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“Surely joy is the condition of life.” - Henry David Thoreau



Mon, 18 Apr 2016 05:19:24 +0300

I remember several times in my life where odds things happened in terms of time, déjà vu moments. One such moment happened a few years ago. I was sitting on an intercity bus watching as people boarded the bus. I noticed one man who looked familiar. I wondered to myself where did I know him from. A couple of days later I was at a party and sure enough the same man was at the party. When I noticed him at the party I was struck with the understanding that I had recognized him on the bus from the party.

In French, déjà vu literally means already seen. I had already seen him at the party and the future event had informed the past event of me sitting on the bus. Sitting on the bus watching people board and choose their seats I remembered this man from the future.

So what does this mean? What does it mean that a future event can affect a past event? It means that right now at this very moment we can tap into future events.  We can recognize future opportunities.


How does this happen? It happens because past and future do not exist apart from constructs in our mind. There is only the present moment. When we think of a past event and lament its impact on us now we are doing so now.  When we think of some future event with dread or longing we are doing so now.  The feelings, the beliefs we give credence to they are happening right now whether we give ourselves to past or future events.

I find this concept ungraspable in an intellectual capacity.  What do you mean there is no past event? The implications of such a notion are so far reaching so life changing that I am overwhelmed.  Yet, in terms of practical application the notion of only a timeless present is so liberating.

If all there is now then all there is now. Now is the time to be happy, now is the time to feel fulfillment. Now is the time to appreciate all that is and will be.

If future events reach back into time and affect the outcomes then by focusing on the reality of a timeless now I can both change my past and take advantage of my future, my future as a wise old person who has been through a long life and seen much in the world. Or I can feel the exuberance of myself as a child. The lightheartedness, the joy, the excitement of life that children have. These are all available right now.

It is great fun to play with this notion that all there is and ever will be is now. Next time you have a moment to yourself take the time to explore this notion and see how if all there is is now if you can shift your being to be the version of you that you want, the version of you who is happy, fulfilled and at peace.

stoopdoc: I would like to introduce a new hash tag:...

Thu, 14 Apr 2016 11:12:14 +0300



I would like to introduce a new hash tag: #DontKillDocs.  As a doctor, I must denounce the burning of medical clinics, the killing of patients and their friends, and the assassination of doctors and medical staff.  I also denounce inciting violence leading to death threats and the murder of doctors and medical staff as well as patients and police officers trying to protect patients.  It is scary that so many elected officials are guilty of this.

טאי צ’י צ’ה

Sun, 27 Mar 2016 22:35:03 +0300

הטאי צ'י צ'ה היא הסגנון של טאי צ'י הכי עדין שמאפשר את החוויה הכי עוצמתית של הצ'י. התנועות יחסית קלות ללמידה והרבה תלמידים מרגישים את זרימת הצ'י בשיעור הראשון.

תרגול קבוע ומתמיד של טאי צ'י צ'ה מביא מגוון רחב של תועלות: פיסי, רגשי ורוחני. התחלתי עם טאי צ'י צ'ה ב1995 ולאורך השנים למדתי ותרגלתי מספר סגנונות שונים של טאי צ'י וראיתי שלמרות המחסור במרכיבים של לחימה הטאי צ'י צ'ה מאפשרת את החוויה הכי עוצמתית של הצ'י.

שיעור רגיל נמשך 45 דקות. צריך לפחות 6 מפגשים ללמוד את כל ה-19 תנועות ותנוחה אחת. אני יכול להגיע אליכם הבית או אפשר לקבוע במקום בחוץ (איפה שהצ'י יותר טוב).

למידע נוסף אודות טאי צ'י צ'ה: 


 טאי צ’י צ’ה בוויקיפדיה (אנגלית)

אתר טאי צ’י צ’ה (אנגלית)

סרטון של מורה בחירה מלמדת את כל התנועות הטאי צ’י צ’ה

ייעוץ פילוסופי - להקל ולאפשר שינוי Facilitating

Sun, 27 Mar 2016 21:31:09 +0300

ייעוץ פילוסופי זו שיטה מהירה, עדינה, ועוצמתית לניקוי סתירות פנימיות הגורמות לנו סבל. שיחות ייעוץ עזרות ליחידים, זוגות, משפחות וארגונים. שיחה אישית נמשחת בין 45-60 דקות ומתקיימות בפגישה או בטלפון.

ייעוץ פילוסופי אינו כלי תראפויטי, פסיכולוגי או מתקן אלה מתייחס לזהות שלנו שהוא הגורם המעצב את עולמינו. באמצעות אחריות יצירתית שיחות ייעוץ עוזרות לנו לחולל שינוים מיידים וארוכי טווח. שיחת ייעוץ מתחילה עם שאלה כזאת:

  “בשיחה אנחנו נסתכל על המצב באור שהאמונות שלך מעצבים את החוויה - עד כמה אי אפשר לומר. אבל במידה שהם פועלות, שינוי בך מכניס גורם חדש שיכול להשפיע. האם את/ה פתוח/ה לרעיון שיש דרך אחרת להסתכל על המצב ממה שהסתכלת עד עכשיו?”

שיטות פסיכולוגיות, תראפויטיות או מתקנות מתבססות על הרעיון שיש בעיה וצריך לפתור אותה וזה עלול לקחת זמן ,לפעמים הרבה זמן. בניגוד לכך הייעוץ הפילוסופי מתבסס על הסתכלות והזדהות שמאפשרת לחלול שינוי פנימי מיידי שמשפיע על המצב לטובה.

כדי לקבלה הקדמה לייעוץ פילוסופי אפשר להזמין אותי לארוך הרצאה. בהרצאה מקבל הקהל הצצה פנימה על כיצד אנו יוצרים את המציאות שלנו בעולם באמצעות האמונות בהן אנו מחזיקים. ההרצאות אורכת כארבעים דקות, ועשרים הדקות הנוספות מוקדשות לשאלות ותשובות. הרצאות אלה מותאמות לכל גודל של קהל.

Unwillingness, Willfulness & Willingness

Mon, 22 Feb 2016 23:51:34 +0200

This morning I went to the doctor’s office in order to receive the treatment for my diagnosis of high blood pressure. The treatment was to be taking pills to reduce my blood pressure. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago and was determined to lower it using exercise, diet and reducing stress. The basis for this determination was my unwillingness to accept that there was anything wrong with me. I lead a healthy lifestyle both in mind and body and so there was no reason for me to give into the idea that there was a threat to my health and well being.


Despite my best efforts, I was unable to lower my blood pressure readings. Months turned into years and I moved from one doctor to another and another.  Each time it seemed that my blood pressure rose a little bit more. A few months ago I went through another round of measuring at home and again there was a further increase. I was starting to get worried but I did not allow myself to be swayed into believing that anything was wrong. Yet, with these readings, I could not continue to refuse treatment without ignoring my responsibility to my family.

We recently moved and I took this opportunity to bite the bullet and take the drugs. I went to the doctor with the explicit reason to start receiving treatment.  My blood pressure reading was high again yet my new doctor wanted to do tests, meet in two weeks, and then determine the treatment.

My tests were all fine and the doctor measured my blood pressure and said that it was normal and that she did not see a reason for treatment.  I was so surprised.

Despite the blood pressure readings, despite the insistence of the doctors, I was unwilling to accept that there was anything wrong with me.  I was determined to change my blood pressure readings taking on a willful stance to show the world that I could change it, that I was healthy. When I finally gave up on being willful and allowed myself to be willing, willing to accept what is before me to do, everything resolved itself.

In being willful, I exposed my belief that my blood pressure was high.  Every time I went to measure my blood pressure I came with the intention to lower it thus casting my belief that it was high.  After all, why would I need to lower it if it was normal? When I stopped trying to lower my blood pressure, I allowed my belief in my health and well being to naturally lower my blood pressure.


Fri, 19 Feb 2016 22:56:56 +0200

In a recent facilitating session after the new identity had been claimed a fear arose that the fulfillment, calm and joy associated with the new identity would be fleeting and not carry over to the real world. I directed the individual to allow another inner representation to present itself and be claimed and again the same fear was there.  I was going to suggest a third iteration of deliberate intending and then I realized that this fear was not something to banish or something to overcome.

I explained to the individual that the two inner representations that came were both real and part of the real world. Then I suggested that perhaps their fleeting nature was not something to fear but rather something to embrace since all experience is fleeting. Armed with this understanding the individual found it much easier to release unwanted conclusions that were informed by the old identity and its corresponding beliefs.


In this way, the session allowed for the individual to release not just the beliefs associated with the topic of the session but another belief about the fleeting nature of reality.  Instead of fearing the fleeting nature of experience one can accept it and allow this aspect of life to be an ally in releasing difficult feelings and experiences and thus facilitate further profound changes.

כלכלת מתנה

Tue, 16 Feb 2016 23:33:59 +0200

החיים הם מתנה. הדברים הבסיסיים ביותר שבלעדהם החיים לא יוכל להתקיים  כמו: כדור הארץ, השמש, האוויר, הים, הצמחים, מיקרוביולוגיה, שפה, תרבות והרבה מעבר לכך הם לגמרה מתנות. כל אחד ואחת מאתנו כבר קיבל מתנות אינספור החל בשנים הראשונות של חיינו, מתנות שבלעדהם לא היינו שורדים אלמלא האמא, האבא, המשפחה והקהילה שלנו. אף אחד מאיתנו לא הרוייח את הדברים האלה ואין אף סכום כספי שיכול להתקרב לערך של העבודה שהכדישו הורינו בלגדל אותנו מתינוק עומלל וחסר אונים.

כאשר אנו מאפשרים לאינטראקציות שלנו, שבדרך כלל נערכות בקבלת שרות עבור תגמול כספי, להצטרף לתחום של כלכלת המתנה אנו חוזרים לעמדה אותנטית יותר כלפי המציאות. כלכלת המתנה פועלת בתנאי שמתנות ניתנות באופן חופשי. מתנה טובה היא מוערכת על ידי מקבל המתנה ומעוררת תחושה של הכרת תודה.

בשבילי ייעוץ פילוסופי והטאי צ'י הן מתנות, במובן זה שאני מציע אותם כמתנה וגם בזה שאני מקבל הרבה כשאני בתפקיד המייעץ או מורה. ויתר מכך, התכונות שמאפשרות לי להיות מייעץ ומורה טוב הן המתנות שאני קבלתי על ידי החיים, המתנות שניתנו לי ועכשיו עלי לחלוק אותן עם העולם לטובת כולם.

כדרך להביע הכרת תודה אולי תרצה/י לתת לי משהו בחזרה. זה התקבל בברכה אך אנני מצפה לכך. אני סומך ומעמין שתמצא/י את הדרך הטובה ביותר לתת ביטוי נכון לריגשותך.


Tue, 16 Feb 2016 21:44:19 +0200


It is so very important to look around at your surroundings. There is so much going on if only we take the time to look. I could say to look with fresh eyes but this is redundant. When we stop and look, really take the time out to look around we step into that realm of seeing things with fresh eyes.  It can be a simple thing as ours hands. Look at your hands and notice something that you have never noticed before.  You can do this with your hands, you can do this with your children, with your friends, partner, your home or anything. You can do it with your eyes closed and just notice something about the way it feels to be you in your body, in your heart, in your head, in the soles of your feet. It is a powerful way to connect and you can do it at any moment and as often as you like.


Tue, 16 Feb 2016 14:47:06 +0200


“The truth is available at every moment when we trust our own ability to discover it, when we have the presence of mind and balance to distinguish fear from intuition, to know the difference between a corrosive concern about our own capability from the disavowal of something not even worth doing.

It’s an ironic age. The common belief is that cynicism proffers strength, or so we think. Really, it just leaves us stuck, unwilling to take risks and try things for ourselves. That’s where the real wisdom of mindfulness comes in. The practice of mindfulness is not a technique to be mastered, but a movement we make as we arrive in each moment to fully listen to and learn to trust the truth of our own experience.”

Open Whisper Systems >> Blog >> Signal Desktop

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 22:06:05 +0200

Open Whisper Systems >> Blog >> Signal Desktop:

Sign up to get early access to Signal Desktop!

3 minute film on generosity: Gratitude revealed

Sun, 07 Feb 2016 09:43:23 +0200

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3 minute film on generosity: Gratitude revealed


Mon, 21 Dec 2015 23:46:14 +0200

A quick, powerful, and gentle method for clearing inner contradictions that give rise to suffering in various forms, Facilitating taps our willingness and creative responsibility to help us shift into alignment, relief, joy, peace, and greater fulfillment. Developed by the Field Project, Facilitating is available for individuals, couples, and organizations.

If you’ve felt stuck or otherwise been struggling with a problem, even a chronic one, or one that you think requires great effort or a long time to resolve, Facilitating can help.

If you have a sense that there’s more to life than the life your living, but aren’t clear about what that looks like, or how it might be made real. Facilitating helps you be clear about what you want, and about what this is calling you to be.

Facilitating sessions are conducted either in person or over the phone and last about an hour for an individual and 90 minutes for a couple.  Facilitating for organizations involves several individual sessions with key individuals in the organization.

For more information and to schedule a session contact me here or at

Gift Economy

Mon, 21 Dec 2015 23:07:08 +0200

All of life is a gift. The most basic things with which life would not be able to exist are gifts: planet Earth, the sun, the air, the seas, the plants, the microbiology, language, culture and so much more. Each and every one of us has been the recipient of countless gifts starting with our first years of life in which we would not have survived if it were not for the gifts of our mother, father, family and community. These things weren’t earned nor could any amount of labor earn such things.

When we allow our interactions that are usually conducted in a fee for service arrangement join the realm of the gift economy we reclaim a more authentic stance towards reality. The gift economy operates on the condition that gifts are public and that gifts are freely given. A good gift is one that is sincerely appreciated and valued by the receiver. A good gift elicits a feeling of gratitude. 

For me Facilitating is a gift, in the sense that I am offering it as a gift. It is also a gift in that I receive a lot when I am in the role of facilitator. And furthermore, it is a gift in that the qualities that allow me to be a good facilitator are the gifts that I have been given by life, the gifts which were given to me and now it is up to me to share of those gifts for the benefit of all.

As a way of expressing your gratitude you might want to give me something in return. I welcome this yet do not expect it. I trust that you will find the best way to show your gratitude for the gift of Facilitating.

humansofnewyork: “I don’t remember deciding that I didn’t...

Sat, 26 Sep 2015 15:32:55 +0300



“I don’t remember deciding that I didn’t want kids. I just always knew. I expected to have a solitary and philosophical life. It had nothing to do with the noise or the responsibility or the diapers, I just didn’t feel qualified. I couldn’t figure out my own life. How was I supposed to be responsible for someone else’s happiness and sense of self-worth? I pictured fatherhood as a quiet living room where everyone was unhappy and nobody knew why. But I was wrong. They made me so much happier, and it was so much easier than I thought. I didn’t realize how much of being a father is just about doing things together and being where they are.”

A Radical Vatican? - The New Yorker

Fri, 17 Jul 2015 00:54:35 +0300

A Radical Vatican? - The New Yorker:

“A millennia-old engine designed to proselytize and convert non-Christians is now preparing to direct its missionary zeal inward, challenging and changing foundational beliefs about humanity’s place in the world among the already faithful. “ 

That’s 1.2 billion people, that’s like China implementing a new doctrine of “interconnection and ‘integral ecology.’“

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy | Nafeez Ahmed

Tue, 02 Jun 2015 23:01:56 +0300

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy | Nafeez Ahmed:

-His most intriguing premise is that the 1% are simply not as powerful as they, and we, assume them to be. “The collective buying power of the five billion poor is four times that of the one billion rich according to the late Harvard business thinker Prof C. K. Prahalad – open source everything is about the five billion poor coming together to reclaim their collective wealth and mobilise it to transform their lives. There is zero chance of the revolution being put down. Public agency is emergent, and the ability of the public to literally put any bank or corporation out of business overnight is looming. To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, you cannot screw all of the people all of the time. We’re there. All we lack is a major precipitant – our Tunisian fruit seller. When it happens the revolution will be deep and lasting.”

A new way to think about god

Sun, 26 Apr 2015 23:26:45 +0300

A new way to think about god:

This is very cool

"If my description of a Story of Interbeing, a reunion of humanity and nature, self and other, work..."

Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:16:59 +0300

“If my description of a Story of Interbeing, a reunion of humanity and nature, self and other, work and play, discipline and desire, matter and spirit, man and woman, money and gift, justice and compassion, and so many other polarities seems idealistic or naive, if it arouses cynicism, impatience, or despair, then please do not push these feelings aside. They are not obstacles to be overcome (that is part of the old Story of Control). They are gateways to our fully inhabiting a new story, and the vastly expanded power to serve change that it brings.”


humansofnewyork: “I’ve got a couple friends who are members...

Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:06:17 +0300



“I’ve got a couple friends who are members of the internet. They are complete fiends on that thing. Personally, I have no interest.”