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News Community Action

Published: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 14:06:50 +0000

Last Build Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 14:06:50 +0000

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NV-Sen: Harry Reid (D) Refuses To Let The Koch Brothers Have The Last Laugh

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 01:13:14 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV) in support of former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D. NV) U.S. Senate campaign:

Catherine Cortez Masto (D. NV)

Nevada is the Republican Party’s only chance to pick up a Democratic seat in the Senate. My seat.

So as you might imagine, this race is personal for me.

Catherine Cortez Masto must win in Nevada. I want nothing more than to leave Nevada families in her capable hands. I know she will build on my work to create jobs, expand the state as a hub of clean energy, protect our environment, and so much more.

But Republicans are coming after Catherine with everything they’ve got. Washington Republicans and the Koch network have already spent and reserved nearly $30 million of advertising time on Nevada TV.

And they’re not going to use it to sell toasters. They’ll use it to attack Catherine and prop up her opponent.

We have a job to do. Catherine’s up against a huge deadline this month: the final quarterly FEC deadline of this election.

So I’m asking you today, if at all possible, to give $5, $10, or even more to Catherine’s campaign. Pitch in right now, before the deadline hits »

Thank you for making sure Nevada will have a capable, effective Senator next year. Harry Reid

Click here to donate to Cortez Masto’s campaign.

Trumpwreck: The First Clinton/Trump Presidential Debate: 'BradCast' 9/27/2016

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 23:54:38 +0000

Guests: Salon's Heather Digby Parton and Fiscal Times' David Dayen...

The first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump unraveled on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York, as moderated by NBC's Lester Holt. We cover it, and the fallout, on today's BradCast. [Audio link posted below.]

Joining me to make sense of it all (though I can see it makes no sense at all), is award-winning journalist Heather Digby Parton of Salon and the Hullabaloo blog, and by David Dayen, Fiscal Times' financial journalist and author of Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street's Great Foreclosure Fraud.

Digby, writing at Salon earlier today, believes Clinton "dominated" Trump who "demonstrated not only that he didn’t prepare but that he has no underlying knowledge of the subjects a President is required to know." For his part, Dayen argues today that Clinton performed an important public service by "attacking the false premise that government is just like a business and should be run like one," adding "And it probably wouldn’t have happened without Donald Trump facing her behind the other podium."

Tune in for our rollicking (and, at times, hilarious) hour of post-debate coverage, clips and analysis of the first Presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, wherein the former exceeded the expectations of many and the latter met expectations by falling apart in rather extraordinary fashion on live TV in front of the largest U.S. debate audience in television history.

* * *

While we post The BradCast here every day, and you can hear it across all of our great affiliate stations and websites, to automagically get new episodes as soon as they're available sent right to your computer or personal device, subscribe for free at iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or our native RSS feed!

[Cross-posted from The BRAD BLOG...]

MO-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D. OR) Gives Jason Kander (D) The Boost He Needs To Pull Off An Upset Victory

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 21:45:46 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) in support of Secretary of State Jason Kander’s (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign:


We have a chance to cement a progressive majority on the Supreme Court, potentially for a generation. A majority that could do things like overturn Citizens United, protect women's right to make their own health care decisions, and put limits on racial profiling and law enforcement abuses. But all that is at risk if we don't control the Senate.

Jason Kander in Missouri could be the key that unlocks the Senate majority and allows our country to move forward. Chip in right now to power up Jason’s campaign!

Jason is in a tough race – and he’s doing an incredible job. He singlehandedly put Missouri’s Senate race in play by taking the fight to a powerful Republican incumbent who is perhaps best known for a proposal to allow employers to deny contraceptive coverage to employees under Obamacare.

Jason is an Army veteran and a principled public servant fighting off a $2.5 million attack by a right-wing SuperPAC. Help Jason fight back: Chip in right now to fire up his grassroots-powered campaign!


Click here to donate to Kander’s campaign.

OH-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Wants Ted Strickland (D) To Be A Part Of Her Senate Majority

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 19:55:22 +0000

Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) in support of former Governor Ted Strickland’s (D. OH) U.S. Senate campaign:


Wow –
Donald Trump once again proved last night that he’s a thin-skinned bully driven by greed and hate. A small, insecure moneygrubber who is only prepared to be a lying promoter for Donald Trump.

And I’ll be honest: after that debate, I’m more terrified than ever about even a .0001% chance of a President Donald Trump.

Right now, the Republicans control the House and the Senate. That means that if Donald Trump wins in si‌x wee‌ks and the Republicans keep Congress, there will be no way to stop the recklessness we heard about last night.

We MUST take back the Democratic majority in the Senate. Not can. Not should. MUST. The future of our country is at stake. Are you ready to fight?

Please donate right now to Ted Strickland's Senate campaign. If our candidate Ted wins, we’ll have a strong Democratic majority in the Senate to stop Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton was prepared for the debate and prepared for the presidency. She was tough, smart, calm and collected last night – with clear, unambiguous promises to fight for progressive ideas and progressive values. That’s why I’m with her, and that’s why I’m fighting for her to win in November.

But a win for Hillary isn’t enough. We’ve seen how the Republicans have spent months blocking President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Hillary is going to need a Democratic majority in the Senate to confirm her nominees and form a team that will fight for the agenda she explained last night.

We must pick up the Senate seat in Ohio – to take back the Democratic majority. Ted can win, but he needs your help right now to fight back.

Don’t give Donald Trump a Republican majority in the House and Senate. Please donate right now to our Senate candidate Ted Strickland to build a Democratic firewall stronger than any stupid wall Donald Trump wants to build.

Thanks for being a part of this,


Click here to donate to Strickland’s campaign.

My favorite thing about the debate last night.

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 19:48:54 +0000

My favorite thing about the debate last night was that Ms. Clinton provoked and let “Trump be Trump.”  Why?

Because that one-and-a-half hour informercial eliminated any possible outside “excuse” for anyone still contemplating voting for Trump or, for that matter, not fully committed to defeating him.  

At this stage in the day, bad journalism is irrelevant.  The supposed “economic anxiety” of more affluent Republicans is (and always was) laughable.  Voting out of “party loyalty” is contemptible.  Lodging a third party “conscience” vote is irresponsible and vain.

It is important to finally clear away the brush and recognize the ultimate problem: some 40% of our voting population is ignorant, incompetent, bigoted, shallow, reckless, dangerously self-interested and/or deliberately indifferent.  They are a cognizable threat to the country’s future.  

We do face a crisis but it is not Trump.  It is the millions of voters who are flocking to the Republican party, and who would not only bring us Trump, but already brought us George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Sam Brownback, Paul LePage, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz . . . 

The threat consists of the voters who would cheerlead austerity in the face of a looming depression, freeze any government they don't singularly control, deny Global Warming and science, thwart basic public necessities like infrastructure and health care out of political spite, distinguish between America and a “real America,” and repeat failed ideologies like “trickle down” economics.

Did Ms. Clinton, through Donald Trump, really expose all of that last night?  Yes, she did.  Because last night Trump did not make a silly gaffe, he did not have an “off night,” he did not flub a line or get caught with a “gotcha question.”  No, last night Trump gave the same performance which had previously won him the support of tens of millions of these voters — and no doubt didn't disappoint them again in terms of substance.

I thought Ms. Clinton got it exactly right in her first answer of the night:

“The central question in this election is really what kind of country we want to be and what kind of future we'll build together.” 

When it comes to this question, the other side is not confused, uninformed or merely misguided.  They are deliberate, purposeful, but wrong. 

Now, let’s beat them.

When 'push comes to Trump'—this image humorously reveals how the Left is uniting

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 20:38:24 +0000

I love these two bumper stickers. To me, they represent hope in a country where we are not forced to think one way or no way.

It was a tough, agonizing, frustrating and sometimes downright dirty Democratic primary election. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were both qualified to run for the Oval Office. Sadly many of us who respected both candidates had to choose and a whole lot of nasty was spewed through and out the nose of the Democratic Party, right up until the middle of the Democratic National Convention last July. And I mean RIGHT up to it that point —to where Senator Sanders graciously acknowledged Secretary Clinton’s win, endorsed her, and began encouraging his supporters to do all they could to keep Trump from winning. I’m not going to hash through the hard feelings many of us felt during primaries, and some still feel those pains, but most of us know right now that’s not what matters most—it can’t matter. Too much is at stake. So the Left is coming together, and though we may never reach an agreement on some issues and we may never like the same candidates, we care about similar goals—the similar values. So this November...

I will vote for the rights children, women, blacks, immigrants, veterans, lgbt, minorities, the disadvantaged, the differently-abled, teachers, and unions. 

I will vote for gun sense, equal pay, ERA, voting rights, healthcare, raising minimum wage, lowering student debt, and peace. 

I am a Democrat. I am a Liberal. I am a Progressive. And will vote. 



Yes, I'm 'Voting Blue No Matter Who'—and here's why

This is bullshit - We are better than this

NV & PA-Sen: League Of Conservation Voters Doubles Down On GOTV Efforts In These Key Races

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 19:26:50 +0000

Received this e-mail today from the League of Conservation Voters:

Katie McGinty (D. PA)

I won’t hide these facts: We’re behind in Nevada. Pennsylvania is neck and neck. And in North Carolina, Nate Silver says our pro-environment candidate’s chance of victory is just one in four.

But new GAME-CHANGING research could turn that all around.

A new Stanford / UC Berkeley study shows that when canvassers have long-form, conversational interactions at the door — discussing the issues that matter — they’re way more effective at changing minds.

We’re going to deploy this new field methodology to elect environmental champions to the Senate. But the only way we can spend more time with enough voters is to hire more organizers.

We need your help. Thanks to a group of major donors, your donation to elect pro-environment candidates can be TRIPLED. We can hire enough organizers to beat Big Oil — but only if you act before September 30th.

It’s up to you to help protect the progress we’ve made together against corporate polluters. Chip in $5 or more today, and your donation will go three times as far »

We need to ramp up our ground game if we are going to defeat Donald Trump and reclaim our environmental majority in the Senate. But with our current budget, ramping up in any one of these races would mean cutting back in the others.

We can’t scale back. Not when we’re up against anti-environment candidates who take contributions from corporate polluters, then turn around and give them tax breaks.

That’s exactly what Pat Toomey did. And if we have enough canvassers to share his deplorable story with Pennsylvania’s voters, then Katie McGinty will win that Senate seat for the environment.

In Nevada, our canvassers will talk to voters about the solar jobs that Catherine Cortez Masto supports that Joe Heck puts at risk.

The only question is, how many of these game-changing conversations can we have between now and Election Day? The answer is up to you.

Absentee voting has already started in North Carolina, so there’s not a second to lose — and it only takes $5 or more. Give today and your efforts will go even further with a TRIPLE match.
Thank you for your support,

Gene Karpinski President 

Click here to donate to Cortez Masto & McGinty’s campaigns.

NV-Sen: NRA Launches Attack Ad Against Cortez Masto (D), Time For Us To Help Her Fight Back

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:01:21 +0000

Oh it’s on:

The National Rifle Association dropped $1 million on a new ad hitting Nevada Democratic Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto as being a repeat of retiring Sen. Harry Reid.

The ad highlights Reid's leadership in the Senate when he was majority leader and his votes for gun control and for judges whom the ad called "anti-gun." The ad then says Reid is trying to force Nevada to elect Cortez Masto, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

"Masto doesn't sound like Harry Reid or look like Harry Reid," the narrator says of the former Nevada attorney general. "But she'd vote like Harry Reid."

Not only is this race important in holding onto the U.S. Senate it’s also a chance to make history:

In a community where Spanish-speaking immigrant parents often take social cues from their bilingual children, Cortez Masto is betting on the kids going home after school and telling the adults seated around the dinner table that they met a woman who could become the first Latinx woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

“If you can’t vote, then you need to get out there and talk to people who can and fight for the issues you believe in,” the candidate told the kids.

That support could help make history, she stressed.

“It should have happened a long time ago,” Cortez Masto told me afterwards, referring to the possibility of becoming the first Latinx woman elected to U.S. Senate. The government needs to better reflect the diversity in the population, she said. “We need more women. We need more diversity,” Cortez Masto insists.

She says one limiting factor is that “women sometimes have the tendency to question whether they really have the ability to jump in” to national politics. She said that’s why encouragement and mentoring efforts are so important.

“We need more women who are mentoring other women, particularly women of color, to say here’s how it can be done,” said Cortez Masto.

Lets make history. Click here to donate and get involved with Cortez Masto’s campaign.

MO-Sen: Sen. Joe Donnelly (D. IN) Helps Jason Kander's (D) Campaign Take Back The Senate

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 15:43:49 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D. IN) in support of Secretary of State Jason Kander’s (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign:

Control of the Senate is going to come down to just a few seats, so I’m asking for help for my friend, Jason Kander.
Jason is a fifth-generation Missourian, proud veteran and public servant. People used to think his race was a long shot, but Jason proved them wrong by skyrocketing in the polls. Unfortunately, his success means right-wing groups have started throwing money into this race in order to prevent this seat from turning blue.

The final end-of-quarter fundraising deadline before Election Day is this Friday at midnight, and all eyes will be on Jason to see if he can keep pace with his Republican opponent. Will you chip in just $5 to his campaign before the Friday deadline?

I need someone like Jason alongside me in the Senate, fighting to strengthen the middle class and show our veterans the respect they deserve. But winning this election won’t be easy. Jason is going up against a GOP machine funneling millions of dollars into Missouri.

Chip in just $5 today, before Friday’s end-of-quarter deadline, and make sure Jason has what he needs to win in November.

Thank you,
Joe Donnelly

Click here to donate to Kander’s campaign.

Great news in Nevada!

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 15:54:13 +0000

I’ve been tracking the voter registration numbers in Nevada closely over the past few weeks and the numbers are looking great.

As of the August 2016 report on the Nevada Secretary of State website, released in early September, Democrats had a voter registration advantage of 71,637 among active voters.  This is up sharply from January when Democrats had an advantage of just 48,034 among active voters.  Among all voters, including inactive ones, the advantage moved from 92,278 in January to 107,576 as of the most recent report from August.

But here’s the kicker:  Just since the last report from August, Democrats have netted an additional advantage of 5,563 registered active voters in Clark County (Las Vegas) and 90 in Washoe County (Reno)!  And just since the debate last night, there has been a big uptick in Democratic registrations in Clark County.  The Clark County website updates its numbers throughout the day and we have netted an additional 300 or so registered voters since Hillary cleaned Donald’s clock yesterday!  

Taken together, Clark County and Washoe County contain about 87% of Nevada’s registered voters.  Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any other county websites in Nevada which update their voter registration numbers regularly and make them open to the public.

By comparison, in 2012, Democrats had a voter registration advantage of 90,187 among active voters as of election day.  Right now, taking into account the latest numbers out of Clark and Washoe counties, Democrats have an advantage of approximately 77,000 statewide.  The voter registration deadline is still weeks away (October 18th), so it’s very possible that we could end up with an even bigger advantage among active registered voters than we had in 2012.

If we’re talking about benchmarks, all Hillary has to do is win Clark County by about 8-10 points to win the state as a whole.  In 2004, John Kerry won Clark County by just under 5 points which was almost enough to help him carry the state.

Here is a link to the Clark County website, where you can actually watch the numbers increase throughout the day:…

Here is a link to the Washoe County website, which updates its numbers less frequently:

And here is a link to the Secretary of State website where you can look at all kinds of statistics from the present and past:

WI, PA, NH, OH, MO, NC, IL & NV-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Wants Her Senate Majority

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 08:03:59 +0000

Received this e-mail tonight from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA):

Donald Trump once again proved tonight that he’s a thin-skinned bully driven by greed and hate. A small, insecure moneygrubber who is only prepared to be a lying promoter for Donald Trump.

And I’ll be honest: after that debate, I’m more terrified than ever about even a .0001% chance of a President Donald Trump.

Right now, the Republicans control the House and the Senate. That means that if Donald Trump wins in six weeks and the Republicans keep Congress, there will be no way to stop the recklessness we heard about tonight.

We MUST take back the Democratic majority in the Senate. Not can. Not should. MUST. The future of our country is at stake. Are you ready to fight?

Please donate right now to Russ Feingold, Katie McGinty, Maggie Hassan, Ted Strickland, Jason Kander, Deborah Ross, Tammy Duckworth and Catherine Cortez Masto’s Senate campaigns. If our candidates win, we’ll have a strong Democratic majority in the Senate to stop Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton was prepared for the debate and prepared for the presidency. She was tough, smart, calm and collected tonight – with clear, unambiguous promises to fight for progressive ideas and progressive values. That’s why I’m with her, and that’s why I’m fighting for her to win in November.

But a win for Hillary isn’t enough. We’ve seen how the Republicans have spent months blocking President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Hillary is going to need a Democratic majority in the Senate confirm her nominees and form a team that will fight for the agenda she explained tonight.

We must save the open Senate seat in Nevada – and pick up five seats – to take back the Democratic majority. Russ in Wisconsin, Katie in Pennsylvania, Maggie in New Hampshire, Ted in Ohio, Jason in Missouri, Deborah in North Carolina, Tammy in Illinois and Catherine in Nevada can all win, but they need your help right now to fight back.

Don’t give Donald Trump a Republican majority in the House and Senate. Please donate right now to our Senate candidates to build a Democratic firewall stronger than any stupid wall Donald Trump wants to build.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Click here to take back the Senate.

MO-Sen: Harry Reid (D. NV) Schools Roy Blunt (R) On What It Means To Be A Gentleman

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:41:14 +0000

We’re going to miss you, Harry: The Senate minority leader, a Democrat from Nevada, is insulted that Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, isn’t returning his phone calls. In a short but vicious letter to Blunt obtained by McClatchy, Reid lectures Blunt on what it means “to be a gentleman” and says he should be embarrassed not to call another senator back. “To say I have been disappointed in you is a gross understatement,” Reid wrote. “I am stunned at your lack of collegiality.” A spokesman for Blunt, Brian Hart, said Reid “forgot what collegiality means a while ago.” The snit between veteran lawmakers may seem trivial, but it reveals the personal vitriol and grudge-holding behind partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill — especially in the throes of an election year. Blunt is in a close race for re-election against Democratic challenger Jason Kander. Control of the Senate is at stake, and the Missouri contest is one of a handful of key races that Democrats need to win if they hope to wrest power from Republicans. Reid sent the letter last Tuesday to express his anger over what he sees as Blunt’s refusal to hold a nomination hearing for Kate Marshall, a former federal prosecutor and state treasurer from Nevada. President Barack Obama appointed her to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in May. Reid had asked Obama nearly a year ago to consider Marshall for a position on the panel, which is responsible for adopting guidelines for voting systems across the country. Reid accuses Blunt of blocking Marshall’s nomination out of vindictiveness toward Reid. As chairman of the Senate’s rules committee, Blunt controls the hearing schedule. By the way, three cheers for Secretary of State & U.S. Senate Candidate Jason Kander (D. MO) for this: Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, who is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, said Thursday that it’s “time for the state legislature to step up” and pass a law allowing medical marijuana. Kander came out in support of medical marijuana in a statement through the secretary of state’s office, not his Senate campaign. He was commenting on a judge’s ruling Wednesday that a proposal allowing medical marijuana in Missouri won’t go to voters because the number of petition signatures fell short. “While supporters of this important proposal can try to put it on the ballot again in two years, I believe it is time for the state legislature to step up,” Kander said in the statement. “The Missouri General Assembly should pass legislation to allow medical marijuana so Missouri families that could greatly benefit from it don’t have to watch their loved ones continue suffering. If the legislature is not willing to do that, they should at least put the measure on the ballot themselves in 2018 to give Missouri voters the opportunity to decide on this issue.” Reid and Kander have certainly been getting under Blunt’s skin that they’re making the Koch Brothers very nervous: Americans for Prosperity has been busy trying to keep U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt from being defeated in November. The group announced Monday that they had contacted more than 700,000 Missouri voters by knocking on doors and phone banking. They say Blunt’s opponent, Secretary of State Jason Kander, should not be elected because of his support for the Affordable Care Act, energy taxes, and a vote against tax cuts. “Americans for Prosperity is on a mission to stop Jason Kander from taking more money out of the pockets of hardworking Missourians,” said Jeremy Cady, state director for AFP-MO. “In the past month alone our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have contacted over half a million voters either by phone or at the door to highlight how Kander’s[...]

CA-Sen: Kamala Harris (D) Slams Donald Trump's "Stop-And-Frisk" Policy

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:56:41 +0000

I meant to forward this e-mail I received yesterday from Attorney General Kamala Harris’ (D. CA) U.S. Senate campaign, and Trump’s remarks on law and order is the perfect time to pass this along to all of you: Friend: The deaths of Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma and Keith Scott in North Carolina were devastating and familiar. Trust between law enforcement and too many communities of color is broken. There is no easy fix. It’s up to all of us to come together and tackle what is broken in our criminal justice system. Only then can we heal and address criminal justice reform. We have to focus on implicit bias in law enforcement with better training and expand the use of body-worn cameras. That’s just a place to start, but sadly not enough politicians are even talking about that. Which brings me to Donald Trump, who responded to these tragic and unnecessary shootings by suggesting our country needs a national “stop-and-frisk” policy. Trump is wrong. Studies show “stop-and-frisk” policies are both discriminatory and ineffective. It overburdens our law enforcement while violating equal justice under the law. We cannot allow “stop-and-frisk” to go nationwide. Add your name to our petition today in opposition to Donald Trump’s proposal to bring “stop-and-frisk” — an unconstitutional policy that will make it far more difficult for communities of color to trust our law enforcement — nationwide. There is no easy solution to officer-involved shootings or violence in our communities. Politicians like Trump are simply attempting to sell us a bill of goods. Here’s what we need to do instead: Increase transparency by collecting standard policing data for every community in America to ensure accountability. In fact, just this week, my office unveiled a new digital tool to collect police use of force data from over 800 police departments in California, which I’m hoping will be a model for the nation.   Build trust by providing law enforcement officers with the tools they need, such as trainings on implicit bias, crisis response, and procedural justice, as well as ensure our law enforcement agencies look like the communities they serve.   Get smart on crime by eliminating the harsh lifetime consequences for non-violent offenders that fuel mass incarceration and focusing on preventing crime and reducing recidivism — not just reacting to crime after the fact. Sign my petition if you agree we should reject Trump’s shallow “stop-and-frisk” proposal in favor of criminal justice reforms that data has shown will actually work. We have a responsibility to fight for fair and impartial police practices across America, and continue to reform our broader criminal justice system regardless of who the next president is. Real change isn’t going to come from short-minded politicians trying to score cheap points in an election. It will only happen when all of us come together to demand criminal justice reforms that are fair and increase truth, transparency, and trust in our broken system. This is what our campaign has been about since day one, and I’m eager to get to work. Now is the time for action. Thanks for everything you do. - Kamala Click here to add your name. [...]

PA-Sen: Both Harper & Mercyhurst Polls Show A Toss Up Between McGinty (D) & Toomey (R)

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:48:17 +0000

More news out of Pennsylvania:

The PA Senate is actually even closer than the top-ballot contest.

Harper has this race tied at 42-42. It’s worth pointing out that they included Libertarian Party nominee Edward Clifford in their survey and he got eight percent. Another eight percent were undecided.

Meanwhile, Mercyhurst has Toomey with a 43-42 advantage over McGinty. Fifteen percent said they didn’t know and an additional one percent refused.

Forty-two days out, these races couldn’t be much tighter.

Harper Polling surveyed 500 likely voters through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The poll took place between on September 21st and September 22nd. The margin of error is +/- 4.4%.

Mercyhurst University’s Center for Applied Politics surveyed 420 registered Pennsylvania voters through live interviews from September 12th to September 23rd. The margin of error is 4.8%.

And Toomey is still trying to walk his tight line with Trump:  

In in a speech Monday, Toomey worked to strike a delicate balance between appealing to his conservative base and not alienating moderates. Most importantly for that strategy, Toomey is still distancing himself from his own party’s presidential nominee.

The senator has been notoriously evasive about his position on Trump, saying repeatedly that he’d like to eventually endorse Donald Trump, but can’t fully support him.

“I think it’s very important to Pennsylvanians that their senator be an independent voice,” Toomey said.  “And sometimes that means disagreeing with your own party. I have consistently demonstrated that I am willing to do that when I think my party or my party’s leadership is wrong.”

Toomey did say he thinks some good could be accomplished under a Trump presidency. But he also called Trump “offensive.”

After you’re done watching the debate, lets give McGinty’s campaign a boost. Click here to donate and get involved with McGinty’s campaign.

PA-AG: John Rafferty's (R) Primary Opponent Bucks His Party & Endorses Josh Shapiro (D)

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:54:05 +0000


John Rafferty did not run unopposed in the GOP primary for Attorney General.

Prosecutor Joe Peters challenged Rafferty andgarnered 36% of the vote in the primary. Peters, however, never closed ranks and backed Rafferty.

In fact, Peters is now formally endorsing Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro.

“It was an honor running for Attorney General and earning 464,491 votes in the primary from fellow Republicans who wanted a fearless, independent Attorney General who wasn’t afraid of taking on entrenched interests in Harrisburg and across our Commonwealth. I care deeply about this office, and after the primary, I took time to study both candidates. I believe Josh Shapiro will surround himself with the best advice from police and prosecutors, and place the safety of all Pennsylvanians as his top priority,” Peters stated. “I’ve seen it all – from being a beat cop in Scranton to serving as Pennsylvania’s top drug prosecutor and convicting the mob in Philadelphia – and I know our next Attorney General must be innovative, possess broad legal knowledge and have executive experience, which is why I’m voting for Josh Shapiro.”

“Josh has made tough, bipartisan calls as Chairman of Montgomery County and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and he’s done it ethically and by putting pragmatic results ahead of party,” Peters continued. “Josh thinks for himself, and has taken common-sense steps to address tough issues from drug use to our broken immigration system. I have served Presidents and Pennsylvania Attorneys General from both parties, and believe the Attorney General’s office shouldn’t be a partisan place. This endorsement isn’t to make a negative comment on Josh’s opponent, rather it’s about Josh’s leadership, integrity and how I agree with the substantive agenda Josh has laid out, from fighting terrorism to supporting our police and taking on the heroin epidemic.”

Talk about bad timing for Rafferty, he just released ads highlighting his record and bashing Shapiro:

Lets give Shapiro’s campaign some more help. Click here to donate and get involved with his campaign.

"It's not going to be Uncle Fluffy tonight" My prediction for tonight's debate

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:41:39 +0000

The debate is less than an hour and a half away and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Why? Because I trust in Hillary Clinton to be not only the adult in the room but also far away the most qualified and intelligent person in the room. I believe that tonight, Hillary Clinton will end this election by solidifying in people’s minds that Trump is not only not temperamentally capable of being President but also isn’t smart enough to be either. 

Hillary Clinton will not be “Uncle Fluffy” and go soft on Trump, I fully expect her to bring her intellect and polish to this debate. This is the debate of her life, something she has been working toward her entire career. She will NOT blow this opportunity, I promise you. While the pundits after the debate will try and spin this as a tie or Trump win, it won’t be. The insta-polling after the debate will show Clinton clearly won and I believe that over the next week the polls will show that as well. 

I am a former Bernie Sanders supporter and I am with her, as she is the best candidate for the job and I now believe that she always was. This is her moment and if there is one thing we know about Hillary, is that she will rise to the moment and exceed all expectations. 

Oh, and those fretting the 538 numbers: She is back on top in all of the models and I believe she will stay that way. Let’s go win this thing!

Cartoon: The debate -- Bring on the bull.

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:07:18 +0000

The cartoon is somewhat optimistic. The bar is set so low for Trump that the media may call it a win for him if he doesn’t take a dump on the stage. Nothing more to say; we’ll see soon enough.

NH-Sen & Gov: American Research Group Shows Toss Ups In Both Races

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:17:08 +0000

The latest polls out of the Granite State courtesy of American Research Group, Inc. First, their U.S. Senate poll:


Next up, the Governor poll:


Lets win both these races. Click below to donate and get involved with Hassan and Van Ostren’s campaigns:

Maggie Hassan

Colin Van Ostren

Will Trump be serving Kool-Aid to his supporters?

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 20:20:53 +0000

A few days ago the Internet and the media outlets were humming with clips from "The Daily Show" which depicted Trump supporters proselytizing their latest conspiracy theories.  The ignorance was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.  One supporter was asked why President Obama wasn't in his office on 9/11.  His response was that he'd like to get to the bottom of that; clearly not knowing that a Republican named Bush was President in 2001.    It gets worse.  Another supporter was asked how she concluded that Trump was the better candidate.  She said that she didn't have "any articles" and hadn't read any but that she just "knew" that Trump was her man and she wasn't going to change her mind. Finally, when things couldn't drop any lower, they did, with another Trump supporter saying that Hillary had AIDS, which she got from Bill, who got it from Magic Johnson. All right.   So, who are these people?  I have been endeavoring to find out what the "low information people" listen to and so far I've come up with a few indications of why they are, in fact, no information people.  I recently read a blog on Daily Kos from a diarist who identified as a liberal living in West Texas and she stated that her step-mother only listens to Bill O'Reilly, while a neighboring chicken rancher friend listens only to Rush Limbaugh.  Okey, doke. The diarist went on to say that these two people in her inner circle never read the Washington Post, New York Times, what have you, preferring instead the Fox News website, (the standard bearer of how to write an incoherent blog.) Now this is actually a glass half full/half empty proposition, as I see it, because maybe they don't listen/read what I would opine is credible mainstream media but at least they're not slavering over the most recent share from American Renaissance or 1488 -- KKK and Nazi propaganda, respectively. Long story short, the "conservative" media simply don't disseminate the same information as the mainstream media.  The conservatives don't know that Hillary visited Flint, Michigan when the water was contaminated, for instance.  They only know about the email non-issue because it has been telegraphed to them over and over and over again like the beating of jungle drums.  The diarist I mentioned above said that the conservatives she knew did not go into the liberal press, whereas the liberals, myself among them, routinely trawl the conservative sites. Moreover, the diarist freely admitted that a lot of her neighbors operated out of fear -- fear of somebody breaking into the house, fear of something happening to the children. I have read about people of this fearful mindset stockpiling guns, ammo, food, and flying the Confederate flag, not just on Robert E. Lee's birthday.  Another diarist that I like said that Alex Jones would take any three things that he feared, figure out a way to connect them, and then blame it all on "them" and that's how he put together his conspiracy theories.  In the absence of any forthcoming information from Alex Jones himself, that description will suffice for the duration. Trump feeds upon this swamp fever, black helicopter mentality, and that's who listens to his idiotic sound bites and believes that he is a man with policies that will protect them -- I guess that's what they believe. I'm extrapolating. Other Republicans, Romney and Nixon leap to mind, lied as flagrantly as Trump, but they lacked his one idiot savant characteristic, which is to tap into the irrational fear that exists in the darkest recesses of the cultural psyche, extract it, and[...]

NC-Sen: Meredith College Poll Gives Deborah Ross (D) A 3 Point Lead Over Richard Burr (R)

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 17:53:56 +0000

More good news out of the Tar Heel State courtesy of Meredith College’s newest poll:

North Carolina continues to be a battleground state for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as Clinton holds a 38-35 percent advantage among likely voters.

As the race enters the last six weeks and the beginning of the critical presidential debate period, 21% of North Carolina voters report being undecided. These results suggest that more visits by the candidates and their surrogates and heavy advertising coverage throughout the state should continue until Election Day.

Likewise, US senate challenger Deborah Ross holds a similar 38-35 percent advantage over incumbent Republican Richard Burr. In the governor’s race, incumbent Pat McCrory has a two-point advantage over Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, 41-39 percent. Both of these races should continue to be some of the closest in the nation for their respective offices.

All races are in the poll’s margin of error (4.43 percent).

The survey was conducted using a livecaller, dual frame (landline and cell phone) survey of 487 registered voters of North Carolina between September 18-22, 2016.

Lets keep up the momentum and win this seat! Click here to donate and get involved with Ross’ campaign.

NV-Sen: Cortez Masto (D) Ties Heck (R) To Trump In New Spanish & English Ads

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 17:40:24 +0000

Loving it:

Two new ads from Democratic Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto link her opponent, GOP Rep. Joe Heck, to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The spots -- one in Spanish and one in English -- point out Heck's embrace of Trump, including his recent comments to CNN that he is comfortable with the nominee having the nuclear codes. They come despite Trump's enduring strength in Nevada; he is slightly ahead or within the margin of error in recent polls.

But this is a calculated gamble by Cortez Masto that Hillary Clinton will win the state. And even should Clinton fall short, the spots are intended to activate base voters, especially Hispanics, who could make the difference for Cortez Masto.

Here’s the English ad:

Lets keep these ads on the air and help get out the Latino vote to defeat Trump and Heck. Click here to donate and get involved with Cortez Masto’s campaign.

NH-Sen: Hassan (D) Releases 3 New Ads Slamming Ayotte's (R) Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:21:39 +0000

Latest news out of New Hampshire: x YouTube Video Women’s health issues are taking center stage this week in the increasingly bitter U.S. Senate campaign between Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte and her Democratic challenger, Gov. Maggie Hassan Hassan’s campaign on Monday morning released three new web ads attacking Ayotte for voting six times to defund Planned Parenthood. Hassan on Monday was joined by women supporters, including former state Senate President Sylvia Larsen and former New Hampshire House Speaker Terie Norelli, at a news conference to speak about women’s health and economic opportunity issues. “I strongly support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions and control her own destiny and I’m extremely proud that this year we were able to restore state funding for Planned Parenthood,” Hassan said. “Unfortunately, throughout her entire time in Washington, Sen. Ayotte has been on the side of blocking women’s access to health care. From Sen. Ayotte’s six votes to defund Planned Parenthood to her desire to overturn Roe v. Wade, and her support for allowing employers to deny contraceptive coverage to women, Sen. Ayotte has consistently voted against the interests of Granite State women and their families. In the Senate, I will always fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own health decisions and to safely and affordably access health care.” Here are Hassan’s two other ads: x YouTube Video x YouTube Video Hassan also had a special guest stump for her on the campaign trail over the weekend: US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts delivered her mix of progressive talk and anti-Donald J. Trump rhetoric Saturday in New Hampshire, where voters have a chance in November to help Hillary Clinton become the first woman president and send a full slate of female candidates to Congress. Warren, the first woman elected to the US Senate in Massachusetts, appeared at events across the state as she campaigned for Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, who is running for the US Senate as a Democrat. Keeping up her criticism of Trump, Warren told hundreds of volunteers that the Republican nominee for president is “making hate OK in this country.” “We’re here to say hate is not OK,” Warren said during a gathering at the local Democratic National Committee headquarters in Nashua. “We build a stronger America together. That’s what this is about.” Speaking with reporters, Warren also assailed US Senator Ted Cruz, who endorsed his former rival Friday despite having once called Trump a “pathological liar.” “How many things has Ted Cruz already said about Donald Trump? And now he said, ‘Oh I take that back,’ ” Warren said. “Is that really what your word is worth, Ted Cruz?” She urged volunteers to do everything they can to defeat Trump and US Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican who is running against Hassan. Lets win this tight race and take back the Senate. Click here to donate and get involved with Hassan’s campaign. [...]

PA & NC-Sen: Sen. Chris Coons (D. DE) Helps McGinty (D) & Ross (D) Take Back The Senate

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 19:46:21 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D. DE) in support of Katie McGinty (D. PA) & Deborah Ross’ (D. NC) U.S. Senate campaigns:

From confirming Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to funding Zika response to answering Americans’ overwhelming calls for climate change action, we’ve seen too many important responsibilities pushed aside under Republican leadership.

That is why I’m asking you to support Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania and Deborah Ross in North Carolina: two races Democrats need to win to take back the Senate and get back to work for American families.


Katie McGinty is a leader on environmental policy who’s served as a top advisor to President Bill Clinton and Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, and Deborah Ross spent her decade in the North Carolina State House ensuring that government worked for the people by fighting for ethics reforms and voting rights. These are two public servants who know what matters, and they need our help now.

The New York Times reports Katie and Deborah are running in two of the most competitive races in the entire country. They are facing millions in outside spending, but have fought to bring both races to single digits.

Katie and Deborah need urgent grassroots support to launch ads, support field teams and do everything it takes to win on Election Day and take back the Senate. More than anything, they need our financial support right now if they’re going to win.

Please rush a donation of $25 or more right now to help Katie and Deborah win so Democrats can take back the Senate.



Click here to donate to McGinty & Ross’ campaigns.

NC-Gov & Sen: High Point U. Poll Gives Cooper (D) A 9 Point Lead & A Toss Up In Senate Race

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:43:12 +0000

Some more encouraging news out of the Tar Heel State courtesy of High Point University’s latest poll: The High Point University Poll finds that North Carolina’s top three election races continue to intensify with Hillary Clinton receiving support from 43 percent of likely voters and Donald Trump receiving support from 42 percent of likely voters. The percentages were calculated to include respondents who said they didn’t know exactly who they’d vote for, but were leaning one way or the other. The other two top of the ballot races in North Carolina show Attorney General Roy Cooper with 50 percent support, compared to incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory’s 41 percent when taking into account leaning voters. Incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Burr has 45 percent support from likely voters, compared to 43 percent for challenger Deborah Ross when leaning voters are taken into account. Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson, Sean Haugh and Lon Cecil receive support from 10, 4 and 3 percent in their races for president, U.S. Senate and North Carolina Governor, respectively. The poll also finds that 48 percent of the likely voters in the survey approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance, while 48 percent disapprove. This can be compared to his job approval rating of 40 percent among likely voters during mid-October of 2014. McCrory received a 41 percent approval rating with 51 percent disapproval, and Burr received a 38 percent approval rating with 35 percent disapproval. “These are all important races because they may determine which party has the most control in Washington, D.C. and who will shape policy in Raleigh,” says Dr. Martin Kifer, associate professor of political science and director of the HPU Poll. “As the general election campaign moves forward, we will look for more clues about why voters are showing these preferences.” The poll also finds that barely more than one-fifth (21 percent) of the same respondents believe the country is headed in the right direction, versus more than two-thirds (70 percent) who see the country as being on the wrong track. When voters were asked if they’d vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate within their congressional district, 46 percent of likely voters said they’d support the Democratic candidate, whereas 43 percent said they’d support the Republican candidate. This may be compared to mid-October 2014, when the Republican candidate received 48 percent of likely and actual voter support whereas the Democratic candidate received 43 percent. “There is a good deal of voter uncertainty reflected in these current polling numbers,” says Brian McDonald, the associate director of the HPU Poll and adjunct professor. “We see a relatively large fraction of people who think the country is headed in the wrong direction, but President Obama’s approval rating is up. This situation gives us mixed messages about whether voters overall will be focusing on change or continuity when they cast their ballots.” Lets keep up the momentum and win both of these races. Click below to donate and get involved with Cooper and Ross’ campaigns: Roy Cooper Deborah Ross [...]

CO & PA-Sen: CNN Poll Gives Bennet (D) A Ten Point Lead & McGinty (D) A Three Point Lead

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:27:25 +0000

More encouraging news today out of two battleground states courtesy of CNN:

Democrats Katie McGinty of Pennsylvania and incumbent Michael Bennet of Colorado lead in new polls in Senate races in their respective states. 

McGinty has a 3 point lead over incumbent Pat Toomey, 49 percent to 46 percent among likely voters in a CNN/ORC Poll. Bennet maintains a much larger advantage in the Colorado race, with a 53 percent to 43 percent lead over Republican challenger Darryl Glenn. 

The CNN/ORC Polls in Colorado and Pennsylvania were conducted by telephone Sept. 20-25. The Colorado poll included interviews with 1,010 adult residents of the state, including 784 who are likely to vote in November. In Pennsylvania, interviews were conducted with 1,032 adult residents of the state, including 771 likely voters. The margin of error in each state is 3.5 percentage points.

Lets keep up the momentum in both of these races. Click below to donate and get involved with Bennet and McGinty’s campaigns:

Michael Bennet

Katie McGinty

Progressive House Va Seeking Replacement for Disgraced Virginia House Delegate Rick Morris.

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 14:25:07 +0000

Progressive House VA is currently looking for a solid progressive candidate In Virginia’s  64th State House district to replace this "family values" Republican Del. Richard L. “Rick” Morris who is now facing multiple felony charges for cruelty and injuries to children and child endangerment, as well as multiple misdemeanor counts of domestic assault involving a minor and domestic assault involving an adult female family member. 

The 64th is made up of Counties of Isle of Wight (part), Prince George (part), Southampton (part), Surry (part), and Sussex (part); Cities of Franklin (part) and Suffolk (part)

See the charges filed against Delegate Morris.

Virginia House leaders ask Morris to resign.

If you live in the 64th and are interested in running, or you know someone who is please contact Progressive House VA.



PA-Sen: Muhlenberg's Latest Weekly Poll Shows A Toss Up Between McGinty (D) & Toomey (R)

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 06:14:30 +0000

Latest news out of Pennsylvania: On the eve of the first presidential debate, a new Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll shows a narrow gap between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump amid rising support for Trump within his own party. Clinton still leads Trump in a head-to-head matchup, but only by a 3-point margin, 44 percent to 41 percent. Those results showed Clinton's support dropping and Trump's gaining compared with a Morning Call/Muhlenberg poll a week earlier, which showed Clinton at 47 percent and Trump at 38 percent. In a four-way matchup, Clinton leads by 2 points, at 40 percent to Trump's 38 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson dropped to 8 percent — down from 14 percent a week ago — and Green Party nominee Jill Stein went from 5 to 3 percent. Pennsylvania's competitive U.S. Senate race also shifted in the GOP's favor, with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey on top by 1 point, 41 percent to 40 percent for Democratic challenger Katie McGinty. Both races are within the survey's margin of error, plus or minus 5 percentage points. The latest survey, of 486 likely general election voters, was conducted Sept. 19-23, amid reports of bombs exploding in New York and New Jersey, as well as civil unrest in North Carolina after a black man was shot and killed by a police officer. Trump discussed those events during his appearances last week. Chris Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, which conducted the state poll, said the week's events likely contributed to the shifts in support among Republicans and among those in an age bracket that includes parents, who may be swayed by debate over public safety. Weekly polls are tough to really take in because voters minds can change quickly in a week. But this race is absolutely ours to win and the ad wars are heating up. McGinty and Democrats are hitting Toomey’s support for shipping jobs overseas and his constant bidding for Wall Street to gut and dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: x YouTube Video x YouTube Video Lets help keep these ads running and exposing his record. Click here to donate and get involved with McGinty’s campaign. [...]

Why Donald Trump Supporters Believe he will Make a Great President

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:21:18 +0000

Most reasonable Americans whether they are Republicans or Democrats know that Donald Trump lacks the prerequisites to be a good president. This is why the rank-and-file members of the Republican Party are not supportive of his candidacy. Two presidential election cycles ago, Donald Trump would not have made it through the early primary rounds. With his lack of political experience, bad case of narcissism, and penchant for name-calling and insulting people, Trump would not have lasted a month in the primaries. In fact, he should not have been a Republican presidential candidate after promoting the malicious birther conspiracy against Pres. Obama to delegitimize him. Considering the negative problems associated with Donald Trump, it is mind boggling to understand how he was able to trump (no pun intended) the large Republican field of presidential candidates that opposed him. Yes, they were all losers but Trump was a bigger loser. Several reasons could be advanced as to why a political neophyte like Donald Trump was able to do this – they include: the media has not vetted him properly, he is a TV reality star, he is a wealthy businessman, he is anti-political correctness, he is not a politician, and he is not beholden to anyone. None of these reasons however is the real answer to Trump now knocking at the White House door. Let's hope for Americans say that he keeps knocking but can't come in. The real reason why Donald Trump was able to secure the Republican presidential nomination and is now contending with Hillary Clinton to be elected president has to do with the media. The media in this case is cable television. Cable television with its talk shows has changed the political landscape of America. Prior to the advent of cable TV, Americans got their news from qualified journalist (news anchors) on ABC, CBS, and NBC. The news then was the real news that anchors like Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw reported the news without their opinions or the opinions of guests. Americans had no choice but to listen to these news anchors. If a presidential candidate had flaws, all Americans would know it and they would know it's not propaganda. The cable TV talk shows with their regular guest commentators that we see on MSNBC, CNN, and the Fox News have changed the perception of politics with their political bias. They can make a bad politician look good or vice a versa. What is even worse is that cable TVs are partisan – MSNBC is for Democrats and Fox News is for the Republicans. With CNN, it is not so obvious which party they support. It is not just that the TV talk shows are aligned to the major political parties, but Fox News tends to be more biased than MSNBC and CNN. Fox News exploits any perceived problems the Democrats have while ignoring the problems of the Republicans. They also misinform their audience by distorting political news and promoting propaganda against Democratic politicians are candidates. Most Republicans exclusively watch Fox News and so they rarely hear about the flaws of Trump or that he does not have the temperament and right stuff to be president. If they do hear about his flaws, they write it off as lies or propaganda. Conservative talk shows on Fox News talk shows are the main reason why Donald Trump has remained a viable presidential candidate. Cable TV talk[...]

Cartoon: Vision test

Sun, 25 Sep 2016 23:00:39 +0000

The consensus of the pundits seems to be that people are tired of negativity and know the minuses of both candidates pretty well. Who can lay out an optimistic vision for America and has plans to make that vision come true? I raise my glass to Hillary.

Democrats Can Regain Control of New York State Senate

Sun, 25 Sep 2016 13:00:15 +0000

November 8th, 2016 is a critical day for New York; Ethics, campaign finance, environment, education, healthcare and immigration will all depend on who controls the state Senate in January.

Much of the focus is on the presidential race, and rightly so, but the battle for the State Senate majority will have a profound impact on New York’s direction.

New York Democrats have a real chance to regain Senate majority they lost in 2010 after a two-year rule was marred by scandal and a legislative coup. November 8th will see higher turnout for the presidential race in a state with twice as many enrolled Democrats than Republicans. Ex New York Senator, Hillary Clinton will be at the top of the ticket — which will benefit Democrats.

Perhaps a half dozen seats will determine the Senate’s power structure — closely contested and expensive races in the mid-Hudson Valley, on Long Island and in western New York.“There have been north of a half dozen, hotly contested state Senate races in each of the last four cycles, for sure, and I think this year we will see the same,” said Steven Greenberg, a spokesman for the Siena Polling Institute, which will be surveying the key races this fall.

FL-Sen: Patrick Murphy (D) Pushes The Call To Expand Social Security

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 22:33:39 +0000

Received this e-mail today from Rep. Patrick Murphy’s (D. FL) U.S. Senate campaign:

60,000,000 people rely on Social Security every year – including 3,145,869 Floridians. This includes retirees, veterans, people with disabilities, children and surviving spouses.
Protecting these vital benefits for millions of individuals and families is an ongoing fight -- and I can’t do it without your help.

As a Congressman, I have introduced legislation in the House to expand Social Security. And in the U.S. Senate, I will always stand with our seniors to protect Social Security for current and future generations.

Unfortunately, my opponent Marco Rubio wants to cut benefits, privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age.

Stand with me today and tell the U.S. Senate to strengthen Social Security by expanding its modest benefits, not dismantle it through cuts and privatization.

For 81 years, this country has made a commitment to seniors. If you work hard all your life, if you pay into the system, Social Security will be there for you when you retire. But Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) hasn’t kept up with seniors’ rising out-of-pocket expenses.

That is why I introduced a companion bill to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Seniors and Veterans Emergency Benefits (SAVE Benefits) Act, which helps seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities through a one-time emergency increase in benefits. This increase would alleviate the financial strain felt by millions of Americans after Social Security did not provide a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2016.

I am committed to protecting and expanding Social Security. I hope you’ll add your name and join me in that commitment.

Thank you, Patrick Murphy

Click here to add your name.

IL, NV, NC, PA, AZ & NH-Sen: Sen. Tom Udall (D. NM) Wants These Strong Women In The U.S. Senate

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 22:47:16 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D. NM):

On the path to taking back the Senate majority for Democrats, we can also accomplish something else important. Electing more great women to the Senate.

Women make up half of this country’s population, yet they only make up 20% of the Senate. If we want Congress to better reflect this country, we need to give women a stronger voice in the Senate.

We need them to advocate for policies that increase economic opportunity and security for women and working families. And who better to weigh in on issues like equal pay, paid family leave, and women’s access to health care than women?

That’s why today I want to shine the spotlight on some of the women who I think would make stellar Senators.

There are some excellent Democratic women candidates running for Senate. I’ll tell you why these races are so important. But if you already know you want to pitch in, click here to make a $5 or $10 contribution»

Tammy Duckworth is a veteran of the Iraq War who could flip Illinois blue. The outcomes in races like Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s, Deborah Ross's, or Katie McGinty’s may very well determine control of the Senate.

These Senate races are among the tightest in the county -- some of them are virtually tied! Arizona's Ann Kirkpatrick is in a dead heat. Many like Governor Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire are also up against the Koch brothers and their special interest allies spending millions to run ads and smear their records.

Help these incredibly accomplished women gain an edge by giving $5 or $10 to their grassroots networks -- your support can help us reclaim the Senate majority while electing strong female democrats.

I hope you are able to support these incredible women. They would be important additions to the Senate who will continue fighting for Democratic values.

Thank you,

Click here to donate to these Democrats’ campaigns.

IL-Sen: Sen. Cory Booker (D. NJ) Helps Duckworth (D) Fight Back Against Kirk's (R) Smear Campaign

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 20:17:31 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D. NJ) in support of Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s (D. IL) U.S. Senate campaign:



This Election Day, I hope that we’ll see progressives take back the Senate majority, so we can get better results for hardworking Americans.
And if we pull off that victory, there’s one champion I want working with me in the Senate—and that is Tammy Duckworth.

She’s in a tough race in Illinois and is a vital part of our nationwide effort to turn the Senate so we can replace obstruction with progress. The Washington Post called Illinois the “#1 most competitive Senate race in 2016.” The stakes are high for taking back the Senate, and this is one race we can’t lose.

We’ve set a grassroots goal of raising $10,000 by midnight to help give her campaign a boost of support and win on Election Day. Will you chip in $15 or more to help our progressive ally win?

Tammy is a combat Veteran who lost her legs and partial use of her right arm when the Black Hawk helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq. Since recovering, she has made it her life’s mission to serve her fellow Veterans and working families.
This will not be an easy race—but if we step up today and reach our goal, together we can help Tammy pull out a victory on Election Day.

Tammy is counting on us. Pitch in today to help a true progressive champion.


Click here to donate to Duckworth’s campaign.

NH & MO-Sen: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) Helps Hassan (D) & Kander (D) Win The Senate

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 19:54:38 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) in support of Governor Maggie Hassan (D. NH) & Secretary of State Jason Kander’s (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign: Maggie Hassan (D. NH) We have a good chance of taking back control of the US Senate, but to do so we need to pick up states where the polls show close races. Today I want to share with you two opportunities we have to turn states blue. First, Maggie Hassan is running for the Senate in New Hampshire, and most pundits are calling the race a toss-up. Maggie is the popular governor of New Hampshire, but right now, the polls have her down by a couple points. I’m writing to ask for your help -- let’s give Maggie a grassroots boost and help power her to victory this November. Make a contribution right now. Maggie has always fought for a fair and level playing field. She has helped to bring good-paying jobs back to New Hampshire, and as governor, she signed a bill to shine some light on campaign finance -- a bill the Koch brothers openly campaigned against. Maggie’s opponent, on the other hand, has been a reliable Koch brothers vote -- they count on Maggie’s opponent to vote the way they wanted. Jason Kander (D. MO) Next, Jason Kander is running for Senate in Missouri. Five polls show that this race is statistically tied and it is being called a toss-up that could determine the Senate control by Talking Points Memo. If you don't know Jason, you should. He's exactly who we need in the Senate. He served in Afghanistan, and then went to serve Missouri as a Secretary of State where he cut through red tape to help small businesses. Just like New Hampshire, the special interests have their eyes on Missouri too. In fact, Koch industries employees have given more money to Jason's opponent than any other Senator. The Senate needs more people who will stand up to the Koch brothers, not take orders from them. Give $5, $10, or whatever you can afford, and help send Maggie Hassan and Jason Kander to the Senate. Thanks, Tammy Click here to donate to Hassan and Kander’s campaigns. [...]

Wonderful Stinging NY Times article: "A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump"

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 19:27:07 +0000

This is the article I think many Democrats have been waiting for. Finally.…

MAGGIE HABERMAN and ALEXANDER BURNS drew up a list of 31 lies Trump repeats and decisively refute every one of them. No equivocations. No qualifiers.

All politicians bend the truth to fit their purposes, including Hillary Clinton. But Donald J. Trump has unleashed a blizzard of falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies in the general election, peppering his speeches, interviews and Twitter posts with untruths so frequent that they can seem flighty or random — even compulsive.

However, a closer examination, over the course of a week, revealed an unmistakable pattern: Virtually all of Mr. Trump’s falsehoods directly bolstered a powerful and self-aggrandizing narrative depicting him as a heroic savior for a nation menaced from every direction. Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist, described the practice as creating “an unreality bubble that he surrounds himself with.”

Note — my emphasis.

Now that’s what I call a great opening.

“I was against going into the war in Iraq.” SPEECH IN FLORIDA, SEPT. 19.
This is not getting any truer with repetition. He never publicly expressed opposition to the war before it began, and he made supportive remarks to Howard Stern.

That’s just number two on the list. 

In my opinion this is the kind of work that needs to be praised and shared. Shared on twitter, through email — every way possible. We’ve been waiting for this kind or reporting in the corporate press for a long time. When it arrives I hope it is rewarded by those of us that have been waiting.

OK — one last example from the article:

The presidential debate moderators “are all Democrats.” “It’s a very unfair system.” FOX NEWS INTERVIEW, SEPT. 19.
Only one, Chris Wallace of Fox News, is a registered Democrat.

Please share the NY Times article.

CA-Sen: National Review Endorses Blue Dog Loretta Sanchez (D) In Race Against Kamala Harris (D)

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 18:15:12 +0000

The conservative National Review is so worried about the GOP losing the U.S. Senate that they’ve made the desperate move of endorsing Blue Dog Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D. CA) in her race against progressive Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA): California chooses Senate candidates with a “jungle primary:” Every primary candidates, no matter his party, appears on one ballot, and the top two finishers advance to the general-election ballot in November. Predictably, the top two finishers were Democrats, so no matter what happens on Election Day, the Senate seat of Barbara Boxer, who is retiring, is going to remain in Democratic hands. Consequently, the race has gotten very little attention, and next to none nationally. It should be getting attention, though — a lot of attention. Because it’s not just a race between two Democrats; it’s a race between a relatively moderate Democrat and a contemptible, corrupt, repulsive Democrat. The relatively moderate Democrat is Loretta Sanchez, the representative from California’s 46th congressional district, in Orange county. She has called her self a “Blue Dog Democrat”; she is somewhat fiscally conservative, more reasonable about gun rights than the average Democrat, has taken a harder line on terrorism than the average Democrat, and — representing one of the largest Vietnamese expat communities in the country — has vocally opposed closer relations with Vietnam’s Communist government. The contemptible, corrupt, repulsive Democrat she’s running against is Kamala Harris, California’s attorney general. After covertly shot video of Planned Parenthood employees appeared to implicate Planned Parenthood in federal crimes relating to the collection and sale of fetal tissue for research, Harris launched an investigation not into Planned Parenthood, or any of those employees, but into the journalist-activist who made the videos, David Daleiden. The basis for investigating Daleiden was his appearing to have used a fake California driver’s license to hide his identity from Planned Parenthood, and the suspicion that he violated Planned Parenthood’s privacy. Those trivial allegations were enough for Harris to have eleven police officers raid Daleiden’s house, confiscate his computers and hard drives, some private documents, and all the yet-unreleased Planned Parenthood footage Daleiden had shot over two years. When Daleiden called his lawyer, Harris’s raiders tried to confiscate his phone too.   Sanchez is also endorsed by conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt. Conservatives hate Harris so much that they are desperate to back a conservative Democrat in California. Recent polls show Harris still with a solid lead over Sanchez but still plenty of undecideds: With just over six weeks until Election Day, time is running out for Sanchez, a Democrat from Orange County, who has struggled to raise money and close the gap in public polling since entering the race 16 months ago.  Harris, who is from the San Francisco Bay area and also a Democrat, has been the frontrunner since announcing her bid to succeed Boxer (D-Ca[...]

NV & PA-Sen: League Of Conservation Voters Doubles Down On Winning An Environmental Majority

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:31:41 +0000

Received this e-mail today from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund: Katie McGinty (D. PA) Our chances of retaking an environmental majority in the Senate are in serious jeopardy. In Nevada, Republican Congressman Joe Heck has a slim lead over his Democratic opponent, former state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty is barely holding on against climate science denier Pat Toomey. And in other key battleground Senate races — like North Carolina and Wisconsin — corporate polluters are running massive smear campaigns that are damaging our chances. Every single one of these races is winnable — but here’s the bottom line: undecided voters are deciding now. With early voting in North Carolina and elsewhere already started, every day we wait is a missed opportunity. The LCV Victory Fund urgently needs to raise $150,000 for canvassing and get-out-the-vote efforts by the FEC deadline of September 30th. We need to be in a strong position for the final October push. I promise you, if you give today, your gift will have an impact on these races. Don’t miss a moment — donate $5 or more to LCV Victory Fund today and your donation will be TRIPLE MATCHED » This past week, the Washington Post declared: “Senate GOPers odds of holding majority suddenly look better than they have all year.” LCV Victory Fund is focusing on the tight races where we have the best chance of making a real impact. In the last weeks of the election, here are two of the most important Senate races where we’re concentrating our efforts:   Nevada: Recent polls shows Republican Joe Heck barely ahead of Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. To help her win on Election Day, we’re supporting one of the largest door-to-door canvass operations in our history — targeting 152,000 voters in Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. We’ve also launched a major media campaign exposing Heck’s record of voting to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and opposing environmental safeguards like clean air and clean water. It’s working — Cortez Masto is picking up momentum and with your help, we can help her take the lead. Pennsylvania: Climate champion Katie McGinty is in a tough campaign against Senator Pat Toomey — and we’re expecting this race to stay tight through Election Day. We’re supporting a massive field program that will contact key voters in critically important Pittsburgh and Alleghany Counties. These are two counties that we must win on Election Day, which is why we’re supplementing these grassroots tactics with an aggressive media push. Many pro-environment candidates are getting pummeled by negative attack ads from groups funded by Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. But despite the millions of dollars pouring into these battleground states, corporate special interest groups haven’t been able to significantly move the needle. The public is still with us and that’s why we need your support today. Believe me, I’ve seen it before, just a few votes could decide these races. Will you chip in to LCV Victory [...]

The Reality-based Election Projection. State-by-State Winners. 381 Electoral Votes for Clinton.

Sun, 25 Sep 2016 00:47:23 +0000

This is the September edition of the reality-based 2016 election projection. The latest individual campaign contribution numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) have been carefully weighted, unweighted, and modeled to simulate an actual election. Beginning with a count of contributions, tied to their donors’ zip code, 435 customized models, (one for each congressional district) projected their vote totals for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson (see below for Methodology.) The district level results were composited to project an electoral vote winner for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The projected winners at the district level are displayed in the map above. The state-by-state electoral vote projections are summarized in the table below. The projection shows a number of states jumping over the red state/blue state partisan divide in both directions. Evidence of a partisan shift among voters has already appeared in the media. When the Dallas Morning News’ endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, it was the first time in 75 years that its editorial board chose a Democrat over the Republican candidate. It’s been a while since the Republicans in Texas gave a thought to losing a Presidential election. It’s an “unusual election cycle” as the Texas Tribune noted recently. How could Texas suddenly become a swing state with Hillary Clinton closing in on Donald Trump as the projection outlined here suggests? Inside the election projection model there are some clues. The state added 1.4 million people to its population since the 2012 election. The RWNJers who stopped the construction of an invasion route  an interstate freeway between the Rio Grande Valley and the rest of Texas couldn’t stop the hordes arriving from California and other blue states. The economy boomed with the introduction of widespread fracking and it quickly busted when the price per barrel collapsed. Drilling jobs disappeared first and the slowdown spread to other activities associated with oil and gas production in and around Houston. After adding 75,000 jobs in 2014, and 25,000 in 2015, employment is barely staying even this year. When the current fiscal cycle ends with a revenue shortfall caused by the drop in crude oil production and resulting in a budget deficit it will be about time to hand off the entire mess to the Democrats.   Building a wall at the border won’t solve the problems of people in Texas and in Utah, Donald Trump’s character, behavior, and persona make him unacceptable to the Mormon population. The state lands in Hillary’s column. People in Arkansas probably know a little more than most about Hillary Clinton. Campaign contributions from donors in the state indicate enough support to project a win for her there. Clinton’s support among African-Americans in the South was the essential element that carried her to victory in the primaries. Taking that into consideration, it seems logical to find Alabama and South Carolina in her column,  The model projec[...]

Cruz Finds Religion

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 05:37:29 +0000

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump for President...45 days before the election, there is a great disturbance in the Force. Pound...pound...pound. There goes another nail in Hillary's election coffin. It's another sign of Hillary's possible Mitt Romney moment. Of course it's just a theory, and we won't know if it's real until after the election.  Let's take a walk back to May 3, 2016, Cruz drops out of the race–refuses to endorse Trump. Matter of fact, Teddy, doing his best imitation of St. Peter, kept denying Trump his endorsement. This went on all summer, past the GOP convention, where he again denied Trump his endorsement, right up until now–45 days before the election. Why would Cruz suddenly get cold feet and now decide to kiss the ring of the master now?  Maybe he suddenly woke up to the fact that should Trump win the election, Trump scores a twofer. Not only does Trump close the book on the Clintons, but he also gets to kneecap Cruz in the process and close the book on his presidential aspirations too.  Evangelicals love Peter, but they aren't really big on Judas. The real point is that Cruz lost faith in Hillary's chances so his calculated risk isn't so calculated. He knows he's got to seek forgiveness from the Master while there is still time because once the last ballot is counted and the results are not for Her, he's a dead duck. Cruz may be just the first of the establishment who suddenly, quietly start hedging their bets.  There is a lot at stake here, this is going to be an election for the ages. If Hillary wins then the Clintons will go down in history as the greatest power couple in American history. If Trump wins, we have a new power broker, Donald Trump will hold all the cards and we can look forward to some messy conservative politics for a few years as Trump carves out his world and does what any good leader does, silence his competition. Cruz realizes he is still at risk of a political long knife, but should he not have acted, he was guaranteed one which might take away all his trappings of power. One thing for certain, Cruz now realizes he is owned. The only question remaining is how sore are Cruz's knees and how much has he had to swallow? What dirty deed is St. Teddy on the hook for? I doubt that Cruz will be the rock where Trump builds his empire, but he still might be useful.  Hillary and the DNC are maybe starting to realize that this election isn't the slam dunk they’ve been preaching. There were plenty of warnings that this election wasn't going to be a good year for the establishment. Heck, the Koch's even pulled their money out instead of wasting it on a political Gallipoli. We also need to remember that the GOP didn't want Trump either. Why did the DNC decide they could do something that the GOP establishment couldn't do...reel in Trump? The arrogance of the party leadership is breathtaking. They should have figured something was a foot when they had to put their thumb on the scale to ensure that Bernie lost. Bernie would have been a better candidate for t[...]

AZ-Sen: Kirkpatrick's (D) Ad Slams McCain's (R) Record On Wall Street Bailouts & Women's Health

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 02:17:49 +0000

More news out of Arizona: x YouTube Video Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) will release a new ad Saturday in her bid to unseat five-term Sen. John McCain (R). The ad, titled "Uniquely Arizona," focuses on McCain's record in Washington, drawing comparisons to Kirkpatrick's policy positions on term limits, Wall Street bailouts and women's health. "It's a story of two candidates," the ad begins. "John McCain has been in Washington for 33 years, Ann Kirkpatrick has taken a term-limit pledge." McCain was first elected to Congress in 1983 and to the Senate in 1987, Kirkpatrick has been in Congress since 2009. The 2016 race could be the closest of McCain's Senate career, as he faces an unusually strong challenger in Kirkpatrick and changing demographics in Arizona. A spokesman for the Kirkpatrick campaign said the ad would run statewide, as part of a "six-figure buy." These aren’t the only issues in this race. This one’s a big one: Last week, Kirkpatrick came out in support of Prop 206, the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act that voters will decide in the November election. The proposition would increase the Arizona minimum wage from the current $8.05 an hour to $10 in 2017 and $12 by 2020, with future increases based on cost-of-living adjustments. It would also mandate that employers provide with at least three days of sick leave. Kirkpatrick said that she encouraged “every voter to stand with Arizona families” in a prepared statement. “No one who works 40 hours a week should have to live in poverty and decide between buying groceries, medicine or paying the bills,” said Kirkpatrick. “Raising the minimum wage offers hardworking families the opportunity to put food on the table, care for their children, and creates a better future for our state.” But in an interview with the Weekly, McCain said the proposition would be bad for Arizona families. “Twice I’ve talked to groups of franchisees here in Arizona, Taco Bell and McDonalds, those places that give you the first rung on the ladder,” McCain said. “They said, ‘Fine. The next time you drive up to a window, you won’t be talking to a person. The next time you they hand you a hamburger and French fries, it will come out a slot. … They have a certain profit margin. They cannot raise their cost of their product or people will stop purchasing it. So what are they going to do? They’re going to automate. So somebody is going to have to convince me that it’s good for employment in America, and I don’t think it is.” Also, set your calendar for this: Arizona's major-party U.S. Senate candidates have agreed to their first, and likely only, debate of the 2016 election, in an event sponsored by The Arizona Republic and Arizona PBS. The debate between Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Sen. John McCain will be held on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. in the studios of Arizona PBS. The candidates will discuss foreign, domestic and regional issues. The moderators will be Arizona PBS' Ted Simons and[...]

Even if we win...

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 03:04:25 +0000

There is something to worry about, even if Hillary wins the election this November. 

Democrats haven’t been weaker in congress since 1949.

Vox, which I quite enjoy reading/watching for some fresh-eyed and grounded perspective, published a video today about the state of the Democratic party in the US. While Hillary has a good chance at winning the presidency, the majority of state/city/local level positions are now occupied by GOP officials. And they use those positions to pass laws that make it harder to elect Democrats. I can’t overstate the importance of voting in local elections… yet people just don’t do it.

This is also why it frustrates me when people think voting for third parties will solve any of our problems. With virtually no one (with a chance of becoming elected) down-ballot, how will they go about getting anything passed? 

A Convert for Hillary

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 02:52:16 +0000

Rejoice with me tonight, for I have converted my 87 year old Reagan Democrat mother into a vote for Hillary.

Four years ago I moved back to the town I grew up in to be closer to my mom who was having health issues.  We typically go out for fish dinner on Friday and in the four years I have been back conversations about politics or world events are subjects that have long been taken off the table.  She told me pointedly that there was no use in discussing any of it because one, talking about it doesn’t solve any problem and two, she wasn’t going to change her mind.

Tonight was different.  I don’t know if she has softened lately because of the care I provided to her this summer after she suffered a compression fracture. Perhaps, she finally realized that her little girl is now a sixty-one year old woman who has devoted a great deal of time and effort to become informed about the world-that she might learn something from me. Whatever the reason, tonight she listened.

We talked about black men who are sentenced to the death penalty for having a car broken down on a roadway. And young boys gunned down on a playground for playing how boys do. We talked about how the men who used to protect and serve now seem to look for a reason to arrest you, ticket you, harass you.  We talked about how deeply I felt about SB1070 (Arizona’s Papers Please law) in that 8 of my grandchildren are part Hispanic. We talked about refugees, whose only hope is to escape violence and provide safety for their children-the lucky ones. We talked about Trump’s ugly rhetoric about those children-how they would turn into terrorists.  I said that this was akin to the old phrase, nits breed lice. He would never say that openly but you know damn well it’s what he’s thinking.  He must degrade, insult, humiliate, dehumanize and disparage everyone who does not worship him. We talked about how cynical the Republican party has been since the 1980 election in it’s effort to co-opt the Catholic vote, which then led to a discussion about abortion. We talked about the immigrant experience and being of Irish heritage she knows, she knows, that story. Finally we talked about the options and I pleaded with her not to throw her vote away on a third party candidate.  This election is too important. The future of the country her grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit is  too precious to waste. I explained that too much had been made of Hillary’s e-mails and in spite of what she’s heard on FOX, Hillary is whip smart, tough as nails, full of compassion, and prepared for the job more than any before her.

As I was putting on my jacket to leave I asked to her to please, please vote for Hillary and to my astonishment and great joy she said, “don’t worry, I’ll be voting for Hillary…..I will be voting Republican on the rest of the ticket, you know.”  I know, Mom.  Tonight that’s okay. I’ll keep working on it.

MT-Var: Sen. Jon Tester (D) Helps Down Ballot MT Dems Win Some Key Local Races

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 23:35:18 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D. MT): The election is only 45 days from today. These are the most critical days of any campaign. And even though I’m not on the ballot this year, there are plenty of Montana Democrats that need our support. So today, I’m asking you to be more than just Team Tester. I’m asking you to be on Team Montana and make a contribution to support one (or all!) of these fantastic candidates. Melissa Romano: Melissa is running for Montana Superintendent of Public Schools. She’s an award-winning teacher who really believes in Montana kids, the power of public education, and growing our economy through a well-educated workforce. Will you give $5 to Melissa’s campaign? Monica Lindeen: Monica is running for Secretary of State. She’s created thousands of jobs in Montana as a small business owner and legislator. As state auditor, she returned more than $385 million to hard-working Montana families and businesses. She wants to be Secretary of State because she believes every Montanan’s voice should be heard come Election Day. Help Monica out -- give $5 or more. Jesse Laslovich: Jesse is running for State Auditor. He has an incredible record of standing up for Montana families by fighting for transparency in health care, combating fraud, and protecting consumers. He prosecuted the largest Ponzi scheme in our state’s history and got over $100 million in restitution for fraud victims. As State Auditor, he’ll focus on increasing transparency, and holding corporations accountable to the consumers they serve.   Make a contribution to Jesse’s campaign. Larry Jent: Larry is running for Attorney General. He’s a veteran, experienced legislator and trial attorney who will represent all Montanans. He believes Montana’s Attorney General should be standing up for our Constitutional rights and protecting our public access to public lands. Larry needs our support. Will you help? Thanks for helping me support Montana Democrats! Jon Click the links above to help Team Montana win. [...]

WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D) Pushes The Call To Include A Public Option To The ACA

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 21:44:58 +0000

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D. WA):

Together, we've made a lot of progress in the past eight years when it comes to making health care more affordable, more accessible, and higher quality. But the work is not over yet.

That's why last week, I joined a few progressive champions in a push to build on the Affordable Care Act with a public option to reduce premiums and help millions more people access affordable health insurance.

In 2010, I advocated for a public option in our health insurance marketplaces, because I believed that families in Washington state and across the country should have more affordable choices and insurance companies should have more competition -- and that's why I'm still fighting for one today.

If you're ready to fight for continued progress on health care reform, then join me today and sign the petition calling for a public option!

The Affordable Care Act has done so much to help patients, families, students, and seniors. We can't go back to the bad old days when insurance companies were in charge -- we need to move forward.

We know Republicans are focused on repealing health care reform, not building on it. So we're in for a tough fight, which is why I need to know you're with me and my colleagues.

Add your name next to mine, and let's fight for the public option today.

Thanks so much,

Patty Murray U.S. Senator

Click here to add your name.

A Proposal To The DNC For A New 21st Century Democratic Party Vision

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 21:07:11 +0000

Democrats, we have a problem. Our Millenial voters are too independent minded, too smart regarding some issues, too inexperienced regarding others, possibly a bit too purist (as young people often are), and too cynical towards the Democratic establishment. There are good healthy reasons for those realities. This isn't going to change, and it's damaging to our prospects at such a devastating degree that an unelectable neofascist clown like Donald Trump could win an American election. We need a new vision and a radically new way of thinking about how we elect Democrats in our primaries. Millennials want more political parties, in the style of European politics. As someone familiar with Europe and European politics, I can safely say that if we did have a multi-party system, it would fracture our big tent and hand Republicans unprecedented victories. Unfortunately, Republican voters would unify behind Republican candidates where our voters would vote our conscience. If you doubt that, look at how Republicans are unifying behind even someone like Trump. We need to evolve. As a lifelong Democrat, I propose that the DNC immediately begin creating micro parties within our own Democratic Party. There should at minimum be three groups within our party, each flying their own banner during our primary: the Democratic-Greens (most liberal), the Democratic-Independents (conservative/libertarian leaning), and the Democratic-Progressives (technocrats). We could also consider creating other groups, like Democratic-Equality, for people who identify as or support oppressed minorities of all kinds. Inevitably this group might be largely comprised of the types of people who are active with Black Lives Matter or LGBT issues. Millenials aren't necessarily single issue voters, quite the opposite, but I believe they can be extremely brand-loyal once they find the niche they feel most comfortable with. I think a wide array of options makes the most sense. Obviously these groups would have a lot of overlap. Some may be on the same page to such a degree that being a member of one or the other is just a way to express one’s core spirit, like wearing a black Old Navy tshirt or a light blue one. More and more, modern American identities are highly tailored and personalized. Ask any retail or marketing company. To cement the real world impact of this new way of thinking about Democrats, the DNC should establish a rule within our party that any Democrat who wins our presidential primary must choose a Vice President from one of the other groups. This would immediately position us as a far more adaptable party and it would immediately give hope to Millenials and independents that no matter the outcome of our primary, Democrats are committed to diversity and respecting the voices of those who came up short in the primary votes going forward into the gen[...]

DCCC moves four Daily Kos endorsees to its Red to Blue program

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 18:19:45 +0000


Daily Kos readers and contributors have helped put four more progressive candidates into position to unseat their Republican rivals! The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Friday elevated the following Daily Kos endorsees to its Red to Blue program, which will give each of them more visibility and help them attract more resources. 

  • KS-03: Jay Sidie
  • MI-08: Suzanna Shkreli
  • PA-16: Christina Hartman
  • VA-05: Jane Dittmar

“These effective, hardworking and diverse candidates further demonstrate that House Democrats are on offense and prepared to seize opportunities on Election Day,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján. “Not only have these individuals proven themselves capable of running smart campaigns, they are also ready to fight on behalf of all the people in their districts, keep them safe and ensure the economy works for everyone.”


46 days remain until the election. Click here to make sure you're registered to vote. And while you're at it, make sure your family and friends are registered too.

CO-Sen: Quinnipac Poll Has Michael Bennet (D) Crushing Darryl Glenn (R) 52-43

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 16:16:11 +0000

More good news out of Colorado courtesy of Quinnipac’s latest poll:

In Colorado, Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet leads El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, the Republican challenger 52 - 43 percent, compared to 54 - 38 percent in an August 18 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

The Democrat leads 57 - 36 percent among women. Men are divided, with 49 percent for Glenn and 48 percent for Bennet. White voters also are divided, with 49 percent for Bennet and 46 percent for Glenn. Non-white voters go to Bennet 66 - 29 percent.

Bennet leads 98 - 2 percent among Democrats and 52 - 41 percent among independent voters. Republicans go to Glenn 85 - 12 percent.

"Sen. Michael Bennet appears to be cruising to re-election propelled by enormous support in the non-white community," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

From September 13 - 21, Quinnipiac University surveyed 644 Colorado likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percentage points.

Click here to donate and get involved with Bennet’s campaign.

FL-Sen: Unions Attack Rubio's (R) "Priorities" Including Gutting Social Security In New Ad

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 15:50:21 +0000

Go for the jugular: x YouTube Video Two Florida unions are attacking Marco Rubio about his priorities in a new television ad that begins airing Friday in Tampa and Orlando. AFSCME PEOPLE and AFT Solidarity have gone in on the $1.3 million ad buy, which will run through the end of the month. “What are Marco Rubio’s priorities?” a narrator says as the ad begins. “Rubio said Social Security and Medicare have weakened us as a nation. He wanted to cut the Social Security benefits we’ve earned and turn Medicare into a voucher program…robbing seniors of the chance to retire with dignity. And for kids? Rubio voted to slash school funding by billions of dollars. And would eliminate the Department of Education.” Rubio’s chances for re-election aren’t looking as bright as they may seem, and that’s making the Koch Brothers very nervous: Americans for Prosperity Florida has launched a direct mail effort promoting what they believe are questionable ties between Congressman and Candidate for Senate Patrick Murphy and special interests connected to legislation legislation he co-sponsored. The mailer points to legislation Murphy co-sponsored that expanded a program that benefited some of his donors. In turn, AFP says some of the donors who benefited from the legislation spent six-figures on Murphy’s campaign and provided his family’s business with a $1.7 billion contract. “While Floridians are working hard to provide for their families, Patrick Murphy is working hard to line the pockets of special interests.” says AFP-FL state director, Chris Hudson “The only ‘record’ Murphy has to show for his time in Congress is one of repeatedly using his position for self-gain.” Plus the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub is becoming a heated issue in this race: But where Murphy and Rubio have clashed most regarding the Pulse tragedy is on the issue of gun reform.  Rubio, who's been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, introduced legislation last week that would "make it harder for suspected terrorists to purchase firearms and easier for law enforcement agencies to go after suspected terrorists, while safeguarding law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment and due process rights," according to a statement from his office. The bill requires the FBI to be immediately notified of requests to transfer a firearm to someone who's been previously investigated for terrorism. It also allows the U.S. attorney general to delay a gun purchase for up to three days and file an emergency court petition for that same person.  Murphy, who's been endorsed by the LGBT gun-reform group Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, criticized Rubio's proposal, saying it impedes, not helps, those who want to stop terrorists from purchasing gun[...]

NV-Sen: Heck's (R) Son Busted For Racist, Sexist & Homophobic Remarks On Reddit & Twitter

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 15:11:43 +0000

Yesterday was kind of a shit storm for U.S. Senate candidate, Rep. Joe Heck (R. NV). First, his former aide posted this stupid and offensive remark about Heck’s opponent, former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D. NV): Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, running to replace Sen. Harry Reid in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country, said it was “offensive” to suggest she isn’t Mexican enough because she doesn’t speak Spanish. Cortez Masto was responding to her opponent’s former political director, who is also Mexican-American and who had made a sarcastic remark about how Mexican she is. The former aide, Tom McCallister, asked in another tweet: “quick question does @CatherineForNV speak Spanish?” Cortez Masto told BuzzFeed News the tweets were “offensive” and sought to tie them to her opponent. “First of all, I think it’s offensive, not just offensive to me, but to the many Mexican-Americans particularly in the state of Nevada who have worked so hard and provided so many contributions,” she said. McAllister is the former political director for Rep. Joe Heck; McAllister left the campaign in June. Cortez Masto argued that the tweet showed who Heck “truly is and that he’s not willing to stand for the community because he supports Trump.” The Heck campaign said McCallister does not speak for the campaign. And she took aim at the idea that she isn’t Mexican enough because she doesn’t speak Spanish. “I think its absolutely ridiculous — if that was the litmus test for whether or not you’re Mexican-American then Gov. Sandoval would be thrown into that,” she said of the popular Republican governor in Nevada. Then this happened on the same day about his son: Using the username Joeyj424, Joey Heck posted inflammatory and misogynistic comments on Reddit during the past year. As recently as two months ago, a message (called “flair” by Reddit users) appeared next to his username on all his comments that said, “I wish Hillary would violate me as much as she did federal law.” Joey Heck also commented more than once on the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. In one post a year ago, he commented on a photo comparing the comedian, accused by dozens of women of sexual assault and by some of drugging them, to champion boxers. He wrote, “Up there with the best of them, good for you Billy”. In another comment on a New York Magazine article cover that featured 35 women who accused Cosby of assaulting them, “Number 9 didn’t even need the drugs her eyes are already all sorts of fucked up.” Heck’s son also upvoted, or endorsed, a number of racist and anti-Semitic pictures and memes. Reddit’s algorithm uses upvotes to determine what gets promoted on th[...]

Thousands Removed from Ohio's Voter Rolls: Investigation Says "It's a Mess"

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 13:15:06 +0000

This is what happens when Republicans are in power in a swing state: COLUMBUS - Ohio has a controversial practice of removing voters from the rolls who have not cast ballots in years. But just how many are deleted remains a mystery, raising questions about the care taken with the swing-state’s voter rolls. The practice itself has attracted scrutiny – it's the subject of one of several federal lawsuits over voting in the battleground state. But the way officials delete and track voter registrations raises other concerns. Depending on where you live, county election officials might diligently remove thousands of voter registrations each year, documented by detailed records. Or they might insist they haven't followed through with the state-ordered process in some years, or apologize for tossing those files years ago, according to an Enquirer / USA Today Network investigation, in which Ohio reporters contacted all 88 county board of elections. While nearly every county was happy to discuss what local officials call the "voter purge" process, the records they provided were a morass of half-kept data and confusing spikes in removed voters. And the numbers they sent to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission weren't much better. At best, these records reveal a lack of care by some election officials tracking voters taken off the rolls. At worst, they point to a system of removing voters that's far from uniform – meaning where you live could determine when, or if, your voter registration is deleted. And that could affect whose votes count, and whose don’t, in a critical battleground state that may determine the next president. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, insists counties are removing voters from the rolls in a uniform manner across all 88 counties. “Everyone is being removed by the same standard statewide," Husted said. "There is not a variance between county to county.” But he doesn't have a number for how many people were removed either. Husted doesn’t know whether that figure has increased or decreased over the 20-plus years the state has removed voters this way. His office does compile how many warning notices are sent to people who might be removed: more than 4.6 million notice since 2011. Some of those people are taken off the rolls if they don’t respond to the notice or vote in the following four years. In Ohio, county officials run the show. They are tasked with removing voters who haven’t voted in six years or have failed to respond to notices that they might be kicked off. Surely they would track how many people were removed from the rolls in this controversial way. It depends. Some county election officials kept detailed recor[...]