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Collection of personal stories of pregnancy and birth over 40. If so rare, so impossible, such a miracle - why can I find so many stories? Offering inspiration, hope and comfort to those trying to conceive over 40 years old

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Grandpa was 85, his wife in her 50's


I have a maternal great grandmother and a fraternal grandmother who both had children at 46 years old.So I can't really rely on my age to protect me.But I do have a good friend whose egg quality at 35 was questionable.Fortunately, with assistance, she got her second child.Photo Credit: Big and little hands, by Niels TimmerTODAY'S BOOK SUGGESTION:Fertility Factsby Conceive Magazine Editors-- The ultimate compendium of pre-pregnancy advice, essential not only for the one in six couples struggling with fertility challenges, but also for anyone starting a family.This chunky volume offers hundreds of ways, sourced from doctors and the latest research by the experts at Conceive Magazine, for women to conceive faster.Each page offers a new and often surprising tip: women should avoid taking ibuprofen, while men looking to increase sperm count should double up on pumpkin seeds!With this highly accessible reference in hand, readers will be one step closer to parenthood.Paperback: 312 pagesClick to order/for more info: Fertility Facts-- Start reading Fertility Facts on your Kindle in under a minute! Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.More "Pregnancy Over 40" blogs to visit: Pregnancy Stories by Age - Daily blog of hope & inspiration! You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40's - Sharing articles, discussing options & suggestions Stories of Pregnancy and Birth over 44 years old - sharing news stories I find online, for inspiration![...]