand for.

Sun, 29 May 2011 15:55:00 +0000

Photo courtesy:
The photo above is actually from a website of someone who's gone through abortion. I won't place the URL as some of you might get an idea from it and do something as stupid as abortion.

But to clear this post, IT IS NOT WHAT I AM STANDING FOR. I'm standing for the people's right and responsibility to choose -- for whatever situation it may be. And since it's so timely, with all the talks about the Philippine's RH Bill and it's "grand debate," with this photo, I'd like to stand up for my choice - PASS THE EFFING RHBill, gais. Srsly.

Day Six: A photo of someone you love

Sat, 28 May 2011 15:55:00 +0000

I love myself. Hah! Yes, I'm conceited like that. Bam! :)


Day Five: A photo that makes you laugh

Fri, 27 May 2011 15:55:00 +0000

2010. Yellow Cab, Tagaytay.

The usual suspects had the sudden urge to go and visit Mr. Karsten Cabalda who was staying in Tagaytay with his family, and wait for it --- his neighbors. They were just uhm, having some bonding sessions with their neighbors. Haha! Coolio! :) But anyway, this photo reminds me of how Ken and the rest of the gang were literally pulling, dragging, carrying, lifting me just so they can bring me to this gigantic grasshopper waiting outside. I had to hold on to the dear table's leg so they won't be able to drag me outside. Haha! :)

Oh gosh, I have so many FAIL photos, but this sure is a winner.