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We’ll bring the theme, you bring the style.


What is this theme?

Sat, 03 May 2008 14:29:00 -0400

{CustomCSS} is a new kind of a theme, a theme that leaves the style entirely up to the user.

This theme isn’t intended for the CSS newbie, but should be perfect for anyone comfortable with CSS who doesn’t want to trouble themselves with learning Tumblr’s theme engine.

We’ve done our best to implement all the features we think a standard, non-group tumblelog will actually use, and we’ve made sure to add classes and ids to as many elements as possible, giving you plenty of control over the style of your tumblelog.

Interested? Download the theme and start styling!

If you want to see the kind of things you can do with a theme that leaves the style entirely up to you, check these out…

  • Brownstone: A light-on-dark, mutli-column style. It’s a little brooding, very simple, and (ironically) there’s not a single drop of brown anywhere to be seen. By Bill Israel. Stylesheet available for download.
  • Sandboxing: A one-column style with easy-to-read typography, pleasing color scheme, and distinctive header and footer. By Richard Dunlop-Walters. Stylesheet available for download.
  • Simple Theme: Just as the name implies, it’s a dead-simple, attractive theme. By Eric Strauss. Stylesheet available for download.
  • Clear: This bright, minimal theme provides a perfectly clean slate for your thoughts. By topherchris. Stylesheet available for download.
  • PickdUp: This is another minimal theme that is covered up in subtlety and shades of grey. Delightfully simple. By Paul Giacherio. Stylesheet available for download.
  • Greg’s Tumblelog: this theme has a smooth muted feel with nothing fancy. By Greg Schueler. Stylesheet not available for download.
  • Magdolina: A simple one-column design that uses the Silk icon set by FamFamfam. By Magdalena Buskies.

If you’ve created a stylesheet for {CustomCSS}, please send an e-mail to let us know and we’ll highlight here!