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[Makeup Remover] Paradiso Garden Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion


There are tons of makeup removers in the market, and to narrow it down, there are also many types of makeup removes. Gel, cleansing oil, lotion, wipes to name a few. I would said, there's no specific which are the best. The key to deciding which type of makeup remover to use is to focus on what's most important to you. That includes choosing ingredients you're comfortable with, as well as a formula that suits your skin type.I've a sensitive skin, a very sensitive skin where I easily have acne or redness on my face. Hence, it will be a headache for me to choose the best makeup remover for my skin. Normally, I will be choosing mild makeup remover, such as milk base makeup remover.My current makeup removers are:bobbi brown oil cleanserbanila co clean it zeromilk cleanser (bought from the beauty center) All the above is doing great and I still using it until today. My cleansing routine is starts with  either oil cleanser / banila co clean it zero, followed by milk cleanser. The double cleanse do wonders on my skin, one of the obvious changes is the pore is getting smaller as to compare to one-time cleansing only. banila co clean it zeroLately, I discover another makeup remover which is one of the hot selling brand from Taiwan - Paradiso Garden Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion. Since there are so many makeup remover products in the market, but the difference of Paradiso Garden Black Rose Makeup removing lotion from others are it contains 100% natural ingredients and with pure plant / flowers extracts essence.I got my Paradiso Garden Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion from know that a good make up remover is just as important as the makeup we're taking off. It stated that this product can even remove waterproof make up, cleanses skin and refreshes, removing make up at the same time with skin care function.  There are 2 sizes for this product - 150ml and 500ml.The 100% natural ingredients and with pure plant / flowers extracts essence ingredients written on the packaging. It is also fragrance-free & alcohol-free product which doesn't contain irritating ingredients.I got attracted with this statement: this black rose makeup removing lotion can remove makeup in 10 seconds with black rose extract and activated carbon. Besides that, one bottle can use for face, eyes and lips, worth of value. I can't wait to try the awesome-ness of this product.My oily face after work, time to remove the makeup with the Paradiso Garden Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion.Pumped an amount of lotion on my hand.After apply the black rose makeup removing lotion on the face, rub face and eyes portion gently, wait for 10 seconds, and wash it with water. The black rose makeup removing lotion using technology and aqua molecular science formula, which will transform the removing lotion to water-like essence rapidly when the lotion touch with skin temperature.Here's my face after gently cleanse with the black rose makeup remover.I've also do a test, to remove all the above with black rose makeup removing lotion.Gently rub the makeup removing lotion and wait for 10 seconds.Wash it with water and voila, all the make up is perfectly removed.Here's the video demonstration: may get the product from Hawooo for the great product.[...]

[Ticket Giveaway] A Cantonese Monologue in this International Women's Day | 瘋狂喜劇《8婆》出動


TIME FOR GIVEAWAY! read further...Any plan for this International Women's Day? JOM!!! Let's watch a Cantonese monologue which talk about a woman. Do not worry if you couldn't understand Cantonese, there will be English subtitle provided as well. Let's go KEPO (busy body) together to know what is the story all about. FEAR NOT! The ticket is selling at very very reasonable price, only RM30 per ticket. I was in shock when knowing the tickets are selling at this price, because for live show like this will easily cost RM100 and above. Here's the synopsis:As the saying goes, there’s a child in everyone’s heart. But she changed it to, there’s a “Pat Po” (busybody) in everyone’s heart, how busy you are is determined by the thickness of your skin.She is Pat Po, she is flamboyant, fabulous and fun but at the same time, hardworking, strong and resilient. It is time for her to shine on the stage and Pat Po is ready to share her moments of life with you, be it happy or sad, exciting or frustrating.Pat Po will also invite her family, lover, enemies and friends to share the stage with her, it will be a fun and great experience with Pat Po.一個女人的一生,應該如何演繹? 她從舞台走出,邊唱著鄭秀文的“小心女人,小心女人”,脫去挑逗有勁的旋律,8妹舞動著她不協調的肢體,彷彿警告,也像將死之人準備訴說自己蒼勁的一生,然而她的故事,在這個日漸冷漠的社會,有人會願意聽嗎? 傳說,每個人心裡都有住著一個小孩。她說,每個人的心裡根本就是藏著一個小八!大八還是小八隻是論你的臉皮厚度的定論。她,8婆,天生桃花運,地生勞碌命,注定一世和八扯不斷關係。此場將是她的告別演吹會,也就是她會和你一起分享她的人生在床上或床下高低潮,悲歡離合,喜怒哀high !節目的壓軸,據說她也力邀重金聘請他身邊的親人,愛人,死人,敵人,友人一起參與其盛,翻轉您的七情六慾!“8婆”向來給人低俗、粗鄙的印象,然而《8婆》這部劇究竟訴說怎樣的一個女人?故事從八歲的八妹開始,走過情竇初開的青蔥歲月,以為還有美好的愛情等在前頭,然而最後卻踏上了婚姻的不歸路。當婚禮進行曲響起以後,八妹脫去婚紗換上便服,觀眾便會知道,八妹坎坷的人生就要開始了。 《8婆》要探討的其中一個課題,便是女性地位如何在父權社會底下被貶低,甚至凌辱。劇中的八妹婚後面對丈夫雙重施暴,不只是語言上的暴力,更遭遇身體上的毒打。面對身心靈的蹂躪,外在和內裡皆傷痕累累的八妹究竟如何走過這一切? 看似絕望的《8婆》卻不忘提醒我們,用自己的腳步走出自己的風景。年輕曾有過的夢想在某天突然發酵,八妹終於鼓起勇氣在遲暮之年追尋自己的夢想。八妹的故事從舞台結束,人生的故事才正要從每個人開始。 最讓人期待的是,以上所說的八妹的一生,都是由資深演員譚小虹一人包辦。她不僅演出八妹一角,甚至劇中其他角色都由她個人分飾,無休息、無換場,對老將譚小虹來說,絕對是體力與實力的一大挑戰。 今次演出以廣東話為主,並混雜華語、英語、淡米爾語與福建語對白,盡顯馬來西亞特色。製作團隊渾製作(ONZ Production)表示,他們有意將此部真正體現馬來西亞語言特色及人文文化題材的劇作帶往國外,目前正著手策劃海外巡演的可能性。劇團亦希望透過這樣一部凸顯“簡約劇場”概念的作品,以最精簡的模式發揮最大的效果。從佈景設計到服裝,處處細細考量,勢必給人帶來各種不一樣的震撼。 《8婆》希望作為一個起點,讓中文劇場與英文劇場得以交匯,藉此互相認識,也一併擴大本地中文戲劇的市場。《8婆》的製作團隊幾乎是[...]

[Seoul 2016] My first OneDay Hanbok Experience at Deoksugung Palace


One of my to-do list for visiting Korea for the second time is to try on the traditional costume - hanbok. Coincidentally, OneDay Hanbok contacted me 1 month before my trip and I happily accepted their kind hospitality. The weather was quite windy during day time and hence we were quite afraid will get cold because the hanbok wasn't really thick. This is one of the best picture taken with the beautiful hanbok at Deoksugung Palace. It looks like I've back to the old times.DID YOU KNOW?You are entitled for free entry to any palace by wearing a hanbok?These are our free entry tickets.On our first visit to Seoul, we've visited the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace. So, this time, we decided to visit another famous palace - Deoksugung Palace. One of the good thing about this palace is, it hardly flooded with too many tourist hence we (I) can take few more decent photo. *ngek*We arrived at the right timing, the guard changing ceremony is just about to start when we get down from the cab. and yeah! I got a good spot to take all these photos and enjoyed the ceremony.Daehanmun Gate - the main entrance of Deoksugung Palace.Let's have a glance at the palace.The interior in every palace, it seems more or less the same.HIS & HER first hanbok experience.I like the hanbok that I've chosen.A Japanese aunty was so cute, she and her friend bumped into us and keep saying we looks so pretty and handsome in hanbok. Right after that, she offered to take few couple shot of us. This is one of the funny post directed by her, I have no idea why we are listening to her suggestions that time. LOLDo take more photos when you're wearing hanbok, definitely a great experience.I found this scene is funny.About OneDay HanbokWhere and how to rent hanbok? OneDay Hanbok is the answer.I reached around 9.30am and I was surprised the shop was fulled with customers. Everyone was busy choosing their hanbok and accessories. If I didn't remember wrongly, you may try up to 2 or 3 pieces of hanbok before making decision.It is quite hard to choose as there are so many choices. You can see the amount of hanbok available on the shelf.Headband.Bags at your choice.The make up area.Oneday Hanbok RentalRental Fare4 hours: KRW 13,0001 day (24 hours): KRW 26,000Additional hourly fee - KRW 4,500 per hour(Minimum rental duration is 4 hours)Rental Deposit2 deposit options available:(i) Deposit ID Card + Hanbok rental deposit KRW10,000(ii) Copy of ID Card + Hanbok rental deposit KRW50,000Other informationIn choosing a Hanbok to rent, 2 fitting chances will be provided for each customer. In case of a mis-fit in Hanbok size, additional fitting chance will be provided.Photo taking in store is allowed only with Hanbok Rental.In case of un-notified delay, a penalty of KRW 10,000 will be charged on top of the standard Hanbok rental fee for the delayed hours (eg: for 2 hours delay without notice, the chargeable amount will be KRW 10,000 + 9,000 = KRW 19,000)Remaining rental time cannot be refunded.Oneday Hanbok Address#303 Floor 3, 125-3 Chungmuro 4-ga, Jung-gu, SeoulOneday hanbok is located at in front of Chungmuro station (Line no.3, no.4) exit.8(Same building as KB Bank , KIA motors).Opening HoursOpen 7 days, 10:00 ~ 20:00 ( Rental is available until 19:00)Website: page: FAQ about OneDay Hanbok, please visit ONEDAY HANBOK for the great experience.Done with returning the hanbok to Oneday Hanbok. Time for lunch! Let's hunt for some delicious food now.How about fried chicken and beer? YUM!!!![...]

Musical: Lady Macbeth 音樂劇《馬克白夫人》, 3 - 4 Dec 2016 @ KLPAC


November is a busy month for me as there are many weddings, trips and gathering with friends. December will be even more busy regardless work or personal because it is the jolly season! A season that I really love. Aside from attending 2 more weddings in December, I will be going to watch a musical show in KLPAC on 3rd December 2016, named  , which based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. The musical will be performed in Chinese with English subtitle. There are 2 session of the musical (price stated in the end of this post):3/12/2016 8:00 pm4/12/2016 3:00 pmThis musical is organized by Onz Production which based in Malaysia, with the collaboration of Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre from Hong Kong. I'm quite looking forward to this as this story is based on Shakespeare's Macbeth which talks about lady Macbeth, wife of a general who falling in love with her husband since young. She is a beautiful, smart and ambitious woman.She has all her husband’s ambition, without a particle of his loyalty to the King, which prevents his following her counsels as speedily and eagerly as she wishes . She thoroughly believes the witches’ prediction about her husband’s becoming king, and, though they never suggested crime as necessary to confirm their prophecy, she resolves to persuade Macbeth to remove every obstacle to its fulfillment.She once said: "The most frightening is not God, it is the people." How true is that right?音樂劇《馬克白夫人Lady Macbeth》根據莎士比亞最受爭議劇目改編《馬克白夫人Lady Macbeth》一個女人一雙血手  掀起了史上最狠毒的權力鬥爭談到治國,東方既有武則天;西方更有個馬克白夫人。這部音樂劇正是以馬克白夫人作為故事主軸,描寫她的一生,並真誠的透過音樂劇,詮釋出作為女人,尤其活在父權社會上,所面對的種種難題,和爭取利益的轉變;冀盼透過這部音樂劇,讓觀眾能更加認識馬克白夫人這號人物,無論劇中或是原著,她的存在可謂或不可缺。有说,上天有异象,王国发生大变故是注定。有说,命运设定好了棋局上的每一个棋子。有说,当命运之轮开始转动的时候,一切都是定数。她说,最可怕的不是上帝,是人心。故事講述馬克白夫人在妙齡時期和丈夫相戀,成為將軍夫人;原本與君王成婚是馬克白夫人該有的宿命,命運輾轉,讓她遇上馬克白,讓她成為將軍夫人,更與當時君主擦身而過。女人心,說簡單也不簡單,或許更難叵測,昔日的少女情情懷曾經讓她期待,幻想;歲月的競爭也讓她更焦為焦慮,為丈夫,為自己,她甘心當人人口中最歹毒的女人…当一个神奇的预言袭来,她的另一个自我开始苏醒……以女性視角出發,極力詮釋莎士比亞名著中女角一生的故事,音樂劇《馬克白夫人》將于12月3日傍晚8時及12月4日下午3時,在吉隆坡表演藝術中心(KLPAC)隆重上演,成為音樂劇上嶄新突破!該音樂劇是由Onz Production 渾製作主辦,焦媛實驗劇團聯合主辦及制作;看過無數次《馬克白》故事,經過反復考量及深入了解著作里女主人后,相關單位決定尋求突破,呈現一個女性如何在父權社會中,爭取并在背後掌權,一生的轉變及經歷。為了加強戲劇效果,劇場加入了不少插曲,末段更會有一個意想不到的處理手法,讓觀眾無論在視覺上或心靈上都有著更新奇的音樂劇享受,為百分百的音樂劇。這次呈現的音樂劇《馬克白夫人》得到圈內多位著名人士參與製作,其中包括著名導演高志森、作曲家高子詠、著名演員焦媛等;個別擔任監製兼導演、音樂製作、藝術總監兼演出,各司其職,陣容強大!負責為這部音樂劇作曲的高子詠,也是高志森之女;從文學到音樂 自小於美國長[...]

[Beauty Supplement] BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen


I remember, the first time I take collagen was in mid 20s and Kinohimitsu is the brand I've try. The collagen was in liquid form, in a glass bottle, taste really good and easy to drink. The result was really good after I consume the collagen for 2 weeks, it gives me a glowing and radiant skin. But due to the high cost of the collagen, I stop consuming.Anyway, from time to time, I still trying different brands of collagen especially I'm in early 30s now, I think I will need collagen to boost my health, for instance to improves skin, to repair joint, detox and to reduces cellulite.I've try the collagen in liquid and powder form, and now, I'm consuming the collagen pills - BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen originally from Taiwan and I got to know about this from is an online platform created specially for Malaysian (especially girls & ladies) to get access to Taiwan based products at affordable price such as cosmetic, apparels, bags, and daily necessities. In this website, you might found interesting things from Taiwan which will excite 是專門為馬來西亞女孩打造的夢幻平價時尚網站,我們追蹤台灣最實用的美妝、保養、穿搭以及生活資訊,與妳分享如何用最簡單、平價的方式,一起品味時尚生活。我們以好流行、好品質、好價格為標準,為馬來西亞女孩們嚴選出台灣美妝、衣物、包包、生活用品等第一品牌。為妳找到台灣的好東西,發現生活新樂趣!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BHK's 2nd gens CollagenDID YOU KNOW?All cells in the body are programmed to stop producing at some point. They have expiration dates just like a female’s reproductive capability. A female’s fertility peaks in her teens up to the age of 25 and after that it gradually declines. It happens to be that our collagen producing machinery also starts to drop by 1% each year after we hit mid 20s!The earlier we start consuming collagen, the results might be better. I'm one of the life example, the results were really visible when I start drinking collagen in my mid 20s but the results will be slow down when I consuming collagen now (in my 30s) because the absorption already slow down. For example, it will takes 1 week to see the result in my mid 20s and yet, it takes 2 weeks or more for the result when I'm in 30s.Here's the BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen (60 pills per bottle).I got my collagen from this link  - CLICK HERE.But before that...WHAT IS COLLAGEN?Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure, (source)Collagen is the main structural protein found in the skin, the hair, the nails. Collagen even forms the connective tissues that anchor the teeth to your gums. (source)Yes, there's collagen in our body. Normally, when we go for facial, the beautician will do a skin-scanning on our face and telling us our collagen on our face is getting lesser which causing the shape of the collagen is not visible anymore. So, to show us the actual shape of the collagen, they will do a skin-scanning on our hand to show us the shape. Collagen is in triangle form.Based on the chart above, the collagen in our body will lose slowly starting from 25 years old and hence, we will need to take collagen supplement to recover the collagen that had lose. Before I start consuming this collagen pill, first, I will study the ingredients of the pills and also, to read review from others to ensure this product is safe to consume. Besides that, there are many Taiwanese and Malaysian bloggers are taking this collagen too thus I decided to give it a try.WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS?Main ingredients [...]

[Busan 2016] Check in Busan Cafe - A place for food & drinks and postcard too!


This cafe has been in my list for some time and I can finally pay a visit when I decided to travel to Busan again this spring. It is not the food nor coffee that attracts me, but the POSTCARD! Alright, what is so great about postcard since postcard easily can be found in souvenir shops or bookstore? If you are person who likes to write and send postcard to family & friends or even send to yourself when you travel, this might be a place that you will like too. I'm sure!Check in Busan is the name of the cafe which owned by a lovely married couple - Jennifer and Sean. Jennifer is a sweet lady from Taiwan who married to oppa, Sean. Since then, they open this cafe in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.This is a place for food and drinks where you will have the chance to try some Korean dishes, it is also a place to get souvenirs such as postcard, mugs, water bottle and many more. Besides that, they also go the extra mile by providing useful information to the tourist and a place for postcard.At here, you can buy and write the postcard, they will send on behalf. Furthermore, you may write and send the postcard in the future, up to 5 years. For example, you write a postcard to yourself, you may choose to post it now or 4 years later. Jennifer and Sean will post the postcard 4 years later if you've chosen the latter option. Interesting isn't it?Check in Busan provides cosy and comfortable environment which allow me to enjoy my private time for one whole day. I’ve always loved the simple, light-filled quality of spaces with wooden furnishings, this type of interior design much more to my liking and believe or not, I've spent 3 hours here. Most importantly, the cafe is quiet and you will definitely enjoy your me-time here, because I do.It is definitely a spacious cafe with plenty of seating.Check in BusanCheck in Busan - the world map and magnet.Check in BusanCheck in BusanCheck in BusanCheck in BusanDon't you like the natural lighting? We decided to sit by the window, from here we can enjoy seeing the people on the street.The wall beside the washroom.Here's the counter to order food and also the information counter (on the right).Let's check out the menu.I've been following their Facebook page for quite some time, and I realized, they will change the menu or to add on some delicious dishes from time to time which give patrons variety of choices.When I visited Check in Busan in April this year, they are serving 4 types of brunch set menu from 8am - 1pm. Set A & B is fresh toast and Set C & D is fishcake soup and bibimbap set (vegetarian).Green Tea LatteI ordered set C, the fishcake soup set at KRW 8,800. The set meal comes with variety of banchan (side dishes) - lotus root, kimchi, salad, and fruits. Fishcake soup is a simple dishes but it keeps us warm especially during this windy day in Busan. YUMMY.Time to spend some quality time by writing postcard to myself and also to friends after meal.Here's the shelf to look for your favourite postcard, also, the water bottles are for sell too.These are few of my favourite postcard.Most of the beautiful photo taken by Sean and they printed in postcard form.Beautiful hangul postcard which is one of my favourite. Few years ago, I've falling in love with Korea, I start to learn Korean and of course, I watch a lot of K-Drama too. I found the hangul (Korean alphabet) is so beautiful.Once you've chosen the postcard, you will need to get the stamp as well from the counter. Pay first and only you can start writing.These are the amount of postcard I've written, and all the postcard had safely posted to our friends and myself too.Time to "post" it after done writing."FLY ME TO THE FUTURE"Yeah, here's the mailbox.Place your postcard on your desire month & year to post.A "How to send postcards to the future" notice board placed beside the wooden mailbox.Oh ya, if you have chosen NOT to send the postcard now, you will need to indicat[...]

Sakae Sushi Celebrates 19th Delightful Years - Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem


WOW!!! Sakae turns delightful 19! I didn't know Sakae Sushi is in the market for so many years and this year, they are celebrating 19th anniversary. Sakae Sushi used to be my usual dining place for lunch and I always enjoy the fresh sashimi, delectable sushi, and the generous portion of set meal.Happy Birthday!!!Looking back, Sakae Sushi has definitely expanded from its humble beginnings. However one thing always remains the same – the brand’s passion in serving tasty, healthy and value-for-money Japanese cuisine in a fun and friendly environment. Not to forget, the iconic friendly and cute green frog who always attracts the kids.DID YOU KNOW? Sakae Sushi emphasises greatly upon the nutrition value of food served. they belief that good food should not only pamper palates, but also nourish the body and soul. As such, their sushi rice is enriched with Vitamin E, an essential nutrient that promotes healthier skin and enhances the immune system. WOW! Imagine when this healthy sushi rice is served with air-flown fresh salmon or other equally delectable ingredients – a healthy yet heavenly bite indeed!In conjunction with the campaign theme, this year Sakae Sushi brings its customers a fun-filled and rewarding offer which is the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion. Here, customers will stand a chance to win some of Sakae’s all-time favourite dishes and even bring home an adorable limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie.These are the adorable limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie which comes in 3 designs - Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi and Ebi Sushi was specially made in conjunction of the anniversary celebration. Each design is in fact representative of unique aspects of Sakae Sushi.Salmon Sushi plushie which carries a mini plane reminding customers that all salmon at Sakae Sushi is air-flown fresh from the Atlantic. Tamago Sushi plushie carrying the chicken and eggs with its hands indicates Sakae Sushi's farm-to-table philosophy, The fun-looking Ebi Sushi plushie which spells a fun-filled dining experience for patrons at all times. At the back of each Plushie is a wonderful message that expresses the dream of Sakae Sushi's founder – Think Sushi, Think Sakae. Here's the HOW?Spend a minimum of RM60 in order to get hold of a Delightful Gift Card.Match the puzzle with the sticker which given in the gift card.Collect all 4 matching puzzles.VOILA! You can bring one 1 limited edition Sakae Sushi plushie and 4 free dishes! AWESOME.Anyway, by matching 2 or 3 puzzles, customer have the chance to redeem free dishes too. How thoughtful of Sakae Sushi.Let's check out the 4 delectable dishes.Fuku Set - RM28.99A platter of your favourite sushi combination - salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi, soft shell crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chuka mekabu gunkan.Sashimi Mori Aki (3 kinds) - RM17.99Set sail on a journey of sashimi perfection with assortment of mouth- watering air-flown fresh Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and Butterfish.Tempura Moriawase - RM13.99Classic Japanese dish of lightly battered prawn and assorted vegetables served with dipping sauce and grated radish.Sakae Teishoku - RM26.99Sumptuous Japanese set consists of grilled scallop with mentaiko mayo, breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese curry; served with rice, Sakae chawanmushi & miso soup.To make the anniversary a truly meaningful one, Sakae Sushi also took the opportunity to conclude the ”Joy of Giving” campaign with a cheque presentation ceremony held at Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama. A unique charity initiative by Sakae Sushi, “Joy of Giving” was held in conjunction with the launch of Sakae Sushi’s attractive 2016 Calendar. As consumers snapped up the limited edition calendars nationwide, Sakae Sushi in turn channelled RM1 to HOPE worldwide Malaysia for each calendar sold.Indeed, Sakae Sushi enjoys every chance[...]

[Seoul 2016] Best stay ever at ComeStay @ Jamsil, Songpa | Book and get CashBack with ShopBack


When comes to accommodation planning, there are many elements to consider, such as the pricing, location, cleanliness, facilities, rating and the host as well. I always enjoy staying at the place where the host will spare some time to hangout and chit chat with us. This is one of the best way to get to know the local and the place even more.I visited South Korea again after one year and the price for hotel / hostel / B&B increased by at least RM50 - RM100 and causing the total price per night is even more expensive especially for the hotel in the city center.So, to save some money for shopping later, we decided to stay at a B&B which is 20 - 30 mins drive from the city. The price per night is much cheaper compared to others and this place received many good reviews. When I first contacted the host - Jinh, he is really a friendly person and willing to assist no matter how.The surrounding nearby the B&B.It was spring and both side of the road was full with cherry blossom tree. So beautiful right?Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.ComeStay is the name, it is a newly renovated apartment with individual bedrooms located in Jamsil area, Songpa which is one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly city in Seoul. Easy access to anywhere in Seoul too, either to the city center or to airport. There's an airport bus station located not far from ComeStay, which provides convenience for travelers.Convenient stores nearby ComeStay, within walking distance. There are also market, cafe, and garden around the neighbourhood.The living room, so homely right?There are 4 rooms in this apartment, namely Canada Room (CA), Thailand Room (TH), New Zealand Room (NZ) and Korea Room (KR). The name doesn't related with the room interior anyway, it is purely Jinh's favourite countries (if I didn't remember wrongly).Living RoomPhoto credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.Living RoomPhoto credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.Our TH room.The room is simple and looks clean at first glance. Each room comes with a cozy bed, pillow, blanket, power point, working desk and chair, hangers and other basic facilities. There are 2 shared bathroom and one rooftop toilet. No private bathroom in the room but doesn't matter.Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.This apartment is manage by a beautiful married couple with 2 children. It is so sweet of Jinh & Chloe welcoming us by surprising us with a bucket of Korean snacks. Oh! There's a postcard too, with some warm welcoming notes written by them.In the basket - instant cup noodles, chocolate pie, snacks and postcard."Comestay & let's get together"This is the tagline of ComeStay.Another lovely part of this apartment is the rooftop garden suitable for summer hangout such as Korean BBQ. Why not spring? Because I think it is too cold for me to hangout at the rooftop garden during this season.You will feel like a local when staying in ComeStay because it is a neighbourhood area, not a commercialize location. Rooftop garden.This is the staircase to rooftop garden.Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.The kitchen is well equipped with a freezer, cooking stove , rice cooker, microwave oven, toaster, filtered hot & cold water, coffee maching and washing marching & dryer too.Dining RoomPhoto credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.The beautiful couple and host - Jinh & Chloe.Jinh and Chloe is a good cook too, we had amazing delectable Korean meal with them, and other housemates too. Yummy Korean dishes.Of course, with few bottles of beers and soju would be even better. It was a great nights (yes, few nights) where we have some good chat over the beers, it was really a good time for all of us to know each other even better. Our relationship is not purely host and guest only, but we are friends. A friend who will make sure you are in his good hand when you're in his place and countr[...]

My Blessed July 2016


Oh my! Time flies by in the blink of an eye. We are entering August and left 5 more months to another brand new year. I thank God every day for every breath I take, cherish every moment and every person in my life. To embrace the moment of life regardless of the good, beautiful or the ugly one. When I was browsing hp photo gallery, I have a sudden urge to write a blog post for all the happenings in July this year. Since end of last year, me & fiance received many red booms and it seems that most of my friends (starting from mid 80s) is getting married this year. July is a beautiful month, I attended the 6th & 7th weddings of the year on the same weekend - Saturday and Sunday. Coincidentally, both wedding venue is nearby, at Cyberjaya & Putrajaya. Garden wedding at Cyberjaya Lakeside and the weather was really good. The theme was white & grey and every guest was invited to dress accordingly.Paired my white dress with a simple black pouch which I bought from Korea, cheap deal, RM30 only.Next day, I attended my schoolmate wedding dinner at Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya.A woman will never go wrong with a black dress.The pretty bride. I knew her since young and we went to the same school during primary and secondary.With the pretty bride and my other schoolmate.Beautiful stage backdrop at Connie's wedding.Blessed marriage.With the cutie pie, she is my friend's daughter. It was a night full of laughter as well, as we updated each other our current life and also many of them bringing their kids & babies along. Imagine, we knew each other since young and now everyone has grown up.My other half at the wedding wedding.Afternoon tea at Piano Lounge, Grand Dorsett Hotel. We bought the voucher from Groupon, RM45 for 2 pax, comes with drinks too. Great deal right? But the food wasn't delicious, pastries and even the scone was cold. Anyway, we got a private room to enjoy our afternoon tea. Not too bad after all.Dating, to Sunway Pyramid on Raya Holiday.The first time I try llao llao was in Singapore. Since they open the stores in Malaysia, I have yet to visit. Here's the 2nd time for llao llao, they have so many choices and it was not easy to choose. End up, I got the cheapest and simple youghurt ice cream without any toppings. Taste good!! If I didn't remember wrongly, this simple scope of ice cream cost RM4.50 but worth it.July is the month of  celebration too, it was fiance's birthday. A dinner at Ole-Ole Bali, Indonesian food. My treat.Simple outfit for fiance's birthday dinner.Staycation is fun too!My healthy breakfast at the hotel.Finally, we make time for each other. We always meet at work for projects collaboration and this is our first time meet up on weekend. From working partner to friend, how awesome yea.3 hours is not enough for us, next time we gotta chill longer.Me & girlfriend private session at Yellow Bricks Road.Chamomile tea & carrot cake.Surprisingly, the carrot cake at this cafe is really delicious. I think this is the most delicious carrot cake I have had ever. Will be back for the carrot cake again. tee hee///After work, chill out session with ex-colleague at Gold Bar, Tropicana.3 of us at Gold Bar.Great company, conversation and of course, great beer too.Did you know? Wednesday is ladies night and the current promotion is buy 1 free 1 for a glass of wine.3 of us finished these 8 bottles.Our friend traveled to Malaysia and we brought him to enjoy some local dishes at Wong Ah Wah restaurant. Not forget to try the durian too. This is "Super XO" durian and selling at RM50 per kg and ours cost RM60, SO YUMMY!!Our friend enjoyed the durian and coconut water.Beautiful evening on one random day.I bought this spicy instant noodle from Korea in April and finally get to try it now. The kimchi is from Korea.Weekend activity with friends - cycling at Bukit Cahaya @ Sh[...]

South Korea 2016: The Juicy Highlights


Yet to done sharing of my winter 2015 travelogue to South Korea but first, let me share some juicy highlights of my South Korea Spring 2016 travelogue. This time, we traveled to Korea in spring purely for the beautiful cherry blossom and I'm glad we went on the right timing. Beautiful flowers bloomed every where and the weather was really good in Seoul during day but turned colder at night. Our route was Seoul - Jeonju - Busan - Seoul. We wanted to visit our Korean friends in Busan thus decided to include 3 days 2 nights to this place again in our itinerary. In this travelogue, there's no complete itinerary nor total expenses because I've lost my passport and my note book in Jeonju earlier, so after that I don't bother to record it anymore.Let's start with..S E O U LBeautiful cherry blossom in Olympic Park, Seoul.7th April 2016, mid night flight to Seoul.A 6 hours journey and I didn't have a good sleep in the plane.p/s: alright, please ignore my "middle" finger, that was a coincidence. lolI'm trilled to back in Seoul again, I love South Korea. :)Waiting for my turn at the airport immigration counter.Grabbed a cup of coffee first after exit from the immigration counter.Since TOUS les JOURS is originally from Korea, so we decided to have a quick breakfast at here first before meeting our Airbnb host.It was almost an hour journey by bus from Incheon International Airport to the airbnb which located at Songpa-gu area, it is not at the city center itself yet it is a nice and quite neighbourhood. Nearby attractions are Olympic Park, Lotte World Mall, Seokchon lake park, and many mall. More details of the airbnb and surroundings will be shared separately.Oh.. how beautiful is the hangul (Korean alphabet).NO to the origin taste of banana milk, but YES to the chocolate flavour one.Look at the amount of cherry blossom tree. Happy me.This is at Olympic Park.Most of the cherry blossom is white in Korea.7th April 2016, first day in Korean, and it was a memorable day for me. Thing was happened at Olympic Park, right under this cherry blossom tree.He proposed at Olympic Park @ Seoul after our 11 years together.[My posting in FB] 【The Marriage Proposal under the Cherry Blossom @ Seoul • 韩国首尔 樱花树见证下的求婚记 】7th April 2016, Thursday • Olympic Park, Seoul韩国首尔 • 抵达的第一天两个性格不相似的我们决定要一起迈入人生另一个阶段了~ 那一天的阳光很大却很温暖,柔和的春风吻上我的脸。 心血来潮,我们租了辆脚踏车绕着奥林比克公园走。美丽的樱花迎接我们的到来; 就在樱花花瓣徐徐的飘落着,他拿出一枚戒指 (接下来的剧情不需要再透露了吧)。。这一切都在我不知情下,他居然安全的把这戒指从马来西亚"运"过来韩国了。其实我真的有吓到,他还未完成他的"台词",我就把他拉起来。哈哈! 回想起那一幕,真的还蛮搞笑。其实我有紧张啦~ So, YAY! We are getting married soon.. #ywslm #yveshappySEOULThe street was so beautiful with the cherry blossom trees on both sides of the street.Activity we did in Olympic Park, rent a bicycle and explored around. That was really fun!!!!Nami Island.Yea, we rent a bike at Nami Island too. It will be an ideal suggestion to rent a bike / bicycle at Nami Island as the island is really big, it take longer time to tour the whole island by foot.Our first experience with hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume).We rented this beautiful hanbok at Oneday Hanbok.By wearing the hanbok, we are allow to visit the palace for free. Instead of visiting the famous Gyeongbokgung, we opt for Deoksugung Palace because lesser crowds and easier for me to take "decent" photos. heheLovely shot by the fiance.Love at Deoksugung Palace.Deoksugung Palace Deoksugung Palace&nbs[...]

I lost my passport in South Korea...


So, for the first blog post of my South Korea 2016 trip will not be the summary nor total expenses sharing. First time in my life, I lost my passport and it was a hectic experience because I was nervous, I tried to recall back the route, where and how I lost the passport. We spent unnecessary taxi fares to check out the places we had been to, and of course, finally to police station - to make police report. Anyway, I thank God to have a calm fiancé who help us to resolve the problem. Also, because of his job's nature, he knows what to do first and next. I appreciate our Korean friends were concerned our situation and trying their best to help us too. In this post, I will share about HOW did I lost the passport? WHAT to do after you've found out the passport is lost in a foreign country? and the PROBLEM we face after passport is lost.We were traveling to South Korea for 8 days and I lost the passport in day 3. It was the day we departed from Seoul to Jeonju, a 3 hours journey by bus. The weather at Jeonju was really hot during day time (but it turned cold at night). Anyway, we still enjoyed exploring this little town. Everything was so good until we were looking for cab to back to our hotel at night, it was around 8pm or 9pm after our dinner.Jeonju, a beautiful place that I wish to visit again. At here, you will get the chance to see this traditional hanok which some of the buildings converted into business lot. I will share more about Jeonju when I have time.I don't usually take photo of my passport when traveling, but somehow, I snapped a picture of our passport (me & fiancé) and the flight ticket (don't worry, I blurred the check-in bar code when I posted to social media site) when we were about to depart from klia2 airport to Seoul. So yeah, this is the last picture of my lost passport and also my brand new passport folder with my name engaged on it. SOBS. p/s: I lost my fiancé passport too because both are keeping together in a pouch. *ouchhh..HOW did I lost my passport?I have a pouch where I placed my passport, booking confirmation slip, itinerary and expenses journal. Again, normally my passport will keep on a separate pouch which purely for passport only. Somehow, don't know why, I put everything together in the same pouch this time. When we were about to leave Jeonju Hanok Village and back to our hotel after a half day journey in the bus and explored the hanok village. we looked for cab. It is not hard to get a cab at this hot spot supposedly, but when we entered to the first cab and show them the address, they refused to drive us to the hotel. Reason being the hotel location is far from the town. Hmmm.. it is only 10 - 15 minutes drive so I do not know the main reason they do not want to fetch us.Before we grab a cab, I took the pouch to get the hotel address and I was holding the pouch with me. So, after 1st cab refused to fetch us, 2nd and 3rd cab refuses too. Arrrrhhh... so restless. Finally, we managed to get a cab to fetch us to hotel. Then only I realize the pouch was disappeared when I unpacked my bag. OMG.!!! I was like cat on hot bricks!!I tried my best to recall back when was the last time I hold the pouch and where did I drop it. Of course, the pouch and passport lost forever (until today, no news about it). I was really upset and blame myself for the clumsiness. The pouch probably dropped in the cab who refuses to fetch us (In Korea, it would be better to hop on the cab first than only tell the destination to the driver.). So when they refused to fetch us, we will need to get out from the cab of course. So I guess I've dropped in the car. When I was really lost, he (the fiancé) try to keep me calm and suggested to make police report.So, here's the police report.Next, we will need to call the Embassy[...]

Wmart @ Chan Sow Lin


Where is your usual place for grocery shopping? Me? Jaya Grocer will be the place because it is located right at my work place. and yeapp,, I work in a shopping mall. *grin* Anyway, today I'm not sharing about Jaya Grocer. Have you heard about Wmart in Chan Sow Lin? I knew about it from a blogger - Estica who shared in her blog. I was attracted by the frozen blueberries which selling at really cheap (reasonable) price in Wmart and so, here I am.Wmart is located at the industrial area of Chan Sow Lin, nearby Nissan Show Room. You might miss the building if you didn't keep an eye looking for it as it is located among the industry factories. On the side note, there's a malay stall located right opposite of Wmart, try their famous bakso / nasi lemak before your grocery shopping.We reached at 10am and the mart was quite crowded. As you can see from the photo above, left side is actually a wholesale counters for papers (yes, they are selling tons of papers) and upon entering the shop, there's a cafe which selling breads and tarts, all are fresh from the oven. Blueberry cheese tart, fresh from the oven. Ok, we will have this later, we should do our grocery shopping first.The size of the Wmart is relatively small compared to other supermarket but it is compact with variety of goods ranging from the fruits, vegetables, seafood, dry food to household items.This one got my attention. Chia Seed selling at RM45 only, that's really really really CHEAP. This is definitely one of the best buy at Wmart.Steak at your own choice.Fresh salmon.I bought the salmon fish head for RM5 only and so, I quickly grabbed 2 packs (to cook soup).Vegetables are nicely packed and looks fresh.Price for the vegetable is reasonable, but some might be slightly expensive compare to other supermarket.The fruits section, all the fruits are well-packed and looks fresh too.How about getting some cheese? The melon & mango cheese looks tempting ya. Of course, there are other type of cheese too. Go and look for it.A big bucket of yoghurt, I think that's cheap. RM30 for 2kgs of yoghurt, what say you?Wmart is kind enough to share the recipe too. So, you can buy the ingredients and do it at home.HUGE turkey drumstick. You can get the fried turkey drumstick at the bakery counter if you do not want to buy the raw one.Huge & fresh scallop.Scallop.This is the one I'm looking for - the frozen blueberries at RM22.96 only for 1kg. I bought it to make detox drinks and to add into my oat. Hmmm.. how bout blueberries jam?Here are some of the dry food, beetroot fettucini and spinach basil linguine.Some of the goods come in big packet too.Here are our shopping haul, we feel so contented and satisfied with our purchased.What's next? Let's have a cup of coffee and blueberries tart first before we leave the mart.The cafe is located at one of the corner in the mart, it is well-equipped with coffee machine, coffee beans, variety of breads & tarts, fruit juices and fried turkey drumstick.Here are the bread, fresh from the oven. Most of the breads will be sold out in a mere moment right after the staff placed in the display counter.Here's the huge turkey, RM10 per pc.Pure orange juice and other juices as well.The blueberries cheese tarts.The generous amount of cheese and blueberries, taste really good.We enjoyed the tart with a cuppa coffee @ RM8.WmartJalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur.[...]

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe @ Calvary Convention Centre


Another post which "store" in my draft for quite some time. Since today got the "ohmmm" to share in my blog, so here you go.Weekend, time to plan another brunch session with my friends. So, we decided to visit New Chapter by The Owls Cafe.I'm sure everyone is quite familiar with this cafe which located in the huge building - The Calvary Convention Centre at Bukit Jalil, nearby Seri Kembangan / Serdang too. The building is very easy to be seen as it is a big and white building and located right beside the roadside. The Owls Cafe is famous with their delectable Rebecca Waffles. I'm happy that the waffles will be served in this new outlet too. Besides that, they are offering breakfast & brunch. The choices are less than ten which will easier for you to make decision. One of the reason I like this cafe is the spacious dining area compare to their first outlet which has limited tables and a more narrow walkway. Anyway, this is the waiting area for the guest when the tables are fully occupy.Drinks preparation counter on the right and there are some merchandise display on the shelf. But I heard that the merchandises are not for sell, for example, the owl's cup.The cute owl cups.The cafe opens at 10am and we arrived on time hence the cafe is still quiet and empty. But it fully filled with customers in a mere moments.Nutty Latte - RM12The coffee smell really good and aromatic compare to the normal latte. Try it if you are a coffee lover.Super Fruits Tea - RM12 serving in a cute owl pot and cups.Too much owls here, there are owls graphic on the plate as well.The famous Rebecca Waffles - RM18, fluffy waffle topped with fresh blueberries & strawberries,  banana, almond flakes and a scope of sesame ice cream.Rebecca Waffles - RM18Midori Waffle - RM21Matcha based waffle filled with generous amount of Mandarin Oranges with sprinkle of pistachio, homemade black sesame and coconut ice cream together with red bean cream.David Waffles - RM18Topped with bananas, vanilla ice cream together with peanut butter cream and chocolate sauce which well-blended with the almond flakes, coconut flakse and toasted coconute flakes.My favourite waffles would be the Rebecca and Midori.English Muffin - RM16English style muffin with egg mayonnaise & semi sun-dried tomatoes with mix green salad and buttered parsley potatoes on side.Muffin & Lox - RM18English style muffin with mascarpone cream cheese and smoked salmon served with tomato salsa and shimeji mushroom.Chunky Sea Catch (Baker on the Go) - RM18Fresh tuna chunk with creamy mayonnaise & sundried tomato.Morning Daisy (Baker on the Go) - RM16From eggs scrambled to perfection in golden & soft texture.Overall, the breakfast & brunch is quite good but it would be better if they can always remain the standard of the food especially the taste and freshness. Because the first I went, the potato chips isn't crispy but it was good on the second visit. Besides that, the mushroom taste good on my first visit, but during the second visit, the mushroom wasn't fresh.Spot it? I purposely wear the owl tee to match with The Owls Cafe and my friend's bag has the OWL(s) too. :DThe total damage for 8 persons.[...]

Pangkor Island Festival 2015 邦咯海岛节


Last year, I attended the Pangkor Island Festival (PIF) - a pioneering island-based festival where community, culture and arts come to play. PIF aspires to integrate community culture, history and folklore with local tourism, highlight the best of Pangkor’s unique local delicacies as well as its touristic and scenic attractions. It was a grand celebration where both Pangkorians and visitors were having fun together,The festival runs for 4 days, there were many attractive performances, workshop. theater, music and also a fun run where we run along the Pangkor village and by the beach. We truly had an enjoyable trip during this PIF.  Below was the post I posted in my Facebook after I'm back from the festival which based on my true feelings and my thoughts. Beautiful photos will be shared at the end of this post. :)***   ***   ***  一年前,听朋友说去邦咯岛为2014年的邦咯海岛节做义工。一年后,没想到我会去邦咯岛参加2015年邦咯海岛节的节庆。这不是一般我想象中的海岛旅行,可是我的收获还蛮多滴。不是物质的收获,而是邦咯岛给我的感觉和体验。当然还有一班都好玩的同伴。在邦咯岛,可深深的体会,还有看见道地人民的生活,小镇里的一点一滴等。。他们家不像城市里的屋子那么大间,每一排家都隔着一条小路,只有摩多和脚踏车可以骑过,打开客厅的门,就可以看见对面家的家人在客厅里看电视。。还有早晨时,热闹的茶室和繁忙街道,老一辈的坐在茶室里喝早茶等。。这感觉让我回想起小时候,我和外婆在小乡村里长大的情景很相似。所以我会多了那一份感触。。参加了四天的邦咯海岛节,给我的感觉反而像是参加中学时期的生活营。组办当局准备了很多很丰富的节目,有草地音乐会,户外戏院,越前和纸工作坊,岛民剧场,海岛欢乐跑,全民踩街parade,文创园区和美食市集等等。听起来也觉得很棒,对吧?当中也有很多艺术家也来到参与这一届的邦咯海岛节。他们在Art Bazaar “摆档”,售卖他们设计的物品。其实这和KL 的跳蚤市场 (flea market / bazaar) 没什么两样。唯一不一样的是,这一班的艺术家会和居民或旅客(就是我们啦)述说他们所设计图案里背后的故事和意义。我觉得这真的很棒。这不但只让我们明白其中意义,也能够让这些positive的话语激励我们。世界真的很小,一起同行的朋友认识这邦咯海岛节的主要负责人 - Eric。而我也有机会了解到主办邦咯海岛节的原因,还有背后的辛酸故事。我问Eric “会继续每一年都办吗?”。他说明年应该会停办一年,计划两年办一次。因为筹备工作真的很不简单。从策划,寻找义工,节目安排至和当地人民沟通等等。。。在邦咯岛的第二天,朋友问我明年还会来吗?我很坚决的说不!可是, 当我去参与他们准备的节目,还有用心去体验这小地方的生活和当地的人民等。。我告诉自己说,我还会回来。嘻! 就如我告诉朋友,没去过的人,就算我再怎么样表达我的感想和感受,他们都不能够真真明白。要去过了,才能看到和体会到我所体会滴。若有机会,不妨一起参与下一届的邦咯海岛节吧!The Terminal Jeti to enter into Pangkor Island.Ticket can be purchased at the counter, RM10 per person (both way). We were welcome by this beautiful village on this beautiful day.The jetty.We arrived and depart from this terminal in Pangkor Island. As I know, there are 2 t[...]

[SABAH Travelogue] Explore Kota Kinabalu, Kundasang, & Shangri-La Tanjung Aru for 5D4N


Initially, I wanna write about "What to do in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?". However, I realize I do not have comprehensive information to share about it. So, here I will summarize our 5D4N in KK in one blog post. Basically, our trip in KK was rather a relax one. The main reason was to attend our friend's wedding in Shangri-La @ Tanjung Aru. Because of the wedding invitation, here's my first trip to Sabah. 2 weeks after we back from South Korea in April this year, here's come another local trip. The beautiful city - Kota Kinabalu.We departed on 29th April, 10am flight by Malaysia Airline. Despite all the bad news we have heard about MAS Airline, it didn't stop us from flying with MAS again. Most importantly, MAS offered the cheapest flight ticket among all (Air Asia & Malindo Air). Beautiful weather to kick-start our trip.Yes, I was lucky to be assigned to a seat next to the window. :)The best part of flying with MAS is the fare included meal & free flow of drinks and in-flight entertainments. We had nasi goreng and it taste really good, it also comes with a healthy cookies and peanuts. During the 2 and half hour journey, I enjoyed my time by watching a movie that release in the cinema not long ago - THE 33, the story is based on the real-life event, when a gold and copper mine collapses, it traps 33 miners underground for 69 days. Here's the KK city, beautiful roof top ya.Our friend fetched us from the airport, and we were heading to Kundasang right after that. On the way to Kundasang, we visited this Tamparuli Suspension Bridge.Kundasang is a town in the district of Ranau in Sabah and it is 1 hour drive from the city. At Kundasang, you may visit the vegetable wholesales market, and Desa Dairy Farm where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the cool breeze, treat yourself a yummy yoghurt ice cream and may more. Vegetable wholesales market.Beautiful Kundasang.Breathtaking scenery.Lovely place at Desa Dairy Farm.Those houses are actually homestay / hostel where you could spend 1 or 2 nights here in Kundasang. It would be an ideal plan to visit this place with family or a bunch of good friends.The yoghurt milk ice cream, very yummy!!On the first night in KK, we went to one of the hawker center nearby Tanjung Aru for seafood. Unfortunately, the standard of the foods were quite food, that's why no photo will be shared in this post. THE SHOPPING MALLThere are few shopping mall in the city center, IMAGO KK Time Square, Centre Point Sabah, Warisan Square, Suria Sabah and many more. Among all, IMAGO KK Time Square is the best one to visit.IMAGO KK Time Square is the latest and newest shopping mall in KK and there are many quality and branded tenants, such as COACH, Nichii, H&M, Souled Out, Victoria Secret etc. It is a good place to chill out if you would like to get rid of the hot weather.IMAGO KK Time Square.Chill at Starbucks with a cup of Key Lime Pie drinks after shopping.Beautiful view of KK city from our hotel.OUR ACCOMMODATIONWe stayed in SKY Hotel, 10 - 15 mins from the KK International Airport. We got the room which comes with 2 bed room which can fit 4 guest, a living hall and kitchen.Personally, I think this hotel located at a strategic location where guest can easily access to Gaya street, the city center, various shopping mall and the airport. However, it would be better to rent a car to explore around the city because taxi could cost you a bomb. The minimum fare would be RM15 per trip for a 5 - 10 mins journey.We rented a car at RM110 per day for a proton saga (manual). There are many choices in the airport, you may survey and make decision before you leave the airport. Car can be r[...]

Busan 2015: Explore Haeundae, Haeundae Traditional Market, Daiso


In Haeundae, one must visit Haeundae beach but we didn't make it because due to tight schedule and also, the weather was really cold & windy. On our last night in Busan, we explore Haeundae by visiting the traditional market, and also Daiso. Yes, Daiso in South Korea. :) The crowds at night seems to be more quiet compare to Gwangli area, lesser cars and people too.Even restaurant also few customers only.Haeundae Traditional Market, it was a random stroll and we were here. Haeundae beach is just across the street but we didn't go explore.I'm sure the traditional market will be more crowded during day time. Here, we could find many stalls selling fresh vegetables, meats and seafood, as well as Korean street food such as kimbap (seaweed rice roll) and tteokbokki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce).Time to hunt for food!I was so excited when I stumbled upon a stall selling "pau" (Chinese Bun).Nothing fancy about this bun, but it keeps my tummy warm.YUM YUM!Fresh fruits stall.Fried Chicken with sweet and sour sauce.We continued our walk and this shop got my attention - OPS Boulangerie Patisserie.You will be regretted to step into this shop because there are so many beautiful and yummy pastries, especially pastries with nice packaging.All these come with a beautiful packaging as we can giveaway as a gift. Unfortunately, I can't bring it home because it isn't cheap.It was the month of February - Valentine's Day celebration, thus the beautiful packaging with floral graphics.On our way walking back to our hotel, we saw this 3-storey Daiso.So, what's the difference between Daiso in Malaysia and South Korea? In Malaysia, all the items sell at RM5 (before 6% GST), the Daiso in Korea isn't selling the goods in RM5 but most of the products are really cheap.Fresh plants.Korean canned food, KRW 1,500 for each (around RM5).Morea snacks and cookies, why Malaysia don't have one? Each snacks cost between RM3 - RM6+.I bought 2 tooth paste!! It was really cheap seriously, only RM3.30 per unit.Time flies, it is time to say goodbye to Busan. Before we check-out and depart to the bus station, we went to the convenient shop nearby to grab some food and drinks.I really like to get varieties of healthy drinks from the convenient shop in South Korea, they have soya, yoghurt and many more. Let's take a look at this cute stuff in the convenient shop.Kleenex limited edition tissue which did not sell in Malaysia, so these 2 packs are going back with me to Malaysia. Each of this selling at KRW1,000 (RM3.30).There are other brands of tissue paper with cute graphics on the packaging too.Travel kit, I like the pastel colour and simplicity of the packaging.Alright, time to check-out and I will be back again, Busan.It was another beautiful day in Busan.Our bus ticket, heading to Seoul - a 4 hours journey from Busan.till then..[...]

Busan 2015: Hotel The Sun @ Haeundae


On the day 3 in Busan, we stayed in a hotel in Haeundae due to the inconveniences of our couchsurfing host. As you know, Haeundae is famous with its beach, sadly we couldn't make it to the beach as it was really cold at night and on the next day, we were rushing to the bus station to Seoul.Anyway, there are other places and things to explore within the walking distance from our hotel. Fear not, there are tons of hotel in Haeundae, no worries on getting a room despite the pricing. We check-in to Hotel The Sun which cost RM196 per night for a standard double room. As usual, I researched and read the reviews online before confirming the room. It has good comments and the rooms look great from the photos posted on website.There are so many hotel here, and it took us few minutes to find out the exact location of the hotel by taxi. Each hotel is located side by side, so you can imagine the numbers of the hotels here. Both side of the buildings are hotels, besides there, convenience shops are everywhere too.Done with check-in, let's explore the room.It was a WOW from me when I enter the room. First impression about this room was CLEAN! It might be cause of the white painting on the wall and the white furniture.The rooms has everything you need, from bed, amenities, basic facilities to a desktop computer.Wall is decorated with some Hangul. Simple yet beautiful.Here's the other view of the room.Television, computer, fridge, dressing table and chair.I realized, there's a PC provided in most of the hotel in Korea. I'm not sure why, but it is really convenient to travelers. Anyway, we didn't use it because I don't login to personal account by using public PC.There's a huge sofa and coffee table beside the bed. Yea, we placed our luggage, bags and winter coat on it.Antique phone in the room which is workable.Hair dryer place underneath the dressing table.Coffee and tea is provided as well. On the side note, the 3in2 coffee in Korea taste good.I'm surprised at this! What's that?The styling gel, moisturizer, after shave product, emulsion and some lotion.Bathrobe.The small washroom, yet it still can fit a bathtub.Hair & body shampoo and conditioner at your choice, and also the shaving foam.Bath & face towel, and toilet bowl with heating function.Besides all the great amenities provided in the room, they are also offering free flow of coffee and popcorn (all day).Toast bread is available too.The coffee machine, it is free of charge.Don't you think, with the price we paid, this is really affordable and value for money? They offer most of the things needed for the travelers, how considerate. Besides that, they are located at a strategic location where easy to access to Haeundae beach, Haeundae traditional market (for street food, seafood, vegetable etc) and many more, by foot. This is one of the hotel attracted me, the interior and exterior is really beautiful.Hotel The Sun @ HaeundaeAddress: 638-7 Wu-Dong, Haeundae-Gu, 612-020 Busan, South Korea– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–【Click HERE to browse other South Korea travelogue.】– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–[...]

Busan 2015: Seomyeon Shopping District


Seomyeon is another good place for shopping in Busan, there are also few underground shopping center where you can find many international brands as well. After we spent almost half a day in Gamcheon Culture Village, we heading to Seomyeon which is toward the north of Busan. Seomyeon wasn't in our itinerary, so, we just follow the directions in Metro station.Just take the metro to Seomyeon station and you will reach that place.Here's the view after we walked out from the metro. Similar to Myeongdong but much more smaller scale where there are a lot of shops and restaurant. The street wasn't really busy when we were there.Few international brands were spotted here, such as Zara and Nike..In the evenings, most of the mobile stalls setup by the street.Basically, we just walk around in Seomyeon Shopping District and didn't able to take a peek in their underground shopping mall. I'm sure there are a lot of things could explore in Seomyeon. Today was the last night in Busan, so we gotta rush back to pack stuff and transfer our luggage from our couchsurfing host to the hotel at Haeundae.– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–【Click HERE to browse other South Korea travelogue.】– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–[...]

South Korea 2015: Day 3 - Busan Gamcheon Culture Village 甘川洞文化村 (부산 감천문화마을), Santorini of the East


One of the highlight in Busan is the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village or known as the "Santorini of the East". It is a quirky art-filled neighbourhood village with many artistic artwork and painting, you will definitely enjoy strolling in between the houses. Don't afraid of getting lost, and go explore (by foot). So, remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoe ya.Guess what? I'm actually lost in the village which I will share later. Have a glance at the picturesque Gamcheon Culture Village which painted with vibrant and colourful colours.The village won the 2012 UN-HABITAT Asian Townscape Award as well as a cultural excellence award from Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. And so, many people are getting to know about Gamcheon Culture VillageWe visited Gamcheon Culture Village in the morning, so we have a quick breakfast at the convenient shop first before depart. The burgers were really cheap, so we took the Bulgalbi Burger which cost at KRW 1,600 (RM5.20).We bought a chocolate drinks (hot water provided), bulgalbi burger and gimbap.The burger taste really good after reheat.Gimbap on the go!It doesn't taste too bad although the appearance of the gimbap looks "pale".We are going to explore the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village after breakfast. So, how should we go?DIRECTIONS to Gamcheon Culture Village:Metro to Toseong-dong Station (Line 1), Exit 6.Bus no. 2 or 2.2 (around KRW3,000 - 4000)After we coming out from exit 6, will need to turn to the right at the corner (facing the intersection) and walk straight up to the hill. In a short distance, there is a hospital on our right and there’s a bus stop in front of the hospital. Take bus number 2 or 2.2 to Gamcheon Culture Village.This is the hospital on our right.There's a bus stop in front of this hospital, hop on bus no 2 or 2.2.Here's the street view while we waiting for the bus to arrive.It takes us a mere moment (around 10 mins by bus) to reach this beautiful place.History about Gamcheon Culture VillageIn the 1940s, only 20 or so houses dotted the hillside, but that number swelled dramatically at the beginning of the Korean War in 1950. War refugees fled their homes for the relative safety of Busan, the only area of the peninsula that remained free from fighting. Within a year, Busan’s population grew from 880,000 to 1.4 million people, and a half million homeless refugees needed a place to live–and fast. Approximately 4,000 people moved from the crowded port areas surrounding the Jagalchi Fish Market to nearby Gamcheon, erecting some 800 makeshift homes using scrap iron, wood and rocks.In 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism stepped in with the Dreaming of Machu Picchu in Busan project. Reparations were made, artists were hired to paint murals and 10 artworks were installed, some created with the assistance of the residents. In 2010 the follow-up Miro Miro project saw the addition of 12 more works, including alley paintings and path markers perfectly suited to the project as miro means ‘maze’ in Korean. These days, visitors can see trick art, sculpture, and even rooms or buildings remodeled around a singular art concept, such as the Book Cafe shaped like a giant coffee mug, or rooms interpreting themes such as ‘peace’ or ‘darkness’. (source)Although the sun was shining brightly, yet it was so windy here.Winter in Gamcheon Culture Village.Let's start exploring this village.It was winter, and so, most of the plants were not fully bloom yet.From here, we start our journey in Gamcheon Village.There's a information b[...]

South Korea 2015: Day 2 - Nampo at Night, Busan Tower @ Yongdusan Park


Day 2: 4th Feb 2015Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30Finally, come to the last post of day 2 in Busan. It was a fruitful day in Busan and it wasn't tiring at all. Once you are in Nampo area, you could spend a day to explore all the tourist spot and surrounding here, all by walk.It was dinner time, so we walked to Gwangbok-dong again after visited the Bosu-dong Bookstreet. Sky turns dark and all the stalls were nicely setup by the street, the korean version of night market. Most of the stalls were selling winter clothing, bags, fashion accessories and of course foods.We were excited when there's food!! Because the weather was so cold and we will feel warm after having some hot food. Asian style of pancake.So, finally we decided to try to the popular tteokbokki, soft rice cafe paired with the sweet red chili sauce. The tteokbokki was so soft and nice to chew, red chili sauce is not really spicy. The ajumma (auntie) served a cup of soup for us (refillable), it really warms our tummy.We ordered the Asian style pancake and kimbap. Kimbap is another popular Korean street food which make from rice, and other ingredients such as egg, spinach, minced pork, and crab sticks, rolled in gim and served in bite-size slices. I think we were really hungry, all the street foods we tasted were really delicious and filing.No chairs, no tables, just stand and enjoy the food.The boot I'm wearing was the one I bought earlier, @ RM10 per pair only, really comfy.noom noomm noooommm..We were quite full after having the street food, but the tamjiak me still carving for others, such as.... dessert? We spotted this little shop selling waffle where the aromatic of the waffle got my attention and so, we went to have a peek.Here you go! The waffle with chocolate filling and cream. So sinful yet yummy!!!Here the look of Gwangbok street at night, it become more lively with people too.The weather turns really cold at night.These are few of the shops that we passed by during day time, it become more beautiful at night with the fairies lights.There are so many beautiful cafe in Korean but I yet to pay a visit. Anyway, I will try to make it on my upcoming trip to South Korea again.Lotte Mall at night.The night is still young, but we are not going for drinking session. Instead, we are going to do some exercise after the dinner. Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower is one of the tourist spot that not-to-be missed too and it is located conveniently near the Nampo area and Gwangbok-dong. Busan tower is located at Yongdusan Park, so you can visit both park and tower at the same time.How to go? From Gwangbok-dong shopping street, take the escalator and it will direct you to Yongdusan Park. This is the easiest and convenient method.This is the escalator and staircase to Yongdusan Park which located at Gwangbok-dong. Follow the staircase all the way up, and you will reach the park.The weather was even more windy and cold after we reach Yongdusan park, I was freezing.Yongdusan, is one of the 3 well-known mountains in Busan. Its old name is Songhyunsan, which means a mountain has a view of the sea through the dense fine tree forest. Later the name has changed into Yongdusan. It came from its shape, which is similar to dragon head and people thought it has a spirit to defeat enemies coming over the sea. If you can read Chinese, that's how the name came from - 龙头山公园.Busan Tower is a symbol of Busan that stands proudly 69m above sea level at a height of 120m. The top of the tower is modeled after the baldaquin of Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Tem[...]

South Korea 2015: Day 2 - Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street, Busan International Film Festival Square (BIFF), Jagalchi Market, Bosu-dong Bookstreet


Day 2: 4th Feb 2015Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30From Gukje Market - the traditional market in Busan, we continue our Nampo-dong journey to Gwangbok-dong again and the famous Busan International Film Festival Square (BIFF). It stated on the website that the BIFF Square has contributed to Busan's newfound status as an international cultural tourist city.Gwangbok-dong is a shopping street where people name it as the "Myeong-dong Busan" where it captures the heart of fashion, art, culture, and shopping in Busan which locate in between BIFF Square and Yongdusan Park.We don't have any mobile data nor any map with us, so we just walk around without afraid of getting lost. And because of that, we stumbled upon this beautiful mural in the metro underground.The mural on a metro underground.Sunny day but the weather was cool.The KRW 5,000 (around RM15) attracted me!!!! They are selling some winter jacket, scarf, shoes, socks, caps...The scarf, RM3,30 only and the boots selling at RM10!!!! I bought 1 scarf and 3 boots. LOL. The boots were quite comfy, worth it.Along the Gwangbok-dong, you will spotted many golden statues.The iconic statue in Gwangbok-dong.Here are some of the view & shops that we passed by when we were walking towards BIFF Square.YAY!! We are here in BIFF Square. There are 2 ways to enter to BIFF Square, and this is one of the entrance we enter where ArtBox will be seen. ArtBox was founded in 1984 and today has become Korea’s leading stationery gift shop chain.  Today ArtBox has over 100 locations throughout Korea and has expanded internationally.The shop was packed with cute stationary, and some decorations stuff.Beautiful products and of course, the price is not cheap too.I like these cards written in Hangul.Walked out from the ArtBox, and there's the BIFF Square. Here, you can easily taste a lot of the local street food and I'm here for the famous hotteok, it is a pancake stuff with brown sugar, seeds, peanuts...Along the BIFF Square street, there are the hand prints by the artist.What's this?We take a peek because many people were queuing for this.Eh! That's roti canai (a Malaysian local street food) right? LOL, but this is Korean version, Ok, let's skip this and hunt for the REAL Korean street food.It was almost late evening and most of the stalls start crowded with customers.YAY! I found the stall which selling hotteok.LONG Q!!!! So, I'm sure it must be really good ya.There are many stalls selling hotteok but this is the famous one where you could get the best and yummiest hotteok. You may try to look for this sign.The dough for the pancake.All the pancakes were made on the spot and so, you could taste the real hotteok fresh from the oven.Frying the pancake.Here's my hotteok!!! There were brown sugar, peanuts, and many more. Be careful because it was really hot. Anyway, it taste really good!! Mark this in your itinerary ya.More street food: tteokbokki, dumpling, kimbap (the seaweed rolls) and many more..This is the other entrance of BIFF. After the walking and trying the street food at BIFF, we continue our journey to Jagalchi Market.Cross the road, and we will be reaching Jagalchi Market.What to do at Jagalchi Market?To have a seafood feast and to taste the live octopus!!!! Yes, live! It was in my itinerary to try the live octopus, but I didn't make it.It was fun to take a tour at Jagalchi Market because I saw many weird and huge seafoods. It was really eye-opening.The gigantic octopus!!!!!!!So tempting, wanted to try it, but i[...]

South Korea 2015: Gukje Market (남포동 국제시장) @ Busan


Day 2: 4th Feb 2015Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30After we had our breakfast and grab for our daily dose, we started to explore every corner of Nampo-Dong and the nearby attractions. Gukje Market (남포동 국제시장) is one of Korea's largest markets not to be missed when traveling to Busan. The meaning of Gukje is "international", thus you can name it as international market. Alley was full with stalls and the walkway is narrow.This is a tradition market where you can find almost everything you need right here, each alleyway is corded with stalls, and it connects to other tourist attraction spots such as BIFF, Jagalchi Market, and others. You might get lost in Gukje Market because there are so many alleys and most of them selling similar stuff but fear not, just explore and you might found many interested things and people too.Some people might feel boring with this type of market, but if you are a explorer or a person who like to experience what's the local do, eat and see, this might be one of the good place. So, what's in Gukje Market? Besides clothes, they are selling bed sheets, pillows and everything that you need for the bedroom. These pillows are so cute and colourful which attracted me when I passed by.Drawing & paintings.Not-to-forget, the coffee shop, and this shop is really really really small!Mobile fruit stall.How about this? The quality not bad though.In Malaysia, we called this kedai runcit where you can buy all these snacks, foods, drinks from the shop.Alcohol.Bowls, containers, cups, tiffin...Slippers and bags.The snacks.Beautiful clocks.The fish market.The wet market was really crowded with uncle and aunty.Foods!!!Korean dishes.Face mask selling at really really low price.I wanted to try a bowl of red bean soup because it smells really good but I'm still full thus give it a miss.The corns were really beautiful.A very mini mini mini shop spotted. You can realize how small the shop is by looking at the size of the man in black jacket standing there. The shop could only fit... 2 persons only.Basically, Gukje Market is a nice place to explore and walk around. The place is crowded with people and elderly if you visit the market in the morning, but still bearable. This is definitely a good experience for me.– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–【Click HERE to browse other South Korea travelogue.】– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– — —–[...]

South Korea 2015: Sinchon - BonGousse Rice Burger 봉구스 밥버거 + Issac Toast 이삭토스트 명동점


Allow me to jump to the breakfast that we had on our 8th day in South Korea. Believe it or not? I decided to share this post when I'm really really hungry at work!!! When I was working, my stomach was growling, and that's where I thought of the yummy rice burger that I had in Korea last February.We wanted to try the famous Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ (팔색삼겹살) at Sinchon where they serve fresh pork belly meat seasoned with eight kinds of special sauces. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the restaurant. Anyway, we still had the yummy rice burger and also, the famous Isaac Toast.But wait!!! Guess what? When I was browsing my photo album to prepare this post, I realize, there's a photo of the Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! It is actually located right opposite of the rice burger shop that we had. *head banging*.LOOK! This is the Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ Restaurant. It looks really hidden, because I thought it was a billboard at first, until I google and found out this. OMG OMG! I still couldn't believe this.LOL! It's okay. Palsaik is quite common already and there are few outlets in Malaysia too. I still being grateful because I get to try the rice burger which is not listed in my itinerary.The famous Isaac Toast and right beside it, it is the BonGousse Rice Burger (yellow outlet).BonGousse Rice Burger is a popular Korean style fast food eatery known for its very delicious and yet cheap rice burgers. The rice burger is basically rice with a size of a palm stuffed with a variety of ingredients inside (tuna, kimchi, cheese, pork etc). Rice replaces the hamburger buns of traditional burgers. It's a handy snack especially for teenagers and university students, we saw many students when we stepped into the shop. It has a lot of branches throughout Korea usually in the university neighborhood such as Hongdae, Konkuk Univ, Edae, SNU and more.This is the shop at Sinchon where many students will have a quick bite here or takeaway.This is the menu in Korean and Chinese, I think there's also a menu in English (if I didn't remember wrongly). The rice burger here is really affordable, price ranging from KRW 1,500 to KRW 3,000. You will be spoiled for choice, look at the varieties of rice burger they are serving.A very simple graphics to demonstrate, how you should enjoy the rice burger, and also the ingredients can be added.This outlet at Sinchon is really small, they could cater up to 8 or 10 pax only.The students having some quick bite.Here's our rice burger, the size is quite big and no doubt, it was really filling after we finish the whole rice burger.We ordered tuna + chicken (non-spicy) and chicken with kimchi (spicy).Our breakfast - the rice burger.The rice burger wrapped with the tuna and chicken + special sauce.This is the spicy chicken with kimchi.It taste really really spicy. Don't play play.The Korean rice comes with the seaweed.We were quite full after having the filling rice burger. But since Isaac Toast is just right beside of the rice burger, why not give it a try! Isaac Toast is quite famous in Korea too, they are serving varieties of sandwiches which stuffed with cheese, vegetable, ham, bacon, potato and many more.Besides the toast, they are offering drinks - coffee and juices too. It is really convenient for people who wanna grab and go.Looks so juicy and yummy right? Anyway, this is for illustration purpose only la.This is our Isaac Toast. Erm... doesn't lo[...]

Hanna & Kent - A Local Beauty Brand + *GIVEAWAY*


When comes to beauty products, I think... most of the female quite familiar with the international brands right? How about the local brands? To my surprise, this beauty products are actually produce and brand locally. Hanna & Kent, is a skin care, personal care and cosmetics brand specially designed for young and oily skin which originally from Penang, Malaysia. The concept and image of the brand are designed in the way to show FUN, FRESH, & TRENDY. I'm sure you will get attracted by the cute and beautiful packaging because I did.Currently, they have set up 3 store in Penang - Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza and the recent one is at DaMen Shopping Mall @ USJ, Subang. They are slowly expanding to attract bigger and more crowds. This is the outlet located at DaMen Shopping Mall, USJ, Subang.In view of the younger generation’s awareness in safety and impact to the environment of products, the formulation of Hanna & Kent emphasized on natural, environmentally friendly.100% plant origin activeFREE of Sodium Laureth Sulphale (SLS)FREE of parabensHanna & Kent offer wide range of skin care products which suite for different skin type. This is the DAILY CARE for all skin types, oily skin and sensitive skin which contains 3 products - cleanser, toner and essence.Each packaging come with a cute design of either Hanna or Kent or both Hanna & Kent together which is the important character of this brand.Beautiful packaging for Daily Care in Set. Just pick, pay and ready to bring home, how considerate.Daily Care in Set - RM112.30Cleanser 150ml, Toner 150ml, Essence 50mlFear not, DAILY CARE has the traveling kit too.Each travel kit comes with the a beautiful and handy zip-pouch.Traveling kit - RM38.10Cleanser 50ml, Toner 50ml, Essence 12mlThis is the Sebum Control series which suitable for oily skin.As for the UV protection, there are 2 products - Daily UV Defense which and Corrective UV Defense, both are suitable for all skin types. It provides a long-lasting and natural looking finish while safeguarding skin's beauty for the future.Daily UV Defence (SPF 30 PA+++) 50g - RM59.90Corrective UV Defense (SPF 50 PA+++) 50g - RM63.90Hanna & Kent offers 5 categories of Bio-Cellulose Mask made from Bio-Cellulose which is one of the international latest and most popular plant fibers with unique raw material. Most importantly, it is environmental friendly & natural product.Bio-Cellulose Mask - RM13.70 / piece5 Categories of Bio-Cellulose Mask:Aquaboost (Hydrating),Ever Young (Revitalizing),PorePurifying (Deep Cleansing),Gentle Soothing (Calming),Snowy White (brightening)The texture of the mask is very soft and elastic, it patented innovative natural gel sheet with the latest bio technology. This is the must-have items for us because it has the excellent hydration, 16x stronger absorptive power, 500x finer than plant fibers, and perfectly stick to skin. I tried it and love it so so so much, my skin feel refreshed and hydrated after applied for 20 - 25 minutes. I like how Hanna & Kent package the products, with beautiful & cute design, the creative tagline and bubble talk by Hanna herself."I have an exciting date tonight, Time to Jazz It Up""I'm at that time of the month, Time for Extra Care."This is the must-have product for people who face acne problem (like me), SOBS.Zap Acne Pimples Cream - RM31.70I give it a try as I facing some acne[...]

Our 11th Valentine's Day


14th February 2016, Sunday.Yeah! Time flies, today is our 11th Valentine's Day together which is also Chu 7 (the 7th day of Chinese New Year). Last year, we enjoyed our Valentine's Day Beast @ The Intermark but this year, we had a simple celebration. One of the reason is because there were non-stop celebrations since last November 2015. To name a few, road trip to Singapore & Penang, Christmas & CNY food review, Christmas & New Year celebration and gathering, my birthday celebration, CNY, and valentines.... That's the awesome four months (November 2015 - February 2016).This Valentine's Day, we decided to be more casual yet contented and meaningful. We are going on a date at IKEA @ Jalan Cochrane, Cheras and this was the first time I'm here. I thought the traffic would be better because IKEA has been open to public for months and today is Valentine's Day, everyone must be in somewhere else for the celebration. Sadly, I'm wrong! The traffic was so bad. Patiently waiting to enter to the car park. We are finally here, IKEA - the biggest one compare to the one in Damansara.Eat first, shopping later.Everyone is here for the meatball, so am I. The meatball doesn't taste as good as it was but luckily the sauce still taste good. Spaghetti - nothing to shout about it (I definitely can cook better).Our first Valentine's Day meal.15 meatballs.Go-grey for the fingernails. I bought it from Sephora, dry quick and nice colour. Told ya, it was a casual Valentine's Day and thus the shorts + LINE friends tee, pouch / bag is gift from sister from Bangkok. After the meatballs meal, jalan-jalan and shop for some furniture. Spotted my sis photo here. Another photo of my sis has been spotted too.My Valentine's "flower". #carrot #broccoli The chair is meant for kids.... but I bought one for myself. HaHa.. #大小孩Besides that, we bought the 80 cents ice-cream too but it doesn't taste good anymore. I still prefer the RM1 ice-cream from Mc D.We have no idea where to go or what to do after IKEA (really casual hor, no planning at all). So, we stroll around KL city center and finally I decided to visit Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa for their famous soufflé. The vanilla soufflé which comes with osmanthus maple syrup - RM17. Hot longan milk tea - RM10.Both dessert and drinks taste really good but it is bit pricey. We witnessed the beautiful evening after came out from Wild Sheep Chase. At night, we went to Alamanda for The Mermaid movie.It was really a funny and good movie, worth to watch if you haven't. Valentine's Day dinner.....that pathetic chicken @ Nando's.That pretty sum up of Valentine's celebration this year - casual theme.Thanks for the unconditional love.#ywslm[...]