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Cinnamon Bay SBC for Intel® Atom Z5XX processor platform


ADI Engineering announced (Mar 03, 2009) Cinnamon Bay SBC (Single Board Computers) based on the new options for the Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx platform, which include industrial temperature products. Cinnamon Bay SBC measures a mere 88x110mm, and is available in three SKUs targeted to a wide range of deeply embedded applications such as industrial controls, digital signage, interactive kiosks,

Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx for Vehicle System and Internet Phone


Intel Corporation at March 2, 2009; announced new products the Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series include industrial-temperature options, as well as different package-size choices better suited for in-car infotainment devices, media phones, eco-technologies and other industrial-strength applications.The low-power Intel Atom processor is behind much of Intel’s growth into several new

Sony Ericsson launches Communication Entertainment Unlimited


How many megapixels can you squeeze into a cell phone ? On the even of the big Mobile World Congress wireless telecom trade show here in Barcelona, Spain, the race is on. At pre-show press conferences, Sony Ericsson launches (February 15, 2009) new prototype handsets Idou. Sony Ericsson today unveiled the next step in its evolution. The Entertainment Unlimited consumer proposition is the

Sony CyberShot DSC-G3 : The First Camera offers Wi-Fi access


Do You really want to surf the Web on my camera?. CyberShot DSC-G3 digital camera choice. Why ?Sony CyberShot DSC-G3 offers Wi-Fi accessWireless shooters have been around since Kodak's EasyShare-One debuted in 2005 (and won a PopSci Best of What's New award). Subsequently Canon, Nikon and Panasonic have offered Wi-Fi models. And Eye-Fi adds wireless to any camera with an SD card slot. But none of

Gesture-Controlled TV : The New Future Remote Controll


We're all used to hitting the power button to switch on our television but could a wave do it in the future? Both Hitachi and Toshiba are demonstrating motion sensing televisions at this week's Consumer Electronics Show and say they could be on the market in as soon as two years.The remote control has relieved generations of couch potatoes from the hassle of getting up to change channels, but is

LG Watch-Phone : The Most Futuristic Gadgets


While watch phones were formerly reserved for James Bond flicks, smaller tech companies have been reaching to release the first practical watch phone with no luck. Expensive, cheap and clunky - it simply hasn’t been done. Fortunately for tech buffs everywhere, the sharp looks, capable functionality and appropriate size of the LG Watch Phone will make it the first mass appeal watch phone to hit

The Sony VAIO P Series, Netbooks the next big small thing


Tiny laptops could soon be as ubiquitous as mobile phones as computer makers continue to refine their cheap "netbook" machines with new features including touch-screens and GPS navigation.At the 2009 CES Show in Las Vegas, Sony upped the ante by unveiling a mini-laptop with a twist, Sony VAIO P Series. It has a widescreen 8-inch display and measures 24 centimeters wide by 11 cm deep and 2 cm

2008: The Year In Pictures


InformationWeek , January 3, 2009 07:00 AM By Cora Nucci

A New Web of Trust

2009-01-06T00:50:41.867-08:00, Tuesday, January 06, 2009By Erica NaoneA protocol that could make the Internet more secure is finally being implemented.A core element of the Internet that helps millions of computer systems locate each other is finally getting a much-needed upgrade. The domain name system (DNS) works a lot like the Internet's phone book, translating the URLs that users type into a

Broadband on Rails

2009-02-16T20:35:43.058-08:00 Rachel Kremen on Tuesday, December 30, 2008A compact lens could make high-speed Internet access commonplace on trains.Internet access can make a train trip far more productive and enjoyable. But train-mounted satellite dishes that send and receive data can't be used on a lot of routes, as the standard hardware is too big to fit in some tunnels. Now researchers

Software development predictions for 2009

2009-01-02T08:08:33.887-08:00 Neil McAllister on January 2, 2009A battered economy will mean tightening belts, changing customer allegiances, and the Web as the platform of choice.What would the New Year be without that time-honored publishing tradition: predictions? By the time you read this post it will be January already, but as I write it the champagne corks have yet to pop, so there's still

IT leaders share green-tech predictions for 2009


With the down economy and shift in the political climate, experts foresee green IT gaining momentum in '09 December 18, 2008's that time of year again to dust of the old crystal ball and put forth some predictions as to what 2009 holds for the world of green technology. Rather than

Cable Industry Keeping Quiet Before Digital TV Switch


The group's trade association said it will cease moving analog channels to digital channels for the next three months and let consumers concentrate on the Feb. 17 deadline. By W. David Gardner

Apple Buys $4.8 Million Stake In Mobile Chip Maker


Apple is a licensee of Imagination's technology, which could play a bigger role in Apple products in the future as a result of the investment.By Antone Gonsalves

When to Upgrade Your Computer Hardware


Computer consultants build entire careers around advising businesses when to upgrade their hardware. Should you go with the latest and greatest, or stick with tried and true? As with all business decisions, it comes down to a question of cost vs. benefit. But quantifying the costs and benefits of hardware can be difficult. Here are some

Buying Your Computer Equipment from an Office Supply Store


You can buy computer equipment from a number of places, including mail order catalogs, Web sites, local computer retailers, electronics "superstores," and office supply stores. Each source offers its own advantages and disadvantages. When you order directly from a Web-only manufacturer such as Dell or Gateway, you get competitive prices as

Enhancing Video for the Visually Impaired


Researchers are using algorithms that can better the picture quality for people with macular degeneration., December 11, 2008 By Brittany Sauser Eli Peli, a researcher at the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, is developing software that can enhance the quality of a TV image for people with visual

NASA's Future May Depend on Collaboration


An independent report addresses tough policy questions faced by the new administration., December 16, 2008 By Brittany Sauser An astronaut is anchored on the Space Shuttle Endeavor's robotic arm and is preparing to be elevated to the top of the Hubble Space Telescope during a servicing mission in 1993. Credit:

Semantic Sense for the Desktop


A project brings Semantic Web technology to personal documents.By Erica Naone, December 16, 2008People naturally group information by topic and remember relationships between important things, like a person and the company where she works. But enabling computers to grasp these same concepts has been the subject of long-standing research. Recently, this has