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News Community Action

Published: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:51:43 +0000

Last Build Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:51:43 +0000

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Dancing with Dust Devils

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 19:32:18 +0000

Sam stood in Silence watching Cheyenne run toward the large Dust Devil swooping up dirt and crop debris from the fallow field in front of him. Cheyenne deftly leapt over one field mound after another until, at last, she stopped and stepped into the center of the tornadic Dust Devil. Eyes squinted almost shut.  One arm outstretched, while her other hand pinched her nose closed.  Mouth shut tight with lips upturned into a huge grin.  Cheyenne attempted to absorb and analyze everything she could from her experience within the whirling Dust Devil. Suddenly, as if it had a mind of its own, the Dust Devil skipped away from Cheyenne picking up more dust and debris as it roiled around in spasmodic starts and stops while continuing to travel further out into the field of dry dirt. Cheyenne jumped jubilantly up into the air, and spun herself around, landing sure-footedly with her legs outstretched between one of the field mounds.  Smiling with pure joy, her Eyes bright with wonder and excitement, she looked at Sam and said,  “Isn’t the Earth such a wondrous Planet to be alive on ?!” Sam smiled back at Cheyenne a little uncertainly, “Cheyenne, you sure are a handful.” “And what, perchance, does that mean, Sam ?”  Cheyenne asked as she jogged up to Sam giving him a big hug. “It means that you are full of the unexpected.  That you See things in the World most folks, like me, don’t See right off the bat.” “Sam, I don’t mean to be rude, but most folks allow themselves to BeCome Sleepwalkers.  They BeCome deaf, dumb and blind to the Realities of the Wonders and Beauties around them, because they’re so wrapped up in their own ambitions or baser desires.  And we’re all fair game for those things, Sam.” “I allowed myself to BeCome a Sleepwalker for a long period of time, until some things happened in my life that Woke me up and out of my walking-talking stupor,”  Cheyenne said matter-of-factly. “We all just have to decide to make different and better Choices whenever we can, Sam,”  Cheyenne continued.  “I’m not different from anyone else.  I’m just one of the folks who Woke Up.” “You should have joined me inside of the Dust Devil, Sam.  That was such an amazing experience, to feel all of those natural forces of Earth and Air swirling and curling all around my body, my Thoughts and my Emotions.  Better than any roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on !”  Cheyenne said exuberantly. “Maybe I will next time you go chasin’ after Dust Devils,”  Sam laughed warmly. Sam and Cheyenne took one another’s hands, and headed back toward the trail they had been following in the woods. “Umm, sure feels good to back in the shady green of the trees,”  Cheyenne said appreciatively.  “The sun is blistering today.  It feels hotter than a fire cracker out from underneath the shade of these ‘ole oaks.” “Yeah, it’s another scorcher, today, that’s for sure,”  Sam agreed. “I am so ready for Fall,”  Cheyenne sighed.  “I really don’t like the Texas summers much unless I can be either out on or by the Water.” “What kind of Water ?” “Fresh or Salty.  River. Lake or Ocean.  Matters not to me.  They’re all wonderful in their own way.  Just full of all kinds of living things, and awaiting adventures and fun,”  Cheyenne said with Dancing Eyes. “Why don’t we head out to the Blanco River for a little kayaking expedition ?”  Cheyenne asked expectantly. “Let’s save that for tomorrow, why don’t we.  We’ll get an early start on the day, and take the River by sunrise,”  Sam suggested.  “Right now, let’s just stay focused on gettin’ back to the truck.  My stomach’s beginnin’ to talk back to me.” “Ha !  Well, alright.  It’s only a couple more miles up the trail.  Is that fast enough to quiet your rumbling belly ?” “It’ll have to be,”  Sam admitted ruefully. “After we eat, you wanna’ go Country Dancing at Gruene Hall later on ?” Cheyenne asked lightly.  “People’s Choice is playin[...]

Free District-by-District GOTV and Campaign Event Calendar

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 20:24:48 +0000

I just wanted to share a free non-profit website and mobile app I created called intended to help Democrats win campaigns in 2018.  I went live with it about two months ago in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  I now want to solicit your help in growing it across the country to help Democratic candidates and county parties connect with and mobilize supporters, activists, and volunteers in their local areas.

What is It?

At it’s heart, is a centralized event calendar that pulls published Democratic events from all over the web and aggregates them together in one place.  But there’s more.  Scheduled action events are then aligned with a custom generated list of elected officials based on each user’s voting address.  Want to beat Paul Ryan?  Wisconsin residents in and around his congressional district just have to go to FocusBLUE to see a custom list of all the nearby action events that target Ryan and support his Democratic opponent.  Events are also viewable by proximity (up to a 100-mile radius).

What kind of events can i find on

All events are grouped in two broad categories: “Actions” and “Events”.  Actions are things like block walks, phone banks, campaign events, protests, town halls, marches, etc. that either directly oppose or support a current incumbent.  Events are things like general meetings, picnics, or social events that are not targeted at a specific electoral, legislative, or judicial outcome.

The platform is currently set up to support campaigns in all 50 states from US congress to President.  However, additional map data has been added for Texas, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to support events at the city, county, and state legislature levels as well.  I can add this same level of detail for any other area of the country with your help.

How Can You Help?

If you are an enterprising individual that wants to help focus and mobilize Democratic support in your area, then:

  1. Go to;
  2. Use the “Post an Event” button to submit the URL of published events in your area; and
  3. Start promoting FocusBLUE at local events to grow users in your area.  Handing out calling cards or fliers during block walks to folks who express favorable support is a great way to gently push their activity and engagement to the next level.    

The platform is there.   We just need to use it.  It is 100% non-profit and 100% dedicated to supporting Democratic candidates and causes. 

November 2018 must absolutely be a giant ass-kicking in favor of Democrats!  Let’s do everything we can to mobilize supporters, volunteers, and activists now!!!  

Carpe Diem!!!!        

Shame on you, shame on all of you

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 16:23:13 +0000

Watching the way people handled the health care bill protests made me sick, seeing capital police remove people from their wheel chairs or manhandle them is not only sickening it’s dangerous. 

I started caring for my father in 2005 — he is disabled and has no use of his right side including arm and leg and it took me over a year to learn how to handle him getting him in and out of bed, on and off the toilet and moving around in general. A few months after he was home he was pivoting into his recliner and lost his balance, he slid off the chair onto the floor. I reached under his arms and picked him up that way and he seemed fine. 

A few days later he was complaining of shoulder pain in his right should and since he has no use of the shoulder it was obvious the pain was severe so we took him to the hospital and his right shoulder was out of place from where I picked him up. It was a hard lessen learned and he’s only fallen twice in the 12 years since that time (both times he was feeling like he didn’t need help getting out of his power recliner to wheel chair) and I learned how to pick him up without doing any harm. (I slide a towel or blanket under his behind and pick it up from the sides. 

When I cared for my mother I had to be aware of her colostomy bag and her chemo port both of which could have done some serious damage or killed her if they were harmed. I had to make sure she didn’t bend to much or roll around while sleeping because she could have damaged her colon and it would have been life threatening. 

Seeing how these officers handled the disabled people they removed it could have been seriously dangerous to their health and they could have done some real damage. I’m sure they are not trained on how to handle disabled and cancer patients with care and it probably never even went through their mind but I’m sure it went through the mind of those who were being picked up and carried or physically removed. 

My father saw this on Rachel Maddow show and it had him in tears, he is worried enough that I won’t be able to keep him at home here with me if the republican bill passes but to see how they manhandled human beings he lost it and was crying. This is the toughest man I have ever known — he’s lived through military service, 30+ years hard factory work, losing his son (also a veteran) and wife of 50 years just weeks apart and still finds the will to go on but I can see these last few months have been hard on him and for first time see fear in his eyes for his own future, mine and even the country he fought for. A medicaid waiver allows me to stay home and care for him and he’s afraid that will be gone and he’ll end up in a care facility and to be honest that is my worst fear also. 

I can honestly say if that was my father being handled by anyone like those brave capital protesters I don’t know how I would react but it wouldn’t be pretty. I may be mistaken but I don’t remember the Tea party being drug out of places with force. 

On a personal not I want to thank those who have sent my father their thoughts, prayers and thanks for his service (like I thank anyone who has ever put on the uniform). It’s been a rough few years but he’s a fighter and will keep fighting and hopefully hangs on to see Donald Trump removed from office.. 

For more info on his struggles check out Veteran Robert Streich Story and Fund

CA-Gov: Courage Campaign Pushes Brown (D) To Order A Review Of Kevin Cooper's Case With New DNA Test

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 04:49:18 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Courage Campaign: The state of California may be on the verge of executing an innocent man -- and only Governor Jerry Brown can help the truth come to light. There's overwhelming evidence that the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office tampered with/planted evidence, lied to a jury, and withheld crucial evidence from defense attorneys in order to pin a grisly 1983 murder on Kevin Cooper.(1) We need the truth about what happened. That's why Cooper's attorneys aren't asking Brown to pardon Cooper to commute his sentence -- they just want a fair reevaluation of the evidence using modern technology, which they believe will prove their client’s innocence.(2) Governor Brown owes it to us, before killing in our names, to ensure that the man the state hopes to execute is guilty of the crime of which he’s been accused -- especially with so much evidence of glaring misconduct from police and prosecutors. Sign the petition demanding Governor Brown to order a review of Cooper’s case with new DNA testing.  No one should ever have to endure such a tragedy as the one that befell the Ryens and their child’s best friend Christopher Hughes that June. Whoever committed such a crime must be brought to justice. But justice is not served by executing the wrong person. And there are numerous reasons to believe that Kevin Cooper did not commit this crime.  First, it's unlikely that one man wielded three weapons to stab the victims 143 times in under a couple of minutes. That's probably why the sole survivor of the tragedy repeatedly told investigators that the attackers had been three or four white men. And when he first saw Cooper’s face on television, he said outright that Cooper was not the killer.(3) Eyewitnesses also report seeing three white men driving around the block in the victims’ stolen station wagon and entering a local bar covered in blood.(4) Second, it’s likely that the police manipulated evidence to frame Cooper. For instance, one woman reported that her ex-boyfriend could be a suspect and gave the police his bloody coveralls, but the police threw them out and then lied under oath about it.(5) Their most compelling piece of evidence was a bloody t-shirt with Cooper’s blood. But when the blood was independently tested it had test tube preservative in it, indicating that it had been added to the shirt after the fact from a previously collected sample. Later tests on Cooper’s blood sample showed that the test tube had another person’s DNA in it -- as though someone topped the tube off.(6) The evidence casts overwhelming doubt on Cooper as a suspect. That’s why Governor Brown must order an independent review of Cooper’s case with new DNA testing so we can finally get to the truth. In another review of the case in 2009, Judge Fletcher wrote in a 100-page opinion, “There is no way to say this politely. The district court failed to provide Cooper a fair hearing and flouted our direction to perform the two tests.” Five other judges agreed.(7) Twelve judges in total questioned the conviction. Twelve. Let that sink in. Believing that Cooper is unquestionably guilty in the face of strong evidence of police misconduct is to believe that police and prosecutors can never act immorally, illegally, or in their own self-interest -- and that’s just not true. After convicting an innocent man, a Louisiana prosecutor warned others from making “revenge for victims the dominant motivation and winning at all costs the goal.”(8) The culture of law enforcement agencies can often reward winning over seeking the truth. As our highest elected state official, Governor Brown must set the truth as the goal. Tell Governor Brown to order a review of Cooper’s case with new DNA testing. Yours in the fight for a more just criminal justice system, William, along with Annie, Brenna, Caitlin, Cheyenne, Eddie, Emma, Kelsey, Lindsay, Mahdi, Mary, Molly, Raquel, Scottie, Susannah, and Tim (the Courage team) PS[...]

Resistance Art Show- Truth Through the Eyes of the Artist

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 04:11:35 +0000

I have three pieces in the show. You can see more of my resistance art at:

MN-Sen: Amy Klobuchar (D) Keeps Up The Call To Restore The Voting Rights Act

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 04:11:49 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D. MN) re-election campaign:

A few years ago, together with Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman John Lewis, I stood on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, remembering all that it took to win the right to vote. Just a few months later -- four years ago this Sunday -- the Supreme Court handed down the Shelby County v. Holder decision, which undermined the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I was outraged.

Since that decision, things have only gotten worse. Discriminatory voting laws have popped up in state after state. One court said they’re being crafted with “surgical precision” to keep certain people from voting. That’s cold and calculated -- and it’s got to stop.

Less people having a saying at polls means less people have the right to influence decisions -- from the health care bill before us this week to climate change to student loan rates.

At a time when foreign enemies are attacking our democracy and our elections, we cannot allow attacks on voting to persist from within. In Minnesota, we have one of the highest voting rates in the country -- because we make it easier, not harder, to vote. That needs to be the policy across the entire nation.

I'm introducing multiple pieces of legislation to do just that. For starters, I want to allow same-day registration, like we have in Minnesota, in every state. That’s a bill my friend Keith Ellison is leading in the House. I want to make voter registration automatic too, adding millions of eligible voters to the rolls. And I want to restore the Voting Rights Act for once and for all.

Do you agree that voter participation is essential to our democracy? If so, will you add your name to mine to call for a restoration of the Voting Rights Act?

Thank you,

Click here to add your name.

MT-Sen: Jon Tester (D) Keeps The Fight Against Betsy DeVos' Assault On Public School Funding

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 04:00:27 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jon Tester’s (D. MT) re-election campaign:

Sen. Jon Tester (D. MT)

This Administration's budget calls for a $9.2 billion cut to the Department of Education.

It’s clear that Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to privatize our public schools, cut assistance for students with special needs, and slash training for teachers. I think any Montana student, teacher, or parent knows that this is not the way to invest in the next generation. This former Montana teacher knows that.

We should be investing in the education of our kids. A good education is the single best thing we can provide our kids so they can have a bright, prosperous future.

I'm joining with my colleagues and others to demand Betsy DeVos protect our public schools. Add your name to join us >>

If you think taking actions like these doesn't matter, you're wrong.

A while ago, we rose our collective voices and demanded DeVos reconsider the University of Montana's application for Upward Bound. It had been denied because it wasn't double-spaced. (If you don't remember this -- no, I'm not kidding).

I took action. Thousands of you joined me. And DeVos eventually reversed her position.
Speaking out works -- and it is critically important we speak out as loudly as we possibly can to protect our children.

Join us. Add your name and demand Betsy DeVos rethink these cuts to education.



Click here to add your name.

CA-Sen: Dianne Feinstein (D) Highlights Senate GOP's Hidden War On Women Agenda In Trumpcare Bill

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 03:45:50 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D. CA) re-election campaign:

Senate Republicans just released their healthcare bill that was drawn up behind closed doors, and like the House version, it seeks to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. We must stand against any attempt to close Planned Parenthood.

The GOP's perpetual insistence on shutting down Planned Parenthood is alarming. They're willing to put the health and well-being of millions of women in jeopardy just to make an ideological point.

Planned Parenthood provides lifesaving services to women who have nowhere else to turn. Access to cancer screenings, contraception, and family planning are critically important. Depriving families of this important resource is absolutely unconscionable.

Join me in standing up for Planned Parenthood and protecting women's access to health care services by signing our petition today. We must stop the GOP's war on women now.

In April, Donald Trump signed a law that allows states to refuse federal funds for Planned Parenthood. That controversial move was also done in secret, because Republicans know that Americans support the good work that this organization does for so many families in need.

This law makes it possible for states all over the country to eliminate reproductive health care services by cutting off their support until they can no longer function.

This situation is out of hand, which is why we need your help today. Please add your name to our petition and demand that Republicans stop their assault on Planned Parenthood.

Thank you,

Click here to add your name.

VA-Gov: Ralph Northam (D) Helps The Keep Up The Resistance Against Senate GOP's Trumpcare Bill

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:28:54 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Lt. Governor Ralph Northam’s (D. VA) gubernatorial campaign:

We have to take action, Friends.
Republicans in Congress are hell-bent on stripping away our healthcare by whatever means necessary. The bill they released yesterday threatens to cut Medicaid, eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and could price seniors right out of their healthcare plans. We can’t let them get away with it.
Republicans may have written this bill in secret, but now is your chance to make your voice heard and tell them you believe in quality, affordable healthcare.

Republicans can dress it up with a new name, but whether they call it the American Health Care Act or the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Virginians know: This healthcare bill is bad across the board. And it would especially hurt Virginians. Unlike other states, Republicans stood in the way of Medicaid expansion here, and now we’ll be hit harder by these cuts.

Republicans are making it clear that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make a political statement—even if that means hurting millions of Americans.
Team Ralph

Click here to add your name.

Double-talking Tim Ryan viciously bashes his party & mentor Pelosi—now he's being exposed

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 17:58:57 +0000

On Thursday, Ohio Democratic House Rep. Tim Ryan expressed his great dismay for the Democratic Party to a plethora of major news outlets. Actually, dismay is putting it lightly. Tim Ryan called the party “toxic.” Being critical of one’s own party is good and can be very valuable at times. But how it’s done makes all the difference. Tim Ryan delivered a low blow as if to side with Republicans on the same day the GOP released the contents of their vengeful, anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, anti-American, life-threatening healthcare plan. The AHCA spits on the sick, poor and those in most need—and it benefits insurance companies/big corporations, the rich and those who never go without. But Tim Ryan thinks it’s the Democratic Party that’s “toxic.” This is what a political party-divider looks like.  During his interview with CNN, Tim Ryan also decided to lambaste his former mentor Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has been one of the strongest, most persistent, resilient and relentless forces against Donald Trump, his cronies and the self-serving GOP. Tim Ryan may be able to justify his sour grapes for Pelosi even though when he arrived in Washington, she hooked him up with a slot on the House Democratic Steering Committee which he used to advance his career. But now she’s hurt his feelings. She crushed him in last November’s internal Democratic Party House Leader bid. When Don Lemon asked Tim Ryan if he thought Pelosi was more toxic than Trump, Ryan actually said yes. “The honest answer (opposed to when he’s giving a dishonest answer) is, in some areas of the country, yes, she is.”  Given her integrity and the great respect Pelosi has earned from her colleagues over years in office, Ryan’s statement couldn’t have been more repulsive. For Ryan to even compare Leader Pelosi to a lying, scamming, hateful, tax-evading thug and sexual predator like Trump—is incredulous. And then to say she’s more toxic than Trump, on any level, is outrageous, especially coming from a Democratic lawmaker. You see, Tim Ryan thinks he could do a better job than Pelosi even though Republicans have the majority in the House, Senate, Oval Office and now Supreme Court. Ryan seems to think he has the magic answer when in reality—no Democratic leader has a fair shot under current circumstances.  But give Tim Ryan some time—he’s known to change his mind, and often talks out of both sides of his mouth. Just months ago, in an interview with the Washington Post, Tim Ryan said: “I love her (Nancy Pelosi). I was a foot soldier for her… I’m a Nancy guy.” After the Thursday’s interview, Ryan paved the way for Trump to jump on his big new lie that Democrats want Pelosi out, while sarcastically tweeting that Pelosi is very good for Republicans. Fuck Trump. Thanks, Tim. James Hohmann with the Washington Post referred to Tim Ryan as “a rising star—who always gets cold feet,” but Ryan got his toes burned during his bid against Pelosi. He figured he had the advantage of “secret ballots” on his side. He told WaPo before the election that many of his colleagues told him that they told Pelosi they’d vote for her, but instead they would vote for him. “That’s just how it works,” he said. As it turns out, that’s not how it works and Tim Ryan was either played by his colleagues, or he’s full of shit (or both). He garnered only  63 out of 194 votes. Leader Nancy Pelosi triumphed easily and perhaps that has a little to do with the fact that she has an astounding record of accomplishments and political successes during her 14 years in office. In the words of the last Commander in Chief: “I cannot speak highly enough of Nancy Pelosi. She combines stron[...]

Lets End Health Care Debate - Let America Decide

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:45:47 +0000

Politicians can not decide on health care and are letting insurance companies write our laws and bills (not all just the ones who donate them the most money). The problem with Obamacare was that it still relied heavily on the free market for profit insurance companies and the problem with Trumpcare are worse. 

Lets make it simple and in during the 2018 Mid Term elections have a Brexit style referendum to decide the future of healthcare in America

A. Do you support Single Payer universal health care for America

. Yes

. No

It’s that simple, it will give politicians, insurance companies and activists 1 year to get their message out. We can either choose to 

A. Have a single payer medicare for all type of system that takes the for profit decisions away from insurance and allows the decisions between you and your doctor. 

B. End all federal government involvement in health car, phase out over 10 years it would see anyone under the age of 55 would no longer have or be eligible for Medicare while those currently over 55 would still receive the insurance and when the last person currently over the age of 55 passes the program will end and the federal gov. will no longer be allowed in health care

Medicare and other insurance regulations will all take place at the state level with no federal government input. 

It’s a risk but one that finally needs to be taken. Both sides have a lot to lose as do many Americans but at least the decision will be made by we the people not the group of 500 people who receive large checks from insurance companies, medicine companies and make their decisions based on the size of their check not the people the represent.

NJ-Gov: Murphy (D) Slams Christie (R) & His Lt. Gov's Refusal To Stop Senate GOP Trumpcare Bill

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:58:08 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Phil Murphy’s (D. NJ) gubernatorial campaign:


Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno failed to stand up to President Donald Trump on healthcare, and now New Jerseyans across the state are at risk of losing their insurance.

If they were afraid of crossing the President and leader of their party, they didn't even need to go so far as to talk to Donald Trump to fight for New Jersey families.

New Jersey's own Congressman, Tom MacArthur, is the shameless author of Trumpcare. He removed protections for pre-existing conditions and decimated Medicaid funding. All Christie and Guadagno might have had to do was let MacArthur know how serving Trump and the special interests would harm regular New Jerseyans. Instead, they have stood by as MacArthur and other Washington Republicans continue to attack healthcare.

With Senate Republicans moving forward on their own dangerous bill to rip away healthcare for millions, we're going to keep fighting to save affordable coverage. Add your name to the petition.

A new study on MacArthur's bill shows that New Jersey's uninsured rate would skyrocket to 14 percent, 54,000 jobs would be lost across the state, and no congressional district would be hit harder than the 3rd. In MacArthur's own district, 40,923 people would join the ranks of the uninsured by 2026. Seniors and children suffer while corporations and those at the very top are rewarded with enormous tax breaks.

Unlike Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno, Phil Murphy and this campaign -- your campaign -- are holding Tom MacArthur accountable, calling him out and organizing protests with activists inside and outside his town hall in Willingboro.

Tell Governor Christie and Lt. Governor Guadagno to do what they should have done months ago -- stand up to President Trump and his allies to put the health and economic security of New Jerseyans first.

Thank you,


Brendan Gill
Campaign Manager
Murphy for Governor

Click here to add your name.

A Tale of Two Parties

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:56:06 +0000

Two Headlines in “The Hill,” June 23, 2017

Former Trump adviser who called for Clinton to be shot attends White House bill signing

Nebraska Democrat party official fired for wishing Scalise was dead

Call for Hillary Clinton to  “be put in the firing line and shot for treason”?  Invitation to the Trump White House for a signing ceremony.

Say about the shooting of Steve Scalise I hate this m-f-, I’m glad he got shot”?   Fired by the Nebraska Democratic Party from the position of Technology Chairman. 

Who’s to say which is the best and more honorable course of action? 

I will say it. The Nebraska Democrats are right. The Trump White House is wrong.

Darrell Issa is Bad for Your Health

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:43:04 +0000

I’ve posted a couple times about the Stick it to Them Plastervist campaign to flip the house by targeting vulnerable republicans who voted for the AHCA with bumper stickers that get a lot of bang for your buck. We have so far delivered 5,000 Jeff Denham is Bad for your Health and we have an active and well-connected group of Plastervists in that district (CA-10) who report positive feedback as they’ve been distributing the free stickers. An example of Stick it to Them Plastervists in CA-10 doing what they do! With the manufacturer producing good quality and the public responding favorably, it’s time to go after the next target, long-loathed CA-49 representative, Darrell Issa.  Issa first came across my radar when he chaired the Prop. 209 campaign to end affirmative action in California. He also was a big funder of the campaign to recall governor Gray Davis to make way for the Governator. As a congressman, he’s been nothing but a dick. He investigated every nonsense faux scandal involving the Obama Administration. He blocked Sandra Fluke from testifying about birth control. He opposed gay marriage. He denies climate change. He even opposed payments to 9/11 first responders whose health was harmed in their heroic rescue efforts. He was a prominent Trump supporter and has so far voted 100% with Trump in the House. And, he cast the tie-breaking vote for the AHCA. Darrell Issa is certainly bad for your health.  Not only was Issa the last Republican to vote for the AHCA, he was also the last Republican to win his election. He barely squeaked out a victory over Doug Applegate by a fraction of a percentage point. I don’t think he’ll be so lucky this time when his Southern California district gets swept away from him in the coming tidal wave. And that’s where we come in….           Darrell Issa (CA-49) has GOT to go! We got a pretty good response from the CA-10 dkos community and I hope some kossacks will get aboard this train. This is a totally non-profit, all-volunteer, utterly grass roots, activist-run campaign. Our fundraising has been pretty feeble thus far, I must admit, but I have been preparing for a big push to get this out there. We have the funds to print the Issa stickers, which I am ordering today. But, I’d like to be able to hit many districts and show vulnerable Senators who are contemplating caving on the AHCA, that they are going to have to pay a price for doing so. What better way than when congressman start reporting that this bumpersticker is popping up in all of their districts! If you like what we’re doing, here are some ways you can help out: 1. Share this diary far and wide to get more people aware and involved! 2. Make a donation of any amount. Each dollar buys us ten stickers. Note: The site automatically adds a 15% donation to them if you don’t opt out by unchecking that box (a practice I’m not too thrilled with). 3. Go to the website and sign on to be a Plastervist or Plastervist Coordinator in one of the 217 districts. 4. Join us in organizing this campaign. We need people to do outreach to the various districts to find folks who want to coordinate or plaster in their district. We need to publicize this campaign on relevant groups and lists around the country. We need to pitch this story to media outlets. We need your help to do this. This has been a collaborative effort with people pitching in wherever their strengths are. We have a Slack campaign where people can plug in on various tasks. PM me with your email address and I will send you an invite to the Slack campaign. Thanks a lot for giving this a read. I would appreciate any recs that could get this some more visibility. I don’t exactly have[...]

Why are so many Republicans Identifying as Libertarian?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:12:49 +0000

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), tv talker and ‘The View’ co-host Jedediah Bila and even longtime Republican political consultant Mary Matalin, when cornered with their advocacy for the GOP will quickly demure and say no. no; I am a Libertarian.  When the policy failed they bailed.  The break for Mary Matalin was the rise of the pinnacle of awful, Donald Trump. Bila, who was a Fox News contributor and rallied the anti-Obama forces weekly, parlayed a Sean Hannity conspiracy theory appearance, alongside Steve Bannon, into a regular job. x YouTube Video When the subject of conservative politics comes up on The View, she announces in a perfunctory tone, “I am a Libertarian.”  Following that bit of truth stretching, for the liberal audience that now pays her paycheck, she then goes on to forcefully defend people and institutions like Mike Pence and Fox News. That leaves us with Rand Paul the biggest Libertarian/ Republican fraud in the Senate.  Paul, who once publicly railed against the cost and morality of drone strikes… when push came to shove, proposed an increase in the defense budget  Now Democrats and healthcare proponents are counting on four Republican Senators, Paul, Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) to save millions from being thrown off healthcare coverage roles.   This is a fool’s errand, these gentlemen are not trying to save or improve healthcare, their objection comes from the perspective that Trumpcare is not bad enough. They want a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, damn the consequences. Just as it is hard to find a George W. Bush supporter it is getting increasingly hard to find a public Trump supporter.  Oh, you will hear the occasional, “give him a chance” or, “I am willing to see…”  With the exception of his paid minions or those looking for tv time, Trump-ites only wear their MAGA hats when then can be a part of his red sea. Mary Matalin who for years was willing to endure real and staged public battles with her long-time husband, Democratic strategist James Carville, jump shipped prior to the election. How many of you think she is still not espousing the Republican ideology at every turn? Matalin who in the past called supporters of health reform “jihadist” has softened that snappy line recently but not the sentiment.   My point is, with all the talk of divide, partisanship and polarization, the Republican Party has convinced portions of America that pain is good.  Democrats have an exploitable breach but instead are calling for the head of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The continued Hillary/Bernie debates and castigating party faithful who do not take a vow of poverty have left the Democrats paralyzed. Former President Obama recently took a 400,000 dollar speaking fee  and predictably party purist called him a sellout!. It should be noted that Bill Maher, who famously contributed one-million dollars to the Obama campaign, has since been engaged in a long running battle with the former President over his refusal to appear on the highly rated HBO show, ‘Realtime.’  Buying influence much…? I may be a little prejudiced because I am an old guy but I watched an old warhorse, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, s[...]

NV-Sen: BREAKING Dean Heller (R) Becomes The First Official GOP "No" Vote On Senate Health Care Bill

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From Twitter: xBREAKING: Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada says he opposes current GOP health care bill, dealing blow to its prospects.— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) June 23, 2017 xDean Heller argues GOP bill would gut Medicaid, which he says he considers an insurance program for hundreds of thousands of people— Kasie Hunt (@kasie) June 23, 2017 xGOP Sen. Dean Heller announces he won't support the Senate GOP health care bill in its current form: “It’s simply not the answer”— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) June 23, 2017 xDean Heller says the Senate bill is not the answer, and in its current form, he won't support it. There's some wiggle room there.— Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) June 23, 2017 xJUST IN: Republican Sen. Heller announces opposition to current draft of Senate health care bill: "simply not the answer" - @AlexNBCNews— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) June 23, 2017 xSen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) on Senate GOP health-care bill: "In this form, I will not support it."— Robert Costa (@costareports) June 23, 2017 Stay tuned for more developments. [...]


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Be careful. Be very careful now. Remember how easy it was for the Russian trolls, and Wikileaks, and the Republicans to get you to viscerally hate Sen. Clinton? Please don’t be foolish enough to let them pull your hair again. Show some solidarity for the long haul. The Democrats did just fine in these early special elections and closed the gap in VERY Republican districts. Be intelligently grateful for that, and keep pushing for every viable Democrat there is to run. Remember that Bernie endorsed Ossoff. Rep. Pelosi is one of our best old hands, and a great rouser and whip for votes. We need every bit of veteran know how she offers. She’s not the party leader — they’re still fighting about that. She’s the party house mother. And you for damn sure need her support and expertise whoever the so-called party leader emerges to be. Check that misogyny before it shoots you in the foot again.

Putin and his minions (eg. Republicans and right leaning media) love it when you shit on your own. Especially when they’re women. Be careful.

VT-Sen: Bernie Sanders, "Thousands Of Americans Will Die Because Of Barbaric Trumpcare Plan"

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Yep: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) slammed Senate Republicans’ bill to repeal Obamacare as a “barbaric” plan that means thousands will die so the wealthy can get billions of dollars in tax breaks. CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sanders about his statement Thursday that the Republican health care plan is the “most harmful piece of legislation” he’s seen in his lifetime. “It is an extraordinary statement because this is an extraordinary piece of legislation,” Sanders replied. “If you throw 23 million people off of health insurance, if you cut Medicaid by over $800 billion dollars, there is no question but that thousands of Americans will die.” Sanders added, “The purpose of this whole legislation — of raising premiums for older workers, of defunding Planned Parenthood ...  is to provide $500 billion in tax breaks for the top 2 percent, for the insurance companies, for the drug companies and other major corporations.” “This is barbaric,” he said. “Frankly, this is what oligarchy is all about. It’s the wealthy and powerful saying, ‘We need even more tax breaks’ — despite the fact that they’re doing phenomenally well — and if it means people in America dying ... ‘Hey, that’s not our problem.’” Sanders is hitting the road this weekend to Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia to target Republican U.S. Senators Pat Toomey (R. PA), Rob Portman (R. OH) and Shelley Moore Capito (R. WV) where the Medicaid cuts would greatly harm many of their constituents. Here are the details to for those events: Pennsylvania: Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to Pittsburgh Saturday as part of a bus tour that is holding rallies in the region urging lawmakers to vote against the GOP healthcare plan introduced in the U.S. Senate Thursday. The U.S. senator and former presidential candidate will be speaking at rallies in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Ohio, and Charlestown, W.Va. The group is specifically targeting Republican Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvani, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. The Pittsburgh rally will be at 7 p.m. at the David Lawrence Convention Center, Downtwon. Ohio: Bernie Sanders will hold a rally about health care in Columbus on June 25. According to the event's registration, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will visit Columbus to try and convince Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Republicans to vote against the proposed health care legislation. The rally will be at Express Live at 405 Neil Avenue in Columbus. Doors will open at 10 a.m. and the rally will start at 11:30 a.m. The event Sunday is free, open to the public, and no tickets are required but organizers encourage people to RSVP here. West Virginia: Bernie Sanders, the independent Senator from Vermont and former Democratic presidential candidate, is returning to Charleston for the Protect Our Health Care Rally at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium at 3 p.m. Sunday. According to a release from Move On Civic Action, a progressive political organization that organized the rally, the event is designed to urge moderate Senators — including U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va. — to vote against the bill. The event will be hosted by 13 different groups including Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, Our Children Our Future, Organizing for Action, the ACLU, WV Citizen Action Group, Wood County Indivisible, West Virginia Center for Budget and Policy, WV Free, Kanawha Valley Democratic Socialists of America, Rise U[...]

Medicaid cuts affect all Virginians

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In the AHCA, block grants and per capita caps have been proposed as mechanisms for controlling Medicaid spending. For those who don’t know, block grants would allocate money to states based on current overall spending levels in each state, meaning richer states get more money to fund Medicaid. Per capita caps would constrain Medicaid spending on a per enrollee basis. Basically, these caps decided how that money is spent on a per person basis.

Some people may be thinking, “I don’t see a problem with limiting the amount of money that goes to states. This will make them use federal dollars more efficiently.”  Maybe these people forgot that states already constrain Medicaid spending and usually prefer to spend limited state resources on K–12 and higher education, corrections, and infrastructure. Furthermore, states have successfully controlled costs by limiting provider payment rates, providing alternatives to nursing home care, and controlling prescription drug care and utilization.

Neither block grant nor per capita cap proposals are likely to improve program efficiency. They are just going to limit the state’s ability to take care of needy residents during catastrophic events. For example, if eastern Virginia is hit with a devastating hurricane, the block grant allocated to our state doesn’t change. That means people who lose their business or health insurance as a result of a catastrophic environmental event will remain uninsured. Therefore, these people would be using health services without the ability to pay.

“So if they don’t pay, who does?” Uncompensated care, which are services provided without payment, often shifts the financial burden of the uninsured to people with health insurance. Usually the cost is covered in the form of higher premiums. For example, in 2008 the average insured family paid an additional $1,017 in premiums to cover the cost of care for the uninsured.

“Oh, that’s okay, there are free clinics anyway.” In Virginia, free clinics reported up to a four-month wait for patients seeking a first appointment. So yes, there are over 100 free clinics in Virginia but these providers reported record breaking numbers of uninsured patients for 2016. This has forced some clinics to institute lotteries to determine new patients while other clinics simply refuse to accept new patients because of capacity and/or resource limitations. So, no, free clinics usually are not an option.

Obviously we won’t know the full impact of the senate AHCA bill until it receives a score from the CBO but just from looking at it, it’s clear that all Virginians will suffer.

Cross posted from Blue Virginia

OH-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D) Helps Keep Up The Momentum To Defeat Senate GOP's Version Of Trumpcare

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Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s (D. OH) re-election campaign:

“Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid”
- New York Times, 6/22

For over seven years, Republicans have been talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act. It has been a huge talking point for them.

And after all those years, all those elections, this is the best plan they can come up with?!

When I first saw the Senate Republican plan, I was speechless. It's that bad.

Then I remembered that what I actually need to do is speak out. Now. And I need your voice too.

Republicans could force a vote on this plan as early as next week. Speak out now before it's too late. Let them know you're against rushing this plan through.

The Affordable Care Act gave insurance to tens of millions of people who didn’t have it before. The law not only eliminated pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits, it also bent the cost curve -- the growth of medical costs in this country is actually slower under the Affordable Care Act than under the previous system.

Most people haven't gotten a chance to even read the whole plan yet. But here's what the early reporting says it will do:

  •  Cuts Medicaid and eliminates Medicaid expansion
  •  Guts Planned Parenthood
  •  Slashes taxes for the wealthy while our most vulnerable pay more for less care

The Republican bill will roll back the progress we’ve made and will cause Americans to pay higher costs for less care. Add your name to mine and speak out against this plan.

Thank you,


Click here to add your name.

MI-Sen: Debbie Stabenow (D) On Senate GOP Health Care Bill, "We'd Like To Light This On Fire"

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Loving this response: xKeep fighting for us, @SenStabenow! #SaveMedicaid #HealthcareBill @MichiganDems @seiuhcmi @ProgressMich @MiIndivisible @MichiganUnited @dscc— Phil Revard (@PhilRevard) June 23, 2017 As Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate today revealed a draft of health care legislation they say will stabilize individual insurance markets, Democrats from Michigan and elsewhere attacked it as mean-spirited and stingy, saying it will hurt lower-income families and seniors. “Frankly, we’d like to have a ceremony and light this on fire,” U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., said on the Senate floor, waving a copy of the 142-page draft legislation as she argued against the bill, which is intended to repeal and replace the 7-year-old Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled the draft bill, which follows a U.S. House vote on a similar measure in May that could have far-ranging impact in Michigan, where 1 million people get coverage on ACA exchanges or through Healthy Michigan, the state’s Medicaid expansion plan. The legislation eliminates the requirement that people have insurance, reins in Medicaid spending and eligibility, and cuts back insurance premium subsidies for some low- and middle-income Americans. A vote on it  could come next week before the Senate takes its July 4th recess. Other portions of the bill: Eliminate requirements that insurers on the exchanges provide essential health benefits such as prescription drug and maternity care as of 2020. Allow states to put in place work requirements for Medicaid coverage for poor people and experiment with ways to contain costs while providing care. Keeps in place requirements to cover preexisting conditions and let children stay on parents' policies until age 26, though if subsidies decrease, those policies could cost people more. Well said. While Democrats may not be able to literally set the bill on fire we can help them get four Republican Senators to reject this disastrous bill. Click here to contact your Senator and tell them to reject Trumpcare. And while you’re at it, click here to donate and get involved with Stabenow’s re-election campaign. [...]

Pelosi Isn't the Problem, We Are!!!

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First off, this is not going to be a pro-Pelosi diary.  The Democratic Party is bigger than any one leader, so the future does not hinge on Nancy Pelosi remaining minority leader.  But the electoral success of the Democratic Party in 2018 is neither improved or diminished by her role in leadership.  The only point I’ll make is that she did a damn good job of making the last CR passed by the House maintain Democratic priorities, when Ryan couldn’t find the votes in his own caucus. But Pelosi didn’t lose 4 special elections, we did.  We lost those elections a long time ago, and all of the expectation building is only evidence of our wishful thinking.  Rather than trying to reflect on electoral rejection of our worldview, we assumed everyone would just realize that they’ve made a terrible error and swing back our way. We assumed 4 districts full of people, who have on the receiving end of our disdain, were going to suddenly embrace us with open arms.  This was stupid.  There was a Trump backlash, but that backlash couldn’t be inflated with cash.  If anything the more the DNC stuck itself in the individual races, the more we drove turnout on the other side.  In these four districts we weren’t running established candidates, so it wasn’t like there was a comfort level for disaffected Republicans.  We just assumed generic Democrat would be enough, and that was a stupid assumption. Trump will not win us a majority in either the House or Senate.  He may set us up with a 7 point bump, but turning that into a win will be up to the candidates and the party messaging. Now on that messaging, I think Pelosi has been pretty accurate with the tamp down on impeachment talk.  I’m not saying there isn’t a possibility of a complete meltdown at the White House, but think about the tactic we are embracing.  We want to attack Trump’s character, honesty and temperament.  I seem to remember that story being played out before in both the Republican Primary and the General Election, and it didn’t work either time.  The people listening to him are not listening to us, and that is our fault. I say this as someone, who detests the judeo-christain white bred picket fence conservative vision of America, but we have let our social issues overtake our pitch to the electorate.  I’ve been an atheist since I was a teenager, and never once did I feel like I was at home in American society.  Then about seven or eight years ago, I started noticing an aggressive brand of atheism targeted dead center at the backbone of American culture. It of course wasn’t limited to religion.  It was every sacred cow Joe America was raised to hold dear.  The whole white christian patriarchy was being vivisected on live television, and as beautiful as this all was, I knew there had to be a counter action.  The sixties left us with Nixon, and the Obama era left us with Trump. But they didn’t choose Trump, because he validated there cultural beliefs in a changing world, though it certainly helped.  That wasn’t the anxiety that pushed them over the edge.  What was true is that there has been no lofty vision for the American standard of living after the 2008 crash.  Here is where we need to start rebuilding our messaging, because Trump beat us to the punch. First off, raising the minimum wage is great, but it doesn’t mean a lot to most households.  The American dream is not to be working for McDonald’s or Walmart, so if that is all we have, then we[...]

It's Pretty Obvious Why Nancy Pelosi is Suddenly So Important

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After the special elections in Georgia and South Carolina, it’s time for the Republicans to panic. The explanation is simple. Two words. Speaker Pelosi.

Both House seats were deep in the red. The Montana and Kansas seats were, too. For Republicans, there can be no comfort in knowing that the Democrats didn’t flip any of the seats from red to blue. The trend to blue is undeniable and if it holds, or even if it weakens slightly, a slew of swing districts will move into the Democratic column in the midterm election.

A Democratic House majority would make Trump, or any other Republican, a lame Duck for the rest of his term. The idea of Paul Ryan handing the gavel back to Nancy Pelosi must be driving the Republicans to the edge. The Committee Chairs would pass to the Democrats as well.

That’s why you see a sudden outburst of emotion about Pelosi. She was always a favorite obsession of Right-wingers. Compare the legislation that the House passed by this date in 2009 with the current session. Pelosi gets the job done.

What the Republicans need is a compelling campaign theme for 2018. For now, at least, it seems like Pelosi’s age is it for them. It should be common sense that this isn’t a good look. It wasn’t four years ago and it isn’t now.

The Benefits and Burdens of Republican Policy

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:51:10 +0000

The Republican Party is not for “smaller government” or “less government.”

That mischaracterization is an oft-repeated yarn Republicans spin, one of the many platitudes they have heaped upon their party and themselves over the years.

Republican lawmakers and voters love to shower themselves with meaningless words and phrases, hoping a few stick to camouflage the stink of a rotten political ideology and moral compass. Make America Great Again. Compassionate Conservatism. The fundamentals of the economy are strong.

Republicans are not the party of smaller or less government.

The Republican Party leverages and abuses government and political power to create policy and outcomes that benefit a small number of people.

The same policies that the GOP uses to benefit the richest people and corporations in the history of the world burden the rest of us.

Benefits and burdens.

In their seminal book Policy Design For Democracy, Anne Larason Schneider and Helen Ingram in part describe the analysis of policy in which the benefits and burdens of a specific policy can be analyzed as conveying each intentionally and unintentionally upon “target populations.”

Democrats have ceded the small/big government argument for too long. Letting Republicans claim that they are for smaller government allowed Republicans to run against government in 2016 while holding 2/3 of the Federal Government and trifecta control in 25 states.

The GOP is not for smaller or better government. Republicans create and strategically develop government disfunction, then point and say “look at the disfunction in government.”

Republicans too often successfully hide the true intentions of their policies because they have been allowed to own the small government descriptor - by voters, by the press and by The Left.

Schneider and Ingram provide us with a ready-made attack model.

We can analyze Republican attacks on healthcare. Or tax “reform.” Or environmental protections. We describe the burdens the policy will bring to 99% of Americans and how the policy benefits the richest in our country, and boom, we have an easily digestible and cohesive message across any policy Republicans push on our country.

Why Pelosi should be gone - Her DCCC electoral record.

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:46:45 +0000

How come people don’t realize that the structure of Democratic Party is as followed

DNC = Controlled by President (or Head of DNC who is voted on by 47 members of the DNC when there is no Democratic President)

DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)  CONTROLLED BY PELOSI

DSCC (Democratic Senateorial Campaign Committee) CONTROLLED BY SCHUMER

Let’s review the past few elections

2010  Remember when Congressional Candidates were running away from newly passed Obamacare and Obama’s economic performance?  This strategy was approved by DCCC CONTROLLED BY PELOSI The DCCC fear in defending Obama’s policies exasperated the wave election that year . We lost a 77 SEAT MAJORITY.

2012 Obama had a decisive victory and YET  for the 3rd time in US History a majority of people voted for a congressional candidates of a  party that did not regain majority.  Obama won by 5 million votes and yet House was unable to be retaken by Democrats.   We only gained 8 FREAKING SEATS!

2014  This election was arguable the best election that DCCC had , In a year that is historically bad for two term incumbents , DCCC only lost 13 seats — unfortunately because of disasters of 2010 and 2012  — Democrats fall further behind .

2016  Even though HRC got 3 million more votes than Orange Satan , she loss the race.  but also DCCC only managed 6 seat addition to our minority .In defense of Pelosi , Schumer and DSCC actually did much much worse in this election. Everyone excepted Senate to be retaken by Dems but unexpected huge losses in Wisconsin , Penn , Ohio and Florida . Schumer unfortunately  gets a mulligan because this was his first election as DSCC head .  2018 is a horrible map for Democrats in Senate . However if Democrats lose more than 4 seats next cycle Schumer should be gone.

Now of course there are caveats in these reviews. Obama was head of DNC and he definitely screwed up .

1. dismantling the successful Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy 

2. not understanding the strategy of Republicans do never work with him and not acknowledging and countering Republicans’ 2010 strategy to take over State governments  to implement  extreme gerrymandering

3. Letting Obama For America  wither away and pivoting to a more traditional consultancy class political organzing 

Still the proof is in the pudding , the DCCC has been a disaster for many many years 

Every time you get a spammy stupid email from DCCC , this was devised by someone that was hired by Pelosi’s team.

Every time  you see a candidate NOT talk about a Republican President with a 36% approval rating  , this strategy was approved by DCCC and Pelosi’s team.

Every time you see a candidate in a Red State who ends up in a closer race than predicted   but was underfunded  this strategy was approved by DCCC and Pelosi’s team.

This isn’t about Demonizing Pelosi and San Francisco Liberals . This is about ACCOUNTABILITY .

For these reason’s Pelosi needs to go

Leadership Counts!

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:24:27 +0000

Nancy Pelosi is not the problem!

I want to be upbeat about his, but after Nancy, who is there in the Democratic congressional leadership for someone like me (an old liberal white man) to admire?

Well, Al Franken does come to mind, I do like him. Why isn’t he on any of the Sunday shows? Or being interviewed on network news during prime time?

Where is President Obama? Why isn’t he out there? Why doesn’t he say what he really thinks? Is he trying to be polite to the current president? Is this “professional courtesy” at the executive level? If so, Barack, please quit it and get out there, we need you.

Michelle Obama, where are YOU? I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, but isn’t it time for you to get to GET BACK TO WORK TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY? WE NEED YOU NOW!

Let’s see, who else is there? Hmmm. Can’t really think of anybody right now, so lets talk about who they have…

They have Rupert Murdoch, who seems to own about half of all the media. Who do we have?

Oh, we don’t have anybody like that. Too bad I guess. I think we need some billionaires. Bill Gates? Warren Buffet?

Will someone please stand up, the country you made so wealthy needs you NOW to express yourselves and put some money up.

They have the Koch brothers, who do we have? A few Hollywood stars, big whoop.

They have the Mercer family, who do we have? Al Gore, the right wing punching bag?

Oh and guess what the right wing really has:


Democrats and liberals forgot all about having a strategy.

Here is the right wing strategy, in case you forgot:

  • Buy the media and put promote your ideas
  • Fund right wing spokespeople to spread the message on every media outlet.
  • Fund right wing “think tanks” to promote and normalize right wing ideas.
  • Fund “grass roots” organizations to spread ideas
  • Fund local right wing candidates to get local power
  • Fund this that and the other thing to spread the message.
  • And so on, you get the idea...

You know, all it takes is money and a strategy to do this, and the willingness to spend years of time.

But that’s why the right own almost all of it now, a very few people at the top decided that they wanted control, so they devised a strategy and followed it, adjusting where necessary.

All the while, the Democrats and liberals are acting like children in a land of grownups.

Perhaps it really is time for a change!

VA-Gov: Ralph Northam (D) Wastes No Time Tying Ed Gillespie (R) To Trump In New Ad

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 07:17:26 +0000

And so it begins:

Hillary Clinton won Virginia in the 2016 election and former President Barack Obama won Virginia in both the 2008 and 2012 election Needless to say, Trump isn’t tremendously popular in the state, so an apt comparison between the president and Gillespie could prove to be detrimental to Gillespie’s campaign. 

Gillespie was actually less aligned with Trump than his opponent in the Republican primary, Corey Stewart– but Northam released a new ad that highlights the similarities between the two Republican politicians. 

The ad opens up by saying “Now we must stop the Trump Gillespie agenda.” It continues by calling Gillespie a “Washington Insider” who “will be Trump’s top lobbyist in Virginia.” In the early 2000’s under Former President G.W. Bush, Gillespie’s lobbyist firm was hired by Enron to “press the company’s case on tax and energy issues.”  Northam’s ad says that Enron was the “largest corporate fraud.” 

Gillespie is also quoted in the video saying at a press conference that he “would like to see abortion be banned.” Gillespie’s views contrast the current Virginia Governor’s stance. Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and helped overturn Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers – otherwise known as TRAP– which are policies that overregulate abortion providers to the point where they are forced to close. 

Let’s keep the ad on the air. Click here to donate and get involved with Northam’s campaign.

TX-Sen: Senator Shitkicker Gets OWNED On Twitter By Alyssa Milano & It's Awesome

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 06:35:09 +0000

This is awesome: Alyssa Milano and Ted Cruz provide two helpful illustrations on how to use social media as a celebrity. Alyssa Milano, for example, uses her massive reach to rally Democrats and left-leaning voters to the polls, and on Tuesday night was broadcasting updates for the contentious Congressional election in Georga that, ultimately, was won by the Republican candidate. While a lot of people were despairing in the immediate aftermath of that election, Milano fired off a note of solidarity: x~GROUPHUG~get in.— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 21, 2017 That’s nice! Now take Ted Cruz, who illustrates a different tactic on using Twitter—that is, creepily patrolling her page several days later and popping into frame with this absolutely bone-chilling missive: xWe all need a hug!  Ã°ÂŸÂ˜Â‰— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 22, 2017 And Milano responded perfectly: Not missing a beat, Milano responded almost instantly with the perfect amount of sass. xNot you, @tedcruz. You're not invited. 😉— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 22, 2017   Milano also added in a follow-up tweet that “anytime you want to get together to talk about your duty to your constituents, I’d love to chat. People before party.” And by the way, Cruz’s Democratic opponent is our man when it comes to health care: El Paso Congressman Beto O'Rourke, the Democratic who will challenge U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2018 election, also is proposing his own Medicare-for-all bill. You can click here to add your name to O’Rourke’s petition in support for Medicare For All. [...]

PA-Sen: While Toomey (R) Was Lying, Casey (D) Was Tweeting The Truth About Senate Trumpcare Bill

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 05:56:22 +0000

Besides being from two different parties, you want to know what the real difference between Pennsylvania’s two U.S. Senators? One of them is a horrible liar: Steve Kelly, a spokesman for Sen. Pat Toomey, said the Pennsylvania Republican has vowed “that no one will lose their federal Medicaid eligibility, and no one currently covered by Obamacare will have the rug pulled out from under them” under the plan being discussed in the Senate. Toomey is one of a handful of senators working behind closed doors on the Senate version, which other senators say they have not seen, Kelly said. Senate Republicans are working on their own version of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act after House Republicans in May approved a measure that would phase out the expansion of Medicaid to people making slightly too much to qualify for the traditional program. The House bill would also cap federal spending on traditional Medicaid, which Democrats and health care advocates warn will push very low-income people off the program. Kelly also said Toomey has supported a number other federal programs that fund addiction treatment. The other one tells the truth: U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., said the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act must be stopped because the cuts it will make to Medicaid will amplify the heroin epidemic — since so many rely on the program for addiction treatment. “This is a critical time for the opioid epidemic and a critically important time for Medicaid because of the connection between the two,” he said. “In the midst of this terrible crisis, Republicans want to roll back Medicaid expansion.” Casey held a press conference with U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and several police chiefs Tuesday to talk about the severity of the opioid epidemic and its tie to Medicaid and its expansion. Senate Republicans have been drafting their health care plan behind closed doors; it is expected to be released on Thursday and voted on next week. In a report he issued entitled, “The Republican Health Care Plan: Retreating from the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic,” Casey noted that 33,000 of the 52,000 people who died in 2015 from a drug overdose were linked to opioids. In Pennsylvania, that number was 1,300 out of 3,200 overdose deaths in the same year. “So now, across the country, more people die from drug overdoses than car crashes,” Casey said. And, many receive care through public sources, including the 175,000 Pennsylvanians receiving substance abuse disorder services through the expansion, according to the Casey report. It also stated that 14 million people stand to lose medical coverage next year through the Republicans’ American Health Care Act and that up to $5.5 billion could be potentially cut for mental health and substance use disorder coverage provisions in changes made to the ACA. It’s hard to trust or take Toomey seriously because he’s the one who pushed through the steep Medicaid cuts in the first place: As the chairman of the Subcommittee on Health Care, Toomey spearheaded the bill’s drafting process and the push for deep Medicaid cuts, which Democrats and some Republicans fear will force states to either eliminate coverage for many needy patients or assume a much more sizable [...]

Idealotry: Talk Is Cheap -- Adjust It For Inflation.

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 06:04:22 +0000

Please bear with me as I only check in here when I have something to say — last time was on Inauguration Day of the Orange Peel — and I wrote this article out of sheer anger. Not really though — out of misdirected blame. Because of the incoming doom we all enabled, myself included, by just not voting. Not the Presidential — I mean midterms.  As I said in the former, 2010 had the lowest midterm turnout in seven decades, well, it did have until 2014 came around and dropped participation to 36.3%  Ossoff’s loss can be read any number of ways — I’m sure the place is already littered with them. Which is my point.  The rhetorical arguments are great — but they would be unstoppable if they predicated action. Briefly on Ossoff — do we talk about what went wrong? Or what we learned?  Where does ideology become strategy, plan, and action. When can it break its own rules in order to get it done? I ask this in terms of economic policy. And I believe that is the only thing a community online can do with words that leadership can’t:  Develop a common message.  Ossoff’s ads were a national pitch. He went on Olbermann and criticized the President. He told US what we want to hear, which gets us nowhere. He was running for a district and that’s all he should have spoken about. He should have never gotten near Olbermann. Or any pundit. They are our worst enemy right now because they think they are our Champion. And their ego makes them think their reason will break through after the end of their tirade.  Let me ask you a question? When is the last time you watched Sean Hannity, all the way through, to hear what would have to be a subtle nuanced acquiescence to Liberals? I know I sure as hell can’t remember because the answer for me is never.  You — you carry the message. Only you can deliver it. And by deliver, I mean in person. Internet is great only so far as planning blueprints. Blueprints are wonderful only so far as the architect knows the builder will have to adjust as they go along.  When does Ideology become more about the means than the goal? Trump is calling Tariffs free-trade. If he is doing that, why not call yourself a Centrist. A Conservative.  An American.  Malleability and common sense — I will admit those are the things we need that Leadership lacks. But the problem with that is, if you see it, and no one else does, that means it’s on you. A lot of people here gloat that they can do better than those “idiots in leadership” — the hilarious part is that is absolutely correct. So why don’t you? I wish I could. But I have personal job identity issues which preclude me from politics. Which is a lousy cop-out. It could be anything from a video game or politician. Know that you include me in your plan. But you risk me as well. How bout this —  I will show you what precludes in me in a linked word in this essay. If you click it — you have to do something. Not talk about it until you have taken action and have something to show. If you don’t have something positive to show to everyone, as in absolutely no negativity — you risk me in the public. But if you do something, anything towards a message, such as not being negative for a day. Commit yourself for 3 days to[...]

Enough With the Circular Firing Squad

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 03:25:58 +0000

Sheese.  First Nancy Pelosi is TOO TOXIC.  Then she’s From The Liberal Bubble.  Then the Democrats are too right wing, ie, Blue Dogs and don’t represent True Progressives, especially Millenials, For Whom HRC Had Nothing unless of course you count the fact that she had 1 zillion plans to help people which nobody bothered reading and also, she is sane and not a Russian spy.

BUT I digress.  Several comments and at least one diary today featured complaints that horrible Boomers and other horrors who ought to be put out on the ice floes like Nancy Pelosi, The Toxic, are being mean to Millenials.

The people bitch because The Democrats Don’t Stand For Anything, this despite our very clear progressive positions on just about everything from civil rights to environment to health care.  

Guys.  We are staring real fascism in the face.  We have a crazy POTUS.  I mean he is literally nuts, he is orange and he is a lying SOS and you are worried about Democrats over the age of 35?  Or Nancy because she doesn’t what, appeal to REPUBLICANS????

Why do you care if Nancy Pelosi is toxic to Republicans?  Do you really think aversion to Nancy Pelosi is the key factor in making people who have been life long Republicans, from Republican districts in Republican states, decide to vote for Democrats?  If so why?

I’m beginning to wonder over here.  The GOP Senate just unleashed a nightmare “health care” bill that will strip mine the people and give the proceeds to folks who are  already insanely rich and powerful and we are doing what?  We are attacking each other is what.  

Listen.  This is pointless. 

A.  Everybody is important

B.  Age is just a number baby

C.  Us old folks get it or we would be Republicans

D.  If you didn’t understand how important it was to vote in 2000, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014 and especially 2016 omg please.

E.  We do not let the GOP pick our leaders for us. They are terrified of HRC, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Warren and soon they’ll start attacking Kamala Harris. 

F.  Republicans are especially afraid of powerful women.  Don’t act like Republicans.  

Seriously, guys, please don’t play their game.  We need each other.  So let’s stop attacking each other and figure out how to get our country back before it’s too late.  Trump Administration is doing immense damage.  And the only way to try and keep our democracy is to support the one political party that stands against this and that is the Democratic Party.  

Everything else is commentary right now.   We’d better hang tough and hang together or we won’t have a democratic republic for much longer.

Healthcare rollout a disaster for Repubs and Supreme Court is on our side: Friday's GoodNews Roundup

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:15:19 +0000

Before we get to healthcare, HUGE GREAT WONDERFUL news from the Supreme Court — The government may not strip someone’s citizenship for lying during the naturalization process without proving the falsehood is relevant, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The court unanimously rejected the government’s view that simply proving that someone lied during the process was enough. Justice Elena Kagan said that would give the government too much power.  Not only is this the right decision, but think about it: This court has UNANIMOUSLY rejected overreach at a time when Trump is trying to do this more and more.  Not just Kagan and the left — all of them.  This is a clear and super encouraging sign that this court is NOT going to let the administration roll over our basic rights *regardless* of their political leanings and THAT is great news!!! As for healthcare, yesterday did not go well for the Republicans.  The Senate healthcare bill had a rocky rollout on Thursday as Republican senators complained it doesn’t do enough to repeal ObamaCare or lower healthcare costs.  Honestly, yesterday was a mess for them.  A mess.  Congressional Republicans keep pushing forward on a health care bill that, by all measures, is very unpopular. Why are they doing this?  According to the linked story, they are moving forward with Obamacare repeal because they believe their base will stick with them and that they don’t need to pay too much attention to the protesters.  The argument is that Republicans promised for years to repeal and replace Obamacare. It is now their duty to listen to the people who supported that promise, regardless of whatever blowback comes their way.  What this view misses, however, is that the American Health Care Act isn’t exactly popular with Republican voters. The latest Quinnipiac poll finds only 42 percent of Republicans support the bill.  Also, A Quinnipiac poll late last month found that only 20 percent of the public support the American Health Care Act. And ObamaCare is way more popular than House GOP healthcare bill  The Affordable Care Act is significantly more popular than the House GOP plan to repeal and replace the law, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The survey, released Thursday as Senate Republicans unveiled a draft of their own healthcare reform legislation, found that 41 percent of Americans say ObamaCare is a good idea while 38 percent say it is a bad idea. By comparison, just 16 percent said they see the House GOP plan as a good idea — a 7-point drop from the 23 percent approval it had shortly after it was passed in April. Another reason they are pushing this disaster may also be some of that arrogance of Republicans because of the over-hyped win in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race:  Arrogance and over-confidence, a deadly combination, that can prompt politicians to disregard voters and common sense. That may be what leads Republicans to ram home a health-care bill. Resistance to this bill designed to take from the poor and give to the rich was immediate and strong.  The “fringe” group AARP denounced the bill. Gov Kasich said “ I have 'deep concerns' about Senate health plan”.    More [...]

WI-Sen: Al Franken (D. MN) Helps Fuel Tammy Baldwin's (D) Campaign To Continue To Take On Trump

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:27:52 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Al Franken (D. MN) in support of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D. WI) re-election campaign: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) Wisconsinites seem obsessed with cheese. Their football fans wear Cheddarheads. They have a thing called the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. They made cheese their state's "official dairy product." They're just really proud of cheese. So when I heard that my friend Senator Tammy Baldwin (from Wisconsin) was hosting a Day of Online Action called a Cheddarbomb, I can't say I was surprised. I may have shaken my head a little. Only a little. But regardless of the name, it's the concept that's important. Tammy is up for reelection in 2018 and she's already got shady millionaires investing millions of dollars against her. She needs our help. So here goes. Tammy's Cheddarbomb goal is to raise $30,000 by midnight. Will you help her out by making a contribution? Tammy is an ally in the Senate we really can't live without. She's one of the most dedicated progressives I've worked with. When it comes to leveling the playing field for Wisconsin families and small businesses, and prioritizing people over the powerful, Tammy doesn't mess around. She works incredibly hard and doesn’t give up. She's working to end Citizens United. She wants to raise the federal minimum wage and lower the cost of college education. She is dedicated to building a Made in America economy and strengthening manufacturing.   Tammy Baldwin is just a great Senator. And I'm not just being biased because Minnesota and Wisconsin are right next door to each other. She's always got our backs -- except when it comes to football. That, of course, she can’t be trusted on.   So let's make sure we've got hers. Help me help Tammy's team reach their $30,000 Cheddarbomb goal in the next 11 hours. Give whatever amount you can today >> Thanks.   Al P.S.: I made it through that whole email without a single cheese pun. Not one. I'm kinda proud of that. But I'll be even prouder if Team Franken gets Tammy to her Cheddarbomb goal early. So please give if you can. Click here to donate to Baldwin’s campaign. [...]

Secrets Revealed: DoD Damage Assessment of Manning Leaks, GOP Sen. Healthcare: 'BradCast' 6/22/2017

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:14:22 +0000

Guest: BuzzFeed News Journalist, 'FOIA Terrorist' Jason Leopold; Also: Trump says he was bluffing about audio tapes...but was he?... On today's BradCast, Republicans in the U.S. Senate finally released a draft of their secret plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or 'ObamaCare', and the Dept. of Defense finally releases a redacted version of a damage assessment from 2011, examining the fallout to national security from the Bradley/Chelsea Manning leaks of 2010. [Audio link to show follows below.] First up: The secret working group of white, male Republicans in the Senate finally revealed their new scheme, dubbed the "Better Care Reconciliation Act", to rewrite 1/5th of the U.S. economy by replacing ObamaCare with what Donald Trump has promised would be a healthcare plan "with heart" that was less "mean" than the version he celebrated after its narrow passage by Republicans in the U.S. House several weeks ago. The release of the new Senate plan did not go well. Democrats, independents, and healthcare advocates alike -- not to mention elderly protesters in wheelchairs dragged away from outside the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell -- slammed the legislation for its massive tax cuts to the wealthy in exchange for deeply cruel cuts to federal Medicaid funding, and the promise of stingier premium subsidies for less generous health care policies. A number of Republicans in the Senate also currently oppose the plan as written, because it doesn't repeal ObamaCare enough, but we'll see if they change their tune before the bill comes up for a vote next week, as promised by McConnell, before Congress leaves for the July 4th recess. The GOP can only afford to lose the support of two Republicans among their 52-seat caucus. Then, we're joined by BuzzFeed News journalist and "FOIA terrorist" JASON LEOPOLD, to discuss the newly unearthed Dept. of Defense damage assessment of the hundreds of thousands of documents on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, as well as diplomatic cables, leaked by U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in 2010. During her trial, Government officials charged that the disclosures caused massive damage to national security and endangered counts lives of both U.S. personnel and our allies, but is that what the DoD's own secret 2011 assessment -- finally released this week in heavily redacted form in response to Leopold's Freedom of Information Act request -- actually found? We discuss that and the "passionate responses" he has received since publishing the assessment. We also discuss the new White House ban on cameras during press briefings and how the Trump Administration compares to previous administrations on matters of government secrecy and document classification. "In the overall picture, you have an administration that operates under intense secrecy that wants to limit access -- 'access' being the key word there -- that journalists depend upon. Access is really important, and it's really important to be able to confront government officials," Leopold tells me, while placing the news about the ban in context with the Trump Administration's secrecy and on-going battle with journalists [...]

OH-Gov: Renacci (R) Won't Hold Town Halls Because He Doesn't Want People Screaming About Health Care

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:13:20 +0000

Coward: Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) told a local radio station on Tuesday that he doesn’t intend to hold any town halls because “just having a town hall setting where people are screaming doesn’t make a lot of sense.” Renacci said that if his constituents have concerns, he’s happy to meet with them one on one. “What I’ve tried to do is offer individual meetings — I’ve got time in the office, what I call office time, that people can come and meet, and talk with me on an individual basis,” Renacci told host Jasen Sokol. “Sad thing is, Jason, a lot of people say to me, ‘I’m not coming unless you do a town hall with 150 people.’ Well if you have a concern, you can come to my office and we can talk about it.” Renacci also said that a lot of the requests for town halls have been coming from out of state. “A lot of times I see the people and they hit my Facebook account saying you won’t do a town hall, and we have staff that look at those, some of those are from California, some of them are from out of the country, out of state,” he said, adding that some requests from his constituents are people that he has met with before. “It just seems to be a tendency to say, ‘he’s not willing to confront,’ and the interesting thing is, I actually like confrontation, I like the idea, as long as it’s not 100 people screaming.” When Renacci was running for congress, however, he sang a very different tune. During his first campaign in 2010, Renacci attacked incumbent Rep. John Boccieri (D), for failing to show up to several town hall-style meetings set up by Renacci’s campaign. “It is deeply troubling to see that our current Congressman is so ashamed of his record that he refuses to face his own constituents in an open forum and listen to their mounting questions and concerns about his policies,” Renacci said in a press release. In case you were wondering, in the crowded GOP field, this clown is the Trump backed candidate: Vying for the Trump vote in the contest for Ohio governor next year, Republican candidate Jim Renacci today claimed the endorsement of two groups said to represent the swing constituency that supported Donald Trump for President. Mr. Renacci, a wealthy businessman and now a U.S. representative from the Akron area, announced he was endorsed by Citizens for Trump and Bikers for Trump. The motorcycle-based political action group rallied with Mr. Renacci on Saturday in Sandusky. “I could not be more honored to receive this endorsement from Bikers for Trump and Citizens for Trump — not simply because we share a common patriotism and passion for motorcycles, but because they represent the power of what’s possible when fearless, hardworking Americans mobilize to take their government back,” Mr. Renacci said. Mr. Renacci is one of four people competing for the Republican nomination to succeed Gov. John Kasich when his second term ends in January, 2019. Also in the running - and also hoping to win a share of the Trump vote in the 2018 primary - are Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Secretary of State Jon Husted, and Attorney General Mike DeWine. And being[...]

MT-Sen: Jon Tester (D) Keeps Up The Momentum To Defeat Senate GOP's Version Of Trumpcare

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:23:50 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jon Tester’s (D. MT) re-election campaign:

The health care plan that a handful of Senators wrote in secret is finally out. And it's no wonder they didn't want anyone to see this plan.

It's a real blow to seniors and anyone with pre-existing conditions. The 77,000 Montanans who got their health care through bipartisan Medicaid expansion are at risk.

I'm all for fixing the Affordable Care Act. But repealing it completely and replacing it with this plan, which will likely kick millions off insurance, is a no-go for me.

Stand against this health care plan. Add your name >>

I've heard from folks all over Montana. I've heard from people in all walks of life. No matter who I talk to, I hear the same concerns: I need my health care. I cannot afford to let Congress take it away.

I firmly believe that we in the Senate can work together to make the ACA better. But this plan is like fixing a leaky roof by ripping off the whole thing: You're making a big mess for no good reason.

Let Washington politicians know you're against this plan. Add your name.



Click here to add your name.

MD-Gov: Ben Jealous (D) Slams Larry Hogan's (R) Refusal To Stand Up Against Trump On Health Care

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:07:52 +0000

Received this e-mail today from former NAACP Chairman Ben Jealous’ (D. MD) gubernatorial campaign:

Ben Jealous (D. MD)

After weeks of closed-door meetings with Washington lobbyists, today Senate Republicans finally released their version of Trumpcare, and it's devastating.

Instead of standing up for Maryland's most vulnerable families, Republicans have decided to put tax cuts for the rich ahead of protecting common sense priorities like Medicaid and women's healthcare.

We can’t let the GOP get away with stripping health care coverage from working Americans to give tax breaks to billionaires. Add your name, and stand with me in holding Republicans accountable.

At a time when right-wing extremists control all branches of the federal government, it's more important than ever to have bold and courageous leadership in Maryland willing to protect healthcare and stand up for our families in need.

Governor Hogan has shown time and again he's not willing to be that leader - choosing instead to bow to President Trump and Republican efforts to hold our state back.

Enough is enough. It's time we come together and stand up for our state, our families and our children.

I've spent my life as a community organizer and civil rights activist, leading and winning the big fights to make our government more accountable and responsive to the needs of everyday people.

Together we can do big things again in Maryland, and move our state forward no matter what happens in Washington.

I'm ready to stand up. Join me in saying Maryland can do better than the Republican Trump-Hogan healthcare agenda.

In power,


Click here to add your name.

WI-Sen: Kamala Harris (D. CA) Helps Tammy Baldwin (D) Keep Up The Fight To Defeat Trumpcare

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 22:47:56 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA) in support of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D. WI) re-election campaign: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) Friends, As a child, my friend and colleague Tammy Baldwin was diagnosed with a serious illness, and for much of her life struggled to gain access to health insurance because of her “pre-existing condition.” That’s why she has fought throughout her entire career to champion protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Like me, she believes health care is a right and has done everything in her power to fight the GOP’s disastrous plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And as we expect a vote on Trumpcare next week, I wanted to let you know that Tammy is facing intense attacks from an out-of-state multi-millionaire who has invested $2 million to defeat her. It’s why we’re participating in today’s “Cheddarbomb” to support her campaign, and help them fight back by raising $30,000 online today. So I’m asking: Can you make a contribution of $3, or whatever is meaningful to you, to help Tammy Baldwin fight back and build a winning campaign in 2018? It’s been estimated that 85% of outside attacks against 2018 Senate candidates have been directed at Tammy. That’s outrageous. But it’s an example of just how effective an advocate she’s been for those who are being targeted by Trumpcare. Knowing the struggle of health care firsthand gives Tammy remarkable insight and compassion that has informed her work in the Senate. I’ve seen it throughout this fight — Tammy is not going to fall silent. She is going to stand with us to ensure no one is denied coverage for having a pre-existing condition and that everyone in America has the right to access quality and affordable health insurance. Team — Can you rush an urgent contribution of $3 to Tammy’s campaign to make sure that she’s not silenced by outside money for standing up for health care access? If we raise $30,000 online today for Tammy’s campaign, we will send a powerful message to the Republicans and the billionaire super PACs that we will not be silenced when people’s lives are on the line. Thanks for all you do. Kamala Harris U.S. Senator, California Click here to donate to Baldwin’s campaign. [...]

MI-Gov: Gretchen Whitmer (D) Helps Build Momentum To Defeat The Senate Version Of Trumpcare

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 22:40:18 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Gretchen Whitmer’s (D. MI) gubernatorial campaign:

I just saw the Senate health care repeal bill that was crafted behind closed doors, and it is truly heartless.

I’m so proud of my work helping to expand health care to 630,000 people in our state through Healthy Michigan -- and I can tell you one thing, I’m not going to stand quietly by as Washington tries to drive up the cost of our care and eliminate it for tens of thousands.

Our families deserve better.

Let’s tell our leaders in Washington that we fought too hard for them to raise our costs and take health care away from the hard-working people of Michigan.

This bill will drive up costs, hit Michigan’s rural communities hard, and rip health care away from the people who need it the most. It’ll threaten the thousands of jobs that Healthy Michigan brought to our state, and even undermine our work to address the opioid crisis that’s attacking our neighborhoods.

And of course, those with pre-existing conditions will struggle to find affordable care that will cover them. This will cost Michigan big.

As a mom, a prosecutor, and a former legislator, I’ve never backed down from some of our toughest challenges.

And it’s clear neither Lansing or Washington are looking out for us, so it’s up to all of us to fight for Michigan together.

Add your name to stand up to Washington DC’s attempts to take health care away from thousands of Michiganders.

Thank you,


Click here to add your name.

How to Win Votes and Influence Outcomes: Has the Democratic Party Learned Anything?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 00:40:51 +0000

After $23M spent on the loss of the centrist, business friendly candidate in Georgia, I’m curious what it is that the party has learned. From my point of view, with the exception of some lovely rhetoric and a few nominal wins for people that aren’t millionaires, we have a party that doesn’t engage and understand politics outside of the 1%. What if we could take data and follow the policies of the Democratic Party’s last 30 years through to their logical conclusions and see what outcomes we’ll experience? What if someone already did that and predicted Brexit, Donald Trump, the failure of the Italian constitutional referendum, the rise of the National Front in France, and the rise of the AfD in Germany? Should we at least hear what he has to say? Are there racists? Yes. Are there sexists? Yes. Are the bigots of every stripe? Yes. Is there something else we’re missing? It might be worth looking into.

Some data from the last 30 years of both parties. Mark Blyth speaking to Congress... (copy and paste, the original owner doesn’t allow third party viewing, but really worth watching :)


There are more like this guy, do we have a message for them?:

Do we want them in our party? Might help with the winning of elections side of politics… 

WI-Sen: Russ Feingold (D) Refuses To Let Right-Wing Billionaires Defeat Tammy Baldwin (D)

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 20:57:43 +0000

Received this e-mail today from former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D. WI) and his group, Legit PAC, in support of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D. WI) re-election campaign: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) Friend, I hope you saw our message this morning about Tammy Baldwin’s Cheddarbomb. This is an important opportunity to support someone on the front lines of the fight for our democratic legitimacy, and there’s still a few hours left to make your contribution. Contribute $3 now to help meet Tammy Baldwin’s $30,000 Cheddarbomb goal by midnight tonight. Thank you for standing up for democratic legitimacy today, Russ Feingold              ------Original Message------           From: LegitPAC Team           Subject: TODAY: Fierce defender of legitimacy Friend, Tammy Baldwin has been one of the fiercest defenders of our democratic legitimacy in the Senate this cycle. And she’s got something big going on today. Senator Baldwin fought tenaciously against confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after Barack Obama -- and the majority of voters who elected him -- were denied the rightful opportunity to fill that seat. She’s fighting for lower drug prices, for Buy American rules, and lots of other priorities that faithfully reflect the needs of the voters that elected her. But shadowy out-of-state attack groups are fighting to deny Wisconsin voters an equal say in Senator Baldwin’s reelection campaign. By one count, 85% of all nationwide third party attacks on Senate candidates have targeted Baldwin this year. Help supporters across the country combat these attacks designed to delegitimize Tammy Baldwin. Contribute $3 to today’s special, one-day “Cheddarbomb” to reach $30,000 in one day. A Cheddarbomb is a special type of “moneybomb” event where people throughout the country who support a good Wisconsin Democrat like Tammy Baldwin all come together to make contributions on the same day. By driving up a one-day fundraising total for Senator Baldwin, we’ll make a powerful statement. Despite all the outside money pouring in to attack Senator Baldwin and drown out the legitimate voices of everyday Americans, we’ll show that we are strong and we are loud when we work together. To maximize the power of this statement, we need to reach at least $30,000 today -- and to reach that goal, everyone needs to chip in. Contribute $3 to reach $30,000 in one day and make a powerful statement about our power when we come together. Thank you for standing up to support Senator Baldwin today, LegitPAC Team Click here to donate to Baldwin’s campaign. [...]

VA-Gov: Former President Barack Obama To Hit The Campaign Trail For Ralph Northam (D)

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 20:42:59 +0000

Get pumped!

Having lost a series of tantalizingly close congressional elections, the Democratic Party has now placed the fate of its collective psyche in the hands of an unassuming, soft-spoken pediatric neurologist.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam says he feels no enhanced pressure to win his gubernatorial race this fall, even though his will be most high-profile contest since Democrats lost the much-watched special election in Georgia’s 6th District.

“You always feel pressure,” he told HuffPost in an interview. “If you’re not feeling pressure then you’re not out there to win. And we plan to win in November.”

But while Northam may be playing it cool, he’s not being complacent. His campaign has plans to canvass the state, from the wealthy northern suburbs to coal country in the southwest. And they’re bringing along the big guns, too. Former President Barack Obama is expected to make his return to electoral politics this fall to join him on the trail, both Northam and Obama’s office confirmed.   

We can’t take anything for granted and having Obama back on the campaign trail is what we need. More details to come. Until then, click here to donate and get involved with Northam’s campaign.

WA-Sen: Maria Cantwell (D) Help Mounts Pressure To Defeat GOP Senate Version Of Trumpcare

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 19:19:54 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell’s (D. WA) re-election campaign:

House Republicans passed a mean, reckless bill that would leave the most vulnerable Americans' health care coverage in the dust. And now, Senate Republicans are following suit with an even meaner and more reckless bill.

Building the Affordable Care Act was an enormous undertaking. It took collaboration between Democrats and Republicans. The mark-up period was one of the longest in congressional history. But Republicans are tearing all of that down to push a new health care law without a public hearing, without a single Democratic amendment, and no public debate.

That's right. 13 GOP Senators rushed to craft a new health care policy that will affect every life in the United States -- and they didn't collaborate with anyone. Not one Democrat, and not one woman.

Join me in rejecting Republicans' Trumpcare bill that would be devastating to poor Americans, increase costs on working families, and deny medical coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

We know why Senate Republicans were so secretive about their bill -- it will hurt everyday Americans. And in no way will it be an improvement on the Affordable Care Act!

More than 1.7 million veterans rely on Medicaid for their treatment and care. Many are not able to access Department of Veterans Affairs clinics, or are not eligible for VA health coverage -- so Medicaid is their only choice.

I refuse to let Senate Republicans break our promise to our veterans by cutting Medicaid. And I will not sit idly by while the Republicans' Trumpcare bill destroys our health care system.

Stand with me against Senate Republicans' Trumpcare bill today.

Thank you,

Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator

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To win, Democrats must embrace the politics of fear

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 21:28:17 +0000

Conservatives and liberals don't just differ in their philosophies: the two groups are actually wired differently. According to recent research, liberals tend to have a larger interior cingulate gyrus, an area of the brain which takes in new information and regulates the impact of that information on decision making. Conservatives, meanwhile, tend to have a larger right amygdala, a deeper brain structure which processes fear-based information. Given these tendencies, it's not surprising that Democratic politicians work to educate, inform and inspire voters, while Republicans typically try to scare the wits out of their constituency. Unfortunately, the GOP approach often proves more powerful, even among previously liberal voters (such as those who voted for Trump after supporting Obama in two prior presidential elections). “Democrats say they’ll help people, but Republicans offer to protect them from the things that frighten them the most,” said my husband,  a thoughtful fellow lefty who shares my despair at what's going on in US politics right now. “That's a pretty powerful argument.” While there's little factual basis for many conservative worries, it doesn't matter — as we saw time and time again during the past election cycle, many GOP voters treat feelings as though they were facts. (See this Newt Gingrich interview for a example of how this appalling mindset works.) While I'm not suggesting that Democratic politicians should begin lying to the public, or even rely on reality-based but crassly manipulative tactics, it's high time they address some terrifying truths head-on. We can promote our vision for the future later: right now we have to focus on the immediate threats we face. If Democratic politicians keep doling out insipid, vaguely-hopeful platitudes, voters will walk away, and candidates will keep getting their clocks cleaned. Yeah, there are people out there who's right amygdala will block them from ever acknowledging how vulnerable their health, housing, environment, education and jobs are right now. But we can't focus on them. We have to motivate everyone else to fight for their survival, and at least for the moment, scaring them with the truth might be the best way of accomplishing this.  Again, there is certainly a place for laying out a positive vision and asking people to vote in their self-interests, and ideally this approach would build the foundation for a brighter future. But sadly, at present it's unlikely to work.  Right now we need to embrace the politics of fear, not by triggering raw emotions but by making sure people know what could happen to them if they don't defend themselves. [...]

We Lost GA-06. Now What?

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 20:22:03 +0000

OK. The election is over. Ossoff lost. Trump is gloating over the loss. And we’re standing here scratching our heads over why we can’t seem to win anything? What’s the problem? First is a simple problem that we were running in a hard-red district. It wasn’t a guarantee no matter how you look at it. Second? We don’t have a deep bench. So we run people like musicians and investigative reporters instead of councilpeople and mayors and state reps and senators and governors and so on. Third? Third is the biggest problem of all. We have an image problem. The Right reviles liberals across the board. We’re baby-murderers. We’re communists. We hate bald eagles and big trucks and guns and apple pie, so how can we POSSIBLE be anything but Communists come to take over America. They want Liberty Prime to rise up and smite us, because we’re _evil_ and crap like that. But this accounts for what, 40% of the electorate? Why aren’t we winning 60 to 40 then? Simple. We haven’t given the other 60% a reason to vote for us. How can we fix that? There’s a wide variety of answers here, almost as many answers as people on the site. Those ideas are all GOOD ideas, but when you have 47 different ideas being screamed at you from multiple directions? Well, here’s the quandary. It all starts sounding so pie in the sky and disjointed, and the power brokers can easily distract us from the real task. Our ‘presentation’ platform needs to be simple, direct, and shared across all Democrats, nation wide.  Fair Play Everyone deserves a fair shake at life. This encompasses so much. Black rights. Hispanic rights. Gay rights. Muslim rights. Disabled rights. And it also covers an area many people feel abandoned on. Working stiff rights. Part of the reason we can’t get a working majority is because we have abandoned the concept of everyone getting a fair shake at life in favor of emphasizing a particular class of rights from the list above, and getting in massive arguments. With this? When a Native American complains that his group isn’t among the groups enumerated, we as a collective can say, “When we say fair play, we mean fair play for everyone. Welcome to the team.” Universal Healthcare Obamacare is broken. It was broken by obstinate behavior by the Right, and money-grubbing bastards on the left. It needs fixing, and we all know what that fixing is. Medicare for all. Single-Payer. We need to come out, and stand behind this notion 100%, with no hemming and hawing on the matter at all. Know that for every vote we turn off by standing up for Universal Healthcare, we’ll turn plenty more on. Universal Education In the same vein, we have the need to provide free college for all. This should be positioned as the way in which we’ll convert from the manufacturing based economy that has gone the way of the Chinese and the Robot, and start[...]

NV-Sen: Heller (R) Says He Has "Serious Concerns" About Medicaid Cuts, Time To Apply The Pressure

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 18:47:26 +0000

We might have a fifth defector:

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) said Thursday that he has yet to make a decision on his support for the Senate’s bill to repeal Obamacare, but he said in a statement that he has “serious concerns” about how the legislation will impact those on Medicaid.

“Throughout the health care debate, I have made clear that I want to make sure the rug is not pulled out from under Nevada or the more than 200,000 Nevadans who received insurance for the first time under Medicaid expansion. At first glance, I have serious concerns about the bill’s impact on the Nevadans who depend on Medicaid,” he said in a statement.

“I will read it, share it with Governor Sandoval, and continue to listen to Nevadans to determine the bill’s impact on our state,” he added. “I will also post it to my website so that any Nevadans who wish to review it can do so. As I have consistently stated, if the bill is good for Nevada, I’ll vote for it and if it’s not – I won’t.”

Heller’s likely opponent, Rep. Jacky Rosen (D. NV-03), has made her stance very clear:

Heller told Politico on Tuesday that he will vote for a secretive GOP health care bill and risk his seat, if the policy changes are good for Nevada. He could not yet say if they would be.

Rosen has opposed the effort by Republicans.

Last month, Rosen said it was shameful that House Republicans passed a health care bill before seeing a revised budget report on its impacts. Congressional analysts found that bill would kick about 23 million Americans off health insurance.

Time to apply some more pressure on Heller. Click below to contact one or all of his offices and tell him to reject Trumpcare:

Las Vegas

8930 West Sunset Road
Suite 230
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone: 702-388-6605
Fax: 702-388-6501


Bruce Thompson Federal Building
400 S. Virginia Street, Suite 738
Reno, NV 89501
Phone: 775-686-5770
Fax: 775- 686-5729

Washington, DC

324 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-6244
Fax: 202-228-6753

Kossack's insight on FB rings true...

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:30:17 +0000

Longtime Kossack Jeffrey Feldman shared the above on Facebook this morning and it was so well said, I asked permission from him to blog it here and he graciously gave it to me. If  you cannot see the image he said: Annoyed this morning at Democrats. We lost a big election in November, but after we lost nobody took responsibility for that loss. Instead, leadership responsible for the loss told us all that the loss was really a win where it not for a few, you know, other factors (electoral college, Russia, prejudice, etc.). Nobody needs to resign, nobody needs to step down because losing--wait for it--was really winning. Don't agree that losing was really winning? Ha! You're part of the problem. It's not that we lost--it's that YOU are a loser. Everybody who thinks losing was really losing in November: get out! You're dividing the party. Fast forward: two special election losses. Wait--did you say we lost? Haha that's so funny because ALSO in this case losing was really winning. I mean, sure we lost the election because we had fewer votes and given the choice between a Democrat and a Republican taking up open House seats--the Republicans retained both seats. But that's not really losing--it's winning! We made huge percentage gains, we proved by losing twice that the next time there's an election we are going to either win outright or--lose, but really it will be a win. And given that those are the best choices, how can we not be winners. I ate the chocolate cake you baked for your dinner party and now there's no cake? OMG do you not see that by eating the chocolate cake I have really given you the chance to go to your favorite bakery and buy another cake that's 5 hours fresher and, let's be honest, better than yours was ever going to be? It's so funny that you think there's something I should take responsibility for when you should really be thanking me and, frankly, I'm not the only one whose had enough of your divisive attitude when it comes to the bakery. You'd never get upset about going to the liquor store, which is maybe something you should think about before you invite people over for dinner without asking me first if I have a test the next morning, which I'm not blaming you for not knowing, but if you could just stop obsessing over the cake for a minute, you might see the bigger picture here... There is only one kind of winning that counts and that is WINNING. Taking the actual office. Honestly, since 2001 we’ve lost two presidential elections, a Supreme Court seat and dozens of other national offices this way. We don’t play hardball.  The INSTANT voter restrictions popped up, Democrats should have been in the streets shutting down everything. People died for that right. Sternly worded letters and lawsuits to courts conservatives are willing to cheat to stock (WI, NC[...]

WI-Sen: Ed Markey (D. MA) Helps Tammy Baldwin (D) Keep Up The Resistance Against Trump

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 15:31:50 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D. MA) in support of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D. WI) re-election campaign:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI)

 “Republicans already training sights on Tammy Baldwin re-election race”
 -Wisconsin State Journal, 1/25/17

 “GOP aims at Tammy Baldwin of Wis. in ‘18 race [...] The race against Baldwin is expected to be among the fiercest in the next election cycle.” -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/27/16

 “GOP mega-donor Richard Uihlein has contributed $2 million to Solutions for Wisconsin, a newly formed super PAC” -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/17

My friend Tammy Baldwin is a progressive champion in the Senate -- the first openly gay Senator in American history, and a fighter for good jobs, affordable health care, and a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Maybe that’s why Republicans want her gone.

Well, they’re welcome to try, but Tammy can count on her friends. That’s why I’m joining with other progressives to launch a Tammy Baldwin Cheddarbomb -- make a contribution and give Tammy’s team the resources they’ll need to fight back.

A "Cheddarbomb" is an online day of action in which we gather as many grassroots supporters like you Samuel to give Tammy a boost.

And Tammy needs our help. Outside groups spent more than $15 million against her during her last election. They’re going to come after her with everything they’ve got, and we all need to stand together to beat back the right-wing billionaires.

So let’s make this Cheddarbomb one to remember -- give $5, $10, more if you can, and help send Tammy Baldwin back to the Senate.

Thank you,


Click here to donate to Baldwin ‘s campaign.

Ossoff is what happens when...

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 15:42:40 +0000

Hey Kossacks! Ever think about how many Bernicrats could have won office with the money spent on Ossoff?  I do, but that’s just a sidebar. The real story here is very simple: Money and branding aren’t the solution.  Ossoff didn’t run as a real economic leftie.  Courting moderate to right voters didn’t change the numbers much.  This election was about the people who didn’t get out there to vote, not the ones who could have voted differently. This platform:  Income and Wealth Inequality It's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free Getting Big Money Out of Politics and Restoring Democracy Creating Decent Paying Jobs A Living Wage Combating Climate Change to Save the Planet A Fair and Humane Immigration Policy Racial Justice Fighting for Affordable Housing Fighting for Women's Rights Working to Create an AIDS and HIV-Free Generation Fighting for LGBT Equality Empowering Tribal Nations Caring for Our Veterans Medicare For All Strengthen and Expand Social Security Fighting to Lower Prescription Drug Prices Fighting for Disability Rights Senator Bernie Sanders' Plan for Puerto Rico Standing With Guam Preventing a Global Race to the Bottom in the Airline Industry General Electric Must Pay to Restore the Hudson River Constitution Pipeline Must Be Defeated Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities Ending the Race to the Bottom Fighting for the Rights of Native Hawaiians Improving the Rural Economy Fighting for Nurses Reforming Wall Street Real Family Values War and Peace War Should Be the Last Option: Why I Support the Iran Deal Making the Wealthy, Wall Street, and Large Corporations Pay their Fair Share How Bernie pays for his proposals ...has an important property we Democrats really need to embrace.  It is a vote FOR platform.  It makes explicit, just, common good statements.  We know that a majority of the nation is struggling economically, and we know neither party is really speaking directly to those struggles. This platform will bring people out of the woodwork.  This platform talks about the poors, the downtrodden, the people in real need.  It talks to those people who could be voting, but aren’t.  This platform will generate excitement, activism, the work needed to win.  This platform has majority support, speaks right to the pain in this nation, and it’s extremely hard to say no to.  Anyone who does is arguing against helping those of us out who need it the most.  Why aren’t they voting? They don’t believe it will matter, that’s why.  They don’t see a real choice, a difference in play. Fear, blame and shame won’t win elections! There is a lot of “those stupid people” type explanations for why we didn’t win elections.  “If[...]

OH-Gov: Connie Pillich (D) Pushes Call To Make Medicaid For All A Reality In Ohio

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 15:15:16 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Connie Pillich’s (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign:

 I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. And I’m tired of insurance company lobbyists and giant corporations trying to convince us otherwise.
 That’s why, earlier this morning, I unveiled a new health care proposal as part of my campaign for governor that would allow all Ohioans to opt-into Medicaid.
 That means finally bringing affordable and accessible healthcare to every Ohioan.
 Insurance companies are currently fleeing the Ohio exchange, meaning people in Appalachia and rural communities might not be able to get insurance. And rather than address the problem, Washington D.C. Republicans are planning to cut the Affordable Care Act and force millions of Americans off their health care.
That’s just wrong.
 Ohioans deserve bold leadership that protects patients -- not insurance company profits. My plan grants all Ohio families access to Medicaid and let's them buy into the same health insurance plan that state employees and state lawmakers currently enjoy.

Thanks for standing with me,

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