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Last Build Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 16:55:29 +0000


Making Better Blogs

Sun, 21 Aug 2016 16:55:29 +0000

Having blogging blahs? Not having a lot of activity on your site? You want to have a popular blog and one that makes you money. Sydney SEO company Webgator tells us how you can make your blogs better for Search Engine Optimization. Read through the list and see which of the following you need to improve on.

1. Make your blog social media friendly. Have like or share buttons or comments or questions buttons either on the top or at the bottom of your blogs. Be visible on different social media platforms and be interactive.

2. Don’t overload your blog with too much advertising. Make sure your blog articles are the focus of the page and not the advertising. The advertising can be placed where it’s not too obvious and in-your-face.

3. Make the content of your blog easily visible when people open your blog page. It should be easy to find and should not require too much scrolling to find. Readers tend to get bored easily if they can’t see the content right away and might skip your blog page.

4. Your pictures or other images should be easy to load and should not take a lot of time to show up on the blog page. Don’t load too many images on your blog. Pick the right images and the right number of images you put on your page.

5. Links should also be kept to a minimum of 100 on a page.

6. Group your best blogs together and set up a link that features them.

7. It’s best to use HTML or CSS for linking.

8. Have search boxes so readers can look for other content on your site.

9. Get your page professionally designed which will attract more readers by it’s awesome aesthetics.

10. Use a great blog platform like WordPress.

11. Don’t just have a page that just has images.

12. Your content should be accurate, and make sure your sources can be trusted.

13. Check to ensure that the material on your site is in the right order. The text columns should be proportioned nicely and text blocks should be sized right.

14. Titles should be eye catching but formatted correctly. It should have the best key words and should not be too long.

15. Write useful content and have interesting ideas presented in your blogs.

Implementing these strategies will hopefully direct more traffic to your site and make you a successful blogger. Be creative. Happy blogging!

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Marketing systems and web marketing for Alternative E Commerce

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:56:11 +0000

Filed under E-commerce 22-Sep-2008 by Fabio Dell’Orto | Tags: |

Holders of E-Commerce often have a bad habit of considering their e-shop, as an activity capable of producing “gains” exclusively through the canons of online sales systems:

  1. Affiliations;
  2. Banners;
  3. Email Marketing;
  4. Pay Per Click;
  5. Positioning on search engines …

Instead there are other “lesser known” also important, let’s see them together, leaving at the end of open post comments where you indicarcene possibly others.

Marketing Systems & Web Marketing For Ecommerce

I open the list with the activities of Social Media Optimization that are rapidly catching on, on the Internet there are so many social media therefore I recommend you start familiarizing yourself with the world of social media marketing before choosing which ones to use.

Our customers have recommended making Facebook open discussion of vertical groups, or Viadeo to those interested in a medium-high profile target, or the well-known YouTube.
Another system is to achieve vertical blogs regarding the type of products for sale in eCommerce, making a trivial example of Italian Wines eshop could build one dedicated to Tuscan wines, obviously with a premise; these systems must offer added value, applies to groups of Social Media as blogs, otherwise you would risk resounding flop.

promotional codes, which can also be distributed offline using the card, or business cards; Limbiati Clocks which is a historic TriplaW client, through this system has significantly increased traffic and sales.

There avviciamo at Christmas, a business card with a promotional code or a strategic email with the same code may be sent to the office staff of a company in the area to offer a purchase coupon to all employees … maybe even offering the service pick And Pay [a stimulating system because it saves on shipping offering customers pick up the goods directly in place].

Open a community within the e-commerce, a solution to tailor to excite and draw sensible emotional benefits of all members, or who have purchased at least once, by force on membership in an exclusive area.

Do Article Marketing vertical spreading of extremely high quality articles that refer eCommerce; regularly write news obviously strictly pertaining to the sale nell’ehop products; the list is lengthening too, now it’s up to you!…

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What to do and not do with odp dmoz

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:51:47 +0000

Open directory projectSpesso you will ever have heard of ODP, and you’ll be asked what it is? ODP stands for open directory project.
So a directory! Also known by the name DMOZ, available to the navigator to find quality sites about a particular topic. Now if you’re wondering why the quality? I answer; because all the other sites were included by the publishers who stick to the guidelines and therefore it is assumed that, prior to its states have been visited and checked carefully.

What are the sites that go in the ODP? Not everyone, if you want that your site to be added to DMOZ, you will need to worry about having original and significant content, it is a useful resource for the user, is easily navigated and that helps the completeness of the same category of the directory where you requested inclusion.
From the latter part of this brief guide, you may have noticed how therefore very important to request the inclusion in the right category, much more than the graphical beauty. Each DMOZ editor has the directives to be followed and to which you should refer if you want to see honored your request.
The editor must consider that the content of the sites is original and useful, the author of the site will have to demonstrate to act with common sense bearing in mind the good faith of all. Inprescindibila will appropriateness compared to sites in this category and their descriptions. Do not give unfair advantage or disadvantage to any particular site, to judge objectively and neutrality.
There are factors that can slow down or speed up entry into the ODP. The most common among those that slow down the submission are: require you to enter without having read the instructions and directives, repeat the request in so many categories, present a site difficult to navigate. Read the instructions and directives instead they will help to accelerate the process, as well a submission made in the right category proving to have read the guidelines.
A wrong submission usually has these features:
Title too long, with the repetition of elements, or a title conceived as a kind of advertising slogan.
Description is too long, with the presence of a list of keywords, repetition of words and too much emphasis by using the “!”, “we are the best”, or the misuse of capital letters.
wrong category, url wrong, site down … My advice is to point to a very simple and basic way, if a company can do no better than its name. A comprehensive description that does not make think of an advertising slogan, the right category of membership, also tries to visit the already reviewed sites, trying to figure out if your there might be in that category, such as url you specify the domain.
In ODP are strictly excluded sites Mirror (same content but with different domain), directory links (simple collections of links from other sites), sites that use redirects, hijacked domains, sites that make use of borderline techniques. Sites with misleading content or that clearly call for perpetrating crimes.…

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Dmoz is still very important for SEO

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:50:07 +0000

A trivial oversight has allowed me to significantly re-evaluate the value of a backlink from Dmoz, who in truth in times ultemi I was always giving less importance to SEO.

I am running today, so I’ll explain quickly … Last week in TriplaW we moved to a dedicated server a blog of a famous company that deals with the sale online b2b food products; our systems engineer has approffitato to update the version of WordPress, but you forgot to svistare in the admin panel, the option to allow access to the spiders of search engines, with the result that the new machine the blog was tagged on noindex nofollow.

Honestly I have not noticed immediately, but I have been 4 or 5 days, today noticed that the blog though remained positioned for major strategic sentences, was gradually losing traffic for many more and some pages had been deindicizzate.

Strategic phrases for which remained at the top are themed with the company and assets related to the category in the Open Directory. Google in Serp shows the snippet directory with Title customer name, but nevertheless for all major keys entered in the description or related with the category has not taken down from the positions acquired before the mistake of systems analyst. I believe that if this blog had not been in Dmoz, probably today the image of Web Marketing Agency of TriplaW would have suffered a severe blow in the eyes of our customers.…

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Ask new search engine for feeds and blogs

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:47:49 +0000

Filed under Ask 20-Aug-2006 by Fabio Dell’Orto | Tags: |

Ask Blog FeedAsk a major international search engines, a few weeks ago it launched a new dedicated entirely to blog and feed search engine, fully localized in Italian. The search system is based on search technology Ask and the subscriber data to Bloglines, which is the main online feed reader in the world. This means that the engine captures the hundreds of thousands of data of bloglines users and with them is created a search index. The results are ranked, over that for the popularity resulting from the community of bloglines, according to the algorithm of ExpertRank properties Ask. I remind you that the search engine to feed and Ask’s blog, is also available on bloglines and allows you to easily export the results to other web services such as subscribe to searches, view the most popular posts, classify posts by date or relevance.…

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Press Release and Article Marketing and the problem ‘who writes them

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:45:24 +0000

Filed under Article Marketing 20-Nov-2007 by Fabio Dell’Orto | Tags: |

As they continue to add replicas to the two threads that I launched on Seonida and TPU, relating to the recent devaluation of the Italian sites dealing with press releases and article marketing by Google; I want to write the first impressions I had after deciding to give a crackdown moderation of site that concerns me personally moderation.

Disclosure CS E AM

Picture of

E ‘right to stress that the new rules came into force Friday, November 16, 2007, however, the first feelings I had were of absolute indifference to the new regulation on the part of the writer CS; statistics in hand, both the guide as the new regulation are among the least visited pages.

I do not know if for lack of time or due to lack of will, but users do not seem at all interested to read up; the guide is freely inspired by the manual optimized writing course of YOYO TRAINING Rolling written by Francesco De Francesco, who is among the most respected experts in Italy.

I keep getting article marketing in a site which instead arose as of press releases disclosure circuit, but mostly I realize that the vast majority of the articles that are entered have as its ultimate goal only the links, in the last four days I have really eliminated I had so many and profiling with the nofollow attribute good part of those published.

Probably the fact that it allows the insertion of links 4 is an incentive to continue to do so and for that reason I’m seriously thinking about reducing their number to two, one in the rear of the CS, as was suggested by Michele Capitani.

Under these conditions it is acceptable taking the position of Google, write without offering added value or even worse, without any form of compliance with the basic rules of communication, with only the precise purpose to increase the link popularity of the pages of the destination site for uninsured items it is nothing but a gray hat SEO way to affect the Google algorithm.…

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Article Marketing

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:38:52 +0000

Filed under Article Marketing 24-Oct-2008 by Fabio Dell’Orto | Tags: |

As many of you know, is the moderator of the press releases WriteChannel site (; is an activity that I do with satisfaction about two years, although in truth declare it publicly, as I’m doing right now, it causes me a bit ‘of shame.

This negative emotion is not due to the fact that the site is not particularly pleasant and nice graphic (from this point of view TriplaW are planning a redesign which will be built soon), the reason is another.

It ‘really hard for me to find the courage to define press releases, the vast majority of published copy of WriteChannel and this I feel responsible just for the fact of having them published.

In the past I have written some posts to express my opinion about press releases and article marketing, of course I not deny that my judgment is “conditioned” by the teachings I received from teachers of copywriting courses that I attended; However, do not think is a blasphemy to write a press release is nothing more than an advertisement through which you can announce (excuse the pun) an event or an important innovation and that it would be advisable to do so trying to avoid a forced and business language cutesy or even worse to only add links fleets to improve your ranking on search engines, without regard to the classical rules of the “five W”.

I believe that most of the authors of press releases can be found on the Web national popular, confuse them with some sort of article marketing (the real one is very different) failing to understand that the two communication systems while having the common points are different both in form and in the objectives.

In Italy whenever there arises a new press website or article marketing ends up that the moderator must adapt to markettaro spirit that pervades many managers of web communication agency which usually attend this type of on-line circuits.

It ‘happened to Saturday Di Martino creator of a new article marketing site, he a few days after the publication site is doing tremendously hard to explain to its members.

Despite the clear communication on the site, good Di Martino had to create a category press releases and arm yourself with a lot of good patience to communicate with e-mail to members boldest that the site intends to aim more (the objective was exclusively) to those who are interested in the disclosure of article marketing.

I collect with pleasure his invitation to remember also to all the readers of SEO project.…

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Jsmith S.p.A. a case history millionaire

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:35:49 +0000

Making Web Marketing through search engines when you know “pretty well” the rules and the opportunities offered by the engines, and “very good” the organization of the company covered by the promotion activities can be a real bargain.

Today I will tell the story of Giuseppe Bianchi S.p.A., the company where I work as EDP manager for many years and thanks to which “many years ago” I am passionate about SEO.

The jsmith was the first company to present itself in the form of Cash & Carry in Italy, and a historical heritage enviable to most prolific contemporary business realities. And to think it all started in 1908 as a modest grocery store in the center of Varese. Giuseppe Bianchi who was its founder is the one who created some historical brands of the Italian food such as the Mountain, which was sold by the Bianchi family to the Cremonini Group in the early nineties.

The online activities of jsmith instead started from my own initiative in 2002, after six years, our web site, although it would be more correct to write “our mini-sites”, it is constantly changing and has become a valuable source of funding of contacts, we receive every day from new customers throughout Europe and partly elsewhere in the world.

Until a couple of years ago, our Web Marketing was fully focused exclusively on organic positioning in Italian. Following the light of experience, I felt it more appropriate to adopt a mixed positioning system. I continued to treat organic positioning for strategic phrases that I consider most efficient for our business on search engines in Italian:

  • Food;
  • Wholesale food;
  • Foodstuffs:
  • Food wholesaler;
  • Cash and carry.

For the rest of Europe and the world I have adopted the Pay Per Click system, showing text ads on Google, banners and videos on selected vertical portals among its partners, and directing surfers of the extremely smart landing page. These are what I would call a factor crucial to our online activities; all our landing are vertical; sometimes there are campaigns composed of a single strategic sentence and a specific landing page investigated as a function of it.

Continue “jsmith S.p.A. a case history millionaire “…

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Internet? Most of my friends think so!

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:34:28 +0000

The post dedicated online activity of jsmith, has unleashed an unstoppable curiosity in the circle of my friends, and especially among customers and suppliers of the company … all to wonder, and even if we tried to sell us on the Internet?

Chatting with them, reveals a bleak picture, with regard to culture and knowledge of Internet Marketing by some food SMEs, I write what I understood from this experience.

Much of the company, believes he can do business online, without revolutionizing the entire management system, the “symbol” CRM is almost entirely unknown, the customer database we already have told a young entrepreneur from Alto Adige me, l ‘I bought from IBM last summer; slut trout idiot I am, I replied, I’m twenty years working with them and did not know!

The visibility on search engines is one thing that you will buy, which in part is not entirely wrong as reasoning; The main objective in an Internet project should be to acquire customers, none of them, however, is concerned with how to retain them (I asked myself, will do so even off line?); Therefore an Internet project has no mission!

The site of course should cost little, the activities of Web Analytics are not necessary there are much the counters of visits free (please explain what you have in common two things, because I still can not find).

You can also spend 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 .. 90 100 thousand euros a year for advertising, tickets, leaflets or whatever; you can not spend 2,000 euros for a lead generation campaign on the Internet!

Finally, the Server, Register (with all due respect to this important company) is the preferred partner, with their cheap offer to 59 euros a year!…

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How to push the positioning with electrical tape and boxes for packaging

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:33:42 +0000

While many Web agency, you stress out of sending email fleets to offer to place the site of your company through optimization of the HTML code, or with many other systems, some of them for more irreproachable, I will suggest how to improve your ranking on Google your site with duct tape and cardboard of the packaging.

A few years ago, I attended a course positioning on search engines, designed by the good Francesco De Francesco, director and professor of YoYo Training Rolling.

Until then, my SEO training, had always been geared primarily towards “practical” reverse engineering and on-site positioning techniques.
I also knew the other school of thought, ie the oriented SEO specialists to content and marketing, of which Francis is one of the most authoritative representatives, however, I had never done seriously activities of this kind.

At the time, I’m talking about two years ago, there were still a few experts seriously believe that the Google ranking can also be done off line and other techniques beyond the scope of this post.

Continue “How to push the positioning with electrical tape and packing boxes”…

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