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My simple and balanced life rule


I'm not a life guru. But i have many thoughts on thing about life. I have jotted down my take on an effective, simple and balanced life. And wow. I have 25 of it:

1. Wake up early, eat breakfast.
2. Wear clean clothes. Brush your teeth. Clean your belly button. Comb your hair. Keep it neat.
3. Smile.
4. Compliment. Tell people what you find nice about them. Be specific.
5. Be in the know. Prepare. Dont panic.
6. Sing your favorite song. Memorize the correct lyrics.
7. Always eat, but dont eat too much.
8. Talk to your problematic friend. They need you to just listen.
9. Laugh with your gay/lesbian friends. They're intelligent and philosophical.
10. Observe. Watch the news. Be alert. Focus.
11. Have a haircut. Know the best cut that suits you.
12. Get crazy drunk 3x/yr. (On ur bestfriend's birthday, town's fiesta day, and on a christmas party.)
13. Relax. watch TV. CARTOONS,  to be exact.
14. Spend money on things you need. If u dont need it, dont even look at it.
15. Drink wine, while eating your favorite cake.
16. Take happy pictures and share the happiness.
17. Talk to your child everyday. Record memories.
18. Know your enemy, and get rid of them, your way.
19. Hug the people you love. Always remember why you love them.
20. Own a puppy. Nurture them like your offspring.
21. Take time to find true love. Fall in love MADLY CRAZY.
22. Cry. Make it short and discreet.
23. LOVE YOUR HUSBAND. Husbands will always make a way to make you happy. (If he doesnt, you can call him something else.)
24. Always make your bed. Sleep on clean sheets.
25. PRAY. ALWAYS. IT WORKS. Trust me.:

Today recap


I love InstaText!

Saturday Recap


We went out for dinner. 

Happy Fiesta 2013!


We had a lot of fun today (Sept. 29) being around my folks. Its the feast of St. Michael the Archangel in my hometown, San Miguel Manila. Aunts and uncles gets to join us.

Project bedroom


I love viewing blogs about interiors. I get so fascinated with anything nice. But I noticed i dont have the exact picture of my dream house. So I keep on viewing. I was able to create a picture of what my dream bedroom would be. Atleast, that's a good start.

(Pictures from HouseOfTurquoise)

I super love those headboards.

I will keep on viewing. Soon I will create the living room of my dreams. 


Mommy Breakfast


Ive been engaged with sweet breakfast lately. Check these out:

Audrina and the Remote Controls


These are just 5 photos among hundreds: 


Best hospital in the city


After Audrina got hospitalized, i have become a worried mom that I want to bring her back to the hospital up until i dont see her nose gets stuffed. I'm a new mom and I only rely on Google with my baby woes and when ugly things happen to my daughter's health I always want to bring her to the doctor, AGAD AGAD.

I scouted for affordable hospital pedia room accomodations. I called St. Lukes Global, Makati Med, Medical City, and again, St. Lukes QC. Funny, her pedia has clinic in all 4 hospitals.

Nakakagulat! St. Lukes QC was the cheapest.

St. Lukes QC have always been our favorite. That is where my doctors resides as well as my husband's. They are very well equipped and advanced.

These is what amazed me:

Their children's bed are specially made for babies. I think it was made of light steel ( if there's any).

Luckily, Audrina's doctor did not advised her to be confined again. And, as we speak, my daughter is in pink of health. Praise God!

My maniacal obsession with gold watches


Casio db360
Michael Kors 8077
Giordano Oversized
Casio Square
Victoria Secret(image)

Weekly recap


Weekly happening:Lakwatsa with my GrandmaAudrina visited her doctorShell + SMACAUDRINA OOTDAUDRINA and Oreo biscuitBeggar selfieAudrina and her nebulizer[...]

Audrina got hospitalized


Audrina got hospitalized due to viral pneumonia @ St. Luke's.For 5 days, she has become the nurses and doctor's sweetheart.Nebulizer, antibiotic, probiotic, paracetamol, and lots of rest were the doctor's prescription. Checkout what happened:[...]

I resigned


July 24th was my last day with Shell. Im so excited to be a fulltime mom! ❤️

Audrina's Wishlist


Dear Friends, Since I conceived, we never had any celebration held for my first born daughter Audrina. No baby shower, no welcome party, no thanksgiving party. That's why my husband James and I wanted to give her a very special celebration in time for her christening. And we wanted to share this special day with you.On November 25, 2012, 9am will be AUDRINA MARDI's Christening Day. Baptism will be held at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church - New Manila. Reception party will follow at Fr. Mark Horan Hall.Kindly Send me SMS/message to confirm your attendance @09179308333 / @bingsantz (twitter)/ or on my Facebook email. I will be sending out a special invitation w/ direction to the venue for those who will confirm.Since we just moved into a much smaller place and not much space to store material gifts, monetary gifts will be much appreciated. Nevertheless, if you still prefer to give material gifts, here are the things that AUDRINA would need at her age:BABY SLING CLOTHCurrently being sold at SM Baby Company Section    AVENT FEEDING BOTTLES FOR 6MOS. ONWARDS     AVENT TRAINING BOTTLE    ANY AVEENO BABY PRODUCTS -AVEENO BABY ECZEMA THERAPY SOOTHING BABY BATH TREATMENT -AVEENO BABY CALMING COMFORT BATH -Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion -Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo -AVEENO BABY SOOTHING RELIEF MOISTURE CREAM -Aveeno Baby Infant Toddler Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream Lotion Currently being sold at Greenhills and Cash n' Carry Perfume Stores-     Bien-etre CologneCurrently being sold at Greenhills and Cash n' Carry Perfume Stores    BUMBO SEAT   or the Local version "Baby Dock Seat" being sold at a cheaper price at      HIGHCHAIR Currently being sold at SM Baby Company Section TODDLER ROCKER CHAIRCurrently being sold at SM Baby Company SectionBABY CAR SEATCurrently being sold at SM Baby Company Section EDUCATIONAL BOOKSCurrently being sold at any National Bookstore branches BABY BATHTUB FOR 1YR-OLD ONWARDSCurrently being sold at SM Baby Company Section LONG OR SHORT SLEEVED ROMPERS/ONESIESBABY PAJAMASCurrently being sold in EBAY and some online baby shops.   PLAY GYM Currently being sold at SM Baby Company Section or any baby toy store  or simply a BABY CAR SEAT COVER.Currently being sold at SM Baby Company Section and Landmark Infant section      Believe it or not, Audrina doesn't have any of these (except for the onesies, ofcourse). So I made this list for you to have an idea on the best gift that Audrina could received if not monetary. She will SURELY use it.See you around friends!     LOVE LOTS ♥, Bing[...]

Nursery Room For Audrina


Since I'm a VERY excited Mother, I decided to create a room for my daughter. We got 2 spare rooms at home and so we made one for Audrina.We colored it lime yellow. I wanted to move away from PINK, LAVANDER, or PEACH since I know that would be the color of most of her things.We bought a large crib w/ a durable mattress that she can use until she turns 3yr-old.We posted cardbord letters that we got from INVITATION HOUSE in Greenbelt.We also bought a complete Hello Kitty bedding set. That includes nursing pillow, 2 side pillow, head pillow, fitted bed cover, and a comforter.She enjoyed the nursing pillow on a different level.We also make space for the nursing bed, which was used as a changing bed as well.We also bought a bathing tub with a soft foam. It was teamed up with other yellow bathing paraphernalias.I was able to use my Hello Kitty doll collection when I was in High School.Since then I got so addicted with infant onesies.All of my eBay purchases now are for my llittle one.Musical toys works well for my Audrina.We bought a customized small crib for the master's bedroom so she will have her own space there at night.I know there's a lot more things that she needs. but we are taking one step at a time since money is something that we need to earn. Ciao![...]



Whew!Its been centuries since I last posted on this blog.Oh well, after that centuries however, I finally get to concieved!We waited for so long and here she is!At July 5th 2012 2:30am, on my 39th week, C-section delivery, I get to meet this little angel. At July4th, 12:30am, I was already in labor.I had fever and I was shivering that's why my dr. and my husband decided that I should have a c-section. After 2 hours, here she was at 8.14lbs:We named her AUDRINA MARDI. Audrina is a fine name and MARDI is a french word for Tuesday, since she was so active during tuesdays when she was still inside me.Our hearts just couldn't contain our happiness that God has given us such a beautiful child. I was in a bliss every second that I spend with her. I was crying when the doctor showed me the newly born Audrina.  Her father and I took care of her even if we have a baby care giver. We took the hardship of waking up at wee hours in the morning to feed her.We took our time to study and take note of the routines that she needs and take pride in taking so much pictures of her.It was so much fun!    Today, we are simply preparing for her upcoming Christening day. We are so excited! See you! ♥[...]

How was my wedding?


After two years, it is just now that I will write about my wedding which happened 2 years ago. My tita Ellen, who is like my childhood bestfriend, will be having her church wedding on October 8, 2011. That's one of the reason why I thought of posting infos about my wedding.Sorry for the blurred Picture. This is my engagement ring.Gown by Mitchi Calica-Sottowedding videos and photos were taken by the team of Rommel GuerraThe prettiest photographer in town, Kitty Bunag. She's camera shy. She did our after party photos. Gloria Sy did my make upFrida made my hair.The team of Lyn Magbanua were my Wedding coordinators.Oasis Venue was the place to be right after the wedding  Fraser Place penthouse is where the partey happened! The wedding day itself was great! Well, aside from the heavy rains in the morning, the rest of the day went well. We were there 30mins. earlier than the specified time. The entourage were very prompt. Received a lot of material gifts. Our Bridal Registry was at SM HomeWorld.From Left: Mr. Francisco Sebastian of Metrobank, Daddy Rommel (James' Dad) and Mr. Jimmy Tiongco of the 168 Mall.Wedding CeremonyFinally done with the to the receptionThe food was GREAT!! it was the most expensive dinner I had! Food was cooked by CVJWe tasted wine. By the way, before I forget, My little Chubby Waldo wore his custom made Tuxedo! So Cute! ♥A lot of things entered my mind on that day. I was excited for my silver wedding shoes. I felt enormously happy that I'll get to see all my friends and relatives all dressed up. And ofcourse, I was excited to move to our new home.Our Home in Pasig (Living - Dec 2009)The after party was fun fun fun! It was held in the Fraser Hotel penthouse that night. Everyone was invited! But of course only the bagets came.My Shell friends! (oh I miss them!)My Crazy Siblings and CousinsMy College friends (the girls), who I get to see almost every weekend. The guys were James' college friends from San Beda.The Newly WedThe drinks! (by Mr Joey Uy)Fat and broke, we still had our Boracay Honeymoon after!We had the best time of our lives! After 2 years, were still here, standing against all odds that life may bring. We will always be happy that we found each other. No regrets. ♥(photo taken by Neth Ngo - Kyss / June 2011) still waiting for our first baby...[...]

Who needs Lomo?


Over the weekend, we did a lot of pig out session. Well, thats just me and my husband, James. During he weekend, we retire our afternoon on his friend's milktea house in QC. The lighting there is very good for a picture fest that we did. We are both crazy about the iPhone App called Instagram! But who needs lomo and instagram this time?


Essentials for a day


What do you need to get through the day?

Here are the stuffs that I can't live without.

What's yours?

Let's go Leopard!


Leopard is my favorite print. But I don't plan to cover myself with this print. I can wear this as my top, shoes, and bracelet. I can do it one stuff at a time.  As I am doing my shoe shopping, I decided to shop for a good shoe boxes. good thing my friend Neth knows someone who sells a good but cheap boxes. Upon arranging my shoes, I realized I have a few pairs in Leopard.

My Complete Collection

The latest addition to the group is So Fab! Samaria, a peeptoe wedge that almost gave me a heart attach when I first saw it.

 Ofcourse, you've all seen this. My favorite oxford from F21.

 The oldest of them all, Happy Feet. I got this on sale. Its buy1 get 1. the other one is a dalmatian print.
My most used pair, peeptoe booties from F21.

That's all I have. What's your favorite? Tell me!

Shoe Shopping


It's the time of the year when I indulge in maniacal shoe shopping spree. Take note: I use my own money. No sponsors (A.K.A. Husband) or whatsoever. So I went to my new favorite fashion blogger, Lloyda Lim's blog to seek help. Lloyda is very versatile when it comes to her choice of footwear. She is never boring. You'll just never know what you'll gonna get next. She post all her "what-I-wear"pictures and generous enough to provide links and infos on where to get all the wardrobe. That is what makes her blog a bliss to shoe crazy like me.My being fond of shoes are just minimal crazy. Its not yet Imeldific. Im not planning to do that yet. I still have other plans. But I have that in mind. LOL!Going back to my plans, July is the start of the this year's "bonus-months" in my work. Ahhh... the bliss of being an employee. I'm an employee junkie of a internationally huge Oil company. This company rules the oil prices. Don't blame it on me. Please.I started my online shopping in AsianVogue. Oh gawd... If money is not an object, I will buy all 20 pairs that I have in mind. Since I have to stop myself from being bankrupt, I choose to buy just 6 pairs.What's your choice? Tell me![...]

Nixon, so help me gaaad!


Gosh! I am saying this with excitement: Nixon 42-20 Chrono watch! How can I buy this? I need donations please. LOL!

My Maniacal Obsession with Fragrances


Just inline with my new segment "maniacal obsession", here is another stuff that I love indulging into: Fragrances. 

Since I started earning my own money, I love collecting a lot of perfumes and colognes. Although, I still believe that it is better to use atleast 2 perfumes/ fragrances at a time. This is just me being compulsive. I know there are other people who collects more than what I have, thank God I'm happy with what I have already. As of today, below are the photos of my exorbitant array of fragrances. My bad. Which one is your favorite?

My favorite of them all: Léau Par Kenzo. I use this everyday.

If I can't make a good decision on what fragrance to wear, this is my bestfriend: GAP Heaven. This is a gift from a friend.

My party perfume: Stella McCartney - In Two Peony

When Im tired of using everything else, I use   Lacoste Inspiration

This is my substitute for Kenzo-- Ralph Lauren Cool

My Maniacal Obsession with Brogues


Brogues is my favorite shoes next to Ballerinas. I love wearing them since they are all very comfortable and chic. This is one thing that you should know about me. Imma brogues maniac. Back in 2008, my eyes saw the first brogues i know. Since then, my fetish started to grow. Tell me what's your favorite? Check them out:This is currently my complete collection. I just don't know if this will grow tomorrow:    I like it colorful, printed, sophisticated, and most of all, comfortable.  I bought this one in silver from a thrift shop somewhere in Pasig for Php 35!! But of course I had it fixed a bit.   These 2 are my favorites. I bought it from my Forever21.    I love animal prints! I was hysterical when I saw this in Forever21. this is the remaining stock and luckily it was in my size! Tonic is basically one of the pioneer in making brogues here in the Philippines. The blue and pink are my first pair! I was able to purchased a total of 4 pairs succedingly. I hope to add more to this collection without robbing a bank. LOL! I hope you loved it. Ciao! ♥♥[...]

Oh no! Brogues again!


Prada Brogues. Yeah, Brogues again.
I just can't get enough of this kind of footwear.
If you noticed, I have a maniacal collection of this shoes. Now, here we go again. The more I stop thinking about it, the more it is offering itself to me. This Prada version is nice:

Silver shoes photos are courtesy of The BagHagDiaries

I ♥ Susie's Style


So, I finally found the best picture of my style. Susie is the author of the blog called StyleBubble. I so love her style. No fuss, No Complications. Just drop dead fashion forward. check her out:If I lose tons of weight, I will dress up like her. Heeeeh! ☻[...]