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Creative Wings To Flutter and Fly

--- How To Enrich and Engage Your Children With Creativity and set them free for further explorations---- Creativity is intelligence having fun. Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

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How colour impacts your child's psychology and personality


Colour has a remarkable impact on the personality and development of children. Green is a symbol of growth and any creative process. Red is a colour of action but can reduce analytical thinking. Red can also reminds us of all the wrong answers marked by the teachers in our notebooks. Colours can also be culture specific. Indians wear red on their wedding day. Western brides adore the white (image)

Writing opportunities for your child


Writing is a means of communication. As soon as your child is able to write words, encourage your child to use a pencil or crayon to write or draw. It could be as simple as writing Mummy, Daddy and drawing pictures or writing the names of everyone in the family. Writing is a means of expression. It is a way for children to express their inner feelings and wishes. DD wrote her first letter to (image)

Learning Music


Here's some good news I would cherish all my life. Hence thought of adding it to my blog. DD won her first trophy in violin (1st Prize) at Talent Time 2011. This is an annual event in the school's 3 branches. Children are categorized according to their level. There were about 12-14 children in Beginner level and she was amongst the youngest, i think, at 4 years. (This was her 3rd Violin (image)

Mother's Day card


A mother's heart can only be filled with unimaginable joy when two little eyes are fixed on a piece of paper, while a little hand works hard while the head is bent down until the smile of satifaction spreads on her face. All because she wants to make her mummy happy on 'Happy Mother's Day'. Look at all the hearts she has made for her Mummy and Mummy hopes she knew that this 'ever strict' mom (image)

Art for art's sake


Do you shop around for the best of drawing sheets and art paper for your little ones to express his/her art? Sometimes children can choose the wildest of places to sketch their hearts out. My daughter has not only been tearing pages from notebooks to draw, besides regular drawing sheets, she loves drawing on all sorts of places and items around the house. Sometimes its the back of a visiting (image)

Handwriting practice


DD loves drawing and making cards for everybody. Don't be surprised if you are greeted with a post-it note with some scribble on it saying, "its a card for you" when you meet her. We made good use of this practice the other day by helping her improve her writing skills and draw while she enjoyed the same activity. Here is the picture of the card she made. The glamorous Aunty is Shina Aunty with (image)



My daughters' nicknames are Rhu and Jia. Rhu told me that she had mentioned to her transport lady teacher that her nickname is 'Sol'. I was surprised and asked her why she said her nickname was 'Sol' since her nickname was 'Rhu'. She insisted "No, my nickname is 'Sol'". I again said, "No Rhu, your nickname is Rhu."Who told you your nickname is 'Sol'? "You", she said. That is when it struck me, I (image)



For your inner self... For what makes you smile... For what brings the twinkle in your eye... For what you can give to the world... For what you will be blessed with when you were not searching at all.  (image)

The seed to Papercrafting!


Bits of Paper, Bits of Paper, Lying on my bed... Yesterday my four year old daughter asked for scissors and reached for her pastel colours. I thought to myself this is going to be another cutting and scribbling exercise, like any other afternoon. And I will have to endure another no sleep afternoon. But to my surprise the cutting and scribbling suddenly turned out to be a work of mixed media. (image)

Reading phonics


While I was busy with my 7 month old, I gave my 3.5 year old active young girl, DD a big chart paper and pencils, primarily to keep her quiet while I attended to the needs of the baby. DD as I had rightly guessed got engrossed in creating her masterpiece. After a while when I happened to see her finished work lying unnoticed on the table, I was partly surprised and also happy to see the (image)

Super creative waste recycling ideas


1. A dollhouse for DD with all the present boxes and cardboard boxes. It had side doors, an open roof and an attic too. (image)

Family Portraits


While I cooked in the kitchen, DD brought out her favorite doodle set gifted by her Uncle who stays in USA and told me that she wanted to draw the baby. The curious 'me', immediately dropped the ladle to catch a glimpse of our 'to-be-born' baby and this is what she drew. Then, Mummy said, "Now can you draw Mummy and the baby?" She said, "No, first I will draw Baba (Daddy)". (image)

At Peace with Pastels!


Daddy's again having his spurt of creativity. This time its with pastel colours. Daddy just loves immersing himself in his world of solitude on some of those wonderful weekends bringing 'life' to blank paper. Ruhani too loves these times with Daddy trying her hand (with pastel rubbed all over her hands, dress and also on paper). Here are some of Ruhani and Daddy's creations. While the duo are (image)



An artist uses his imagination to paint vivid pictures with his or her brush strokes. An author sketches the same out in words. When you read a book you are transported in an era where the author has decided to take you whether it is the dinosaur age, the modern times on Earth or on the Maritian land. Nowadays children are too busy going from class to class trying to acquire various qualities (image)

Honesty is the best policy


Its not uncommon for parents to commit mistakes. And when they do, its quite amusing when your little one points it out to you on your face. Our daughter had been reprimanded a few times for having tried out her drawing skills on this very wall. The other day, daddy tried throwing an object on the wall which said it had vanishing ink, but the ink didnt vanish and left a mark on the (image)

Painting personalized cards


Occasions like birthdays are the best time for children to shower their love. What better to say it with when one can use one's own hard work and creativity to make something that is truly their own. The world's most exciting achievement for my daughter is having a 'Birthday' - Cutting the cake, blowing the candles, getting birthday cards and recieving presents, something we adults also enjoy. (image)

How to make a Pirate Hat


Ahoy there! Recently we were invited to a pirate themed birthday party where DD had to wear a pirate dress. Here is a pirate hat that I made for my daughter. Its quite simple to make. 1. All you have to do is grab 3 sheets of newspaper (two sided- no half sheets) for making a sturdy hat. 2. Spread it out infront of you sideways. 3. If you fold on the front at the middle from both sides (leave (image)

Dabbling with water colours...


Isn't it fun to pick up a paint brush and a box of water colours a jar of water and see your child pour his/her creative juices on paper. When letting your toddler enjoy watercolours, remember that 'Play' should be the keyword. Let the flow of the brush, the dabbling of paint and water take its course on paper. Once they are done, you can pose a question, "I wonder what this looks [...]

Your child has a lot of potential


Discover it. There was a 'Mommy and Me Weekend' held at Bangsar Village a while back where my daughter's School Principal requested me to take her to show her development on her 'Reading abilities'. Frankly, I was quite sceptical whether she would be able to say or read anything on the stage but her Principal sounded quite confident about her. It teaches not to underestimate the potential of [...]

An Artsee p'Art'y


What do you expect FOUR friends to do, that too 'women' (two married with no kids, one with a baby, the other with a toddler) when they come together on a lazy afternoon. No, they dont gossip about the latest scandal in town, they dont bitch about their friends and colleagues, or talk about how frustrating it could get at times with kids, or how respective hubbies haven't been taking their [...]

Drawing before Mother's Day


Just a day before Mother's Day, Mummy chanced upon a drawing lying on DD's desk while she was sleeping in her room. Isn't it cute? I love the smile on the face. Is that DD herself with her chubby cheeks and cheeky smile or is that Mummy trying to guage if her daughter has been up to some little mischief again (with eyebrows raised)! hehe.. Mummy is soo soo proud of her. I admire her drawing [...]

My Shichida Testimonial


I’m writing this testimonial to share with others the remarkable progress of my daughter after she joined Shichida at 7 months. Shichida is a school for right brain development which was started by a Japanese person Makato Shichida many many years back. The techniques used has been found to be useful and successful not only in Japan but also in other countries like Singapore and Malaysia. At [...]

See your baby talk


Here is my reply to a query expressed by one of my readers, a mum of a 16 month old on how to encourage her 16 month old to speak more and how to communicate with one's child. The faster your child learns to speak, the faster you will be able to understand the needs of your child and reduce the frustration and crying of your little toddler. There are lots of views on using sign language for [...]

ART@2years 2months: 'Daddy'


Drawing is something my daughter enjoys a lot. She enjoys drawing more on the DoodlePro than on paper. Probably its easier for her to draw and erase. Today, Daddy's doll drew 'Daddy' yet again! But...but...but....why is Daddy always in the sleeping position? Can u see Daddy's bulging belly? :D Mummy is waiting to see herself too one day (hopefully slimmer atleast in the drawing). [...]

Is Creativity A Gift or A Barrier?


Could life be topsy turvy for a child trying to be too creative? Sometimes I have been made to wonder if the other way of looking at things could make your brain go haywire. Nowadays, parents prefer stimulating their little ones right from the time they inhabit their mother's womb. Research shows that stimulation does help in increasing the number of networks created in the brain thus leading [...]