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Aisha's Movie Reviews

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Young Adult-- an examination of loss


There are some movies that stay with you for some time to come and this movie is one of them. Even now days after having watched it, the story lines, the dialogue stays with me. I know I'm not perhaps in the great majority with my love as my brother and cousin who watched it with me found it below average, but for me, I loved it more than I could have imagined. 

Young Adult follows the life of a late thirties former prom queen current young adult writer who loves to drink and finds out that her exboyfriend in her small town has gone off and gotten married and had a baby. She is determined to win him back. This is not a funny zany love story as some of the trailers promise. This is a story far deeper than that with a subtle twist at the end, that helps tie everything together. What moved me about Young Adult was not the dark comedy storylines because at the end of the day this movie wasn't particularly hilarious, but that this movie was the sincere examination of loss. Loss of beauty, of life, of hopes and dreams. And the power of self-denial. This is a movie I will definitely see again. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

The Other Guys


five out of ten

This is probably meant to be a guy-flick which is why I am only giving it a 50% review. While it had its funny moments to be sure and I did laugh out loud at least once, the jokes got old fast. It wasn't a film as much as it was a series of skits that did not really tie together in a way I genuinely believed. Still- it was funny because Will Ferrell makes it hard for a film to be anything else, at least for pockets of time.



four out of ten

Such potential this movie had! A film about well, motherhood, and how it is a challenging and often thankless job is the sort of movie I want to love to watch. Unfortunately, the acting seemed half-hearted, the editing not done quite enough, and the plot was as dull as dull could be. Worth a watch as long as you hold the remote in hand to keep the pacing going.

Real Women Have Curves


seven out of ten

I've been meaning to watch this movie for a very long time since I am a fan of America Ferrara the heroine in this film. The movie is about a chubby girl who is pressured to lose weight, not go on to college despite great potential and instead work at her sister's 'sweat shop' where she sews dresses too expensive for any of the workers to ever dream of owning. Its a story with heart about body acceptance, and the struggles that are inherent when you are the children of immigrants but one that I did not feel was directed or told as best as it possibly could- still it was good and there is a sequence in the dress shop where America encourages all the women to love herself that is worth watching the entire movie for anyways!

The Town


eight out of ten

There is a town, Charlestown, in Boston where the most bank robbers are from. Its a trade passed down from father to son. This is how we begin this movie about friends who are bank robbers, who have always been so as their forefathers before them. We witness a bank heist where the wild card robber kidnaps a girl takes her around the city and drops her off at the beach. Later when the robbers discover she is from the same area they are from and getting interrogated by the FBI, the wild card wants to off her with Ben Affleck's character determined to find another solution, falling in love with her along the way. This is a good film that keeps you watching, but **minor spoiler alert** the ending sequences kind of fell into oh jeez this is too cheesy territory for me to give it a full ten. Still, worth a watch!

Post Grad


five out of ten

I rented this movie because I'm a sucker for Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girl fame. She does a decent enough job in this movie about life after college in economically difficult times. i.e. its hard to get the jobs you think you'll get when jobs are scarce and your experience is too. It's predictable down to the last second, and while there were some moments of sincerity and laughter- overall it was too predictable and cliche to be anything beyond mediocre, if even.

The Road


eight out of ten

A haunting film based on the novel by the same name about a post-apocalyptic world where a lone man and his son travel south in the hope of finding 'other good people' and simply surviving. It is a well done, well acted movie and perhaps I should give it a perfect ten since there is nothing technically wrong with it in any way- but it truly drove terror into my heart. The way they had to survive- the fear- the anarchy- the ending. . . definitely a good movie but not for the faint of heart, especially when you have children of your own.

Repo Man


one out of ten

What if organs cost money and if you took out a loan to get one implanted but didn't make the payments they came to repo it? What on earth? As if the premise isn't dumb enough- they manage somehow to make it even dumber as it goes along. I do not know what mechanisms are missing in the Hollywood industry that let a movie as horrible as this sneak through. Forrest Whitaker- I expected better from you.

Couples Retreat


two out of ten

A movie about a couple who wants to work on their marriage and decides to bring their friends with them to a couples retreat. The friends go thinking it will be a fun vacay, but little do they know the hijinks to come. The scenery in this movie is absolutely stunning- hence the two stars. On blue ray? It looks fab. The rest of the movie? Predictable. Cliche. No real heart whatsoever.

Death at a Funeral


six out of ten

A man's father dies and everyone is attending the funeral. Lots of crazy hijinks happen. Ha. Ha. It made me  laugh a handful of times so for that it gets a 6/10 but I'm quite sad at the dearth of good movies new to DVD.

I Love You Beth Cooper


one out of ten

Why did I rent this? I dont know. Nothing good out these days and I thought I remembered hearing this was good. I thought wrong. This move is horrible to the nth degree. A romantic comedy about a nerdy highschooler who tells the whole graduating auditorium of his love for Beth Cooper, the most popular girl in school. They go on an adventure together thanks to her jealous boyfriend- and what happens? Jee, I wonder. Pardon me while I go puke.

Hot Tub Time Machine


one out of ten

In an attempt to watch "The Wire" we netflixed it. Instead of "The Wire" we were sent "Hot Tub Time Machine". Easy to confuse the two, really. It's annoying, cliched, and I really wish the Wire had actually arrived. GRR.



I realize that getting to the movies will be an increasingly challenging activity post-baby so I am quite psyched that I managed to steal some time away to catch the latest Leonardo movie, Inception!

This is a movie about dreams. Leo is a dream thief. He breaks into people's dreams and steals information. He is approached to undertake a new assignment: Don't steal, implant an idea in someone's head.

I think I expected way more out of this movie so initially when I walked out of the movie theater I was a little disappointed. I thought it was going to explore the meaning of our dreams, etc. The narrative is mostly expository and I miss the emotional punch to the gut that I got in Shutter Island, but once I realized that I was expecting too much and this is just a typical heist movie with a sci fi twist, and when I look at it like that- its sheer brilliance [though perhaps a teensy bit too long]. I want to watch it again with my lowered expectations and see how I find it then.

Shutter Island


Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I have to say this might be one of my favorite fun movies to watch. It left me thinking for days about perception. The story begins with a police officer sent to a mental institution situated on an island to investigate a missing person. As the cop investigates he learns that not everything is as it seems. I don't know how else to describe this movie without giving too much away. It looks like a scary movie but its not! It's suspenseful and engrossing every step of the way!



seven out of ten

I give this a seven because its not a bad movie. It's just not great. Made by the Mike Judge, director of my favorite movie Office Space I guess I just expected more. The movie follows the main guy who is trying to sell his factory and has a marriage he wishes was more passionate. There is a con artist girl, a guy who she tries suckering in. . . eh. . . it was just kinda dull.

The Lovely Bones


four out of ten

A young girl is raped and murdered and we watch this movie through her narrative as she watches the aftermath of her murder unfold on earth while she sits in some sort of an in between land. This was a disturbing movie and not well told. It seemed to almost make it okay that she was murdered since she was in such a 'happy' place now. Just a weird, weird movie.



eight out of ten

This is a movie about a young girl named Precious, who at 16 already has two children, both fathered by her own father who raped her since she was three years old. She lives with her cruel mother in a tough neighborhood and is merely struggling to survive. This is one heck of a powerful movie and some scenes are strong, not for the faint of heart. In any case its a good insight into a life that at least I have never lived and could not fathom. Movies like this help me better understand other people and for that this movie must be watched.

The Men Who Stare At Goats


six out of ten

This movie is based on a real life operation in the military where psychics were used to try to bend spoons and do other metaphysical things. The movie follows a journalist in Iraq who runs into one such psychic and wanders with him as he goes on a mission. It's sort of funny, but very weird. It held my attention though once we reached the end, I was left unsatisfied.

Up In the Air


six out of ten

Maybe this movie was too hyped up or me but I finished it wanting more than I got. This is a movie starring George Clooney who plays a consultant who travels every weekday helping companies fire their employees. He is training an underling with spunk and having a relationship with a woman with whom he may realize he wants more despite his determination to be single and not have baggage. I guess I thought the movie was going to be heavier on plot. If you like character assessment movies this is one of those. It's 'a day in the life of' and its well acted and makes you think, but its not a plot driven film by any means.

The Invention of Lying


three out of ten

A good concept. A place where no one lies because it has not been invented yet. We follow a loser who learns how to lie and the results are what the movie is about. It sounds interesting but there were so many logic holes I could not properly enjoy it. An example is a 'funny' scene where the hero says he wants to withdraw $800 when he knows he only has $300. Because no one lies, the teller sees he only has $300 but presumes the machine must be broken and gives him $800. Huh? So no one makes mistakes or miscalculates in this world? It's not a lie if you make a mistake. There were other things that just didn't ring as they should have. Gervais did good with the Office, too bad he can't write or act in a funny movie.



four out of ten

It seems lots of people love this movie but I guess its just not my thing. The movie takes place at a time when everyone is a zombie save a few people and they are trying to survive and hopefully find a zombie-free place to live. It's a comedy-horror film and it just wasn't funny save for Bill Murray's cameo which was priceless, but he's Bill Murray- so there's that.



nine out of ten

A beautiful animated film that is more than just a simple children's movie but a touching story of love and loss and living your dream. I found the film absolutely gorgeous in its colors and creativity and I think its one of my favorite animated movies of late!

17 Again


six out of ten

It's a lighthearted movie about a guy who becomes 17 again and could possibly redo the mistakes he thinks he made in his life. Instead he finds a different purpose behind this freak circumstance: helping his kids. It's a comedy and its silly but you should expect that going into it. For what it is, its fine.

Donkey in Lahore


nine out ten

This is a documentary I saw recently and found absolutely fascinating simply because its an unlikely concept: An Australian white goth guy falls in love with a traditional Pakistani girl in Pakistan. He converts. He marries her. Then they spend two years apart trying to get her sponsored. It's a very powerful documentary that is very realistic and shows how difficult a long distance relationship is, and the pressures and regret that the young Pakistani girl now feels to have married this man despite her brother's begging her not to. Overall just very real and very raw. Worth seeing.



two out of ten

Oh boy. I know many people love Twilight and that's cool. I hated the book. I hated the movie. I did think the scenery was beautiful and there was a Pakistani flag in the cafeteria opening sequences which is kind of cool. Other than that, I couldn't stand it. Bella blinks a lot and the actress did a bad job, and the writing, well. . . just not for me.