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Preview: Food and Tastes in Life @ BigFish

Food and Tastes in Life @ BigFish

~ things and feeling that made from the heart ~

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Steam Fish with Mushroom Pork


A normal Sunday, we have to go back to Sg. Buloh (Mr. Slim’s parent place) for dinner. This Sunday, we were not going back! Hahaha~ sounds happy ya! Mainly was because it was a heavy rain day, and Mr. Slim going to Singapore the next morning. He needs to catch the flight by 8am, and he hasn’t packed his luggage yet. So, I decided to cook our dinner at home.
A simple one will do ~
1. Fishes (2)
2. 4 shallots (chopped)
3. 4 cloves garlic (chopped)
4. 3 mushroom (sliced)
5. 200gm Pork (sliced)

*1. To make the fishes tasty – rub on 1/2 tsp Sesame oil and 1 tsp Oyster sauce.
* 2. To make the nice stocks – 1 tbsp of Shao Hsing Wine mixed with 1/2 cup water, marinate the sliced pork and sliced mushroom.
~ Pour over (*1 and *2) fish and let it marinate for at list 15min.

* 3. Fry the chopped garlic until fragrant.
Before steam ~ add 1 tbsp of Fish Sauce.
Steam the Fishes for 20min … garnish with chopped garlic and SERVE!

I’m lazy yet like to have dinner at home, so a plate of simple fried vegetable would be a nice dish to serve with the Steam Fish and mushroom pork.

Fried Vegetable

Earth Hour – ready… OFF!


Saturday, 28th March 2009 both me and Mr. Slim getting so ready to join the Earth Hour!I was carving what to have for dinner, because the Earth Hour start at 8.30pm and that was our dinner time. Dinner outside or at home?Went out for appointment the whole evening, while I was on the way home, jam every where and rain cats and dogs! Thinking to cook at home, but nothing much left inside the fridge. Only a pack of salted sour marinated vegetables, small little slice of pork, dried mushroom, Organic Long Beans and still some eggs.Argh! Finally I decided not to go out for dinner. And suddenly in my mind… candle light dinner would be the best choice to welcome the Earth Hour!Here I come~Ingredients:1. 4 dried mushroom (soak and cut in slices)2. 200g Pork, sliced3. 4 cloves garlic (fine cut)4. 300g Salted Sour Marinated Vegetables5. Few long slices carrot* Marinate Pork with ½ tbsp Oyster Source, 2 cloves of fine cut garlic and 1/3 tsp of pepper.Methods:1. Heat sufficient oil and fry the garlic with 3 tbsps of cooking oil until it changed yellowish.2. Pour in sliced Pork and stir fry over medium heat until cooked.3. Fry the Marinated Pork with the Salted Sour Vege, sliced carrot and sliced mushroom for at least 10 minutes.4. Add 3 glasses of water and stew for 10 more minutes over law heat.I believe you will have to add another bowl of rice if you serve with this! This is the most easier way to ready the long beans and eggs. What else, easy and mouth watering!Diced Long Bean with Stir Eggs...~We have everything ready to be served on our dinning table before 8.30pm....~8.30pm sharp! Off the Light!!! Candle Light Dinner Serve![...]

My memorable Birthday


Oh wow, Mr. Slim came home late on Tuesday. So, I didn’t cook and we went dinner at the food stall near by our house. Hmmm… in a sudden he told me that he has booked a table in Traders Hotel, Gobo Upstairs and Sky Bar to celebrate birthday for me! Gosssh… surprise again!But my first reaction on what he planned was ~ NO, NO! Too expensive and now economy is so bad. I even suggest I want to cook at home! Haha~This cleaver guy has reaction in the other way round so fast ~ “Cannot cancel, because I have booked a birthday cake there! And this place, introduced by a Blogger (Kampung Boy City Gal), should be very nice” ~Aaarggh, kill me, he actually wanted to go this place since long ago, and I always reject him. Now this time, what a good reason for him! He even put up blogger’s name to heat up my urge, what else I can say…So, I just prepare my heart to be there for a nice dinner. I brought my little baby to done his first hair cut (puppy). Done some phone calls, met a friend for discussing on Share- Stock Market stuff. Then I came home, met Mr. Slim online and he told me he want to go home earlier to avoid jam. That was only 5pm plus. Then I went for shower and get my own ready with Casual Smart dress up, he reached home like 30 min after he said bye on the MSN. Wow… so punctual, and never been so punctual ever since!I thought we could get up the car right after he took his good shower, see him feeding the puppies, and at the same time he asked me, why am I getting myself ready so fast? The dinner actually booked for 8pm. And he wants to complete his unfinished work before we leave home for dinner. (Aarrggh! Want to bang my head on the wall!)Anyway, that was a good place for romance fine dinning…haha!~The Organizer: Mr. Slim.*Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel................* Sky Bar @ 33rd Floor... ......... 10 minutes before Birthday, a surprise couple showed up in front of me! Gosh… unbelievable! ~Surprise couple in my birthday (Chris and KC)~present from Chris and KC for my neck pain....A surprising gifts from my friend a little tinny birthday cake! But it was too full after the duckling lunch, we didn’t manage to cut the cake there… ~gifts from Keem....I thought everything was end, and waiting Mr. Slim to come home from work for dinner… My god, he has a bouquet of Roses hold on his hand. Another surprise again!My best friend from Texas and Sabah, ask Mr. Slim to surprise me with that… My god, too lovely!... ~ From Mr. Slim, Hui Sia, Ping Long and Pei Ying. ... ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ bigfish![...]

Present in the year of 2009


We have just past our 7th Valentines’ Day. A lot of friend told me, is very unbelievable that we still have Valentines’ Day present after 7th years. So, what should I say… I think I’m still the lucky one, as we been together more than 7 years, but we celebrate every Valentines’ Day ~ no miss!

This time, My ideal present for my Mr. Slim is a WATCH! For a guy like him ~ an interior designer, he always have to work like “RUSH HOUR”, guess a nice and good watch is very important for him to be a designer. Haha ~

I was having big headache few days before the Valentines’. I actually decided to get my Mr. Slim a watch, but I didn’t actually know what kind of watch he likes. Too plan and too messy, he doesn’t like, too big and too thick, not suitable. Too fancy and too complicated, he won’t wear… huh ~

Day before the Valentines’ Day, I have finally make my decision with getting a silver bracelet and simple internal fittings design Seiko watch for him. Unexpected… he likes it very much, not too heavy, not too fancy, not too big and JUST NICE!

Guess what… my Mr. Slim gave me a big surprise this year! He came down from the car with a white plastic bag, that was a bottle of white wine ~ lovely! And also another black plastic bag which I thought it was from a Hardware Shop. Out of my expectation, there was a black color box inside the plastic bag, and with the pictures on the box, obviously I never expect he bought me a set of Knives (ZWILLING J.A.HENCKLES - Twin Pollux)
as my Valentines’ Day present! Gosssh… professional and expensive!

No Doubt, I love to cook, and Twin Pollux knives set is purposely made for Asian Kitchen – for my Bigfish Cook Book!

New Living, new life begins


Moving to new house currently … guess it been more than a year I don’t even have time to enjoy my blogging. Feel so sorry to all my blog’s reader and friends.Posting up some of my Little Sweet Home photos here:~ It is a quiet and nice place to live with, a good and peaceful environment.From a condominium to a Terrace, we actually spend quite a bit time to get use to here.We settled down in since few months ago, we decided to have clean and tidy furniture to be placed in the living, dinning and kitchen. ...... ...... ... .. ... .....Then for our puppies, they use to live in the condominium, but now they have bigger ground outside the house, inside the car porch to play around. Our female dog even got pregnant, and gave birth before the Chinese New Year’09....... ... ...... ...Over the days and months, our house becomes a good place for gathering, eat and drink…......We had our first Chinese New Year here, my mom and brothers were here with us. We had our first Chinese New Year Eve Dinner - “Tuan-Yuan-Fan” here. .........[...]

Spring Onion Sambal Pork


Oh dear all… how to explain I miss every one here and couldn’t have a free time to let me sit down like tonight here!
I’m BACK and really back…

1. Pork 250gm (sliced)
2. Spring Onion (sectioned)
3. 1 Red Chili (sliced)
4. 4 Cloves Garlic (grated)
5. 4 shallots (grated)

Marinate Pork:
* Some chopped garlic and shallots, corn flour, pepper.

1. Heat up 2 tbsps cooking oil, fry grated garlic and shallots until fragrant.
2. Pour in Marinated Pork, stir fry with low heat (5 min)
3. Add in sliced Chili and fry until become fairly dry.

If you remember I made the Sambal Shrimp Paste few weeks ago…

I have kept the some of my Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste in the fridge and using it whenever I want to have my dish in a little spicy way.

Basically, we can easily find this kind of Sambal Shrimp Paste is selling in the Hypermarket, but mostly added a lot of preservative to prevent mould. Home made Sambal Shrimp Paste is always healthier without the preservative. If we keep it in the right way, the Sambal Shrimp Paste can even keep for at least a month.

Follow the steps below; you can always keep the Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste fresh and longer.

How to keep the Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste longer?
* Use clean and dry spoon to scoop out the needed portion.
* Make sure our fingers or hands do not touch on the Sambal Shrimp Paste.
* Keep inside the meat tray in the fridge.

Home For Year of RAT


Back Home to ~ Land Below The Wind – SABAH… Let me share with you on my Chinese New Year ‘08 trip back home in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. .During this trip, I planned to have tons of mom’s recipes for my blog’s update. But I was struggling to keep up with the preparation of the dishes, and worse of all, I totally forgotten to take photos as I was overcome by the aromatic and mouth watering dishes. All I knowduring that period of time was to eat when it was freshly served!Well, at least I manage to take some priceless sceneries and fresh seafood which I really love. . .Mt. KinabaluIt is world famous mountain and the tallest in South East Asia.It is about 2.5 hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu city. Throughout the journey, it’s all paddy field countryside. . ..Tanjung Aru BeachPanda and I went to the famous Tanjung Aru Beach in K.K (Kota Kinabalu). Weather was hot… Panda wanted to go for Cool Drink.Don’t surprise if you hear beer in Sabah is cheap and unbelievable! No doubt… we order a big bottle of Heineken. The waitress told us RM24 a bottle and she persuaded us to get another bottle because they charge only RM25 for 2 bottles. Unbelievable right!It is only 10 min away from my house. Sitting outside the Bar… holding a glass of beer in the evening and looking at people playing water ski. I bet we will never find this scene in the City of K.L. ~ RM24 (1 bottle), but RM25 (2 bottles) . ~ Enjoying the natural Beach … lovely sunset!.TAMU (Morning Market)In Sabah, we call the Morning Market as TAMU, and we normally practice going to TAMU for fresh food market shopping. Fresh Vegetables, Seafood, Meat and etc… Prices are cheaper and better quality compare to those normal markets.The best part is … BARGAIN and BARGAIN and BARGAIN!!!...Here are some Unbelievable Prices: ~~Prawns~ 11 big prawns cost only less than RM20.* Mom complaint, normally she only pays less than Rm15… huh… ~Look at those Prawn Roes .~Fishes~1kg “Sek-Pan” (Sea bass) cost only less than RM15,1kg “7 Xing-Ban” (Grouper) cost only less than RM40.*Mom said, price increase is because of Chinese New Year, if not she normally pay less than RM10 for 1 fish. ..~Crabs~A bunch of crabs (8 crabs) cost only RM15.*Dad grumble because he normally only pay RM8 for 6 fresh crabs.. . ..~Cockles~A bunch of medium size Cockles cost only RM2.Take 3 bunches cost RM5 ONLY!!!!!* My brother said if we are willing to spend sometime to go to the seaside near the mangrove area, we can more of it for Free!!!!.Manukan IslandThis island is famous in KK among the locals. It takes about 15 min by speed boat.It has soft sand and the clarity of the water is wonderful..Stilt HousesMost Sabahan stayed in this kind of houses before.But these houses are coming to an extinct as there is so much development in the city [...]

BACK from Sabah!


Dear every one,

I'm BACK!!! Miss you all a lot here...
Just got down from flight and done my nice shower!

Was a very nice and meaningful festive holidays back home in SABAH this time.
Lot of things to share... but I'm so tired now... will update you all after "I RECHARGED MY BATTERY"!


Happy Chinese New Year


Dear all,

I'm going back home (Land Below the Wind - Sabah),
To celebrate Chinese New Year.
See you all and Wish You all ...
Greatful Happy Chinese New Year.


Fried Egg with Long Bean


Simple and just fried….When your mind is some time too lazy to think of what to cook… this dish is definitely suitable when we are lazy… hahaha :)* Just diced the long beans and stir an egg with some Soya sauce.This is the Organic Long Beans I bought from Tesco, and it was actually placed at the Organic Rack. And I found the prices between Organic and Non Organic are just about few 10 cents difference. Ingredients:1. 4 cloves Garlic (grated)2. 5 pcs Long Beans (diced)3. 1 Egg (stir well)Methods:1. Rinse Long Bean and diced.2. Heat up 2 tbsps of oil, add sufficient salt, and fry Minced Garlic and Long Bean until fragrant. 3. Pour in egg evenly on the Long Bean. 4. Fry over high heat for 2 min. .When I was home last year, I remember my mom’s “mini-farm” planted some long beans too… and I remember that was an evening and mom asking to choose some matured long bean and asked me to pick down some for dinner.Living in a big city like where I stay now… we don’t have a big house for gardening, don’t even have a backyard to plant anything like what my mom has. That is why I always appreciate when I have a chance to go home, and the next thing I will do is bring my camera and take down photos.Here are some of my mom’s results from her backyard, and we even found some snails crawling at the vegetables, lady-birds hiding at the Bird Eye Chili Trees, and some time we even can see frogs hiding underneath the Pandan Leaves. .*Took ~ when I was home last year… ~ supply never stop whole year... :).~ greatest and hottest Bird Eye Chilies (light green color).~ froggie and x-name insect .~ insect and chili - same color~ wondering is this a huge lady-bird baby?!..~ different types of Lady Bird :)..~ Lovely Home Sweet Home ~ Land Below The Wind- Sabah[...]

Black Pepper Pork


Gravy~ Black Pepper Gravy~ I Love Black Pepper Gravy~

Believe or not… A plate of tasty black pepper pork will come along with a perfect marinate process.

I always love the black pepper gravy… but always so curious about why people only cook Black Pepper with Beef and too rare to cook with Pork.

BigFish Cook Book is trying to make a different here. If u read my previous post ~ I tried this dish before with Beef and shoot with a photo which didn’t actually shown the dish great.

This time, Panda help to shoot the photo properly with so many failure shoots. And I choose from those and I think this is the best among all.

1. 250gm Pork (sliced)
2. 1 Red Big Onion (sectioned)
3. 5 cloves Garlic (grated)

Pork – some Black Pepper, Corn Flour, Sesame Oil and some brown sugar.

Black Pepper Seasoning:
Mix some Corn Flour, 1 tsp Black Pepper, ½ tsp White Pepper, ½ tsp Brown Sugar, Black Soya Paste and Grated Black Peppers with ½ rice bowl water.

1. Heat up 2 tbsps cooking oil and fry grated garlic until fragrant.
2. Pour in Marinated Pork and stir fry for 5min.
3. Add sectioned Red Onion and fry together.
4. Pour in Black Pepper Sauce and stir well, fry for another 5min.
5. Garnish with some Chinese Celery and Serve!
Trust me, no matter how good the gravy, the pork have to marinate nicely and at least for 20min. And you will find absorption of every pieces of sliced pork taste really good from Inside Out!

I prefer to use the Red Big Onion instead of the normal Onion. The color is nicer and the smell stronger.

Fried Long Bean with Pickle Radish


That was a night, we worked late and came home late…

Panda suggested me not to cook and we eat outside because both of us worked late. But finally I told him about my mood of cooking that night was like extremely high… and we both agree that we take some light good first. Then I will go home and cook the dinner.

So we had dinner after 9.30pm that night. This fried long bean is one of the dishes I had from my BigFish Cook Book. It is so simple… for a working lady like me, always hope to cook at home, but time is so tight. I bet this simple and easy recipe is definitely suit to me some times.

This idea was getting from the Fried Egg with Pickle Radish (Choy Bor). A lot of people like to have Fried Egg with Pickle Raddish to serve with Porridge. And I think this dish helps a lot to make our appetite better.
*Less Oil and Healthier! Can either serve with Rice or Porridge …
1. 4 cloves Garlic (grated)
2. 50g Pickle Radish - Choy Bor (grated)
3. Long Bean (sectioned)

1. Rinse Long Bean and sectioned.
2. Heat up 2 tbsps of oil, fry minced Garlic and minced Choy Bor until fragrant.
3. Pour in Long Bean and stir fry till cooked.
4. Add in sufficient salt, fry over high heat for 1 min.

Non Spicy Curry Prawns


......Ingredients:1. 15 Fresh Chilies2. 7 Medium Shallots3. 4 Garlic (Big)4. 1 stalk Torch Ginger5. 3 Stalk Lemon Grasses6. 1 big piece Giner7. 2 stalks Curry leaves8. 6 Bird Eye Chilies9. Some Star Anise10. 8 Lady Fingers11. 2 Tomatoes (sectioned)12. 1 Round Brinjal (sectioned)13. 3 Stalks Spring Onion (sectioned)14. 2 Stalks Chinese Celery (sectioned)15. 20 medium size prawns* Blended – Fresh Chilies, Shallots, Garlic, Ginger, Torch Ginger and Bird Eye Chilies.* Cut -Tomatoes and Round Brinjal into cubes.- Spring Onion and Chinese Celery (1 inch)* Trim and cut the back of the prawns and deviant.Methods:1. Heat up Frying-pan with 5 tbsps full cooking oil.2. Fry Blended Ingredients until fragrant. (at least 20min)3. Add Curry Leaves and “pat kok” flower, fry for another 10min.4. Add 2000ml water and mixed well “Serai” with all ingredients.5. Pour in Brijal, Lady Fingers, Tomatoes, Spring Onion and Chinese Celery.6. Add sufficient salt and Brown Sugar, then pour in Prawns.7. Simmer for another 15min and SERVE!.Some of my friends love curry but yet they can’t take too spicy!That was a potluck gathering we had in a friend’s house. And I have made a Curry which is not spicy and I was trying to make the curry without adding those ready made Curry Powder.With all the raw ingredients I bought… went through blending and cutting. I was also making my own seasoning taste for the curry. I was quite happy that the Curry turn how reddish, not too oily and yet not too spicy…And this recipes ~ NOT USING COCONUT MILK....Reserve: (1/2 rice bowl) Blended Ingredients.With the reserve blended ingredients, I decided to have another recipe for the prawns.Ingredients:1. 30g Shrimp paste (Belacan)2. 3 Stalk long bean (cut 1 inch)3. 15 medium size prawns (remove heads and shell)Methods:1. Heat up Frying-pan with medium heat, fry shrimp paste until fragrant without oil. Pound or grind Shrimp Paste with a little bit water.2. Heat up Frying-pan with 3 tbsps full cooking oil.3. Fry Blended Ingredients until fragrant. (at least 20min)4. Add shrimp paste and stir fry until mixed well.5. Add Prawns and fry evenly together with Long Bean.6. Add sufficient salt. Stir fry for another 5min and SERVE! [...]

My BigFish Cook Book


Since last Thursday, is been few days already, haven’t been posting my recipes on blog… huh… getting frustrated now! I was so busying to figure out ways just to improve my blog. The problem with my Photo Shooting and Making nice template are giving me a big challenge.As a new blogger, I think I get addicted over here! :)Comments from friends and Foodiest …Very much appreciate to every one here and I have made up my mind to improve my blog page template soon.1. Why I want to set up a Blog?This is really important for me to drive ahead. In the very beginning, I bet every one here are like me ~ wanted to set up a blog for SHARING, and Learn new things. Make a habit to note down anything which is actually interesting and warming your soul. But after some times, I found most of the thing that make me smiling inside out to share here are my Home Cooking and Recipes. I feel extremely proud with my own creations and also the modified recipes whenever it served on the dinning table.I have found my answer even obvious after some times of carving. Opinions given by lot of friends, and I’m sure that I’m the lucky new blogger because I got to know some bloggers and added them into my MSN as well.* Especially from Big Boy Oven (Sid), my friend who works in MPH Publisher (Lawrence), and also a designer he is my ex-schoolmate (Hakkison). Their opinions are really helping me a lot.2. Food Blog – How should I present a food blog.Eat out food or Home Cook Food? My blogging are mainly about my Home Cook Food and Recipes. Friends’ opinion, that I have to actually make a brand and a unique name which is easier for others to remember me.* So I stick back to my lovely nickname as BigFish.4. Template and Theme Color.Keep the design clean and nice to read.* Don’t use Eyes Killing Fonts and Color.** This is the very first thing that I can do up to the stage now ~ to change my blog looks clean and comfortable.5. Photo Shooting.After College and quit my design job. Is been ages I never keep myself updating with the Photo Shooting matter. All my photos are just simply shooting without any side preparations most of times.But since I started to add my first Food Blogger (CookingMonster) in my list, from there I started to know foodiest from all around the world. The very first blog which really gave me a strong impression is Taste Like Home (Cynthia’s blog). Her photos are all serving with well food styling. Another one is Big Boys Oven (Sid), and I been chatting online with him few times, and he was telling me about the dinning set like bowls and plates chosen are important for Food Photography too.* I will have to get back to my skill from now, try to shoot more and practice more to make my dishes come out with nice lighting shoot.* I started to buy nice dinning set to make my food present nicer.* Might have to set up a small shooting area in my house with some simple lighting equipments.I’m looking forward from every one here to give me more opinions and also comments. I will try to make my improvement step by step. I am looking forward to get my own domain~ when the “clicks” is there!Please forgive me if you found my blog has some changes, because some times it will be “under construction”.Looking forward to step ahead from decent to better…~ Happy Blogging ~ Cheers!Blogs below are those I always visit because of their nice photographs. :)1. Oh for The Love of Food 2. Steamy Kitchen3. Audrey Cooks4. A Whiff of Lemongrass5. Food for Thought6. Imbi and Itchy[...]

The Making of Rice Wine


Making dish with Glutinous Rice wine … try this and you will never regret!Lot of friends asking~ is Glutinous Rice Wine same as the normal rice wine. For me, I think there’s bit different in such a point of view on ways and methods of transforming, but always fermented and rice-based.Since questions asked, I was actually thinking to make my own Home Made Glutinous Rice Wine. I called up my mom and some friends to ask them about the process and things to ready. Then I found out … the whole process taking a few weeks to just get a little Rice Wine to be done.Finally, I shed off my thoughts to make my own Wine at home, and also started to search online to look for more information… here are some photos and information I found.Kadazan Method and China Method I’m a Malaysian from the Borneo Island - Land Below the Wind, Sabah. So I believe my mom’s methods of making wine are the mixture of the two Traditions ~ China method and KadazanDusun Method. Here they are Steps to make the Glutinous Rice Wine:* Step1:Ingredients: 1.5 kg long grain Sticky riceIn a big container soak the rice in water for at least 12 hours or over night, making sure you cover all of the rice.* Step2: SteamSticky rice for 20 minutes or until just cookedRinse and wash the rice thoroughly then place evenly into steamer. Using chop sticks stab with holes for more even steaming.* Step3: Allow the cooked sticky rice to cool downRinse and wash thoroughly under cold running water, make sure to separate all the individual grains. Drain.* Step4: Ingredients: 1 pkt dried yeast (2 heaped Chinese soup spoons)Add and mix yeast and sticky rice into ceramic vessel - save a little for step 5* Step5: Pat down the sticky rice and levelIn the middle make a small hole and sprinkle the rest of the yeast inside and around*Step6: Place lid and store in dry warm place, undisturbed for the next 36 hoursIf need wrap up in thick towels, sheets or blankets* Step7: Wine is ready when vessel is tilted and rice separates from the sidesIf you can not see the "freshly fermented wine" in the hole then replace lid and kept fermentingHere you are, naturally sweet fermented home made Glutinous Rice Wine!!!These are what my mom told me when she wanted to make the Wine at home:-Many taboos have to be observed during the making of rice wine. Thus one is not allowed to swear or fight during the cooking process, or to talk bad and loudly. Other taboos are connected to practical hygiene, such as the rule that one cannot touch lemons or any other sour thing during the preparations. This could turn the wine sour. Hygiene is paramount, and in olden days often the whole family was banned from the house when mother prepared rice wine.Often a piece of charcoal, or a small knife called is placed on top of the jar with the fermenting rice, to prevent bad spirits from entering the recipient and spoil the wine – lihing, being an entirely natural wine, will turn into vinegar when left exposed to air.*I still remember… I was really young and still studying. Mom making her rice wine and during her first checking time, I was standing beside her and saw her taking out a small knife which placed on top of the container. Then the next thing she asked me to do is “Keep My Mouth Shut”.The three main ingredients that contribute to the unique characters of various wines are the grains, the water, and the liquor starter. Other ingredients that alter the color or taste of the final product may also be added.Glutinous Rice Wine well knows as Sticky rice wine, traditionally, can be eaten as a dessert, with sweet sticky rice balls as a snack, drunk with a meal, but mainly the Chinese consider it as a "health food/drink".Then fro[...]

Instand Noodle & Durians


That was a night… and I was so wanted to cook my dinner.But friends call and they wanted to have an Extreme Fear Factor Action that night… Go for DURIAN!!!I am not a Durian lover, but still without cutting off their mode, I decided to go enjoy “the scene” with them too. Panda loves durians some times, but we were just had it a week before, so his urge was not so strong…I prepared my stomach to fill with something before the Durian session, because the rest of our friends going to have Durians as their Dinner that night. I was so confused and didn’t know what to have as easy and light food… Then my brother came home and he cooked his instant noodle nicely, sitting at the sofa and serving with a cup of Milo. He is a BIG BIG EATER. Usually before my dinner done, he will just have a pack of instant noodle to full fill his urge while waiting for my cooking.Then remind me also my mom always cook the instant noodles and added a lot of extra vege, eggs or meat to serve with. I always love it when I was at home last time… Instant Noodles but it is just More Than normal instant noodle!I marinated the Beef with Shao Hsing Wine, and fried some chopped garlic with sesame oil. Then have the fresh vegetables. Ohhh… I swear you will love to have the Instant Noodles in this way!* I swear ~ u will love this!The King of Fruits~Go with them for Duriansss… I found out that they are the greatest Durian Eater I ever found in town now!*You ever see ppl standing there and eating non-stop until their face changed color!? Hahahahaa ~This Durian Stalls is located at Ampang area, some where between Kosas and Bkt. Indah. Is a small internal Village belongs to Ampang area.Service is Extremely Good! The boss is from North Malaysia and now staying in K.L. Very kind and honest! We normally have to call and ask him to reserve. So he will have his greatest stocks there to wait for us…Here the DURIANssss!... . [...]

Glutinous Rice Wine


Can imagine how busy I were for the pass 1 week, I have tons of pictures of my cooking, but no time to “decorate” them. So sad ~So keen and wanted to share with you all about my cook books!!! Still every time I turn on the computer… Start with going up to blogger friends’ comment box, when I got those comments done nicely, that would be about time for me to rest already!2 weeks ago, 1 of my ever good friend called me up and told me about her mom was making their own Home Made - Glutinous Rice Wine, and she reserved a bottle for me! Before I got the Wine home, again… the “CLOUDsss” came out from my mind, picturing myself in the kitchen again…cooking Chicken, Beef and etc with the Glutinous Rice Wine…*This remind me of my mom, she always do that whenever she is free and start to chit chat with me about dishes and cooking at home.Mom is a very sincere Buddhist, she never take Beef cos of the religion. Remember Mom’s Cook Book, and she has a lot of way to cook Pork and Chicken with the Glutinous Wine. But just not beef…I’m bit different from mom, my family giving us 100% freedom to choose on our religion. Since very young, parents sent me to a Kindergarten under a Church in Sabah (my home town). That was the reason I became a Christian since that. I respect her as I don’t take Beef at home, but outside home… I have my 100% freedom to choose on whatever I wanted to have. Hehehee…Learn from my Mom’s Cook Book, I’m going to try my BigFish Cook Book cooking the Beef with Glutinous Rice Wine.Surprisingly, result was unexpected too GOOD… .Beef with Glutinous Rice Wine Ingredients:1. 200g Lean Beef (sliced)2. Carrot (sliced)3. A few pcs Curry Leafs4. 1 stalk Spring Onion (cut 1 inch)5. 1 stalk Parsley (chopped)6. 3 tbsps Glutinous Rice Wine7. 4 cloves Garlic (minced)Marinate the Beef~1 little pinch of Salt, Pepper and Brown Sugar.1 tbsp of Glutinous Rice Wine, Chopped Parsley and 1 tsp Sesame oil.* At least 20min.Methods:1. Heat up frying pan with medium heat, and pour in 2 tbsps cooking oil.2. Pour in Minced Garlic and curry leaves fry until fragrant.3. Add in Marinated Beef and Sliced Carrot stir fry until cooked.4. Mix 3 tbsps Glutinous Rice Wine and mix with 2 rice bowl of water.5. Add in Spring Onion, use medium heat to cook for 10 min. .Chicken with Glutinous Rice Wine Ingredients:1. 1 whole chicken tight (sectioned)2. 50g Ginger (fine sliced)3. 1 stalk Spring Onion (cut 1 inch)4. 1 stalk Parsley (garted)5. 3 tbsps Glutinous Rice Wine6. 4 cloves Garlic (minced)Marinate the Chicken~1 tbsp of Oyster Sauce, 1 little pinch of Salt and Pepper.1 tbsp of Glutinous Rice Wine, Grated Parsley and 1 tsp Sesame oil.* At least 20min.Methods:1. Heat up frying pan with medium heat, and pour in 2 tbsps cooking oil.2. Pour in Minced Garlic fry until fragrant.3. Add in Marinated Chicken and Grated Parsley stir fry until cooked.4. Mix 3 tbsps Glutinous Rice Wine and mix with 2 rice bowl of water.5. Add in Spring Onion, use medium heat to cook for 10 min. .~Parsley is not only for Decoration~You will love it to cook the Beef and Chicken together with Parsley. Chinese rarely use Parsley as cooking ingredient. Most of the time, we use Parsley only for decorating and make the dishes look nicer.I got this idea from a guy friend who loves cooking and his wife doesn’t know how to cook at all. He used Parsley to cook Fish with Star Fruit. Then he told me Parsley smell lovely after grated and cook with anything. [...]

2008 Year of RAT


Chinese New Year is now right at the corner…
This coming Chinese New Year is the Year of RAT. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Year 2008 is a Chinese Brown Earth (Soil) Rat Year.

Here come our Chinese Friends… I know some start doing home decoration soon. I’m sure there are things that we will have to be sticking on the wall of our home like Spring Calligraphy, Couplet, Chinese Lime Trees and etc…

In the markets out there… sure there are people start selling Mandarin Oranges and Year Cakes (Nian Gao). Some of my friend’s parents even making their own Chinese New Year Cake. This is a type of food prepared from glutinous rice and consumed in Chinese Cuisine. It is traditionally most popular during celebrating the Chinese New Year. It is considered Good Luck to eat Nian Gao, it symbolized “Climbing Higher this coming Good Year”.

Lam Garden, Panda’s parents are now preparing all the stocks for Chinese New Year shoppers too. Plants like Green Bamboo, Mei Hua, Money Trees and Wealthy Trees are all symbolized Wealth and Health.

Sambal Shrimp Paste


1. 20 Fresh Chilies
2. 10 Dried Chilies
3. 6 Medium Shallots
4. 4 Garlic (Big)
5. 60g / 80g Shrimp Paste (Belacan)
6. 1 Chinese Rice Bowl Dried Shrimps
7. 3 tbsps of Brown Sugar

* Heat up Frying-pan with medium heat, fry shrimp paste until fragrant without oil.
Pound or grind Shrimp Paste with a little bit water.
* Clean and Soak Dried Shrimps until soft.
* Blended – a) Fresh Chilies
b) Dried Chilies
c) Medium Shallots
d) Garlic
e) Dried Shrimps

1. Heat up Frying-pan with 5 tbsps full cooking oil.
2. Fry Blended Ingredients a-d until fragrant. (at least 20min)
3. Add smashed Shrimp paste and fry for another 10min.
4. Add Blended Dried Shrimps and fry until mixed well with all ingredients.
5. Pour in another 2 tbsps cooking oil, stif fry for another 10min.
6. Add 3 tbsps Brown Sugar, stir fry.

** If you want spicier, can add few Bird Eye Chilies to blend with ingredients a-d.

Spicy Sambal Shrimps


That was the eve of 2007 Christmas Eve, I felt something wrong with myself … I have tons of ingredients came out in my mind like slide pictures ~ a lot of ingredients popping up: Chilies, Onion, Garlic, Shrimp paste, Shallots… etc…Oooorrrggghh… again ~ again… I hate this feeling, because I know… I know… I can’t control again! I have to make a move to Tesco, and get all those things, and this mode was driving me that I have to make my own Shrimp’s Sambal Paste done tonight.I’m lucky cos Panda always very supportive and he give his tongue to become the most sincerely dishes tester for me all the time. I told him, I want to have my Shrimp’s Sambal done. Then the first thing come across in his mind is that I always have to chop so many ingredients hardly with using the knife. Then he decided to buy me a new blender to make my cooking preparation easier. Hahahaaa… I treat this as my Christmas Present for 2007. Surprisingly, I was so satisfy with getting the new blender!Told my friend about my Christmas Present and they laughed at me crazily…. . That night, he went out for a friend’s wedding dinner and I stayed home. I was so keen that I have to make my Mission Complete! Straight after dinner, I start my preparation…Called my mom at first place, to make sure I have all the ingredients prepared correctly. Oh well, here I have to praise my mom about her cooking … she is just too gorgeous with her lovely hands. I never seen her failed with any dishes with “My MOM’s COOK BOOK!!!” Any dishes cook by mom are all lovely ~I started from 9.30pm to clean all the ingredients. First thing, rinse and drain the Dried and Fresh Chilies. 30 Chilies … have to clean all the seeds! Orrrghhh… I was so regret for cleaning the seeds without wearing GLOVE! My hand was so HOT and SPICY … it last me for at least 5 hrs!!!*Warning ~ Pls clean the Chilies Seeds with GLOVE!.*Warning ~ Pls clean the Chilies Seeds with GLOVE! ..* My 1st Sambal Shrimps DONE~. Methods … to be continue ~[...]

3 Dishes 1 Soup (Dinner)


Life is busy some times, but still I will try to get some times out in few times a week to have my Big Fish Cook Book mission completed. Simple and yummy dinner will do…*Chinese always like “3 Dishes and 1 soup” ~ . Fried Bitter Gourd with EggsIngredients:1. 1 bitter gourd (sliced)2. 2 eggs (stir)3. 4 cloves garlic (chopped)Methods:1. Rinse Bitter Gourd and cut into slices2. Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil, fry Chopped Garlic and fry until golden brown.3. Add in Sliced Bitter Gourd and stir fry for 5min.4. Pour over the stir eggs on top of the fried bitter gourd.5. Fry with medium heat for 5min. Sambal Onion SquidsIngredients:1. 5 medium squids (shallow criss-cross)2. 1 Red Onion (shred)3. 1 Tomato (cubed)4. 1 Big garlic (chopped)5. 1 Torch Ginger (Chopped)Chili paste seasoning:* 1 Big garlic, 5 shallots, 5 red chilies, 3 dried chilies – BlendedMethod:1. Make shallow criss-cross cuts on body of squids. (marinate with chopped torch ginger and sufficient salt)2. Heat 2 tbsps oil and Chili paste seasoning, stir fry until fragrant.3. Add Onions, and squids. Add ½ of water, stir-fry until cooked.4. Dish up and Serve!Fried Assorted VegeIngredients:1. 150g Pork (slices)2. 20 slices carrot (slices, flowers’ shape)3. Red dates ~ Hung Zau (cut ½)4. 10g Mushrooms5. 4 cloves Garlic (minced)6. 12 Bean PeasSeasoning:~ 2/3 rice bowl of water mixed with 1 tsp Oyster Sauce and 1 tsp Corn Flour.~ Mix well with sufficient salt and 1 tbsp of Shao Hsing Wine.(Marinate for at least 20min)Methods:1. Rinse Pork, cut into slices. Rinse Bean Peas, and mushrooms.Rinse carrot cut into florests, rinse Red Dates cut into half.2. Heat up 2 tbsps of oil, fry minced Garlic until fragrant. 3. Pour in Sliced Pork and stir fry till cooked. 4. Add in Sliced Carrots, Red Dates, Mushrooms and Bean Peas. *Stir fry for 2 min.5. Add in seasoning, fry over till fairly dry. [...]

2008's Lucky Ring


A Gift for us ~ End of year of 2007 & Beginning of 2008.If you loved to have surprise, then you’re going to love my latest short story which was happened recently.That was 30th December 2007, a really Lucky Day for me and Panda. We went to Tesco again to do our house hold and glossaries shopping. I bought a lot of prawns, vegetables and herbs… wanted to ready for the New Year Eve party in my friend’s house.We walked out from Tesco Hypermarket, there are so many stalls selling ladies hand bags and jewelries. The very last stalls we were passing through, it was a Jewelries Stall which is selling all the Fake Gold Jewelries. This is the time… Panda shouted and ask me to “Watch Out! Why are you stepping on a Necklace? I think they dropped it”. The next step we did was we picked up the Necklace and pass to the sales girl there…Who knows… they told us that Necklace was not belongs to them, and they passed it back to us. We holding it, and looked at it very seriously. I told Panda, this Necklace look so fake, because the design was old fashion and with the size, we both have the same thought ~ it shouldn’t be so light. But look into the Necklace clearly, there was a little number written there “916”. Huh… according to common sense “916” means gold, but on the other hand our thoughts were perfectly matches. ‘Weight too light’… since none of us can decide whether is real or it is not, then we decided to bring it over to Poh Kong Jewelry Shop near our house to find out the truth.My God, Poh Kong’s sales person told us that this Necklace worth RM470, if it comes with a receipt, it worth even more than RM500!Gooosssh… I felt so luckily that we didn’t throw it away just now ~The whole 31st December, the last day of 2007, I was so busy getting preparing some dishes, we both put the Necklace aside and went to friend’s house.Then 1st January 2008, we woke up late and Panda said, lets bring the Necklace out and we sell it off to the Jewelry Shop, so we go for Good Lucky Dinner tonight. Wow… then I was so happy and agreed with what Panda suggested! Since it looks so old fashion and none of us like the design. And the most important point is, we both felt like not good with wearing it.Went to Poh Kong, and they told us if want to sell of the Necklace without receipt, they are going to deduct 25% due to depreciation. They have 1st option for us, with changing it to cash, but the value went even lower. The 2nd option they gave is exchange with other Jewelry in the shop, so we choose accordingly to the price they judged on the Necklace. We both felt like not so satisfy, and then walked in another Jewelry Shop (Wa Chan) which is just opposite to Poh Kong. Lovely ~ Wa Chan give us better deal! And they suggested we can pick from any Jewelries from Wa Chan which was a bit lower than the actual value.Orrrggghh… Panda agreed and we started our Jewelry Exchange Shopping!!!* Here it is… Lucky Gift for 1st January 2008. A nice beautiful Gold Ring...~pictures taken by Panda[...]

2008 Resolutions


New year symbolizes good luck, prosperity and a good new beginning. It's the best time to analyze on our past mistakes and make efforts to achieve our desinavy goals. ~Make a Wish Here! Goals will come true~1. Spend More Time with Family & FriendsI gotta brain wash myself for ~ Work shouldn't always come first! * To have more time for “us” and my family in Sabah.* To take care of my puppies more.2. My CareerReorganize my little tuition centre which i have lost and start all over again step by step.*Done with small renovation. Now is time to canvass sales for the business when schools reopened.3. Get Out of DebtMoney ~ a big source of stress in my life last year! * Will get rid from the debts I have and make my days brighter!* Then only take out some little amount for Traveling ~ yeah!4. Cute CarI wanna get my Suzuki Swift! Don’t care… Dream must come true!* *Friends says ... the car is too small ~ but I just LOVE IT so much.5. HouseI dont want to store my "age rubbish" any more!*I gonna brain wash myself to throw away those things which I kept for ages. Keep the house look simple and nice!* Find a suitable house for “us” and make sure it is not over budget.6. Quit from UnhappinessI wanna refrain from being stressful and unhappy!I want myself to be happier and enjoy everyday in my life.*This will make myself look more pretty and confident!7. Enjoy Life MoreI will proceed with my new hobby~ My BigFish Cook Book on the blog and make it nicer.Therefore I will have more creation on my own recipes whenever I have time!* Note down every interesting and lovely things I had in my daily life!8. Learn New ThingsI am going to learn on how people do so well in SOHO business and start mine from step by step too!*Start from even a little or simple one will be a Good Start for me!9. Slim and SlimmerI wanna start back my Regular exercise ~ swimming! ~I'm reaching the age of 30 ....... dangerous!*No Extra Pounds for 2008!10. Get Organized Organize myself from top to toe all over again. I thought I’m very organized all the while, but found out a lot of things goes wrong because of my wrong thoughts.*I will get myself force-organize to make my Resolutions Success this Year! [...]

2008 Happy New Year


Dear all blogger and friends...
Happy New Year !!!

Dried Curry Prawns


iSome people said, if the weather is cold… is great to gorge on Spicy Cuisine.But in Malaysia (Hot Weather country), we have all different races living together, although weather is all the while HOT. Still there are a lot of Malaysians like Spicy Food!~ You’ll be Sweating Soon Enough~I believe that my BigFish Cook Book on Spicy Cuisine Recipes influenced by the many factors.Malaysian curries typically use curry powders rich in coconut milk, shallots, ginger, belacan (shrimp paste), chilis, and garlic.With the Prawns, Chilies (both dried and fresh), shallots, garlic and torch ginger I have in the fridge. I am NOT going to use Coconut Milk and Shrimp paste for my BigFish Curry Cuisine. Ingredients:1. 15 medium sizes prawns2. 1 Red Onion (cubed)3. 4 shallots (chopped)4. 1 Big garlic (chopped)5. 3 Red Chilies (chopped)7. 2 Dried chilies (chopped)8. 1 Torch Ginger (chopped)9. 1 Tomato (cubed)10. 1 stalk Chinese celery (cut 1 inch)Methods:~ medium heat1. Trim and cut the back of the prawns and devein.2. Season with sufficient salt and pepper.3. Heat 4 tbsps cooking oil and sauté ingredients 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 until fragrant.4. 4. Stir well BABAS Curry Powder (25g) and 1 tbsp Sour Plum Sauce with ½ bowl of water (stir fry 5 min)5. Add in Tomato and red onion (cubed), plus 2 cups of water.* simmer prawns together for 10min.6. Add Chinese Celery 5 min before dish up.Done successfully!From the research... There are other health and preventative reasons why spicy foods are good for you.1. Naturally induce labor2. Stimulating digestive system3. Stimulating Contractions4. Cancer-fighting and cancer-prevention - A recent study shows that capsaicin can be used to fight pancreatic cancer. It slowed the growth of cancer cells and in some cases, even caused cancer cells to die off.5. Alleviate inflammation - Arthritis and psoriasis are cause by nerve damage and cause pain on joints. Capsaicin supposedly helps to ease that pain.6. Relieve chronic pain- In some cases, spicy foods containing capsaicin greatly reduced pain caused by headaches or osteoporosis.7. Heart-health- Cayenne and chili peppers can help to reduce cholesterol. Additionally statistics show that cultures that eat spicy foods (e.g. some Asian countries) frequently have a much lower rate of heart attack and stroke.* (above: 4,5,6 and 7) From:[...]