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Preview: Kimberly Adams Photography

Kimberly Adams Photography

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Moving On


Things have changed in my life over the past couple of months. Photography is no longer a top priority for me. I hope that one day it will make its way back up there on my list of things to accomplish, but right now I have other things to look forward to.

For this reason I decided to move on and start a new blog. Before I go, though, I wanted to thank everyone who has been there with me from the beginning. You guys are awesome. I especially want to thank everyone for supporting me over the past three years as we have struggled to start our family. I'm very lucky to have had such a strong support group here and at home.

I think you guys will really be excited about my new adventure. So, come check me out at:
Made by Love and Science

Just Fly


Hubby has always talked about getting his pilot license. So, for his 30th birthday I decided to give into my fears and buy him discovery flight lessons. Of course, I had to buy myself a passenger ticket as well. We can't let the husband have all the fun.The airplane is a 1980 Piper Warrior. The company is Just Fly and is based out of Hooks Airport. I highly recommend them for discovery flights and have heard good things about their pilot license program. Our instructor was great and we would definitely go back.A bonus, because our house is in the flight path for the airport we were able to get some nice aerial photos.    [...]

Venus Transit


Did you get to see the transit of Venus across the sun last week? If not you'll have to wait until 2117 to see it again. This shouldn't be a problem if you invent time travel or figure out how to download your consciousness into another body. If you figure out the time travel bit can you take me with you?

from my phone:

Country Living


First, Thank You! I love my friends and family so much. I feel so grateful to have you all in my life. Infertility is tough, but having all of you makes it easier on my heart. We are starting what we hope is the last phase of this journey, our last option. Please keep us in your prayers over the next month.

Here are the girls, doing what they do best. Houston Trail Ride 2012. (image) (image) (image) (image)

NIAW: 5 things you can say to an infertile


National Infertility Awareness Week is coming to an end. This year's theme is "Don't Ignore.."Don't ignore people with infertility.There have been plenty of blog posts in the infertility community that talk about what not to say to an infertile:Infertility Etiquette Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Fertility-Challenged Wife/Partner10 things not to say to your infertile friendInfertility: 16 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman Who Is Childless But Not By Choice  While this is all very good advice, I fear it leaves friends and family of an infertile afraid to say anything at all. I think it is more helpful to give people a list of things they can do/say. So, here are some things I find helpful.1) "I'm sorry, it must be really frustrating and heartbreaking for you." Simple, yet effective. This acknowledges your friend's pain and is sometimes the only thing that can be said.2) "Tell me about what you have been going through." Sometimes we just want to vent and get things out. This opens the door for us to talk about our pain. Be prepared to listen.3) "Tell me about the treatments you have been doing." I find talking about the process of my treatments a great way to help me release some anxiety I may be having about them. So, when a friend says they are starting the IVF journey ask them to explain it to you.  4) "After your next appointment let's go have lunch/dinner." Everyone always tells us to "just relax", but it is really hard to do that when you have appointments every day and needles being stabbed into your arms and belly.  Instead of the classic, "Just relax", help your friend get her mind off of things by spending time with her.5) "I'm thinking of you/praying for you." Some women hate this, although I'm not sure why. For me it is just another way for my friends and family to acknowledge what I'm dealing with. The first time a friend said they were praying for me it made me cry. I pray for my friends when they are going through hard times, so I appreciate it when they do the same for me.6) Get her a cute puppy. Just kidding. Although, that scruffy face dog below does put a smile on my face every day.I am lucky to have a great support group. This includes friends with children who aren't afraid to invite me over to hang out with them and their kids. Just because I can't have kids of my own some people assume that means I don't want to be around them. This is actually very far from the truth. I want to have kids because I think they are great, I love them. Which means I would love to hang out with you and your kids. Don't be afraid to ask your infertile friend to hang out. If they are like me they will gladly come play with your kids. If playing with kids makes them sad, then they will say no. Either way, just ask.So, don't be afraid to talk to your infertile friend. Don't ignore her. Listen to her. Be there for her.Is there something I missed? What did your friends say to you that made you love them even more? HTC Rezound: Android: Instagram[...]

Last Wish


One more hope for us. I hope it works.
Last Wish, originally uploaded by Kimberly Adams Photography.
Taken with HTC Rezound, Android, Instagram

Old Man


The hubby turned 30! I'm allowed to call him an old man since I'm six months older. Although, if he called me an old woman he would need to bring a blanket and pillow with him to the back seat of that beautiful car he bought himself.

For the big third floor assent I threw him a surprise party when his parents where in town. It was a blast, the party not the planning. Never try to plan a surprise party at the home of a male while his father is in town. I could not get those two to leave the house, and then they came home almost 2 hours late. His father was in on it too. Note to self, do not employ the father-in-law to help with a surprise party.

In the end, it was fun, surprise was had, swimming was attempted, cake was eaten, all was well.

Isn't he handsome (black socks with sneakers and all)

When Things Don’t Work Out


I lie on my bed, arm over my face so I can’t watch what is about to happen. The man I love grabs a sizable chunk of my stomach fat and jabs a needle into it. I expect pain, but I feel nothing.

This isn’t the first time he has done this to me. It is the seventh, and thankfully the last, day of pin pricks to my abdomen. The third hormone I’ve had pumped into my body, with one goal in mind. All of this leads up to the next two days where the doctors hope to give us a better chance.  A chance that most of the population starts with.  After 30 months our chances are not what they used to be.

Then comes the waiting. Hopes that this could be it infiltrate my every thought, my dreams, my life. I worry about what I eat, what I do, and the fact that I’m worrying. Too much anxiety will work against me, so I listen to soothing music, meditate, and try to relax.

I can sense it didn’t work before I even know for sure. Confirmation follows with one pink line. The rest of the day is a waste. Still, I read other women’s stories, and start to think there still may be hope. Two days later another pink line, only one, followed by blood that holds no hope. Everyone says they are sorry. I don’t say a word. If I do I won’t be able to stop crying. I would say “thank you” if I could, because it feels like the right thing to say.

Today is better. We have a plan for moving forward. The same plan as before, but we will give it another shot. After that we move onto our last hope, everyone’s last hope. 

Little Dog



Isn't she the cutest thing ever? I really think so.

I love discovering new photography apps for my phone. I recently traded in my old Droid for a brand new shiny HTC Rezound. The picture quality of this phone is 100 times better than the Droid and I am loving it. With a new phone comes more space to download more apps. I will admit that I love the apps. Which makes appSmitten* a perfect website for me. appSmitten will email me new apps everyday, once a week, or I can just browse their featured apps on their website. It is a great place to discover new apps for photography, music, games, and much more. The great thing is that it isn't just for android, there are apps for the iphone and ipad as well, and it's FREE. I love free.

To be completely honest I do have one complaint about the site. I do wish the newsletters could be personalized to my preferences. I would prefer to see only apps I am interested in.  Although, I am looking forward to being surprised by apps I would have never considered, or found, without the help of appSmitten.  I am really loving some of the apps I have discovered. If you would like to give it a try head on over here.

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. For every person that signs up for the daily or weekly newsletter I will receive $1.

I Blame it on the Hormones*


The tiniest dog I have ever seen is sleeping at my feet right now. She has been here for 5 days now.

She is supposed to be temporary. Our foster dog until she finds a permanent home. Unless, of course, she already found it.

I have never wanted a tiny dog. Dogs that fit in your purse never made sense to me. They can't be considered real dogs, can they? I assumed they were all little yappy nuisances. Well, I think I have fallen in love with a tiny dog.

I had been looking for a dog online on and off for a while now. A scruffy faced dog, like the one I grew up with, was a must have on the list of qualifications for a new dog. I found the perfect fit, her name was Rayne, but the timing was all wrong. When the timing worked out she was gone.

Then this tiny little Shih Tzu fell into our laps. She was found at a park by some friends and had been there for at least 2 or 3 weeks. She was abandoned and left alone to sleep in a bathroom. No one else could take her home, and none of us wanted her sent to the shelter. So, she came home with us. Temporarily, or forever.

We call her Stella.

* And a little bit on Burghbaby and her cute puppy pictures

On the Trail


I have about 3 more days of India pictures to go through. I have been putting it off because I think I took more pictures the last 3 days than I did the rest of the trip combined. Stay tuned!

Until then, look at these beautiful horses. They head off tomorrow to pull a wagon about 75 miles from the north, through town, and then into Houston. This week long event is a tradition around here that I hope to be involved in some day. For now I will just take pictures for them.

Floating on the River (India: Day 6)


After our crazy and busy time in Mumbai, we reached my favorite part of the trip, a houseboat tour of the backwaters of Kerala. There is no better way to relax then putting your feet up on the side of a houseboat while you tour the canals crisscrossing the rice fields in southern India. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to India.Details:We took an early flight from Mumbai to KochiFrom Kochi we drove about 3 hours to the southern part of the Vembanadu LakeOnce the boat launched we enjoyed an enormous lunch of Keralian foodWe stopped to buy beer and wine along the wayWe reached the lake filled with other houseboatsCrab was bought at a lakeside marketWe stopped along the river to view a Hindu temple, meet the locals, enjoy the sunset, and buy some hennaDinner was had back on the boat where we ate the crabs we picked out earlierAround 10pm we were sent to bed by our drivers, no talking after hours[...]

India: Days 3-5


MumbaiWe started the night on a raised walkway. The busy slums below us echoed with the usual nightly noises. Cars honk their horns to announce their presence. Pans clash as food is being made for the next day’s street patrons. People are talking loudly as they negotiate everything. A lady stands at the corner, singing a beautiful song, a basket in her hands to collect money.We run, first class tickets in hand, to the train that will take us to the New Years Eve festivities. Red bars on the train car mark its first class status. Men hang out the doors of the other cars, crammed in as tightly as they can get. A few women sit in the woman's only car. No one is inside the car with the red bars.We are late. Fireworks start at midnight and we only have fifteen minutes to get there. The train stops, Churchgate Station. Everyone piles off and makes a dash to the main event. We follow the crowd. Everyone is headed to the same place. “Five minutes!” someone yells. There is no way we are going to make it. The crowd turns down a street with a church lit up with lights of red and green. We are all going to the same place.Another turn. We dash across busy traffic, oncoming cars honking as we rush out of the way. The countdown begins. “Three, two, one, Happy New Year!” Fireworks sound in the distance. We wish the nightly guard sitting on his step a Happy New Year. He smiles and waves in return.We are late, but that’s ok. We made fast friends along the way. An arch, lit up to light the way, appears in front of us, the Gateway of India. We made it! The crowd has quickly turned into a mob and there is no where to go. A hand reaches into a pocket, hoping for money, but finding only receipts. We huddle close as we move forward through the mob. Stopped by police blocking the entrance, an angry mob forms behind us. The police see that there are women in our group and usher us to stand behind them. We are the only women to be seen. A cheer of boo’s echo behind us as the crowd pushes forward.Standing behind the police we realize we are trapped between the mob and a metal barrier. If that crowd surges forward, where do we go? Flashes of light are shining all around us, but they are not taking pictures of the fireworks, they are taking pictures of us. The only white in a sea of brown, we tend to stand out, especially the three red heads.The crowd pushes forward and starts to break free of the police. In our heads we are each planning our escape route. At the last second the swarm of people turns, seeing a break in the barrier we had missed. We leave in the other direction, fireworks intermittent in the sky, people still everywhere.Around the corner and up the crowded street we find a small bar. Cramped with people we find a table hidden in the loft. Our first drinks of the New Year are had amidst songs of cheer. A perfect ending to an unforgettable New Year. Mumbai MemoriesNew Year celebration at the Gateway of IndiaRiding the most heavily traveled railway in the world (3,500 people die on it every year)Ferry ride to Elephanta CavesEating dinner at the Taj hotelTrying to get into Bollywood with no luck in the bribing departmentSpending the day in a mall (which is exactly like the malls we have in the US)Eating McDonalds and KFC, our first taste of the US in daysSeeing Don 2 in a swanky theater, and later realizing that Shah Rukh Khan is everywhere[...]

India: Day 2


Editing these photos I have come to realize that I need to hand my camera off to other people more often. There are very few pictures of myself in any of these. I swear I actually did go to India.Our drive from Agra to Jaipur started with some very heavy fog. Oh my god we are all going to die fog. I'm thankful our drivers figured out where the road was and somehow figured out which way they were going. I'm also grateful we didn't hit any of the crazy people walking in the road.Highlights of the day:- Riding jeeps to the Amber Fort- Riding camels, mine was called Johnny- Jal Mahal (Water Palace): We didn't go inside but it was beautiful to look at- Watching the locals make rugs by hand and hand stamp table clothes using wooden blocks[...]

India: Day 1


I don't think there is a better way to spend your first day in India than at the Taj Mahal. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. Built as a symbol of love it is hard not to fall in love with it.Some first impressions of India:- There are a lot of people. You can see in the pictures the insane amount of people visiting the Taj Mahal. A line wrapped around the entire building just to get inside. Having payed over 10 times the price for our "foreigner tickets" than the natives (not by choice), we did have the luxury of skipping the lines.- There is no such thing as personal space. While in the Taj Mahal the husband and I were pushed into a crowd of people by a lady using her giant breasts as people movers. There was really no where to go since the exit was being blocked by security, but this lady thought she could use her "assets" to skip the crowd and make her own escape. It didn't work. - I would die the first day if I attempted to drive myself anywhere. Everyone got car sick on our drive from Delhi to Agra. Lines on the road mean absolutely nothing. Drivers laugh in the face of speed limit signs. Bicycles, pedestrians, tractors, rickshaws, cars and semi-trucks all share the road. The best thing to do as a passenger is close your eyes and don't look at the truck that is about to hit your car head on.- It seemed like most Indians have never seen a fair skinned person before. They all wanted their pictures taken with us. They were especially enamored with Sally's red hair.More pictures to come![...]

The View


Internet is sparse, but we are alive and well


Leaving on a jet plane


And we are off to India. I will try to post camera phone pictures whenever we have WiFi. I didn't bring my laptop and it feels so good, but it also means short posts and phone pics.


A not so relaxing time of year


As most of you are probably experiencing, this time of year is not very relaxing. I have so many things to do that I simply ignore them all and pretend they don't exist. Because somehow they will magically accomplish themselves, right?

For now, let's just reminisce about those lazy summer days, shall we. (Summer in Texas is October, so these pictures aren't too old)

The Girls are Back in Town!


After 2 weeks without horses, the girls are finally coming home today. I will show you in pictures why they were gone for so long, but I can tell you they were putting their amazing Percheron muscles to work.

Escape Artist


Little Miss trouble maker.The day the horses came to live with us is the day Little Miss decided to explore the property a little. In my excitement to see the horses I didn't make sure the side door was shut all the way. This wouldn't be a problem if the only animals we have were Leia and Midnight. Leia would simply follow me around and eat horse food, and Midnight would sprawl out on the porch to soak up some sun. Little Miss, on the other hand, is not one to sit still and ponder life, she is more of the get out there and do things type of person, err cat.An open door to the outside world with no humans to supervise her was just the opportunity she needed to explore her unexplored world. Which, for her, means the empty wooded lot next to our house.After thoroughly welcoming the horses I came back to an open door and a missing cat. I checked her usual wandering locations to find absolutely no sign of her. This is when I started to freak out. Little Miss might be an adventurous cat, but she is an adventurous cat with no front claws and no idea what a poisonous snake is. To her a snake would be something fun to play with, something that looks similar to the strings I let her chase around the house.After walking around the empty lot with a bag of tuna fish and no sign of a missing cat I knew it was time I went into the unexplored woods. The woods down in the south are not the same as the woods up north for a couple of reasons. One, the undergrowth is much more dense and prickly. Two, there are poisonous snakes. Three, there are poisonous spiders. Four, THERE ARE POISONOUS THINGS IN THERE THAT ARE WATCHING ME AND WANT TO EAT ME!!!I may have been a little scared to go into the woods. For a girl who grew up in the woods of northeast Ohio, this is kind of hard to admit. Once I made it over the fence and through the densest ivy/weeds/may-be-poisonous-creatures-looking-at-me I started calling for the little run away. After a couple minutes of wandering around calling for the escape artist (and possibly freaking out the neighbors) I heard the most pitiful cry I have ever heard. Someone was lost, and didn't know how to get back home. I followed the cry, she followed her name, and we met beneath a scary looking fallen try that was sure to house a poisonous snake.That cat was so happy to be found and so scared of something in those woods. She would not let me put her down until we were safely in the house. And she has not left that house since, although not because she didn't want to. I am not about to go searching for her in those woods anytime soon. She can stay inside for a little while longer.[...]



One of the features that was on my house "must have" list was room for horses. This was actually a fairly easy thing to find since horses are a big deal in Texas. It seems like every lot that has room for horses has horses. They are everywhere. So, all of the houses we looked at with acreage had a pasture with a barn. Yes!! Of course we ended up buying one of those houses, and were left with a pasture, no horses and grass that needed to be mowed.

I figured it would be a few years until I would find a horse I wanted to adopt, and possibly a few more years until the husband actually let me. The husband, I fear, is possibly a little afraid of horses. Something about them being big, with big feat, and uncontrollable.

We entertained the idea of renting out our back pasture. The conversation usually arose when it was time for the husband to mow the grass back there, and usually just in passing. We have absolutely no idea how to go about renting out land. It's not like we could just put up a sign on the fence that says, "For Rent". No one would see it but our neighbors.

Which brings me to our neighbors. I was sitting outside one morning eating some breakfast when our neighbors rode their bikes by the house. I waved, they waved back. Then they turned around and came up to the fence. I thought, cool, they must want to meet me. Which they did, but they also wanted to know if they could rent our pasture. Yes! No sign needed.

It turns out their horses ate all of the grass in their pasture. Due to the drought the grass isn't growing back. The husband hasn't mowed our pasture for a couple of months, so there is plenty of grass at our house. Which means, free horses for me!

Meet Sunny and Star, both black Percherons. I have to say, they look amazing in the pasture. I may have to kidnap them. Although, it would be really hard to hide them. I wonder if they will fit in my bedroom?



It's Not All Doom and Gloom


When I am feeling on the low side each month, usually around that time when I find out again that I am not pregnant, again, I try to remind myself about the positives. Other people like to remind me of the things I should enjoy while I don’t have children (mainly sleep). So I am taking their lead and writing my own list.

1) I get to sleep in. While mothers all over the world complain about their 5am wake up calls I am still sleeping. In fact, I am taking advantage of this and sleeping in until 11am. I love sleep! Don’t hate me because I am well rested (insert evil laugh here).

2) I stay up late because I want to. While we are on the subject of 5am wake up calls, sometimes that is when I go to bed. Trust me, this is a very rare occurrence because, as we just discovered, I love sleeping, but I can do it if I want to.

3) I get to eat any of the food in my house by myself. With a picky husband who only eats pop tarts, chicken patties and Raman noodles (all things I do not eat) everything in my pantry and refrigerator is mine. I don’t have to share it with anyone.

4) I don’t have to eat half eaten, slobbery scraps left behind by the masters, I mean kids. (see #3)

5) My house is fairly clean, or as clean as I need it to be, without a toy in site.

6) I can stay late at a friend’s house without worrying about getting home to pay the babysitter.

7) I can decide last minute that I want to go out with my friends without having to make any plans.

8) I spend hours on my hobbies without distractions (if you don’t count the cat trying to lay on my keyboard while I am typing).

9) I sit on airplanes and read books. No little kids to keep entertained for fear of upsetting the other passengers.

10) I can take trips all over the world. Most of these trips have been for school and are just in the US, but we plan on going to India this winter.

Now before you start getting all resentful of my wonderful childfree life you should know that I would give every last one of these up for a chance at being a mother, but today I needed a little pick me up.

Did I miss something? What else should I try to enjoy before a baby comes along. (This is not a trick, I really do want to know)

50mm f/1.4 Vintage Honey Action



Colton is the new addition to the Druke boys (here and here). I am in love with him already. He has the squishy cheeks that his older brothers have and a head of hair all his own. Unfortunately, I had to leave him behind with his mother, but next time I will find room in my suitcase for sure.

All pictures were taken with a Nikon D200 and my awesome new lens, and edited with the amazing new RadLab. Email me if you would like to know more about the Photoshop actions recipe I used for these images.

6 Years


This past weekend the husband and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We have experienced so much in these past years, but at the same time it has flown by. I can't believe we have been together for twelve and a half years.

In these past six year we have moved to Chicago. We rented a house, then a duplex, then another house. We bought our first house together, and did a lot of work on it. We went on our first cruise. We experienced heartache and loss together. We navigated the path through graduate school. We moved to Texas, and bought our forever home. I couldn't imagine having these experiences with anyone but him.

I feel so extremely lucky to have found someone so early in life who is my best friend. Who finds their soul mate in high school and actually stays with them (besides you YankeeDrawl)? How lucky am I? I'm getting all teary eyed just writing this.

We are definitely not perfect, but I have never found being together hard. "Us" has always come easily. We fight, although we like to say we "discuss", but we always work things out. I know it is cliche, but never going to bed angry has definitely worked for us.

To celebrate 6 years together here are 6 great things about my husband.

1) He is funny. Sometimes I tell him he isn't funny so he doesn't get a big head, but he definitely makes me laugh a lot.

2) He is a big dork. So am I, so this makes us perfect for each other. I told him he could never leave me because he would never find any other hot chick that likes Sci-Fi, geology, and hates sports.

3)He is a great friend. He always calls his friends for their birthdays, or calls them because something reminded him of them. If one of his friends needed something he would be right there helping them out.

4)He accepts my quirkiness. Who else would make my doctors appointments for me because of my irrational fear of talking on the phone?

5)He is great with kids. My sister's son, Michael, loves him more than me.

6)He is the love of my life and my best friend.

Android: Vignette Demo: Porta Filter

Android: Vignette Demo: Porta Filter: Grungy Instant Transfer 1 Frame

Android Photographer


First, I wanted to say a big thank you to those that emailed me after my last post.  I am sad to hear that so many have to go through infertility, however I do think it is important that we share our stories for the sake of all those who think they are alone in this battle.  A supportive community can really help us get through those tough times.Now, this is a photography blog, isn’t it?  I think it is about time that I wrote a tutorial, don’t you?  It has been a while!More and more often I have found that the only camera I have with me is the one built into my phone. While I love my Nikon, and I try to take it with me as often as possible, there are those times when I just don’t feel like lugging it around, or it is not really safe to take it with me.  For those times I rely on my Droid camera.A little bit about the Motorola Droid camera:I hate this camera. My previous phone, the LG Dare, was much much better, and it wasn’t even a smart phone.The Droid does horribly in low light.  Without a flash the pictures are grainy and the camera captures very little available light.  With the flash, the images are washed out and still grainy.As for settings, there is very little you can change. There are only 3 focus modes, auto, infinity, and macro.  You can change the exposure to 3 different settings; 0, +1, and +2, but with each addition you loose quality.  There are only 5 white balance settings; auto, incandescent, daylight, fluorescent and cloudy.  The flash can be turned on or off. There is zoom up to 4x, but as with exposure, you loose quality as you zoom in.  That is it for controlling the settings.  As a photographer, this is horrible.  I want to change my ISO, I want some screen modes (portrait, landscape, etc.), more white balance settings, better zoom, and better low light quality.I have heard that later versions of the Droid (the Droid 3 just came out) do much better in low light situations, but they still lack in the ability to change settings.What makes this phone bearable are the apps available through the app market.  Without these apps I would have returned this phone long ago.Android Apps:There are a lot of photography apps available for android, and there are a lot of posts out there telling you which ones are the best.  The problem with those posts is that the writers judge the app based on the reviewer ratings and haven’t really tested them, and there aren’t very many pictures to show you what the app can do.  However, those posts are a great starting point for which apps to try first.  I’m only going to show you the apps I use frequently and have used for a long time, and I will show you my favorite pictures I have taken with each app.There are several apps out there that I have downloaded thinking they would be great, only to delete them later. Here are a couple that you shouldn’t waste your phone storage space on.Adobe Photoshop: It does very little. I found I never used it.Pudding Camera: The free version is in Korean, so I couldn’t figure it out.Camera360: I never used this one either.  It didn’t have enough options to justify me keeping it.Camera Magic: This one is about to get deleted from my phone. I never use it. It doesn’t have very many filters, and it has fewer options than the built in camera.  Now, what do I use? Here is a complete brea[...]