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Preview: Two Little Birds, Two Little Beasts

Two Little Birds, Two Little Beasts

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Clara's Detective Birthday Sleepover!


Can't believe she's 9!  (Click for Detective Party Photos)

Clara's Harry Potter Party


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
Check out the photo album of Clara's 8th birthday at Hogwarts!  No photos of the tea leaf reading at Divinations Class or the Feast, but you'll get a good picture of everything else.  ;)

New Year's Eve Shadow Play


We made Clara and Ellis a shadow puppet theatre for Christmas. On New Year's Eve they treated us to some shadow plays! (embed)

Holiday Fun



Slightly Further Along the Literary Timeline...


Clara's 7th Birthday Party, A Betsy-Tacy Picnic... (embed)

Happy 8th Birthday Eldest Sisters


This is the first year with no cake.  The day was so busy that not a single photo was taken.  Somehow, though, that seemed just right.

We spent the day fully immersed in summer and sisterhood.  There was swimming to be done and ballet camp to be danced.  We enjoyed a shady park and the company of friends. Bikes were ridden.  Frozen yogurt was eaten (and before a late dinner, I may add).  Two very sleepy sisters were put to bed after 9 pm, quite late for them.  Ellis and Clara laughed and hugged and argued and ran and sang just the way sisters do, the way Ellery and Olivia would have done at age 8.  My favorite moment of the day was when riding home on our bikes in the warm summer evening, more than an hour of light left at 8:30 pm.  As we rode, the quiet streets proved too tempting to leave silent and Clara and Ellis raised two voices loudly, joyfully and sang:
Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon
You're out too soon
The sun is still in the sky
Go back to bed and cover up your head
And wait 'till the day goes by.
I couldn't help but wonder what those two other sisters' voices would have sounded like, and to remember the one single cry I ever had the chance to hear from them.  I remember how much it surprised me, as I hadn't thought such very tiny lungs could produce such a loud, powerful infant cry. But it was impossible in this moment not to feel grateful for the two amazing sisters who are here with us, and who would not have been if things had gone differently 8 years ago.  Despite how hard July 2004 was, this July is pretty terrific. We are a lucky family. Thank you, oldest, beloved sisters.  Your little sisters are a wonderful gift, and we hope somehow you are able to sing along with them.

Ellis' 4th Birthday


Ellis is in love with Kate DiCamillo's Mercy Watson books, so her party was all about pigs, Eugenia's glasses, and toast with a great deal of butter on it.  We love you, sweet, funny Ellis.  Life is never dull with you around.  Take a look at the slideshow of photos here.

Clara's 6th Birthday


Clara's 6th Birthday, a set on Flickr.Clara's love for Laura Ingalls Wilder inspired her On the Banks of Johnson Creek party. What a fun time we had with three-legged races, button strings, berry pie and crawdad searching!  Thanks so much to her lovely friends and their parents for a great afternoon.  (Apologies yet again for how my camera only has an eye for small people!)[...]

Preparing for a Little House Birthday...


Preparing for Clara's 6th bday..., a set on Flickr.Getting ready for a Little House birthday is as much fun as the party![...]

Wings of Wonder


Butterfly Garden, a set on Flickr.We've been palling around with the Y family in Eugene lately, and loved our outing to Wings of Wonder in Independence, Oregon. Magical![...]

Swan Lake Camp


CBA Swan Lake Camp, a set on Flickr.Ellis and Clara had ballet camp a few weeks ago, Ellis' first foray into ballet. Clara takes ballet very seriously. Ellis was probably the funniest swan ever. [...]

Ma is in the New York Times!


Amy was interviewed recently for an article on window preservation in the New York Times--it's in today's Home section if you have a NYT subscription, or you can access it here!

Making Stuff


We seldom purchase birthday presents around here. I love that when we get an invitation, the first thing the girls say is, "What will we make?" I am pretty much in love with this sculpey tiger and poem Clara made for one friend, and although it's hard to see in the less-than-stellar photo, we are also really into these beaded bubble wands with some homemade bubble solution to go with them...tutorial here.

And speaking of birthdays...we found this amazing Mason jar invitation to a 6-yr-old friend's Alice in Wonderland birthday on our porch this afternoon. Sorry again for the sloppy photos, but how fantastic is this?!!? We felt supremely lucky to receive such a special invitation. The bar is officially raised! :)

Ellis' Summer Fun


First swim lessons without Mama, painting "a seal swimming toward the beach with shells all around it ," and on her first day of ballet...

Nature Journaling


At the creek near our house...

7 years


Happy Birthday, sweet girls. We miss you!

Our Little Mary


Clara spent the week in her idea of heaven, Little House camp! She made ice cream, learned the Virginia Reel and danced to fiddle music, cooked over a fire with edible wild greens and berries they'd foraged, whittled her own knitting needles and sewed a drawstring knitting bag...she loved it! And mama stayed up late sewing this "Mary dress" and bonnet and did a lot of laundry making sure it was ready each morning! Too bad there was no Little House books trivia contest, because let me tell you she'd trounce just about anyone.

Conversations from our Kitchen


Clara: Was Jesus real?
Mama: Well, yes. He was a real person. But people wrote a lot of things about him, and we don't know which are true. No one knows for sure if he was the Son of God. You just have to decide what you think.
Clara: Well, I know who would know for sure.
M: Who knows the answer to that question?
C: Fairies. And so do you know who else knows for sure?
M: You, because you are a fairy?
C: Yes. And because...I am Jesus' wife!
M: Well, that is a surprise. I had no idea.
C: Yes. And...I also am God's daughter, because God is Jesus' father.
M: Even more surprising.
C: Yes. And, do you know what? I also know who Jesus' mother is.
M: Who?
C: Jesus' mother and God's wife is...Buddha! Really!
M: Wow. That is the most surprising information of all.
C: And...when I grow up I will write a book. It will be called The Story of the Marriage Ring and the Feather Pen. And guess what? Snow White is real. The only way to find her is for a man to find this ring hidden in the ground one million, six thousand, six hundred feet in the ground in the middle of a volcano down in under the ocean. You have to dig that deep and then twenty five more inches. That's how to get the feather pen and the ring to marry Snow White. I just thought you might want to know, but if you forget you can read it all in my book.

Summer at Last


It's taken a long time for summer to arrive in Oregon this year, but the first official day of summer actually acted like you'd expect. Lovely.

Happy Birthday, Ellis!


Ellis' 3rd Birthday, a set on Flickr.Our little dinosaur is three![...]

Clara the Scientist


Trying out's a slide show from Clara's science fair this winter where she explored what dissolves rock salt the fastest. She's been on a little science project kick since then, making up her own experiments and leaving little notes that read "hipothusees" and "proseedyours" all over the house. I found one about making milk cooler and another about how to make sparkles disappear...

The Bluebird


Clara at her ballet camp's mini-performance of The Sleeping Beauty.  I'm thinking I was overly optimistic when I gave an enthusiastic yes to ballet classes with the expectation she'd lose interest in a year or two. I am now fairly certain we have A LOT of ballet recitals in our future!

Who Would Guess...


...that this child was at the Urgent Care clinic two hours before this photo was taken because a high fever?  (Don't worry, grampies, she's fine, probably just a virus. We took her in to check because it was day 4 of fevers and today she got to over 104). Resilient little people, aren't they?

PS note to Tanya, who bought the dress--okay, the dress is fabulous except we do have one complaint.  You have to add a half hour to any activity you have planned to account for all the times you get stopped by people wanting to know where we got it. :)  One woman asked me if we'd just returned from Hong Kong!

Happy 6th Birthday, Sweeties


Bad, Bad Bloggers


Sorry about the long blog break. Mainly we blame our neglect of our iPhoto library, which is too full to add any new photos unless we go back in the archives and delete some things or figure out how to use that external hard drive we bought awhile back. It seems like a long and daunting project to figure out what needs saving. But there have been other exciting distractions, too. Some sunny days outdoors, a trip to Eastern Oregon, a ballet recital, busy work schedule for Ma which also equals constant and kid time for Mama, delayed bedtimes for the youngest child (therefore cutting into evening project and computer time), many birthday and teacher presents to be made (more on that later), some good books to read, a marathon viewing session of the first two seasons of Lark Rise to Candleford, last-minute applications and decision-making about schools for the girls next year and a busy May of job searching/applying/interviewing and job finding for Mama, who goes back to full-time teaching (kindergarten this time) at a lovely dream school in August. Whew! Here are a few highlights:[...]