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Enjoy life to the fullest~ Make everyday counts

Updated: 2018-03-11T20:14:10.108+08:00


Bangkok trip 2014 Day 2


Basically the second day was a full day of work. The only thing we went out of the factory is to have lunch. Amiss our short lunch, I personally think that our lunch location is quite unique. Basically, we are having lunch on top of a floating "sort-of" boat.

The location we had our lunch
The food we had that day during lunch. Basically the "spotlight" of the lunch is their fresh from the river prawn, which is not bad in my opinion.

Later that evening after testing, we went to a shopping mall to have our dinner. Truth to be told, I can't recall the shopping mall name. Haha.. I think it starts with the word Mega ..... something. Didn't buy much except the Lay keropoks. lol... 
And I totally forgot to take the photos of the food, but I do remember the name of the restaurant is call Four Seasons.
Different flavours of Lay keropok

Bangkok trip 2014 Day 1


Last week I went to Bangkok for a short business trip 4D3N. The last trip to Bangkok was in Year 2008! Gosh, 6 years had pass!So we took Malaysia Airlines to go to Bangkok and surprisingly our connecting flight did not encounter any delay, which is a relief. After reach the hotel, we went straight to our hotel to check in. The hotel that we stayed is Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel, which is located opposite the Central Mall Shopping mall.The room is quite spacious and overlook the city.After we checked in, we went to the Central Mall to shop for a while before our dinner. For dinner on the first night, we was brought to Tawandang German Brewery for dinner. Personally, I really like the environment there. There is actually a stage in a big room and there is performance every night and every night, the performance will be different.It is just our luck that day when we arrived is actually public holiday in Thailand, to celebrate their Queen's birthday. So, most of the performance is singing, and some shows. I have to admit the dancer are really good and their singing quality is good too. Just that too bad most of the songs are sang in Thai language.Apart from that, the food that night is good too. Truth to be told, the food for the 3 nights I stayed in Bangkok had been superb. I am very confident that I gained much weight when I return back to Kuching.Pork KnuckleFor remembranceThe beer[...]

The REASON I have been missing from blogging


The reason I have been missing from blogging, and I do not regret it. 

Time spent with my previous little baby is really important. The moment once passed will not repeat itself anymore, that is why I treasure every moment that I can with her. Being a full time working mum, it is not easy balancing work and family. On one hand, I have to work in order to earn and support a living, on the other hand, I would like to be able to see and share her progress of growing all the time. But I guess we have to find a balance. 

So, for the balance to exist, I would have to sacrifice the time I spent on blogging. Now that she is 18 months old, I can finally have some "me" time to blog this very important chapter of my life - motherhood. Presenting first time at Little Rainbow's blog, my little baby girl.

$10 for every unique click


Dear All,

I came across this recently whereby this website offers USD10 for every unique click.
I was a bit doubtful.
Can any of you please help to comment?
Link as shown below or click here.

Thanks a lot!

Kenny Rogers at The Spring


One day I was having this craving to eat western food and so hubby brought me to eat at Kenny Rogers at The Spring. Turn out the food is really "meh" only... I don't think I will come back here to eat again except for the muffins.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum sample


Today is a good day for me I guess. This morning check up everything went smoothly. I managed to post my registration letter, and have the last minute shopping to buy all the stuffs need for this month end/beginning next month. 

Apart from that, initially I plan to redeem the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum but the sales girl is super friendly. Not only she gave me Eye serum, she gave me three other skin care products:

1) Advanced Night Repair Serum
2) Advanced Time Zone cream
3) Advanced Time Zone Night cream

Lancome Perfume Sample (La vie est belle)


Went and redeemed this Lancome perfume sample. Try it but unfortunately, the smell is not my taste. The smell is more towards citrus fruity strong smell, where as I prefer floral smell instead of fruity smell.

Christmas 2012 from Little Rainbow


This year Christmas not much celebration due to my "condition". Nevertheless, me and my hubby went out for a nice and long movie "The Hobbit". The movie is not bad in my opinion, just that why oh why, must it be a trilogy? Meaning, after this movie, for the next 2 years, I will have to catch up with it else it will be wasteful watching the first part. 

Christmas gift
After the movie, we went in search for our presents. Hehe.. His is .... "secret". But very practical, and he seems to be very proud of his "no wasting" lifestyle. But for me, as every girl out there, we like something which might not be very practical (like we have a lot of it already but we still never seems to get enough, eg: bags, shoes, jewellery etc).

8 different lotion. <3 br="br">
After walking around the spring shopping mall for nearly 2 hours, I finally decided on my gift. And it is Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion. :) Since it's festive season, there is a lot of promotion going on and all the gifts are pack and wrap up nicely.

I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

DIY Project #2


As you all know, I recently bought a small and portable sewing machine. So finally last weekend I decided to put my sewing machine to good use. Recently I had purchase some clothes to make a bed mattress, and requested the taukeh nio to give back the excess clothes. 

So with the excess clothes, I decided to try and do a small pouch. The following is the step-by-step on how I do the small pouch. 

First, sew the edge.

Top part, fold it down and sew it

Make a button hole and sew a button to it

Ta-Da! The pouch is done.
Conclusion, first weekend project is consider successful.

How to clean your designer Coach bags (Part 2)


Here is Part 2 on how to clean designer coach bags made of fabric.

Cleaning Coach collections made of Fabric
1.Avoid using the washing machine
2.Purchase a bottle (or several) of Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner which you can find from any Coach retail outlet or from the internet.
3.Use a clean, dry and soft cloth and apply a small amount of the Fabric cleaner to the cloth.
4.Rub the cloth (applied with the cleaner) to the fabric of your Coach bag gently, using circular motions.
5.Use another clean, dampened cloth to remove the excess cleaner on the fabric of your bag.
6.Repeat step 3 to step 5 if the stained fabric is not completely clean.
7.Leave the bag to dry and it should look brand new (well, almost).

How to clean your designer Coach bags (Part 1)


Read this article in some blog, found it useful or I'm re-posting it here.

Below are the steps on how you can clean your Coach collection :-

Cleaning leather on Coach bags, wristlets, purses or swingpacks
1.Avoid using the washing machine

2.Make sure you buy Coach Cleaner from any Coach retail outlet or you could order Leather Cleaner / Conditioner here which should be just as good.
3.Grab a clean, soft cloth (try avoiding cloths which are coarse) and apply a small amount of the cleaner on to the cloth.
4.Gently rub the cleaner on to the leather in circular motions
5.Once you have covered the entire bag with the cleaner, wipe off all existing leftovers from the cleaner and leave the bag to dry for at 30 minutes.
6.Get another cloth which is dry and clean, repeat step 4 and step 5.
7.Leave the bag again to dry and you should be done.

L'occitane and Estee Lauder Sample


This month I managed to get samples from both L'occitane and Estee Lauder. The sample can be redeem at the Spring. How do you redeem the sample, just go to their facebook and follow the instructions there.

My FM Kuching


Went out for lunch one afternoon and luck was on our side and me and my colleagues when My FM team was just on the same block giving out gifts. 

The following are the gifts we managed to get from My FM.

Softlan Breast Cancer Charity Campaign


This month is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come help Softlan Malaysia’s collect 1,000,000 pledges for its “A Touch of Love, A Touch of Life” movement. 

 The objectives of the campaign are:
1) To promote public education on general health and breast healt issues
2) To help adolescent girls and women to understand the facts related to the breast
3) To teach women how to examine the normal changes in their breast and how to recognise signs of early breast cancer
4) To emphasize on breast awareness, which means knowing how your breasts look and feel and being alert to any changes in your breasts that you may notice while showering, dressing, etc.
5) To encourage and urge regular practice of monthly Breast Self Examination (BSE) and annual mammograms to increase chances of early detection of breast cancer

So, what are you waiting for? Help Softlan to raise RM100,000 donation to Breast Cancer Charities or collect 1,000,000 pledges. Click here for more details. 

Or go to the link below:

Porkies @ Jalan Song, Kuching


Porkies is one of the restaurant that serve plenty of pork (as the name suggested ;)) and variety of foreign beer. During the month of October, since I feel like eating pork rib, I suggested to hubby to go Porkies to have dinner. Viola, when we reached there, it's full of Oktoberfest theme, with Irish song, Irish waiters and waiteress, and Irish beer. However, due to my condition, I just order normal drink instead of trying out the beer.  The food we ordered that night, pork rib, garlic bread, and mix grilled. In the end we cannot finish the food and leftover some fries and corn. Garlic bread. Good in my opinion..The so-called famous pork rib at Porkies. But the pork rib that night was not really up to standard, it's not that juicy...My "full-moon" faceMixed Grilled. Honestly the meat all taste nearly the sameOverall, the food was only so-so that night. I noticed that the food at Porkies do varies each time I ate there. Maybe there are several cooks and when you are lucky, you get to try the food from better chef than others. How would I rate this place, for the price that you pay, I think you can get better food at other restaurant.  [...]

Online Shopping (Bag Organizer, Sewing machine)


Recently bought quite a few items through online. Nowadays it is getting difficult to really walk around the shopping mall and spend hours window shopping without feeling tired or aching here and there. 

So, I resort to online shopping. Keke... Just finger clicking and the items will deliver to your door step. Besides that, I noticed nowadays, most of the items sell online, you can't really find it around Kuching shopping mall. Or maybe it's available, but the price will be definitely higher than the price being offer online. 

So, the items which I have bought these few weeks are a bag organizer from milkadeal and a mini sewing machine from Overall both are good purchase, although I faced some hiccup (nightmare of shopping online without testing the product) with the sewing machine but the merchant is super friendly and helpful and solved all my problem.

I guess in future, I will resort to online shopping more and more with the busier/more hectic life ahead.

Bag organizer from milkadeal (Orange colour)

Mini Sewing machine from

Benefits of online shopping:
1) More choices available.
2) Convenient, can browse and shop at home without going out.
3) Better pricing (Pay less for consumer) as online shop does not have to consider shop rental, staffs, maintenance, and utilities fee.

Disadvantage of online shopping:
1) No guarantee on the product quality. As we can only judge base on the picture.
2) Sizes might not fit or not according to the measurement stated.
3) Sometimes, restock might takes weeks or months although we have paid for it.

Europe's Leading Hair Remover and Exfoliator


So called! Europe's leading hair removal and exfoliator my fart gas lah... Saw this deal at Milkadeal and was super excited since it's priced at RM16.90 after 56% discount. So, I jumped in and bought it.

After three weeks it arrived.

The packaging
All the items included in the package

Just peel off
Stick it on, and you can start using it
So, I started using it and it feels like a sand paper. not only is it exfoliate my hair, but it didn't really help to remove the unwanted hair. So, in the end, it is collecting dust in my drawer. 

COACH Signature Pleated Medium Wristlet


COACH Signature Pleated Medium Wristlet (Only one for each colour. Interested and serious buyer please PM me for price)measurement : 7 1/4" (L) x 4 1/2" (H)- comes with price tag- Signature fabric with leather trim- Zip-top closure, fabric liningDelivery 10 days (From US) after confirmation and payment. First come first serve basis. COD Kuching only. KhakiPeachBlackGrey[...]

Krabi, Phi Phi Island Day 4


4th day of my holiday: this will be the last day at Phi Phi Island before we head off back to Ao Nang Beach. So, we decided to go easy this day and take our time to scroll around the beach and try on some of the foods. Beautiful BeachTaking photo for rememberenceAnother photo.. The weather is really hot and sunny.Emo photo by the beachPostingWhile walking around Phi Phi Island, we saw this restaurant which seems to pack with people most of the time. So we decided to have our lunch here. The unique thing about this restaurant is that the wall is filled up with pieces of A4 papers with writing from the tourist that had eat here.  Calamaro RestoThe walls are fill with writings from the tourists that came and ate at this restaurantOMG, the green curry, it's yummylicious.The food we ordered.That is all for Day 4. [...]

Tippings/Donations to Little Rainbow


Hello Readers of Little Rainbow's blog,

I just created a small button on the top right corner of this blog. If you feel charitable, I would really appreciate some tippings. :D

A big THANK YOU to those who does. 


Double-woot online shopping


My friend introduced me to a great online store one day. The online shop is called Double-Woot. So I check out their website out of curiousity and from then on, I'm hooked. Doublewoot offers a variety of dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But mostly it offers different type of dresses, which you will most definitely find one to suit different occasions.I will share with you one of the many purchases that I made with DW. The parcel. Using registered mail is free of chargeThe dressGood qualityTa-da, nice? I wore it to my cousin's weddingTheir dresses are nice right? Besides this peach peplum dress, I had bought another dress called McQueen Skaterdress. The best part about DW is that when you first registered, you are given a RM5 discount voucher for any purchase. The dress is totally affordable at around RM60-RM75. For the month of May, they are having additional promotion whereby the postage using pos laju is also free of charge! *wink* I am going to use this opportunity to purchase another dress. Why wait? Go check out their website now. Happy online shopping![...]

Krabi, Phi Phi Island Day 3


Krabi Day 3 Staying overnight at our PP Casista Cottage at Phi Phi Island. The following is the photos we took while on our way to the restaurant for our breakfast. The Cottage we stay for the night. =)Decorations along the wayA swimming pool for the guest to useThis is the hotel I'm stayingBreakfastAfter breakfast, we went around Phi Phi island to look for the best half day tour available which we can take. Finally we settle for one and waited for the usher to walk until our tour center and show us the way to the beach. For those of you are not very familiar with the waves, please bear in mind the sea-sickness. Apart from that, splash on LOTS of sun block! We went for snorkeling, see the monkeys by the cliff, an old caves and famous James Bond beach.  Saw this creatively architecture restaurant. A boat up at a tree.The boat we use to half day tour on the seaHere we go.... Snorkeling, can see very pretty fish.. Monkeys on one of the cliffsTHE famous James Bond beach. It's crowded with people on that small stretch of sea beachAfter nearly whole day out in the beach, by the evening around 5pm, we finally reach the Phi Phi mainland. We walk along the stretch of beach, sight-seeing and buying most of our souvenirs there, then we went to Seven-Eleven to buy mee cups and alcohol drinks.  Our dinner for the nightThe outcome of the day out, a cut on my toe due to the sharp stone during the tour. Luckily I got this cut while walking from the boat to the beach. Not during the trip, else I won't be able to enjoy the tour. But I did walked with this bloodied toe for shopping before going back to hotel. Luckily the cut is not deep.  [...]

Krabi, Phi Phi island Day 2


The next day, we went to Phi Phi Island. We used the big ferry to go there and the ride was around 2 hours.  Finally reached the jetty. The beach is very pretty, however, the jetty is cram with people. Cannot believe so many people actually came to this island. The funny thing is that in the island there is no automobile on the island. You can travel from one place to another location by using your feet. When we arrived the jetty, our escort from our Hotel (PP Casita) is waiting there to escort us to our hotel. Our EscortTaking photo at the jettyAnother photo with Thailand flag above my head. Besides the jetty. The house and boats...Another photo at the jettyAfter walking and check in our hotel, we went out and searched for lunch. We noticed one restaurant and decided to go in for lunch. The weather there is extremely hot and most of the shops there is open air, no air conditioner at all. Our hotel room. We order the cottage room for our stays thereMy favorite dish in Thailand. Rice with soup. After lunch, we decided to explore and walk along the evacuation route during Tsunami. It was a long way up using stairs and I was exhausted when I finally reached the top. If Tsunami is really going to happen, I do not think I will be able to out-run the waves with my stamina. Follow the signUsing the stairs, go up and upMore stairs... Getting extremely tired.Finally, going to reach view point 1 soon. Ta-da, I'm up there alreadyThe famous spot to take photoAfter photo and resting for a while, walk down all the stairs againAfter reaching view point 1 and snap some photos up there for memory, we need to walk all the way down again to the beach. Since I had burned much calories by walking up and down the stairs, I ordered a large slice of pizza.And reach the beach.80 Baht per slice. This is the standard slice[...]

Proton Preve - Drive it to Believe it


I went to Kuching Sentral last weekend and guess what I found there? The new proton car, Proton Preve!!We went there quite early in the morning to prevent the crowd. There is not much crowd in the shopping malls but there is a mini crowd surrounding the new car. As a curious Malaysian, my hubby and I went and explore the new car.   The famous quote: Drive it to believe itThe booth, quite spacious in my opinion for a sedan carThe famous no car-key slot: To start the engine, you just need to press the button. However, to really activate and drive the car, you will need to slot in the remote control in the slot besides the button. So, basically it is from car-key slot -> remote slot. The start button, and the remote slot besides itApart from that, it comes with a built in GPS system. Now you will never get lost, unless the map is not updated.  Built in GPSThe back-side look: The front-side look: A mini crowd there touching and testing the Proton Preve. Overall I guess it's not a bad car but with the price tag of RM70k for the premium spec, that price range is still out of my range. But for those who can afford it, Proton Preve might be your answer.[...]

Krabi Trip Day 1


I went to Krabi last year during August but unfortunately I do not have time to blog during end of last year due to certain issues. If i remember correctly, I do not think I finish blogging my Bali trip or Genting, KL trip March last year too. I promise I will try my best to finish blogging Krabi trip, then continue with other trips. Booked an early flight from Kuching to KL so that we will arrives around noon time at Krabi with half day being able to do sight-seeing there. Breakfast as usual the famous McDonald at the KIA airport. Still sleepy.. Need my coffeeAfter transit at KL, finally we reached Krabi airport. Turn out Krabi airport is a bit shabby and small, not much shops around too. Nevermind, once we get out to the lobby, our van from our accommodation of the night is there waiting to bring us to our hotel. Walking towards my hotel of the nightThere it is, Ben's hotelFinally check in to the hotel. After checking in the hotel, we left our luggage and started to explore the hotel and Krabi city. Our hotel room for the night. Kindly ignore my back. They fully utilized the space. They use the space between building to building to build a pool. Creative yes?No chance to use the pool, but manage to take photo. lolThen out to the street for adventure and sight-seeing!!Trying to be funny...Sea-urchin? No idea how they preserve it...I WAS THERE! @ walking street An Nang KrabiThe beachFirst day afternoon and evening was pass by walking around Ao Nang and sight-seeing. After having dinner outside, we walked back to the hotel for rest. Tomorrow cruising off to Phi phi Island! Special thanks to the hotel stuffs for helping us to secure two ferry tickets.  Dinner of the nightDinner of the night[...]