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Preview: Tirumandiram, Tamil Scriptures, Thirumoolar, Blog by Swahilya

Tirumandiram, Tamil Scriptures, Thirumoolar, Blog by Swahilya

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Tirumandiram – 56


Give up and give in

Pattum Oliyum Parakkung Kannigaiyar
Aattum Aradha Avaniyin Mattadhar
Vettuviruppar Viradamilladhavar
Eettum Edanchen drikalluttraanare

Sacrifice or giving up what we hold on to as ours is  the way to be closest to the Lord. He possesses nothing himself, but is the owner of everything. If some one cannot participate in singing the Lord’s name, in dancing to the tune of the Lord’s song, who do not perform any ritual sacrifice as enjoined by the Vedas and who do not have any fasting of food, speech or action, will go only the way their destiny takes them in life. Misery is the fruit of such a lifestyle. All singing, dancing, prayers, rituals, sacrifices and fasting – not for one’s own enjoyment, but for the Lord and in in praise of the Lord are the ways to purify the mind and quieten it. If not done, the mind will go in its pre-determined path, leading to sorrow with neither the right knowledge or self-control. SS

Tirumandiram – 54


The only path

Thiruneriyavadhu Chithachithandri
Peruneriyaya Piranai Ninaindu
Guruneriyam Siva Maneri Kudum
Oruneri Ondraga Vedantam Odume||

Vedanta is the end of all knowledge. It talks about something which is beyond knowing. That Vedanta says that the path of the Lord is neither Chit or Achit. His path is non-pareil.  Remembering the Lord, we will realise the great pathless path of Shiva, pointed out by the Guru. It is the one path that unites all paths that lead to the Lord. - SS

Tirumandiram - 53


Supports the Vedas

Irukkuruvam Ezhil Vedhathinulle
Urukkunar Vayunar Vedhathul Ongi
Verukkkuru Vagila Vedhiyar Sollung
Karukkuruvai Nindra Kannanumaame||

The Lord stands behind the beautiful Rig Veda as its essential song. He is the inspiring chant of the vedas by the priest as the pupil of the eye which witnesses all when the Vedas are chanted with devotion and love, the Lord is present completely as he is the essence of the very Vedas themselves. - SS

Tirumandiram - 52


What for the Vedas?

Vedam Uraithaalum Vediyan Aagilan
Vedam Uraithaanum Veda Vilangida
Vedam Uraithaanum Vediyar Velvikkai
Vedam Uraithanum Meipporul Kattave

The books of knowledge called the Vedas were given to the world by Brahma himself. He however is not the author of the Vedas. He gave it so that we may know our creator. He gave the Vedas so that we might do the required Yagnas and Yagas to get what we want in this world and in the other planes of existence. He spelt out the Vedas not just that we may prosper, but to reveal the truth and the supreme reality. - SS

Tirumandiram - 51


The way home

Vedathai Vitta Aramillai; Vedathin
Odhath Thagum Aram Ellam Uladharka
Vadhathai Vittu Mathignar Valamuttra
Vedathai Odhiye Vidu Pettravar.

We are lost in a forest and it is becoming dark. We need to find out our way back home fast. Someone comes around with a torch and we follow the path shown by him and reach fast. 
The Vedas or books of knowledge which are nothing but the breath of the Lord, is the ultimate guide in showing our way home. The Vedas contain the essence of all things that we need to necessarily do. The wise ones do not debate on this. Instead, they chant the Vedas and follow its path and reach their original home, the pure and unsullied self. - SS.

Tirumandiram - 50


I sing and dance with joy

Sooduvan Nenjidai Vaippan Piraiendru
Paduvan Panmalar Thoovi Panindunin
Raduvan Adi Amararpiran Endru
Naduvan Yanindrarivathu Thane

I adore the Lord who is in my heart and sing His praise with flowers and dance with joy at His immortal presence. I seek that which I know is in me right now. - S.S.

Tirumandiram - 49


The Trinity

Parai Pasu Pasathu Nadhanai Ulli
Uraipasu Pasatg thorungavallarkkuth
Thirai Pasu Pasach Chezhungadal Neendhik
Karai Pasu Pasang Kadandeidalaame.

There is a trinity in Shaivism. It is Pati, Pasu and Pasam. Literally translated, it means cowherd, cow and the tether. Figuratively it means the Lord, the supreme essence, Pashu is the soul and Pasham is the rope that binds. When the rope is yoked to the Lord, the soul is liberated. When it is tethered to the world, it is bound by nature and its names and forms. Meditate on the supreme. Connect and be in tune with it. That is the only way for the animal soul to cross over to the land of eternity. - Swahilya Shambhavi. (Peacock at a guest house in Tiruvannamalai. Pic. S.S.)

Tiirumandiram - 49


The unfailing light

Adiyar Paravum Amarar Piranai
Mudiyal Vanangi Mudalvanai Munnip
Padiyar Arulum Paramparan Endai
Vidiya Vilakkendru Mevinindrene

The Lord within, all the devotees adore. I worship with my head bowed down. He blesses me belonging to the gross material plane and I look up to him as the light that never ceases to be.
- Swahilya Shambhavi (Pic: Sunlight streams through the trees early one morning at a city park.)

Tirumandiram - 1 : 48


Bowing down

Adiyar Paravum Amarar Piranai
Mudiyal Vanangi Mudalvanai Munnip
Padiyar Arulum Paramparan Endhai
Vidiya Vilakkendru Mevinindraane.

I bow down to the lord who is the search of the seekers. My father, the supreme consciousness who is a lamp that is never off, I adore. (Swahilya Shambhavi.)

Tirumandiram: 1:47


The spoon does not taste the soup!

Manaiyul Irundavar Madhavar Oppar
Ninaivul Irundavar Nesathul Nirpar
Panaiyul Irunda Parundadu Pola
Ninaiyadavarkillai Nin Inbam Thaane.

When they sit in the presence of the divine within, they equal the great sages of austerity. When they stay with the awareness of the presence, they express pure compassion through their being. Just as a kite that sits on a palm tree, does not enjoy the fruit, those who are not aware of the consciousness and remember it, do not experience that bliss, even though it is available at all times. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 46


As I called out loud.....

Andhi Vanna Arane Sivane Endru
Sindhai Seivannand Thiruthadiyarthozha
Mundhi Vanna Mudhalvaparane endru
Vandivvannan Em Manam Pughundane

As I was calling out to Shiva as Hara and Shiva, singing and praising the one of dark complexion, the one of darkness before any colour came - he came in this manner and entered my heart. - Swahilya Shambhavi.



Everything follows a rule

Vidhivazhi alladhil velai ulagam
Vidhivazhi Inbam Viruthamum Illai
Thudhi wazhi Nitthalunj Sodhi Piranum
Padhivazhikaattum Pagalavaname

Nothing in this world exists out of order. Even happiness follows this order of nature. If we worship and stand by this being of light - consciousness, it will show us the way through this world like the sun that sheds light. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 44


All praise and so do I

Potri Enbar Amaran Punidan Adi
Potri Enbar Asurar Punidan Adi
Potri Enbar Manidar Punidan Adi
Potri Enanbul Poliyavaithene.

The devas or the spiritual beings sing his glory. The asuras or the ones who live by matter alone, praise him too. The humans who are a combination of spirit and matter, sing his praise. I too praise him and make him shine through me by my love for him. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 43


Holding on to his feet

Aranadi Solli Arattri Azhudhu
Paranadi Nadiye Bhavippa Naalum
Uranadi Sidangu Odunga Vallarkku
Niranadi Seidu Niraindu Nindraane.

To those who mentally hold on to the feet of the Lord and cry out their sorrows, those who are constantly feeling the presence of the Lord in their heart, those who are serving with devotion, he fills them up with his grace unbounded. - Swahilya Shambhavi

Tirumandiram - 42


He walks into your life

Poyaran Thannaip Pugazhwar Peruvadhu
Nayaganan mudi seidaduve nalgu
Mayaganch Choozhndu Varavallaragilum
Veyana Tholikku Vendondum Thane

For the one who dives deep into his core which is the Lord himself, there is nothing that he cannot do. Contrarily, even if a person is capable of going around the world too, without his grace, nothing is ever possible. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 1 - 41


He sneaks in like a pet deer!

Sinanjeida Nanjunda Devar Piranai
Punanjeida Nenjidai Potravallarkkuk
Kanancheida Vanudal Paganum Ange
Inancheida Manpol Inangi Nindrare

Those who hold his name dear in their heart, comes the Lord who consumed the Halahala poison that emerged after the ocean was churned for nectar, with his consort - Devi Parvati. How does he come? He sneaks in like a pet deer returning meekly to its fold along with its mate. To win the grace of the Lord one needs to do nothing else but think of him with lots of love and devotion. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 40


He enters your heart

Karaindarindu Isan Kurai Kazhal Naadum
Niraindadai Semponnin Neroli Okkum
Marainchadainj Cheyyadhu Vazhtha Vallarkku
Puranchatanj Cheivan Pugundu Nindraane.

Having been beaten up by the world and ego battered, they seek the anklet feet of the Lord. He exudes the light that equals fully pure gold. For those who are able to praise him without holding back, the Lord who designs the whole Universe enters into their hearts too. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 39


He shines within

Vaazhtha Vallar Manandulluru Jothiyai
Theerthanai Ange Thilakkindra Devanai
Ethiyum Emperumaan Endrirainjiyum
Aathamcheideesan Arulperalaame.

Befitting our worship and praise, the light shines within the mind. The holy being sports there within. We shall praise him and call out to him as "Our Lord." By pleasing him in this way, we can receive his Grace. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 38


I will sing his praise
Pidattrozhinyen Periyan Ariyanaip Pidattrozhiyen Pirava Uruvaanaip Pidattrozhiyen Engal Per Nandi Thannaip Pidattrozhiyen Perumai Thavan Yaan. The verses in this chapter are all of the nature of Bhakti Yoga or the path of devotion. Tirumoolar says in this verse that he will not stop ranting the name of this great one, who is a rare being. He wouldn't stop prattling of the glory of the unborn and formless one. He would not a moment stop from ranting the name of Nandi, nor would he stop from chanting the glory of the great Lord of all austerities. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 37


Become that which I praise

Naanum Nindrethuvan Nadorum Nandiyai
Thanumnidran Thazhal Thanokku Meniyan
Vanil Nindrarmathi Pol Uldal Ulluvand
Thoonil nindraange uyirkkindra vare


I praise Nandi - Lord Shiva daily, he that stands fiery and tall like the shining moon in the darkness of the night. He enters into me and enlivens me.
Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati. When one focusses his mind on the Lord with heart-rending devotion, the mind takes that form of the Lord himself.
Any object we meditate upon, it is not possible to wholly become that object as it is bound by name and form. But while meditating on the qualities of God it is possible to wholly become that as all the conditionings of name and form are dissolved there. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 36


Praise is the reward
Appanai Nandiyai Ara Amudinai
Oppili Vallalai Oozhi Mudhalvanai
Epparisaayinum Ethumin Ethinal
Apparisu Eesan Arul Peralaame.

Shiva is the divine father of all. He is the unobstructed flow of nectar. He is the giver non-pareil. He exists from even before time. Whatever the reward may be, praise him. And when you adore and praise, that praise is itself the reward. This is the practice of Bhakti Yoga, where the mind takes the form and content of that which it adores, worships and praises. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 35


Praise ye the Lord!

Aatrugilavazhi yagum Iraivanaip
Pottrumin Pottrip Pugazhmin Pugazhndidil
Mettrisaikkung Kizhakkuth Thisai Yettodu
Mattruvan Appadi Yattavumaame.

If we follow the path of God, praise and sing His glory, the Lord of all directions including the east and the west, will transform you to become Him.
This is a very beautiful verse referring to the Yoga marga or following the path of consciousness which is present everywhere. Essentially, it is a road that leads to everywhere with neither a path nor a sidewalk. Where you stand is the way and the destination to that goal is within. Praising and extolling the glory of God invokes those qualities in our mind and eventually we transform into that we praise or glorify. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 34


Divine fragrance

Saandu kamazhum kavariyin gandhampol
Vendan Amarark karuliya meinneri
Aarnda sudaranna aayira namamum
Pondum irundum pugazhgindrene

Just as the musk deer emits fragrance, the consciousness that is lord of all the shining beings also emits. I chant his thousands of names, whether I sit or move, singing praises of his name which is like the essence of a spark. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 33


No use with just rituals!

Pathi palavaayadu pandivvulagam
Vidhipala Seidondru Meimmai Unarar
Tudhi Pala Thothiranj Chollavallarum
Mathiyilar Nenjinul Vaadugindrare.
For ages they have been worshipping many masters. They chart down rules and regulations for religious ceremonies. They however do not realise the truth of the one consciousness that pervades everything, though they may chant many verses and hymns of praise. Without the touch of reality, they droop within their hearts in sorrow and dry intellect. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Tirumandiram - 32


We can't know it, just sing

Devar Piran Nam Piran Thisai Pathaiyum
Mevu Piranviri Neerulagezhaiyum
Thaavu Piran Thanmai Tanarivarillai
Paavu Piran Arut lumaame

Consciousness is the lord of all the gods. It is our lord too. It spreads in all the directions. It is spread over the seven worlds of cosmic energy. None know the nature of that expanse of consciousness. Let us sing the glory of its divine grace.
- Swahilya Shambhavi.