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Thanks for your comment.


Thanks for your comment.

Well said. And, yes, absolutely to this: "The...


Well said. And, yes, absolutely to this: "The post-identity not comprehend the interrelatedness of identity and class concerns. Numerous studies demonstrate the negative economic impact of discrimination upon people of color, women, persons with disabilities, and LGBT individuals. The post-identity critics, however, depict identity politics as an elitist obsession with irrelevant socially constructed traits. These constructs, however, have material consequences."

You are welcome!


You are welcome!

Thank you for this!


Thank you for this!

A thought provoking read. I am not familiar, howev...


A thought provoking read. I am not familiar, however, with the(arguably)sexist or homophobic statements that Sen. Sanders may have said. Resources? Thanks.

I don't find AC as something unnecessary, I...


I don't find AC as something unnecessary, I'm pleased with how it works, and I'm lucky to find guys who properly install & maintain air conditioning system for me ;)

Dazjae - sorry for your loss.


Dazjae - sorry for your loss.

I miss my Angelo so much �� we use to fight and ar...


I miss my Angelo so much �� we use to fight and argue all the time but it was all out of love! Too young to have his life taken, wrong place at the wrong time!

I think Barack Obama's biggest stumbling block...


I think Barack Obama's biggest stumbling block was capitulating to Wall Street in order to win the democrat nomination in 2008. Getting from 45% to 48% to just barely over 50% required capitulation to Wall Street. Also, Donna Brazile was instrumental in first condemning super delegates for staying with Hillary Clinton, then once they crossed over to Barack Obama, demanding they stay with Obama even when Hillary Clinton began her after caucus surge. Ironically, if not for Hillary's comment about landing amidst possible gunfire that apparently was given to her by an aid, a comment which stopped her after caucus momentum for a week, the outcome in 2008 would have really been a too close to call event.
Now it's 8 years later and Hillary Clinton is being accused of being a minion of Wall Street when I believe the reason she lost in 2008 was she was not going to capitulate to Wall Street over the foreclosure mess. Hillary Clinton would not have supported Parallel Foreclosure, Barack Obama looked the other way. Yet now, eight years later, and it is the Bernie Sanders crowd accusing Hillary Clinton of being the next Wall Street candidate.

"A man hears what he wants and disregards the...


"A man hears what he wants and disregards the rest..."- Paul Simon This blog reminds me of a time during Obama's first term after he had approved loan guarrantees for new nuclear plants. Someone posted to a Sierra Club listserve that Obama lied during the campaign when he said he was gainst nuclear power, the poster included a video clip. Watching the clip candidate Obama in fact laid our his criteria for judging nuclear energy including safety, security and disposal of wastes. He repeated the main concerns of many of those oppossed to nuclear power but he didn't say he was unalterably oppossed. But that is what many heard because they wanted to, some of it could be chalked up to effective politicians but mostly it seems to be human nature.

I don't think its fair to judge celebrities as...


I don't think its fair to judge celebrities as if they are regular people. Celebrities can be regular people at times, but to an adoring public celebrityhood also means opportunity to enhance one's own life or stature by interacting with a celebrity.
It is clear what Bill Cosby wanted, he wanted one night stands with women he found attractive and he didn't want to have any type of intimate relationship, did not want to lead them on that after his one night stand that he would then have an ongoing relationship with them, he probably did not want to mislead the people he slept with that he would help their careers. Bill Cosby did not want to have meaningful conversation with people who he just wanted to have sex with.
Bill Cosby is probably the poster child for legalizing some type of prostitution. Cosby probably feared being caught with a prostitute and suddenly you have a celebrity who can't have what he wants how he wants it. Kind of ironic in a way that he was unable to come up with a plan that would not endanger (the drugging) nor lead on his temporary one night stands.
I think its important for people to understand that celebrities are very lucky in some ways but also have ongoing unwinnable scenarios that result from being a celebrity.
Can anyone explain how a celebrity who probably was in big demand by an adoring public was supposed to interact with that public in a way that did not compromise him going forward, because I am not seeing it.

I'm disappointed you made no distinction betwe...


I'm disappointed you made no distinction between the everyday person and celebrities. To hold them to the same guidelines is naive in my opinion.

Though the population of Porterdale may have a hig...


Though the population of Porterdale may have a higher population of caucasians, would it not be fare to note that Porterdale, GA is a small town on the border of Covington, GA where the majority is African American.

Both the town and city are in a county with only an 8% difference in race. Porterdale is not a rural town in the middle of the South.

In 2012 the percentage of blacks to whites was no wear near 94% white as mentioned above. Wikipedia is not a good source.

Who are the real impediments to racial equality?  ...


Who are the real impediments to racial equality?  The current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, has probably never used a racial epithet.  In Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School Dist. No. 1, Justice Roberts offered this sanctimonious thought: "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."  Yet the substance of Justice Roberts's opinion serves to perpetuate school segregation.  Paula Deen is a joke.  For proponents of racial equality, the serious enemies are those who espouse "color-blindness" in order to render civil rights laws unenforceable, since such laws require the recognition of different races.

The shameless duplicity of women must be called ou...


The shameless duplicity of women must be called out and struck down when it's as brazen as this example from Elizabeth. Men do not sexualise women's mammary glands any more than Puritan men turned women's ankles and wrists into a fetish.

Whether it's their entire body from head to toe, their breasts, midriffs or toddler children, to manufacture artificial demand for what has no value, women conceal to create the illusion of worth.

Women are not remotely confused by the need to conceal non-existent value to create the Demand for what they what to Supply. When Janet Jackson revealed her partially concealed right breast, the screams of "indecency" did not come from men.

The perfidy of women's objectification of biology cannot be allowed to continue to destroy children.

I disagree with the writes opinion on the article...


I disagree with the writes opinion on the article title "questionable journalism".
We as readers have the right to know just the fact and the truth in it, what we going to do with it is entirely ones right. The good journalists out there unearth lots of information from public people that is not within our (the public) reach, and to know them is as valuable as important, for example, in regards to when one have to cast a vote. People in high hierarchies like, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or any other previous or present politician, their lives and actions past or present are of importance to us the voter to know. It helps us to have a better understanding of those people psychological likes and dislikes, therefore very important, and yes very relevant. Thanks. Sonia Soares

Darren, very late to the comments, but I just dis...


Darren, very late to the comments, but I just discovered your blog. Thank you for taking the time to give the victims a bit of a voice, and an identity. I lived in the DC area for 16 years after college, so I'm all too familiar with the locale.

To ruralcounsel's comment, I understand the sentiment, but "pity-fatigue" is no different from ignoring the human stories behind each victim. In short, no different from "dehumanizing" them.

What a shame on these police officers!


What a shame on these police officers!

Most of us take the ability to warm our homes for ...


Most of us take the ability to warm our homes for granted, but few appreciate the benefits of being able to remove unwanted heat during the summer months.

Heating And Air Conditioning Courses

Having grown up in Florida I can assure you that i...


Having grown up in Florida I can assure you that if I, as an 18 year old heterosexual male, had consenting relations with a 14 year old female, I would have most likely been in my mid-60s before they released me from jail.

This girl is not being treated differently because of her sexuality. She is being treated equally. It is her, and her supporters, that are advocating unequal treatment because of her sexuality.

She deserves jail, in accordance with the law, and in accordance with the treatment afforded others in similar circumstances in Florida.




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In reply to OpenID 604c2a02-d7c5-11e2-8016-000bcdc...


In reply to OpenID 604c2a02-d7c5-11e2-8016-000bcdcb2996


I am disgusted to see that people like Alessandra ...


I am disgusted to see that people like Alessandra are in this world. This was just another relationship in high school not the conspiricy that this batshit idiot wrote. Allessandra be a TRUE Christian and judge not. Be a true human being and learn that sometimes love comes in a form that is different than the "fairy tale" way that you see love should be. Stop spewing all the BS and lies, and that is what u posted, do you understand what is going to happen to this girl in the next several years. Let me give you a little hint, then put yourself in her shoes and tell me if you would be able to deal with it at the age of eighteen. (This of course is only one of the many scenerios)

Kate AND HER FAMILY are going to be hounded by the media all the way up to her trial date. She is going to be put in front of a judge and "jury of her peers." Which will probably consist of people in their thirties to their eightes. (On a side not why they would say that is a jury of her peers is a whole other issue that I wont go into here.) She will live every day of that trial in abject humiliation as her life is splayed out in an open court room that will probably have at least 10 cameras so that the media can really cover everything. AND here is the worst part about this whole scenerio, SHE is going to have all of this following her around for the REST OF HER LIFE!!!! WHAT EIGHTTEEN YEAR OLD DESERVES THAT!!!!

Please understand that I have watched in horror as peoples lives are runed by media coverage. The first one to come to my mind is Princess Diana, who was killed in a tunnel while she was being chased by members of the paparizzi... The point of saying that is this, the media coverage that she is recieving CAN kill her, i am not saying it absolutly will, I am saying it can. I think Alessandra should have thought about that before she spewed out all that disinformation. Someone who is just as batshit crazy as her may take such a thing to heart and because they are not on their meds, take the matter into their own hands and plays judge and jury all in one.
That is just my two cents, Brightest Blessings! )O(
PS I am a Pagan have have felt the deep cuts of discrimination because i lived in MS. Down in the deep south it is common even though they wont admit it.

Well, because the case according to the letter of ...


Well, because the case according to the letter of the law disregards gender. It's about age. Which is the true issue and flaw with the law as it unfairly prosecutes high school aged kids in relationships. The other flaw is that it acts as the perfect revenge tool for an angry parent, which simply should not be, but is. The motivation of the parents to prosecute in the first place seems pretty religiously motivated. That has everything to do with Christianity and their hatred of homosexuals. The case itself does not.